The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 9, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, December 9, 1936
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER 1NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST M1SSOWU ' /"^"^ ' ' VOL. XXXIII—NO. 227 ,' Blythevllle Courier Blythevllle Daily News „-.,„ MJI/'IVQVC! iirnnxn.r.-.x. niytheviiic Herald MississippiValley Lend or m '> 1HEVILLK, ARKANSAS, \VRDNKSDAY, DKCBMRKR 9, I'M SINGLK COPIES F1VI 1 ) CBiNTS EDWARD'S REMAINS IN DOUBT Wallis Simpson Met Lonely Man's Need for Sympathy BRIBER! 14 Killed In Plane CrasW At Croydon LONDON, Dec. 9 (UP)—Four-1 leen persons were killed and three | |ctheis on boiid badly Injured 10-1 Grand Jury Accuses Him f|"/ er ^nsnu Du V\ K k U ff^o i Of Taking Money (oi *-ioj<lon nlrdi-ome for AmsterdaiA | ni f\ t i The thice suivivors, including I , i. .. . r lacing UiaeiS the hostess, were removed to '{ii Ol Mediation • [hospital and small hope was held LITTLE ROCK, Deo. 9. (UP)—j foi 1 Ihe survival of two " " ' Cuiopeau Join Tiiem in Offer LITTI,E ROCK, Deo. 9. (UP)— j o lic survival of tvvo otliei Secretary of Slate Ed P. McDonald [The hostess, a Miss Boiigcrstanl, today made bond for $2 500 on of Holland suffered onl) nerve chaiges of accepting bribes in the I shock No Americans were on purchase of janitors' supplies for the state capitol. The bond was made by W. B. Iferig, professional bondsman, 'according to employes of the sheriff's oflice. McDonald was Indicted last night by a Pulaski county grand Jury nf- ter the body had questioned 13 witnesses regarding, the janitors' supplies purchased by McDonald's office from a Memphis firm. "Political Persecution" When notified last night that he had been indicted, McDonnld made .ntnlsbi of Sweden, la Ciena Spanish board. Admiral Salomon former prime and Juan ,de _, Inventor of the autogjro, vyere among those killed In the, which occurred In a • fog less than a mile from Croydon. Commander" Hautzmnyer, an Aus-trlnn was piloting the air liner. The visibility was limited to ft few feet and when the plnne failed to gain nltitudei as Is left the ahpoit It scraped on the roof of n house, hit a telephone pole and 1'ARIS, Dec. D <UP)—The tor- cign office announced tonight that Qrent Britain and France >nvo Invited Gormmvj, Ital>, Uus- sln and Portuenl to Join them in n mullnllon offer to ind Hie bpan- ish clMI uni arrangements bs telephone to make crashed into the side of a resi- hnnH'lhU-.'mnrrtln. e |(> nce bllistlllff Into bond . Prom his office this morning the secretary of state In an impromp tu confeience, said lie charged the I'VJic'rt.enl was a political perse- 1 cullon ' The . indictments involved an alleged ; bribe of • $3,250 and three ! orders :for supplies for $2,813.91. Prosecuting Attorney Pied A. Donham 'said ''they marked the first step in Ills investigation of total Ilrllaln Takes Initiative LONDON, Dec.-S (Ul')-Oient Britain mid France luivc decided to try to arrange a Joint appeal oj five 01 sK leading poweih to me chiefs of the Madrid government and the Spanish nnttonnl- sLs to cease fighting It was snld (cdn> In a reliable qimrtei Britain, took (he Initiative. It !s Intended thtii the appeal sl'nll be made to Francisco Largo Cnballero, Spanish premlei and Gtn Finnclsco rranco, na llonallst dlctatoi "Frightful, liisuli" 10 U. S. Says Sliaw If King Edward Is Forced lo Leave Throne LONDON Deo 9 (UI'J-ClcoiBc qi tlml (hoy nuisL give a con- licmnrd Shaw said lodaj lint silUiUoiinl icason" If King Fdwnrd VIII will 'slkki Shaw doubled icports tlml the to Ills (511115 he will win liK dominions objected to tho mjr- his choice. The dominions would bo very | * •"- n vniuiiwiio X\II1I1U (;U VtTJ snavv seven years ago wrote a ulad »<; the min-laye to nn Am- play, 'The Apple Cart," In which eilfiin woman would be the iliit a kltij, svlns a slmllni love til- step tovviml an futitie innirlniie angle nfri-li ovei Jili cabinet . mlu- . l« n king nnd .n colonial Islers. In an exclusive statement, woman. lo the United ]>!avv\iight nnd was . .The minlbleis have jusn- Pi ess Iho liish ui to the conclusion that this wll -mid Ihoie nuitilngc would' ho luipopulni ' no connection