The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 9, 1930 · Page 1
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 1

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 9, 1930
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1 I Entered as second class matter,;Oct. 4, 1895, = LJ L I U I L post- [office at'Tipton, Ind., under the act of March 5, 1S79.- VOLCME XXXX, NO. 161. TIJPXONi INDIANA,s"WEDNE|SRAY KVEXIXGj APttlL », Il930. BOYS DO DAMAGE. WI in Trench and ; Throw Bed Lights in Ditch. Workmen who have been ien- gaged in placing a| water line from <West street to I the rear of the Masonic, building and across the alley to the building. 'Were \ peeved when thev returned to '-r— . '• their- work Wednesday Imorning. . ' During the night unknown par- Central Bank Of Arcadia ! ties - "believed to have b|eeh boys jor young men,,placed heavy pipe land the Ted lanterns j used to I warn persons, into the ditch and .then partly filled it in with dirt. Voluntarily Closed Doors Wednesday Noon. BANK CALLED SOLVENT j ,The occurrence' was | reported to Chief of Police "Leonard "who is j making v an investigation which jmay lead to'the detection of the jparties. Fred MaTtz, Cashier, Asked for Action to Protect j Depositors. j FRENCH NAVY CUT DEMANDED BY ENGLAND Hopes for Dr Law Repeal Britain Tries for 20D,C0D -Tpri Slash After Satisfying' Security Query. PARIS IS : SURPRISED Italy Out of Picture Tem porarily Due Illness of Delegate Grandi. Arcadia's only bank, The Cen-i tral Bank of Arcadia, closed its doors Wednesday noon, following i a trip to indianapoiis-by the ^ash- \ifa n Responsible for Death ier, Fred Martz, who asked thej- q { Lora Brbokbank Has state banking department to take; „ ' T ' •'* J charge as a protection for the de-j * ieen located. positors. The action taken is vol-! untary on the pan of the bank of-j ficers and it is stated that the in- j ' stitution is perfectly 7 solvent, i Withdrawals over a period of many: months, increasing somewhat recently, it is understood,' brought about a .situation which j! the officers of the hank faced and ai-ted upon decisively. Fred Martz, the cashier. FOUR IN DEATH CAR Police at Indianapolis are holding a youth, 19 years of age, matt, .for the killing of Lora Brooki • i i bank, former Sharpsville went * - i: 'and a-son of Amos Brookbank of to Indianapolis Wednesday morn-,. . . ' ,', L-.--->_ , . that place. Mr. Brookhink, who- ing and presenting the Situation , . . . L , , • , , . , , . . , ; was employed in a clerical posi- to the state banking department, . . - ' „„,,.. j , . . , :tion in the Big Four offices at'In- asked that the department takei ' dianapolis, was on . his. way to charge. He- returned with L. F. Symonds, of the' department, who is: now in control " The Central Bank has as its president, Fred . Martz is the Otto Jensen, trustee township in Hamilton county, is the assistant cashier. work on the night of October 20, when he was hi,t by a car, drag- feet and- of .Arcadia I S ed for more 4 nan A. R. Martz. cashier, and of • .Tackson left in a dyirtfr-condition iir\Easfr Washington street. Several days ago a policeman in Indianapolis chanced to overhear two young ladies talking on It is understood that depositors ia. street corner while waiting for will receive their money shortly.! a car and hearing something said Naturally some time will be re-iabout an automobile accident lis- ouired to clear up details, but itUened in; He heard enough to is announced that the bank i s in j warrant taking, them jto head- condition to pay in mil. j quarters for questioning apd they Two years ago the First Na-f admiUed havjng been 1n : the ^ tional bank of Arcadia closed with twoyonBg roe n when the ac- doors. Withdrawals brought on a i cident OCCIirred . B rookbank died critical condition and due lo i ,„>: „• „;.