Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on July 10, 1974 · Page 21
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 21

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 10, 1974
Page 21
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Your today; tomorrow by the stars For Thursday, July 22 . By SYDNEY OMARR Latest estimates indicate that there are 10,000 full-time astrologers in the United States and approximately 175,000 who practice on a part-time baBis. literally millions of persons, read books and columns on the subject and interest continues to grow. Nine out of ten individuals know under which zodiacal sign they were born. A fewer number are aware of their Moon signs and other aspects of their horoscopes. Astrology appeals to the high and the mighty And the low and the lonely. All of us have something in common: we ail were born and we all have horoscopes. ARIES (March 21 - April 19): You are capable of accepting challenge.' Obstacles will be overcome. Know it and be confident. Key is to be aware of details, fine points and small print. Read between the lines and save yourself time and money. Cycle is high; you emerge a winner. TAURUS (April 20 - May 20): Examine hidden aspects; be aware of subtle nuances. Gemini, Virgo persons could figure in important ways. Key is to get behind the scenes, to gain access to special information. One confined to home, hospital would appreciate being remembered. Do something about it!. GEMINI (May 21 - June 20): Don't expect too much from well-meaning friends, associates. You will have to attend to basic duties in person. There is confusion evident in those around you — and some envy, too. Know it and prepare accordingly. CANCER (June 21 - July 22): Go slow. Review possibilities and responsibilities. Accent is on family, security, basic values, ultimate conclusions. Refuse to be pushed or rushed. 1 One who sings blues is testing you. Know it and stand your ground. Pisces, Virgo individuals could' figure prominently. . . > LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22): Tie loose ends—check with persons at a distance. Get proper representation. You can expand if positive about personnel — and language, Capricorn may play significant role. Grass is not necessarily greener elsewhere. VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22): Don't attempt to mix friendship and money, lest you lose in both areas. Emphasis is on the uncovering of documents, the locating, of lost articles, the gaining of information which could lead to profit. Aquarian is likely to be in picture. LIBRA (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22): Lie low. Don't push, force, The Body ACROSS 1 Chest bones 36Co™r.g'mo 8 Contains brains 12 Biblical country 13 Mariner's direction 14 Genus of mussels 15 First class (2 wds.) 16 School subject , 17 Modem Latin (ab.) 18 Flexible 20 Of the nose 21 Residence (ab. 22 Respect title (ab.) metabolism 40 Soak flax 41 Possesses 42 Feminine name • 45 Lymphoid mouth tissue 49 Olive genus 50 Noise 51 Russian river 52 Narrow board 53 Oklahoma Indian 54 Cafe list 55 Window glass 56 High hill cajole or whine. If you are quiet within, mate* or partner will make wonderful gesture. You will find or rediscover love. But this will occur in meditative fashion, not with sound of firecrackers or trumpets. : SCORPIO (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21): Your hunches are on target. You gain friend by sharing knowledge. One who aided you in past may make reappearance. Spotlight is on health, work, the - understanding of individual who seems rebellious. Your maturity is put to test. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 Dec. 21): Involvements are not playthings during this period. Know it and don't feel you can get away with putting only a toe in the water. Meaning should become increasingly clear as day progresses. Another Sagittarian — and a Gemini — could be much in picture. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19): One who could mean much to you is going through period of depression. Be patient. Don't cast first stone. Check details. Be specific; Take nothing for granted, especially in legal area. Property needs appraisal. