The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 9, 1930 · Page 5
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 5

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 9, 1930
Page 5
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1 .' Coca-Cola Bottling Works Elwood,; Ind. Sunshine Chatter Club. 'Miss Wanda 'Woodruff entertained the members of the Sunshine Chatter club, Tuesday afternoon at the home lot her.par­ ents, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Woodruff on North Green street at a beautifully appointed Eajster party. The members enjoyed: games and •two contests in which Catherine Mount and Doris Jean' .Purvis were the winners. The long table where the i\ 12 members, were served refreshments, [was prettily decorated with Easter, Bunnies, Easter "eggs, and littjle nests - of fluffy chicks and lighted with the green and-white candles. Streamr ers of Easter colored crepe paper also the pretty, decorations. I The Sunshine Chatter club is composed of twelve Imembers all pupils in the '4th grade at school. They are Marthan _4nn Recobs, Jean Alice Bahta, Martha Dennis, jBetty Havens, Harriet Rockwell, Jean Smith,) Ava Lee Warne, Doris Jean Purvis, Rachel Stoner, Betty Gray and Catherine Mount. They meet every two weeks. • " ; ,, Birthday Dinner. Mr. and Mrs.* Frank! McNew entertained Monday evening at their hoaie on North (Main;street at a prettily appointed six' o'clock dinner parryT~thai_was given in honor of their daughter Helen, in celebration of her ljsth birthday anniversary," The t dinner was given as a surprise" forijMis's* Helen and was carried oii't successful- A large birthday cake with the •i-aiitiles, formed lhe| j center-piece lor the. prettily decorated . tajile. ; Guests for. the dinn So c re t y land Mrs. Mcrnew and! Helen were Queen Esthers. The Queen Esther Circle of the Kemp Methodist- church • held their April meeting Monday night in the church parlors with a very good attendance of members and with the president, Mrs. Lottie Legg having-charge of the meet-r ing. The lesson topic was given by Miss . BerUia .Mae kindling and the remainder of *the meeting given over to discussion of Circle activities for the next few months. Later the members were the guests of Mrs. Legs at the "B" for refreshments. Paul Cubert, Betty liam Rose, Jim .and Betty: ; Thompson, Pugh, ; and Robert ning guests were M John Cubert. Methodist <f The choir of the dist clittr-ch will meet for, regular rehearsal Thursday | ] evening ! at 7:30 o'clock at the church. Every member requested to 1 be present fef with Mr: Cubert Wil- Bob Rose, Anna- May iMcNew. Everi and Mrs. hoir. Kemp Metho- GANDHI ON NH\V KltOXT- Hindoo Ijeadcr Spreads Doctrine of Resistance tioj British. .Mission Circle-. The Woman s Mission Circle of the l'irst Baptist church will be entertained Thursday afternoon at 2:iu o clock""at the home of Mrs. C:il Iloldou, 403 South Independence street. Every member is urged to bo present. Hue-lire Pari v. Surat, Bombay, India. April 9. —Moving to a newj jfront, Mahatma Gandhi preached his doctrine of civil disobedience and passive resistance to British authority this afternoon at Blumrad. , Villagers, volunteers and visitors .from Surat, aiuid shouts of "Long live GhandiJ't followed the Nationalist leader j to land flooded bv the tides andicolle3ted rjalt in violation of the iBrStishAuouop- oly. Eech took a i small quantity of salt from the marshy-land. t bate for Commencement Exercise for Graduating Class Is Set. SPEAKERS SECURED Hi "I "Brought Back My Strength" ;! • f • Plans have ^all been completed! for the commencement exercises ! ofj.