between his I play . and the present crisis but asserted; * 'Although, the 'piny does represent the king, getting the belter of his ministers It has no '. bcar- i)g oh this crisis really, bill the, ;lng can do tlml If 'he slicks o his guns.' They (the r cabinet) , mven't n leg to stand on. ' The indictments will not remove Mr McDonald from office He can be impeached only by the legis lature Prosecutoi Donham ex plained but in event of convlc- tlon his office would be vacated automatically ,. \Term Near End, • •> Tliere r nppPhrea"llEHe^'likellliDod „ nnancje ClUldatlOn Makes Nearly 41 f)f|A A 1 i 1 v ' > UU " Available Anno tne campaign for $70,- oot) - *** bullcl a factory bulldln? J'ere to be occupied by a cot- ton , garment plant of the Ricg iere nppPrelelikellliDod SttSr Dry Goods company hij& sesterdaj however that either of bcen '"•"'king time pending de- Ihe cases would be set for trial c ' s ' on on a prospective conlrib t- before Januaiv 11 at which time I llc11 ^ nlcn would bring It near Mi McDonald will end his third "' goal " le committee in charge term as secretarv of state and l' as received H number of ', on Rebel tap • MADRID Dec 9 (UP) >_ Qov- ?"™ 1>l troop * l >Uihc(l a swift nil bcfoie Insurgents coukUoo'sc' expected big attack In Mad- While both rebel and lovaltst orccs remained Inactive in HIL roien trenches aiound Maditd ord came fiom the noith tellhiR r heavv fighting on the Stintan ler front, wiieie government loops now domlnnle the lallvvuv D BUrgoS righting through the snow and ce In the Cantabrkn liiountalns lie Dasqne loyalists took Aldo Oeuz Qitlano and the ? foiUfied own of CIrlarte in theli drive >n flic rebel capital and entrcnch- d themselves on n line ccnteiing ,'etire from office. The indictments charged A serene beauty, her direct raze seemmglv fixed on far-off visions Mrs Wallis Simpson shows in these poses her undeniable charai — the charm for which a king; -was willing to .relinquish, a throne, threatening the course; of empire TUTOR TELLS OF i'5 Death of: GrandDavents Left Edward Without Understanding Friend By HELEN WELSHIMKR NBA Service Staff Correspondent ,NEW YORK.—Is Wallis Warfleld Simpson's charm for Edward VIII due in part, at least, to the fact that she has helped him overcome nn inferiority complex? Has she built up the niler of the British empire until His Highness has • grown dependent upon her faith? Many who are close to the British monarch and the woman for •whose love he may count his crown well lost are saying that Mrs. Simpson won the king's affectioi through her unusual understanding and encouragement. Did he need understanding? Ha~ n't he always been gay. debonair, happy? Many . are asking these questions, re-calling -the pictures showing his falls from polo ponies, nnd the accounts of dancing partners, ocnevieve Parkhurst, who 13 .years ago wrote the first autographed biography of Edward, then Prince of wales.' has gone into her reminiscences to offer proof that, «s a boy. Edwa'fd was sorely in need of sympathy. HEATH TOOK HIS FRIEND "When I vv»s collecting material for my book," she says, ''I observed to the late Edward Hansell. tutor to Edward, who had been with him for years, that the Prince of Wales vViseberger president. 01 the No- " v " "can/ >i wu 10 the fund lonal Products Company and the Tht Fe ^eral Compress and Ware Standard Disinfectant Company, home co '«Pinv gave Us stock of Memphis sometime after Jan I ftorll > *6aO, to the fund Henry uarj 1 1936, as an Inducement to Rel dman gave, (he dividend on puichose janitoi supplies and » ls fl " n 'i« corporation stock and -QUipment fiom the two compan $25 ° r tne priricipal and Mrs es A M Butt and the J W <U- The recent report filed bj the! kln!