The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on April 3, 1985 · Page 16
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 16

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 3, 1985
Page 16
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Safety date marks poultry Dear Heloise: A friend of mine recently got food poisoning from chicken. Her doctor said chicken is a common source of food poisoning if it has not been properly handled and processed. 1 am a new cook and want to know what to look for when I buy chicken at the supermarket. I want tolavoid any problems with chicken spoiling. — Cathy T. The United States Department of Agriculture recommends that first you select a bird that is chilled. Food poisoning germs don't multiply rapidly in cold poultry or in poultry that is stored at 40 degrees F.; or below. Then, look for the dates on the label such as "sell by" or "use by". Though this is not reequired by law, many retailers supply such dates. A "sell by" date, which is the last date a store should sell a product, is the date most often found on poultry labels. The "use by" date tells you how long the product will retain its top eating quality after you buy it. Finally, DO NOT buy poultry with an "off" odor. If it smells funny, it could be spoiled. — Heloise Dear Readers: I'm sure as consumers you are concerned with the safety of the food you purchase from your local supermarket. For' that you rely on the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and they have published a booklet called, "The Safe Food Book: Your Kitchen Guide". This nifty book covers general food safety. It is illustrated with cartoon drawings and it offers consumers the latest information on how food spoils, how food poisoning Heloise's hints KING FEATURES bacteria work, kitchen sanitation and safe microwave cooking for meat and poultry. It also has a section on care of foods that need special attention such as hamburger, ham, poultry and stuffing, eggs and egg-rich foods, marinades and mayonnaises. The booklet has a small section on how to report food poisoning and what to look for in foodstuffs that may be an indication of food poisoning. This is a must for every household so for a free copy of this wonderful booklet, write to the Consumer Information Center, Pueblo, Colorado, 81009. Request the booklet by title, please. — Heloise Dear Heloise: I have found some helpful hints in your column and wanted to pass along this one I use. I save a plastic oblong package that tomatoes came in (in the cellophane wrap) and now store my individually wrapped tea bags in it. It fits in a small place in my cupboard above the shelf saver where nothing else could possibly fit. Convenient and free. — Cheryl Palmer Dear Heloise: I have a spring form pan-'with a bottom piece that doesn't fit tightly. Every time I use it a little batter seeps out through the space and burns in the oven. I started out putting another pan under it but that meant one more pan to clean. YUCK! What I do now is cover the bottom piece of the pan with foil, covering the bottom and allowing just a little foil to protrude inside the pan. The excess foil is then pushed down around the space between the bottom and the side with a dull knife blade. No more spills and a . useable pan. — Marian Graven Dear Heloise: I have a tip for those aspiring chefs out there. Often when I am cooking on the stove or just mixing things, the spoon will slide around and fall into the pan or bowl if I try to rest it on the edge for a minute. This is especially a problem with metal utensils. So, now I twist a small rubber band around the top end of the handle. The rubber band keeps it from sliding around and, for us less experienced chefs, it sure provides a grip if a metal utensil is left in a hot pot of something and in turn gets hot itself. — A Practicing Chef Anatomy of a chicken By GREG MELIKOV Herbert Hoover wasn't completely:wrong — he was just ahead of his time. Today, there are almost two cars in every garage and, without qualification, a chicken in every pot. Chicken is served in 96 percent of United States households. Nearly 70 percent of American families eat the bird or parts thereof at least once a week. .That adds up to about S0;pbunds per person each year. The most popular parts of the chicken appear to be the breast and drlimsticks. I believe I have more recipes for chicken breasts than Carter used to have liver pills. Because I'm a kid at heart, I still love drumsticks. Chicken wings have become more popular, but I can't understand why —;all that work for so little meat. My-wife has joined the Hove-them- ba'rbecued-with-hot-sauce crowd, bull prefer to remain in the wings. Even the chicken's back and neck come in for special mention. The back flavors soups, and the neck is used in gravy. "AJas, the poor thigh is left out in the cold. When's the last time you tried a recipe with that portion of the chicken's anatomy? I hadn't thought about chicken Pilot light Baby food now comes in instant flakes : ; By The New York Times ; NEW YORK - Parents today ha'ye some new choices in what they will feed their babies. Where once they might have only reached for a jqr of strained peaches, they now can feed their babies 23 varieties of Heinz's fruits, vegetables and dinners that come in dried-instant flakes. ,And that is not all. For parents who still like baby food in a jar, they can choose between the traditional variety or Beech-Nut's "Stages," with four levels of food that supposedly matches a baby's development. The new look in baby foods reflects the jockeying taking place as the three traditional producers, the Gerber Products Co., the Beech-Nut Nutrition Corp. and the H.J. Heinz Co., seek to defend — or to widen — their shares in what has been a mature, but possibly expanding market as; the post-World War II baby boomers begin to have children of their own. According to the Federal National Center for Health Statistics, the number of births in the United States showed a slight 2 percent increase for the first 11 months of 1984, compared with the period in 1983. Gerber dominates the $650 million baby food market with 68 percent of sales, while Beech-Nut holds a 17 percent share, and Heinz follows with 15 percent. {teinz is hoping to carve a new niche in the market with its dried- instant ^by food. The product is Announces The Arrival Of "Napier" Spring Costume Jewelry Priced From $ 5.50 L C . H*M MM F*4 IMIM bbM'i MUM* Cnd4l jmltn IU N. S.nU F> 1234311 C SHOP THK STORES WITH TIIK 010 "0" ON THE DOORL The Salina Journal Wednesday, April 3,1985 Page 17 For the time Being, DOWNTOWN-SALINA Hours: Mon. thru Sat. 9:30-5:30 Thursday 'til 8:00 pm thighs until I found a bargain in the supermarket. When I found them selling for about the same price as wings and less than drumsticks, I didn't need the sky to fall on me. That's why I'm making a clean breast of it to you. Taco Chicken Thighs legg Mi cup milk l k teaspoon garlic salt 1% cups taco-flavored tortilla chips, finely crushed % cup grated Parmesan cheese l k cup cooking oil 12 chicken thighs, rinsed and patted dry / In shallow bowl, slightly beat egg with fork, beat in milk and stir in salt. In another larger bowl, combine tortilla chips and cheese. In large skillet, heat oil. Dip chicken in milk mixture and dredge in chips-cheese mixture. Fry chicken in two.batches on medium heat 30 minutes each, turning only once or twice, until golden brown and drain on paper toweling. Serves 6. not a new idea; both Heinz and Gerber tested dried-instant baby food several years ago, but neither company chose to pursue it then. 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