The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 8, 1930 · Page 4
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 4

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 8, 1930
Page 4
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I SPECIAL .50 VALUE FREE With every purchase of a pint or more of Jap-A-Lac. The fibre board wastebasket (50c value) is unfinished so that you can enamel and stencil it any colors you like. . The Blue "Bird stencils ($1.00 value) can also be used for breakfast sets, walls and other places. This offer is good for limited time only. J. P. SMITH Lumber Co. Phone 72. PLANT PATENTS; Possible Under Bttl Introduced By Congressman PurneU. TO nKTl'RX FINKS. Muncie Mayor Sayn Traffic Fines Are Invalid. Washington, D. C, April 8.—, Congressman! Fred S. PurneU, ranking Member of- the Committee on Agriculture, has introduced a bOf, H. K. 11372 "providing *f or plant patents which-\fe receiving'; favorable..! .comment from horticulturists over •' the country as yell y from agricultural leaders', generally. The proposal to give encouragement and protection to the plant breeder by awarding patents: for valuable new plants has not found iavor with all branches of agriculture and horticulture but. has been heartily endorsed, by scientific and other professions. Speaking of his bill. Congressman PurneU said, 'ThiB is another effort to give- agriculture the same opportunities enjoyed by industry and other groups. Many persons have expressed surprise that, this protection! and incentive for agricultural workers has not been long ago furnished. The name protection which we are endeavoring to [give to agriculture has long been in force fori the benefit of the mechanical and chemical inventor, the author and the composer." Brotherhood Hen and! Bail Officials Confer on Work ing Schedule. AT COMMERCIAL HOTEL Loses Use of Ann. Oma Scott, residing east of Windfall is reported to be quite ill as the result of an attack similar to paralysis. Mr. Scott .was carrying water to his stock and all of a sudden lost the use-of his left arm. A number of years ago while ! assisting in making hay Mr. Scott Muncie. April S.—Police Chief Frank Masscy yesterday- announced that on; orders of Mayor George 11. Dale, persons violating Muncie will notj was struck by the hay fork and his neck almost broken. Since the traffic law in lie ordered to appear at the city clerk's olhce and pay-a $2 line as has been imposed in the past. . "1 don't believe any city has authority to line a person $2 for violating the traffic law when 410 ch.rge has been placed' against him and. where he is not given a trial," Mayor Dale said. "I do hot believe any court would uphold that ordinance which does not give the violpi<rf^aNtrial.'' The mayor^tcaid he wouM^sug- gestto the city clerk that all money paid into tlie clerk's office since January (j, when DJIC tool; office be returned to those fined. that time he has never been in good health. • • • His daughter, Miss Anna Scott who is employed at Anderson has been summoned, home and is assisting ill carhig for the sick man. ' Encouraging Reports. X.ow on Own Farm. Frank Ley. who recently purchased 4n acres of land front the heirs of F. M. Todd, removed; to it Monday. Mr. Ley has rented additional land adjoining his farm, which he will tend during the season. WoiideiTul News for Fits Sufferers llniukl .Mi. N. V.—Must stubborn • MM * of t-pii,-p*v havt- l.ei-n sloppetl by iivw Thousands of sufferj- ,-rs : hav<- l«-»-n ln.-lp.-il. It'yuu t'lavo fits writ.- :il one,- t;, I 'liunoK'Dtol' Company. Ho* 71 -Si. .lohns VI.