The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 17, 1930 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 17, 1930
Page 7
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^FRIDAY. JANUARY 17^1930 BI,YTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COUKIUK-NEWS PAGE SEVEN 1930 & NEA Service Inc. TOUAY Jl'lUTtl I'AMKHO* mzrrtt* AUTIMUt KNHiHT. rsrruih h Xi-n VurU |iubllpbUt; h<iiur In vihlrk *fcr I* rnnMu>,4- fhrr -^11 fur n »li m-rkw* (ion*) UMHUI In ili-rmuJ;i< tinlulil U u t^ 44)0*1 ff tvllh VIM IN-ji:ir-u|d ilnuuhlrr. TO!\V, vtbo U ln i:uT(Jirr>, nn4 H m-ii. jliMDIt. Ill, nl l» fat* Infiituif tlim bf iiviTltMr^fc |hr fnrt Ihfil .IndilU l» mi | rtiiniitiinlrallvr liCmut hrr iiu*l life. Aflir I Li Ar«t "> ( -k In llrr- ruNil:i n rnMf^r.Tin nrrltr* <*n- urnim-lnc Hi ill Tt»n> Knl^hl *» rum Inn mum 1 . Arthur I rlU Ju- rfifii MJC* mutt return til uucr in tiifct hrr. Slmv lit 1 1 lit IT Mir K'r I !NI> fmuwn lit Ihr frtlhrr'H frnianliir.k'. -linlllli IK nkt-pllnil nl Krr ndruiiir. Tfci 1 fritr iirovr» well ruundcri Arthur nnd *1 n ti « wdhb rriu-h Ihr ur fuit «nr d»y Tuny'* Ittnil diu-liN. Nnr c liitlcbr nirrix b|i dnuuh- i nbcii Ihi'.v nrrlvf ;n ttir I'inty laimrrn .In til Ik tind m h«T unit ruiiiH. Lihlckt o rrtikim tlflb ikr Kill and r.sMjrt-j. Jijilllh Ihr illtUc»l<y niti hi- >.rllTi-il. Hi- pciir* in Urr Lull- Itiac nrtrrnunn finilriini- h<-r fttrrmulhrr \**hil 1:1^1 "Vuu'rr eiilBA lo ltl" lilit r/itfi-n the .'(OUKP In n^rr- i-utii|icU 'l'»i|iy t <M-n HCI yriuJclFBty ) unn^ IUHII rnH M»\V <;il UN WITH THE STOUY CM.AI'TKK XIV "X11UKKY" MJUTIMECJl. In UK- aiitmla n[ ihe fninlly hisd on nicnitiei>!]![j ttsia of InilS y duzcn ii(i[jie-'.stvi- rliihs. \vfls Pieflcrlcl; K Mi)]-iin:ci . IIUL t'vc-ti lily inolLicr hmi loti^ si lire rrjiKoil in call tifosi any tiling hul "MlcUcy." lit.' twJnn^ed u> Hie I'lilhulolnhh She It was Mickey- himself who wa:;|i,i:ii n.i-.:-i!>. t!,ii ncp of puppy col- driving the car and who vcioe.l her ; mid sllft' si'U. vory Iwj'isli lunkhig :gKCStlon lo visit tho Casino. '.ihr- !.-.r-n:id Ji>';i:li hut mill Mrs. They couldn't go iliere. he said. Wlici'lcr s::o wmilrt like breakfatt -ranse Florence was likel) 1 lo hi-; sent In tier numi ; there and Florence (as Tony very well knew! was bis wife. Mickey anil Tony had met at tiaiers--whli-h b lo suy lie "he. | .Madrid, l^iur, after Tony and her u'd " lunnt had returned in Paris. Mickey • ti:ink ot wlit ammi;; Hie uuiiil rv's in ic'l il w;:s nut sii far ihmu ll:e ilsl The son Had noi inhnritcil his, fathers vt-al fur u-imuniii-.s. : •V'i'-hcy f n Hit. \v;uni ind I sunny Funds- ,il linllan inner re Kuns Ituii-li riiinc Jigruca'itt 1 dnrltiy t lliv vvinlrr n:!ii;ilis tlliiu anvllnn^ Tu Red i-vtr diisiTi-eit nu Wall S;:T(M. He al. c <> innmi (into un l.ony ls!an<t a ^i-dtl deal plcasonler In Jirty thiin trying 10 sell bimiis fc]ir[i(-y's inrnme \vas ^letidy. Me Has-H vlee p-e.-iiient (il sonipthlng or uilier [really two sninelhlnKS or- otherl lint L f lie cniild have told .vou the name ul either it would nave oeen tiiiile rcinarkable. flp was as ra'relcsi! nluint nnslness stoirs as hr ivus xl t I lie- luily who liap l)eiu-:l tu IK his uife. nail a daughter. iuo. an - 1 - Mickcjr Muril j fame after them, lie had lo have il | (j!;iyfc]li)ws. » very «reat ouiuliei: ol inr^t-sr and llicm. dlJ Mickey Mortimer. Tony Mti-key himself ex- ae a "devilish entlcln' at11actiye ymingster with yellow curls. ;[ilnii(ij;ia[il)e<l ncL'iisiniifllly wilh •>(|ifi cliilijren ni u sotieiy [;nr ai Nmv[Mij-i or di^nins IEI Hie isc'iicli at .Sf[:iiTii. Tlie--e ()hi>i(igraiiiis KCiifii^ly ? Lln;>reU lu ihe butidaj ; nouspaptr grav'nre secli.uns. \Vben ever he saw uny :jf i!ies:e picture? Mlckty lonhwl ui U nut! wnnclcrcd liow the kid wii^ gotthif, along. Tlie rliltcJ Mvctl with her mother. Mrs. Mlrfcey A.ortioicr had raiUt-r E.UUI! puit ui u nui&u-al coai •idy olaylim IS FiiouEhs un Mrnariway before ijheand yminj' rMoriiiner hail gone down ,o City Hall in tie mar rlct! tlicFL- oy an ufflulal. Thai liai! been four yt-ara earlier. Mrs Mickey Mnttluicr waa very heau liful. It Is slgniiirunt. that In ram Ily tribunals the Philadelphia Morltniera sided with her Instead uf her husliand. Mickey ilidn't spend much Umi In New Ynrk. When he wns then tie sometimes call-d around lo sci liis wife. Sonietltpes not. Mlclicj v.-hn nlx>ve ill things sough pleasure, loathed "Ecei IT u-ns in Mickey Mortimer' swag«cr green coupe That Ton Knight was .riding the. first tv< Ding alter Her trrtval"ip'New Verb Knight, liresse:! tt. <v little trick." The girl wns quite captivated by hh nlrs and his ardor. She liegan to make excuses and nvuid engagements with Couut BodauzVy, Tony's Aimi Helena disapproved of this and very shorlly Tony and her Aunt Helena disapproved ol each other. They d(d it In such loud tone* and for such a long while that tho girl cabled ' hei father, sent off ^her trunks and caught the tlm boat for New York. Mickey Mortimer was on the same boat. ft was Mortimer's custoni, when is.companion' was :i very pretty ami niter nliout Ihe tifth cock- all, lo stale that he was "divorclug s wife." It was a good beginning ir the long story of how fate, v.-as insir.g him. Somelltuc.1 Ihis storj ould hecnrne ao'p'alhelic tlidt oulj iiistc .jWo'uld drown hi3 sadness 'hat -f!«<^|iU .Ihul Mickey wout( tart slriglri'B.' and wiien Mickej ang [bere simply was. no likell hood at all.of guessing tha larty would end. The truth' was he was not am :ould Dot divorce his-wife. Neiihc tvas Mrs. Mortimer divorctnt he nisband. Mickey diiin't mind. He nnd 'olilld that a good looking young Thus (or Um-i- Ouyi the rtuulrie ot \[\z KuUlU hipiM^iinlil raiiirtinod Judith a tul Arthur ^brcakfaaied* tn the tllnlng nioniaui eiRlit. o'^ocjt Judith cotifcrretlSritn ^ti^Vlfecilr and Cora rievoletf herself lo house- lasks during the morning. Tony arcse ni nnon and (.-ailed for aovce AIOU BROOKMAN "Are yqu-Judlth?' 1 "Yti," the Birl u|d eajerly, 'Ami I'm (tire you're Arthur. I'm to glml you've come home! VWv« >een 4xpfctlus -you but I- ilhln't :n»w yoti'd irrlve iinlll afternnou. Your father inrll) bo (o pleased." £hc wns delighted in llilnk that he- had recognized her ami uixikcn. aud so tier words rushed nn. Irying lo let th« boy know she ««» grato- tul, not feeling exactly sure the IB saying llie right tlilnfl. Judttli woul<) never hnve guessed thai tills »na Arthur Knight's sou. H» wa» taller tnau «h» wa>, built slightly but with tba promln Ibal years would "nil tiitu out," The boy had gray eyet whlcli bad studied Judith ever olucs lie hud tlrst seen her. llu .wore n gray suit and overcoat and a -up which emphasized tlie boyish lonk abmit him. Hair whkh wns light brusvn am) curly Btiowsd beneath tho cap. Judith fell that sho KH] been fayliig too ajueli. She, blushed. "Do let's gi> In." she llnlshcd. "It's cold and I'm keeping you out here freezing." The lad belli tlie door back |-o lltely and Judith entered. Harriet appeared and took llio wraps. All the while Arthur Junior's manner was the acme of courtesy and yet il was disturbing. •. Ho was to formal.' Wllliout n word or sign which