Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 25, 1969 · Page 8
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 8

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 25, 1969
Page 8
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•r RANK MUi Itediondi Doay Fads Ann Landers HW day in Sacrainenro TNI MVIMIMk Water — Naimd S UHM I Mtiion. Nortkridr. ud Ma Ooooiii. GartenriDe, to the <t*te Walw ' Dew Jam Uoden: My tans- baod read in the paper wiiere some toekiogat nade tbt pre- dictioo that witfam two ytm. wooMn wai lie soioc topte to tiie conier dniplore and soper- maikeL He days if tUf bappegaj he is soioc to tte BdfMMMlMMd tteatee eompletdy mde and if he ic anccted fir iodeeeal i posuK, be iria Ure a lawyer] aad Uke ift to the Supreme Oomt it My bnifaand insiato ttat wUle women keep sereantinc tfaeir me statioos Irieiit*. tiiey haw man risbts, than men. He says H men aiwwed at much at their hodies as women in «ffieea and itars and tcftannata, they would be. dapped in the cooler, Do yon be&ve, Aon, that in two yean things will have gone THAT iar? Please say it isn't so! — AFRAID OF THE FU- TUKB Dear Afraid: Far be it from me to (uess what the worid.wiU be like two years from now. If anyone bad told me two years ago Hiat coeds would dance naked in Bfadisoo, Wsconsin, or that perfonners at Yale wtwld wel off aH tbek clothes and invite the audience to do the same (many did.'), I woold not have believed it. So, madame, please excuse me if I refuse to make any predictions. E. SlmlUn, S HI FMidieo^ ^ the Caliteaia Youth AoHMritr Board. M UM ~ Named Harlan Jebnsoa. CanUdMNl. at adinc dirwtar of the alala Depuiment or Vetenaa Allairt. Gnadcrm — Appointed Henry T. Gfmitmm, San Jooe, and reapprinled Dr. Jolm R. Ford, Sai Oier>. to Ite aUie Board I of EducatioB.- THI MNATI Passed Campus — Urfca aclnol ad- ministra ton—from hifb school throufb eoUesa—to piwecate lawbreakers in eanpns disor- Idecs. (SCB25 ~ SIten. D-Bakersfield. 2H>. lb AasemUy.) Jotot Acrieolhiral Ckmimittee Heard lestimoay on state Ag- ricollure Department's propoaed ckising of 18 border inspection stations. Oppcoents sud the dosing would be unwise. Proponents said the statioos no longer serve Introduced Unemfdoyment — Provides (hat an individual eannat receive unemidoyment insurance if he tarns down a job eOmi to him while be is on unemployment ralU. (SB3M - Dol wig, R-Atfaectoo.) Vote — Permits the reading of ttie U.S. CoBStitutton in Spanish as a qntlification for voting. (SCA15 — Petris. D-Oakland.) Thiaocy — Raises fines and terms of imprisomient for vio-, lation of tniancy laws by parents from $10 to $25 and from 5 to 10 days. (SB386 — Cusa novicfa. R-Van Nuys.) Tenure — Deprives instnietors of public schoob and state colleges of tenure wtien they strike. (SB382 — Bradley, R- San Jose.) Dear Ann Landers: I have aL ~ Prohibits release on terrible proNem and don't know'"'^P' "l^* '"ms, where to turn for help. First of! ""5^ charged with a misde- aB, let me say I am 40 years ""^"x* ™o commits and is tr- of age and have been arrested "^s*^ ^ »™1 twice this month for shoplifUna rP""* 1>e twice this month for shoplifting. 1 can't resist pretty nightgowns. I went to a doctor who told I went to a doctor who told ™me that riiopUfting was only a'"''^' symptom of my real problem.! CoUeges Nymphomania. He gave me some pills that made me worse. I started to go out with homo- first d»rge has been adjodicat od. (SB381 — Bradley, R-San Prince Chaifes inbigpvt in%irotaHon' time ate Ibe ftdUbits ffdwis- sin ol • shideat snspcBded for ana year. Makm it a misdemeanor for • snvodad student to n Hitsr itm enmpus for two yean •rim Ito wceives wilt- lea peiminiea. (SB3TS — Brad ley. R-Saa.Jaa^) THI ASUMBLY Introduced Vote — Eliaunates require- B «at that residenU of California temporarily living out of their home eonity must reregister before every dedioo. (AB SU — Cory, D-Gardea Grove.) Bus — Puts referendum on IPTD ptimair dectioa baBot re- gartinc basing students for school intecratioB. (AB617 - Wakefidd, S-Soath Gate.) Vets — Eliminales requirement that Cal-Vet kian appUca- tioas must be filed within 15 years after the applicant is discharged from service. (AB63S — Dunlap. 