The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 8, 1936 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 8, 1936
Page 6
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a~v,* , , fpAGESIX BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NE'WS TUESDAY, DECEMBER 8, 1936 ; PITT ID DEPEND To the Highest Bidder! By Krenz J, Goldberg and Daddio Give ' 'Spark to Team Huskies ; l , ' Have Invited , 'By JIMMY DONAHUE NEA Service Sports Writer PITTSBURGH—Jock Sutherland's surprising sophomores of ' the University of Pittsburgh ' attempt the feat that was Impossl- ' ble for three previous veteran teams i" iviiich'the cagy,mentor led west— ] annex the Rose Bowl ga'mc In Pasadena New-Year's Day. '< The canny Scot makes his fourth trip^in' eight years to the wesl " coast as head 'of an Invited bowl i Kjuad, and frankly acknowledges thai'Uie team that caused him to , out-gloom Gil coble at the beginning of this jcar has come on to a peak where It ranks wllli any In Pitt's history, despite the 7-0 de* feat'.by Duquesne and the scoreless tie with • Fordham. ' TtM? usual taciturn Sutherland re- cclvcd the Invitation to meet Wash- j ingt?n's Huskies with a wide grin. ''Here,-he figures, is a chance to redeem those defeats at the hands of Stanford and Southern Call,' fornia'in the Arroyo Seco saucer. , n In' J 27 ,Jock took a grand bunch of Boys,' headed by Tom Parkln- ' son.jBlll Kern, Mike Getto, and 7 , Joe Donchess, west to play Stani forBd, and was rudely jolted, 7-6 >i Two"years later a'great Pitt team. ' led ,by Jess Quastc, Toby Uansa, v Jlm.McMurdo, and Donchess, tack„ led Southern California, and came v away with a Panther lail twisted lo ttfe tune of 47-14 Again In '32 Jock',went west with Warren Hel, ler, -Miller Munjas, Mugsy Skla- , dany, Mike Sebastian, "Tar Onder, s IzzyjWelnslock, and others, only lo ~j cry salty tears In his Scotch and < soda! after a 35-0 drubbing . t • t , T»sttd Bitter—Now (he Sweet? So' the invitation Is sweet, music to Jock, who has tasted nothing but the bitter dregs of defeat In the * culminating classic of the season *, Surprising sophomores were re/, sponsible for Pitt's success this 1 "" year, although Sutherland used his 1 -master hand at mixing in such „ veterahs^as Averell Daniel!, 'senior ', - and AH-America tackle, Bobby -»" (Baby Face) LaRue, senior, half*~,back, and experienced quarter^ backs to direct the play In Arnold Green and Johnny Wood, seniors 1* and Johnny Mlchelosen, junior. r - -: Toward the end of the season, however, even young John Chlck- ' erneo, a ^sophomore,.was handling ALL RIGHT! ALBRIGHT I I § << WHO'S I •! 'GOING TO double jackkiiife before one could It lasted 11 minutes. Battling Bozo II, n Instead of playing the puck v as the majority ot goalies do, Wortors youngster \vl(h dynamite in either watches the eyes of the man ap- pawv punched over a. three round preaching the net with the rubber. technical kayo over Enimltt Davis. lie contends that, by doing so, lie Bozo was easily the belter mid was learn which way the on his way lo n knockout when Davis slopped proceedings and makes' a .shot. •Judging from nouiiced that he was '-"nil out oi Where there's a MAN-tliere's a Warm Welcome for these GIFTS from R. D.HUGHES & CO. forty toHuglipj--Eartytobuy~Mak<xshopp^ the veteran Such so^h 1 runners as 'Marshall Goldberg and Harold > Stebblnsl supped 'the spark that Ignited the Pitt machined The latter pulled the with OhiojStatc out' of the , and .the^'formeV ran wild ""'against >Notre*Dame and 'Carnegie , Tech, .proving to- be" one of the brightest prospects in the country In addition to those \,f,o. Suther,V land got some grand ' hallbacking \ , from LaRue, whose moniker, "Baby , Pace," belles his actions, and. after' Bill Stapulls, -junior fullback, •was injured, -from Frank Patrick, replacement -full " .. ,' Line play was up to the usual , Sutherland standard, although it Little WoU Wins Featuie Match; McEuin Defeats Veteran Myeis By J. V. FRIEND Chief IJltle Wolf, full blooded Tacoma, Wash., Indian, defeated Irish McGee, Dublin, In u sensational match featuring the weekly alhletlc show of the American Legion last night , i' 0utwelghed somp; live pounds, the Indian \lost t JltlleXUme and ^wasted few gninls«m"5pillTn''g the elongat ed Irishman after dropping the flnt fall.'Little-Wolf used the dangerous crab to the second and third falls, McGee Introduced his own invention, what he termed double step-over toe hold, as as a face lift, to make the Indian surrender the first fall MeGee took the first fall In 11 minutes 'after some lively miflng The chief. .turned on the heal after the rest period Pour head flips had McQee woozy and In just four minutes he caught him out of position and moved quickly for a crab hold alter launching three flying butts, it wns feared that breath." His face was bruised and swollen. Ills hose and mouth'bleed- ing. . , ••,'•: Billy price, the clever Manila 100 pounder, earned another triumph by .defeating Tommy., nalner, a gamp Blyllicville youngster, in five rounds. Price.look three, nalner one nnd Hie first was even. Mike Mcroiicy orlqlated in all the activities. By Harry Grayson Behind the rise of the surprising New York Americans in Ihc International 'dtvison 'of the Na- onal Hockey League Is a tiny, 5- ot 3-inch - bundle .of dynaniitc, ' mere 130 pounds, who cfends the Amerks 1 goal. against ic, rush, power drives, and hnr- bodies of gigantic adversaries did have one lapse, probably due McQee would, not be able to' re- to overconfldence, In the game'"' ''" •---'•••'•••">••'--''—•• againsf^ the hard-charging