the girl could acAua.ll> 1 dellne he bad erected t barrier about her. ' '"Your father will be name tov lunch In an hour or so." Judith told him. "1 think he'd be. pleased if you would telephone him." "i did," sahl the toy. "from tlie station. My bister—Is she here!" ADS Phone 306 ;:£ ; Announcements Tlie Connor N,'\vs 1ms been au- llprlzed to unn.imu; the (ollu»li)K cajidldates, wibjccl lo Hie Domo- KfttlC prliuniy: For fouulj Court Clerk MR3. JOHN 1,0-S'O. For Count) Trusurer ' W. W. HOLLIPCTEK. a breakfast tray to ho sent to her room. Knch afternoon eh« led the house, reiurulng about live o'clock. At seven Arthur and Judith anil !>A1,K CI11CKS-All varloilc-sTfrom Herts. Custom Hatching proven solicited. Mai'lyn thcvillc, Aik. Uly- Ock-lf Attractive Prices --in- Good Use'd Cars 1928 Model Chevrolet Coacli; tood tin-j; motor A-l condifiorv. I'ricc PERSONAL . J. K^:OX repairs shot* good, No. 2M V/est Mali!. STOVE Uoiralrs by Sum Sieklcs, 110 S. Urodilway. 13pk Jnn 18 rt the Dlslrlet Cw oMt Slutrs for Iho Kcutern District uf Arkunsji, Jcnifsboro Division. In thr Mailer of (leorfe ^V. llownuiii, lUnkruiH No, 1S95. Notice is hrrcby given tlifti pctl- tlcn iov dlschmijc of llio bankrupt htir, bi'tn Illcd, and tunic will bo heuid. in ll)e UnltHl States Court Kocuis at Little Rock, Aiknmns, on trc 25lh day ot Fcbrunry, A. D. 10^0, 'nt 9:30 a. in. Si:! 11 lli'diilns, Clerk. Ily llcss Mat I ice. U. 0. „ Sets Recpi$ undi-r Ihe provslona of Aot No. OS of Hie Ads ot 1931 itiiicmlotl by, Act No. CJ of 1029. ov- 6r llio following publlu hluhways ol this State: From tiio Intersection of Lake' Kiul Main Blrccl in Kasl end of Mulu street over and nlong Main street in lilylliovlllu to "Oatcway Sloru" known as "Pride OtOfe Comimuy" on aisl slreul Wen of Ulythcvlllo. Caso No. 049. This aiipllcadou will bo lienril b the Arknnsus finllrcad Commlsslo at MO n. m. on tho 28th day of Jiuuiary, 1030 In Ihe ollkcs of the .$385 1926 Model lluit-k Six Sedan; a real buy ; In Ihr District Court of llie llnltrd Sink's of the l>:istiTii District of Arkansas, .lonr.sbnra District, In the Mutter of W. M. Smith, IS.iiikruiil No. 1J9G. Notice Is hereby glvcti Hint iiell- tl-u for discharge of the bankruiit In- been filed, and simie will bfl licnrd lu llie United States Court K com s nt Llllle llcck. Arkuusas, on D. man of u-ealth never need face any dearih of feminine companions. He and Tony visited u blase the •Urical revno that evening, dlneil ai a supjjcr club which Vas not oqe of Florence Jlortimer's favorite's, danced at two others and shortly after four a. in. arrived at the Kulglit residence. Tony entered Ih'e house wiih her own lalchkey and Mortimer drove away. At 11 o'clock next morning Ju ' dlth'sent Harriet to ECO If Miss Tony would like to hnve iier breakfast. The maid reported Miss Tony was still asleep. "oiiy -dined together, and hy nine ''clock Tony bad Mught "coin I lanions of her own. • • I It wad a stale uf armed ncu ralily. Judith, hoping carlj dny or some slight weakculny.'touarrl riendllucEs. had to content herself with ati cccasloual civil- remark during dinner. Tony's rea=onlnR seemed to be hat 1C she could not rid the hrmae of her stepmother she could at cast pretend tliu 1 . Judith was not .here. FT wasn't ~a cbeprlng atmosphere ^ ,lp Mrhlch to prepare tor Christ- aatj. 1 ' ' ''...And yet Ihe holiday season about lu ticgin. It was n lime that Arthur -Knight had IKCU.