Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 25, 1969 · Page 10
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 10

Redlands, California
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Tuesday, February 25, 1969
Page 10
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10 - Tveiiar, M. 75, IM9 Redfands Oaity ^icft Television Review TUESDAY FEBRIMRr 2S Mign* N MM (0 (60) Jenrl 1 (0 (SO) aaMMMaMi (Q (90)Soall anicr Jtmi Brami. Jtcki* Mam,! Uilh Fmdi Md Rudy Vallee (ooLf • 6 O'CLOCK MOVIE—(C) if Richard Widmarfc, Henry FoiHto -"Warlock"-Part II SMenr CriffiR (Q (90) 0lciia((Mdi(C) (30) MIOaCSEBIIK TMtdJf Marie: (0 Trii If taBar (csmedr) '67 — Pat Booiw, Pamela teSn. TcfiT-Thoaias. Edntd Everett Hotton. Pan Austin is the title dune- tcr ia this spoof of oldtime melo- drania reviving the difi-hanginj ad- ventufes of ttie btende Iteroine of tlie eaiUr 1900 *1. Pat Boone it ttie ahirdnL para lura. friiile Teny- Tliomas is tlie dastardly viHaii, Oik OtiMft IMr (0 ladr (aestani) 'S»-«dMi< MM- niaik. Htmy FMi, DanHv Mt-f •out. 0l *y(e) (60) BMMAOO) •Min IM (30) Titk Sgots.' 1 (0 Mi . i» a m % mtm iMffl." Marion Marshall diicgBei irays parents can neat Kwir mpoMibiS^ (gr pro- vidiac an awirMniaat ooflduciva to 5 (0 (60) Masrict b toni(lirs star and i! also Inst to a tour of liis twine and gardero. Special sequences include a di'loj btbnai Chevalier and the audience, and Cievalier tlie performer in his open-air theatre. IBtMiarTswUciO (60) SIIKT FtMinI (0 (60) nhe tUm Gaocratieo on Woman." The Won- aa," fey Ivan LaMac The Fact.' by Heft>ert Kosoaen "The Siring Bean," Edmrd Secftan; "Hobby." Daniel Siczechuta; "L'Adage," Don- iaiqua Deioudie: and ta Pomme.'' by diaries Matton an all films in- spind by •ooieiL By RICK OU BROW HOLLYWOOD (UFI) — JackicoUedioa of dips wiOi comscB- Paar, «rllD kas Hostoined and tary by Paar. were "A FBaaj matured from a tdevisioii host Thing Happened on the Waj- to into a gifted social reporter, the White House," A "Funny continues to expand the range Ihing Happened on tiie Way toj of his nugnetic personal Hollywood" and "Funny Thing jouraalism. Happened Everywhere." On Hay I, he will present his ^ <° addition to beingj first NB&TV special in a year" hilarious and incisive, they were 'and a half, "Jitk Paar m'^e^l showcases for illustrating! I Africa," depicting what the' ">e mcreasingly adult wit of tte I network describes as his "off- humorist toward the cockeyed the-bcateo^ack view" of the indignities ol the worid. [Dark Continent H is curious and amusing fo ' In a typical Paar statement, "^^U Paar-s feuds witii goss%>' the astute and pungent humor- J^'^.""?^ the irony BJ , ist-obsert-er is quoted as saying: ">» wntnwersua penod. "t n»Jin »«,A cncAic ^ "iHmate way with guesU KJ^ZJ^^^^^T^^; »«1 audiences made him seem ^ .n ^iH ^fP^oL sophisticated gosL, 1 Sone '^of aC ^l^e"" °" ^^<^ ^ Paar's programs, even when He is, to this view, by far ttie flooded with guests m his I most fascinating figure to hosting days, have been essenti-j emerge as a personality fnnn ally personal statements. And the televisioa medium. For, liis flair for personal reporting starting merely as an entertam- —which is dearly making him er, he has shown a greater the closest thing tdevision has understanding of video than any to a Samuel Pepys type of other performer, and has thus diatist^-has become evident in become a communicator of the his three other NBC-TV ^)ecials very first rank. His most since leaving bis series. important task now is to decide These progFams. basically a what to communicate. Good marks on his report ccn^ By DICK WEST WASHINGTON (UPI)—Pres-'tratian. To the contrary. th« ident Nixon has been getting main upshot of Nbcon's early mrprisingly liigh marks on his'blowing bas been a rapid first month's report card. increase in the membership of I call this surprising because' the "I told you S3" society, some of those doing the grading i "I toU you Nixon would make are Democrats. 