The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 9, 1930 · Page 2
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 2

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 9, 1930
Page 2
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MSB TWO It's w M THE • ' fir Bcomemi$elTtam»potta( TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE ft.';.' IK: I It is wise to choose a six-cylinder motor —the only way to get six-cylinder smoothness. Six-cylinder smoothness takes out vibration and roughness. This saves motor, chassis, body, passengers, "and the driver. j| ' • * ' • i ' ' 'The Chevrolet is a six. Yet it sells at a. price that anyone can afford to pay. And it lasts longer, because of fine materials, oversize parts, and a big, smooth, 50- horsepower six-cylinder engine that always "takes it easy." • jj With all its six-cylinder smoothness and power the New Chevrolet Six saycs gasoline and oil, through modern efficiency—overhead valves—high compression power—improved carburetor —long-wearing pistons—crankcase ventilation—air cleaner. Thus Chevrolet brings truly modern transportation within reach of all who can afford any car. Chevrolet economy also means sincerity in manufacture. To illustrate: Chevrolet valves are adjustable—to save replacing. Chevrolet molded brake lining greatly reduces brake upkeep. The rear axle inspection plate on the Chevrolet means accessibility. The whole car isfull of such evidence that true economy comes from advancement and refinement. There are four extra-long, chrome-vanadium springs controlled by hydraulic shock absorbers. They r The Coach.... ... The Coupe ......... The Sport Roadster The Sport Coupe The Club Sedan The Sedan ROADSTER OR PHAETON F. O. B..FACTORY, FLINT, MICH. are mounted lengthwise,! in the direction of car travel, with seU-adjusting spring shackles to maintain quietness. With modern low suspension and ext^a wheelbase, the Chevrolet; Six has good proportions. The impressive front view is distinguished by the genuine honeycoihb. radiator. The gasoline tank is in the rear for safety and finer appearance, ~\.- ? ' J * Chevrolet beauty instantly says "Body by Fisher"—style,* comfort, safety 4- Fisher composite steel-and-wood construction—non-glare' windshieldr- adjustable driver's seat—deeper cushions—greater leg room—clearer vision —finer fabrics and fitments. ' • There is jus^, as much extra value throughout. BY ANY STANDARD the Chevrolet Six is the wisest choice in the low-price field . . . with its six- cylinder valve -in- head motor i . j . with full scientific equipment. . . with Body by Fisher . . . with four long semi-elliptic springs, long wheelbase, logf suspension, rear mounted gasoline tank, honeycomb radfator ami all the other features of this day and age. See your nearest Chevrolet dealer today and drive this six. Ten minutes at the 'wheel. will show you what a difference six cylinders make. $565 565 555 655 625 675 The Special,Sedan ;. ifi wire inherit ntandard) The Light Delivery Chassis............-..... The Sedan Delivery. ..\ The I>/4 Ton Chassis.... The 1% Ton Chassis with Cab ...... The Roadster Delivery {Pick-up Box extra). ..$725 * • *': 365 ..595 ..520 ..625 .. 44» All prices/, o, b. factory. Flint. Michigan SHOLTY CHEVROLET SALES Windfall I J. J ORE CHEVROLET CO. Kempton BATCHELOR CHEVROLET SALES Sharpsville WORLD BANK. (Continued From Page 1.) founded upon falsity,' all Europe might' at some future date join Germany in a demand for this -abrogation and for repudiation.of . the financial obligations to Amer' lea -imposed by them. The United States to protect its financial interests, would have to stand upon morally, indefensible ground."; Sir. McFaddeii argued that the i Treaty of Versailles is - illegal and not binding upon Germany, ! because under international law ; the provisions of a definite treaty ! of peace.are legitimate . only if they remain within the scope of the preliminary agreement -which brought hostilities to an end. ~ 1 ing but would not reach the bottom. Water stands within j a few feet of the top. It Svas around this oldj jpuinp | that the famous Todd-Maulden i fight took place, ;which bldjljimers [still recall and ; describe- |? [Richard McNew was .an ,ey< ividly. witness to the fight and he happened to be standing at the corner when Stafford 'made the discovery jof the well. He described ijt ••' and recalled that one of the fighters to attend their hurts. r> Street Commissioner John Hortou stated he would remove I