Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on February 19, 1952 · Page 16
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 16

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 19, 1952
Page 16
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SIXTEEN EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD. TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 1952 Phone 4600 for a WANT AD Taker $436 instead of the current $711 and at only $417 during the off- season winter months. Britons who consider the Festival Britons Expect Air 'Invasion' LONDON—(INS)—Britain Is ex-] This season's bait is a dollars pecUng an aerial invasion—the larg-jand cents one—the new trans- est numoer of airborne American j Atlantic air rates that go into effect tourists in history. : April 1. Officials estimate that over a half i " ttle fli S ht from New York to million Americans will fly across the j London one way will cost $270 corn- Atlantic In the coming spring and!P ared to the present $395. Round summer season. i tr 'P on season will be pegged at Ironically, this is almost a third more than the 338,000 U. S. visitors tallied by Aug. 1 last year when Britons were working round the ; . _ . . , ,, . , clock to make the Festival of Bri- of Bmaln only » "^ir" success in tain an unprecedented tourist at- ""Tf',*" ™* m * ***** °" traction ' historic and scenic charms of their country to bring tourists and their dollars here. But transAtlantic airlines are going all-out in preparation for the influx, and to encourage Americans also to include Prance, Italy and even Greece in their vacation itineraries. Trans World Airlines,, for instance, is planning to operate five flights from New York to London per day instead of the current single one. And each Constellation will carry 60 passengers instead of the present 49. Free meals and alcoholic beverages will be eliminated and passengers will purchase these as they do now in railroad travel. For Americans with real wanderlust, the airlines are advocating and promoting round - the - world tours with stop-overs at such points as Cairo, Calcutta, Manila. Tokyo and Honolulu. Under the new rates, cost Radio Programs TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 19. 1363 The programs listed beiow »re »upj>lled by the r»<Jlo station*, which »re responsible for their accuracy. TW» apac« 1» provided without ch»rg» by the TUnei as a service to listeners. Tonight at 8 p.m. —hear / CLAUDE RAINS in "Three Words" Three fi eh tin g words — inspiring an army to rkrtory! Three prophetic words — leading a nation to freedom! Tune in tonight for a moving human story about Washington... his stirring leadership in the Revolutionary War. DUPONT "Cavalcad« of America" WTBO 8p.m. f«r l*tt«r living | Tonight = ON ~ Cable Channel 4 I Slar Theatre j —. Starring Milton Berle ~ |f 8:00 P. M. = ;—-. The top shows in tele- rEE s? vision are now available "— — to Cumberlanders thru = JE Cable TV. Phone 4908 = =1 today for details re- zz — garding Cable TV In- ;= — ,. stallation in your home. '-— H POTOMAC VALLEY ^ =r TELEVISION CO. = E: ](W S. Llbrriy St. Phone H988 • —— will run about $1,500. Slate Weekly Paper Sold By Bostonians BERLIN, Md.