'a better president than many Hubert H. Humjduvy, for people thought he wauW," one Imstance. gave him a "very new member of the society weU." Senate Democratic Lead- remarked the other day. er Hike Hansfidd gave him an; "That's funny." I said. "I "excellent" and Spealrer John'don't remember your telling me W. HcCormack gave him a anything like that." "satisfactory jHus." "Well, maybe I didn't .«ay it Even some of the columnists out loud. But I have felt all who were predicting that Nixon along that he was going to hoi would flunk in the first, a lot of people." semester now concede he has a. "Then how come you wert good chance of making the'saying last November that you honor roll. were thinking about movins ta You may or may not agree Mexico for the next four "Really, Howie, we just can't communicate if you insist on playing the bongos while we're talking!" fldtCSSNM <0 Miacsi Waltar Cionliite. (0 OO) 1 (0 (30) iMylMIOOO) (0 (SO) f (30 lii»tlM (0 aTirife ar CaaaatMeM (0 7JI S .^%<nbeyaat' Uaaar n m tml •ho is aa aid (riead if Mnrdadi laacar,pNNstafea«sisaL h« awlhar af Martaek's MK . Teresa. When Itia lilMMa biintt' her touTH* tiaaea ai <aatars ta the Unear Rsadi, HaiAdi ampacii ttnt aha plans t» Mop a tale tioMbip frith Tcrau. Mot knovifif tht (ruth ibont Anfrf. Taren finds uM WlUm aMMR • Jmwemm% iTmo. That lh«al dnpa bar fewnp card b Mufdodi: aha piaaa t» aak . caala4r af Taraaa. Maik ffiebaian. Claris laachaM, Jayea Bolifaatl ItM oas ]eJnvLMb (0(«o) 3S niM aad Kayo BalM gaaA.! eiJdlbi »aaiie(ia) •P(!}aiMaiBal(0 (6a) TC^ of GMK." Pita aad liac saaitk hi a aaMhasM rifht aritck- am adie «MppaaRd ioMai a laiiMcala faa Nbbaqr. Ha is band *aA aa« b *s« aat tbaia ic- Ma Mrf Uae "abar a a( laai. J. 0. Br" $ Maab: (0 Ika M (ici^ -a Ibbart ljMii«, <0 (30) B0 (i)CSS nqbaaM (Q (90) ^ EiperinienL" EUaa M. VioMt areb this 90-nioub drama that bcoes 01 a brilliant idearistic. aon-cooforaiing young scientist and bis head-on oollisioo with the manners, mores and morals of tfie so- called "Establishment" M. K. mike" Douglas (son of Kir* Ooue- las). Toha Sterling (daughter ol Ann Sothern and Robert Steriing), Chronic loss of blood may be anemia cause By M. WAVNB O. 8RANOSTAOT MONEY CLIPS by Mort Reed liver extract Now I find this doesn't control it any more. What do you advise? A — In true inm-defidency anania, the only drag needed is Q — For about IS years Irother greens and enridied> have had to control my iroo-i breads and cereals. Alcoholic 1 deficiency anemia by taking 1 bc\-erages are of no qiecial v^- ue in the treatment of anemia. Q — What is pernicious ane-| mia? Is there any cure for it? A — Tins disease of unknown cause is insidious in its onset ferrous sulfate. When this It is characterized by weakness,' doesn't coDtnrf it, a chronic loss soreness of the tongue and' of blood must be suspected and, numbness or tingling m the fin- when found, corrected. gcrs. There is not only a low Q — I aih a bousenif^ My hcmoglcbin level and a low red hemoglobin level varies from 9.blood cell count but also typicalj to IL In addition to treatment abnormaliUes can be seen in! Bany SuiliMiC RoMwai '.^."n Indodn forllhe microscopic exainlnation of Susan Sbasbvg. John Mitt Stephen Brooks star. and I EXCELLENT POLICE ACTION MELODRAMA eracssim (0 m OHMS (0 (30) Ted Meyers. mm Omnm (0 (60) OlSCDSnsnu** (0 ISIaria Oktson Does Her TMng.' OMarahal DMaa (30) eTkat Sfeaar (0 (30) "Stretch Thoae Muscles!" (30) my ailhritis. Could this drug the red cells. The disease can- cause my low hemoglobin? i not be cured but it can be con- A — Indodn, like aspirin, trolled by taking vitamin B-12.