The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 9, 1930 · Page 3
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 3

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 9, 1930
Page 3
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THE}. TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE A, to announce this new 01 tkepublic* * ~ IJast October, after a year of research. U new type motor oil was perfected. Announcement of it was delayed 6 months to give it the most thorough tests possible in actual use. | J We can now definitely make the following statements: , . , %.,Newlso-Vismeanslesswearonevtry ; J! movhtgpartoftbe automobileengine. 3. It does not "tbmout" with use. 3. It gives effective lubrication "over a wider range of temperatures-j-botb] rs.- Mat Hannati; of ^c^anl dri^pent .thejjWeek jend witif Jjer sbii, Howard "Hannah arid family, •jjlr. ; and,' Mrs., -Fred' 'Bpgne'and'i chi |dreri|riortij[of j^indfaU jjehterj taiy'ed at dinner Sunday^ Mr. and Mrs.Crjs's' ^oods'| of!'] Tiptorij' The 'lma Hendricks' and. gentleman Hubert •| j Seeleyl of, Windfall; "ktt-j- ernoon guestsj were Mr. and^Mrst Telia-Selley, Nancy Margaret and Roy Richey son Bobby Gene of Kokomo, Mr.' : and Mrs. Ernest "Bogiie and son. ! [ "• ir ' ; | • Mr. and Mrs. Will FischyogW and children if Tiptftn were Sunj- day guests of the former's parents Mr. and|Mrs. Lewis Fischvolgt. of Mr. and Mrs.''Ed? Hoffman Sharpsvjlle "w noon-guests of Mrs.. Tames Shie; it r •. i i daughter Del' Mr. and' Mrs. Robert. Koeper, Mr. and' Mrs. and Mr|. Henry Eisel of, Bobby Genjs pf Kok-pmo HUNDREDS' °f c*rs> of practically every make and model; were used in road tests udder the toughest conditions possible, to prove the. superior value of New' Iso-Vis as a motor lubricant. These rigid tests were successful even beyond our expectations. The 4 points at the right give the details. SAVE THE EXPENSE; and bother of carbon removal. Again, thorough zests and experiments have proved that New Iso-Vis has less tendency coward carbon residue than other oils. 4L It meant a radical reduction of carbon deposits—jar less than m\ most premium-priced oils. ij^ith New Iso-Vis you get a type of lubrication that has not been possible: before, regardless of the kind of oil you 'have'used. - 1 vThis improved New Iso-Vis Motor Oil is ; now on sale at all' Standard Oil dealers and service stations. ere Sunday \\ after; Harley Pickett wpre Sunday jidinner guests of: the for- l! . • [ 't f i mer's brother-in-law, Willie Rode and children -near lEast Union. 1 Afternoon gilests were Mr. and Mrs. Henry Funke of Hobbs, Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Richey son Mr. arid Tipton. Elwood .Saturday • « Mrs. Ernest Bogue and, son visit- j ed" friends lin j night, j Lee Bogue'and family iOf Windfall were Sunday guests of Mr', and Mrs. Jesse. Rogers. Savannah j- Barkley was the Wednesday night guest of Mr; j -I i .: ,11 and Mrs. Ralph I Phillips of [l - . " - • ; ; • : • 1 1 i Sharpsville ;• and of 1 Marble Snyder andj family Thursday night. | Mr. ahd Mis. Chester ^Gibsonl of I Indianapolis, Irene Hoffman anc? • • *l . ' " • | "| i r Mrs. Lizzie Hayes of Windfall, I Mrs.: Susian and Frjda Cfige guests of) M and children New Polarine is also affected by our neuTrefinmg processes— giving it an efficiency which is exceeded only by New Iso-Vis. '•^ Tie price is 25 cents a quart. tlso affected SMotorOii 3o*« '•3 T AN D AID p AIT T VE VA 1 >A- H OPKWKLL. Mr. and Mrs. ' Elmer Lee of Sharpsville were Monday' afternoon guests of their daughter, MB . Lewis lingers sons Jack and .Ceiie. , Mrs. Sylvia Bogue of Tipton, Mrs. Ina liosue of Windfall were Tuesday dinner guests of Mrs. Edna Bogue and son, Mrs. Fran!; Bogue visited from Monday evening until Wednesday evening wii'.i her sister-in-law Mrs. John Gifl -nfr'of Kokomo. Mr. and Mrs. .lames Pickett, Vassel Cross, Jr., of Center, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Pickett -\yjere .Wednesday evening guests olj Mr., and Mrs. WillianlrPickett of iNevada. Mrs. James Shields and Jesse Shields visited Wednesday night with Mrs. Saijah McKay and Delete SJtields : | of Kokonio. Mrs. Shields remained until j Friday with her sister and daughter. Among those who attended the funeral of John Garner;at Kokomo Wednes<^ax- a -afternobh were Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bogue, Mr, and Mrs. Ernest Bogue,; Mrs. Anna Rogers, Mr.'and Mrs. Cy Wei- Farmers Swept corn acreage contracts are available to a few farmers, i since our factory capacity Lias not been reached. OUR GUARANTEED PRICE FOR • THE 1930 CROP IS And in View of the Uncertainty of PnoM am Other^ . Tarn Products, We Belleva Thk OflsnYi ers-aj | cher, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bogue land, daughter, Mr. and Mrs. ' Jesse Bogue, Mr. and Mrs. Sam j Bogue. John Garner was a bro- Ither of Mrs. Frank Bogue. ! • Mrs! Martha Richard visited from Tuesday _ until ^Thursday with her sister, Mrs.. SJgrah McKay of Kokomo. • Mr. and Mrs. .Roy Richey son Bobby Gene of' Kokomo visited oyer Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. i Ernest Bogue and son. i Mrs. Joe Henderson of Muncie. ; visited from Thursday until;Stin- jday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. "Marble Snyder and family; : Her'husband joined her Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Bogue and sons • near Windfall -. entertained Thursday evening Mr. and Mrs. I Dallas Bogue of Tipton, Mr ..'.and |l<rs. Robert Koeper, Mr. and Mrs. Harley Pickett,. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Bogue and son. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Blessing daughter Rosanna and Mrs. Anna Henderson were Saturday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Davis of Kokomo. Mr. Davis is in" very poor>Jiealth, having: two sinking spells Saturday.. • i -Mrs. Robert Koeper and Mrs. Harley Pickett were Friday afternoon guests of the letter's sister, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Thomas near Fairfield... Mr.: and Mrs: Thomas who have been living in Kokomo moved to the farm Wed-' nesday ' '. ": Mrs Beatrice Hutto daughter,' Mary Lou and Mrs Lizzie Hayes were Thursday dinner guests of! the latter's sister, Mr. and Mrs ; '| (_w' W' Shields of Kokomo! Afternoon guests were Mr. and Mrs. John Cage and Mrs Anna, Hen- derwtn. Mrs. Li««le-iH»ye8| re^ inW ; with her: sister - until\ San-^ Mfvimnd 'Mra ,.«abertCvfienMr ' fn wm Max of Oatiba •pentJ-iii week with the foratar'a j^Aata'rj Mr 9 l ^-irfc1 ^^H »»a ^ri *^|tl| 1 ^^/"^B*^* Shiei is Henderson, - Frank ^•ere" Sunday s. W. W of Kokomo , • •' . -i Blanch Barkley of Plymouth spent Saturday and Sunday with her mother, Mrs. Charlie Barkley and family. Viola .dinner guests and children Hannah spent the, week end with heij aunt.j M,rs.' Jennie Lorenseilof Alexandria. I " 1 ' ' ' ..Mr. and Mp. Tunis Henderson and Hubert Beatty jwere Sunday of Mrs. Lizzai Ryan of Kokomo. I /The' Helpful Hint club will meet atjthe Jiome of Mrs. Koral Dark Tliursday afternoon. | Mr. and MrsL. Walter Blessing daughters, M iry Alice -and Rosanna, were Sunday dinner guests oft^Mr. and Sirs. John Browning and family. i . j '" Savannah Barkley spent F|ri- day niglij: with VInetta Loveless and Viola WJgglns of Kokomo. SHARPSVILLE. mf. wlth^lh^ta > at Vrtj ^M i Oavii Mrs. Minnie Hamilton ' entertained at 9unday dinner Mr. and Mrs. John Hamilton" and daughter Loretta and Harold Hamilton of Ft. Vayne| Mr. and Mrs. Alva Swinneyij of Swayzee.j Mr: and Mrs. George Meyerj of Orestes, land Mr.