The Evening News from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on February 25, 1943 · Page 4
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The Evening News from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 25, 1943
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR THE EVENING NEWS, HARRISBURG, PENNA., THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 1943 Stars Show Wearer's Pride WARNS. ABOUT RIFLES NEW CUMBERLAND, Feb. 25. Chief of Police Paul Myers an by F. L. Otstot, chairman. New air raid signals will be explained at the meeting. News of the West Shore NUTRITION CLASS ' SHIREMANSTOWN, Feb. 25. Mrs. Isabel Goodfellow, Lemoyne, v, ill organize a new class in nutrition nounced yesterday that all air rifles MEETING TOMORROW WHITE HILL, Feb. 25. A meeting of auxiliary firemen, fire watchers and air raid wardens of the Lower Allen Defense Council, will be held in the flrehouse tomorrow night at 7.30, it has been announced to carry a certificate issued by the Modest but fervent pride, simply expressed, is what hundreds of thousands are finding in Stars PATRIOT and THE EVENING NEWS. Not only in Harrisburg1 and or firearms discharged in the bor ough will be confiscated. The an early next month, It has been an nounced. burgess. Curfew Law at One pound of waste cooking fatg makes enough glycerine to manufacture one-third pound gunpowder! Besides the curfew law, council nouncement was made, it was re also passed a building ordinance on asj.a1 oi wonor at- 1 tractive little Pennsylvania, but throughout ported, because of the large number of windows and street lights which first reading. Copies of this or dinance may be obtained at the NewCumberland have been broken recently. CIUUIC III B UC A s i g n e d to be America in every state in the Union, these stars are being worn by the loved ones of those who are now serving our Country. home of the borough secretary, B. Paul Mowery, 1549 Bridge street. Gas on Stomach Relieved in 5 minutes or double your money back Wbn actn ttomsch add eatites painful, fuffoeat-ini km, aour itomach and heartburn, doctor usually prescribe the fastest -acting medicines known for aymptoraittc rellfif medicine like those tn Bell-am Tabled. No laxative. Bell-ana brtngi comfort in a Jiffy or double your money back oa return of bottle to us. 25e at ail dnigsuu. .- fj.worn djt tne V2 d e o d 1 e ba c k Now I Wear Slacks NEW CUMBERLAND, Feb. 25. Stars of Honor, made of sterling Minors In the borough will not be allowed on the streets between the And home for their men in the armed forces, and now SHIREMANSTOWN ITEMS SHIREMANSTOWN, .Feb. .25. Miss Mae Sipe, of Philadelphia, spent the week-end and holiday with silver, may be obtained for twenty-five cents each; by mail for thirty r made available to our readers at cents, the added cost to cover Look Swell YOURSELF FROM CONSTIPATION hours of 11 p. m. and 5 a. m., according to a new ordinance which was passed at council meeting last night. FREE Room 5 of the office of THE her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Sipe. Donald Buffington, who is postage and handling. The curfew ruling will apply to MINISTER TO SPEAK CAMP HILL, Feb. 25. Speaker at Since I Lost That Ugly Fat You adult fat people stationed at Front Royal, Va., spent the week-end with his wife, Mrs. Donald Euffington and Mr. and Mrs. all children of 16 years old or les3, and forbids their appearance on the the meeting of the literature division borough hall will be the Rev. Spencer B. Smith, pastor of the Presbyterian Church. His topic will be "Our Thinking on the 200th Anniversary of Thomas Jefferson's Birth." r tori may often slim down without starvation meeting of the Camp Hill Civic Club tomorrow afternoon at 1.30 in the Clyde R. Spahr, at 13 West Main street, Shiremanstown, and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Buffing- streets unless they are with parents, guardians or a reputable per WITH NATURAL HERBS Grandone's Herbal Laxative Tablets will help tha liver bile flow. A quick relief from constipation, check gflfs distress, dizziness, headache, loss of appetite, biliousness and many other ailments due to poor elimination. Grnmlone's Herbal Laxative Tablets made of herbs are gentle In action, non habit forming. Sold at leading drug stores 25c and 50c FREE sample, write Orandonee Son A Co Harrisburg. Pa. CLIP THIS, son over 21 years of age. The only ton in Lemoyne. Miss Emma Eis chenberger, of Mechanicsburg, vis exceptions