- looking forward all year lo-th'eltlro? vrben both bis cl]i!ilren- Judith felt tiial who .should find sonic ^mecjiis o slipping out -of tfj« 'scene! She bought 1 liuge Imily wreath with gay red ribboiis. candles poiusettia plants arid greens li i;ir»ke the liouso • festive.", tih ordered a tree which was. as higl and hnndsomo as. Arthur iia lred. She Itusled ' hcrseil o shopping trips and conspired wit: Cora on what they both would he masterly menus. Delerminedly cheerful. Judit reported to Arthur each night tba affairs were "going splendidly." ' Then on Saturday morulUB thur Junior arrived. ' Judith bad l>ceo out rand. Slie saw of the hoiibe and a silin yotKti ste oul. The bay had just reached th At 12 Tony languidly. She came, downstairs wore a lounging I-kKPflKSSlON which she, could, not shake off descended on Judith. Sho wanted lt> cry out. "Why do you ucnl me tills way? Whal have 1 done? What's Iho mnitor with me?" The boy's colsmn. dlslruslful os un her were worse tlr.'.n Tony's tmingnc. "Your sister Is upstairs. I pre- ume," she unswered. "She usual- sleepa raiher late. .Site may be p now, though." "I'll run up for a minute. 1 ' J.jnlor ild. He paused. "Uo I —hnve IJiu ame room?" he asked dilThleully. "fes." Judith saiil ami thanked irovidenco Him Interview was over. The. cuuilnr; tif Arthur Junior Tightened ]^r. Arthur IJnisM reached Imme shoi'tly after IILUII anil lie acid his children ami Judith hnil inneh to gether. After ihe meal Juiliih did what stic fell the iiuly liei-enl Hung to do. She excused herself, plead- n liiglily Impdrtaul shopping trip. aad left the Knight family to gether. The shopping was hy no means t!ctllii:nu. Judith Knlglu look a 20- minute train ride Into the cilr. She hunted a ions while fur lust ihe right Illlie shop ou Mailisou avenue ami utior flic hml found tt spent nn even longer ttine uclore she selected a small black leather box. A drab prison, it was to lioid such gleaming contents. Judith lonV Iho package which the clerk wrapped for her and rlect U to a desk. She picked up pen and Ink aud painstakingly In scribed upon il a name am: Then, carrying her purc-linse, she wcni out of the shop ant] stopytt before a mail tws. Hefure she ilc- poslled the paicel site read the ad dress Ihrongh carefully, lifted the S2S Model T Fordor Scctan; ' runs, gnoil ;i!5 928 Model A Tudur Sedan; Price .$383 an on display at our new sales room, corner FHl'i nnd Main . I'HONE 810-S11 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Authorized Ford Dealers I thc Ullh day of February. A. 1030, nt 0:30 n. m. 8M I), ncddlng, Olcvk. 1 By Deis Mnthes, D. 0. NOTIfJK Notice is nercny given Hint'tho iindersfgncd has applied for license Atkixnsa.5 Rrvtlroad Commlssloii, New CnpUol IHilUlhif, Little Hock, Arknnsns. T. J. UAHNES. French Gales Loose Red Tape Tempest I'AKIS (UP)—The December jak's that rnragrd Ihe coasts of France nnd the liiltlsh Isles, linvo hltiwn up a Iniipcsl In red tape where 11 htis been discovered thai the l-'renrli Roveramciil. lias no regularly organized coaslnl Ufa sav. ing service. Although slilpj.hDvo been going down foi ccntiirlei off Hint dangerous Capo Finlslerrc,; where It U said iron deiinslts hi the ocean bee nffeet (hi? coiupasfes. it. was only utilll this last tempest that Fronol newspapers made ikic discovery thai gcvenlceu'yc»r-old \Valtor oil, abovo, ot Mcmphli, Ttau,. broke lid worW'n record for commcrcW >t'o modtl nlrplftnan recently whcQ he fhw li!s tiny plant two mlnutei 6S1-! second!, ov 131-6 poc- longer than tao ufllclnl title, liolderj Rulck Uyeri, o? CHicas« Waller, a student .At ChrbtUa Ilrothen' College, Nemptils.