Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 25, 1969 · Page 11
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 11

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 25, 1969
Page 11
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Want Ads — Where People Communicate CLAMimiORAm MMimini 2 inm. % mmim t 10 th* lin*. a mmt mTm ifcHS % IS 4 Lints ... 5 LinM ... C LiMS... 7 Unw... • Untt.. . «LliMS I*{IM S • Polestinions fee/ fhey make up o /ond/ess nation •rMULMEWSOM I Historieaily. PalMtine has Un fMpi N MS iUifytl Ulways included the ttnitory Whea llie outside »«fld tfanrics''^^'•"''B ^ HeditcRanetii and of Pdestiae lebicees. as itiJoxiin river, and bettraen coaeUmes mnst'tt usirily ig m Egypt and Syria, tcnnc of a rasged. adkn people In 1947. tlie UN \-oted a three- living in cardboard and comi-«ay partitioa of the area into sated iron shacks, nanine a independent Jewish and Arab hatred for Israd and dreaming | states end a Jerasakm having iapoacibie dreams ef a retntn'international status. Hie three to Kieir hoinelaod. <n-efe to be laiked bjr an It is a picture *Ud» stin economic union. Rmt rel^ considerable accuracy' iiie i9tg Arab-Isradi inrlBMcn.MMmtiin'iiOTtito but it is a changing picture marked the end of that ptan .'KlSS soSt"* «Bieh only in recent weeks has the Israelis taking over most of MusScti instninwnii'".. befun to come sharply intO |the area and Jordan the KSL^fS^ta'JiSr':"": "SJ:^ Today, the PLO refers toi !JS»«*1R*, What has emerged is * isr^'- • »-I~«:--"(! K !S 5«?» A I2S, 3 Stedilihtte HUpiWliWI WW MMNTENANCC nan. Mmt^elirad. d»- up 15 Div« Te«i», TM-JTOS or .?«•»». cuauPKArm mo§x Latt and Fount special NelicMi CfDOloynMnt X ri«p WanMd .-- Sciwelt - innructrom •. Numrict-Day tHloeH :.S ::8 , Can mm t nteas »AIWriH6 - M «»tan«iiiW£wg •aoobla. "Bob- OOWM. mmi. 'occupied Palestine' Business Opportunitioo MCOtnS PfOPOraf BM(3>-Mountain Salw Industrial Proptrty Lots and Aeraaaa Roal Estatt EiaaRito. Gicves and RanciMO coneept of Palestine as a gnd is pledged to recapUii« it.! ^J^^i^ ^^-^^ TbelXJ^ added another time ,;«niUi«mr «fiigeestotheapprBxi- SSwtate^co2efor.Sdtofte ^'^•^ ^ ^ "f*.' l.*^ SSSSTto? SST^ KmMcr IMS cuaie wrwaro m mc, ,^ temlones Occupied by thel'*'^ fonn 01 Yassir Arafat who «>ot ' ' ; orty ia head of Al Fatah, the: "^"^ ^ ^ ^ .i wh« «i JS?illSo BMt active of the Arab' With no wish to have that! wh« " •rror jsjnaoo DEADLINES party ads -«:3e p^m. t puolkatioci. „ jdo ON Vio eoomando group*, but also is Arabs on their bands, the Facts is nottwod by • JAW lei; etehnaii of the Palestinian a«seelring a Uberatioo Organiiation (PLO). and » demilitanied, sqiarateipnperiy mjMitienM «0 links political and Arab alal. might bel ^^4^«»iS„^» iriHtary dements and U ^ven ^n answer. icomct inaartior- qoMi sovenaMnt status by the| Nearty 600,000 Palestine lef- Aiab states. Its representatives'ugees live in camps hii Privata ha*» appeared before the Lebanon. Syria and Jordan. Ii Bnited Natioos. Others, however, have emigrat-c ,gS5T!SSatlS5."