Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on May 31, 1957 · Page 13
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 13

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, May 31, 1957
Page 13
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The --/Veuii/Miper For The Home Member Associated Press FK1DAY, MAY IJJ, 1957 second Section Group Awaits Sentencing In Assault Case Fourteen Men Enter Guilty Pleas; Death Penally Possible 9 Fourteen of 16 young men charged wilh statutory rape In connection with a.saulfs on-two 13-year-old Ml. Savage Road girls in recent months, entered pleas of guilty 10 the charges when brought before Associate Judge Morgan C. Harris today in Cir cuil Court. The cases against the other (wo, Joseph John Riley. 18, of Corriganville and Wilbert Coi (Ion Lavin, 23, of Ml. Savage, were continued until nexl week when (heir attorney will be avail able. Judge Harris withheld scutenc ing the 14 men until he can have a check made of Iheir back ground by David M. Slcele, pro ballon officer. He also remandei ll.e men to lhe count; jail pend ing disposition of their cases The group had been out unde brjnd since their arrest severa weeks ago. Charge Most Serious Judge Harris reminded lhe me that the charge of statutory rap is one of the most serious one which can be made. He lold thci Ihat under lhe penally provide for such a criminal offense o a girl under 14 years of age th sentence could be the death pen elly. Afler hearing Ihe fads in cac of the sordid incidents, Jud Harris asked the two girls tome forward. The girls wcr questioned by the jurist conccn ing their schooling, church tendance and related matter Judge Harris told them that the had caused much trouble lo mar 'families by their actions and wei themselves in trouble. The fathers of tha two girl who are brothers, were ne questioned. The father of one gi eaid he was unaware of her a lions in connection with the youi men but had trouble wilh her fi sneaking out of the house la nt night and also for leavin Sunday School before scrvjc were over. He said he Iri) everything he could think of make her behave, but she w; incorrigible. Fiilhcr Tells Storr The father of the other g: said he also had tried to reasi with his daughter-and the enti mess was discovered by him o night when two of the accus caused a disturbance in a car nfar his home. His daughter was \Tlh (he two men at lhe time. 1 ,ie father calted police and subsequent investigation involved more and more men and also four juveniles. SALUTE TO WAI? DEAD — A rifle squad is shown firing a volley in memory of deceased servicemen during yesterday's .Memorial Day program al Ihe Soldier's Monument in Rose Hill Cemelery. A parade of military and high school units preceded the annual program and services were conducted at Hose Hill by Fort Cumberland Post 13, American Legion, and Henry Hart Post 1411, Veterans of Foreign Wars. The speaker was Rev. Myles McGowan. pastor of St. Joseph's Catholic Church. Midland, and chaplain of the 115th Infantry Regiment, 29th Division, Maryland State Guard. Sermon For Graduates Set At Fort Hill Event Scheduled Smitiay; Graduation Tuesday Evening Graduation Week aclivities at Koi-l Hill High School will begin Sunday when Ihe annual sermon to lhe seniors will be delivered in lhe school auditorium at 2:30 jp. m. The commencement exercises, during which diplomas will be presented to 276 graduales, will be held at 7 p. m. Tuesday, in lhe Fort Hill Stadium. The senior sermon service will open with the hymn, "0 Worship the King." after which invocation wili be delivered by Rev. Charles C. Huffman, pastor of Davis Memorial Melhodisl Church. Gounod's "Sanctus" will be presented by Alice Zehrbach and [Darrell Henry, and Scripture will i be read by Rev. A. C. Agnew. i member of the Fort Hill acuity. The assembly will sing the iymn, "Crown Him With Many Crowns." and the sermon will be presented by Rev. Wayne J. Eberly, pastor of the Living Stone Church of the Brethren. CLARENCE 1!. STEIX Car Hits Tree Man Critical Iiijuri Deadline For Tax Petitions ts Tomorrow Priest Cites Patriotism About 200 more