Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on August 14, 1963 · Page 5
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 5

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 14, 1963
Page 5
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Your Problems — bv Ann Landers — DEAR ANN LANDERS: Several months a^o I was having dinner alone when I noticed a stunning girl who was also alone. I asked, her lo join me. She accepted, making it clear it was the first time she'd ever done such a thing. Here is the straight goods and I want you to tell me what you think: She i s a secretary tot a magazine executive but she won't tell me which magazine or where her office is. She lives with her mother who is high- strung and can't stand to hear a telephone ring. So she calls me — I can't call her. I have never been to her apartment or met her mother in the five months I've been taking her out. She can't' see me on Saturday or Sunday because she is a devoted church worker and these clays belong to her church. I loaned her $350 which she will repay in September when she gets her bonus. She is beautiful, wonderful company and the most fascinating woman I've ever met. She will marry me if I'm willing to take her as she is and not ask any questions. What shall I say to the lady? — MAC Dear Mac: Say "good-bye." The lady is a tramp. DEAR ANN LANDERS: My entire future depend s on your advice. Please help. I am 56 and my wife is 45. We have three teenagers. I am considering divorcing my wife, taking the children, and hiring a housekeeper. The reason? My wife is so tied up with her mother she is driving me crazy. Neither one can leave her home without telephoning the other to report where she is going and when she will be back. The kids can never use the phone because my wife and her mother are talking constantly. (They live three minutes apart.) If a neighbor drops in, my 'wife has to call her mother and repeat every word that was said. Both my wife and her mother are in and out of doctors' offices vacation time comes only once a year. You and your family deserve to enjoy yourself without a cara in the world. Meet the cost with In hand from friendly B»I«C. Stop in Of phone for the money you need. Right away! 110 West Chestnut, Garden City Open Mon.-Fri.—9-5; Sat. Y-r Quick Service Number BR 6-7626 constantly. They imagine they have every disease known to man, although the doctor says they are both in good physical condition. The medical and drug bills are keeping me broke. What would you advise me to do? - R. A. OF SMYRNA. GA. Dear R.A.: Divorce is not the answer. It would only add to your problems — emotionally and fi- narwially. Your wife needs psychiatric help. If she will not accept it, get a second phone, plan your life around this sick sick woman and try to be both molher and dad to those kids. DEAR ANN LANDER: If I am being petty and foolish please tel| me and I'll try to change. If, however, you feel I am justified in my position tell me how to maintain it without looking like an old meanle to my less imaginative friends and relatives. I'm a good cook and I enjoy serving unusual dishes. I have actually made up some special recipes myself. When people ask for the recipes I don't know what lo say. Frankly, I hate to give them out because then my special dishes would become common. Do you feel I should simply say, "It's a secret."? This is what Id really like lo do, but I haven't got the nerve. What is your advice?