The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 9, 1936 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 9, 1936
Page 2
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i t»AGE'T\V0" RLYTHEVILLE; (ARK.) ' Says Low Income of-Avk- ,*an?as Farmers Is Bar to '" " Electrification 1 LITTLK ROCK, Alk.—Economic condition or Arkansas farmers, rather' than exce;>$!v? utility ifttts of unwillingness of po\ycr- firms "to mafco ruial extensions, is the cause of Arkansas' 47th place in number of electrified * farms, T G. Sefil, member ol the stale ulll- itles coiiunisslon, sald> yesterday taking issue ^Ith pnrls of a report from the Federal nural Eloc triflcafion Administration. Morris It. Cookc, EPA admin, istrator, •« rote P. A, Laslcy, chairman of tho Arkansas -commis sion, last wc9k that he wns sur pilsed that "existing rural rate and extension rules of Arkansa utilities compare so unfmornbl with the best practices adoptee liy ullliiiss In pther states" Accompaivjlng Mr, Cooke's let ter was a report on a study o rural electrification in Arkansn by H. .Zfnder, a member of th REA staff at Washington. •WEDNESDAY,-"DECEMBER- 9,- 193G roppcrs - and- 45- iJC/'-ccnt --are icsrocs.. "Mr. Ztnder's - data infers • that nir status in rural electrlfica- ion'may be a cause rather than n effect,", he continued. "I'bc- levc that the reverse' Is true, and' is an effect rath«r than cause," Seal said, Demonstration Club News Notes The Cariul 4-H club rcorganf/e^l tor tlic coining year al a meeting December 4 at which the (ollo'w- ln)j 'vfTlccfs were elected; J. W Slzcmpre,"president; Elton isaxley vics-presldcnt; Versa ,Mao Harts sec.relary, and John Holloway, reporter. 'The sponsors are Prank Robinson and Mrs. A -L. Houston". The next meeting will be licit January 1. » . • • •> , Llniic.v School 4-H Club ' '» At a icorgaulai"')!! meetlni November 24 the Linncy Schoo 4-H club elected the following of fleers tor 1937: president, Gatln Mae Loftln; vice-president, Sylvli Ccok; seciclary-trcnsiuer, Cavln Boling; reporter,'Theodore <White Members of the cliib are Oath May Loftln, .Sylvia Cook, Cavlii Bollng. Theodore'. White,, .Bonlt Luster, Doyle Luster, Harry > John son, Robert-'Johnson,,Ray-.Daugh Osceola Society — Personal Admits Reckl and Licens City Court .ess Literary: Club Dnvincr sludlcs -Madonnas ;^ UriVlllg. .'Madonna Paintings Through ' Pinrrrr>e in Jlllc "Uvs," was tno suoject :ot \~uui £ia in pl . ogra)ll conducted • oy Mrs. K. H. I Junes al the literary department | of tile Progressive cliil), . meeting Jack Lucy, 1C, who hccmed cm- w »" Mrs.-B. L. Cole yesterday Moynicnt Monday us a truck drlv- afternoon, \ , \,^ If, It cr loi a local feed stoi'o, was ar- " -u-.d table discuss on : baW aisncd In municipal .court: this "POn (Hiesllonai prepared by. trio 1101 nlng on chnvees of reckless «•'<"«" traced tlic dovolopinen,, of diiving, dilviuK without a clmuf- the Madonna In Art rom thpse (cur's license and r'-lvlng without "' lho n , rst century, .said to have driver's license ^ llcc " P=> lllto * • b x Saint- Luke,The jdull. entered picas of gull- ( '" U " K " " lc R « nal5Suhre '' Ly to nil of tiic cluirgcs. He wns !lne<l $25 on the reckless driving ">? Rcnalssuhce, • with s P culul <™»»Mls upon Raphael's nn " 00 * n tu U1 ° •>"«=.«>' charge, tlic minimum, and $5 on each of Ihc license charges, Costs Attractive favors made by the were suspended In two of the hostess carried a small reproduce cases. W. E. Armstrong, highway "on of ttie "Madonna 01 me officer with the revenue depart- j Chair" and liny scroll •nont, .snld the boy was driving . containing the history recklessly in the vicinity of n public school here and the youth admitted tlic charge. Essie Davidson drew a $10 fine for disturbing the peace, participating In an Ash street brawl. Her flue wns suspended. Trial of Clnivles Price, negro, on a chcirgo of assault with a deadly painting. attached of Seal, engineer member of tho commission, after studying Binder's 'report, said no comment would-be required, "except for errors Tihd mlscci'ceptlons made by Mr. Kinder." The^commissioner reviewed federal 'census figures which show thai 68.48 per cent of_ Aiknnsns farms In 1929 had a product \al- ueJofLall products produced, traded oF~used of $859 or, less 'flic same^ T figures showed -,95.98 per cent, wth a gross income of $3,- that it is doubtful 489" or less i.