-'tffe' 1-930 graduating class of- the Goldsmith high school. | The baccalaureate services will j bfe held at the Goldsmith Metho-j dist church on Sunday night; April 27th, and Rev. C. E. Dtinlap j will deliver the address. There 1 will be special musical features • in connection with the services, j The commencement will . be held Wednesday evening, April 30th at 8:00 o'clock. The address to the graduating class will be given by Prof. O. F. Hall of Purdue University at "Lafayette. • Sunday April 13th, Mr. , and Mrs.. Guy Nash, their, daughter. Miss Martha Nash and their son, Oliver Nash, who are both mem-i bers of the graduating class will entertain the members of the class .and the faculty! and teachers at a dinner, to be given ht their hojne on the Range Line road. y • • ' ' 1 ' The roster of the class is composed of 15 members, Ardella' Anderson, Marjorie Bennett, Rena Christy, Carl Van Fishback, Catherine Fishback, Wilbur jFish- back, Martin Smith Fouch, iFred Gray, Ralph Stafford, Crystal Hoback, Edna'Pearl Michel,:Martha Nash, Oliver Nash, Virgil Smithj and Hugh Smith. The" class members were the guests of Gerald > Middjeton Thursday on a,-sight seeing trip to/Indianapolis, where they visited the Indianapolis Star office, and had the pleasure of meeting Chic Jackson -of Roger Beau fame,' aud also attended the col- "My little daughter was tiornon a homestead in northern j AIb< rta. I ha. [ four other children and I w orked 6 > hard that I suffered a nervous breal down, doctor's tonic did not seem to help me and when a frien 1 told me about Lydia E; jPinlcham is Vegetable Compound;, I 3egan t J take that instead. I kept On until I fel t well again. Jt brought back mp strength. Today I can do anythin), thankstothe Vegetable Compound.' —Mrs. William Parent, 1415 W. fori I Street; Seattle, Washington^ | .ydia E. Pinkham m s /eaetahie Coiiiwound rtiave exhaiistedly • investigaited 1 topics "Our Work In Africa" giv .1. !..!-• ! :'n 1 ! ' i_ v. T»JT:— • T>—/--:«• 1 - «»r\... i j ' : \ 'I TO GIVE PAGEANT. Voiins People of Albright Church to Present JProgrnhi.' The Sunday school people's departments of bright; Evangelical chu of Atlanta, assisted by Did 1 the will, render a very special- pro gram on Friday evening it the church. The program w h r in 1 the J, exercises at the Indiana Centraliollege. They also enjoyed dinne} on the campus and lat- Garfield park.. At the jampus they, met '•. with lege Day er visit college []: Tlie W.'B. A. will give a euchre party. Friday evening at _. the home of Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Burkhardt 442 North West street at S:uo o'clock for ladies and|gentlemen. An invitation is extended to all (o attend. * I'luin (.rove Economics. The .Plum Grove : - Home Kco- ! noniics club will meet at the home 1 ot Mrs. Lawrence Stockdale on • Thursday afternoon at 2 o clock.; Ali members'urged to be present, j Read Tribune want ads. ! A striking feature qf the dem! onstration was a Ichorus which 1 sang seditious songs.' Gandhi j came here by train. He was ac• companied by his I son, Manila! i Gandhi. 1 The revolt against British law appears to be gaming momentum : daily. Reports from various parts I of Guperat indicated many worn? I en are taking part jin the denion- ! strations. . 