- Sta. Itrooklvn, X. Y.. for free' lio.iklet. IH'I't- 5S». Encouraging reports have been received from the Evanston, 111. hosptial where Fred McLucas has been a patient for a number" of weeks, following the removal of one of his kidneys. The parents of Mr. and Mrs. W. M. McLucas residing northeast"" of Tipton have been told he is now on the mend and that he is in condition that in a short time he will be permitted to sit up. Mr. McLucas was so critical- for several days that blood transfusions were ' given him. r Visited Husband. Mrs. Roy Grinstead was at In- ((lit SKI5VICK IX j ' I WALL PAPER IS rXKX«!'K.liI.,KI>: 1 REXALL DRUG STORE We Sell Sun Tested Tapers dianapolis Tuesday |anc spent the day with her husband who has been at the Robert Lcng hospital' for.many ^weeks, taking 1 treatment for heart complications. Mr. Grinstead is now 0 :1 the.mend and 1 tlie attending physicians have cut down his treatment. They stated that, if h s improvement continued he would , be ready to, leave the hospital within the. next two weeks. Fresh Leeds In Business Ceapton & Son Roosevelt - Field April 8.-— William . D son of the- late "tin plate and former husband of the Prijt cess Xenia, of Russia president of an- airplane sales company, an announcement today id: The company a tearoom, a barber service and other conveniences in connection. PlMwe SB. B17RKHART ft CO 5T ! ,ffew York Leeds'Jr k>it£" Vili- operate shop, valet the ;E1- Joseph Blitz a rcsid|lng an Shortle farm northeast of wobd, was here- Tuesday morning' on In; way to KoVoiAo to attend the funeral of Mrs. Mary McEntee, formerly of -Tipton, one of the : pall bearers He was at the he funeral. Mr. Biltz, reported had sowed - 20 acres, of outs and had 40 acres of wheat which he stated ture. ..Was I needing {more moii WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE ..-_ v - v,-;. .f ir __i— L -;-: -f :• f, --. |: : . Tom Thome Had Great Trip Soatb Americsj. The many- \ Tipton friends at Tom Thome: of Bloomington, a former TIPTON DiJLT ^'RBBtJMB ":..-[<'- .-j. •• -•...•.| I.. ! j-ji >l'...- Tipton high school students will, be his recent experiences as way iiij America Tom interested in some at a trav- Thorne; father, Wray Tipton, is ah ehglneejr eler. Tom's formerly of for the! Dwight P. Robinson! Engineering company, in i charge <j f the construction of a large [sui; Buenos ; Aires,! Mr. Thorne hasj South America for the past years. conceived the Representatives of the brotherhoods .and'officials of the Nickel Plate railroad are holding a conference at the Commercial Hotel heie and discussing items in the working schedule which have for sbme reason or other proved unsatisfactory to "one or the other. Dan Smith, hotel owner, has: set apart the dining room at the j 'hotel for the conferences, and - the men and officials are ironing, out the wrinkles in a most satisfactory manner. j Several little matters ; in ' the present schedule which have i not been found to work rightly, are being altered, it was said, and although the meeting is a closed one, full details will'tie 1 given 'out, later. Superintendents of the various divisions are meeting j with jthe representatives of the^ Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen, of which F. T. Ebert, of Belleyue, O., is chairman of the general grievance committee. Other representatives of the brotherhood ho are attending the conference re J. M. Crouch, secretary of j t he general grievance committeej of Bellevue; Hi R. Scott, of Tipton, ce-chairman; William ' Hassett, f Peiju lodge; F. M. Lyons, C- S. Miller, A. W. Estep, L. E. Heyman, William Terwililiger, George Newcomer and F. Nonfort. Tha men named are representatives of the different brotherhood lodges ot the system. " '"'The conference started: Monday and will continue for several days. The officials and brotherhood representatives will reach,agreement 5 which wil.l be "signed by both and will control working- j conditions among the men in train service. working his way across seas and joining his father; j