names on petitions calling for a referendum on a city proposal to increase its ax limitation are expected to be urned in tomorrow—the final day be Sizzling Bald Boy Series To Have Message For Bald. Not long ago, Elmer Wheeler started losing his hair.] This event was not new to the world but his Bald Boy stories about his experiences are. Starting Monday in the Cumberland Evening Times will bring you each fun-filled, hair-by-!morial Day was the theme of: ica -" The commencement speak- The Fort Hill Choir will sing "Psalm 150" and "The Lord Another Hurl In Highway Accident; Feiv Crashes In Area One man was "critically" in- FimeralHome Leader Dies At Hospital Clarence II. Slciii Associated With Business Since 1911 Clarence Henry Stein, 68, of 317 Windsor Road, president of Limis Slein Inc., died yesterday in Memorial Hospital. -Mr. Stein had been associated in business with his father, the late Louis Stein, since his graduation from Washington and Lee University in 1911. He had served as president of lhe organization since 1953. A nalive of (his city, he was born July 23, 1888, a son of the late Louis and Fannie (Koegel) Stein. Mr. Stein was a member of Fort Cumberland Lodge 211, AF & AM; the AH Ghan Shrine Country Club, Cumberland Rotary Club; Die Cumberland Diesel Club and was a 32nd degree Scottish Rite Mason. }Ie was a member of St. Luke's Lutheran Church and the Tri- Siate Funeral Directors Association. Mr. Stein was graduated from jured and another was seriously. AMegany High School in 1907. hurt in two separate automobile!,,Survivors include^ his widow, accidents in the Cumberland ar yesterday. Mrs. Agnes (Long) Stein; two sons. Robert L. Slein, Taeoma, Bless and Keep You." Bene-j Reported in "critical" condi-v^i'^hralh^F^nk A 1 '""" 6 ' diction will be offered by Rev.ltion at Winchester Memorial!F 0r t 'Lauderdale Fla two Mr. Huffman. I Hospital is William B. Wolford,l lcrs M rB K ann 'j e riansnn Fort Hill's colorful outdoor 59. of Capon Bridge. |j <-'auson Listed-In "good" condition atL iraduation will open with the processional and national anlhem by ihe school band. Invocalion will be delivered by Rev. D. E. Miller, pastor of First Evangelical United Brethren Church. The graduating class speaker will be Carol Jean Parker, whose The origin'and meaning of Me- subject will be "A Strong Amer- Miners Hospital in Frostburg is| the body is at the Stein Fu- F.ugene Francis Whitfield. 25, oflncral Home where services will hair account of Elmer's baltle with baldness. These 18 chapters are exclusive before hook publication. on which Ihe petitions can filed wilh city officiate. Albert A. Doub. local attorney! The Bald B °. v °' fers a rofrosh- who is heading the petition drive.j">S outlook on a subject familiar said petitions are Mill being'' 0 ali readers. True, baldness is mailed to him and that he will assemble Ihe names and turn quite a problem for some people and far from funnv. But to El- thcm in lo Wallace G. Ullery J mcr il becomes a calamity, a city clerk, tomorrow. Although city employes Ihing of monstrous proportions. h avc Elmer resolves. "If Hillary can conquer Everest, a guy by the name of Wheeler can conquer baldness." And he does! ($ hit miry (he address by Rev. Myles Mc- Edith Ste boh nf and four g andch ildren. ~: . . . 6 . .. •""-"• 15 East Main Street. Frostburg. Rams Into Tree be conducted tomorrow at 10:30 a. m. by Rev. William R. Snyder, S°l. W. F. Bowley. of Ihe West^ 2stor of st - Luke ' s Lutheran Virginia State Police detachment' chu ^ cn - The body will be placed at Romney, said Wolford was in-| m tR ° se Hill Mausoleum, jured when he losl control of his car and rammed head-on into a! Active pallbearers will be iles G. Thompson Sr., Clifford . illison, Thomas E. Gilchrist, [John Ankeney, Irving Millenson ipp. BECK— Deborah J., infant, Artemas, Pa. DENSON-Mrs. Cha: Greene Street. MALCATSOV— Mrs. mer resident- will be Dr. Miller A. F. ' Gowan. pastor of St. "joseph'siRi^hie. president of Hartwickj tr ^ e at ^pon . u Catholic Church. Midland, at theiCollege. who will be introduced! ^•Bo«ley said ' he , ra ' sha JV,d Charles L. annual program vestcrdav at theiby Ralph R. Webster, superin-j^ urred a s Wolford was Ireavel-, ,, on = Soldier's Monument in Rose Hilli""*^ °' schools. fe °" ° W Slream G^rge C Fey, Harry C. Reed. ICemetery. i The Fort Hill Band will play,""?"; ...... .. . ICharles A. Piper, W. Donald 'Hummers "Souvenir de Tschai-!..I^J" 1 ? 