The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 9, 1930 · Page 4
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 4

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 9, 1930
Page 4
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PAG 2 rota SPECIAL ' -9 1 .50 VALUE FREE With every purchase of a pint or more of Jap-A-Lac. The fibre board wastebasket (50c value) is unfinished so that you can enamel and stencil it any colors you like. The Blue Dird stencils (£l.09- value) can also be used for breakfast sets, walls and other places. This oficr is £ood for limited lime only. J. P. SMITH Lumber Co. Phone 72. SfflB TIPTON i&Afyfj T&m vm EXCHANGE PROPERTIES. I •I. W. Addleman Becomes Owner of C. H. Warne. Residence.' l CENStTS~QTDESTIONS. Some of the Questions May quire Sottfe TIrtnkiifg. He prop- ThB The W. H.. Hancock real | estate agency announced Wednesday : a deal' consummated/ whereby two of Tipton's best residence erties changed ownership, two, that of C. IL^Wairne onj Walnut street and J. W. 'Addleman on East Jefferson street -are valued at $12,000, this being the amount of consideration involved, i Mr. Addleman becomes the owner of the Walnut street prop-' erty and Mr. Warne the East Jefferson street property. The latter is listed at $4,000 and the former at $S,000, Mr. Addleman ;;aying the difference. Possession of the two r roper- lies is to be given as soon as the parties make arrangementk to move and Mr. and Airs. Addieman will decupy their .new home. Mr; and Mrs. .Warne will remove to their Independence' street property and their -son ' Dallas and family'! wi " occupy the East Jefferson jstreet house: ! ;': The Walnut street . property .was built by i Bedford Russell, a Nickel Plate engineer who is now residing East of Noblesville on the Greenfield Road. The home is one of the best in Tipton. INVOLVED IN HOSS CASE GOES TO .'ALABAMA. Lieutenant \V. 15. Peck, Trails* fori-cd to Maxwell Field. Bunch of Ijocal Persons in ' usual Proceeding at Kokomo. Vn .' Announcement is made by the army department at Washington, D. C.Miat effective July 5, Lieutenant Walter R. Peck, stationed at Sclioen field. Ft. Benjamin Harrison, Is transferred to Maxwell lield at Montgomery, Ala. Lieutenant Peck is a. json of Mr. an Mrs. ft. H. Peck,V farmer residents of Tipton. s. his father | being an engineer on .t]ie Clevelaud-St. Louis'flyer of.the Nickel Plate railroad." He came to Schoen field from .Kelley field at San Antonio Tex., and has been with the air corps of the Hoosier state for the past four years. To Assist, in Revival. Rev. L. R. Gray of the Windfall-Christian church has gone to Indianapolis where he is assisting in a two weeks' revival service at the Furfax ' Christian' church. Next week-Mrs. Cray and their son will join him jnllndian- ypoli^.- •'. Mrs. A. H. Moorej and daughter Joanna who have I been visiting at the Gray home have returned to their home in Indianapolis. Tuesday at Kokomo a case- which was out of the ordinary iiij several respects and which involved local people was tried in' the court of Justice of/Che beacej C. T. Brown, a former resident. ': . W.j C- Arnold had hrougljt suit! against Rolla* Crawford for possession of a horse-he had traded Crawford; He alleged the ' animal he received was not as rep- reseiiijed. Both men vtre former Tipton residents. , ' j • Another' uhsual j incident was that the -case was tried .-• lefore Justice Brown, a former Prosecuting attorney. A. A,' Fletcher, a former prosecuting attorney . of Tipton was appearing. for Crawford and Glen Hillis a former prosecuting attorney of Howard county-appeared for Arnold; After hearing the evidence the case was taken under advisement by Justice Brown who stated lie would make • a ruling in & few days. Dr. E. E. Hicks Chiropractor Office Over Blue Front Corner Jefferson and Matin. Phone 04. - Tipton. VISIT 5IALDEN SHRINE. Pennsylvania Pilgrims Take Sick Child to Priest's Tomb. Maiden, Mass., April 9.