£eal said If any in Ihls income category of less than $1,000 per- year urc >ory ^gocd prospects for > electric pervice at any price t Only n fair proportion of those in the next ^higher category are . likely prospects, he said, ,, . , Ho pointed out that 63 per cent of the farms in Arkansas are operated by tenants, 49 p« cent of the tenants are sJiare- Vhlte, Gene Oooch • and • Marvel- no Gooch! Zinder's report criticized- tho 1 , 1r (y p calvin Boling. Aldlno Rlctt weapon wos ! continued rural lino extension rd[is.of.,foiir s - n n, Geneva Rlcksall,. Luclle Hnr-1 Edwnrd Uimn. negio, \vas fined principal companies in 'Arkanbiis ( i v , Hand Jean Olrdley,. Juantta ;Vsn for cnriylng a concealed as being characterized »by/ a* \a< 1 K uhitn r-.nVio n/wi,. n n^ .xi n ,-,, n i_ u.o^n/^n of standardization andlKy'BtilnB- enl requirements, , '* ,'.' "Unlll the rules of ^heso' utilities arc modified to meet ^hll«!it- ched practices now being adopted, generally tlieir avowed readiness and willingness (to build rural extensions) can- only Lo empty gestures," Zlnder said. Entertainers Will Help Dedicate High School HOLLAND, Mo—Gene Page and his Ten Circle Ranch cowboys and cowgirls will be featured In Ihc program dedicating [h c new Holland high school Tuesday evening, December 15. Tho entertainers, featured at Hie Texas Centennial, are well known for their radio progress. The.Holland Alumni association i Is asslsjhjg the hlgl; school In the presentation 1 of the dedication program weapon ,Trial'ol B. W. llcrrington, nc- ciised or public drunkenness, and E W. iicrriiiBlon, charifei! with dflylng wlillc Intoxicated, wns continued until'Mo^Jiy. The men veic aiTcstcd by a poilceinaii vlthln llie clly limits niul City AHorncy Roy Nelson Inquired us o why the cases were not on flic city division docket Instead of the slate deckel. The clerk informed lira that sinte docketing .was...verities ted. SYDNEY (UP)—One of 10"vampire" octopuses, known by scientists to have teen captured to date Iras been found on Manly beach of this city. These exceedingly rare creatures are about four fctt nci->ss having a pink body, with eyes almost human but of p brilliant \Io- Ict color & Wert OI'TOMETHISTS Over- Joo Isaacs'' Store "WE MAKE 'EM SEE" Phone 640 Mexico's supremo court: has ruled, that nil the country's arche- ologlcal Tunis ure under Jurisdiction of the state WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- WilW Cilqml-And You'll lump Out of BM! In the Marnlnj Ririn' to (jo Tho llver'shduli] ix>ur nut two pouniln ot H(l«|ilHlclnli>i-«ir.lnftC!l Jnlly If Ihl ln!a i < not flow] ntr frtc!/. > o«r fooil doesn't dit ei L 11 jusl .-iccaya In the Itowels, Cn3 bbatt up ( jour •touiacli. Von got constii^lwl. Your, wliolcevatcni Ea po^ 0 "^ "^^ I'on fcul sour, «unk nrijl Ihc wot Til !ool»a pinik. LaABtU'txa atd '<m!y mnVcslitlta. A mcra lio\vcl]figvcmcnt ilwsn't KetnL thccjinso. It la^s tliwe KwxT. olil Cnrlor'8 l.ittlR Liver 1'illalo (rut theao tun roiiuds of blip, llowing f rcclv and hinkoyon Jecl "ilp ami »]>". 1 lr nu- k*ss. Kcntlc, yftlnmailrsin mukmK liilc Llow freely. AskforCarlcr's LHllo Liver 1'ilb MIK Oil Slaslln Hostess The Baptist. Simday, School :eacliero and workers council hiet with , Mr. aiid Mi's. Oil' - Mftstln «st evening. Plnns were .completed foi tho Clnlstinas nrogiam to so given on the night: of "December 2i). Miss Vngmia I3Iack\sood chaii- man ami MIE J D Borum anc Mis Ida TucKci were appointed a coinmlUec on 'decorations', Mis E L Colo \iill direct piogram by the prlmarj, junior and iiitermedlate deparliheiils. "fcaclieib of tho Irulh' wo 1 the subject, of a tall by Mrs Join: in , which she ' slated - om. ?