The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 8, 1930 · Page 6
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 6

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 8, 1930
Page 6
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OF BIG FIRE Martz Opera House Block Destroyed by Flames a Year Ago Today. engineers, has recommended to the House Rivers and! Harbors Committee that the Secret lry of. War be empowered to accept from New York Stalje the Erie Canal and the Oswegb Canal and thereafter maintain | and operate them as navigable waters of the United | Slates at anl estimated anual cost of $2,500,000 as links! ill the Great Lakes-Hudson Riven waterway. 0 It was admitted, howeveif, that no legal authority as y^t! for such a transfer, that th LOSS WAS LARGE ONE One year ago today the Martz Opera House block on North Main exists _ people of New York state, might 'not approve of it, and that at : best several years. would elapse j lefore jthe transfer could he effected. i\ Nevertheless, it was felt tliiit the Federal Government should ! placed, in the position of street was destroyed by lire, able to accept the transfer should sueit a stjjp finally be decided A upon. • „ which originated in the basement and caused a loss of thousands of; dollars, estimated at-the time to! be over $150,000. In-the frre val-! uable records of Austin Lodge! No. 12S|Free & Accepted Mason' were destroyed, the lodge hayingh the entire third floor of the build-) ing. Others suffering by that dis -i astrous blaze were Clyde V. Wil-i son, manager of the Martz Opera I Uouse; The Foster Jewcjry Store, i The Rooae Millinery and Beauty I n Shop, The "B*A Confectionery, The NeW Ruling Holds Determi- be being WHEAT PRICES SUFFER BREAK Tone of Market Bullish, Yet Prices Sag: Under Certain Rumors. •J ANOTHER F<|Hl OQSQllW^ Arista T. IdveitjIDod :bf-CovinR- ton Enters !R«c «j at Last Minntei \-\:'.'.; • -•• i-TTf- :;i : ' y ' I ;• Harry hit Matlock, prominent L— • \\ - 1" • " •• - f • Howard county farmer land stack- man, who -Iras drafted i to imakej the. race • for CJongress in jthe Ninth district,, on the Democrat ticket has : opposition for? lhei . i .- i • l"; } ! . ' (. ; nomination J Saturday at the last j minute for filing Arista; fT. Livjen- I good'Of Covington entered: the race for the nomination. i !! Fred S. Purneil is the 1 Republi FEAR .CHEAT OFFERING i *an candidate ajhd -has served congress" for a j this district! in. i number of years.! Howard county: has -:no candidate ' for ' joint , representative Chicago, April S.— A market Anomaly occurred 'on the Chicago Ipoard of Trade yesterday when Ordinarily bullish new § —to the ef-i<t lIt a Democrat candidate for rep- ljesentative. Robert H. ^Hamilton, f Tipton and Howard I on i the Democrat ticket and also is with Sect that 1,247,00 bushels* of wheat : had been posted as out of condi-' fio„_e X er_ised\ a decidedly .'beir-' l„- Saturday 'is-h- effect. • ^ Wheat traders nate Sentence Law Unconstitutional. First National,. Insurance Com-, pany. The People's Loan andj • Credit Company, Dr.- P. J. Pehte-, cost, Dr. (H. S. Gilford. The Car-j lisle Beauty Parlors. Dr. H. j C.­ Tate. William McCorniick, Floyd, OGDEN WILL CONTEST Knptt's. and others. i Dr. P. J. Pentecost and Dr. H. ; . S. & Gifford. following the tire ' opened offices in the Citizens Na- Michigan City.- April S.