- OUR SERVICE IN WALL PAPER IS UNEXCELLED. REXALL DRUG STORE We SHI Sun; Tested Papers j Bulk Garden - Seeds j • . - -p : Compton & Son -+9* -The solemn procession of sick and crippled, which began anew last week past the newly-erected tomb of the Rev. Patrick • Povjer in Holy Cross' Cemetery, wa^ continued today with the arrival of a party of pilgrims from ; Pennsylvania, i | The visitors refused to reveal their identity, but admitted 1 that they had-brought a 13-ye^r-old girl by automobile from thej Keystone State to the Power grave in the hope that the visit might effect a cure of a ; uervous disease. Marie Cairens, 14 years old, of Providence, who said that paralyzed leg' was helped' at the •Power shrine in Novembep, returned to make a prayerful offering at the grave. ' ; thank I I \ Home From iKIorida. • IL The census enumerators are busy-with their work and already a'number of homes have been visited but the bulk of the work is yet to be done: To familiarize all with the questions asked the list is given below and as some dates are required,! the work of the enumerators can be speeded if the questions are studied in advance and all information made available, when the enumerator calls. ' S" The following questions are asked: . ' 1. Your name. 2. Your relationship to the family (whether the head of family, Ijvife, son, daughter, or uncle, etc.) " 3. Whether your- home is owned or; rented. 4. The-estimated value of your home, if owned, or the monthly rental, if rented. 5. Is there.a radio set in your home? I 6. Do yourfve on a farm? 7. What is your sex? f 8. What is your color or race. 9. What, was you age at last birthday?" 10. Are you married, single, widowed, or divorced? : 11. What was your age at lirst marriage (for married persons only). 12. Have you attended school or college at any/time since Sept.- 1, 1929? ! 13. Are you able to read and' write? 14. Where were you born?. 15. Where was your father born? 1 16. Where was your mother! born? 17. What is your native language? (For foreign-born persons only.) •• IS. In what year did you immigrate to the U. S. (For foreign- born.) 19. Are you naturalized? (For foreign-borh.) 2. Are you able to speak English. / ,' 21. It you are' a galinful "worker, what is your occupation? 22. In what industry are you employed? • 23. Are'you an employer, employee, or .working on your own account? ., -. N I 24.'Were^oii actually at work yesterday? •» i • . . 25. Are you a veteran of - the United States military or ' naval forces, and,if so, in.what war or expedition did you. serve? • - If you answered "No" to question 24, you will 1 , also be asked whether you have a job and are merly tcrmoparily. out of work, or whetheti you have no job at all. If you have a job, you will he asked: 1. How many weeks since you have, worked on your v present job? 2. Why were you not at work yesterday (or on the last regular working day?) 3. Did[you lose a day's pay by not being at work?. 4. How many days did you work last week? • .. 5. How many days in a full- time week? ' If you have' no job at all, you will be asked: '. 1. Are/you able to work? 2. Are you looking for a job? 3. For how many weeks have you been without a job? •1. Reason for being out of a job, or for losing your last job? Mrs. Mollie-Hobbs of Hobbs. returned borne Tuesday evening from L^ke Wales, Florida,| Iwhere she had been spending thej winter wit* her slater, Mrs. Angle Leisure and family. Mrs. Hobbs reports an unusually enjoyable winter in the sunny southjibut is glad to i be" once more at [home. She is enjoying very good health and feeling: fine. I Mrs. Leisure expects to come to Hobbs a little later in tbei [spring and visit with her sister. —T THU INTEBJUTKO CS- i i MAYBE IT WILli YOU { TOO it "M Wbatlis tttfe meaning : jrheret-phrase r- fain liar J 1 to al{5of^«s'«s>an:-allusion t or0 «aa r <nnlUbte fOMtfc «h|ch U Left For California. .