| and Mrs. Carl ; Hamilton' and • . :*•'!•'• ; | il. daughters of East Hopewell. | Mr. and Mrs. Fred Tolle were Sunday dinner -guests of Mr. and Mrs. John Meyers, of . near Goldsmith. .' J . : • !•: [ : , |" : Jimmie Emenhiser of; Kokomo, came Sunday jand w 11 visit, for a few days with his grandparents, Mr. and; Mrs.j. John Hu'tto.r Mary Anna. Lee-was a Sunday .'dinner guest. \ • J j I .1" , 'j"I.­ Mr, and Mrs.; Kenneth Hutto and children entertained at dinner Sunday Mrs. Robert M :Coy, of ' Elkhart, Mr. and Mrs. ; Raymond Meyers And son .Tank nf K«- komo.' . j! ' •. I .•:' [\. A • 1 1• •• / ' Mr. .and Mrs. Ed Hochmeister, of Wakarusa, j and Mr. and Mrs, f mery Darke And. daughters 'were unday - evening supper guests lof Br. and Mrs. | Luther Roller and children, s Mrs.! Ed Hochmeister will visitr for jthe week' with Mr and r .Mrs. Roller. - 1 ; ' . : L. Mr ^nd Mrs. Marshall { Owens' and family, ofi Bedford, spent the! week end with 1 Mr and Mrs. victor Owens j j f I 1 4 I -IrenetMcCoyi, With Mr.Jand'Mr^ Ij«wls Kirtley|«nd daughter Lu c'ille, were Sunday; dinner sneata at Mr."and Mrs r Alvin Aakren. of near Wn«llfall.fei f ] \ s Mr^-iMae.Todd spent the w lenalwI&r^WNwUT^d i ^^Bons^ r 'Mri^^ant--Biifliy' aiid Mrs.' Lottie Bate ielqr ino'tdr^eii, to' I^fayette Sunday'' iafternoon and visited .Mr. Batcl elor's aunt, Mrs Heater. Hawkins. ' •.""'' ' Mrs. AnnaTJDuiin and son Robart were'Sunday'dinner guests .of VIr. and Mrs. Elmer Patterson arid ion Lowell Giane [ of Swayzee, , Mr. and Mrs. i Fred Leap and thildrjtPenterta ned at Thursday Hnriett . Mrs. h Flplyd • ' MiWri'; 'and ^shj'er Patsy.|feuth' of ptfariori,- ind iMrs. Verliril Alleni Jlof mo..| !:'.' : " ;,! ' |] • l\ ' Mrs. Frank Barlow, ffirs 3atchelor and Billy ard 3at?helo'r wereijSaturday dinner piests j of Mr. alnd Mrs. j Torrence Butler arid daughter Mary Ion. ' I of jS -jvetz g"uest of Mrs. Wilma Byfield, pityj |was the week end her j parents, Mr|. and M^s: jiVlll' Horton and family, Mrs: Claude Wattatn and [her laughter Joan, of 'KpKo mbj spent the- iweek with];her parents, |Mr. Koko- 1^ ! i' •' Lottie Bob of Mar- - 1 ;. IS CHOOSING ! THERE'S A TREND AMERICA J 7 and MrsL Will HJorton aiid There will be it Rev: arid Mrfe. Ralph a farewell party •ind ipitfchrin Ldinrier at. thfe |M- |B. hurch all day Thursday iri honor Graliam ind 1 son. Jack. ; Every one | : is in vited to come and all. members' ire urged to attend. of cdluriijbii.s,! ^ay dinnerj guest Young Paul Wilburf 9., was the ^un )f his. sister, : Mi s. Maym4 and grandson George. ' Mr. and Mrs.] Alta Wright children entertained at linner Mr. ;i add Mrs- Wright and ;fariiilr and 1 ilr. MrsJlMMll Wrigpit, of sjierihan . | Lydia Sorfori, Mrs. Clarence; Roller |and I Mrs] jc. D. Thompson .spent'Mon lay jafternoon at! Tipton. Mijdred Younj^ was'the .-—L'_ '-•'oretchen• linnjer guest of if npar Nevada. . air. and Mrs. ind 'family spen{| ind I Mrs. Frank Plevna. ; Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Gene week-end with Mr.! arid Mrs. O. ton. |!