-, . „ S4 „, „ f ,, ; „ . i in the city hospital or his in- frozen loans, the institution was \ j UT \^. \ compelled to liquidate. With the! Amos BrookDank vho is a - closmg of the Central Bank of^^ f0p . the . ^ epubtican Arcadia, the town .is without banking facilities. Probably efforts will be made at once "to reorganize or form another bank, i The Central Bank of Arcadia is a private bank, with a capital of $10,000 and $15,000 in surplus and undivided profits. Deposits aggregated about $190,000. •MEANEST THIBF IS FOUND. Man Took Vet Chickens' Belonging to Little Orphan Girl. Tipton authorities believe they have had a report on the meanest low down thief which ever worked ; in any community. . Several days ago, some mongrel stole two pet .chickens belonging to "Wendy" the little i niece of Mr. and Mrs. Frank McNew on North Main street. The -child who is less than three years of age, was taken into the home of Mr. .and Mrs. McNew when the mother died, when Gwendolyn was but a ;|«w days old. ^. ; The chickens were great pets Qf the child and she delighted to feed; them and play with>) them. They were so tame she could pick them^up anywhere. ! :< | The police would like to have a look at the ^kind of a person who would steal the ch'lld's pets. for .... T _... nomination for assessor was at Indianapolis Saturday when the driver of the car was given a preliminary hearing and bound over to the grand Jury., It developed that the youth and others had been drinking, and were driving a car belonging to the fa' her of the •driver who resided in tndianapous: . •• j - ; ' The young man is said to have admitted his ^uilt whei question- ( ed and later denied it and his j case will be investigated by the i grand jury. \ Lora Brookbank, the man killed, was born *nd | reared in Sharpsville'. He was a cousin of Mrs. R. H. Lett iof Tipton, their mothe/s being sisters.! : London, April 9.—France having expressed satisfaction regafd- ing the security accorded her by the British j interpretation, of Article 16 on the covenant of t;he league_of nations, French and British experts this afterno'on | L started discussion of how much could be lopped off . the Frerlcb naval tonnage figures. , j The British wish the French jto slash 200,000 tons from the 72^4,000 originally demanded, but such a reduction is 1 causing' a raising of eyebrows among the French delegates. However, Jacques Dumesnil. French minister, of Marine, and A. V. Alexander, first lord of the admiralty, tackled the problem and it was^.expected Prime Minister Ramsay > MacDonald, : of Great Britain, and Aristlde Briand; French foreign ' minister, would meet again to discuss the situation. .. Interlocked with • the Anglo- French question was the Italian attitude, since the British do riot ,wish to make a security pact with France unless Italy participates in some. form. Both Briand and MacDonald < were to have met Dihp Grandi, chief Italian delegate •> today, but Grandi [developed a bad chill and intrusted matters to the Italian ambassador. This left matters, somewhat in the air, since Grandi's approval is necessary for any vital decision. - ' It had been expected that today might determine whether there was any,use continuing to strive for a five-power pact, but in view of Grandi's illness this {decision may be delayed! • '•! ! WORLD BANK BONDS MAY BE FOUGHT •WIPE ASKING mvottCR: Mrs. Pearl Beam < linrses husband With Vuiluw to Support. j McFadden Says He Will Ask i Congress to Outlaw Pro;; posed Issue. ' j Here This Week, •Mrs. Forest Jarvis and daughter, Lois of Fort Wayne, are vis- : iting, with the former's parents, Mr. ^nd.Mrs. George Fou'ch on Mill street this week, this being the spring'-vacation in the' Fort Wayne schools where Lois is a pupil in the primary, department. Mrs. Jarvis will join his jwlfe and daughter here Saturday' and accompany them home. . Taken 4o Hoapital. t «Sttk 'The, Young ambulance Mrs" Maude Schall x>f North street to the' Methodhrt b^apltil •t' IadianapoUa Wednesday MtirJ- soon.'wlWre ahe [will he ihii' «niMwii 'Mn. flctall kM^ki^ Favorable Report on Parker Is Likely But Objections Still Pour on Committee Washington, April Indications are that the .nomination ol Circuit Judge Parker, of North Carolina to be an associate justice of the supreme courtj will be ire- ported favorably by the senate Judiciary committee nest Monday. The 1 sub-committee > having the nomination in cbarg^ composed of Senators ! Overman. ! Herbert and Borah. _wlll mee( tbte'week, and, in the abeenee 'of unekpeeted developments, will that the nominee be Henatora Ovirnwii •WlamliMr Imtatt: Bor«A^- etin J. Letters and telegrams •" coh- ; tlnued to pour in on the sub-committee today, j most of them voicing opposition to the nomination. One protest was received .from Norman Thomas, of New. TorkV Socialist leader; : WbaUver the action, of the judiciary committee. It is accepted as a certainty that the, nomination >iriU .be pltterlr.opposed' on the. ssasts Moov.y 'Siau^'.pit^ man, vprtaelpal-a^BaoirH o|'^tfdgM Hrker^ Is ceis^at ^ mm slh 'afiS ^ffsafif 1 ea«r,woal «v., • ^Matj ^^SaalaL SEES DANGER TO US John J. I Rasf bb, testifying before with regard spoken wetV . commit lithe ^aid that he Against the denied: that liquor. Reparations May Be Paid and U. S. Will Still Hold the Bonis. j .Through her attorney J. It. ; Coleman, . Mrs. Pearl Beam has ' filed suit in the Tipton Circuit {Court, in which she is asking tor j a-divorce from .her husband. : James H. Beam. The complaint charges thev •were married February 6. 