| om thelU is essential that this treat- may cause bleeding from digestive tract and thus lower men! be continued without inter- your hemoglobin le\'d, which ruption for life, tor women should be between | Q — Would a person taking 12 to 16. I vitamin B-I2 for pernicious ane- Q — What foods are good for ' anemia? Is it true that port wine is good for aoMnia? A — For most types of ane-, mia, foods rich m iron are benefidal. These include liver, oj'sters, red meet, spiiucfa and mia for a long time be likely U> develop liver trouble? A - No. Q — ily mother bas aplastic anemia. What is the cause and what is the best treatment? A — The underlyujg cause isl with these' appraisals. But you surely must have been surprised, as I was, to find them comfaig from Democrats. When grading KepubUcan presklents. Democrats are inclined to count off for neatness or otherwise indulge m arbitra-j ry fault-finding. i (Republicans, of course, tend election bet? to apply the same extraneous "Of course not. I always roll standards when they are; grapes that way." years?" "That had nothing ta do with Nixon's election. I just happened to have been hungry for some good hot tamales." "A few days after the elecUon I saw you rolling a grape along the sidewalk with your nose. Weren't you paying off an An Unusual Coin- CDidH Mada IBJOQMaaia: (0 "MM * Caair (dae- amaabiy) '63-by Stefaaa SfealdL enaH (0 (30) MS CaatoMNa (30) Sia alones finds LA. schools segregated were four years ago, the head of the dty Board of Education; Ooen found. Every effort is made to illus- a failure of thrboM ~S«rroW tojtrate a coin of the widest general uteresL llus quarter-eagle and its companion piece, the half-eagle, lead in mail inquiries about gold pieces. The foUowing letter is from an owner of one S2.50 gold piece and he makes a point often referred to by oth-jthis value by 30 per cent ers. lopurioe, chloramphenicol, goidj DEAR MR. REED: I have an! MR. REED: I have a salts, insecticides, trimtntohi-Indian-head $2.50 goM piece with < Sun Dial coin dated 1787 that is cne (TNT), to name but a few.ja "D" mbit mark. The coin in fair condition. On the front produce red blood cells as fast I as they wear out A search jmust be made for the pre- jcipitaUng cause — exposure to lionizing radiation or various chemical ageing, sudi as nitrogen mustard, chlorambucil, ure- LOS ANGELES (UPI)—City,*i>an. busulfan. bciizol, mcrcaj^l schools are "just as scgregat- ' ' ed, if not more so," than they tion to $52 uncirculated. The rarest ol aU dates is the 19U with the mint letter "D." There were 55,680 pieces struck at the Denver mint and a specimen m One condition lists at $235 to $475 uncirculated. However, a weak mint letter could reduce grading Democratic presidenU). The situation couM change abrupUy, hut it is obvious Uiat a goodly munber of people are having second thoughts about ffixon's capabilities. However. I seldom hear them admit they may have mistakenly prejudged the new adminis- But if you really fdt NLxon would make a good preadent, why did you have that 'Would you buy a used car from this man?' bumper sticker on your car?" "I meant that as a com* pliment Some of my best friends are used caf dealers." At Chequers Wilson. Nixon spend leisurely evening By MERRIMAN SMITH UPI White House Rtporbr CHEQUERS. England (UPI) —There may be no immortal parchment issued just now from the 12th century home of British prime ministcrs -iio Nixon- front steps Wilson Declaration of Chequers.'museum-like But it was evident the leaders of the United SUtes and BriUin were on good speaking-laughing terms when their long evening together ended Monday. Before a fireplace over which two old swords of Cromwell bung in gleaming reminder of how politicians once could literally lose their heads. Prime Minister Harold Wilson and PresWent Nixon spent a leisurely business«uit