* As head of PtO, Arafat has ^ith mailed success. •eeess to snch other Arab especially to the «l-rich sbeik- notaUes as Preadat Gamal'^"'^- Abdd Nasser of tte United, Few tsd any real li^alties to Anb BepoUie and lOng Hus-llbdr host countries. Only sein of Jordan, both of whom!Jordan offers them citizenship.' tam been pushed into the|Leban«j. Syria and Egj-pt issue'g==~;=^^S==^ background by the militant Al.spedal identity canls, labeling'^ie^ FMST. wSJSTTieSseL {COST — Sunday hom w. oiiva near JEWELRY stylist and distributan. Company ««Bandin«. TV-mi. MACTieAL nwsa. iWln or «MK- lADV b liv»<n. aoms Orwi apt wing. Htm 792-2921. — i days must hsvs transpotta- tion. radio. 1S60 VW. tion. " dise bcakas. air oa torn int>rtor« low RIIIOTI lant oonditlow. m-TO -sharing line, cus- •. EnM- •63 OLMMOtlLEJupaf « 2.0oar Hatmop 394 cu. in. V4 with automatic, pomw grss .'BiiSnWsa^ can TK-am aWar 6 p.m. HOMES aJlwJSi*?JtS*?w^ SHASTA trailar. awnlni. aloctnc •AfT aftlar, 7dO-SdO, S days_»Mfc: brakes. S7S0. TSMlOi. WMUc oMor. Eariy morning ffSBSBTOSg homo dot-nraty paper routa. Good SP>Ji ,.2 yurs pay, ear necessary. 797-5729. , .r'-'yjt ?**•..—. r-r !xS»iawC£6 irmt end and oralce 14 CU. FT. Westinghousaretrii medianio Guaiantaa and eommi »-l " " Sioo. 79g-921S or 7930277. wiur - lika new. 1007 Top freezer, works (bod. »ig»i. rjtrit^ nr «jj^»cf. , after 5s30 pjn. . _ to Bc« J. c/o Facts OWice. PAftT.TIME houselieeper. Must hay own tiansportation, rafatances. 7 »«7a attar 5 pm SEBWCE Station aftindani Fuimme. aiparianca nacassary. Over an 30. Blains Slwll Seraica, sasHteau- mont Ave.. Beaumont RANSE OR WASHER LOMA UNO* HAHuwra PHONE 793-3221 Mil l:« ajii. H S pjn. I.eo a.m. H » Haw Sahtrday 1 Lost and Fomd Excellent . shorthand^ helplur Mutt ba DeriengA^^oeai^^ area. Write man over 40 in Redlands area. Short auto trips to contact customers. Air mall a M. Oickarton. President Southwestern Petroleum Corp, Ft worth. Texas 78101. w£ 6UV and »eU gaoa usadTigiii: ture. Value Center Fumltun, 3U w. Redlands Bl»d. TW-mi WECe sectional, tg; coHea gBg chairs, rockers, small dresser, ate Nice cabinet TV. t3S. 7»2-7463. CMD maple badreonrssl - s^nala beds, totather or separata. Cluirs, table lamp, TV, etc All reasonable^ 793-<g«9. f -MISCELLAHtSig SIDE OUNCES Redlands Doily Focto iTuwdoy, Feb. 25. 1W -J1 55 Houes for Sale IV MNEft - 3 bedfoem and On E. Crascant 67. coverad potior WJX. Owner transfanad.; ?~L WNEA - 3 bedroom, 1^ baths, carpet «oread air heatinc and cooling. Fenced. 2 car larafe. SlSjgo. FHA. JtOO dean. Near Clement-Lucenia 7^^3t71. MIME Ldattor Va act* comer lot basutifully land* scaped, fruit tiaas and ttoMrs. Frashly painted 2 bedroom and den. IVt baths, camplata wiOi drapes and carpeting, fiiaplaca and air conditioning, double carport brick wall patio. t2S,0M —^ lor« down. Owner will fine 7M.3S21. financ*. "Okay, to W% a MAN in th« ear aheatl who gave me a wrone sienal, but how do you know his wife didn t tell him to do it?" FED MART ijjcm Palestinian refugees. Fat* leader. PLO and Hs commando forces, now are an element which the!fed themsdves apart from the: .N^^ri^"Par«anian.