- ta vi'ltli bli model in* prlio trouby, ilRiicd niiil delivered to the Mori- lime Prefect of wlmlever port b nearest, "Tho lluy Island of Belli, off most, which was cut off.from supplies for days, could only be te- lloved by supply ships after an official request Imd been made on stamped paper. There arc about 13,000.00) JeWi- In the entire world. More than 4,000,000 live in Russia and 3,000,000 In Poland. New York with 1U 1,150,000 Jowa, IMS the largest Jawish population of any city la the world. > 'OR SALE-Hay. rn Ion or load lots, fice J. R. Dobbs &. I Slythevlilc noule No. 1, or A. Con- fay, Blythcvlllc. 28pkl-'cb. I. Glass walls and doors, furniture made of metal and Blass, and a fountain illuminated by colored lirjliti are features of a house planned by a lecturer at Cambridge University, Bag land. WERT He Makes 'Eni See Royal C.- Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Specializing in Income Tax, Uookkciiping' Systems, Phone 51 Ingram Bldg. Blyllieville, Arfc. Lincoln's log cabin home ami Washington's Virginia i Mansion are National Shrines The humblest home in America today is'-somc-fam- ily's sln'ine. . ' HAVE YOU PROVIDED ONE FOR YOUR FAMILY? E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. crtiilcate lor the otwratlon ol mo- n ship In distress must ask aid 01 cr vehicles for the carrying of pus- I slnmped pnpcr, mil "litioDiKS THK \vns isfETr(cMB WOW NMT ON\ TO WO CM ROO«D WtR. 'OS :RE!?T—Modern Residence rooms and 'hono 410. FOR RENT—3 rooms luruislicd $5.00 per week, 914 Hcarn street lGpk2L WANTED-Wc have se tlio pace for five years. M.irllyi Hatchery. Blytlieville. flck Fell. I WANTED—25 colored families tc tnatn crop. Sec Roy Ui'lnkley Osceoln, Arkantas. ej)k2 WANTED—Live, wlde-nwnke rc- salesman to sell n really complete line of calendar nml nd- vertising siieclalitles. jlutiderful . cpportunilv for man with sales | nblllty. Write Southwest Specialty ' Co., Springfield, Mo. EXCHANGE FOR CITY PROPERTY—Drained cut over land on hard road west of Osccoln. No mortgage. W. S. Mick, Fisher's Place on First Street. ISpklB box to her lips and prcsbod upon I about to open (lie door when a swift kiss. When Judith turned awx sa\v her turning in at the \valk. He stopped and vailed until she LOST—Coin purse containing $25 in bills. Finder please return to Courier News for Identification and reward. VS ivere tears In lier •rtti. Tu l(o Continued) at her seriously and Bald: ONE HI.ACK DESERVES ANOTHER XOITO NLW YtW^ RtSQLUTIOM,t« POP? WELL WE ALWAV* SMD VOU Cf".H'T BBEfiX ..-i !t/.T VittU .VOU UNO'W, VD UKt "VO Gwe XOUR NMHT fvM^ Of Bt\NG NFiVTUMCD M1M TVlt COiONtC EECI\ME (-.BOUT ^ VOPU1.M1 AND HELP MILLIONS/ U, i! PAT. OFF. 01.UO DY K« tWV KftCCKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Op AMD AT ', TbOAV ViS START •. SL&PT ; A aoci/. ITS ( fW-\ OOMT ti\ THlMK THAT'S SO CM TOP IS A WAM •• 6tE-..|SMT TAAT A ^ R3R YoO, OSCAR , CAR. OS STAIRS ALLVOOP'.! DC^'T S'fOSE ITS A 7UAT KR (K, DO VoO, i\c.w York Cotton NEW YORK, Jan. 17. (UP) — Cotton futures closed barely steady. Open High Lou- Closo Jan 17G1 1720 1710 1720 Mar 1732 1739 1727 1738 May 1753 1758 1745 175B July .... 1767 1744 1762 1774 out tho hope that in confereice Dec l-,n 1780 1770 1783 Spots closed'steady, advancing 5 points. Middling 1745. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Jan. 17. (UP) — Futures closed steady. Open High Low Close Jan 1683 1694- 1687 Mnr 17H 1123 1108 May .... 1740 1745 1753 July 1753 1760 1748 Oct 1763 1772 1760 Dec lf33 ' •Spots close a at an advance of points. Middling 1705. Read Courier News Want Ads.

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