1 1 I • 1 The Mahatma his become -an* moved at tactics> of k the British authorities in seizing the salt the Nationalist volunteers!are collecting. I students' from Africa, Porto Rico and Newj Mexico and heard brief talks from them. Later' in the evening they visited at the home of Miss Catherine Fishback with hor parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Fishback. Three members or the class, Miss •Crystal Hoback. Virgil Smith and Hugh Smith were unable to take the Indianapolis visit wjlh the others. Mrs. Albert Michel accompanied them on the trip. Will Assist Mvs. Lyons. T«Bl«ht ' aad TMMW Mrs. John Burkhardt,; Mrs: Claude Massey, Mrs. Verne Mains and Mrs.Losey Deakyne, will- he the assistant hostesses at the Thursday -night entertainment ot the -Standerford Sunday schoci class, at the.thome of Mrs. P.aiu Lyons. 328 South East strejet. All inembers of the class are urged to be present. This will be a "kid" party and prizes will be given loi the best make up. form of; a'n Easter iith yoijiig oil. w the chbir April. bst pageant, "'The Risen Christ,' about!forty faking part. Those in charge of th^' and directing tlie pagjeant ire Mrs.-Ed Overdorf. Mrs. Fred W ol vortori, Mrs. Warren ,Y;ilitis, with Miss jVerla Hunter :as pianist The progrjain had been unnounied to : be; g.ivin on • Easter Sunjlay morning hour,; but Friday ev ^it the moriiin^r worsjhip to the time is. cliangedj Eiiin, fUlj those interested, Jare asjind to ndto tlie ehange. The pn|)lic cordially invited to attend LOS llaughtci- . Aiii -inf. K lXKAXT HAIJE. Horn to Mr. and Mrs liv Lived Shor Time ml daughter. 1 born lo Mr. and Mrs. CVL'. Gray 011 fceuth Westl street Tuesday night lived C. AH, BUT BO ITHEVj SATiarai! • ;.* : : ' I i '•" "•' • 'j [•"' f! Sugar Cocktafls Boon To "That'^ Tired Feeling .T Expert Avefp. '! ii New York,'| April 8.-^"Be nonchalant, : take. a calorie :h'| >j 1 Dr. Arnold a!. Laird, fatigue and sleep expert! of''Colgatef| jUnij- yereity,' doffed a j spaj|kHh^ cocktail 'composed ot 2.3 grams of sugap and a half ^lass of wja- iter, 1 'and was ready for .another day's work. [ " \ ' !'; j That tired feeling. Dr. jLaird has found, is catised by a lick of calories, a lack of energy diet.' Sugar; presents this energy in an, adaptablej cocktail. ! [ Dr. Laird; an of 1 Professor w.ayj hence: the this ardent follower William j Lyon {man He Phelps.' was ai=ked whether cbuld live by sugar alou'e said: '•No! Remember l|he protein and the spinach./Renemt mineral,, the enzyme,' the! ine and the 26 vitamins I of| alphabet." ,;| j Dr. Laird's experiments sleep. Sleep,! he finds, I is in Hi Ti the ^Itf be also lOOAli GIRIiS' CHICLE. Splendid Meeting Held at Elwood ; j' ; i Monday Evening. , Thei- Girls' Circle of the West Street their Christian church,- - h^ld regular meeting for 'April, Monday evening in Elwood .the guests! of ;Mrs. Hubert Waymire at jher home on. South -I street: The members and guests ehjefyed a fine! •pitchln dinner. party.' with Mr. and Mrs. Waymire, before the" meeting was called to order by the president Miss Lois Bozell. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Martz were special guests of tlie .Circle and during the business session. ; - •• ' f ' there jwas a reorganization of the Circle; into'two divisions, tlie regular Circle girls aiid" the' .Triangle jgirls. •'A nominating committee was appointed-and the officers .of the twp divisions, will be-.elected at the meeting in May. Miss . Rutb Keeler had charge of the'.'excellent program :for the - evening, which included the Bible Story lesson by Mfe Maxine Coppock; igen- is makes ihajtteii- and eral fundamentally SQund good for one. Lack of it one' irritable, inefficient, live and unkind to children • i ! ' ' : . jll, animals. • Eight hour.sis the usual requirement. .! Students: of! Colgate, Dr. Ili said, were martyrs to the experiments'. •• | j Once/they ran 12 miles, plenty of sugar to eat: Once rail the distance, over hill do^vn dale,; without anyktsugar. Supplied : witli • sugar, through; they Were pretty en by Miss !Jean Gifford, "Our Work in Jap^n" by > Miss Helen Smitli and a duet by the Misses j Mary/ Achehbaugh {and Crystal 1 Waymire at 116-118 Sooth Main Street, Tipton. 