— (/?}— Sale of the Eastern Shore Times, a Worcester County weekly paper, to Delmege Trimble, former Baltimore, Washington and Richmond newspaperman, was announced yesterday. Trimble bought the paper from J. A. and Saralie Goodman of Boston. Financial details were not disclosed. In making sole leather, tanners run cattlehide through a machine like a mangle to.- make the leather smooth and flat for cutting. A man never realizes how well he looks in o hot until he begins to get bold. Television Summary 7:30—Beulah Film—aba 8:00—Milton Berl*—nbo Frank Sinatra Hour—cbi Charll« Wild—abc Bishop Sheen—DuMont 8:30—Opera Auditions—aba Keep Posted—DuMont 8:00—Fireside Film—nbc Crime Syndicated—cbi United or Not—abc Battle of Ages—DuMont 9:30—Circle Theater—nbo Suspense Drama—cb» On Trial Forum—abc Quick on Draw—DuMont 10:00—Amateur Show—nbc Danger Drama—cbs Hands of Destiny—DuMont 10:30—My Friend Irma—cb« Chicaso Symphony—abo TODAZ f.M. 4:1X1 4:45 5:00 J:15 5:30 5:45 6:00 6:15 6:30 6:45 7:00 7:15 7:30 7:45 8:00 8:15 8:30 §:45 9:00 9:15 9:20 9:45 10:00 10:15 10:30 10:45 11:80 11:15 11:30 11:45 12:00 WTBO UM KO Baekitsgi Will (NBO Stella D>11» 'NBCI WWder Brown (NSC) Womsn Is Hou<« (NBC) Five O'clock Show Wills Creel: Hocdown Van Roby Local Sports News Dick Show PUy Radio Richard HtrineSB (NBC) David Rose Show World News (NBO One M»D's Family (NBC) Cavalcade of America Hollywood Theitrt Bob Hope Show (NBC) Fibber Si Molly (NBC) Eddie Cantor (NBC) Robert Montgomery Man Called X (NBC) News News of World (NBC) City of Achievement News Irom NBC—Sim oti WCCM UBO KG FM 102.9 MO Music by Antonlnl The Brighter Day (CBS) Treasury Bandstand Artistry In Music Public Service Series Guest Star Time Newt Sports Roundup Old Timers' Club You and World Jack Smith (CBB) Freedom Story EdWd R. Marrow (CBS) People Are Funny (CBS) Mr. i Mrs. North (CBS) Lite with Luigi (CBS) Pursuit (CBS) The Lineup (CBS) Robert Q's Waxworks News Analysis (CBS) Gene Pringle Band CBS 11:30 Weather; Sign Oft WDTK 1230 KO Valiant Lady Thy Neighbors Voice Muggsy's Movie Matinee Sgt. Preston of Yukon Sky King; News (MBS) Local. National New« Sports Roundup Dinner Date Big Jon and Sparky Fulton Lewis I Love A Mystsry Mr. Mercury (ABC) Newsstand Theatre ABC Story of Dr. Kildare America'! Town Meeting Brwin D. Car.bam News; Prog'm Billboard Gabriel Beatter Black Museum Mysterious Traveler MBS Frank Edwards MBS Moonlight Reveries Reveries; 1—Sign off A.M. TOMORROW fi;00 6:45 7:00 7:15 7:30 7:45 8:00 8:15 8:30 8:45 9:00 9:15 9:30 9:45 10:00 10:15 10:30 10:45 11:00 11:15 11:30 11:45 Noon 12:15 12:30 12:45 1:00 1:15 1:30 1:45 2$ 2:30 2:45 3:00 3:45 Newt; Mzl Jones Show World News (NBC) Mai Jones Show