> C5 ' ate gave the dividends itatc comptroller's office following ° 11 tne . ir st °ek. Is recent investigation, said that a check for $3,250, Signed -by Mrs Kenneth B: Coger," 1410 . Wolfe Stockholders "Will Receive, 30 PervCent profit on Investment Liquidation, of..the Livestock Fi- jance Corporation, organized here in 1927 as. the Livestock Development Corporation, a Chamber ol Commerce projfct to aid farmers in financing purchases of dairy cattle, was ordered at a special including some of substantial size. Liquidation yesterday of the 1 That McDonald accepted al- Liquidation yesterday of the !ged bribe of $3,250 from Ben i Llvcstoc ^ Finance Corporation ail fiseberger president of the No- ded "early $1000 lo the fund had a wistful look came swiftly: His answer meeting of the stockholders yesterday afternoon. : J. Mell Brooks, who has been secretary of the corporation since i' was organized, announcedtthat al of its accounts had been collected In full with the exception of one old livestock account and that holders of the corporation's $10,100 of capital stock will receive $1.30 lor each dollar of their holdings. Monthly payments are now being received on tne outstanding account and If it Is retired in full funds will be available for another 20 pel- cent dividend to stockholders. Among the beneficiaries of the liquidation will be the Rlce-Stix factory fund, lo which a number of stockholders had previously assigned their shares. Some of the other stockholders are giving their profit on the stock to the factory !und. In the early years of its existence the corporation financed the purchase by Mississippi county farmers of about 1,400 head of dairy cattle, chiefly high quality Jerseys and some Holstehis. it was also _. vvtlkl , 4-iiu . t VYUJlc street,, daughter of Mr. McDonald was among checks and cash" given McKesson-LiricoIn'"Drug , Company by Mr. Wiseberger August 6, for repurchase of invoices totaling 8584.57. , , ' • 2. That • Mr. McDonald accepted a bribe of $75 from L. R. Burgess salesman, nnd Ben Wisebergcr' president, of the National Products Company of Memphis, Tenn., in connection with an order placed January 6, 1936, for 150 gallons of "Clean Brytc," cleaning compound at $2.25 per gallon, and 225 ,-Novv/on hand m .the fiitid according • to J. Mell Brooks, campaign .secretary, is $frs757 ....•Contributions 'not: previously acknowledged, some' of 'Which however, were, Included in totals' announced some ' time ago are given below. -..Where the abbreviation • "add." appears it Indicates that the contribution listed Is in addition to one given previously H. Reidman add 5 5500 Mrs. A. M. Butt add. '. 75 o( J. W. Atkins Est. add.".'.' 37'g( Cora Lee Coleman ... •>$ \x Knickerbocker Clothing 'co. 10 « S. L. Fredman Co. Sicher-Sanbron Co. Joe A. McClure gallons of hand soap at $2 per JoE A - McClure .. gallon Invoiced at $819.16. I Ceo. Smith o m.~l \r-T-, u ' . iRIi 1 IVnKK ,. 3. Thai McDonald accepted a bribe of $15 from "Burgess and Wisebcrger in connection with an '"Wistful? The Prince of Wales has been that way over since King Edward died. He and the old king were great friends. "'Edward had promised his grandson Ihat he might go lo sea and be a naval officer. After Edward died, the Prince of Wales was left on at the naval school Yarmouth, for a year. Then he was told thai he must give up the dream of the sea and go to Oxford since he was now the heir-apparent to the throne. '"That broke his heart. His grandmother, Alexandra, who had heen his greatest confidante, wa . (Continued on Page six) ana some iioistenis. it was also J W 3S J1 °' Instrumental in bringing several! Oct 1143 1I45 ll41 car, loads of pure bred Hampshire Spols closed steady at 1284. order placed April 11, 193Q ( f or two 75-gallon drums of "Marco Cleaner," at S2.20 per gallon and two drums of "Odo Kill" at $3 per gallon, invoiced at $817.25. i. That McDonald accepted a bribe of $125 from Burgess and Wiscberger in connection with an order for $1,237.50 janitor supplies, March 30. 1936, the exact description of which was not determined by the recent Investigation. New York Cotton NEW YORK. Dec. 9. (UP)-Oot- ton closed steady-. open high low close Dec 1243 1251 1242 1249 Jan 1224 1228 1222 1228 Mar. 1220 1224 1217 1224 May ..•••• 1206 1210 1203 1208 July '189 1195 US'! 1192 1143 Max Plckard J. H. Smart 25.00 25.0.0 5.00 50.65 Ray Worlhlngton ..' 25.0< Weitzman Bros 5 Q( Federal Comp. & Whs. Co. 650<K Schneider Bros. Millinery Co 100fl Henry Stembcrg ... A. J. Lewis James Hill jr Mrs. T. J. Mahan . 