1915, and ' seperated' August. 18, 192S. ; and have not since lived tngeth- • er. Mrs.: Beam charges her husband failed to provide support : for herself and their daughter • Martha age 1 4 and rfhe : ts also ; asking, the care and custody of the daughter and an order re- (juiring the - defendant to contribute to the ; of the child.. ;. • Mrs,- Beim has for some time been employed in the kitchen a; the..Ritz'Cafe. i per WILL BE Dl jHcover to Take Etestinff of J D. A. E. as Opportunity for an Address. ilEjWAY IS CLEARED chairman jof the] Democratic National Committee: ithe Senate Lobbti Cbmmititee at Washington. D: G., New .'ijork, April 9.— The sjeeds Iof a future war in which a united .to' his 1 stand Jaga'insd. Prohibition. ' Although an out- Raskob told the conimittee that he had "no right to , t _ to (either side of the question." He had (contributed $65,000 or $^6,000 to-Hie- Association : Prohibition'Amendment, of which he is ja director, but he had . ever I been interested i in the I manufacture of \ " " •••• ,1- )••• | : ' ! ! {International: Newareell RECALLED EARLY COURT HISTOf I Europe would be | the United States Uhe purchase byj STOBE LOOTED Justice William -Van Devan ter Practiced in This Couniy Years Ago. ADDRESSED LAWYERS Tuesday night Judge Mount, Senator George H. I.' R. Coleman and* F. B. of the Tipton County Ba'r; Assoj ciation were :at Marion a,nd | at| C. j; wj iGifford Russell WELL IS . FOUND HERE Gas Line Inspector Uncovers Water Well of Many •! Years Ago. [ .! V" BRYAN BROS. CORNER John Stafford week! lias been whb for thej past working over!the Gas Light were at tended the irneeting of!the Elev enth iD'istrict Bar jLA8Socls .t'ion all the Spencer; hotel. The meetin!5 started with ia banquet strved ii the dining room of- the i hotel which was reserved for: the meet ing. . I On account of the speaker fojr the evening' being 1 : Justice Willis Van- Deyanter of; the United States ; supreme court, the rheetngj was; attended by many bar members' outside thef eleventh, dist tici, in- j vitations having been lent to. many. ] U' ' . ''; \ j Senator George !|H. Gifford arid! Justice [Willis Varij Devan' er prac-\ ticed law together in; Tipton In! the early' history ^ of ''tie local' courts "and the two j exchanged [ many interesting reminiscences of' early court j procedure in j this; couh'tyJ Atj that time Justice y4n| Dcvanter was a young attorney at Marionj and : occasionally j tried, cases in the Tipton circujit couet.! He remembered j| Judg|. : • j Johnj Green, Judge N. R. Overman and; Judge Garver, who were early iur-i ists of) this! county. :i »i j j linesj of| the Indiana Company in the business district, looking fort, let fc?, • accidentally discovered one of Tipton's first wells, j In driv ng dowi\ an iron rod,! near the idge of the side• :' : • i i j i * walk in front of the Bryan Broth' I' i I ' • , •: • i il ers'j store the rod struck a stone, just! a |few inches beloW tiie pa've- ment. Thinking) it was! a piece' of brick he gave j he rod! a sharp blclw and came near losing lit! as it started to fajll into 'space;! He rembvedi ^everal of the paving j brick' and found directly jbe- neath the side walk and covered only with a thin i ^lab of 'limestone, what years ago was known .•I'] .:• ..