| ^ii'U&.^'rkBfS - - - ' Reward. Call 79t-U77. (altered male! SIS. iFull.time grocery cleftL Must hava I produce expenenca. Morning box boy. must b« able to woric 10 Monday.Fi>- day. Apply in person to Mr. Fisher. -\mu(t ftCTSTiirERrio it^tM W6-7024 HEAD SKIS - how on sale. oH. Pratt B iros.. 651 E. Citrus Ave. SINGER COM^ANV Repossessed 1961 Singer Smrfng machine. Zig zags, blind hems, monograms, overcasts and appjkiucs. Payments » month. Call Mr. Hannnit for traa home inspection. fl'^tS -ANIHaiS Stats, Soviet Unioo, Britahi and France must ooBsider as fiiey ponder a Mttiement of the Middle East nsnainder of the Arab world. And from this may come a due to the persistence with u-hidi they dream impossible,' dreams. raUNO-Near Luaonia and WasI small black Poodle-lika puppy, collar, dragging rope. 792 -7a62 Dick Tunwr Has _ _ !>•• fere 1030 a.m. LAST — Rawanl tor return of vaan Schwinn Colligient biocia from Cope Jr. High attar school Wed. Wo quasttens asked. Call 79 REWARD F0ft~lliFattUAY16N _ ing to ftcovery of Ford Model T Roadster body and pickup box. Taken from garage on Sbllman Ave. Your name will bo kept eoofldan- tiaL Call 79M3n. 3 Special NoHces SKI SALE—Jackets, sM pents. All on • eAZ. Citrus- sale. PRATT BROS, ( value WBBTgr -\ don*t fMliavo all this talk about the softness of AiiMriean youth. Not when they can do homework whU« litUning ;o the news!" Scrambler Answer le fmievt Peule ACBOSS ISheltering stnictut« 4Bew «Jies a Adroit UFUsi 03 Shield facariog U Mountain (comb, ions} ISUnUof Tduetmee ISBiaBchof morphology (pL) ULodtsoffaair aoFanses agodent M^^d " iof aEnervale 30 Ocean vessels SMcnial sutev aaofananny SSWiUass 36 Individual STEogEsh Quaker 39 Dorsum «)Partofpoi 41Twitdung 42 Deviate 45Pachari '49 Occur 51 Lubricant 52 River islets 53 Bridle stiap .54MissMerkle S3 Blushing 56 Moutbward $7 Oriental coin DOWN ITwo-wheeled vehide SEuropean stream 3 Endurance 4Brae SLakeinlridi FreeSute 6 Lackluster 7 Coterie 8 Having a cupola 9 Goddess of discord 10 Pedal extremities 11 Throw 17 Prayer 29 Freshen (with up) 31 Refunds 33 Virulent 38Moreinquis- iUve (colL) 40Aranat>c plant 41 Skirt 42 Asterisk 19 More rational 43 Group of 23 Citrus fruit singers 24 Too 44 Rodents SMorlgage 46 Operatic solo 26 Natural fat 47 Number 27 Shrewd 48 Ardor 28 Fish sauce 50 Golf teacher SSOa Best kication. 797-3gl. INCOME Tax Attums, pimnid M registarad tax consultant 797-S4S1 JRS-ClawiInf and glazing, raining, repairs, rcmodelin|^ Stoles, hats. repairs, or collars made. TOUR 12 Summer, enced 797 " . _ European countries this mmer, congenial group, experi- ^^|uide, £C()NOlylY t Evanlngs, Ugd N O H MS MoncB TO nnscBa NOTICE IS HEKEBY CIVBN that the Board of Zdueatkm at the Bad- landi Unified School Olrtrict of Saa Bernardino Countr. California, hereby cans tor acaled bids 10 be delivered to the Anistant Superintendent of the said Board at the Administrative OWoef, SI West Lu- fonla Avenue, Bedlands, Calltamla. until the 4Ui day of March. 