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 , Feb. 18): Travel may be postponed. Relatives and reservations don't seem to jell. Be aware of reservations. Appointments and' public relations require close scrutiny. Gemini, Virgo persons may be telling you some things which are stimulating. PISCES (Feb. 19 - March 20) : Be conservative with assets. Loose ends hang and could snag —at your expense. Family and domestic situation come into sharper focus. Taurus, Libra also are in picture. Money, security, expenditures are featured. IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY you are a natural teacher, intuitive, moody, attractive to opposite sex. May was an important month — in September you will be on the go, socializing, building future potential. Aquarius and Leo persons play significant rqles in All he wanted wds modest home TAUNTON DEANE, England (UPI) — All David'and Brenda Myers asked f6r was a modest home supplied by Myers' new boss, the Taunton , Deane District Council in Somerset. What they got was the stateliest example of public housing in Britain —a 19-room mansion that lately had served as council offices. "The Grange" came with 24 carved oak chairs and parking space for 30 automobiles, a telephone in each bedroom and its own switchboard. Answer to Previous Puzzle 23 Thorax 26 Sharp 30 That girl 31 StateTab.) 32 Poem 33 Masculine name 34 Stoop over 35 Elongated fish 10 Verdi opera 11 Plaything 19 Wager .„ „,.. 20 Part of speech SSofcheese^AtUchel 'r arm 23 Lower jaw 24 Queen of gods DOWN 25 Periods of time 1 Harvest 26 Penny 2 False god 27 Pedal digits 3 Kenya 28 Thought tribesman 29 Unit of human 4 Daubs protoplasm (NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN.) 5 Cures ailments 31 Temporary 6 Concerning shelter 7 Favorite 34 Past tense verb animal 37 Bring into 8 Persons being 9 Seth'sson (Bib.) 38 Prohibit 39 Suppose 41 High regard 42 HospitaKab.) 43 Feminine name 44 What bodies should be 45 Yugoslav leader 46 Angered 47 Girl's name 48 Poor section of city 50 Period 1 2 3 4 12 15 18 23 24 25 30 • 33 1 36 37 13 16 19 122 8 9 10 11 14 17 20 42 43 44 49 52 55 138 139 141 50 53 56 27 28 29 h 35 46 47 48 51 54 • 57 10 your life. You are very loyal where family is concerned. PUBLIC NOTICE NOTICE TO CREDITORS No. 15884 SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA FOR THE COUNTY OF MENDOCINO Estate of MARTHA ANNA BRIMMER, also known as MARTHA A. BRIMMER, also known as MARTHA BRIMMER, Deceased. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to the creditors of the above named decedent that all persons having claims against the said decedent are required to file them, with the necessary vouchers, in the office of the clerk of the above entitled court, or to present them, with the necessary vouchers, to the undersigned at Room 209 Savings Bank Building, Post Office Box 720, Ukiah, California 95482, which is the place of business of the undersigned in all matters pertaining to the estate of said decedent, within four months after the first publication of this notice. Dated July 5, 1974 MARGARET L. LEARD Administrator with Will Annexed of the Will of the above named decedent RAWLES, GOLDEN, HINKLE & FINNEGAN Attorneys at Law Post Office Box 720 Ukiah, California 95482 Telephone: (707) 462-6696 , Attorneys for Administrator First publication: July 10, 1974 7-10,17,24,31,1974 PUBLIC NOTICE NOTICE OF FIXING FINAL COUNTY BUDGET NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Preliminary budget for the County of Mendocino, California, for fiscal year 197475 is prepared, and is available for distribution to the taxpayers desiring a copy thereof by application to the County Auditor of Mendocino County; and that the Board of Supervisors of said Mendocino County will meet in the chambers thereof in the Mendocino County Courthouse, in Ukiah, California, on July 29, 1974 , at the hour of 10:00 a.m. to commence consideration toward fixing the final budget of said county for the said fiscal year 1974-75; and that any taxpayer may appear thereat and be heardj for or against any portion of said budget. Dated July 8, 1974. VIOLA N. RICHARDSON, County Clerk and ex-officio Clerk of the Board of Supervisors By: Dorothy V. Starks, Deputy 7-10,1974 PUBLIC NOTICE PUBLIC NOTICE WMnfMta£- _July1974 1 Ukiah pally Journal, Ukiah, Calif.