-'.I • • • I j as ,the town well. jl jlfhi^ .well stt od at the edge of the| then existi ig^board sidewalk and furnished; vater fp^r mail and bea'st.:. Old tin .era caii remember the! old toxvn p imp atj this c|or |neR with its heavy iron-'dipper,; held tojjthe pump by a h^avy |chain which was riveted to! prevent it i i r • . • i i i 11 being carried away. In front [was a trough for w itering (horses] The pump s:o*od inj 'front jof a frame building which; a Tribune reporter was informed) wa.; erect- Merchandise Stolen Tuesday Night. POLICE HERE NOTIFIED arrayed against are involved ;n — ,.,._„— ..... the American j publi!c-of fthe;'German reparation*, ' j bonds to be issued in this country • , j Representative Louis T. McFad-. Truck Was Used to Carry i ,den, Republican, jof Pennsylvania " [declared Monday |at a jneeting of the Government Club at the! Hotel Astor. j > . •' i. Mr: McFadden, who is j the chairman \ of ( the! Banking • [ and Currency ; Committee of 'the House of Representatives, supple-! men ted • charges made, in-a radio; address on March 27 againstj the. Karly Wednesday morning 1<7- proposed Bank for -International i eal offirers were notified of" the .Settlements. j • .j He attacked the .Young plan. ! . ers General store at. ^drcleville, calling'U the culmination of! ten i J»st. over the line in Clinton years of secret dSplomaeyl in • county: in which the establish- Avhich ,the. conniyalicfe; of'the r in; mRnt w as looted, It was thought ternati 'orral bankers of New Yo "rkr : a truck must have'been used :n has (been continuously dep!en<l-i-the robbery as a large amount of ent upon: He charged 'American: .merchandise was taken, news agencies and publications•, Entrance to the store was with excluding from their pages made by. raising a ladder to the aiitlientic information -upon') the ! upper sash nf a rear window subject of German .reparatioris, i which was broken in. No one and;jexpressed the opinion that jit.! heard the crash during the night was | dangerous ! for- the United [and. it ia'not known what time States' to synchronize- her bknk-'! the Mirg'lary was committed, ing operatiojns with those of j foi?- j-. Once inside the robbers .took He referred to his previous i T »»• iv r. i ! I .-J ..J led,,by a man Justice Van Devanter left Mar-' •• ion when a young man anjd located in Wyomii g, being appointed |as justice' from that state 1 , largely I through his being' an authority mining law. He was majde a, ji^s- his named) Hancock. tice In 1911 and is now serving twentieth «fear. 1 ! He made a splen diiTaddres^ at thejibar meeting and the Ttptofii party suted the 'entertainment given ' enth district association bave been! better: i- || I I Slight Ante Mishi ip.! Charles I Fieldsl reported nesda> thai Ale truck J the! feili could iot in had-been ajutomol He the 1 intarj «n accldeit-w 1th -an drtveflf by fid Wa|h»r at •eeUok of the^alW on [the 1 sohtb k^ekbVThl'J'ird The owner, formerly 'operated a woolen mill. w'est of Tipton land when 'this was '.abandoned 'built the frame building and j placed a stock i of woolen goods and \ t no­ tions'therein.. He 1 died in'Tipton and the widov later removed to Indianapolis. There was one' son Ed Hancock,' according w.-to": the Tribune man's informant. ' <| The. frame r jom was .later, used as a restaurant building andj one of the occupants -. was -'Henry Saar,! a baker and ^ resiaurant man.'jMartln kleyla also operated a I re-i taurant i in the- huildlng. Several - old"tlmer^ were!i^nes- tioned as to how long It hap been since • a pump/stood In the' j .well and they all tagpsedlit iwas" 46 eignj countries, tention of asking the Statei DI - , sweaters, jewelry, watches, gro- partjment!: for a ; public statem.eiit | as to the legality of the. repara-!gars, and,also took smoke meats tions bonds issue, and said that if. and a crate of eggs, no such statement, were fortl-;' The robbery was discovered coming lie would introduce- aj res-; when "onel of the.owners went to olution into Congress making :t . the store early Wednesday morn- illegal !tq offer the bonds for; sale'ing. Investigation, disclosed th -.i iir-fthJB' United States." ;'ftfi is I from the allied, govern-! from a radio evidently thinking mentis that the Americans]'buy lit might .have been attached to an these^jio'nds," he declared. "Th its [alarm system, in j l^me |the allied governmentJs',; This is; the first robbery of the might have received -payment olf j kind reported in this community reparations ip full while .the Unit- j for some time arid resembles one ed; States was - still demanding j of the Jobs done by the Salters payment!of the annuities by j.Gef-jBrothers of. Marion, who robbed. many-|for many years to come. | 'stores in this and adjoining coun- If the Treaty of Versailles' an'd | ties -'two years ago. subsequent" agreements pursuarjt j" No trace of the truc^^ras seen to; it are, > in fact, invalid (Continued on Page 2). Asks Travel Division in Federal Bureau; relieved President Will Deliver Important Message ; to the Nation. ! Washington. April 9.—President Hoover'has cho.