- • Mi]; and Mrs laughters spent the Iforris spfent his • grandparents Sunday Shields. Denzil Gopeland Sunday with Mr. Graff ri Tom spent! Sunday, vis ting Nelsiri Qald *j well;; in i the home ojf Et tel and Sari;!;.' Overton, I |of iGreeritown. fudge Overton, Of Kokomo ,";wa8 a luesti Sunday afternoon: Warner's parent^, Mr. a^d Mrs. Lee Swem, of Kokomo. Helen Hershmiln attended Sunshine c'onvehi Saturday and ition ! at I spent SJatuijday tfght'and Sundry with Mr, and Mrs. George McColley and^son if Tipton. •Kenneth ZatisH. of Chicago, . Is !s' vacation with j and Mrs.. ilaSv- children Jmyser,^ of! Windfall spent Monda|y with Mifs. Clint Ypungman Mrs.; Cora .Brt jwn, of Kokomo, 3pent the week t nd'with Mr .J and Mrs.jj Ed-Weaver,! Other Sunday evening -guests were Mr. and Mrs. Willi Brown, of ' ?ipton. spending ten da 'ais parents, Mr.j fence Zauss and Mrs. .Emery s| Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Lei spent Sunday afterrioojn with Mr. and Mrs. |i Charles De witt and | daiigh ers, of near Windfall Mr. and Mrs. I Paul : Smith.! of tudianapolis, wei e Sunday dinner quests of Mrs. Iiottie Smith arid children. . Other afternoon! were; Mr. and M -s. "John and and Mrs. Lu:y Smith, ton, and Mr. an »Up3tS ^Vaijner of Tlp- d Mrs.' Marshall McCdy and children ItB: Mr. and Mrs pent Stuiday in md Mrs. Kurt Kokomo. - •• ; <j\| MrJ and\ Mrs: ton, of Kokomo; with Mr. and Mrs. Benny Swihg Mr.j and Mrs. Jimes Harper daughter [Ida spknt Sunday rnoon with Mr. and- Mrs jiVarner and sons!, of nWr fall The Mother's Jewels wUl it 2 30 o'clock Satvrday tpon at the M nlte box {opening (fffering;. i, Mr. • and Mrs. •and (Ea8tB'r ;';»it|ii: Herb Hu^nt.j^i kokomo, 1 spent Sunday, with Juty father' ElmerHuikatep. J| Mr. and>r..'rienryrSmlth;«rif of Tip- p. Norris |Lot Wanker jand 'Sunday with Mrs. Bert/ Cojve|(|.ile Ithe home -Rendergrass, 1 ! of !'-•'! VilH-jv Guy Swing'and spent. Sunday family. and Sunday George arid Harper; Ti the ton Buyers today demand known goodness . . . dollars must bring a real return .... and so motorists are buying more than Buicks as any other car priced above $1200. TOTAL IN U. S. " " . •- ! ' '••••• 'I • •• kr I. c.rj» c*. a«.[»» mil Milimilnwi cflfc^'tfcm!; \ - seeking Men now mandin'g dollars, trend is Not more of cars awarding only Buicks are motorists, driving 700,000 . than any other of the 15 makes |n its priceilass-j^-nbt only are they Buick from 35 to 50 per cent of Hopewell spent with Mjr. and Mrs. Walter King, of. Kokomo. Mrs. Virsil Tindjer arid Kokomo. I Mr. knd Mrs. f UICK 2nd Car in U.S. 3rd Car in U.S. 1,465,988 730,652 1 639,511 women in all walks of life; are positive value. They are der the ' most and best for -their And so today more than ever the to Buick. ! I the combined sales of these fifteen makes— but they are giving Buick a greater proportion of the total sales in its field than at any previous period in Buick history. See Buick with Body by Fisher—compare it —consider the tremendous buyer preference revealed in the above figures—and you'll agree that Buick does provide greater value in .all elements of motor car appeal. BUICK MOTOR COMPANY, FLINT, MICHIGAN Division of Gcnerdi Motors Corporation < . Canadian Factories McLaughlin-Buick,Oshawa, Ont. Builders of Buick and Marquette Motor Cars The Tipton Buick Co. EDWARDS GARAGE, Windfall, WHEN t E T T E R AUTOMOBIt ES ARE BUIIT, BUICK WILL BUILD THEM Sunday afternoon Sehrader, of Greentown. Mr. and Mrs. Lora Wilburn and •Paal \Yilh11rn, of i Columbus. O., Mrs. Raymond Alexander andHvere Sunday dinner guests of .1. son Ricliard ispeki't Thursday -wiih}' , - vr T'VilI)tirn, of Pleasant Orove. 