|-..;|L.-.. | I Qldl Lines of fortresses Are j .Regarded Obspiete in Modern Warfare. !••. -, -I I. -• -: ; • 'NEST§" ARE NEEDED h Brussels, April 9.—There is a big hole in Belgium's eastern defense line; and through j that hole, [lie Germans will invade and overrun the little kingdom a sjec- ond time at ithe start of the next I V 1 : : j big European war. This is the j - i • j ,.; - I opinion of three leading Belgian army, chiefs] whjo objec^ to the' 1'bld-fashioned" line of! fortresses ?» i '. I : • I ' along the Belgian-German ' j I ! ' der. They, rather , would bp'r- build of there an invisible Chinese wall concrete dug-outs for ! machine guiis and other light artillery, j Generals -Magliri^e, Hel^ebaut and Van Acker believe that fortresses are a j matter of < the past, Battlefield a ; organization of | a toward war experts are •country is the condition which European heading. "Battlefield, [organization" rneansj using every one build a concrete a: hill; in a ra- nature's wiles to dug-out back of vine, underneath rocks- and. along the rivers land forests - o country. ; Every su[ch dug-out; is likej a strong rib iii thej anatomy of our war time foi-ces, V the j generkls say. "If our |enti!re eastern : Iron tier weae organized that way a'nd watchey by elitej troops, our soldiers would fighit the jenemyjas soon as he invades the i first yard • i ., . ; ! of Belgian soil. They would- de- foot by foot; of 9« i|nk" and the "deith trenches' Thorout^Thielt : with' France now building up a Special .secret fund to defend her. frontiers and drawing an UD to [the minute invisible concrete imp all: along her j northeastern 1 border, from Dunkirk to Longwy the Belgian generals: feel Bel- giumought to jdp bjer share, j tool ^or economy'^ sake, ; Betgium'sJ parliament Ihas kept down >! mill jajjy defense expenses to a mini piuni since* the armistice. The damaged j fortresses patched! up as far afe pause this proved- 1 cheaper building those "invisible concrete wajls" along the German border Some ! 'parliamentarians thought that . the big , Germai guns Belgium got as war spoil aftsr the armistice, would suffice to keep the Germans loft the Sel gian territory in Ithe "second great war." If Belgium's three leading gen- country will .footsteps of era-Is are- right, thej have to follow the iFrance, Aig deep intjo the pockets |sum aside for flys^ and set a handsome a really up to date! defense tem. !\-lLLAGERS TAX FREE Expenditures, • Cash Mayor Call Off Philmont, N. Y., village will be free fo; Find budget called for fend the country and in the meantjime>our full ijar time army would arrive together with the allied Jtroopsj and beat the enemy at the;very'j entrance door of Belgium.'" • | ' | That the allies' will defend Belgium again in the next all-European war is "the official creed Belgium. "On tlie firstf day mobilization, our frontier will defended hy six Belgian array visions', which are always kept ready to fight ai a moinent's notice. They will be joined by 'x' {allied divisions all along; the i frontier," said Gen. Galct of the Belgian army recently. How ninclv the 'x' exactly stands for is |he secret of the Belgian aiid French general staffs, j j l What assistance in the form! fortifications' will the : Belgian and allied soldiers'find ; at the eastern frontier? Practically none. Permanent fortresses,! such as the Belgian cities of Mrs. Harry Combs of Columbia/ Avenue, left - Wednesday for Santa Cruz, California, where she will visit for a few days with some old friends, Mr.