-fj-T-ie tional Bank building and went-. Indiana determinate sentence through a similar experience law, which eliminated time i|ff to there when thai building was de- -prisoners for good behavior, fire on the morning 2 of: declared unconstitutional January 6. this year. ;Judge Harry L. Crumpacker in day. ling, The lire of early Monday morn- La pone superior court yeste: ing, April S, 1929. which de-| As a result of the' rn stroyed the Martz, was discovered i James Can-: and ; Otto McJAblei L923 auto by William-McCormick, Jr.. wlioj uoth Jn state prison" since ! -was awakensd by- stifling smokei„ nder ten vear. sentences fori and peered out t;o see the fire ', banditry( were released vestjjrday bursting from the furnace room; a f, ernoon fln writs of hahea! p CO r- a .tion pus. It was through such the buiiding. The Tipton fire jde-: t ,, al , Ueir attorneys challe iged part.ment was soon on the scene;- nif , ( , ot€rrainate sentence statute and fought the flames "and later crumpacker-s ruiinif were assisted'by .Kokomo and Kl-.^,,,-,^,,,,. fo ,i owed , "would re- wood departments but the build-;- t|;0 rplo . lK( , flf . sf _, era , ing wa= patted. ,' v MYiimlved lo .iher prisoner's at ndi Steps were immediately taken,' .\' -•' - , . 1 , ,.,„ . 1 ana stat«f prison here and at the to rebuild and now after one y£:tr, , • I „ -^rstate reformatorv at Pendleton, 3ittle remains to tell of the fire. . - ', ,. _., . 1 it was believed. The Masonic lodge owns the entire building. The opera house is now the Ritz and the "B" Confectionery js now the Ritz Cafe. . The Masonic lodge . rebuilt its quarters on the third, floor more Judge Crumpacker, ing,- held, that a law in his 1SS3 and, clearing the \ya>] prisoners j to shorten their good {behavior, had not enacted in by- m 'convenient than before and thei ! ' enaaled w1,e " tl,e deter: : other. Masonic bodies, including' sentence law was passed. the Eastern f Star, -DeMolays and; ^, ~ higher degrees of Masonry have! -Indianapolis, April ^ 8.— jAmes new and better equipment. i 'jM. Ogden, attorney general said The opera house was rebuiltyesterday that he tyill appeil to and equipped second to none in! tIie Supreme court, from the ;Jeci the .state and is a popular .amus^- j sion of Judge Harry -] L. C*n'm- ment place with the public. j packer of the Laporte Ci -cuit Every room jn the building "is! court; w ' 10 lield the-state detjfm occupied by some business or prp-jinate sentence uncpnstitutional. fession and the blaze ivhioh | '-, j ... —. struck terror and dismay to manyj -Indianapolis, April' 8.- —The on the memorable morning onejdiana state prison at Midyear ago, is now a matter almost "City has become'so crowded forgotten by many. - I prison officials may..have th\ be more lenient In releasing prison- a teacher at . -I -candidate for rapresentativfe ,'iof assuming the i • . _ II. T 1 , ... • Howard, placing market would be burdened with h.. f- cheap-offerings; turned 1 to aggres-!j h , * T} si ve selling. As a-result, wheat [fi Ut neg closed % to 1% cents under Sat- IJ thesecretary |, ,,. to % I i Howajj-d county committee ' can fill the vacancy, hut: it- is.said aud will be necessary for Tipton counties to hold fill the vacancy li rday's close. Corn was % cents off at the finish. Insect and jfbin damages were named~ responsible for putting the | ? oward wheat in Chicago elevators out of i • i f n * nt ! meeting to jeendition. It was reported as ffor the joint^reprjesentative. j suffering weevil and heat"injury, j Ware house receipts for all oth- jer grain in Chicago elevators were.j ! formally guaranteed, in accord- jance with state laws and exchange- |ri;les, after the close of the mark-: jket, when elevator men arid l)oardj : (of trade officials convened. STI'DV if All. was ] Mi'inlmrs Arc finosts or ; Mrs. O. I" by I . Mnyne, West of Tipton. rul- for ftrms jbeen nate ERIE CAXAI>. Cliief or Engineers Would: Have I'Js. Take Over Control ers, Governor. Harry G."