to the rule will be ap X ' l! Bl W ited Saturday with Mr. and Mrs. plicable to children who need to be in public while performing duties, and these persons will be required Abe Miller. Miss Louise Shope and . tvuss ixhs win onope were enter tained over the week-end by Miss June Schwinger in Philadelphia. diets and backbreak-ing exercises when your excess fat is dua to thyroid deficiency and you have nothing else the matter with you. Just eat sensibly and take Marmola tab. lets only according to tha recommendations and Instructions with the package. Marmola is not s eu re-alt. If la doubt at aay time about advisability of treatment and for further in--formation as to the propertits and effects of the Marmola Ingredients, consult a nhriieian. Miss Jane Gross, of Locust street, is spending this week with her grandparents at Sunbury. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Llnard and daughter, Bev erly Jean, of Rana Villa, visited PEANUT STORE ma i m THIRD 91 iyyB i iya EiiBiu u . market 1 over the week-end with friends in Perry County. Kenneth Hendrix OF LE UY & G ROSS I of Pittsburgh, is spending this week with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs, Ira W. Sult2foaugh, at Camp Hill, If you need Marmola, why not lose those ugly unenmfortable pounds the Marmola way. Don't delay. Druggists hart sold more than twenty million packages during the paat thirty years. R. D. 1. Mrs. Paul Shopp, Mrs. James Yaple, Miss Clara Smyser and the Rev. R. A. Strasbaugh vis UARY SAL ited Tuesday with Mrs. Earl Zim r c. .1 merman, who is a patient In the Harrisburg Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. John Wehler and son Jerry, of Enola, visited with Mr. and Mrs. GO TggJ 1frv Paul P. Hiner and daughter Afery Jane at Camp Hill, R. D. 1. Hand Carved Initials NEW CUMBERLAND NOTES NEW CUMBERLAND, Feb. 25.-Mrs. Margaret Drinkwater attended a meeting of the M. P. Club In Middletown yesterday. Jerry Stone has been spending tcwm : by CORO Axis Plaster TANK BANK Holds 118.75 In dimes, quarters, nickels, and pennies . . . enough to buy a $25 WAR BOND. 1.00 some time in Florida. each Miss Margaret Stager, Philadel phia, ha3 been visiting with her brother, Oscar Stager, Fifteenth CIXD street. Mrs. W. J. Mayer, Market street, 4 :i t BUY SAVINGS OU VO85" I turov imii Jr jit jS onimt was to leave today for Philadelphia Large, graceful WOOD INITIALS. Wear two or three to add that delightful personal touch ... on your suit lapel or casual coat! JEWELRY SHOP street floor to visit her daughter. Mrs. Clara ijlhIM IILI'li III Sather. j Mrs. Jean Kaufman, of Market street, and sons, Carl and John, is visiting her sister, Mrs. J. C. Fries,' in Wilmington, N. C. 60c Alka Seltzer 4Sc $1.20 Sal Hepatfca 97c 50c Phillips Milk of Magnesia 31c 100 Soda Mint Tablets 12c 50 Cremalin Tablets 53c $2.00 S. S. S. Tonic $1.67 $1.50 Haieys M-0 28c CLASS TO MEET CAMP HILL, Feb. 25. The Cheerful Workers Class of the Sunday School of the Lutheran Church will meet in the social rooms of the church tomorrow night at 7.45. Conklin FOUNTAIN PEN Writes a long ' time with one filling. Rubber ink sac fills by manipulating lever on side of barrel. f i IVING SIS ft VV ftSAVINO STAMP M A 1 9 Utt OWM ITOU dJ f0(2 full .00 1 FOR THOSE SUFFERING FROM KEEP WELL ... AND ON THE JOB I! 100 Vi Penfa Paries $3.73 100 A-B-D-G Capsules $1.79 100 Whitei Cod Liver Oil Tabs, . . .89c Vimms 49c $1.69 100 Yeast & Iron Tablets 59c Benefax Vitamin I Complex, 39c, 73c, $2.19 100 Squibb Ylgran . . $4.89 cacn tauiei snArcu unit : AN APPLE-fine for gdultt- children adore these little f I chocolated .nn'es, sets gently. J no griping. 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USE BIO-MINERAL colon clean and healthy, eliminating; CERTAIN TOILET PREPARATIONS AND JEWELRY SUBJECT TO 10 FEDERAL TAX the accumulated poisonous matter, "USE YOUR CREDIT ' No Extra Charge for Credit at CPEH EYEKIN6S FROM 7 10 9 llj L BIO-MINERAL SPECIAL OFFER! 2 BOTTLES SI. 35 3 BOTTLES f 65-Day Treatment) $2.75 1 BOTTLE $1.00 WE WILL REFUND YOUR MONEY IN FULL IF YOU ARE NOT SATISFIED AFTER TRYING BIO-MINERAL FIVE DAYS GUARANTEE SOLD IN HARRISBURG AND STEELT ON AT REA & DER1CK DRUG STORES 18 N. 3rd. Harrlsburj 1400 N. 3rd, Harrlsburg 9 N. Front, Steelton 16 N. 3rd St., Harrisburg 1 400 H. 3rd St., Harrisburg 9 N. Front St., Steelton We Reserve the Right to Limit Quantities REA & DERICK, INC. MAIL ORDERS ADO 10c FOR POSTAGE I

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