150.00 50.00 200.00 150.00 hogs to this vicinity. Advent of the depression made further financing of livestock purchases impractical and in 1932, when farmers were having difficulty in obtaining crop production loans, the corporation Increased its capital slock and entered this field of activity Money for crop production is once more Plentiful and yesterday's decision to liquidate the corporation was based on the belief that no further need for H ex as The capita, sU)ck was reduced to the original $10.100 some time. ago. • up 13. Spot Average Is 12.62 The average price of 7-8 inch middling cotton on the ten designated spot markets today was 1262, the Blythevllle Board of reports. >n Ordima. BILLS flPPfiflVED, IS ity Ticasuiy Running Low As End of Yeai Approaches SEES ftllOiEl san on. fahavv was told of the icpoil [ | r , DlVOlCC 1C h ' -/IVUII.1, he king would abdicate. '01 course Dial would he an mmlxed disaster,' ho icpllcd Nothing could bo posslblj woise It Would be a frightful Insut o the United Stales. , Solicitor Admits Aftcv- waid CANNES, nance, Dec. !) (UP) As a mattei of rntl lieu,,].; -li.cadoic Oodilard, Mrs. Wullls realized that the king s Slmp-ons bollclloi, consulted 1m of nn American woman lodny about her divoice. fin the best that could .. Previously It had been insisted Cabinet In Session' To- nighl; Baldwin' Silent Before Commons •".- - LONDON, Dec. 3 (UP)—The fnlp of the lirltkh monarchy «us (hiashi'd out Ic-nlght at ;iu • cmcrcciny meeting; of Hie cab- Inci l|i t (he small oak pancliTd olTli'r of I'rimc Minister Slaii- Ic,\ ll.ilrtHlu III the llousr of Commons. ' ' The world .fhouM know tomorrow , whether King- Eduard VIII. liiu decided to Abdicate for love of "Mrs. Wallis Sipip^ Mm, tw)c 0 illvorccil American' i or intends to renounce his hi- lonlloii uf nurrylng her and re- lain tin-, throne, ' ;holce bv es n cou oisy a een nsisted jossiblv be There s nothing what llm t Ooddard was lieio only lo ;ver against her ' nic mtnls'erh .... constitutional reason discuss Mis. Simpson*) business no affairs In London, such (he should not many her if m s , he ' CI>SL of her Cumbctlaml Tcirnce bill ao<ldard told the s r o e liters advhc lilm to do this United 1'iess that they talked over ~ - 'In- divorce dmlng H meeting of Ivvo and one-half hours. Ooddaid .snld tlmt Dr ,\v. Doug- lui Khkwood, who accoinimnled him hue In n Innrlcd fllBht, fiom London was present only lo ul- (cml him nml not' to sec Mis, Coint Prepaimg Oidei foi $2,400 Annual Payment 'I come here lo ' Mrs. Slmp- 5"n, foi,whom J aojpd in'hei 'i c cent dtvoico case," 'aoddaid snld 1 deemed It avlsable lo come In connection'with'other matters nl- SO It must be leadlly recognl/cd bj eveiibody tlml 11 Is Impossible for me lo communicate lo the dibcusscd Ije- Anpwdmilcly $2,400 must he !" CSi tllc mn l (cll > dibcusscd lie lid nnnunlly foi the ncvt three cn lu ns sollc 'toi and client." LlEF The city council mel In .brie session last night to dispatch rou tine., business', with Alderman Ton W. ' Jackson ' acting as -presiding officer In the absence of .Mayor Cecil Shane, who was .unable to attend because of illness. bj thi. cm of BlytheUllo order of Federal Judge John Martlneun to tjke care of irotmd S7000 In city hall and city hosDllal bond matinItles nnd Interest In default upon for several years, -city Attorney Roy . Nelson aid HiLs morning Mr Nelson said the Older was being prepared by attorneys for he bondholders who filed suit in 'eilcral court lust spring to force •he city lo bring Its payments up ,o date and to establish priority in claims on city funds. Mr. Nelson said Ihat as ho understood the would be *inwii so as not lo Interfere with the expenditure of funds for op- irallon of ihc various city d'cpnrt- '. With the exception of a .state- "P™ 1 ? actually needed for the nicnl for electricity consumed by I ' )llb!1 e health and safety but that n 'fimi'Ar TIKtrlrt. Mn Thrrto i-»ir» n ' it \VOlllfl flpnnlPnlu i-onnl™ fl,n a Sewer District No. Three pumping motor, the council approved bills submitted and ordered them paid— when funds are available to pay them. Immediate payment appeared extremely doubtful with the city considerably slra.ined to meet the days of the calendar city employes. illy to make the payments do ilgnated, beginning In 1937. There, now are". 