-IJeslie tolfl members of the Indiana ['Bell ''«" i Telephone Club at a. luncheon in jthe Spink-Arms hotel yesteijday." Washington. April Gen, Ltyle Brown, chief of army | tence as (here irsed to be tola jail — * 1 said The Study Club or the Tipton Art Association-was entertained on Monday at the beautiful and spacious country home of Mrs. O. U. Mayne, with a splendid attendance of active, associate members find guests; ^Mrs. Pearl Mayne Dunlap of Canton, 0.,.'who is visiting her parents, was a guest of the club and also served on the program. Mrs. Herbert Morris, leader for the" afternoon's study, was unable 10 be present,'and Mrs. Mayne opened the program with a splendid and well prepared paper on' "Negro Composers, and Singers."' She, meni,ioned ; especially Roland Hayes, a \negro concert singer of outstanding ability. Mrs. Ralph Leatherman, in a pleasing manner sang "Swing. Low, Sweet Chariot," a negro spiritual,- accompanied 5 by Mrs^ Dunlap on .the piapo. Miss Alta Mount rendered a difficult piano arrangement of "Deep River." a negro spiritual, with much skill. She also later gave a clever rendition of a negro iullahy accompanied on the piano by Mrs. Dunlap. Mrs. Eva Waugh,-following the musical numbers, read.a very entertaining, and interesting paper on '"Negro , Spirituals." . Mrs. I Wan eh was assisted in her research on tliis subject by- letters and programs from which she read excerpts sent her by Miss Marjorie Waugh. Miss Waugh and her sister, 'Mrs. Rossini Stewart, reside v in New York and were given the. rare opportunity of attending some of the rehearsals of the famous Hall Johnson negro choir West Midj&leron, fil- STA1E AID FOR SOME SCHOOLS Completes Digest for j! Commission^ It Is Easy To End Fat i] That is; in the right way, used bj modern physicians. No abnormal exercise or diet, butlhelp'tp' a gland that is ( i, - . ..; i I weak. The recent large reduction, in 4 r il. • M excess fat]has been largely.due to that Stlafe i Board Of i ACCOUntS j V This midern method is embodied in B TJ :!rT ! - ~ ! • ' 'jMarmola ipresenphon; tablets; •• People ihave used thera for 22 years—millions of boxes of thep. | In. almost every circle you can see the amazing change it brings. ! i l£i over.fat, yoii owe yourself a trial of Marmbla. jDon't remain abnormal. Ail dniRgists supply Marm'ola at SI a'box. Each box states the formula and tells the. reasons for results. Start growing-thin, as your friends have done, at once. ' TOTALS the / Democrat Uis declaration Howard county, send it also of .state. to Congressmen Win Rate Skir mish in Meeting With Senators. | PLATE GLASS IS LOWER Washington, April S.—-Two major victories werej chalked up by tlie house conferees on Jthe tariff bill yesterday senate group as they forced the to.agree do-higher* duties on pigironl and pottery. {• I The. house; cominittee, jhowever, concurred iriij the! senatiei reductions in duties on certain sizes of plate glass.' || I: \ - j Reaching the third of the fifteen rate schedules, embracing metals 1 and all metal articles) the conference - eliminated the 75c a ton duty on pig iron placed in the bill by the senate 'coalition of Republican independents and Democrats, and restored the j existing apd house rate of|$l '.12% i . j ! The .house group - also! won an additional levy of i ten cents; per dozen pieces on decorated pottery, making, the rate ten cents a dozen and fifty , per cent 1 as against senate : bill duty of fifty-five - per ce|nt_and thei_pres|nt rate |of iflf i per - cent. » \\ Visited Miss i Burton Mrs. N. G. Owe! hs, Miss Ella Kigin and Mis» Nina p. Smith were at ..Lafayette! Monday and visited Mrs. Frank Vester and her 'sister Miss ' --- The< 'ddclaj Today there isn't as jikuch . ! Major; stiRn , a attached to a ; prison I sen- 1 and of observing the conductor of j f ?™ e _ r . J*?}°f J^±jt A. A. Bridge Dentist Ti-pton, Indiana. sentence," the Governor "That has something : to do the increased number of prisoners. • r SEE US- ; Personal; ban Available ; Any Amonnt Up to $300 "Eatf Payments this choir in his marvellous approach and technique fh interpreting the negro spirituals. Mrs. Dunlap cldsed' the program with a beautiful selection, "Juba Dance." Following the program the hostess served a dainty and appetiz- ine luncheon -Which-closed a rare- afternoon of entertainment. ' Service That Never Sleeps - Vjr^B - offer the 'servicetM '.; trained-^and' a'.courtei us» penonnel.long established in't h^.