at Aires and niade application to thje Munson Steamship' line of "New York Cjty in January and cepted. j In Thome; was states on the ; meantime, -sent back : do Sou th been idea Buends tli|e Hit a purchasing trip for his company and reachei here just at thje j time liis son was ordered tb report at :New!York! City .1 hihi to sailj His father advised to go ahead; Tom, left :BlJoomin{- ton January 20th and a few days later sailed jfrom Hobok<en on the S. S. American Legion, he having signed up as a cadet seamai. When he .signed for the! tri? Tom agreed' to make the roun i trip and was given his complete seaman's outfit. From Hoboken the ship went directly. t« Bei- muda, a two-day trip. The ship docked: for a few hours alnd.iToii visited;some, of the places of ir- terest. I While docking! the boat ran aground but was cleared successfully, j i j From Bermuda 1 the-.boat weiit ito Rio de .Janeiro,' • Brazil, anl 'from there to Santos, Brazil,, anl Tom had the privilege of going ashorejlfor several hours. He vi: ited points \, of interest liter From Santo's they went tc City df Monteyid'eoj the capital of '|On|- guay at the mouth of the. Rio de La Platte river. The! America! Birthday Dinner. The birthday anniversary; of Mrs. Margaret Chappell of Goldsmith was very happily celebrated Sunday at her home wheiLj members of the family and neigh bors and friends' gathered at the home to.assist her in properly ob serving the day. A dinner j was served at the noon hour, a large angel food birthday cake (with 72 candles gracing the center of the prettily decorated table;!. Among the guests for the dinner were Mr. and Mrs. Guy Campbell and son Eugene, Mr. I and Mrs. Wendle Smith and family and' Mr. and- Mrs. Alfred. Campbell and daughter Mabel of Normanda, Mr. and Mrs. Wes Cole and Mrs. Ruth Orr and son Ken- 1 neth of Indianapolis, Miss Jean Gibbons of Tipton and Mrs. Maude Gibbons of Goldsmith Improving Slowly. Legion continued the trip river which|i is 66 miles Buenos Aires. This part: trip required! 10 days iCIRCUIT COURT NEWS.. Arguments Heard 011 Report of Hilbcrt Ditch Viewers. 11 up tli 's wide |to of tl:e Tom bene made an effort to join his fitthtir who had returned to Buen\ s Aires,'but jthe captain was |ine::- orable, and'irefused all the ple< s of. father aittd son, as t | wt s against tile'! rules of the Muusqn company, jl • : • • The Robinson Company whicjh was one o^j the large shipped with, the steamship line used their powers of persuasion but jo no avail and an appeal j rom tie American consul at Buenos t 1 ,-.'ii Aires was also turned down ai(d Buenos Tuesday omrhing Judge C. W. Mount ; heard the arguments j" of the: attorneys for the remonstrators [ against the report of i the iewers in the Lorinda Hilbert rainage.proceedings and took the matter- under advisement until! he could-' make so ne investigations. The remonstrate irs contend thejre- port was not made according: to iaw' and are ashing that it be set ide.- : "t \ • ! The court is j also entertaining motion filed by the town board f Sharpsville to", set aside the sub- ission of its case against Mar- ipnj Adams, in which it was asking. permanent injunction to .prevent him installing a gas, tank land pumps! in the stt eets of that tojwn. The hearing on: the application ;is held several days ago. The board also asks leave to file a sup- ple'inental cbmpiaint in the case. Tn ' the . divorce > proceedings brought by Charles Conway gainst his wif^ Elizabeth, the ife has retaliated with a cross- complaint in wjhich she asks 'the Tom was forced to carry out It contract arid return to the United States. •'•.!!' ; The ship 1 docked in Aires for about ten days and Tom spent that!time with :his father. The ship docked in • New: Yo -k Harbor March 12th and from there Tom I returned to Blooming