— CREATIVE COOK Dear Creative: If you are unhappy about sharing your recipes. don't do it. However, I firmly believe it takes more than a recipe to make an excellent cook. No two people will prepar a dish in precisely the same way. If you are as good a s I think you are, your dishes will always bo special because you have a touch that can't be reflected in any recipe. * * * Confidential to Loose Hanger: Nice philosophy, Bub, but don't hang so loose that the world passes you by. You need a steady job. Does almost everyone have a good time 'but you? If so, send for Ann Landers' booklet, "How To Be Well-Liked," enclosing with your request 20c in coin and a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope. Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this newspaper enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Ice Cream Social Set For Hickmans DEERFIELD — An ice cream social will be held at the Deerfield Park next Tuesday as a farewell fo r Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Hickman, Becky and Randy, at 7:30 p.m. (CST). Mr. Hickman has been principal of the Deerfield Grade School for the past nine years, and will be at Sublette this fall. Mrs. Hickman is a Deerfield girl, All those wishing to contribute to a community gift should contact Mrs. Calvin Scheuerman, Mrs. Karl Venneberg, or Mrs. Robert Zubeck. The public is invited to bring their families. Engagement Announced The Rt. Rev. and Mrs. Joseph Warren Hutchens, West Hartford, Conn., announce the engagement of their daughter, Miss Margaret Wyeth Hutchens, to Mr. Arthur Eugene Roper, 2nd lieutenant, U.S. Air Force, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bueford Roper, Garden City. Miss Hutchens is in her senior year at Connecticut College in New London. Lieutenant Roper was graduated from th.9 U.S. Naval Academy in June and is enrolled as a graduate student in astronautical engineering at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, Mich. Bishop Hutchens became the suffragan bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut in 1962. A winter wedding is planned. Progressive ' eets Repeating By Popular Request $ Money Sale Tonight $ Trade 95c For... $10.00, $5.00, $1.50 $1.25, $1.10, $1.00 and FREE PASSES AT INTERMISSION TIME You Can't Lose LIMITED NUMBER SOLD ... 1st Come 1st Served . .. While They Last. SEE THESE TWO BIG HITS WNEETS liniQBIII THIS JAIL DOES! Mrs. Wilbur Ulrich was hostess at the Friday afternoon meeting of'the Progressive Home Demonstration Unit in the First Baptist Church here. Eight members and two guests, Mrs. R. L. Hudspeth and Mrs. Al Stecklein, both Garden City, attended. Mrs. John Miller, secretary, presided over the business session in the absence of the president and vice president. Bob Wright manager of Southwestern Bell Telephone Co. Garden City, presented a talk, "Telephone Courtesy Pays Off." Mrs. Charles Smith won the floral centerpiece. Next lesson on "paints" will be given by Mrs. Smith. The meeting will be Sept. 13 at 3 p.m. at the home of Mrs. Angell G-lunt, Holcomb. Mrs. Glunt and Mrs. Bill Rapp will be hostesses. -Whether buying or selling, use i'r>|figram Want Adsi Page 5 <>fir<li*n 4'lly Wednesday, August 14, 1963 Centennial Gals HDU Has Picnic Annual family picnic of the Onlonninl Gals Home Demon, strntlon Unit was in Finmip Park last Thursday evening. wore Mr. and Mrs. Norman Slants, Kevin and Brian; Mr. and Mrs, Don Hickey and Cindy; Mr. and Mrs. Hay Hudson and Twila: Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Mouser, Mary, Nrendn and Dewa'yne; Mr. and Mrs. James Husband. Jimmie, Arleno and iM i c k o y; Mr and Mrs. Jim Ixiper and Sue; Mr. and Mrs. Ray Stinmetz; Mr. and Mrs. Don Coulter, Kip, Kecly, and Kani- ala; Mrs. Lyman Huckstitd), Lynette and Karln; Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Loving, Becky. Ron, Mike and Peggy; Mr. and Mrs James Atkinson,' Ricky, Vicki Jo, Clay and Kenyon; Gary Crowford; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kells, Ron. dra. Colin, Jenise and Sheila, and also Mrs, Rolls' cousin, Linda Davis from Wellington. Mrs. B. W. J a c o b s, Mrs. Slaats, Mrs. Loving