- - confidence of this' community fC, \ 1 i- AdvMtageoudyjpcated. ~T4 ______ Burton, who is at the: Lejtervhj^me. | Hoth are daughters' of John; 'Ni. Burton, who is now residing ! at Crawfordsville. I Miss Burton who was badly hurt: in a fall, isjelowly, recovering from beri injuries in which l^er arm was broken, in- many pJacesthe bones baling sblinterejd: | Mr. Burton- waa hen the latter part of the -'week ! shakttag hands 4«h::frienjJ«.i |-,^j- 1 '•"!•' 'ill -1- Mr. and - Mrs. Ernest- : Mitchell and son Betty of'Chicago and Mr. and Mrs:jRojBCoe-.Cline Land, son, George Willia_n of Muncte were the Sunday ; guests of Mr.- and' Mrs. George Krumanaker. Betty wjll remain here.for-aiew weeka. visiting her grandparents. ' 'ftr .fand Mrs.^J. - "P.. Jfa^graS of iff;. Wayne ^iiMnt t^?i&B)t f '«nd; with Mrs. PeariNJairspii, iinother of-Mm. Mai«raif and faaiily. weiir of^tU^pthW^^HtW m ^^m ^^f^^% US 11 ii i i Mr. and Mrs. S.'M. 'Gardner of .ayiaad :Ea'st*%ashlii £um t^raatj-' received a|'. message- -yeptomgj jmiitouiifty: the sudden - daathy8nn^i»y night f Mr. Qardnir's kiu ^Mi*. t. 9. mey or n^ |V DU»|if )i »e was ctim of heartttTptibla." j-Thejfu wfll be tfefd 1 " r. ahd'linj, par S ndianapdlis, Apyil S.—Indi *s state aid school bill was 212,'3|sJ6.1-0 from 1906 to 19_J9 a-cordinpitp a digestj'of state aid facts -compjeted yesterday by the stateTjboard of -idccollints for the •• 1 - 1 - :;i IM '• "•' - : H '• ' sta^e aid-jsommission. The digjEJst show.s that in many state' laid corporations ' the amounts sfflL, school purposes raised by locjal taxation j is-' smaller than the state aid contributions. The town of Nashville, for instance, last year raised only S2 ,-l 762.25 locally, and received $7,223.12 from the state aid fund.l Ja <:|-Son : jtpwnship, Green county,! raised $9^232.29 locally and received lib,624.74 in state aid. polumbiai jtownship, Dubois county, received $7,814.7J) from state aid funds j last year! and raised only £6,548.56 locally. Five townships in Harrison couilty, one in: Jackson county, two in Martin, Warrick knd one j in Spencer j county,' received more state ai|l than they rais :d byj local taxaition almost pveiy yeS^- since 1926. Additional Assignments of Methodist Pastors By Conference, i Tbesdar, April 8, J« • RUIN HIGH Homb Was Robbed Burglars jworkingj ville over the week many homes of thai the' residents were home of Albert Haak in Nobles- end entered place while labsent: The was among those entered, the tfiieves taking change. The THE lASStONSIENTS, The complete:' listlj! of assignments of Methodist pastors by tlie conference at Hartfor|d City yesterday gives information of local interest. ;[ i it formerly of to ' Grace City. Rey. liempton R-ev. C. Jacobs, this county, is sent chu'ch ait j-Hartford Arlington ;• Singer of goes - to- Amboy and Rev. Lamoine' Wright is jreturned to:his charges at likin and Shiloh. Rev. E. L. Gates is the pastor at El wood. i - i " - - 11 - - i Rev, E. Ai Bunner is returned to Hobbs and Aroma, and Rev. A. O. Tra me, formerly of Tipton, is re- turi ed to I the Kokomo circuit. Rev C. K. Dunlap of Goldsmith i _3 sent to iRussiaville. Rev. H.j C. Powell, this county, j is assigned to Grace chui ch at Marion. Rev. O. T. Maf- tin, formerly of. Tipton tun ed to ; Simpson church at Ft •JMaj ne... ij L j ' ; RBV . U. S. Hartiey, Hobps and Aroina, is- his Church at Red Key. The new j pastor at is Hev.'Jl formerly of formerly of returned to , H. Richardson Sharpsville It was reported that the conference had assinned iRey. Jc. W. Montgomery of ILussiaville: to Sharpeville but ^his was an error. r "l: ].