4-Piece Suits • • • I ! For Business or Sports WMT 75 Also at |29.75 ! $19.75 Brood moor Two-button,! notch lapel ;.-irket, vest, trousers and golf knicker* Smart looking, eaajy fitting and expcrtJy tailored. A choice selection of fabrics and patterns in keeping with the season. BEX FOX TRIAL. At the Ritz. Stewart with ! Mrs. the piano. j •'.''•'• • I j .' . — • . j • " ! jEabh member was - giv.en a Klivood Man, Known in Tipton, i»i Variety has been the keynote science aird in be; Court at Anderson. filled; with love gifts at Easter- with they arid ^vhen fired. banned, they were iibt tii-ed but were moody, sullen' made testy remarks to Dr.! Lairid.: suests were pi-esent. In Apiueciatioii. only aiid time,! the chest.;, to ,HaV be opened; in j ^'ednesday. the trial of Ben June: Plans were also made for, 1 P'px. Elwood man who is well this-1 next regular .meeting of thejknown in/ Tipton, was started in Circl^ when the mothers- of thej th f circuit court at Anderson. gii:lsjwili be special guests.' j *'ox was arraigned in the city Following the meeting •' there • court in Elwood. on March G on wire I social features arranged by -l charges -.of intoxication and driv-; erin | a dozen sugges tions. he de- tlfe hostess hi whith all tookj 1 "^ an automobile while intoxi-. dde ^ that : nnder?rround CT,i na . of Harold ; Lloyd's success. He never covers the same territory in any two pictures. When he started lining up his first; Balking picture, "Welcome Danger" he sought a locale for his action' that had never been touched by"himself. After consld- paW More'thiiv ^Imenibers and .cated. He entered pleas of guiltyi town offer ^ d a great latitude for |(0 ;both. On,the first charge he 1 comed y t and in that decision lie lined 810 and costs and on, made no n i istake , judging by the 'e 'Moved. thi the second $50 and costs, and a, ultimate results in "Welcome day : farm sentence added. His; Dange r," at the Ritz theatre The,Sunshine Society wishes to i j Le * ter Snyder and family wiioj express its earnest; appreciation j for Tipton's splendid co-opera-'. li^yejbeen residing in property on! rdriver's license was also revoked I for one year. Fox was taken to Anderson and Wednesday and Thursday. In his initial audible offering. Lloyd has! extremely colorful 1930 held encej street owned j Hinds of Elwood. J by- Is I Robert Wilson is property of William Fiiidliiig on evidence .to prove a $2 fact every- citi- j •Moving.' but a short tune and | the 1 lite was returned to its .Make; •The little one is .survived ttle by lother dhil- irls. Mrs. he getting the parents and three dren. 1 a boy and two Gr-avi is reported to along as well as couldj be exjject- edf I • I • ' • 1 • ' Wednesday afternoon the father and several 'fnends|accoiiipa:i- led the body of the little the Mt. Pleasant cemetery Trader's! Point,; the'old lioin^ ot Mrs. I>orcas Club. in his hilarious talkintx fun riot foounlf. The worUL.tamu comvOan* 1 . mm Mrs. John Schaekcl will entertain the Dorcas club Thursday afternoon ;at 2:30 'o'clock rat her home southwest of Tipton: Every member is urged to be present., Gray, whose maiden A I brief 11 was Reba E. Moore er serviqe was iheld • ati the li lame ray- pme. ! Legion Mcclir; Import; nt meeting of; Ltjgion ommlttods connected with carnivali.this month will be Thursday evening at he startingi at at (7:30,' o. clock members urged to attend. Rend iTrlbune want the held- arihory, All It isSomeoncs Birlhday Today •We have jus add| I f 1 I •1 ed several ram- i 1 I t j ' hers %o our ;.:al T |eady large 1^9- tipn 1 and assistance for its state convention,-which was here last week end. r . ; ; j Of any organized group the Kl- wanis club probably helped the most. The members offered gra- j cious service in helping with dec-; oriations, transportation and fin . !