Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on May 31, 1957 · Page 15
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 15

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, May 31, 1957
Page 15
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Dial PA 2,4600 for a WANT AD Taker EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., FRIDAY, MAY "' *"'«'^*j iiuino, \juniDHiRLiAnv, ML)., FRIDAY MAY 31 1957 'Ober Law' Revived By Probe Of Communistic Infiltration Into Baltimore Industry £l=|iia:|M^ BALTIMORE HV-Slec,.... and ideological arguments ,,,,,^,, eight years ago accompanied birth of Maryland's "Ober law" against subversives were reawakened earlier this month. A Congressional subcommittee hearing on Communistic intiltra- tion into Baltimore industry pro- the revival note. 3 .-o-. ...v-jrmalion gathered quietly as which a result of the law was mentioned prominently at the hearing. It promptly was followed by a plea that the Maryland Legislalure be overridden in cutting slate funds for Investigative support of the 'aw. The request for restoration of CelebratQ her graduation with ^^ the beautiful ^^ new BULOVA funds recalled two questions which application swirled^ about the law: la—' -•'••• 'Would it do more harm than w good?" "Whom has it punished?" They were questions argued sus Pected strongly before and after Mary. ""•""•-—• land adopted in 1949 a law to make subversives subject to criminal punishment and keep them out of public employment or election. They are still questions. Nobody in Maryland has ever been prosecuted under the law. uu , The present attorney general un- on der whose office the principal di- g reclion falls, C. Ferdinand Sybert, o. admits a large part of the law lire slate is currently a dead issue because of a Supreme Court decision last year. Constitutionality of the Stale j law has never been ruled upon, 21 JEWELS f liimiMlUNBRtAKABlt MAINSPRING ji MI o o O .<* * ".i^"" pay as little as SHFtL SE SO FUTTEREO ... irrog tfiii fitquisile, {ten MARTHA WASHINGTON Dainty found dial. Styled wilK a youUiful ftai; ,. . elegant psceful line*. Truly i gift of a lifetime. other modelito $85.00 a week | V)>lui tnlif«n to then (it 111 Price induSEi fe3tril Tn Official Railroad WarcK Inspector Hanger's Jewelry 16 N. Centre St. - PA 4-5665 _ of most of the Mary subversive law last year did it ruled in a Pennsylvania that state laws were not ap- to prosecution of persons -.a . d of advocating violent for overthrow of the federal govern In effect, Ibis reduced the Maryland law to requiring loyalty oaths r -"™ public employes and candi- for State offices. from dates mai book < plicable Mla the first legislative look askance at the law, passed in 1949 with only one dissenting vote. This year's Legislature cut 55,125 in expenses from enforcement of the act. This left money p for salaries only. Cl There was only a stir of protest in Annapolis at the time. Then, early in May, the Congressional subcommittee on Un-American Ac- 7 tivilies at a hearing in Baltimore ' produced testimony lhat back- ! ground information from the State ' agency was helpful. Sybert immediately went to the Legislative Council, belween-ses- sions advisory agency of the General Assembly, to plead his case. He got sympathy, but was told that the Board of Public Works held the purse strings in the meantime. The board—composed of Gov. McKeldin, Comptroller Millard Tawes and Treasurer Hooper Miles—gave Sybert the money last Tuesday. rhe State appropriation totaL . ,020. It is taken up by salaries for a special assistant attorney general, a secretary and expenses for the employes. The City of Baltimore appropriates an additional $20.000 for salaries of four police officers. The Supreme Court knocked out to As of e In response to a resolution by the House of Delegates, he stat-_ "one of the most important functions of this department is to irevent the hiring ot disloyal perms." He said more than 600 suspect- 1 Communists and 25 organizations in the slate had been probed —without any prosecution. Some individuals had been dismissed, he said, without identifying them, and "many persons have resigned or refused to seek public employment iue to our investigating procedure." The first were public resigna- lions by three Quaker women employed by Baltimore City. They said Ihey resigned raiher than sign loyalty oaths which were against Iheir religious principles. The whole act was declared unconstitutional by former Judge Joseph Sherbow of Baltimore. But .j the Maryland Court of Appeals decided that case in favor of the without ruling on its constitutionality. 