1M9. at 2:30 pjn.. at which tiae and place said bkto wUI be opeaed fon 8EWINC XACHn«ES ml TTede-ins Each bid shall be made out on a form to be obtained at the office of the Aaristant Soperlntendent of School*. Each bid over *7.000 shall be ae- eompanled by a certified or cashier's check peyable to the owner or a satiifactoiy bid bond in favor of the owner, executed by the bidder ax principal and company satisfactory to the Board of Education as surety In an amount not less than i<U of the bid: said check or bond shaU be given as a guarantee tliat the bklder wiU execute tiw contract if it be awarded to liini. The governing Board of said School Ustrlet re«rves to reject any or aU bids or any informaUty In a bid. No l>idder mar withdraw his bid for a period of thirty IX) days aZt« the date set for the openiiig tliere^ By order of the Covcmlng Board of Redlands Dnitied School District of San Bernardino Coonty. Dated at Badlands, CaUfOmla. tfaia 18th day at rjbnunr^wap. • A. B. SCHtJlTZ, JR.. Clerk of said Governing Board. I AM LOOKING FOR A PARTICULAR TYPE OF WOMAN I want a woman win Is not satisfied arith just a job, but one who will take a personal interest and help, to build it This woman will be> Kd Si'i3SliSMlo**liistRf*alnS dence. If you can fill my raqulra- — tiljSSe to n5 ,aao poasibia appointment fiEAUTIPUL young Siamasa cat haa to good JionW;JU4«7& SCHNAOZEt! puppies, miniature, champion sired, females. • 792-W9. il^OTORCYCLES ~I«4 VAMAHA U TRAIL. \Va 793-U76 55 RMBes fir Sale 6V oMMEIk— 4 bedroom, near sasrs. By owner, 4 bedrooms, family room. 2 baths, built-ins, fully carpMad. air conditioned, nicely landscaped. %3Zm. M South Ava. 79mw. SV OWNER - 3 badroom. 2 baths, built-ins, orpatad, drapes, fenc^ (19,6001 tZOOt toini, assume SU« loan. Shown by appointnwnt only. 793-3698. rtENTOOM, J HatN custom liomi; 2350 sq. ft Outstanding vidw, Vz acta landscaped lot Oinlns room, _2»MM 26 Musical iRSlraaKats the For ._ flrst year. _ _ only, call San Bamaidino, OMITS, between 2- 4 p.m. 10 For Beat A —APAKTMEMTS -HEIBRBOH; utilities pakL 79M90S. 793- m.; FURNISHED.' upstairs. I, 'furnished. 1 bactielor, lid. 79M90S. 793-2286. . "425~W. Olhie. 792-236«. SPACIdUS i bedroom lower. tl27, or ns7 furnished. Sit side 793 -t «77 or 793^696. FURNISHED AfARTMEHTL ' yenthhr rates. $90 and up, utilitiat Includad. Chlldran walooma. 79^7SSI. 1122 West Palm. Apt 3. APARTMENTS Unfurnished 2 bedroom, new carpeting, SllS. Pool, air conditioning, and laundry. Adults, no pets. SS Palmbrook, N.W. comar Braoksida and Ash. 792-3586. WE HAVE HENTAU Bob Parlear, Real Estate 37 E. Olive Ave. 79^2914 REAUV fine . pointment 792- plana. By 47 Incowe Property BY OWNER _ Rialto, i units with pool and extras. Income $10,100 a year. SISMO down. Trad* for balance. 