1 Don, ;of':ftosa, ! a half-sister of Mrs. Wil" . j-Vjhurh; from Elwood. will spend an ijn'definite time with Mr. Wilburn. daughters, of ^bkomot i ;were.Suh -J Mrs- Francis Romack and son day afternoon Quest's of Mr. and; s l' ent Monday, with Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Earl Jordan and children. JTom Meadows and children, of |;j George Kirkp'atrick,"is. not so I Hemlock. well. He is ; suffering with pleiirj' Mr. and Mrs. J2d Hoffman spent Roy I -Richey ahdr !birthday party in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Newt Pendargrass of • Kokomo. Mr. -and Mrs. Joe Alley. of i Windfall. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kirk' Patrick and family, of Greentown. Mrs. Ed . Stewart and Sylvester Lawsori, of Kokomo. and Mr. and Mrs. deoree Graff were Sunday afterndon guests of Mr. and Mrs. • George} Kirkpatrick.. E. chUrchl meet' after. 1 with in^On^pth^ risy and rheuntatism. • •-. | ; i j Mr. and MrsJi.Tom Kelley and daughter, of Tipton,, were..Sunday- dinner ! guests af Frank Adams and sons "Von and Marion.. Paul Wilburn, of Columbus, (p. was a Saturday night and Sunday guest of his brother and'wife,.Mr. Wilburn V Mr. and Mrs Will Wooldridge arid family entertained at .Sunday dinner, Mi . and - Mrs.-; S.. H. Grayson and son Ted,- of: near Peetsville Arid aft-H Iieater •JS^nd- Sunday afternoon with'Mrs. James Sl'.ields and daughter, of near Nevada. - j Mr. and Mrs. Howard Wilhurn otitertained at Sunday dinner Mr and Mrs. Willard Spaulding,' of Kokomo, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Henderson and children, of near Wipdfall',. Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Spaulding - and daughters Ruth nnd Mary-and Frank Spaulding. •" Wilma:Kirkpatrick; of; Tipton, and Clyde VanBlaire, of Elwood. were Saturday evening guests of Mr. and Mrs. George. Kirkpatrick. Mrs. Rose Pickering,- of ;f<ewcas- tle, : was a Saturday night guest., .'. Velma : Hoffman -and - Elmyra Frank Adams.and sons.-Don.arid tRitsh spent Sunday with; friends Mririon, entertained at a family at Hartford City. ' Mr. and Mrs.. Will Alexander, Mr.' .and Mrs,. Raymond [Alexander and .son'.Richard and Mr. and Mrs. B. Roller and . daughter Hester, were . entertained at'. a Mr. arid Mrs! Harry Breedloye of Kokomo, we -e Sunday evening *upper guests (-f Mr:' and Mk. Francis- Romack and son Joe. !' Slithering at Thursday dinner 1 Mr arid Mrs. John |.Rarery, of Kokomo, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Kelley, lot •Tipton, Mr. 'and-Mrs. Ed Fenn, of Hemloek-iand! Mr: r and 1 Mrs. Bu.ell I Mr. >and Mrs. 4 Charles Grayson, j of near Peetsville. were Sanday ' dinner!; guests of Mrs. Grayson's I brother and family. Mr. and Mfrs. .Ross Itroyles and children. Mr. rind Mrs. Ray Lee and rhit- j/lren ^pent Saturday night ami i Si:ndavj with Mr. Lee's parents. ! Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Lee, of near! Rifssiaville. I Mr. rind Mrs. Wilbur Fyke and I daughter Betty Rose, of near PralriejjCenter, spent Saturday aft- noon with Mrs. Pyke's grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. John Adams, j Mr. and Mrs. Jake Fretz entertained at Sunday dinner Mr. and Mi|s. Park' Fretz and dangh- oi! Kokomo. In the afternoon, thev motored to Indianapolis andtivisited friends. Mr: and Mrs.l Lewis Lindsev entertained at Sunday dinner. Mrs. Lmdsejt's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Will P»ugh, of Kokomo. (Oontinued on Page S.) ill Week-End c i 1 f J ^!"-'-v'^'&.„ ^ { fO h (MflWOFDBLD, OV - TEERE HAtTTT, IND. p; GRESNCA8TLE, IND: DANV1LLS, IND. RICHMOND. DID LXBAN09, m>. teAsm CIA »B UMi of tko T. H. 1 m *. Tmrttoe 0^

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