Mrs. Iluck- stadt and Mrs. Hickey received gifts from their mystery sisters. n 'a me RENEE KAY is live name of the new daughter born August 5 to Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Johnson, 1305 B. STEPHANIE 'MARIE is Iho name picked by Mr. and Mrs. Jackie Gomez, Gardcndnlc, for their daughter born August 3. L e avlng yejterday to make their home in Salina was the Bud Kerr family who have been living at 702 Gottfried. Mr. Kcrr has been named territory man- ] ager for the Wyalt Manufacturing Co. of Salina. Mrs. Kerr, Vicki Kay and Buddie joined him yesterday after he had spent last week locating a home. Bill Brown, 1106 Pcrshing, met his brother, Grovcr Brown, and family of Huron, S.D., in Hutchinson Tuesday evening for a picnic in Carey Park. Also attending were heir parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Brown, Halstead, and Mrs. Bill Brown's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Orville Wear, Halstead. Mrs. Bill Brown and children had been visiting at her parents, and she returned to Garden City with her husband last night. MARK ANTHONY was chosen as the name of the son of Miami Mrs. Mauro Perez, tOOM; 13th, born August 4. riiolu by Clxiryl Wixlkof In fhe Swim wifh Garden Citians On North Center, the Preston A. Burtis Jr. family relaxes by tho sido of their pool on the redwood dock. Clayton, their dog, also enjoys tho poolslde. Their son, Sponcor, 13, and daughter, Becky, 12, wore on vacation, so Aurol, 9, and Proston III, 4, had tho pool mostly to themselves. Tho pool is a standard 16 by 32 foot with aqua vinyl lining. >. HONORED as the picture to inaugurate the y HOLLYWOOD PREVIEW ENGAGEMENT SEVEN ARTS muhrsiw ™ ASSOCIATES AND AIDRICH PRODUCTION "WHflTEVR UffllEDTo BAUIEf feu<nWARN£R BROS NOW SHOWING Boxoffice Opens 7:00 Show Starts 8:00 MA Uftff i I iKNiGHT-DUGWl WARNER BROS. I orner ALABAMA CARROT OAK.K 2 cups sugar 2 cups self-rising flour 2 teaspoons cinnamon 4 eggs % teaspoon soda l a /2 cup cooking oil 3 cups raw grated carrots Mix dry ingredients, add oil, then eggs and carrots last. Beat well, mixture into 3 greased cake pans. Bake about 45 minutes at 350 degrees. Frost with: 1 large cream cheese 1 stick soft margarine 1 box powdered sugar 1 cup chopped nut s 2 teaspoons vanilla extract .Beat well together and spread between layers, sides and top. MRS MICHAEL MERRILL Lincoln Road. (Send your favorite recipe to the Coofc'f Corner. Each reclp* which Is puNlshed will earn a $1 prize for the contributor. Recip** will ba fudged on the basis of reader Interest or originality. They may ba taken from a cook book or magazine, but the source »h.iuld ba given and sh-uld not be a current iisue.) HURRY! ENDS TONIGHT Boxoffice Open 7:00 Feature Starts 8:00 Adm. Child 50c-Adult $1.00 ,.,E INTERNATIONALLY ACCLAIMED HIT! DAKRYL F.ZANUCK'S A NEW SAFARI LED BY "HOPE"! Explores Africa . . . Bags "Ekberq" in a riot of fun ... HARRY SAITZMAN ALBERT R. BROCCOLI i ;,!Bob HOP6 / Anita EKbGFS Matine« Thurs. 2:00 J STARTS .....WUBW* THURSDAY! COMING "GIDGET GOES SOON! TO ROME" SHERI DAWN was selected as Hie name of the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Smith, iG05 George, born August 5. SHIRLEY MARIE Is the name of the new daughter born July 30 to Mr. and Mrs. Clarence C. Smith, Oil Garden City Ave. RICKY WAYNE is Ihe name chosen for Ihe now son born August 4 to Mr. and Mrs. Del Stapleton, 1G07 E. Fulton. Co-op Families Attend Camp A delegation of members of the Garden City Cooperative Equity Exchange have returned home from a week-long assembly at Estes Park, Colo. It's a family-type camp and conference for cooperators held annually at the YMCA campgrounds in the Rocky mountains, and last week was the second of three week-long sessions. Among those attending w^e r e Garden City Co-op