• • „' 1, „. i. ! I 'North Independence street ance. It was the if 1 warns 1 cliih 11 • 1 1 1 . . who sponsored the movement k»C !• : . • I I : I i , i using the Sunshine penants and 1 other downtown decorations. No i • ' 1 . •. 1 • i • ! less appreciatpd were the ! provj sion of transportation fac lities 1 and of coursel the finance,! And how ' kind, v,;o're [the zens lo open j tfieir. lijmejs^ to our j £riin«Ls! 7n faj 'l.'- so cracMnns! were ; they that there were not enough | tirls to go around. i : < 1 • At the opening session .of the- Convention Mavor Griffith | pre- ; sented to Mary Davidson of Craw- f lordsville.' the state president, a >. • large kevtied with the Sunshine colors. T he ceremony svnvbolized the presentation of the key of the ! city to the visitors. Likewise the j city officials 1 presented 1 through Mr. Griffith, a beautiful basketof flowers,. These influential 1 fea- j tures proved i^the recognition and ^ : hcispitakty iof" our city and thrilled every Sunshiner.i ; 1 • \ Those thoughtful,folks 1 who assisted by ! sending flowers iwere: Camp Fire Girls, Trl Kapp'a, Phi Beta. Sigma; Delia; Pi, Goshen sunshijiers, Huntington , ;societ£, Madison society, Tiptoni iPublic ••Mihoolsj. Mrs. C. E. Sandefur, state clean, and the, city officials. It'lias often-been;said that Tipton dojes iiiot' have the• proper The i, fallacy of • Ithis has Tipton does! ha-vo J ht«j >pir4t.- Mrs. Sandefur; as lean, expressed the Jappre- of; tlio state to Tipton;;for on the convention! "Tlie Secqiid, street 1 moved Tuesday to I property at S36 North inde'pendrj u,rned over to-Sheriff Daniels but! background throughout the en?Georgej before-he could be transferred to tirestory. The sequence in Chinai the state farm filed an appeal of • tow j, wnjcn COV ers approximately I the case, to the circuit court. ; ; hal£ | ot tl j e picture, extended a . ' — —"—* " • , 1 liberal invitation for comedy, as JA11 investigator seems to be a ! ' welt as mystery and thrilfs, with theiriiiin who. gathers $1200 worth of • sound to heighten each incident. spirit, been plrovedj the ngl elation] puttln mm* townspeople parison I The news ! liospitalily and, cooperation! of the ; were! beyond corn- she said,; "helping 'jithe Tiptonj society to put on the most successful convention-eve|r I held;" re-i Sunshine Society! now its ; "pledge of allegiance" In helping this community. iiWe also e (tend lour sincere thanks to •7 ..•..'•., .. '•.'.' I: . .-'! i: -'II ,1 "-fl - i •. all th >se- who took part| In 'Put- ^Ingycn the |program. I | l'-| fl f I Mrs! J.A.i-Murphy antlJSon'John o_f W^baiih spent WedqJiJday In Tipton the- fuesU'Of Uie, jtprinef'B iUVen, Mrs i Alice"KHin fand' fam lly ai d liri Nl«a DS 6m|th and Tamil!'and other : r«lathfci and •si k 1 mi A ND a real star it is—a real performer. 4 \ Heavy mud . .'. loose sands . . . good roads, or bad . . . all sarrender to the mighty driving force of Gold Star Anti- Knock. Fill with this fine fuel. Put it 'through the severest testa and like the thoroughbred it is, it will not be 'ound lack* ing. Whether you desire speed or power ..!. or BOTH, you will find Knock is your kfcalfueL Gold Star Anti- ri'*':-Si,.:|; ..,.-***3i|

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