874-1517. DURRELL APTS. Furnished, attractive, 1 bedroom unit in spacious court Attachad garage, pool, laundry. (95. 793-5785 UNIVERSITY MANOR Garden Apts. 1200 Square Ft — 2 Bedrooms 133 University St, 792^59 49 IwdMStrial Property LIGHT industry or commercial prap- erty. NewlAo sq. ft bulldin «._tot 72x150. All fenced, blacktoppad, near freeway on and off ramp. Ideal for niachina shop or bunding contractor, etc. By ' Phone days 792-6042, 7 *Mm: a lots aad Acreage W ACRE near Saga 's. building. 792.8828 after 6 p.m. BUSINESS LOT Excellent comer, lOlli and.,, Slatti, bordering Redlands Blvd. WilUglly sacrifice for quick sale. 792 -48Ca. S3 Real Estate Wanted CASH FOR EQUITY We pay cash for the equity hi yeur home. Bob Parker Real Estate 37 E. Oliva Ave. 793-2914 55 Houses for Sale I Tight waive NOTICE or MEABINC OK PETJ- TICS' rOB PSOBATE OP WILL A.VD FOB LETTEB8 TESTAHlKtABT No. 31159 In the Superior Court of the SUte of California, In and for the Coonty of San Benardina _ Tn the nutter of the Estate of F. W. DAVIS, generally known as FOREST W. DAVIS. Deeeaaed. NoUce U hereby given that the petition of Bank of America National Trust and Savings Assodation. a national banking asiocUtion. for the Probate at wm of T. W. Davis, generally known as Foiast W. Davis, the above named decedent and for the iKuance of Letters Testamentary thereon to Bank of America NaUon- al Trust and Savings Asseetation. peUUoner. reference to whiA is hereby made for further pertlen- lars. will be heeid et t» o 'clock ajn.. on March 7. IM». in the court room of the Prebete DepMtment. Room 30S of the above entitled Court at the coBrthoMse in the City of Sen Bernardino in the above deiiaa- nated eoanty and aUta. "•-/•SSSs'VJSSiLl.aer .t •'""'"-igSSaark. r. A. LBONARO. lOSti Orange Street Satte •, P. O. Box 276. Redlands. California trm. Attorney for Petitlaaer. (First puhllfatkw FA. It, UtH KOnCC OP HEABOfO OV TIOK »OB PBOMATB OF WILL AND FOB UTtBBS TESTAWCrtAST Ma 3Bin In the Sapeetar Court of the Stale a< California, ia and (or Iba County of Saa ~ of tke Mala e( labova naased decadent.-^ — •ttaane la the CUr a( Baa llae in Ilia abww ilaslgnatad GOAT V. NEW YORK ST. APTS. 25 New York St. Mgr. Apt 8 7924756 Completely redecorated. 2 and 3 Bedroom Apartments $125 and $145 per month. • -HbUJES WANreO-^hristJan couple with some furniture to share house, raason- able rent and utilities. 792.6269. MODERN 4 bedroom home, near Redlands Country Club, 2 baths, carpeted, water paid . . AVAILA6LE March 1 conaiuoneo, owner. 792-7122. — 3~Beaf and family room with fireplace. Carpets, drapes and fenced rear yard. $150. 79^77»6. PRiMriBCATToN . j^;^^,^^;^^^^. Landscaped comer lot freshly paint- O WNER selling 4 bedroom home with . —.< poQi, f3niiiy room, rafrigeratad air, built-ins, carpeting, drapes, etc. Redlands •UyiNS-SELLING-RENTINO " VIRGIL J. SIMS. REALTOR 18 W. Citrua 79»2T7> BY OWNER—4 bedroom. 2 baths, nice comer, fenced, sprinklers. All work done! $22.900. 