10,000 fewer butlers in England than there were four years ago. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Dee. 9. (TJP)_ Cotton closed steady. , . open high low close Dec. 1242 1249. 1241 124 8 JBU 1220 1223 1218 1224h M oy ...... 1202 ? 120S '1200 1207 July I'M H92 1182 i m Oct. H38 1144 1138 1U4 Closing Stock Prices A T and T 188 1- American Water Works 25 1 Anaconda Copper 49 Bethlehem Steel 72 3- Chryslcr 122 3- Citics Service 35- Coca Cola 1243- General American Tank 73 General Electric' 51 General Motors 68 1-2 International Harvester 98 1-2 McKesson-Robbins 13 1-8 Montgomery Ward 653-8 New York Central ..... 44 1-2 Packard 11 1-8 Phillips Petroleum .... 47 1-4 Radio Corp 11 1-2 St. Louis-San Francisco 2 1-4 Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, III., Tec. 9. (UP)—Hogs, receipts 11,000. Top, 10.10. 170-230 Vbs., 9.40-10.05. • V HO-160 Ibs., 7.00-950. Bulk sows, 9.00-9.35. Cattle, 4,000. : Steers, 8.00-11.25. ' Slaughter steers, 5.60-12,00, last pay year for In fact there Is little chance that the aldermen, who have been payless since about August, will get back on the payroll very —ion. A bill of approximately $50 for electricity consumed In the operation of a pumping motor at a Sewer District Three station in the first ward, located in the Oaines quarters vicinity, provoked considerable comment. The bill for the pump normally runs around four or five dollars, it was staled. By resolution the council ordered the Arkansas-Missouri •2 Power company to install n new meter at the pump. i require the AAA Paiticularly Fears Sliaip Increase in Coin 'Acieage , WASHINGTON, Dec. 0 —A mor< direct attempt at the contiol o: crop pioduction, paiticiilaily o corn, will be embodied In tin fedcial soil conservation progrr-.n for 1937, It was revealed yesterday by H. R. Tolley, AAA admlnlstra tor. Richberp; Resigns Post With Justice Department WASHINGTON, Dec. 9 (UP) — Ally. Gen. Homer S. CummliiBs announced today that Donald I. Rlchberg, former NRA administrator, has resigned as special assistant attorney general. ' Richberg was appointed , on April 25, 1935, and reappolnted on April 17, 1936, to prosecute six Oklahoma oil companies charged with mulcting Osngc Indians of several million dollars in oil royalties. Arkansas Vote for President Announced LITTLE ROCK, Dec. 9. <UP>- r, n . , . Th e secretary of stile's offi>c an- fope rlUS Improving ' "ounced the official tabulation of His Physician Reports election tcddv. g ivln? P RooseveH VATICAN CITY, Dec. 9 (UP)— Pope Pius XI, ill In bed for the past week with uremic rheumatism &nd asthma, was said by his personal physician today (o be "improving satisfactorily." "His condition is satisfactory," declared Dr. Armlnta Milan), in frequent attendance on the 79- year-old pontiff. Chicago Wheat open high low close vDcc 126 3-8 128 1-8 126 128 May 1225-8 124 1-8 122 1-8 124 Chicago Corn open high low close • Dec 109 109 5-8 108 1-4 109 1-2 May 1037-8 104 5-8 103 1-3 104 3-8 146,765 to 31.rc>i) for Oov. Alf M. Landon. Republican candidate. Saves Home From Fire But Wrecks Oil Stove A burner turned loo high on a new oil stove Ignited wallpaper In a small house at Hoilv nnd Ninth streets, owned by A O. Hudson and occupied by Harvey McCall, early last night. Quick action on the part of McCall and his brother prevented serious damage to the house and its contents ;but..ruined the new stove. They forced the' blazing stfive through a small, kitchen door,; breaking it in, the process, and then.' frrabi*ed a,' 'keg of water and extinguished tho blaze In the' kitchen before <;ity firemen arrived. KINGSTON, Jamaica. Dee. !) (Ill 1 ) — n.ivld I,lo>d UcurKc, Great UiitnhiS war-tlmo lirlme minister, on a halldaj here, ie- (elvcd a cablegram at 10 A, M, tmliiy udvlsliur him tint the chnnfC!, of the kbit's aMlca'- lion .ire receding." • Deduction'! will be made fiom benefit payments on any farm I where the corn acreage Is large than the quota established b Bounty AAA committees, Mr. Tol ley said, and similar deduction^ will be made where the 1937 acreage of cotton, tobacco or other 'soli depleting" crops, on any farm- exceeds the established base acreage for tho farm. Codon Plan Changed I.itilc "The program for cotton rind tobacco farms," Mr. Tolley con- LONDON, Deo. 9 (UPJ—Piime Mlnhtci Stanley Baldwin, with he country and the .world wiling In painful'.suspense to hea'r condi million or icpudlatlon of'n belief tlmt Klnjr Edward' VIII., las decided to abdicate, toid tlte louse of commons today that ho could not make an nnnomiti!