evening that went on considerably longer, than their original schedule provided. Either Chequers and/or Wilson captivated Nixon, for he remained in the damp country side longer than planned. He did not reach his London headquarters at Qaridge's Hotel until midnight, running nearly two hours behind schedule. Arriving at Chequers, Wilson ushered the President up the and into the country house. no such cause can be iMieeassBMi m 1 (0(30 B«M< tab (0 («Q JdJM Mba (0 (60) Can fuesti. The Mayor ef Cadoa Cakli dvaabns to rid the torn af cnokad Sheriff Daadeye on tka VDueds Ifeat la daaaat BUarsaabfO e Maab:'«aM- (myMaiy) "SO -Mantn Read. Dinah Sharidaa. (@II)6tI)ffiliM(0 lUdOBPiaaidealTaar (0 (30) oaaDeTaaiiu>b .io aMarie: The lae as. IMy ba GT (Msteni) "54 — Scott Brady. Nan Hale, eSSGDaiMy Biskap (0 aiLsMUcr [UMa****": "*w>i«, My LOMV (suspense) '52—Robert Ryan, Ida tupino. in( shoobMnn to help hin tuij (SMb (0 (30 "CBpi<r« - Ma triasb bring _ J ami aad to biidM fcwinc boBi bsbfsit Cor^r it ttaiaMtma. aBnribbibhaiOaO jg^ffl^an ^T-..«a „o r bas bkaap baring his blgb- •b b Ma WaSbbibn ] b atbawt b «Mrm a liaN ba* ticidH aany apsbirs. (M tiMir. im McObm. Bar said Monday. Tlie Rev. James E. Jones, the first Negro to brdd the post as president, told a news conference Monday the board is trying to eliminate de facto segre-i galion but factors such as thej size of the city arc making it! TaDICS •^Sdo j-oo integrate a sys- „YONKEBS, NY. (UPI)tem spread over 500 square; ""''^PJfJ-S" miles ... with 70 miles between Back fo those mulfiplicafion has mcuse type and is in ez-|side it has a sun dial and be- tremdy fine condition, but the mint mark is very dhn. I would like to know if it could possibly be a "fake." — BiU HcMahen, Woostcr, Ohio (Wooster Record). DEAR BILL: Your gold piece "IS one of the most controversial low this it bas "Mind Your Business." The back has "We Are One" surroimded by the words United States. I would appreci- Daily ate the history of this com and iiU established value. — Mrs. the farthest schools?" Jones asked itetorically. pieces ever struck by the mint, if not the most unusuaL Hie in- mtaglio impression is Tbe bo«d adopted a Policy ^'^^^Jt^\ Way Monday night who had theieq^alent uterafly pushing 2-2 daily double waited somewhat, u ,e design down into the coin limpahenUy for Uie wuunng ^ I device is just eva or sUgitflyi Feb. 13 calling upon aU sdiooli """^T "^^^^ and wailed. The beio^ the over-all surface. The districU "to exert all eflbrt to ""'"'^f. prevent and eliminate all racial P^^™** broken and ethnic imbalance in " ^ enrollment" William Kabat. Stoddard, Wis. DEAR MRS. KABAT: Your Fugio cent is the first cohi issued by authority of the United States. The word Fu^o means "time flies" and it is reportedly one of Benjamin Franklin's many proverbs. The 22nd edhion of "A Guide Two musicals dominafe Oscar n ^minafions HOLLYWOOD (UPD-Two lusty musicals. "Oliver!" and 'Fmmy Giri" domfaated the 41st annual Academy Awards nomuutions Monday, along with Katharine Hepburn who broke aU records as a nominee reaching n. "OUver!" topped afl pictures. *^ed until about U pjn. nominated with II contenders. ; which has been rebuilt at least three times through the centuries. The two men stood and chatted before the broad fireplace on one side of the room, the so^:alled "Great Hall" The prime minister took NLxon for a sightseeing tour erf some of the other rooms, notably the second-floor bo(A- lined long gaUery with stiU another fireplace and another of Cromwell's swords plus several letters m Napoleon's handwriting and one batUefield report by Cromwell in which he said of the enemy, "God made them stubble for our swords." The talk was spirited and friendly—particularly on world issues—as they worked through consomme, roast Ayle^Huy duckling for which this area is noted, apple sauce, peas, duchess potatoes and Uiat inevitable British delicacy, brus- sel sprouts. Over dessert and coffee there was more than the polite goodnight amenities. Nixon, Wilson and their fordgn secretaries, William P. Rogers and Midiael Stewart, phis a few other high-ranldng advisers, resumed their discussions and quarter-eagle and half-eagle of.S?