79241738 after 6 p.m. BY OWNER—3 bedroom, den, 2 bathi; oeOTTateo, school. /9 >536B. monthly income, terms available. 792-53ie or 792-7598. 3 BEDROOM, 2 bath. lU ft (rontaga: Near schooL 1428 Texas or call Riv. 783-1753, 12138 Country Club •———wKrmm Exceptional 3 bedroom custom home on Mariposa Or. 4,000 sq. ft Owrter anxious to sell. $69.900. 792-9491. BY OWNER — Lovely custom 2 bedroom, den, on Elizabeth Crest Newly redecorated. Magnificent view. Owner transferred. $34,T HERE 'TIS Neat - nice and attraetiv* 2 .bad- room horn* in ssod southsida leea- tion. Near shoppins. SMJOOi DON FIGGINS 20 N. 7th Realtor TSMtill 55 Hoises far Sale BY OWNER — 4 bedroom, $15X0. Oriva by 330 Cantar St and call 7»2-5t20. BEAT inflation. Invest In this lovely 3 bedroom, 2 bath hom^on corner lot and receive income from smaller guest house with its own private drive and ^'^^^'^j^^^^^ extras. By owner. Superb Setting on Sunset Dr. [With • view from every window that will make you fall In kiva with this custom built hilltop home. Urge rooms lhieu|hout a sopai« aSundanca of atorags and many extra features. Both living room and family foom faalwa a dtstine- tiva fireplaea. There Is " formal dining room, an Inviting convenient Utchan, larn aapaiala laundry room, small office and a sewing room that can ba used as a third bedroom plus a hujw tabby shop. 2 deluxe tile ie home for lha discriminating or _ A fine buyer. $46,500. DOSS 793-3354 33 E. Vine MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE Open Sabitdays Eves, and Sjndan Call ?;t.| Mein«s m-2740 ilany Riguelin 792-4733 L:';n iioyd 792-4996 Cart or fiaxine tloss 793-4100 Show Me If you can, a better buy than this cozy three bedroom, Wi bath home. There's built-ins in the kitchen including the dishwasher. A sunny petia for dad to show off his outdoor cooking skill and a private fenced yard for the children and pals. Only $16490. We Agree ira tard to believel igra is a etarm- Ing three bedroom home with beamed ceilings, nice carpet and spacious enclosed yard. Won't last long at this low prlca of $lim Bob Parker, Realtor 793-29M 37 E. Olive Open till 7:30 OPEN SUNDAYS TU 6-5101 Cope-Smiley School area — a charming 3 peen and kitchen with beautiful ing. Tile bar, dining room, utility home is immaculate ure to show. Full Small down. bed- laria livms room erith This prin *$UsSi Heap O' Living 4 bedroom and large family teom. ZVi baths. Near Smiley-Cepa Very attractive stona fireplace, wall to wall carpeting, larga enclosed rear yard with timed automatic sprinklers, shake, root Refrigerated cooling and Raced air healing. Ideal location for tha entire faniily. Excellent tarms avait able. Wanda Hale 126 W. Cotton RaaKor TfMOl Eve. Dudley Owen 792.0186 TOWN SQUARE DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION Real ktate Sales MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICC Unusual Yef Traditional Up a private drive on top of a hill is this charming Iradltlenal home. French wallpaper in entry sets mood. Large livlns room with bay window