- iicnl before tomoriow. ' Baldwin expressed 'regret that iq vsas not In a poslt(on to add anything to what he has already lid Hope Kln^-May" Reconsider The delny-'twiK a, severe disappointment after It had >~bcen > taken • for gianted until Just bc- foie conimon'f'iriet that a' stale- -' ment would be forthcoming The situation'has been 'changed so often nnd,> t with such rapidity during the crisis thai ho^ie was aroused In some elides that If the king already lias made up his mind, a? believed, further efforts would bo made by the cabinet and royal family",to change it. When Baldwin arose In the * house of commons Clement 'R. Attlec, laboi leader, asked, as he has every day for several ... whether the prime inlu- Islei was in a position to add anything to Monday's statement Baldwin More Composed ' Baldwin replied simply: ', 'I regret that I am not in a position to add anjthing today but I hope to make a statement, tomorrow." Atllce then nskcd 1 "Will he (the prime minister) give .us good hope In his state- ' ment tomorrow because he will 1 ' realize the anxiety which is con-' tlnually increasing as long as this matter is not dealt with?" Baldwin replied: ' • "I can assure the right honorable gentleman r.nd the hb'; that no one knows that more thin'.' Baldwin appeared less strained and more composed thari usual., Some members thought his ex- , piession showed signs of mental relief. ' , . - tinued, "will be very much like the plan this year, and diversion from these major soil depleting and surplus crops will be encouraged " Ho explained that the limit on com plantings in big iproducln" stales is designed "tc? prevent increases which might not.only:de- feat the efforts to-conserve the soil, but with normal yields result In surpluses which would ' greatly reduce prices." Under the program, farmers'are to be paid up to $500.000,000 for shifting acreage from major crops to other plantings classed as soil- conserving,, aiid also for following Robbers of 'Jot-em Down' Store Given Two Years MOUNT IDA, Ark—Tvvo joulhs were sentenced Tuesday to two jears In the penitentiary foi Irving to rob Dick Huddleston's famous "Jot-em Down" store at Pine Ridge. 20 miles west of here. They are Wyrhan Chambers, 19, ot Cherry Hill and D. L. Murphy,. 17, of. Opal. They were arrested at their home by Deputy Sheriff Johnston yesterday and taken to Hot Springs where they Waived indictment and were sentenced by Judge Earl Witt. Persons livin "soil building practices." » "ear recognized the 'men while Benefit Division Uncertain I lllc V ^ eie tijlng to break in. Absent from Ihe 1937 'agriciil- r ^ lc store, RS well as its owner, has bcen made famous by Lum. lural conservation program was any, reference to division of payments, Difference of opinion in the department of agriculture has prevented a. .decision thus far, but it Is predicted that an' announcement will be forthcoming shortly. • Payments this year and last were 25 per cent to the share tenant and S0;pef cent to the. renting/ share tenant, with Hie', balance to the landowner. In 1934. the share tenant's part was 15 per cent. Prevailing sentiment in Ihe department' U to . : continue payments on this year's, basts,; but theie Is an Insistent '"minority urging that all benefit paybents be and Abner, Arkansas radio team. Huddleslon is on a vaudeville. divided on the same basis as the crop. WEATHER Arkansas—Unsettled tonight and Thursday. Slightly warmer m south and cast portions tonight ,1 Somewhat colder In noitlraest portion Thursday. , Memphis and Vicinity—Cloudy and warmer tonight, possibly becoming unsettled.' Thursday probably occasional rains. * -• •*, The maximum temperature here ,4 yesterday was is, minimum 21,,£ clear, according to Samuel F. Nor-';'. .— . ris ' ° mclal weather observer,

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