-en the congress (if the Daughters of the American Revolution, to .he. held next wi-i '.. as the occasion for an address on foreign affairs and the ; position and policy of the United States in the international field. Announcement that the President would address the congress on thf* evening of Frida^, April IS. instead of delivering the customary! greeting at the opening meeting on Monday night, has oc- ::ui ionnd such comment as always follows any departure from pre- i -"dent :On the part of the Execu- !•. -. No explanation was given a. the jWUite House or by the D. as to why the speakers robbery, of th e Bla-ekbuni Broth- , sehe du|e.l for Friday night were shifted; to Thursday and the. right of way- on Friday night cleared for President Hoover, whose ad- (iress"will be the only one on the ! night's program. • ft hits now come to light that • the suggestion -originated with the President, and the revision of the priigram followed in accordance, with his expressed wish to take advantage of the occasion for a formal statement of Anieri- • -an foreign policy. To the officers of the society who called-at the White House to present the invitation and express ' the hope that the President would: extend the customary greeting on. opening night, Prssidfnt Ho.n-er. it is under, sto|)d. 'replied that he would j not attend]! on Monday, but if agreeable would deliver a formaljad- ; dress on Friday. The addre^sl he explained, would be qn foreign affairsf and American foreign !policy. Ttjjwas his intention, he said, to make such a public utterance • soon. I Among the Daughters, however, (here has been considerable ; speculation as to just what : the r President means to-say and ,why ; he has chosen their congress as the (inn 1 .ind place to speak.) !. A .considerable number of! the t - r m-.iu'iers have not been sympa-' thetie [with the proceedings of the Loudon naval conference. Sjome of'the more outspoken are won- derinv; if they are to be rebuked, from thfir own platform. Others, : who'have been neutral with re- : spva i to the naval armament i probiLJin, aro looking forward I with interest to what they hope [their time and loaded up quantities of the - best merchandise. j the men ihad cut a wire-running' ahff here-and.-it doubtless^ook a dif 1 ! 1 • i ferent route than through Tipton. Dyer Wants Agency to Promote Touring •! - 'yVashlngton, > April. O.-^CT^a-i sioner for travel in each of ,ou'r' tne .president will have to say. tion of a division of travel in thei offices at Toronto, Montreal, Win.-) ! ' <•» j Bureau j of Foreign (and Domestic' nlpeg and Vancouver, an J such a I will Arrive Friday '• Commerce to attract tourists,! is j commissioner at Ottawa. ' pripoied_ln a bill introduced f>yf '-Our Proposed travel divisl-.n The j bf , ( , v of charle? (ojxjet j Craig,! whose death took pla«e af the hftmej-ot his daughter, iMrs. Ari- riilwn v Representative Dyer of Missou^ri .J should (contact with I Mr. Dyer named Canada < as | steamship, highway, 1 prbbably the most promising, automobile organizations. it! g^^"^^ 0 ,^ held: for such a division and said that Canadian - tourists spend about |8B T 000,000/a year-in this country.-But even with this tourist travel ;here the United States takei second place because of the large number of American tour- jU^a'.gdljng to the Dominion, and is should be responsible for guiding; zona, will reach Elwood ^Friday ! afternoon at 1:45 o'clock- parties of foreign business ^ddiirshouid ^ir^TV^-r, ' •... . > - i D e taken to the York funeral action, through-the state Depart-;, t. . I ment. toward: inducing the'C.-'^ f**™!. ? na ? nm >t. , _ nadian .authorities to, enact ai be ^fonnced after the arrival or, <10f> exemption from Iduty nponi 1 * 6 'an^alparty^ bver will part .wire. ^«;..nce. in (he number of [goods brought back into Canada l'visitors, 'Mr. Dyer said.] by tourists. .Canada usually gives lus-what they think we! want. Ac- J ivwei^ahonld have tourist--ex hlblU'at taUJmporunt expositions '"•dllairalAeldJn ,Canad«," he itifvbaieaUaM^houlA alL learn tlon with the Federal Reserve Board is heeded to protect our j'Vlaitors:, from : the extortionate discounte upon: Canadian . paper noswy-Jn this- county. |The Fed" ; -'R^rte:'a«hori^e.r ^^lMntaesa ^"^^^^ Ukea to We 'eat Stefk John Zant welt known -M^t horsei trainer aaif. : Y been |n Tipton for tM days Wad. wilt Hkejy^ tll c tbW,,Tacfna; m0

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