Morning Meditation* Coffee Time Merry-Go-Kound Helen the Homemaker Welcome Travelers (NBC) Double or Nothi'g (NBC) Strike It Rich King's How Dave Garroway (NBC) Mid-Day Mtule Mid-Day News News; flanastand Play Radio Kate Smith George Hicks News Lorenzo Jones (NBC) Ralph Edwardi Show Afternoon Matlne. Lifo Can Be B'tful (NBC) Road of Life (NBC) Pepper young (NBC) Right to H'Dlneis (NBC) «:JS Sign Cm Sundial World News (CBS) Sundial News of America (CBSI Friendship Hour' Morning Melodlei Arthur Godfrey (CBS) Memorable Musio Rosemary (CBS) Noon News Roundup Perry Mason (CBS) Helen Trent (CBS) Our Gal Sunday (CBS) Big Sister (CBS) Ma Perkins (CBSI Susan Smith Time Guiding Light (CBS) News; Melody Ballroom Houseparty and Adams This I Believe News Musical Roundup; News First Call with Carroll Martin Agronsky (ABC) D.' J. Show Breakfast Club (ABC) My True Story: ?lcws Marrisge for Two lABC) Against the Storm ABC Lone Journey When Girl Marriss Break the Bank Curt Mass'y Time (MBS) Capitol Commentary Jack Berch Show ABC Grandstand Bandstand Paul Harvey ABC Ted Malone Queen for n Day MBS Ladle: Pair; New> Take. A Number (ABC) Poole's Paradise; News Joyce Jordan. M.D. Evelyn Winters ABC Tyrone Power Guest Of Hope <Bv The Associated Press) Tonight: NBC— £ Cavalcade Drama; 8:30 Hollywood Theater; 9 Bob Hope and Tyrone Power; 9:30 Fibber and Molly; 10 Eddie Cantor; 10:35 Man Called X. CBS—8 People arc Funny; 8:30 Mr. and Mrs. North; 9 Life with Luigi; 9:30 Pursuit, 10 Lineup; 10:30 Waxworks. ABC — 8 Newsstand Theater; 9 Town Meeting; 10:15 Dream Harbor. MBS—8 Black Museum; 8:30 Dr. Sildare; 9:05 Detective Drama; 9:30 Mysterious Traveler. ' Radio and TV: ABC and ABC-TV 8:30—Opera Auditions; ABC-TV 9 and ABC 10:30—United Or Not. Television: NBC—8 Milton Berle; 9 Fireside Film; 9:30 Circle Theater; 10 Amateur Show, CBS—8 Frank Sinatra; 8 Crime I Syndicated, Sen. O'Coiior; 9:30 Sus- 'pense; 10 Danger; 10:30 My Friend Irma. ABC—7:30 Beulah Film; 8 Charlie Wild Detective; 9:30 On Trial; 10:30 Chicago Symphony. DuMont— 8 Bishop Fulton J. Sheen; 8:30 Keep Posted; 9 Battle of Ages; 9:30 Quick | on Draw; 10 Hands of Destiny; 10:30 What's the Story. Cow Housing EAST LANSING, Mich.—(INS)— The latest In housing for modern, contented cows now is on display at Michigan State College in East i Lansing. The buildings, valued at $13,000, were constructed to show the farmers how to produce milk with half the effort, make the milk better and the cows healthier. VIC FLINT By Michael O'Malley TWERE THEY ARE, TORSO! THE COMPLETE WORTH- CWSETTIW® OUT HERE. XXI OUYfr SET THIS- TRUCK INTO THE 6ARASE AS FAST A.