—21 5A— Personalis NOTICE TO CREDITORS , ; No. 19878 SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA FOR THE COUNTY OF MENDOCINO Estate of GRANT W. HANCOCK, Deceased. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to the creditors of the above named decedent that all persons having claims against the said decedent are required to file them, with the necessary vouchers, in the office of the clerk of the above entitled court, or to present them, with the necessary vouchers, to the undersigned at the law offices of Arthur Matin, Esq., 1715 Shell Building, 100 Bush Street, San Francisco, California 94104, which is the place of business of the undersigned in all matters pertaining to the estate of said decedent, within four months after the first publication of this notice. • . • Dated July 5, 1974. NORMAN MILLER WALTER S. SVENSON Executors of the will of the above named decedent ARTHUR MATIN 1715 Shell Building ~ 100 BUsh Street San Francisco, California 94104 Attorney for Executors First publication: July 10, 1974 7-10,17,24,31,1974 PUBLIC NOTICE Under the provisions of Sections 2275 and 2276 of the revised statutes (43 U.S.C. Sees. 851 and 852) the State of California has filed applications to select public land described as the NWy4SWy4, SV4SWV 4 Sec. 3; lots 3,6 and 7, S^SEV 4 Sec. 4; lots 4, 5,10,11,12,13,14,15,16 Sep. 9; all Sec. 15; EteNEty, EM .SEV4 Sec. 17; EVfeSEy 4 Sec. 19; SWV4NEy 4 , SEV4NWV4, swy 4 , NWy 4 SEV 4 Sec. 20; SWy 4 SEy4, E%SEy 4 Sec. 21; SWy4NWy 4) W>/iSWy 4 Sec. 22; and NEViNWyj Sec. 29; T. 9 N., R. 6 ,. W., M.D.M.; lot 3, NEy 4 SWy 4 , WteSEy 4 Sec. 19; NWy 4 SWy 4 Sec. 29; and lots 2 and 3, NMiNEy 4 , SEy 4 NEy 4 Sec. 30; T. 10 N., R. 6 W., M.D.M.; lots 4 and 6 Sec. 23; NEy 4 NWy 4 , S%NWy 4 , SEy 4 Sec. 24; •swy 4 NE j y 4 , EVfeNwy,, N%NEy 4 swy 4 , N %swy 4 NEy 4 swy 4 , SEttNEyrfSWtt, W%SEy 4 Sec. 25; T. 10 N., R. 7 W., M.D.M., and SEy 4 SEy 4 Sec. 25; T. 10 N., R. 7 W., M.D.M. containing 3061.86 acres. The purpose of this notice is to allow all persons claiming the land adversely to file in this office their objections to issuance of a deed to the State. All objections must be filed with evidence that a copy thereof has been served on the State of California, State Lands Commission, State Lands Division, 1600 L Street, Sacramento, California 95814, within 60 days from the date of the first publication indicated below. Date of first publication: June 19, 1974 6-19,26,7-3,10,17,1974 PUBLIC NOTICE The State of California, Employment Development Department is proposing to enter into an agreement with the Department of Labor for $3,288^800 to fund approximately 366 jobs in the 27 counties under its jurisdiction as a prime sponsor of the "balance of state areas" as provided by Title II of the Comprehensive Employment and Training Act of 1973. This proposed program will give financial assistance to public employers to be used in providing the unemployed, underemployed and AFDC recipients age eighteen (18) years or older with transitional employment in jobs providing public services. The jobs to be funded will be in the field of education, crime prevention, public health, safety, and parks and recreation activities. The counties to receive these funds and the amount of wages and benefits allocated to each, as provided by the formula established by CETA, are as follows: Alpine 19,087 Napa 38,760 Amador 35,641 Nevada 132,585 Calaveras 84,413 Placer 233,985 Del Norte 86,889 Plumas 76,234 El Dorado 276-349 San Benito 103,171 Glenn 58,151 Shasta 356,440 Inyo 45,020 Sierra 19,087 Lake 111,276 . • Siskiyou _ 156,970 Lassen 116,302 Sutter ~162,999 Madera 156,671 Yuba 138,050 Mariposa 26,262 Tehama 113,151 Mendocino 215,840 " Trinity 84,413 Modoc 37,517 Tuolumne 166,248 Mono 28,738 A copy of this