0-Napa.) Pi* — PermiU Fish and Game Commis^ to require pcrsoos under 1( years oU who are out -of-state residents to obtain a fisUng license if the supply of planted fish is endangered. (ABS37 — Davis, D-Portola.) Air — Requires Department ot Aeronautics to approve all airport projecU and applicatkns for federal finds under the Federal Aiipoct Act (AB6t6 —Foran, D-5an F^wadseo.) Noise — Requires Department I Aeronautics to adopt noise I standards and provides for $1,000 fine fir violation of the standards. (AB04S — Foran. D- San Francisco.) Badio — Permits county supervisors boards to eootribate to nonprofit educational radio sU- tions. (ABSC - Quimby, D-Ri-1 UVERPOOL, England (UPI) alto.) I -Ralph Phifips couldn't bdiev* CAMBRIDGE, England (VPD -Prince Owles. at -year-old heir to the throne, is to make a unique poWe appearance for a member of Britain's royal ten- ily by sitting- in a garbage can. Tite student pnnce takes th« role of gailMge ooOeefor dressed in scruffy demm overalls and seated in tha unusual royal pose for a revue staged by the acting society to which be belongs at Cambridge University. The revue. "Revdotioo." opens Wednesday to Ibe public with the prince in 14 of the 40 sketches. He is wheeled on stoge in his garbage can to be interviewed by a lepot'tet' in a take-off of an incident last year when he cotnisfained in a student magazine that a Cambridge garbage collector awoke him at 7 a.m. by banging and whistling. Prince Cbaries also appears as conductor of a non-existent orchestra. In another sketch he joins in a song called "Let's Get Dronk with Harry the Mode." In a Sheriodc Holmes Aeleh entitled "Hound of the Overspills," be plays a IMi century lover strand^ in a lonely countryside with a Gypsy girt, played by student Victoria Leffana, 20, to whom be says, "I must admit I do like giving mysdf airs." Sucker for left hook ABM - Asks lei^slature to oppose an antibellistic missile system and requests Congress to reconsider its dedskm to ccrtftiuet the system. (AJR1»- Buiton, D-San Frandseo.) Insure — Provides insurance for residential property damaged by landsUdes, tidal waves — Requires all instructors of stole colleges must teach either two semesters orj three quarters full-time during |sexuals. Before k>ng I dropped f'vc consecutive years in the I the gay boys and became inter- same college to gain tenure, tested in a woman who was ten <SB3S0 — Bradley. R-San Jose.) years my senior. She got mc Teach — Requires all full- mixed up with dope. After three lime instnidors at stote col- months of freaking out. I leges to teach at least 12 umU a checked into a saniUrium. It year beginning in 1970.71 schod was there that I fcU in lovcj year. (SB379 — Bradley, R-San with a 21-yeaf-oW boy. (He was Jose.) a dishwasher.) The guy is very I SUidente — Authorizes the nice but he is a necrophiliac. suspension of a state or junior AU he wants to do is make love college student who. by physical in the cemetery. i violence, disrupts a campus. Please, Ann Landers, don't Provides for hearing on the tdl me to drop him. TeU me "^^^g <»• how to cure him. Thank yoa. — A GREA'TFUL READER iTMs woman's husband comes to Dear Reader: Never mind about Um. I'm interested in you. Please leU me bow « guy who can't even spell "gratdd" got htto Yale in the first place. And how do you manage to stoy there when you spend so much time writing phony letters to Ann Landers? I have come to recognize your stationery. Buster, and the New Ha\en postmark hdps a lot, too. , ^„ „.