< the rorcniosl, leaders ,of ! thoijghl said that one thousand teachers. iiroduced the World \\ai If salt Mis Douglas one thousand tench- :rs .could produce : a World ':. war, wlnt can l.OODCOO Snndaj School tcachcii do if thej onlj will' Courier Ne«s Want, Aclb rjthing for jour entertainment ami comfort; 'OIWilN-IS THINKING!.. IMWameiBros have made the tunni- , estfitnuvec pioducedl Read Courier News Want Ads I Dune. Htubbdmly ro/uso unythlujr else News and : Conictli —Admission— Matinee—10 & 2b'c Nielil—16 & 36c TUESDAY, DEC. IS— SlilO.OO HANK NIGHT! Last., night. Mrs. , J. Allen of this oily ivas called for the $75.00—lint she - was • not- prcsen either Malincc-'of. Nigiit—Makin» Hank l)ci:cslt ne.vl week \ttin.—Always 10 & Z5c—lo TV Show 'Kvcry Uatlnccs Friday, Saturday,''Sunila< Friilay .& Sunday i-Ialiriccs— Z\V >aluriiaf niatincb •— •.Canllnuon- Sliouin? — 1:00 Till 11:00 1'. ni NIGHTS! 2 Adults Admitted for Trice of 1 All Children—ICc ;' • • ' Let Colored lights give your home"" the Christmas spirit... inside and Out.. Decorate tiees^and sluubbcry.with'- strings of coloted lights to make^i fairy pattern against;the vclvet'black-of' holiday riights^light up the Chris't- mas tre6 with strings ofcolored lights,. and watch the youngsters gaze enrap-- - tured... thrilled to the core'at the play [ of rainbow hued briUiance.'Twine; colored lights in holly and 'mistletoe.- Festoon them over-mantleSjatidUrail-i them to every.-corner-of'the^room." Many new ideas for Christmas lighting —indoors and out—have been developed. There are new type Christmas tree.lamps that eliminate hunting for burned-out bulbs—others that look like old-fashioned ; candies—and many othern'oveltiestomakeyourChristraas more joyous. See them at your dealer's. And'be sure to gct-your Christmas lights early, so that ; no one, especially the youngsters, will'be disappointed. ii " • i -. ; •. : — Writeor.'pboHe.foiafree booklet, "How .to* Light-Your llome(l'or the Holidays." to the new laugh hit! t HAl "• ROACH}; UONS CLU] -,-iV JACK 1 HALEY, BETTY FUKNKSSI •ARTHUR TREACHER) RAYMOND WAI, BURN) An j Etivr&rd Ssdgwick J Production \ Also Selected Siiorls AS. S. LEMONS Home FURNISHINGS Mode We suggest a BISSELLS for Chnstnas $3 95 . $ B 95 $O48 See our display of Cedar Chests All 'styles & sizes Duncan Phyfe DINING SUITES The most-beautiful, Dlmnr Room Suites Mahogan\ and Wihiut V'enetr nothing finci «for gift giving OTHER BEAUTIFUL DINING SUITES • J ff\ IX) of Gum wood with Solid Wai- nut tops and Walnut Veneers. •).plcce suils! Special Table Group CARD TABLES Occasional, Lamp, - L'nd . . . Walnut Ven- cprs itnd Inlaid Vcn- ccrs. Priced :• from $2.95 to $5.95 TOMORROW . . . gef that new RUG you've been brooding about! Cabinet » Smokers With 1-MclJl Folding .Chairs BfaulKul ana i durable' Card Tables' wi Ih •> f o u r, '. f old i sis chairs with i padded seals A lasting useful gift $8.95 to $>9.95 \7X3U coiildu't •*- find a belter time of year for giving your home u new nig. Ami yoii coiildn'i finii u buppier conilii- nationofslylciiiul price than inllie Uigelow Hiigg : we!vc presenting lliia Fall. Sec our .isiorlmenl loinorrow. ?50 and up for a 9x1% TuU range of styles A wonderful assortment of smokers cabipfts... Modernistic and con- vcnlional designs — You'll flnd the one'you want here. • $2.95 to $16J5 FireScreen Card Table Combination Armstrong's Fashion- TMi is lh» mark of \ ' Mojfor AV*over* . , . your oiiurancc'cf ^ utir.tstt ng value.' 'I Ills allMcllvc^bili of furnilurc reposes as fire screen- until , a-.^card table is,-needed :.;.c:w-. >ly converted': into » »ics( substantial 1 table. Each has 1 'a?beautiful iCcne on tlic lop. Thrift Linoleum Floors For Ghristmas You'd : never . think ; by, looking al;tliesc Itiluid-Linoleuni floors that they, ^could : sell . at such reasonable prices. In •. colors and designs ; to harmonize beautifully' witti iitty present or contemplated ' decoi'Htivc schemes.-But co'mo. in and let yoiii''6wn;eyes;tcH' you.vliow, nuicli; smart, js.tylo; you | can get for. your '-home at

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