1 attaches^said he sus-; Smith L M Smithi Louis D _ been granted a "long weekend" because of the Memorial Day holiday, Doub said he has arranged lo notify Ullery at his home after the names are assembled, and Ullery has agreed lo come lo the City Hall to acceptjthe hair clinic stage. Finally he NOLAND — Turner. Levitlsburg. Ohio, former resident. But before Elmer has this good!puiCE-Herbert C., 44, Christie Memorial Day was begun at Co-1; The family requests that flow- traveling alone at the time of thejcrs be omitted. - . . , . lne MULLIN-Mrs. Emma,35,Hvnd- lllmbu5 ' Mlss y '" nrder ( ° h(mor Edu - rrton tvhn rtlaHrt Uln ciiT,ynmn cni.- 1 ^- u men who made the supreme sacrifice for their countrv. j Following the presentation of (diplomas the school band forlune. he goes through llurj Road. tonic stage, the barber cure andl nANK1 ' N ._j 0 j, n w »i._ !._:_ _!•• _i T~: ii_. t. _ -*>«<» All people are beneficiaries ofi p i ay olivadoti's "Fete their deeds. Father McGowan' um ' pt , a ,,. and He ; sey wiu said, poi accident. Tri-1 T ^ c - Donald Wade and Trooper an .JDonald Maddox of the Maryland them. goes to the family doctor. Here offutt Street. linting out that the sacri-i nounce the award "winning grad-i slale Policc said Whitfield was; of 107! tices .'hey made constituted truej ual( , s The scnoo j' S "»Almai| n .J ured in a three-car accident)"*/'.- *, ( {patriotism. Memorial Day. .he; Mat (, r " will be presented by the Thursday night in Eckharl. More than -1.500 names are on'he gets the medical low-down on the petitions (hat have alreadyj"the only thing guaranteed to SHEELY—Isaac A., 74, formcrly! continucd - should remind Ameri- bcen turned in. Doub slated, and the number which will be turned lover lo Ullery tomorrow will Edward ,]. Ryan was attorney bring the (otal close lo double foi the 14 men and in every casei'be number required by law, he said the girls had accosledi 2 '* 58 the defendants and made sug-| Under the city's home rule [art- falling hair." the floor, and "the only thing guaranteed lo keep il on the head." glue! There is a serious side lo The Bald Boy. too! In a recent personal interview Elmer said, "I .3UIIH1 Illicit kCW 1..1IU11 J^rtllJ, 1 r\[I ,. f-i i 1- I _f want to edueale men who arel^ ,«™L' *«? yCSlerda - V cans to be loyal to their country, God and fellow man. The annual program in Rose Hill was opened with a selection by the Allegany High School Band and invocation by Rev. J. John W. A. Rankin, fiO. of 107IF- Zimmerman, pastor of First Congregational Church at Frost- of Keyser. STLIHMS—Reason. 73. Parsons. TEETS—Mrs. Earl F., B3. Oakland. John W. Rankin age and a Elone quarry on lhe Cash Valley Road. In one case Ihe Incident took place in a car parked on Bedford from Ihe day council acts on the shining domes. I want to remind proposal in question. As proposed, Ihe Cily Council wauls lo raise the city" lax limi- ae used if budget requests exceed! Street, early one morning, just lotion from $1.2.1 to SI.50. At lhe across from City Hall Plaza from j present time, the city is within police headquarters. five mills of Ihe limitation. City The trials attracted many fpcclalors from the Corriganville and Mt. Savage sections. The 14 men arc Richard Edward Smith, 24, Bedford Street: William Donald Crosten, 19; I'aul Wayne Fetters, 20; Samuel I-ce I.cplcy. 18; Gary Lulhcr Fuller, 20; Charles Edward Jenkins. 18; Itaymond C. Fuller, 18; all of the Corriganville section. Robert Claylon Blank, 19. nf lit. Savage; Edgar William Smith, 25, Bedford Street; Thomas Carl Holt, 28, Bowman's Addition; Benjamin Imes. Jr.. 22, Flintslonc: Charles Hunter Deans, 24, Barrelville; William Winner. 