the pavement and fill the - well j completely with "bid brick and | dirt so that it will n<5 longer ! stand as-a menace as .it "has for ; years. _ • . Stalls Remodeling. OLD WELL. (Continued From Page 1.) . ' i inch in thickness and the well be-! Death is said to be 28 feet in j depth. A sixteen foot finishing, pdle wag secured at the Bryan' •tore and inserted into the open- i picked up a bucket from tlrie watering trough and swinging j it struck an- antagonist in the face felling him. fiat in the mud. Knives-and clubs vj-ere ustc freely and it was a muddy, bloody group after theibattle. On>; man had his head almost sever ei, another, was cut from-the top jof his head'to his chin, the cheek being laid open exposing the teeth. Others luii broken noses and closed I - i eyes. - '• I • • \ . The old town pump furnished, water to give first.- aid to tihejin- jured while the entire medical force of the town was atimjnoned 5 n • ifoi aoNlasn save the first year 's depreciation Virgil Hobbs of Hobbs Tuesday began the work, of remodeling the property in that town ', recently purchased by] County Treasurer Chalmer Hobbs of the Mrs. Rachel Morris'.heirs. The property is located on the corner in Hobbs where 28 turns south. For a shorti time after Mr. Hobbs put' his force of men to worTc, the corner looked as if U; might have been, struck by- a cyclone. The barn at the rear of the house was torrt < .down to give place for a—new modern garage. The porches were taken .down to be replaced by modern type verandas. . .• * . Mr. Hobbs will also'do some extensive repairs and-r.emodeling of the interior of the- house; to convert it into a strictly modern home with all -modern -conveniences before redecorating- and painting. * --When completed will to many political wiseacres, was in Chicago, Senator; iD'eneen's home town, where, only two years ago, he led the fight that dumped Mayor Thompson from |his| piacd of party power. 1 : j \ '•' Mrs. McCormick's-indicated [advantage in; Chicago, -aiid \ Cook county alone, ott'the basis 'of complete returns, 150,000 voiles.- ' imay exceed The latest returns,, from j 5 ii>7 538 of 7,117 i precincts, gave: Mccormick, 531,296; |Deiieeuj 355,143; and Jenkins, 38,095. i \ l IJABKLS HKLV "SOFT GUV." Ambler Bares Itelalions Willi 1 ty Actrcis in Trial. , f New York, April 9. — A painted picture ibf Nathan I. ster. financier, as a Tsoftf Tel; self- 11 • ! Amn- ,' guy the Believed New York Doctor Murdered!:Secretary and - Siw* Hinwielf. H POLICE SEEK Overturned Telephone Cause " InyestigatiOn and Discovery of Bodies. | -o» MOTIVE Njew York, April 9.—A signal flash caused by an j overturned telephone led. to the finding today of the bodies; ofj a •physician and] a yoiing j woman in the '• doctor 'L office-apartment | in the fashionable Sutton Place district along -East river. | • \.~ 1 he ijody of the physician, Dr. Ma::wellJB. Allen, |iage thirty- fiye, was found on the bedroom flocr. He had been shot through the right temple. " A H 38-caliber revolver jlay near his Iside. The young -woman, who: was identified tentatively i from a slip of paper in her pocketbook is Miss Flqrence Lapelle, age twen- jive, his nurse-secretary,, was through the lying on a bed shot neqk. Powder marks on' both bodies indicated to police the shots had beau fired at-close (range. They believed | the physician had- shot the girl'and killed himself. The body of Dr. Allen was clap in pajamas and a bathrobe, and that of the woman also was scantily j clad. The only evidence of ija disturbance in the room was the overturned telephone and an overturned bridge, lamp. jA. ginger ale bottle was' near the bedj. and on a table was pa 'tly filled bottle, which police said apparently! contained liquor I Police were summoned l)y £ telephone operator \| - hen she'fail ed to get any response from the pliysician's apairtment \ after plugging in on the signal flash. -jPdli-ce were unable to establish a J motive for the shooting and ot ler occupants" of |:the fifteen story apartment house said they lra,d heard no. disturbance. At a West Ninety-second street address where Miss La pejlle was said to jiave lived, po- contest will be held at Scircleville Thursday niihtr April 10th. Miss IvOuise Thompson of the .Ttpton.. high schoojl who was the winner in the". county contest will repre-. sent the county! j!'Contests! will be held in each | the disirictsj of the state and- ts' winners "ofj each district, will pi to Indiana University at Bloomington j ^April 25|h for; the filial state! contest. Mrs. Adele K. Bittner ofj Extension department is Jin charge of ,the contests. Gold, silver audj bronze medals wlli be awarded,the-winners. i I ! 