„.o. Have a heart and lay off, will! inconsiderate. It's outrageous, you please? , It's also against the law. Report this screwbaU to the fkMr visit her every day and brin^ (under his coat) her prt poodle. He says it dieers her up to see Frenchy. Hy wife likes dogs but not in the bospitaL She doesn't want to make any trouble, but I think it is very inconskierato to bring a dog into a semi-privato sick room. Whst do you think? — S.O.S. Dear S.O.S.; It's worse than lor ri^g waters. (AB839— Ryan, D-BurliBgame.) Sales — Permits counties, by approval of the voters, to increase the sales tax by one half cent to raise funds for schools. (ABe27 — Ketchum, R-Paso Robles.) Aid — Makes counties responsible for dd payments for persons admitted to state hospitals for three years after the person's rdease or discharge. (AB629 — MacDonald, D-Ojai.) Employ — Prohibits any person from having a financial interest in any corporation which operates an employnwnt agency unless he has a license from the bureau of employment agen- des. (AB619 — Badham, K- Newport Bead).) Committees Held Education Learn — Permits students to obtain a state loan to go to col-| lege which win be repaid after graduation. (AB75, ACA9 —Col Her, R-Los Angeles. 7-5. Not enough votes for approval.) his eyes. Phillips, a member of the Queen's Dragoon Guards, wa* iwalldng up the stairs of a hotel. Coming down was this kanga* roo. What's more, the kangaroo was wearing boxing gloves. Well, thought PhiUips, and good-naturedly assumed a box- ling stance. Bam! Mr. Kangaroo landed a roundhouse left to Phillips head and sent the startled Dragoon sprawling. Skippy—that's the fcangawn- was herded to a neutral comer by his trainer, John Roberts, who sheepishly said the animal had sneaked out of the bote] room he usually stays. Roiierts said Skippy is trained to stort punching as soon as anyone assumed the boxing crouch. "I sparred up to the kangaroo I as a bit of a joke," Pmp§ said. "Then he punched me in the eye." Dear Ann: My wife is sharing a hospital room with a wman who also had a hysterectomy. supervisor at (Copyright, I960, Publishers- HaU Syndicate) Crime wave during movie interlude DENVER (UPI)«-Palice Sgt Walter L. Morris thought ha recognized the car parked in tta llast row at the drive-in, so ha pulled up alongside. Nofthani trip ""-vie?" Morri. asked. TR()MSOE, Norway (UPI)- The two policemen inside tha Frendj advenhper Yves Gerard ^a^ed squad car gulped. DeUtte, ignonng subzero lem- placed the speakw back, and pcratures and the perils of jj^ve off winter overland travel alone. _,,,.„ ,« .„,j.i, arrived in rural Nor»-ay today. , J'L''^ "f ^'^JSJ^a ending a 28-day skiing trek from ^"^^.I'J^ Ivalo. in northern Finland. •"T «"7,S DcLatte said he had lost his "'""^^^ ^ way once and had faUen rato an)'^"'^ icy river. Authorities had advised the Frenchman against SELL IT TOMOMOMf making the hazardous trip. 1 With low-cost Clasnlied Ads SHORT MIS By hwk OIM M»6. SWJFFY : SOMETIMES 1 THINK, (MS uPDc Jims OP wEPocD euss yoo'RE A8li-8? CSOTE RttL ATTCMTIOM -DfBUK OKBflmf NAME wans 6E fMlVVS 0/ tTEMANDSOF .THW6S ARE T »4AT BAR TUATMUWtEOMEM fiOteETIHeHftRD- ARXIMD «OPPERTlME OMbM-HOOM/ HE HUtT AC/ atUB tWiM/SMAOC jmKmatmRfmaHoajCM- HE«Oi9 SMItr -ALEC IS AHKH-OOOO,./ Met Msr/ WW. SHE vLts armu THERE ftiHEZS7DC<iW FEET / SME^HM-OTER A PUZZLE \ m'smAcevsBPMEOPSMPn- * AcajUKOPrmcea: TMEKJSNE JUMPB> OPAW BOOTED ME W Ttr Hf POCKET.' THE FLASH- UflHT I CARRy IN THERE 15 ALLTHATAAVEPME.' FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS CAPTAIN EASY ly MERRIU ILOSSER lyLMlttaMr rcmh-mt norm »w<OQa^ pww Mr wnjttw/ y cStwM- VOUUKB I TUr.TUTi AMaiHER.TJ «NeJ^ 'fANKIBlOW MM TOUCH ' rri

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