*„^"™'f'„f*^i«^ best ador for Ron; CX^-_, ^-.^ this series represent a complete^"^'"'^,''jlj°'*f*"^; Moody as Fagin and Jack WiWl 970001 COrS " with as many values. It explamsiaj Artful Dodger. i ^ f^jfj Judge sfops goocf job - , _;wiui as many values. It expiams -uril Unused to rapid-fire mathe-.departure from usual mM™8 the history and oripn of the va- matics. track officials hurriedly I processes. It was onginany ^,5^ computed the' payoff andUwught that sinking the design flashed on the tote board $36.80.; would protect high points from But they had made a mistake, early wear common to gold The payoff for a $2 bet should coins. This idea failed to consid- havc been S18. ;er wear on the general surface. The track management made ihis type was adopted in 1908 (UPI )-A good on its original figure, at a during Uie administrauon of WOf pnSOner «,„ lo . - pCT p,.esident Tteodore Roosevelt, Finds friend in former (avitay) 'l^-fiabert lewiy. $8.80 The holders of 4,430: who strongly urged the omission TOKYO (UPI)-A U.S. Air LOS ANGELES judge says Joseph F. SUy, 49. fo^' S67,320- can DO longer coUect stray ticket. The ho _ „ Mpermarket carts for fun and tickets were delightedw ""u4 '*mdto In" God We Trtsti Forte colonel met his Q»,„ and traA,because he did not favor a ref-j JM>anese prisoner of war today SUy was ordered Monday to.spokesmen said they would holdErence to the Deity on our cur-^w the first time in 23 years, *" ^1. ^^"^ Totalizer Co -.^ncy. There were several objec- and both reacted more like old I the wayward carts. He was bable for the miscalculation. itions to the coin as a possible! setrice buddies Uian former idiar^ two supermaitets — ;germ carrier, but the chief com-j ^emies- OUier films nominated were Sl^^^ "^o'm^' SACRAMENTO rUPD - T.0 manufacturers have agreed to ik addition to Miss Hepburn. P""'Je steam -po »-ered automo- ti» nommees for best ^s^^^ y^""?.''^^ were: Bartira StreUand. Joanne: vehicles by the CaWorma High- Woodwanl. Vanessa Redgrave way Patrol. and Patricia Neal. Miss Hep- ^"Tiff"!!! ^rJ^' ^"S"'^" bum was firt nominated - and!«^ Monday the CHP would re, won an Oscar - m 1934 and an i one car each from Lear fonner UK . ensuing years picked up iOiMotors Corp.. Reno and more nominations and anoUiS Thermodynamics Systems, Inc.. UdiaMba naabr -Coailna or Deny." (0 (0 IFiaabala«elM (0 UiaMbte (»Vsttiy) •51-Hiclity Rooney. Sally Fomd. a «Mli|U Skear: The tUoe Sbiy.- "Hia YeOoa Tonuhaark" aad -Usaiaad b Daagcr." Lost plane in Iplafait was its inability to stack.' "I was so happy J felt likeikin and Alan Bates. near his home a finder's fee of 32J0 per cart to return them before the stores filed suit j . i . . .aa However. Stay was awarded fOHIKl IH IIIIIS S227J0 for 91 carts be collected. _,,._„„ ^ _ At one time, he saW proudly, he ^J^^lZ cM U.S. Coins," and Taxay is had 400 carts lined up in his ^ wreckage of a hght plane ,r~rt in ihu baAyari ^Icontaining the body of LeRoy " • 'tty ^'T ^Us'^'^' "T^e Guide Book of VniMi^<^ Command in Taipei, No poMeS mUcs souUieast of thU Yuba!«ates Coins" foto Uie least <rf ,.T„.» iCounty town. ihis series at $25 m fine condi WASHINGTCm (UPI) statuette. Newport Beach, Calif., within Moody was joined in the best, "e^t six months, actor nomniaUons by CHiff Rob-! The test program, requested ertson. Peter 0"roole. Alan Ar-: by the 1968 legislature, win i As for your coin being a fake. I "rmg." said Yoshio Satajte. 