1 i • \i jTlie subject jfor discussion will be "Does Indiana Need-a New "I , • i - . i • ' Constitution." | Miss Thompson was the winner of the local high school contest | held March l«n ai*d of- 1 the county contest. March 21st High School WU1 Present "Jerry of Jericho Road" Two Times. STORY IS GOOD ONE A matinee performance will be given by,jitiie :high school cast of J'jJerryof Jericho Road'"- Friday them:to hold ju'ryless trials of casual offenders of the dxy law has been attacked by several members.of the; . •committee on constitutional grounds. The commission -bill. to authorize district attorneys to _ cliaijge offenders with a felony if they'failed to accept, the ruling of the commJs- siohers oti a misdemeanor charge also, has, met objection; Curd of Tlianks^ • -We.-wish to express our„thaiiks and' keep appreciation to all our trientlS and neighbors who assisted us in any -way during the illness and after, the death of our belovjedi wife arid mother, Mrs. Betty Marker; |also £*>r the beautiful j floral, offerings and to the [.niiniiters,. Revj L. R. Gray and Rev. f James Mayity. Such acts of kindness will never be forgotteii. —T. C. Marker, and Family. 12 YEARS AGO jafternoori at j' the This will be' for the dren and lice were told ;sl was before lithe ijury today mi trial of Olga Edwards on a charge of extorting money fvom him Un- dc.r threat to expose him as the father of her child. • S Throughout a lenethy | cross- examination Amster - Insisted - that oscept for4he lirst~ye»r attefi he met Miss Edwards in 1917 ills l relation to her: had been that of" a philanthropist theu the victim -^f her v frequent: demands [for money. ffo^testified he had: siren' tnorct than. $126,000 to! her under duress and said b-]e c^ldinot! est'im'ate. ,ie; had moved aljbut five weekia Wo without leaving H a } forwarding address The •superintendent jjof the house said he believed she had come to N|W York from j Chester, Fa» MEXDING'SlIoWIiYi lifit Heifer Will Be'.'. Off • For, Some; Time.' , Duty injured j Bert j Heifer, Thursday ejveiiing' wheu from the back of -ja diMocatied his right!! shoulder. last lie fell truck and is intending slowly ibut it wirf be same time before he can iretumj .o work. ; J [rMr. j | Heifer,tinner -at the Comp'ton &J Sou; store, had beeft| wjprking'at the C. ; A '; Bates house! Ming erected on -V^est Washing-! .ton street and be aud a fellow worker I had jumped on the reai end of ithe tru-ck, toiride to the business district." I The dnv, j stopped at ithe corner of Washington jand IWcst streets to let a car going north pass iahd Mr. Hol- fejr ateppedj d°*n in the. street fqr a minute. Just as lie i threw; his weight on- his hands to jump back Into the! truest again, the mhchine started; and he held to the' aide of the,truck, it jerking him around and he fell to the stteet The shoulder was dislocat- «0 and the; muabiek und I liga- iiBjiBU-tadty^-atrain^d.'... i. gymnasium.^ school chil- to put the final touches on the operetta for the night performance' which starts at • 8:15 o'clock. 'There are no reserved beats'; •' i ; • • i . i| -I 1- i • . • • j An- excellent cast has been selected , for-1he- high school operetta this year, it is saijd. The'story of theiplay is interesting and'al­ most as j important as the singing and j dancing nirmbers . of which there are. many. It.-is said that theioperetta'tiiisj year .will; uqual any that, have been given jy the high iphool. Thej action] takes place at a tourist camp in the vest. A 'mil! : I • . . . . lion dollar gushec is discovered and of course, the land'is owned i i i ... by Jerry^ (Miss Mary Jane Carr) who is immediately b jset by prospective buyers. Her itiyer, (.John Barrum) tries to protect her but there is a misuiider£taiidiii.? and Jerry refuisesj to see him, thiiikitig that'he Is trying to steal the land from her. j The fire, department responded to tliree calls, one at the home of M: iG. Shea; oneat the home of S, Rosenthal and one at the home of Joe Copp6ck. -. -' - '-.*,* - * Eugene 'Cummins, 13- year old son of Mr. and Mrs. J: C. Cummins of Windfall; fell and broke his right arm while at play with •a number of other children. •> . * * .Mr. aiid Mrs. William Devault received word froih' their' son, Lbren that he and the rest of the Tipt;oii alloys had', reached Camp Hamilton, N. Y. Aliinpuiicenient was made of the' marriage -of -Dick'Orove and Miss Hazel Mahler which took pla^e- February 21. '•-•?]