proposal will be on file with the administration offices of each county between the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Persons or organizations wishing to comment on the above proposal must do so by either = .1 (a) filing their comments within 3 days from the date of this publication, or , ' ' (b) notifying EDD of intent to comment within (3) days from the date of this publication and subsequently filing their comment within 15 days from the date of this publication. Notification of intent to comment may be made by either phoning or writing to the prime sponsor, Employment Development Department, at 800 Capitol Mall, room 5098; Sacramento, California 95814, Attention Mark Sanders, Chief, State Manpower Planning Office, phone (916) 445-4546; or to William Haltigan, Acting Assistant Regional Director for Manpower, 450 Goldengate Avenue, or P. O. Box 36084; San Francisco, California 94102, phone (415) 556-7414. • ' 7-9,10,11,1974 fJ 'L THEVRE ALL IN Advertising Index Apt. tor rant—Furnished i Apt. for rant—Unfurnished 7 Automotive Strvlco Part* 2*S Boats, trailers, motors MA Business Opportunities If Business Rentals 1) Campers * Trailers 23 Cars, trucks 2* Child Care 2A Duplexes—for rent * A Employment Agencies " IA Employment Wanted 2 Exchange 17C Equipment for Rent IS Farm Equipment 14 For rent or lease I4A For sale (miscellaneous) 21 Oerapes tor rent 7A Help wanted 1 Houses for rant—Furnished • Houses tor rent—Unfurnished • Income Property II Instruction 1 \ Investments I7B 1 Livestock 2t Lost and Found 4 Mobile Homes HA Mobile Horn* Service-Repair 2)B Money to loan 21 Money wanted If A Motorcycles and bikes 21A Motor Homes 2)C Musical Instruments 24 New and Used Equipment 22 Notices . S Personals SA Pets 25 Real Estate tor sale 17 Real Estate wanted 17A Rest Homes . 11A Room and Board 11 Rooms for rent 10 Services offered 20 Situations Wanted IB Trailer Rentals 11 Used Cars Wanted 2fA Wonted to buy 27 Wanted to rent or lease 14 1—Help Wanted Pre-school Teacher 3 afternoons per week.' Pre-school experience desirable, $5 per hr. Mail Resume to Ukiah Co-Op Nursery School, 444 Park Blvd. The Ukiah Unified School District is accepting applications for a Head Cook position - 5% hrs per day $312.60 per month on Range 13 There will be an Open Closed Promotional Examination 7-2574 at 10 a.m. Applications are available at the District Personnel Office, School and Henry Streets Deadline for application is 7-24-74 at 5 p.m. General office secretary, payroll, typing, accounts payable, shorthand preferred. 485-0335. WANTED RN on call, all shifts, LVN'S full time, days and on call all shifts. Nurses aides, all shifts. 462-6636. Mrs. Galer. Ambitious persons who want to earn but who can only work part time. Opportunity for good extra income. Training given, call btwn. 10 & 6. 485-7361. Construction Inspector Exp. clerk of the work needed during construction of $1,250,000 Rehabilitation center. August 1974 through Sept. 1975. Salary $1100 mo. Send resume to Mendo. Co. public works dept. Ukiah, Ca. 95482 Call Floyd Lawrence, 4621923. Counselor Week-Ends. Mature responsible male to work with difficult teenage boys. Residential' treatment program. Boonville 895-3536. Couples without previous business experience but willing to work and learn together. Pleasant, profitable work. Contact Amway distributor, 743-1533 for interview. PUBLIC NOTICE NOTICE TO CREDITORS No. 15866 SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA FOR THE COUNTY OF MENDOCINO Estate of HANS A. ED-. WARDSEN, Deceased. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to the creditors of the above named decedent that all persons having claims against the said decedent are required to file them, with the necessary vouchers, in the office of the clerk of the above entitled court, or to present them, with the necessary vouchers, to the undersigned at P.O. Box 636, Ukiah, California 95482, which is the place of business of the undersigned ' in all matters pertaining to the estate of said decedent, within four months after the first publication of this notice. Dated June 27, 1974 s—Ada J. Edwardsen ADA J. EDWARDSEN Executrix of the will of the above named decedent JACK C. HAMSON Attorney at Law P.O. Box 636 Ukiah, California 95482 Telephone: (707) 482-8693 Attorney for Executrix First publication: July 3; 1974 7-3,10,17,24,1974 1—Help Wanted WOMAN COOK Exp. Only Palace Hotel EXPERIENCED Nurses Aides, all shifts. Apply at Driftwood Convalescent Hospital, 1162 S. Dora. RELIEF COOK, Thurs. thru Sun., 11 a.m. to6:30 p.m. shift,. Apply at Driftwood Convalescent Hospital, 1162 S. Dora. RN charge wanted, 5 day week. Also RN relief. Phone Mrs. Shipp, 462-1436 or apply in person at DriftwOod Convalescent Hospital. WANTED In Lakeport-Lucerne-Nice or any Clear Lake Area. UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL Newspaper Boys. Start your own route. Unlimited potential to hard working go-getter. Call 462-1421 for appointment. Ask for Mr. Harvey. AVON New In Town? Selling Avon, is the nicest way to become a part of the community. As an Avon Representative, you'll not only earn money in your spare time, but you'll soon know everyone on the block. Call: Mrs; Alleyne Peirce 451 Zinfandel Dr. 462-1149 ATTENTION: Local or out-of- area Real Estate Salespersons—How is your commission split? How is your 'office working arrangements? Why not come in & check ours! You might be pleasantly surprised! All inquiries will be held confidential. Ask for Sales Manager. TOTAL REAL ESTATE SERVICE. UKlAH 462-0538. Ideal Situation for retirees or handicapped living in the vicinity of Ukiah, no exp. necessary, we will train you to operate television console.' Must have transportation & be willing to work afternoons & eves. Apply at 182 B. Gobbi St. Ukiah. MOTEL MAID, apply in person. Lu-Ann Motel, 1340 N. State St. HAPPY ADS Danny Lee Honey, Happy Birthday, Me Tis but a matter of minutes now, until the clash begins; And fate will see (save rain or luck), that the better of them wins. Listen & beware. Black Bart, the sound of yonder going; Tis calling for the vengence of his majesty King Kong. Grouch, Love You To "Me" I am your friend and I am on your side. "G" Middle Aged or Older Lady to look after elderly couple. Private room & salary. 5 days week. 462-2000 or 462-6893. BOYS AND GIRLS Earn Your Own Spending Money. Applications are being accepted for carrier delivery routes in Ukiah area. Several good routes to be available soon. Come in or callMr. Harvey. Ukiah Daily Journal. 462-1421. CAREER Opportunity. Work with Shaklee authorized Distributor, part or full-time. Earn big bonuses on sales. Build to retirement. Irwin A. & Lillian Bradford, Supervisors 485-7740. PHN OR RN'S and certified- home health aids. Experienced in public health or home nursing. Work out of own home, Phone a must. Send resume to Homemakers of Lake Co. P.O. Box E, 95453 Lakeport. 1—Help Wanted SALES LADIES for Tri-Chem liquid embroidery, needed. Fun + profit and free kit. Suprise, Call Gay 485-8254 or 462-1267. BOY OR GIRL, afternoon carrier route, several routes available immediately. 4623630. WANTED Salesmanager for R.E. office. Excellent opportunity. R.E. License required. 462-8761 aft. 6 p.m. BUY-SELL-TRADE l A—Employment Agencies, Marshall's Employment • Agency 117 S. State Street—Ukiah 462-6050 Our Applicants meet OUR rigid specifications, before we send them to meet YOURS. No fee for registration Ins. sales will train. Refrig. Mech. Mach. Opr. Lath-Press-Mill $4.56 Welder $3.50 hr. 2- T -Employment Wanted CLEAN OUT Garages, Attics & Basements. Reasonable rates. 462-7802. YARD WORK Lawns Mowed, Trash Hauled, Weeds Cut. 485-8601 or 485-7480. BILL KING for Brick Work. No job to small. Will work with Owner. 462-5276. PROFESSIONAL Tree Work, Trimmed, Topped or Removed, Free Estimates. 462-4668. HOUSE CLEANING & General House work. Reliable & efficient. Call Pamela 462-0102. Painting Interior-Exterior Free Estimates. "Fast-Neat Dependable-Christian. Ref. 4857950. Painting Interior, Exterior, Repairs, Minor Plumbing, Roofs, Fences. 462-0620. Painting Interior-Exterior Free estimates: Fast-neat, Dependable-Christian. Ref. 4858413. 2A— Child Care WANT 1 Child Mon .