and farm fira- plece. Step down thru shutlarad doorways to formal dining room with alcove for family dining and relaxing around comar fireplace. Built-in kitchen and biaakfast room. S bedrooms, 2 baths in one wing. Spteieus beJioom- sittins room with 3id firaplaoa and deluxe bath In oOiar wing. «2xU haatad pool %nm I West State Street Day or Nite 793-284! Lois Lauer 7S3-12aS Bonnie Rook 793-1308 Helen Johnson 792-6846 Pat Newnham 792-7122 Mary Poole 792-2197 Les Platz 792-9100 Who Does It • •. Where YoulFMTiiein... QUICK REFEREMCE MRGCTORY TO BUSINESS Household and Professional Services \ •k Air CandHtanini . HaaHiifl ed inside and out 2 bedroom and den, W2 baths, carpets and drapes, fireplace and air conditioning. $195 par month lease. Lease-Option considered. 792-3621. 13 Wanted to Rent Lease 3 OR 4 BEDROOM older home. Southeast Redlands. 793-1731. $42,750. 792-1548. Southeast Redlands. HOMES — LOTS — FARMS TRADITIONAL SCRVKC FOWLER'S 210 W. Citrus REALTORS 793.2HJ 6 Help Wanted 6 Help Wanted Full, part-time positions available on all shiHs- Aree and shift differentials. PARTICULAR NEED FOR MIC STAFF NURSES. WELL ORGANIZED TRAINING PROGRAM OFFERS OPPORTUNITY FOR PROFICIENCY IN THIS SPECIALTY AREA. ORIENTATION AND TRAINING BASED ON INDIVIDUALS NEEDS PROVIDED BY PROFESSIONAL IN-SERVICE TRAINING STAFF. LVNs Sslaetlan or ihiRs in soma areas. ORDERLIES Cpenlms anilabia en avanint and night shifls. Apply or caU far aspoln MVOSBE COHKUNTY HOSPITAL 4445 M OUP B B A V*. M3.7230 Elf. 20t DO YOU HAVE... In-laws? Teen-Agers? College Students?.. Hera's the answer to your housing problems. A_ wnf livabia. 4 bedroom, 2 PLUS BURGESON'S Daya, Ni x •! and Service, It AFeddart III »3-3685 # Lennox Sales ' ELL'S G.E. • Payna - Worthington Since 1949 —Service —All Makes 792-1849 ^ A BBIVSI in| Sanrica MERCURY ANSWERING SERVICE 47 E. Vine 793-2901 • AnHqtias • Hanet ROTHENBERGER ARABIANS Stud sennce — pastures. 792-3310 ANDERSOTFSTRAftlANS _ 793-2836 If no i • Jawtlry IWB..Rap«>r ALDEN JEWELRY-Mfg. ft Repair, US Orange, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. 79»4078. • Li /ht ^Muras KREPS CARRIAGE BARN Cut Glass - China - Furniture Yucaipa Turn-off 792-7209 #Aiil*EI«ctrie WIDE CHOICE. HOME COMMERCIAU Home Electric 296 Citrus •» Li^uart. Winas, Bwr Every brand under the sun. Jolly Jug, 910 W. Colton Ave. Tune-up, Air Conditioning, Brakes REDLANDS AUTO ELI ng, Bral ECTRIC 792-4776 if MovlBf and Sfarafa i REDLANDS VAN ft STORAGE 1955 Industrial Parle •k Mtrfflan All Chi Game; SDDSi. Automotive Service, 430 Texas. Call > 792-521)3. Free pick-up and delivery.' • AtHa Sales * i^n^e^ ALSO exhausts-tail pipes. 792-4975, Guaranteed for life of your car. Ro " a cozy 2 room and bath tuest housa:^LIS*S- with complete privacy. Smiiey-Copaj Auta Rapaii "slsSo "''""^ Fin«n"ns-i All Chrysler, Willys, Fiat Cars I Royal Muffler, 601 N. Eureka". ' Ganiey Motors, 415 Orange, -nt-rm'. ^ A.r,, IH WI L I .LH ru-iJiTT w A B MAjdR or minor, it's~Bo"6~Pillow's * MacWnas - ^U.UI4.