- and-; Mrs. C. S. Miller, and family, formerly of Lafayette..- Mrs. Combs will return home by - motor and will accompany her uncle and aunt,, Mr. and Mrs. George F. Kyger of Lafayette, who have been spending the winter at Santa Cruz. -Mrs. - Combs - accompanied Mr. and. Mrs. Kyg«r on the motor trip when they went to California last fall. vThejr.: will • return home by :tljeiant *Ffti trail, jnak- ing the trip leUn^rlt and enjoying the slgh^aeelng atonf the trail.,-j . [w\}\ GlliMn 01) Indianapolis |s1 m his sifter,. Mm of ' Liejge, Antwerp and Na'murj are :sadly inefficient-in these days of mod ern warfare.; "Tlie ideajwe liad ofj fortresses before the world [war, Geii. Maglinse points out,. "must now be replaced t>y battlefield organization,'Otherwise our soldiers will find nothing; to bick them along the: ; frontier." C-en. Hellebaut strongly advises', surrounding the fortress, of Liege : by] a 1 Simile ring {of concrete djug- outs. and other yinvisih'le" fprtifi cations. , j |' ; j [ j- Belgian and French soldiers learned this lesson of; modern! warfare when the | German j con -j crete dugouts with their machine guns stopped the bravest assaults, of allied soldie'rs; Respite [the, noisy support of the -heaviest al-i lied artillery. The Belgian in fan-! try, above all, lost fantastic percentages of men 1 in 1918 when itj attacked the German concrete line called "Flandernill \ Isdeil- equal' to the amouiit hajid.JMayor Abranj nojinced that no be [necssary. ESTATE OF. *»l»,a55 Lato Senator Wi Evaluated by Cheyenne, Wyo., Value bf the estate United States Senatbj- vy^rren of Wyoming] $819,255.92 by appraisers yesterday. 1 1 dy have been possible,' bej than also- Equal ; Levies. A.pril 9.—This from taxation ng that _ an expenditure of cash Sager villkge tax would I'S Vi-oitcrtj; Ajipraisei-s At the Diana. Four musical comedies on Broadway at the same time and eveiry one a sniashiig hit is the! unparalleled achievenient of Bud- DeSylva, Lew Br iown and Henderson, authors Side Up," Fox Mbvi stone musical corned^ co-featunnr | Janet; Gay-nor and Charles I'arrelj. | : This production will -bi\ seen; jand heard at Ithe Diana theater j Wed-- nesday^ and^riiursday|. 'Follow Thru," George White's ,'iS bandals," "Three 'Hold Everything" sational. box office York when this melody team New °»trained for the Pacific. Coast to start work for Fox Movietone six months ago.. Owen Davis andjilte late Ayerjf Hopwood, noted for play writing, have miny as three productions at time' running on Bijoadway, the four jof this famed song sets a record that stand for many years! LIBRARY NOTES "Bethel" is a $2,500 prize novel, Tlie winner.In the -Doubleday-Doran competition for .So the on an April p.- of the late Francii E| was set at here Ray of "Suuny Cl; lieers, -.yere all. peni hits in and their projlific |each .had as one but trio will probably L- the in ndvel which best jihterpretsj both content and spirit the principles of Christianity to the mod- eijn world. It is a story of the Kentucky hills and of the tower- fn|? blacksmith preacher; who mends plows on week days I and aojuls on {Sunday, j ; . The following Is I taken from tKe Christian Herajd: Lust the Herald together jwith Doublei- day-Doran conducted a contest with !a n award of * ! 2,500, ifor the npvel which should ilnterpret) re ; life. The con- tall interest jand 111 Ion In American te it aroused great severalhundred manuscripts were si bmitted, from tall j parts-of 1 the cc untrr-' -From' these-7—several of w lich: were of grea| tl merit | the iW? ! ?