- Had Monday . J I j i Major. Operation. ait the Howard county hospital Mrs. Louie Magnett ' of Goldsmith underwent a major operation for the correction of a serious abdominal trouble. - Reports-from the hospital received Tuesday morning were (hat her condition/Iwas satisfactory, ' -she, jloing as well as could be expected. Dr. S. > M. Cotton, Rayborn pfagnelt and Mr. and Mrs. Harley Bower were| at the hospital when the'surgeons operated. !----< !-• niii|liiiiiAH MoriM To«]B_qr Ycmr a small quantity of homes of:Walter Boi-dner, Norris Cottingham,| William ,'Teshner; Don Kemp, Dr. Neale .and seyeral other places were entered. The only clew} was a Union Tra-ction cash fare; receipt issued Sunday for a fare between Cicero alid Nohlesville jviiich was one of the {homes. Jewelry' and other. articles and a considerable total of cash was secured in the raid Knights of Pit bias. — HAPPY DAYS— says the popular song, "are here again." Yes, that is true. Spring is the great season of happiness. But genuine, lasting happiness is impossible where there is. financial worry. Make your happiness a permanent condition by opening- a savings account in this baink. 'Your* business, large or small,; is cordially invited. .... .'J THE BANK OP THE PEOPLK A Voluntary Member of the Federal Reserve System Only Bonk In Tipton County Uader Both State aad ! / Federal Superrtafcm. The Knights of Pythias lodge will meet in Regular session tonight and all membe'rs are-urged to be present! Business of-importance is to j come meeting.' -. j • WEATHER—Fair Wednesday; possibly posed places tonight; Wednesday. tonight and Ifrost in ox- warmer on HOG PRICES 'SliBADV. Light Weights Up 25 '• tie Hold St on Indianapolis. Ind;, Receipts on hogs, : li.GOO; calves, :900; si up at this Cents -Cat- April .S. — j .00; sat tie, eep. 700i- Tlog prices ! early t(jiday at the local live stock market, were generally steady with weights-of -160 to 250 pounds at j S_ 0.90; heavier kinds $10.65; under weights were 25c higher at $10.50 dowii, aiid-sows were steady at:$9.25 down. Cattle were generally steady., in some cases : lower; I lower at $1?.50" down were strong, with be^£ lambs at $9.50 or better. Chicago, 111.,: April .;—Receipts on hogs, 19,000; carried over, 3;000; prices were steady with - the top $10.60; there wer<* 5,0.00 cattle and 10,000 sheep'. $10.65 to sold lip to calves 50c (J and sheep J WE ADE SHOWING SOME NEW Suite & Barrum PHILCO RADIOS local Proecce Market, i (Moore & Moore)' Butter L. ._ .'__w_ 35c. Eggs :___.l'_22c Local Grain Market. (Hobbs Grain Co.) : No. 2 Soft Wheat _.___$1.02 Oats J J- L~— .'3.8 New Corn,' No. 4 >'ellow, per 100 His. |__ \— l'.OO Indianapolis Produce Market. - E|gs—Indianapolis jobbers offer .country' shippers for strictly- fresh stock delivered at Indianapolis, loss off, 22c a dozen. | Poultry^r-Johhers paying '•' for fowls, 4 % lbs. up, 23-24e; Leg-'j horns, 19-21c; roasters, less than 4% lbs., 20-2lc; Leghorns, 14- l-7c; sick,: cull and | humpback- poultry' not bought;' roosters, 12- !l6c; ducks, 10-12c; geese; full i feathered, 9c; guineas^ young, $61 a dozen; old, $4; squabs, 11 lbs. j to dozen, $4.50; old piereons, 75c: a: dozen.' ;!. I . !: 9heg [(ftwtlt of this Sank It is no more ntfeident timt t In­ growth of Tipton and Tipton •cof.nt.v commcrcint and in<lu.strial institutions runs |>arallel to thf growth ' of the Cilizens National Bank. There ,is an essential relation between thc» |tivo, based on ihp bunk's varied rapacity for rendering financial roimsel and gui<I- anti', and suniim-d up in the word National The. Only National Bank in Tipton County Bank Life Insnrano^ and Annuities Equitabl* Life of H. Y._ j ]j PAUL .roiiss 1*1 W. .Ifoath Pbfe-UM 4S53 THOR! Li'lli i_ . ^#ft'M_im ' JUL ^1 e In Let Us Show You the Most Complete Line of Rugs We Have Ever Shown THE QUALITY MUST BE EIGHT THE PRICES ARE RIGHT Marshall Field Wiltons Hightstown Axmhlsters. A Large Assortment of Small Rugs for [ the Bed and Bathroom

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