& 'VOU CAN. BOTH TOMORROW. OME OP THE BUE/&LARS. KNOCKED HIM UMCON5COJ& 1 . IVE BEEN TCYINS TO REVIVE WIA\. By V. T. Hamlin ALLEY OOP WE FEED-UM CORN, \ IT'S NOT OMLY Me YOU WA5H UM POTS,' I THAT NEEDS CORN SQUAW HAPPY.'CHIEF I IT'S EVERYBODY HAPPY.' WHY YOU / IN JAMESTOWN.' SAYUM "WAIT"? BUTTHATS INHUMAN... TK ENGLISHMEN WILL B»G CHIEF POWHATAN HIM SAY "NO DEAL." CAPTAIN EASY By Leslie Turner JANET, THIS IS THE IAST STRAW! VOUXL HAVE TO FINI5H THIS TRIP ALONE! YOUR. KNACK FOR IMVITING TROUBLE IS MORE THAM I — WHY, MO-.WOr \VOUR FATHER FOUWD VET. OFFICER.. \OUT, ANP HE'S FRNJTIC1 THMJK GOODNESS WE STOPPED YOU IW TIME t MISS TULUS? HAVE VOl WORRIED THAT BIRD YET BUT I'M WORKING OMIT 1 . WHY? HOW DID YOU KNOW? I HATE BUTTING IN OTHER PEOPLE'S AFFAIRS, Ml55, BUT I HAVE A DAUGHTER OF MY OWMi AMD I KNOW HOWMR.TBLLISHATESTO SEE YOU SADDLED WITH A WORTHLESS HUSBAND! HEY, WHW IS ALL THIS? BESIDES JUST WHAT 5 WRONG WIVH ME.ID LIKE TO KNOW?!! ITS SWEET OF YOU TO WARM M& OFFICER'. GO ON-. PRISCILLA'S POP By Al Vermeer A GOLD IN SPELUN&. I'M SO (IT'S PINE TO i>BE PROUD, If PRISCILLA! ) ' \ BUT YOU < |/MUST ALSO^ I BE MODEST} ALWAYS BE HUMBLE! NOBODY LIKES YES, MY eiRL IS A REAL PROD1GYJ ...G-OT A GOLD STAR IN SPELLING} LI'L ABNER By Al Capp (-AH GOTTA FINISH ^JACQUELINE DEMPSEY, 9UtCtt— Sa'S AH KIN STOP U'L A&NEK'S AH'U. USE. MAH OLM PILE-DRIVER PUMCH.'.'-AH'LL AIM HER AT3' THET KOCX.T-SF TH'PUNCH DON'T FINISH HEJ3 -TH''ftOCff AAGKAGAIN.V-AH'SH£'$ fTltL &KEATH/W-AU j£$THA/N'r GOT TIME T" WIN f- MAW LOS£ T7MEAH EVER THROWfj> RUSTY RILEY By Frank Godwin 6^£.? SEE>OU A6AIN, J ^ s ^ BY THE WV, INSPECTDI? CWDN, INSP6CTOR/..WELL.I THERE'S CONNIE WArTLAN,THE ' J ... SUPPOSE BY NOW v3yVE IF PADDYS LUOiY, HE'S TO BUY "SUNBEAMS SON"..ISNT HE A BEAUTIFUL «XT?.. AKRE9TEP THE WHOLE NOKSE-5TEALIMG SANS I HOPE TO 5UY..TO6 OTOSR FELLOW 6 JBS B4YAL y THE PAMOU5 TRAINEE. STEVE CANYON By Milton Caniff \.. I PONY KNOW \ WE COULP 60 TO THE ) WHETHER TO DANCE \ SK STATION ANP ACT.I IN THE STREET-0R, AS IF WE'RE SIT DOWN OM THE / GOODBYE FOR. ASOUT CURB ANP BAWL!/*-T AN HOUR ) ...THEN WE'LL <5O TO XT NOT ON A THE- BEST RESTAURANT \ PAY/POP.' WE'LL GO ) IN TOWN ANP HAVE / IN HERE AKIP TOAST A BIS CELEBRATION/./ THE BRIPE-TO-BE IN BLACK COFFEE BEPORS WE EVEN HAVE A HOME.' RIP KIRBY By Alex Raymond IlLSHOW'EM/ I'LL SHOW EM ALL' ^ YOUVE LOST STUF^UU/THESE WAS A TIME WHEM DUDE WOULD HAVE RUBBED OUT A, REGIMENT FOB ONE OF YOUE SULTRY STARES, ...AND RICKY LAMBERT DITCHES YOU FOR A SIMPERING LITTLE SOCIETY KID/ BUGS BUNNY , 0LK7, NO KIC7Ee'& UP HERE GET IN TH' BACK/ By Edgar Martin BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES UP, JCPiWX WtV? GOOO TIM TYLER'S LUCK By Lyman Young I THIS PROVES PILOTS WESE PULLiNS A OCUBL(-)T3&MFLEO ALL CROSS OH THE MINIMS FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS KIDN&PEK MV? saw A r WO&K SHADyS/DE By Merrill Blosaer "ON TO KINGSTON / I WE'RE- "\SUADYSIDE RIDES ASAI.M .' WEIL. ^ WITH <5ET TMQSe GOAT RUSTLERS ' YOU .' ' GOTTA RESCUE THAT 60M" BEPORE WE CAMTVA/IN ' f COWE OM-WE NlEED A POSSE/ THEY LEFT TMIS NOTS : X Twis "VANDYKE'S GONP I CM.LS FOR A RIDE.' SIGNED, A aiOM ' TMGKIM6STON , ' At - llUN TRAVEL BUREAU/ By Dudley Fisher 3 V "VE T '.'.= - M q.D EVOJG-! } ff.

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