21, Frostburg and Robert William Cross, 20, Bedford Road. officials have emphasized that erals and a lot of popular mis- Ihe proposed charier change is conceptions. Did you know that no! a tax increase, but mcrclyjihc hair grows abo'ut a half inch provides a 25-ccnt "cushion" to a mont i, and is a i ive onlv a short expected revenues. Machinery for Ihe petition count was set up during a recent counl of pelilions calling for a vote on s proposed sale of SXW.- 000 Urban Development bond issue, : Kiuclergarleii ProgramTonighl The closing program for Trin lly Lulheran Clmrch kindergar- them thai Caesar was bald and so is Yul Brynner. Thai's good company/ 1 In Ihis hair-raising story you will read about the effects ofjSalvation Army. and Anna (Litton) Rankin. He was a retired trackman for ,., , , . of Foreign \\ars, held a sen-ice 'he grave of Henry Hart for band, and benediction will be offered by Rev. Dr. Miller, : Slate Asked To Help Wilh Cost Somerville Nicholson, supervisor of assessments for Allegany y. told lhe county commis- today that he has • re- Ihe State Tax Commis- pay for one-half of the : of purchasing new equip- Passes On Right Trooper Wade said Whitfield The mobile unit from the was traveling west on U. S. Route Johnstown (Pa.) Regional Red 40. near the Parkersburg Road, 'Cross Blood Center will make when he attempted to pass an- two visits lo Allegany County other car driven by Anthony V. next week, with a visit scheduled Stucin, 39, of Eckhart- [here Monday and another in • The Whilfield vehicle. whichiLonaconing fhe following day. attempted lo pass Slucin on the appeal for support of the right side, smashed into Slucin'sjblood program has been made by car and rammed Into a parkcd! cc ™ tv Ke d Cross officials, who car owned by Edith Schulz, 53,:P°' n ted out that residents have of Wood Street, Frostburg. iheen receiving benefits under the Trooper Wade said Stucin was!p r °J cc t although the quota of 150 |pulling out onto the highway P ints has not been met at any the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad! wr(im lhe post is namcd - men! for the Assessing Depart-| when Whitfield passed him. " of the recent monthly visits of ;ment here. . Hospital attaches said \Vhit-; ine . bloodmobile. _„„„ „,_„„ att Company, and was a member ofl Tnc cemetery program was : The county is making available! fiel( j susta j nec ] a f rac ! ure d nel • New d °nors are especially "'" c "" lh T ""' ! " " -* "--'preceded by a parade of bands additional space for Nicholson's • d t , ; iniurie= Sneeded. Red Cross spokesmen nn^ mnr-f'hinrj ,,^i)<- Thrt rr\utti J 1 I 1 . n ff: nn F,,r- ~*.*i— »,-i,u. .i.ju--^^. . the South End Outpost of the disease on hair, vitamins, min- T- j , [distance from its actual root? Moreover, did you know that con- Irary lo popular belief, the cutting of a person's hair does not have any effect on ils rapid growth, such as when you cut the lawn? You'll also learn in The Bald Boy. about such curable causes of falling hair as disturbed glands, emotional disorders and just plain "worry." Elmer also claims. "I can't lell a baldheaded r, ,--.. . . man how to grow a new crop of ^,!^^-^ hair but I can make him proud KillackeyToCcl Honorary Degree The body is at the Stein Funeral Home where services will be conducted nrrr t h r , ar u can urer of the Cclanese Corporate I of bei ha]d „ a and former chief cosl accountant I at lhe firm's Amcelle plant. will; f receive an honorary doctor of laws degree at commencement exercises Monday at St. Michael's College. Winooski Park. Vt. Killackey is chairman of the yarns and laces committee of the N'ew Y'ork Catholic Charities. He The statistics of baldness are It is estimated Ihat some 15,000,000 men arc overweight, white 60.000.000 men land their wives) are worried about their hair. Should the practice of hair linting become popular among men — and some say this is the trend — what will the baldies gifts. will be pianist. Mrs. Albert Kiiff- A resident of Wcstbury. Ixm he was named to Amcelle plant 1 position. He was made assistant! treasurer of the corporation ini . 