Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 25, 1895 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 25, 1895
Page 8
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•"V"^- ,V 7~ ' l * ' i B FOOLESONO BROS. Undertakers and Embalmers And Retail Dealers la FURNITURE Of-all Kinds and UPHOLSTERING. 424 BROrtDWflY. Calls Promptly Attended to Day or Night. Phone No 89. THE FINEST LINE OF SPBING SUITINGS To be Found in the City at W D CRAIG'S 428 BROADWAY 2nd Floor. Justice Block. KROEGER & STRAIN, Undertakers and Embalmers, O13 Broadway. COCKBURN BROS. Money to Loan on Morteuee Sncurlty oa Easy Monthly PnymontA. We Write Fir?, Llfo, AccWont, Plate Glass and Torniulo Insurance. Buy uml Soil Re.il 'KKmtn. Clill and See Us, Office Booms 2 and 3 Spry Building. D. W. TOMLINSON. SEAL ESTATE bought and sold,' MO2JE? loaned on reasonable terms. OFFICE 409 Broadway, 3d floor. Entrance on 4th Street. FOUND DEADLY DYNAMITE. JMd Wm. Cochran, nnd He F«*r<« KneinlBM H«ve Demgati on Ills Lire. Wm. Cochran, jr., who lives south of Iduvllle, Is considerably worked up over a find be recently made in hie smoke houae. Two sticks of dynamite, with cap and fuse attacked were found hidden In the building, and Mr. Cochraa has an idea that behind it Is a plot among? enemies, to have his life. DR. F. M. BOZER'S DENTAL PARLORS, Ovar State National Bank, Logansport, Ind. J. M. McKINSEY, General Fire, Life and Accident Insurance. Money to Loan in Small Amounts. 413 BROADWAY. DAILY JOURNAL THURSDAY MORNING. APRIL 25 Be sure and see Traut'a window. Call for Maggie's Secret at Foley'e. Moth proof bags for furs at the Bee Hive To Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Fanaler, of Marioo, a daughter. Today wo offer toothpicks at two sent* per package—Foley. Charles Myers of Waba»h avenue, Is troubled with rheumatism. The West Side Pleasure Club will give a danoc next Monday evening. Miss Mabel Pryor, daughter of D. E. Fryer Is quite ill at the home on Broadway. Eock for the wall at the water works race is bolng taken out at Kenneth. A naw fabric, Court Roynl Pique for wash dressea with parasols to match, at (he Beo Hive. Sea the rush now at the silk and dress goods counter. Still they go at cut prices—Trade Palace. A suit In which. $1,385 is involved, eomplnlnt on note, has been filed by D. DJ Ficile, administrator of the eitate of David T. Fickle, agaiuet Wll- S..Fiokle. Mr. Frederic and Mits Marie Murphy supported by a company of merit will present W. S. Gilbert's beautiful romantic and poetic comedy Pygmalion and Galatea at Dolan's opera house Wednesday evening May 1st. The performance will be for the benefit of our popular Managers. B. Patterson who has endeavored to please the patrons of dramatic art by careful attention and gentlemanly courtesy. Pygmalion and Galatea Is a play whioh has always been classed with the comedies of Shakespeare, Sheridan, Goldsmith and other great play writers. 'Mr. and Miss Murphy will also present a charming, little comedy from the pen of Henry Arthur Jones the author of "The Middleman" and Judah, both of which Mr. E. S. Wlllard presented in this country, entitled "A Bed of Roses." Mr. and Miss Murphy have relatives in this city and a host of friends and acquaintances who propose to assist in making the visit of interest to society. Mr. Murphy ie an Indi- anlan by birth, having first seen the ight of day In Peru. During the last few years be has achieved success in the companies of Margaret Mather and Julia Marlowe as leadlogiuvenlle. Both have evinced a natural talent since their infancy and have made marked successes In all parts they have essayed. Miss Murphy was induced much against her win to enter St. Mary's Academy to complete her education. Her love for dramatic art almost prevailing against the wishes of her parents. She has recently graduated, and tonight makes her professional debut as a star in Danville, 111., her home. Miss Murphy is but fifteen years of age. She ha9 beauty, win- somenoss that is fascinating, sweetness of voice and a charm of manner most pleasing to her audience. You Dou't Hare to Swo»r Off says the St. Louis Journal of Agriculture in an editorial about No-To-Bac. the famous tobacco habit cure. "We know of many cases cured by No-To- Bac, one, a prominent St. Louis architect. smoked and chewed for twenty years; two boxes cured him so that even tbo smell of tobacco makes him sick." No-to-Bao sold and guaranteed by B, F. Keesllng, druggist. No cure no pay. Book free. Sterling Remedy Co., New, York or Chicago. Answer This. The largest subscription house in the country wants a first-class repre- rentative for this community for strictly special work. Short hours. Good pay. Minister. teacher, 'or wide-awake man or woman given preference. Address, stating »ge and former employment, Globe Bible Publishing Co., 723 Chestnut St., Phils., Pa. XoUce to Oil We have been selling oil at a loss for