ton. Although disappointed gettinf to -remain with! hjs father, Tom is in no way disappointed with his trip and says he had wonderful j experience.;" He is j ^l- ready in correspondence with, o 'tjh- er steamship lines in an effort jto make another trip to 'join his father. He 1 Was much i nipressjed with Buenos Aires and says it a most- beautiful city. While th^re he visited l^aul Mendehall, who was.foiv merly' employed in the Max Gross store when W. R. Holmes j was manager of that establishment, has received a. card from j Mrs. .said to bo the liirgest cabaret Ifhe world Holmes conditioju. bered ' hurt in! Angola In the 1 fr. a regarding' her husband's It will be remem- '1 Holiucs was badly automobile crash! near fjiur weeks ago Sunday, crksh his skull wis injured and, for 72 ho(irs he ] was unconscious. Mrs. Holmes writes ning - Co., j lection of has been court!' at 14th. that he and his! cleared.! Tvllss Lcontlne Whjilen, who Is a senior at: fii- Joseph's Academy, entertained her-Jiarents, Mr- and Mrs. Ed" Whalen and her < sinter, Miss' Rosehiary Whtjlen of Wabash at thex^eademjj Sunday. - m is getting along slowly memory has not entirely Mr: Holmes is assistant managet of the J. C. Penny!store at Angela having removed' to that plaice from Tipton. i Mr. and Mrs. George Allen of Columbia Avenue went to Indtan- apqlls jru9«««y evening to visit witU their:daughter 'Mrs. Yon "East and her baby daughter at the Cojemen hoapiUl. Th t is their jstjeond visit, at tba hospital since the arrival of the baby last the Armohville: Cafe Suit Continued! The suit !of the Curtisyillfe C*n against the! Blobc Rutger Insurance Co.,!folr the cpl an - insurance, policy, continued in | the city Elwood until ! Ajlril Phone 509 for taxiisqrvice tjnd best pricqs. Fred: Los,ej Captain Robert Dollar, presiden of, the: Dollar Steamship Company has been confined to his home, a San Rafael, Cal., for several dayt with a severe cold, j Captaii Dollar was eighty-six, on Marcl 20, and, because of his age friendt of the I shipping] magnate were ap nrehensive. ' I ;^:'' i READ1T FOR USE. Diana Theatre [Installs New Sound t Producing Equlnaoent. Manager/ Nick Paikos .of the Siana theatre phoned-the Tribune [Tuesday noon that his pew sound producing equipment was i all installed and that he bad eliminated the trouble which has been experienced! in the past.. "No more interference," was the- manner- in which he! stated the new equipment worked. ! - ; ' i' . MrS Paikos drove • to. Chicago and j brought the new equipment back with him and. worked! practically all df Monday night to get it in readirieBs for the big' : picture "Sunnyside Up," which | -.starts Tuesday night for' a. three ' days; run. j .._' '• - . '' •!...'The equipment is being installed at considerable expense, but the manager states that the public is entitled to only the best and he will!' furnish it. A Short Vacation. at jthe Allen Cotton of Goldsmith who is a student at Indiana University at j Bloomington, spent the week end with his parents. Dr. and Mrs. S. M. Cotton at. Goldsmith. Allen, who is a member of the university band, has beeri in "the southern part of the state during the j spring vacation giving concerts and only had • the opportunity for the brief visit, here. There are J106 in the band'and "of these 50 of the best were chosen: for the concert tour. They visited Washington,. .Vincennes, ' Ev'aiisville, Tell City and New Albany on-the trip. Not an Applicant. - diyprce and other relief bands of the 'court. ! I The divorce jsiction of Murrel.l rwin, against Norman Irwin ihas. bee sent to Hamilton county j for trial, a changej of venue having been taken by tjie defendant, j An order was made Montlay requir­ ing'the husbanid to make certain payments for tlie benefit of jthe wife and children. j Elisha: Cox, whose name ; has been mentioned as an applicant for ! the' position of. custodian of the'City Park, phoned the Tribune Tuesday! that lie was . not ini-the race. He| says that for . several day's he]has.been wrestling with a severe] cold and talked through hiojnoseior he would have: phoned sooner; j - '. , r ' He wants it understood;that he is hot", in the runniirg but \vill takegi. seat in the bleachers and watcfi the race. • j . Notice to Taxpayers of Additional Appropriations. '_-.. Past t es* "Fine Feather** Silk Hose Silk and Rayon, all colors, service heel, service weight, i pair . J WC Sub-Standards, all col- . ors, pure thread silk, service. fiflr weight First Quality Silk Hose, all colors, in service weight with #| iM| Trench heel * 1 » W Full Fashioned, pure silk, all colors, service weight and heel ... L Semi-Service, all colors, pure silk, exbra long- j. Chiffon, all colors, with French heel Chiffon, all colors, 48-gauge, very sheer $1.50 $1.65 $1.95 The Boston Store THE HOME OWNED STORE FOR 74 YEARS VIRGINIA SITE FAVORED. Hriv (Jrfi 'tiiis Kriemls. For 'Terminus Of Transatlantic Dirigible Line By Eckener. ..: Troy N. Hutto. candidate i tor the Itepuhlican nomination : for prosecuting attorney of this cOun- ' Lakeiiurst. N. J.'. April . S.—]ty. was here Monday Breelins Alexandria, Vu., is generally fav-' friends and meeting a number of ored -as the site tor-the United local ipolitirian.s. Mr. Huttn. who States terminal of his proposed >* linlshhis- at Indiana univrrsity Is III. Ilev. LaMoiiije Wright,; pastor ofjlthe Methodist church at E.kin isnreported tojjjie seriously ill at the home of his wife's, i parents, I ' ' U) '• i . 1 - i Mr. and Mrs. Scott Whisler near Winchester, suffering ]with either tonsilitis or qitjinsy. Rev. Weight left Ekin last j Tuesday and. went to the Northern Indiana Confer- I' •• ii' i : 1 , I ence of Methodist churches at Hartford City and was taken very ill while there; His condition was such that he!was taken to the home of Mr. [and Mrs. Whisler. Mrs." >Vright yras |- already at the Whisler homeJ . j Rev. Wright was .returned to i - i, i - - i • • the Ekin charge by the. confer ence and liis, parishioners are hoping for his recovery and hirf return to Ekin.] ] i ' • \~~~ \ J ,' Wedding Aunivci-sary. Mrj and Mrs! Albert Thurston tyrp well known Residents of Millersburg, celebrated j tlielrj 31st wedding pnniversarj', Tuesday April 1st.. They ! were « married Easter Sunday April! 1st., j 1899 Mr. a'nd Mrs. Thurston each jcele- brated their •• birthday anniversaries on special days, alno. Mrs Thurston's anniversary falls on St. VJalentine'lsl day February 14 and Mr. Thurston's ; on Ground Hog day, Feb. j| 2. Each are 51 years: of age; On the wedding day of their eldest son Iryin Thurston, the stork visited their home: leaving them a baby daughter. [At, the time JMrs.; Thurstoq was quite ill fiththe flu. 'j 1 ' | ! -' til' a; A. j 1 Irvln Milled of North jlnde- ^—»treMindP»rs. iSmmett Jn the matter of determining itlte additional appropriations l for certain purposes by the City' of T-jpton, Indiana. Before'! the Comnton Council. . i . Notice is hereby, given the. taxpayers of the City of Tiptdnt tfip- tpu! county, Indiana that the'props- officers of said municipal-: ty.jjat their regular meeting place on [the lis th day Of. April, lijsp. will consider tlie following addir tional appropriations; - - i' GENERAL FUND.. !, City Clerk: • ! . 3. Supplies .-'.!. | Office $250.00 City Treasurer: .: 3. Supplies ' " . | Office Police Department: %. Contractui-al- Service | Repair of equipment 3. Supplies ] General "— —-- • 4. Material j Building —"— 5. Current Charges I Rent 7. Properties j Equipment,' general Fire Department 1.: Personal service •] Salaries temporaryl 2. Coiitractural service | Repair of equipment 3. Supplies - j General __— ; 7. Properties | Equipment, general Street iDepartment . il. Personal service Salaries and wages; temporary -' 3. Supplies , General' ---— — 4. Materials "Repair parts — Health land Charities 11. Personal service •: ! Salaries Supplies j General --Memorial DayDcraation. Band Concerts ;— State Gasoline Tax- Fund.: Personal' Service . 