1948 and transferred to the New! A "friendly" suil was docketed . . „ ... '5! iYork office. Killackey has been {"• Circuil Court today so tha Lewis. Gregory- Jenkins. Kdw.n , reasi]rci cf ,,, c fjrm sincc , 851 the court can decide if there hav< been sufficient signatures oh lained en petitions for a rcferen McKenney, Philip Keller. Karen'Auditor Recommended dum on lhe $500.000 Urban Bond Sue Wilson, .loan Owens, Robcrl 1 Sue Valentine .lack " Jay Schover, Sheila Cromwell, .lean Anne Stecse. \Viltna Jean I and Larry McCoy. Methodist Men's Club Sets Meeting, linrlicoue, The Melhodisl Men's Club of First Melhodisl Church will hold an outdoor mccling and barbe- tiue tomorrow nl 6:30 p. m. at thi new church lot in the 1700- block of Frederick Street. William A. Dererncr. president, said a brief business meeting will be followed by the barbeque. A program, which will include musical enterlainmcnt, will be presented by the high school graduates of the church, Dercmcr said. For Work Al LaVale Survivors include his widow. Mrs. Euginia (Koontzi .Rankin: wo daughters, Mrs. Gladys Elkins and Mrs. Helen Hawling and marching units. The route department and new office fur- of the parade was from the State niture will be needed- Armory on South Centre Street,j The commissioners approved through downtown streets, out.'the form of bids on painting of . u ....,, aJ Cumberland Street to AlleganVjthe entire first floor interior of .rath of Ihis city: two brothers! [Street and Fayclte Street, corge E. Rankin. Elkins. ami! iamuel A. Rankin, cily: a sister,] Hylic Vole Noleil Irs. Clara Kerns, city; six the Court House. The painting is being done in conjunction with changes in the clerk of Circuit [randchildren and ;randchildrcn. seven great- Meanwhile Pennsylvania ^tatej 5 ,'^:^'.^ '^ ba ^ r ° f 'be_ blood Police a' Police a at Bedford and Turnpike!? ontri '' uted comes from " re g»- it Everelt reporled a quiet lar . d °" ors « rho . c , an contribute ^ H only at specified intervals. The headquarters for the local visit will he at fhe home of Cumberland Aerie 245, FO while the Lonaconing col- e holiday in their arears. The Turnpike Police said traffic has been unusually light, while Bedford reported only on riYlic \oie ixoteil cnanges in me cier* or ^ILL-UH . "fender-bender" since thc'r - ' • l " t: ""'"""""S cui RCP. DeWilt , Hyde <R, on CJ-^-^ %£ ££ holiday stafled^VedS^ ^>»^^. '&± Wednesday voted in favor of a *• - — . of Fore j gn W ars. ™'t U , r , C .^l". mil l ha ", 3 _ dd : Ullircll I'laillllllg The quota for the Lonaconin, ed S3I3 million to Ihe Defense Issue which the Mayor and City Council wauls to issue. Albert A. Doub filed the suit Willard R. Fugle, sec.rel.m-- .,,.,, , ... „. , „ . treasurer of lhe LaVale Sanitary on hc ^ alf . nt }V 1Iiam A ' Glltl . tcr -: Commission, wrote lhe Alleganyif, r "! (1cnt ™ d «?Mwyf. a B« ln5 «; r"(MiTit." pii^rH nt r"r.«,r,.;c-r-;«r.n»c. ''e '"layoT and Louncti. County Board of Commissioners today recommending that James P. Rogers, a certified public accountant, be approved to make an audit of lhe LaVale unit's books. The board also received an application from Kenneth H. Rob- erlson. 1821 Frederick Street, lor a position cilher as a member of the County Civil Service Commission or a clerk to the commission when these appointments arc i Thomas B. Kinar, city atlor- jncy, filed an answer to the suilj along wilh exhibits of all lhe signatures on the petitions. The city claims the petitions do not ccr.tain sufficient valid signatures k warrant a referendum. Riders To Meel The Potomac Valley Riding Club will meet tomorrow at 8 made. He said he has 21 years;?, m, at Woodland Tnn, near office experience. (Short Gap. For Amiiversat Garrell jMarkels Open Tomorrow Garrett county's Farm Wo- , tll „, ..