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The Supreme Court, agreeing hasn't ih the Slate Court of Appeals, bit;o has ruled only that candidates ing State, office such as governor C,. Id be required to file loyalty writer affidavits. One suit challenging constitu- inality was filed by 10 Balti-ore professors. The Maryland Court of Appeals turned them could Uo in ten a nee of the law on the ks as a source of information suspecled subversives. Con- •ess is being asked, for the sec id time this year, to make en- laws on subversives ap- despite the Supreme :ourt decision. The only public report made on id's law, named after Bal- iwyer Frank C. Ober who a in layman's language means "you can't holler before you are hurt." Passage of the subversive law in 1949 produced heated ideological reaction by "true" liberals as well as the Communist Party. A citizens' committee forced it on the ballot in 1950. The voters approved it. The opposition citizens' committee included the Maryland Civ- char ° Chapter of the AmerU can Assn. of Social Workers, the professors, the Baltimore Teachers Union, the Maryland Library Assn., the Workmen's Circle and the Y.W.C.A. Mrs. Edward Salner, executive secretary, declared, "We believe Fine, Prison In Ober Law BALTIMORE Ui — Here are tuc _.., ., ., basic points of Maryland's "Ober ?' IeS ,f° U ' h of here ' " s ?° w Law" to regulate subversives- ?'. a ltt - h ?"epower washing 1. Provide a penalty ot S20 000 C engme and wQ1 do u that the Ober Law—which so far st Quakers their Jobs, but We affected Communists, one who bit—will not be effective in limit' ig subversives." Gerald Johnson, newspaper and television commentator, called the law: "An expression of fear, a negative altitude. It is the worst threat to democratic process of any leg ....... - if - wrong, we will not go very far. '"- need people who will do right, > have the courage and will to do what is right." Ober, in defense of his commission's recommendations stated: "We went about the enactment of this legislation soberly and in moderation, determined to avoid excesses, singling out no one group, and setting up the safeguards against smearing and lim- E-X.P.E.R-T CAMERA REPAIRS CURLS CAMERA SHOP " 56 N. Centre St. Prison Head Appointed CHARLESTON'. W. Va. [»-Mrs Evelyn J. Smithson of Alderson is the new superintendent of the stale prison for women at Pence Springs, Summers County. Gov. Undewood confirmed the resignation of Mrs. Mabel Turlev Sims yesterday and named Mrs. Smithson. a Greenbrier County native, to succeed her. Mrs. Sims, the mother of four aughters and West Virginia's 1957 "Mother of the Year," has held the Pence springs position since Sept. 1, 1949. Mrs. Smithson worked at the Federal Reformatory for Women Car Out Spare Parts HURDSFIELD, N. D. (ji — When you ask Robert Weisz about the make of that foreign-looking miniature car he's driving, it takes him a while to explain. Weisz made it himself — from parts of eight old cars and a BALTIMORE IB - Here are the ^, C '° r ~ *' ?! tarm honne three asic points of Maryland's "Ober ™ lles .?°1 lh of here. Its powered „ ma- engine and will do up to !S miles an hour. 1. Provide _ , J _. , fine or 20 years in prison, or both, for anyone to seek to overthrow the government, teach such a phil-l osophy, or assist in the manage-; menti of a defined subversive or-! ganization. 1 2. Fine anyone who continues membership in a subversive or-! ganization $5.000 and sentence to five years in prison or both. 3. Rescind voting rights and pro-! hibit from holding public office anyone convicted under the act. | 4. Outlaw subversive organiza-; tions and provide for seizure of their records and property. j 5. Appoint a special assistant; attorney genera] to assemble sub-' versive information and present evidence to grand juries for prosecution. 6. Put all enforcement officers in the state at the disposal of the special assistant attorney general. 7. Require all grand juries to probe and report on any suspecled subversive activities. 8. Subject all present and prospective public employes to a loyalty questionnaire arid affidavit. 9. Require loyalty affidavits of candidates for public office. 10. Require private educational institutions which receive state funds to report on what they have done to check lovalty of their staffs. GREEN STAMPS WITH WALLPAPER 1350 Pott.rn. in St<xlO AND SUPER KEMTONE PURUCKER'S 158 N. C«nrr» St.—PA J-7887 Albert's Low Food Are Everyday Low Prices Prices! fr.mi. NO. S03 «fl CANS <9G Medium Whole Beets 2 P'imkr Red Kidney Beans 3 "?J, M 37c Bi.l.r'i Pork and Beans 2"«r-29e D*1 Mont* Tomato Catsup 2 '/;£ 39c Large Jumbo Cantaloupes 2 for 7* READY TO EAT PEER HAMS 55c 12 to 14 Ib. Whole or Shank Half Ib. """"New White POTATOES 10 Ibs. 450 OSCAR MAYER Frankfurters 49c Ib. 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