* Now You Can Buy On FHA or VA Terms This lovely custom built home in .. —— most desirable southside location, i^ Bakarv 3 bedrooms, two baths, plus den^^ »—«»»r with used brick fi Van Dorin Motor Ca, Chiysler and Dodge. 1617 W. Redlands Blvd. SERR'S OF REDLANDS 208 E. State 792-3939 ie Paintinf GEORGE MOEHLE Painting. 792-3179, 5 -7 ANG L I H ft W W£|1. M sed brick fireplace. Built-in range, oven, dishwesher and refrigerator. Quality wall to wall carpeting over beautiful hardwood floors, lofe of fruit and shade trees. Low down. Only $25,750 or NO DOWN to qualified veteran. VIRGIL J. SIMS ft Mwi Painting and Decorating 18 W. Citrus Reeltor 793-2777 Eves, and Sunday Wanda Griffiths Fayrana Burton 792 -3982 Martha Fouch 792 -3013 Elsie Webber 712-tSab 792-4696 Roy Buchoz 792-5r SPECIAL occasion cakesmade^too^.^^ p.,^ ^ Wlllpapar 792 -5Ua Goodies baked daily. Shop. 24 E. State. 792.38lt • Car Wa«liln9-W««iii9 REDLANDS 3 MINUTE CAR WASH 412 W. Redlands Blvd. ' 792-7551 -V Carpal ClMii<n» ~ Nerthside Paint — 1605 Orange Highest quality. 792-941S Highest quail Plumbint" ACCURATE JANITOR SERVICE Carpets-Floors-Windows 792-2594 •k Claanars. SWrt Latwidry 5170 h-APARTMINn Dutch Girl Cleaners 34 W. Colton 792-3630 if Cein-Op Diy daanhn-Latindry SANITARY PLUMBING 1248 Wabash Ave., Redlands, 794-2131 if Rsefifig REROOFING, ROCKS OR SHINGLES Superior Roofing eg. Est 792-3881 • RotaHlljnt ~ NEU'S CLEAN SHOP _ 1594 N. Orange 792-2121 YOU DOJTor WE DO fT if Calar l^tavManSarvica NEW lawn, sprinkler systems, yard clean-ups and shrubs trimmed, trash hauling odd Jobs, monthly maintenance. Call Ken, 799-2217 or 794-2283. Free estimates- if SpaitinB Caads BICYCLES-Bicycle repairs- Schwinn- Pratt Bros., 651 E. Citrus PiM Crtst Monor AptSa 1001 PINE sr. Mr- Apt a—n »M NOW RENI1NG Jusf newly eemplefed • Bachelors. I. 2. 3 B #diooHiSe • |IOOfe|l90p«r CLARKS COLOR TV SERVICE , . <.LS !!J !r "«-t«». M2S W. Paric Ave. 792-80511^ StatJanaiTf • GHts • Cands • Cawtnardal PrinHin j ^ ^sraflrs OF REDLANDS Letterpress — oniat ^ - /^^^ Beacon Printery. 336 Orange "Hras—Sale* A Sarvkt OTROfiRAPri PRlNTlNenu t state Shocks - Mufflers - Front Ends • Brakes -_tfTg"^"^,;:^^^-^I-^. N. Eureka READING 792-9215 WTHUR CdhMERCUL PRgTZi By Cooper ft Atmstions. Custom ra: JS:^] capping. Clapp-t lira Satviea^ (01 W. state. Phona WM«2.^ m N. Fifth St it Pa« Craamiwe BROOKSloe PETSVILLE ..====J*»!:___J!»:76U SIONAL doc grooming. Clip: . All braads of ^ ... fbr appointment Dvfca Pat Ste^S, nToianBa. oecaslen. Ftaa Oam-im. Badlands Florist 29 So- 6th St FURNACES ' SALES - SERVICE ^^^^ 24 h-^ 794.113. -EVEBYTHIHG IN SUSS." IMPERIAL HARDWARE ISE. Cnns 7SM917 • fafavUlaii. S«>as*ian>k« Redlands* Zenith Terrier TV, 508 Qranss: • Uphshlswrs Phone 79Mgl. • Wtcfc • Jawatry RgpiiriBe Clifford Fatiar. JaaiaMr 7 H. Kh St WMI7S •k^UMm ARTHUR COMMERCUL PRESS 112 N. Fifth St 7S34MI Chas. E. Mosso waldincllforks 7n W. Stuart Avai 71M7»

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