ten days, thinking the wholesale price would drop, but it hasn't, and we are compelled to raise the price or quit selling h, but will give you the benefit of a decline aa soon as prices will admit. Thanking you for past favors, we remain yours truly. J. F. GRABLE, in Sixth st. Attention. U. K. K. of P! All members are urged to be present tonight at the adjourned meeting to complete arrrangements for attending tbe supreme meeting at Indianapolis on the 30th. GEOKQE A. SCHAEFBK, C»pt. >» ' PRISON"- M»jor JC, IV. '-- Mclnto»h Teaebcft a Patriotic Moral 10 » Good Crowd at G. A. R. Holl-A PlentlPC Program. Major E. W. Mclntosh tells hi» story as one who has experienced the hardships and hunger, the wounds and the privations of the prisoner* in, tho prison pens of Dixie during the. ws.r. A audience that comfortably filled th ball of Post No 14 G. A. R , hear with unmixed interest his talk la* night, given under the auspices; of th Ladies of the G, A. R. The majo vividly pictured the evils of the stock ade at AndersoEville. tbe Llbby wari home, the pen at For; Tyler and other as bad, that were maintained by the rebels for the holding of Union pris oners. A must enjoyable musical and liter ary entertainment was also given. A Theatrical Comiiaoy'ri LOHW. A special from Muncle to the In dianapolls News has tbe following concerning a company that will per form at the opera house Friday night "Davls'a 'Uncle Tom's Cabin" com pany lost a fine Jersey steer from their private cap between Muncie and Eaton on the Fort Wayne, Cincinnati & Louisville railroad, this morning, in a peculiar manner. Tho animal was in the special, with other stock, scenery, actresses, and actors, and was looking out the open door, with only a bar to protect It from falling out. The wheels struck a rough joint, the bar broke and the steer fell out head-first, and is mourned as dead, as the passenger train did not stop. It was a valuable trained animal. The show was going from Blufflon to Anderson. Accidentally Shot. Samuel Smith's seven year-old-son. Bert, may lose the use of his left eye as a result of a shot from a target rifle In the hands of a young oompan. ion, which entsred the optio. The family lives in Shultztown. 'Tls SOZODONT the whole world tries, 'Tie SOZODNT which purifies Tbe breath and mouth, and dirt defies. 'Tia SOZODONT for whioh we cry, Sweet SOZODONT for which we sigh, Tis only SOZODONT we buy. A'olico 10 Contractors Bids for tbe carpenter work for the addition to St. Joseph's Hospital must be in Monday, April 29. Plans and speciEcatlons can be found at the hospital. SISTERS of St. Joseph Hospital. Many a girl, by using Zoa.Phora at the opening period of womanhood, might be saved from life-long suffering and expense. Sold by B. F. Keesllng and Coulson & Co. ADDITIONAL LOCALS. To Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Green of the South Side, a daughter. An invitation dance will be given by the Lime Kiln club at Dolan and McHale's hall tonight The High School Juniors and Sen- iort will hold a social at the home of one of the students one evening soon. Corporal Otto Tyner won the silver medal last night as best drilled cadet at the inspection and test drill of the High School cadets. The school conducted by Miss Gertrude Chidester in Clay township, closed Tuesday with an entertainment and a big picnic dinner, The first Congregational church, of Kokomo has extended a pastoral call to tbe Rev. Ralph J. Smith, of Newport, Ky. It is understood that he will accept. At the Ninth stieet Christian church Ip-at night Dr. Lucas spoke plainly and forcibly and at times very eloquently to a good audience. The BU >ject of his powerful discussion was, "SanotU fioation." Every night this week the services will be held. It baa been learned that James Whltoomb Rlley has about given up public readings, as his royalties at present bring him an income of about $12,000 annually. He recently refused an offer of $1,000 for four nights in one week. Kokomo Tribune: William E. Haney of Loganeport, has brought suit against Snow & Avery at al to foreclose a mortgage on the Locke farm. They ask judgment for $7.000. Suit Is on the firet of four |5.000 cotei the first only being due. The suit has no connection with the street or electric light companies. Tbe three acre park of Col. Robert Kreuzberger at Mailnkuckee, bai been offered by him to the Mexican War Veterans for their picnic, to be given on the 49th anniversary of their marching out of Logansport, ninety-two strong: The picnic will be held in June. If suitable rates can be secured, Mr. Kreuzberger'a'offer m*Y be accepted. < Only Six Days More Before We Pull Up Stakes! And remove to our New Store now rapidly approaching completion, and we propose to make them (the 6 days) memorable ones in the history of Logansport Clothing Trade. A Rebate of 2O per cent Will be given on all Suits and Furnishings. Now is the time and Harry