„ u ^,,, lt , 1 ,„ ,„„„ nen's markets will open for the i for the 33th anniversary cere- .ummer tomorrow at McHenry mony lo be held October 13. T A committee meeting was held Tuesday night at the Living Stone Church of Ihe Brethren to plan Lonaconing visit has been set at 120 pinls and residents of the Lonaconing- Bnrton-Midland area may contribute. and Chimney Corner. A feature of the celebration will The McHonry market xvill bc ; be the symbolic burning of the open each Saturday through Au- gusl 31 from 10 a. m. to 4 p. m. (EDT) with Mrs. Gerald Glotfelty, manager, Mrs. Charles Bowser, secretary, and Mrs. Luke Bowman, treasurer. mortgage representing the payment of Ihe debt on the present church building. The committee made plans for a booklet in honor of the occasion, and discussed other Ideas Twenty-two women attended jfor the event. Chairman of the the final organization meetingicommittee is James Roby, Miss earlier this week, and all women;Ja.iet Ashenfelter, secretary; and Msgr. Kilkenny Hospitalized The lit .Rev. Msgr. J. Law rence Kilkenny, pastor of St. Patrick's Catholic Church and rural dean of Western Maryland, was admitted to Sacred Heart Hospital late yesterday morning as a medical patient for observation and treatment. Attaches this morning reported his condition as "satisfactory." taking part are 10 report notjmembers are W. C. Cooper. Nello later than 9:30 each Saturday Caporossi. .Ir. Boyd H. Sulscr.ip r( , , >r Mrs. Hctlic Kerns. Mrs. NonranT P Boyer. and Mr. and Mrs. Eld- to arrange the booths. The Chimney Corner market, to be operated by women from j ridge Savillc. Ihe Gorlner, Sunnyside. Fair-i The building now occupied by view and Red House areas, will jibe church was dedicated in Nobe open each Friday during |hc|vembcr 1950. The final payment summer from-I lo 8 p. m. iDSTI.iwas made early Ibis year, but and on Saturdays from 11 a. m.'.because o( the anniversary coin- MAK1NES GET AWARDS—Two members of the Sixlh Special Infantry Company, Marine Corps Re-serve, were presented awards al the Naval and Marine Corps Reserve Training Center on McKaig's Hill. Piclured above are Major Patsy Algicri, commanding officer, as he makes the presentation to Pfc. Robert L. Goller for perfect attendance during the past 12 months of drills. Sgt. Brice L. Russell (partly obscured at left) received an award for firing expertly wilh Ihe rifle for 1954, 1356 and 1S57. o 8 p. m. ling up it was decided to celebrate Both markets will handle home'both events together, saked goods, garden produce and 3thcr farm home products. Constable Refutes hargc Against Him In Road Accident Willard Miller, 42, of Cresap- lown. who was Injured in a highway accident Tuesday, was reported in "good" condition this morning by attaches at Memorial Hospital. Miller suffered a compound fracture of his left arm and other Supported in J llries wl 'en a Iruck backed onlo . l ' ilhc- highway and inlo lhe path HuniUlie 1 OSt| of his c - 1r °" '^ road between Charles Town and Hedgesville, The Allegany County Board of|W. Va. Commissioners today received! He was admitted to Charles Constable Andrew Lennox of| cltcrs of recommendation fromiTown Hospilal and transferred Ml. Savage appeared before the |vvo rcrs ,, ns aski , 1R thal Charles-here that evening. Ulcgany County Board of Com- w w . h ,,„ - . , co , m , v flissioncrs May to refute a :\" ,,!_«:"* il.iiko Mill \Vn clarge by a Ml. Savage resident hat he had refused to serve a warrant. Lennox said he served two summons in connection with a mailer brought up hy Delbert Martin but he was not asked to serve a warrant. Marlin had complained to the commissioners in the mailer lasl Tuesday. Some pipe had been taken from the old Mt. Savage School building, which Martin laler bought, anc this resulted in the charges b> Marlin. humane officer. !Lnkc Mill Worker Deputy Sheriff Edgar M. Lewis; j,|: lirc< | \{ Work vrote the board on behalf oh J Sheriff Edward R. Muir slating ,\n employe of the Luke plant hal Welsh has the necessary- O f u ic West Virginia Pulp and qualifications and has been veryjpaper Company was injured accommodating in answering while working this morning. com paints on dogs which his of- Admitted to Potomac Valley lice has received. .Hospital in Keyser \vas Nelson Regional Game Warden JosephiBoyce. 32. of Keyser. A. Minke wrote the board thai Welsh understands how to handle Dr. Thomas Bess said Boyce was injured when he came in dogs and oilier animals and has'conlacl wilh a "live" electric had much experience in theiwirc while working on a roof, work. |His condition is reported "good."

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