Manager George Voth, Mrs. Voth and four children, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Van VIeel and two children, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lightner and Lynn, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Kleysleuber, Mr. and Mrs Henry C. Gillan, Mr. and Mrs. Dallas Schweer, Mr. and Mrs. Angel Glunl and three children, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Knoll and son and Mr. and Mrs. Lester Clark and Terry. D. Earl Jones, credit manager, and Mrs. Jones were to go this week. Calendar of Social Events FKIDAV I'AST NOHUK (iUANU - 8:1(0 a.m. biraldiisl O. VV. TiTliuiK! rcHlcli-'irc, 12KI HI. Joliii. HI-INK <iw:i niii-vlc-<-. IIAK.MONV 111)11 -•- 2 p.m., Mitt. Mtirlt! JOvitiiH, '111 KVUNH. Hrlritf artl- rli'H for gift mil):. tSpf:ial ICHHIIU on Mrs. Adams Honored at Baby Shower TIOr,COM» — Mrs. Robert Adams, Decrfield, was honored Thursday evening with n b n b y shower. The event, was nl. the. Hnlcomb Community Presbyterian Church with the evening circle ns hostesses. Mrs. ISldnn Dalley presented "Every Child" as the topic ol devotions. Ava Juan Joss and Lynn Martin sang "Unrboi Lights." They wore nccompanlci by Myrnn Gay Joss. Name the baby ami upset the baby basket were the games played. No prizes were given. After Mrs. Adams opened hor gifts, rcfrlslMiH-nLs wen- served. Those present wore Mrs. U;o Martin and Lynn, Ilolcomb, Mrs. Tony Klaus Jr., and Leslie Goodwin, Ilolcomb, Mrs. Roy Adams, Dcerfield, Mrs. David Adams and 1'ain and Mrs. Leslie- Adams, and Mrs. Eldon Dalley, all of Gardon City; and M,rs. Lyle Joss, Myrnn Gay, Ava Junn and Delma, Miss Ruth Hacking, Mrs. Lcwi;i McDanh'l, Mrs. E. A. Farnswortli, Mrs. Dave llankins, Mrs. Ed Hhrimplin all of Ilol- comb. Sending gifts but unable lo attend were; Mrs. Lee Kcnlon, Ilol- comb, and Mrs. Gene Adams, Garden City. Courtesy Coffee Honors Brides A courtesy coffoo was given Inst week in honor ot Miss Sharon Mercer, who lu'cnmo Mrs. Jim lOllnnd in wedding riles Sunday, and Miss Nancy Smith, l>rid('-lo-be of Mr. Jl.m Borne- iniinn. Hostesses wore Miss K n t h y Archibald and her mother Kirs. John Archibald, nl their homo at 02« N, Olh. Each guest brought n fnvorilo recipe which was given Iho hostesses, and hankies lo Ihu brides' mothe«s. Mrs. C 1 y d o Mercer and Mrs. Howard Smith. Coffoo and rolls wero served to 24 guests. BRKLLA SHOE bags - Brolla in slot on side of Shoe Tote;. Shoos, books, rain coal, skilled and lunch could bo slowed in Shoo Tote. Inez-Accessories. —14 RUMMAGE SALE Saturday H a.m., Dickinson Building sponsored for Girl Scout Troop 17 by St. Thomas Women —15 Carrier •»—^— AIR CONTROL CO. HEATING /^-CONDITIONING SALES, INSTALLATION AND SERVICE 112 S. Main BR 6-8072 We Service All Makes! Mobile Sheet Metal Shop We're Celebrating Our 17th Anniversary This Friday and Saturday Come in and SAVE 20% on ALL MERCHANDISE in our store GIFT NOOK 110 E. Chestnut U.S.D.A. Good CHUCK ROAST » 43c U.S.D.A. Good BONELESS ROAST u, 63c Longhorn . CHEESE u.49c U.S.D.A. Good RIB STEAKS u 73c Winchester WIENERS 2 £ 73c Winchester ROLL SAUSAGE ",33c FREE Glass with each $10.00 purchase. 86-oz. Pitcher with $15.00 purchase. Carolina Gold PEACHES No ca 2n} 25c Van Camp PORK 8 BEANS ,..!Ml25c Kraft MIRACLE WHIP £39c Swans Down CAKE MIX ^ 25c Gold Modal FLOUR 5 BLabq 39c Full Value SWEET PICKLES „ 39c Food King TOMATO JUICE 46Can 25c Maxwell Houio ' COFFEE ...,c L0bn 55c Royal Treat MUSHROOMS S & 2 cans 49c Bestpakt Frozen ORANGE JUICE £25c Armstrong Tip Top ICE CREAM ! /2 GO, 49c Fresh Crisp LETTUCE £i Golden Ripe BANANAS u, lOc Rocky Ford CANTALOUPE u 5c Fresh Tasty NECTARINES * 19c Cardinal GRAPES Lb 19c Rod POTATOES 10 £,39c SPENCER' FOOD STORE 10th and Jones Prices effective Thur.-Frl.-Sat.

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