1 -i Salaries and wages; 500.00 Materials j3.' Street and alley 500.00 Properties - • 2.: Equipment Motor i—w_._—-' Comfalete detail of budget esll- inate n?ay: be seen in the offlco'of- thje cHr- clerk; ^ Taxpayers appearing shall have thWrllht to be heard thereon. Ten W more taxpayers - feeling thoint selves' fgf rteved J by such ] addition^ Trunsa.tlantic dirigible service, according to Dr. Hugo Eckener. German dirigible expert, who, however, made it clear no decision had been reached. "No decision has been reached concerning location of the terminal," Dr. Eckener said when on a visit to the naval air ijtation here, "but Alexandria. Va.. is, ( generally favored because of weather conditions there. I have visited all the cities between St. Petersburg and Newport ' News, but 'that seems the .best." . 'Announcement of the location" of will have to come from the company backing the service, he said. Dr. Eckener said he expected to begin a regular srtjni-mpnthly service in July or August of 1931. Freight and mail will be carried first and.later passengers will lie taken. The passenger fare, he said, .would-be $1,000 in a short time, is arranging tn spend practically all nf the tirr,>• until tin- primurv in this rnuii-.y in tho interests of his i-ampai^ii. He is taking a -post-nra'dtia''- study in law at tlie university. Mr. Huttn is a stepson m I.ora M. Stniili. of .lefferson tu'ivnsliip. former trustee. Ilw father. Dr. Harry Ilutto. was killed in an ac-^ when he was a small ladw He is opposud for the nominatio:i. bv Robert Hoode. of Tipton. Attend MrKntrr Rill's. Several Tipton people, antnn? them relatives «if th»- late Vr'. Mary McKntee. were at Kokomn Tuesday morning, and atteiiil-'d the funeral of t!ii.s former Ti-i- ton resident. Mrs. .Mi -Entci: w .i< the widow of Joseph MfKut piomier blacksmith of Tipton. The fune'ral was held in t IH • The first-Patrick's Catholic chiinii :i :K Zeppelin for- the service is now,kom«. and "burial . under construction at FrederichsdCatholic cemetery .n T.^.-v I The funeral party rea.-hrd pre <it !at II o'clock and a lnr -e number of Tipton, friends were at \ th" Kmlmssy Site. ,,, ml .i«, r v when they hafen, he said.. 250.00 .150.00 • I • 200.00 25.00 ' -." I -' ]; '50.00 ;"'•'.] GO 0.00 500.00 — lOtkoOi - .!'-'•! 300.00 '.' I 200.00 100.00. : 1.00.00 1150.00 •25.00 I 125.00 ;ioo.oo 500-00 Uuenos Aires, Aprit S.—The purchase by the' United States government of an attractive lot on the beautiful new- diagonal boulevard being built through the- heart of the Buenos Aires business district, foreshadows the housing of all the American Government' offices here in the largest- and finest building owned by the United States Foreign Service, with the finest layout of any foreign, government in South America. MIRACLE WALL CLEANER This is n dry wail paper cleaiu r. The special rnl>- lirr sponge tiller contain-* a cleaning chemical u;<ls in the cleaning princes.-.. TIIIM clcnner ln>l<l< nil dirt in its pore*—n» (lirt or jitter falling ti> »>il your rug*. Phone 55 or 1371 for ! Demonstration. Tonite, Wed., Thursday Shows at 7:00 and 8:45 Admission: 10c and 25c. Three Big Days—Wednesdey Matinee at 2:15 JANET GAYNOR CHARLES FARRBILL D«Sylva,t>ewn ' TBe sensational Broadway i success at popular price*! The perfect muaical entertainment The [stars of "7th Heaven" and "Street in their first big comedy— p^Ja^Oooi' COMS XA1LT AIDOl AQOOD1BAT

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