^ cted7h BBthel," a. I the iPlWWiW-. ;, irif vrlte one's:novel j. at |ife age it tqrly^ht and then U r the'nOMl tp .win! the priieT In n okl ei IB "Come, lan, what PEBSBTED PIK1V4L tender reveries engage that maiden mind?' "If yon must know, I was wondering why you went through life with a voice like a saw going through a hickory knot when honey-smooth OLD GOLDS will throat-ease. Raise! soothe those rasping vocal cords and bring you that penny ante to the price of a pack of OLD GOLDS, Percy, and let the mild and, mellow queen-leaf tobacco do its stuff. There's not a bark in a billion." FASTEST GROWING CIGARETTE IN HISTORY .. NOT A COUGH IN A CARLOAD ^^^^^^ CtP. LeHUardC.. . Listen »«..-. OLD. GOLD—PAUL, WHITEMAN HOUR, every Tuesday, 9 P.M., Eastern Time •r i- MKS. M'PHERSOX IX- <KRAXCE.i Evangelist Is Taking PaT ! to Holy Land. AllE RKSIGXKO. \y of 04 j Imliauiiptilis Mtai. Kcady to T:iki- ;i Their l'uiiishmciil. —Ainiue s Aiige^ led '-by Roberta Cherbourg, ApriJ. S. SenipleMicPherriou, the Lq Ie's ! : evangelist, accom'par her; 18-yearrOld daughter and a p'arty of sixt>vfouji' members of her [Church, includi-ns-sev­ eral /ministers and. their!;-wives, left France on her way ! to the Holy Land. ! She is going to Palestine' to spend Goodj Friday on .this Mount of Calvary and Easier'-SunUay'.in the; Church of the Holy Sepul­ chre, j : • j. . ; ' ! After a month in Palestine the. party will tour Europe," yisitiiiK Paris, but ; Mrs.. McPherson said she had : no intention -of going to, England,', where on a previous visit she; was 1 forbidden, to preach. During the crossing Mrs. Mc- preached ,eabh inorning daughter preached in the 1 afternoons.! j When j invited to dance by one of: the passengers on the George Washington, it is understood, Mrs. McPhiensoii j- declined, saying. "I would love! to, but the. people I am with might not" Pherson and her Indianapolis, April !).^—Ui'- lecte'd' the sudden exposures which wrecked their long Imsi- nesi> careers- in Indianapolis Paul H. Keyes and William" D. Peterson sat in the office of Judson L. Stark, prosei-iilor. yesterday, and gaze"d into the'future with com- pleje resignation.. . The two men broken in spirit, told the story Of Iliicr.juggling of automobile ..liiiicni 't! .p:ipers that brought losses aggregation approximately $:!iHi .nyo to purchasers of the m'ltcs, Jlr. Stark an- "We are sony that the thing ended this way. We know we are guilty'and - we want to take our Punishment immediately-," the prosecutor quoted the automobile -company ofticiils as saying. TOIIMI Operation. . Oti .i Kti-iiison of Arcadia was •a pat i"iit at the office of a-local physician- Wednesday morning iini) stihmitted to'an operation for removal eff tonsils. He returned lii'ime following the operation and is getting ? along nicely. Buddy note books, different sizes. Tribune Press. Men's New shapes in crashers, bound or raw edge, curled cr straight rirr, comfortable head fitters, in the spring's*latest colors. $1.50, $2.95, $3.50, $3.95 land $4.95. Boston Store Serious coiiHition. I Edgar!.Clark,, the well! known undertaker: of Ehvood. "is m the Mercy hospital at Ehvood; seriously ill with] sugar diabctts. and dropsical complications', i I Mr Clark although .being- up and looking after his • business has been In failing health for several jxeeks. and with the shock of iiiferather's death,-- Benjamin' Clark, Sunday, morning at the. hospital ] he suffered-a complete collapse.! He was unable to look" after any details or even attend the; funeral- Tuesday afternoon, i A specialist from Indianapolis was called*,in consultation with his! local physician .Tuesday. . Tonitc, Thursday ; Shows at 7:Q0 and 8:45 Admission: 10c and 25c. "Sunny Side Up" JANET GAYNOR CHARLES FARRE LL Dm Syiva, IrOwn and llendar—.-I— v : - '-'- • : - ; • .1 •_: . .'. ; . ! 1. -'I"V The sensational Broadway idrota success at popular prices! j^jft ior- fect -musical entertainmoit The srtati of«*7lhi Heaven*' and "Street Jtagel-' in their first big comedy— Also a Good

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