-Fri. Full time. Experienced with references. 462-0696. . 3—Instruction READING SPECIALIST will teach your child to read with understanding and enjoyment. 462-4441 4 —Lost and Found REWARD! Prescription glasses, circular, Brown rims, pink & yellow case. 415-841-5923. REWARD, female Huskie, black & white, 30 lbs., toes missing on left rear foot. Vic. State & Talmage. Fri. 462-3927. SHIRT—Dark Levi embroidery between Talmage Dam & Value Giant. Reward 462-8117. FOUND: Black or male poodle. 462-7 dark gray LOST: Red, 3-ring binder, $20 reward. 462-7165 or 462-7912 LOST: 4 mo. old female Red Irish Setter Puppy. Near park. Leave message at 462-9552. LOST: Female Collie, short, fat & friendly, has collar w-name and Phone No. Vic. East Rd. Rdwd. Vly., 462-6006, before 10, aft. 6. 462-9555. 5—Notices If you think you have a drinking problem, or if you have a drinking problem. 462-1259. ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS P.O. Box 557, Ukiah California 462-7123 TRY Fluidex to aid in fluid reduction-Lose weight with the Dex-a-Diet plan at Ukiah Rexall. 5 A—Personals LONELY? Meet desirable partners by mail. Write tor Adelaide Suzanne, Box 103-M, Lake wood, Calif. 90714. MASSAGE & STEAM For Appointment 485-7496 I will not be responsible Ior debts contracted by anyone other than myself on or after July 9, 1974. Steven B. Redding Pause now for Soul Food DlAL-A-Meditatkm 462-1600 Spring Cleaning—BASIC-H ft other Organic Shaklee Prod- cuts. We'll c!a4I on you. 485-7740, 462-8063, 744-1692 BUY-SELL-TRADE Journal Classified 6—Apt. for Rent Furnished 4 Room Furn. Apt. Single retired lady preferred. 462-2151 l Bdrm., Furn. Duplex. 1 & 2 bdrm. furn. Apts. Call Holiday Lodge 462-2906. ATTRACTIVELY furnished 2- bdrm. apt. Westside, adults. 462-2062 2 BDRM. APT. For Rent, Furn. 462-0083 . FOR RENT Studio Apt. Daily, Weekly, Monthly Broiler Motel, 485-7301 a ___ FURN. or Unfurn. Completely renovated, w-w carpet, all electric: Nice 274-1817 l & 2 Bdr. furn. or unfurn. All elec. W-W carpet, garbage disposal, laundry facilities, pool. No children or pets. Oak Garden Apts. 462-3743. 7— Apt. for Rent Unfurnished Modern 2 Bdrm. Garden Apt. Utilities furn. except elect. No pets. 462-2716 Creeks ide Setting, 2 Bdrm. 2 Ba. Apt., with garage & Carport, air cond., $190 a mo. 462-8674. 2-BDRM. modern townhouses, \Vi baths, fenced bk. yard. Kids ok. TV cable furnished. $175 mo. $75 cln. dep. 462-8761. FOR RENT Right down town. 2- bd. unfurn. apt. Single person or married couple only. No children or pets. $135. per mo. Available 74-74. Call: 462-5075 week days 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. 8— Houses for Rent Furnished FURN. 1 bdrm, mobile home, Redwood Valley $95. 485-7519 Vacation Retreat in Tahoe's Incline Village. By day or" week. Sleeps 12+ Private Beach Pass 462-9519. RENT to own your own Mobile Home 1-2 & 3 bdr. Bring this clipping to Mitchell Trailer Sales 1775 N. State. 9—^Houses for Rent Unfurnished 3 BDRM. Tri-plex modern, carpets, range, air cond., large kitchen, fenced back yard, children & pets okay. $210 mo. Realtor 462-8761. LIST with Otis Hurt Today And start Packing Right away Otis Hurt Realty 462-1980 FOR LEASE^bdrm.,2ba.,$185, mo. 2 bdrm. 1 ba. $175. No pets. 1st & last mo. Cln. Dep. $75. 4858717. 10-^-Roomsfor Rent FOR RENT Furn. kitchen units with pool. 101 Motel 462-8509 SLEEPING KOO.MS $32 Week. TV Included. CREST MOTEL 462-4476 NOW OPEN for business under new management. Daily A Weekly rates. Pool, TV, & coffee. THUNdERBIRD 2251 S. State St. Ukiah RAMBLER MOTEL Furnished kitchen units, by the week. 462-9835 11 A— Rest Homes i : VACANCY for ambulatory lady, low rates. * 462-3624 VACANCY for a lady & a gentleman at the Holden St. Home. 462-4418. SILVER BIRCHES has vacancy for man or lady, private room available, 462-6861., 12—Business Rentals 2400 sq. ft. Industrial Bldg. for lease. Railroad siding access. 462-7573 COMMERCIAL building for lease, center of town. 462-5286 LARGE office for lease, State St., 4 rooms plus reception room. Ample parking. $200.4621696 or 462-1153.

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