47, ;i doubt this. It is not referred, ^ sergeant m Uie World War H to m Don Taxay'a book. "Conn-^»P»>«« Imperial Army, terieit, Misstnick and UooHi- "I recognized him right 'away," said CoL Charies S. Hester of Lancaster, Pa., who 'I cunenOy is assigned to die U.S. i delve into the vehicles' ah: pol- Oareiice Clyde Fereuson Jr., »"^««^^«^^^ (he man appointed to cooRtinate! «°8« *« *«<*•' Do /ffO whof relief for Biafra and Nigeria by =^ j ' Uie United States. *ffl stay out! Fudge disappeared Ust 'nies-; QOfneS of politics, according to Uiel<l«y after making radio con-; „ SUte DepertmenL A spokesman! «['tli Oiico airport^ on a; nofuraUy ROME (UPI) — Graziella saU Ferguson 'is not a political AiSht from Troutadaie. Ore., to mediator" and will deal "ody^Fullertoo. with relief matters" when he< The Ovfl Air Patrol had con-!Freddo. was just tnvelt to the war-ton regkm to I ducted a week-kmg search o(> comes naturally. Formosa. Hosier, as a 22-year-oIdi 'lieutenant, was m charge of a! Japanese prisoner-of-war de-j tachment on Guam for threej months in 1M6. Satake was one; I of his prisoners and. because of; BARRE. I his conduct was made one of spoken Hester's trustee assistants. iDistrirt Best supporting nominees, ac- '"tion characteristics as well as tors: Jack Albertson, Seymour, Performance and safety. CasseL Daniel Massey, Gene' WiMer. m addition to Jack Wild. Nominated for best supporting: actress: Lynn Carlin. RuUi Gordon, Sondra Locke. Kay Medford and Estelle Parsons. Flag flies at distress No love lost find wiys to aUeviale thej an area from Redding south to ISacramento for the plane. jaOBJaarSMj ^m^ HEDOVa SECONDWra 7:15 dBMSSCT *1Si Abel* mil CHRISni fdOflfcinc sood in a mliririnrt. And an UMM Italian gntle- men were ^^^f what naturally for them. f,««fc«if i good at a miniridrt. So ruled the jndce Udoday. diainisainf a chaise of eatra#*j 'at public decency faronfht by a pidieeman who aeKced « o< nca leafing a cbmcfa itaiinf at the shapely. 20-yMrold IOHJ FMda "Ite aetiaa of the poUeonan seems to hav* been completely aifattraur." tba jnlce told Hias FMdo. wb bar jnrtiee doing what Passenger exchange SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) mien both the easthmmd aad westboiBd nms of tba WMb Pacific's Zepbyr jnwngB train wen bloeked by an avataneb* the Feather River eaai Sunday, the raibead eama up with a novel aohilton to tba latMem. Pleeti of buses were sent ont and the pasMSfsrs on tba two mioa were esdianged. lha eastbound train rctnmed to Oiridand! with ita new pMwngen and t ilboand tram went back to| CUcaco. ' LONDON (UPI) — President I Nixon's car was flying the j British flag upside down—a , common distress signal for sailors—when he arrived fOr I tilks at Prime Minister HaroM Vt (UPI)—A soft-i "''son's official residence for man stood beforej today. Court Judge John' A British spokesman pointed Monday and handed out the error to Nixon 's strand of love «*auffeur and the flag »-as ! righted. The Umon Jack is often flown upside down by foreigners. It looks almost die same eidier way. except that its wluta Omnam him a small : beads. : "Oh. weU, thank you, jConnam said then fined Harry. S. Simons, 21, $15 for faihire to! have his car mspeeted. Man shot by automobile SALT LAKE OTY (UPI)Robert B. Prince, treated at a hical hospital for a fiogerj wound, told authonUes he w shot by his automobile. Prince said tba beat from Us car 's cigarette li^iter dis- cfaai«ed a .22 caliber bullet in the ashtray. diagonal luies shouU be sUgbtly thkiker at the top. CAIRO (UPI>-Porraer fine Saud Tba Abdul Azziz of Saudi Arabia was buried in Ui fanmeland Monday, five yean after his brother farced bim tato exile. Sand's body «a< fiowa to Saudi Arabia tam Athens in a ^ane provided by bis brother. King FaisaL Saud died Sunday.

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