Frank's is the place. No better opportunity was ever offered. No mercy will be shown on Heavy Weight Suits and Overcoats. Cost or value will cut no figure. Prices will be ripped and torn into shreds. They must go and will go if Half Price is an object. This is a bona-fide CASH SALE. No goods will be charged and no orders accepted at this Money Losing Sale. The public is invited. HRRRY FRf\NK New York, Logansport, Delphi, Flora. The Time Will Sever Come. When will the time come when "Un« cle Tom's Cabin" will loose Us charm to the rising generation? Judging by Ha present freshness, its alluring- powers will he perennial. There is something ID the skillful combination of the pathetic and the humorous that never :ail8 to fascinate, and the gtory that it tells of the suffering of the poor slaves appeals directly to the finest sensibilities of the human soul. Such plays are better than pennons. Ed. F. Davis' collossal Uncle Tom's Dabln Company will appear' at the opera house Friday night, April 26th. \'otlce to Builders. Bida to furnish material and labor or the construction of two annexes, or the Northern Indiana Hospital for insane will be received at, the hospital, by the Board of Control, bsfora noon, oa. May 14, 1895. Plans and specifications, with full explanation of requirements, will be iven to bidders, at tha hospital any day after April 25, 1895. The work o bs let will Include tin and galvaa- zed iron roofing, steel ceiling, wood work and material, bricks aad brick work and stone masonry. By order of Board. JOSEPH G. ROGERS, Medical Supt. Long Cliff, April 1C, 1895. The pension examining board was n session yesterday. CONTENT! Do you ever stop to think, when 'ou are having an especially good ime on your wheel, how little mar;in there is between supreme con- ,ent and supreme disgust? A puac- ure that you can't repair, a crank tey that refuses to stay firmly in ilaee, a chain that is faulty in con truetion and thus runs hard, or a lundred and one things that the maker ought to have built right and adjusted right, bat didn't, will make ilondy and disagreeable the most iunshiny day, and will canse even he laughter and pleasant words of rinnds to jar upon you. It is in smoothing out these rough places in your cycling path that the icard of ezperts which plans the amious Columbia Bicycle serves you beet. The single-tube tiree are even nearer to perfection than in 1894, they won tbe whole cycling world to the use of this form of tire iy their remarkable success. [The driving gear runs BO smoothly 'and ioiselessly that it is evident friction a almost entirely overcome. The bain especially is almost turning he heads of cycling wiseacres with ta beauty and finish and accuracy of onetrwction. The crank-shaft is narrow, strong and simple. The ad- ustable handle bars are ideal in heir promise of comfort. 'The place to bay these wheels is at Shoe House. Spring Suitings, Spring Overcoatings, Spring Trouserings. Novelties all in waiting for you to come and select them. If you are hard to please our goods and prices will win you. PIERCE, THE TAILOR. 310 BJtOAJMVAY. ALL THE LATEST STYLES IN Summer Suitings AT 4i8 Market St. A New Firm STEELE & YOUKE'Y can save you from $6 to $8 on a suit of Tailor Made Clothes. All wool goods and a perfect fit guaranteed. Suits from $14 to $35. We invite your patronage. Steele & Youkey, 4O4 Broadway. Up Stairs. If yon want your lace curtains to ook the same as new, send them to .s for laundrying. A long eiperienc-e this line of work enables us uarantee satisfaction. to 429 Market St IF YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE GARDEN. It'wlll pay yon to be particular'ag to whose seeds you bay. We are now In the market-with a fall lirie ot Landreth's seeds for the season of 1895, and I wish to say to the gardeners and others using seeds, that while Landreth'g seeds may be a little higher price then some other* they are always fresh, clean and true to name, and as we handle no other Beeds except those grown by Landretb. & Sons of Philadelphia oar ca»- tomers may rely on getting nothing bat the very best. I believe that th« cost of the seeds is nothing compared to the crop, and when a person hag the trouble to put oat a garden, he should use nothing bat the very beat, We handled Landreth's seeds for four years and have never heard a single complaint; in fact, oar customers unhesitatingly pronounce them perfect in ever particular, and as an evidence of this fact, we have almost the entire trade of all tbe gardeners around Logansport as well as many from a distance. Our trade has increased on this particular line of goods more than tenfold since we have been in the business? We also have a fall lin» of garden tools and field seeds. Remember that the firm of Landreth & Sons has been 115 ye&ra in. the occupation of seed growing. George Harrison. 617,623 Broadway.

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