-* - * Mary Pickford in "The. Poor Littile Rich Girl." was the attraction 1 at the Marti!.' Wall Enamel For Your Kitchen, Bath •..- • i —-^ or Woodwork— and it's| CHI-NAMEL Blue FrMt Drug Store TIPTON, WD. "A Good Place to Trade" James Hopkins and Lien Sorrel £ were advertising for all kinds of ,'attle-.and, hogs. ..*** I,t- 'was announced .that the an- 1-banquet of the. Tipton hi"li s-clilool alumiii association would -i . be held on the evening of May 2-1. ' - * * * ;/ j tonirade P.. A. Bailey was iu a. Fort Wayne hospital operation; Meanwhilej minoii arise to; add .color ar the operetta Ijerry—but just go Friday night! and ihld jyourselfi • j There| is comedy nelius: Bean land his situations d humor to f .bo no Mil M Finally John and o the gym. out for fourteen Bean family are but they do dot funis childr u Mr. Cor- wife. There fen in the at the tourist camp jae therej is ah Amos Hank, a hen- jpecked husband who is being 'scolded Continually b;' his wife. There is a! large chorus which has been drilled for several days in-the maiiyf dances of the operetta. '| . ;: j . UKViiLwv W EIGHi;i>. i. .1 . - • I air the fun lliiistimi t'liuich Aid. ]rire' Ladies' Aid society of the West Street Christian church will entertained Thursday after- |Vn at 2 o'clock'at the home of |s; I. H. -Wi'jodruff. -109 North j in street. Assisting 'Mrs.: New Majestic, Model 90, Complete With ITubcs, 911B.50. Lee S. Leatherman FCXERAIi DIRECTOR. Drake Beauty Parlor • • i Graduate of Rainbow Academj Call 15 for Appointment ' Second Floor, Masonic BIdg. ML & N. SHOE STORE Nothing Over $4.98 COURT J ESY OUR MOTTO Insurance of AH Kinds Life — Auto — Accident Protection for Whatever Your Personal or Business Xceds May Be. LEE F. GRI1TTH INSURANCE AGENCY ! Phone 57. Woodruff will, ho Mrs. Winnie j Ni4h , J ;i\Iis. O. A. ISe'erbower, Mrs."; Lalura Moprd •' and Mrs. Clarence j Lafw. As there is some important business for the meeting it "is urged that all 'menjb'ers be pres-j flit.- ' " ' , J W. A. Pumphrey, D. C. CHIROPRACTOR Office Over Foster Jewelry Store. Tipton, lnd. Phone 254. \. Political Announcements. J The Tribune, from now un- -til the - date of the primary election, will carry political, announcements in' this column; payment for the samp must be made in'advance. LOANS $25 to S;H)0—Your Own Sccur ity—Quick and Conddcntial Peoples 'Loan & Credit Co. Rni. 4, Masonic Bldg. N. Main. Wkkeisliam I'ropusa;s- Fm -e X : n- certain Future in Washington, April . 9.— The [Hoover law- pnforceirij' Ision's j pegisjative House. |ent commis- program' to leiiforCeinent Istreugthetti- dry law land relieve congestion. in the federal courts was brought up;.».o- Iday by ^the house judiciaryi.tom.- imlttee with a view tb reaching a Idecisioni on its iapprcval or irejec- Ition. •: , ;j" [•• - ': f - - '>.. Several I administration mem-. Ibers were douhtful )f the possi- ibilities |)f reporting the i program ito the: hbuse! for action 'at this session, jbecause of-1 le opposition that hasj developed. \ ;, | -• The Wickersham measure to! broaden} the {powers - r of tjnite 'd States; plpinmlBsloners n'by. enabling For .luilsif. •[-As it candidate for the Republican ^nomination for judge of the Tipton, circuit court. I.- hereby respectfully solicit your support. . * ." * S. A. CULVER. See— -! ' YOUNG & MASON Suits and Furaisbiuffs 6 East Jefferson St. For County Treasurer. , Intn a candidate for the Homi- nUtibh of treasurer of Tipton cbtinty, subject to the Republican primary, May : i6.-1930i I shall appreciate any assistance giveu me iu my campaign. i THOS: B ..I BARTHOLOM KW. i \ i For Count)' Clerk. . ; I. hereby announce myself as a candidate for the nomination for cleric of tho Tipton circuit court, subject to the duiision of the Democratic voters nt the primary election to be held May 6, 1930. • PARKER DUNHAM. , I; have announced- as a Democratic candidate, foij the nomination: .for ,clerlt. of tlte Tipton circuit court; subject -to - the primary election;May! I 930. Any support given' me twill bo sincerely •annropfntorl "i LimiV W URJTH. RADIO SERVICE Wo fGo J Anywhere Avrial Work—-Full Line Accessories McJunkin Radio Shop i Phone 20X7^ Our New 1 ' Spring U oolens Are Arriving—Come ami Sec Them CHABIf 18 TOUCH Tailor |iand Hon'* Shop 108 Ifortfc " ' - We Trade for Xomr OM LINBBACEi •WmiL JmKmntm ML

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