Du- p.uesne ^eam f _ „ „ . , .Gibraltar of. Line - > Danlell and Bill Glassford, the t Wg > guard, v stand out In the line, •with sophomore end, Bill baddlo, Steve,Petro, Walt Raskowskl, and • Al Lezo\iskl, soph guards, and Pa, bian Hoffman, jearhng end, shln- jng 05 ilrst yeaf men ' , Sel ! < i'l on of " tne Panthers came as a surprise to a lot of people who live below the Mason-Dixon line. Those good folk expected Alabama or L. s U to get the call—as did a lot of us above the line. Maybe Washington is going to foe a bit sony it didn't invite the southerner'! jock, veteran ol three trips, Isn't going to make any training mistakes or tactical blunders this season, having profited by previous experience Pitt's team is going in to prevail ' -with,a Warner syster kejed-to a peak against Jimmy Phelan's Notre Dame disciples And may the best team win! Estate Fined Following Death of Accused Man "HHARLAN, ia. <UP) _A legal • -precedent was believed sst here ^•when District Judge Earl Peters levied a $300 fine against the estate 6f Ataian V. Kohl Kohl fell to his death from a silo filler shortly after being found tuilty of driving while,Intoxicated • Sentence *as not paSed until af- - ter Kohl's death and Judge Peters ' levied the fine against the estate Kohl's widow, contending the -fine now is a punishment of the • family and _not the defendant, . * reeks to have the levy-lifted. i_ Fanner Clubt Coyote To Death in Creek EL DORADO, Kftn (UPJ^Olag Seglen emerged from hts farm I home and saw his dog engage a coyots )n battle. Thfc dog and coy- of« tumbled into a creek. Seglen iroded into.the w»t«r and killed « the coyote with "a club. turn as he was obviously hurt from the hold.' He did lake his- lime about coming out after the bell. The Indian gave him the works in t a hurry- He carried the offensive until he had KTl Gee -where, he wanted him again, 1 faked tv leg scissor, and came up with another crab hold. The fall was over in four minutes. Billy McBuln, the dumpy Laredo, Texas, -Scot, reached the heights of his appearances in the Blythe- vllle ring 'by- downing the rough and tough Lee Myers, Dallas, Texas, In the semi-final. McEuin surprised his most ardent admirers by carrying the fight to Myers, matching everything, am ending up in good shape. It was an excellent match, too, but was marked by the usual roughnes: prevalent among thp bigger boys Every fall came at an unexpected moment ftnd as a result of over- anxiousncss arid laxness. McEutn had the former champ on the, nu in the first, but as he rushed in for the finale he was caught on I point of the chin with a well di reeled shoulder block. Knocked fla on his back, McEuin was an cas .victim for the Jim Londos stc' over toe hold. Time: 19 minutes. McEuin brought his kangaro kicks into action lo pull out o a dangerous spot and turn the lid from dtefeat into victory. Myer was tossing the big boy around an It wasn't doing McEuin any good But he became careless and walke into Billy's poised feet, when h picked himself up McEuin was o his way to the dressing room wit the fall. Kicks did it. Myers was the aggressor for th third but left himself wide op- while setting up the big crush. Me Euln, while sitting on the floe with his. head going round ni round from flips, grabbed Lcc b the legs- and downed him with Courier New» Wwrt Ad* ' Play Billiards! Whoksome Rec real Ion Moderately Priced Blytheville Recreation Center 318 W. Mtta -: Former Home .of .B«UV Pharmacy GARNER APPUETON -. MARVIN CKArPELL •little Roy wortcrs. Put around 40 • pounds of pad- ng and gloves on the little guy, nd he'll go 170, sopping wet. Tnke IT the uniform after a nlp-and- ick battle, and you'll find he has st from 5 to 8 pounds, so strcuu- isly does the banty work. Dave (Swecnqy) Schrincr. lead- ig scorer of the loop last year- nd top offensive star of the team Ills season, admits that Wortcrs' ,H stands -have as much to dc •ith the success of the learn as dinner's offensive play. The wdiider about Roy. in addl- ion bo his frail build, Is the fad hat he keeps playing at peak spce<! U 3G. Only one other goalie ii he league Is older, George Halns- vorth, who's 38, and only Lornt Chabot can equal his age. Wortcrs Is iTSylng his nth season of major league hockey. Dur- ng that time he has been cut bj lying pucTis, flashing skates, auc sticks. More than 30 have decorated his frame. Lacking stature Is no handicap o Ihc busy little Wortcrs, During the first half of 1928-29 series, the nick came (lashing up at him 075 Jmcs in 16 games, and he stopped it 659 times, allowing an 'average ol only one goal a game. That's minding the nel, brothers. •What he is missing In size, Worters packs under his left vest pocket and under his hat. Probably nc gamer puckster ever' houndcr the Cronln Makes Last Stand While the Boston Red Sox, Dep troll Tigers, and Washington 'Sen'- 1 ators are interested in strengthening their squads during thc.lnler- val between now and next open- Ing day, they are more concerned with the comebacks of their stair pcrforinert, of 1935 I In yawkeyto^n^ the bugs who (crowd FenwiiyVark lo see.the Sox' cavort are 'burning up the .Hot Stove League; with arguments as to whether 'Manager Joe Cronln can come back. Joes oil broken wrist slowed down his play at short., and those long pegs that he used to'negotiate from deep in his territory have been missing • recently. The chisel-chinned Irishman will play third base this'year, a sure sign that he knows Jiis best days are done. Third Ibiig .has been known as the "Old Man's Home,' and If he can't perform there satisfactorily, Joe is smart.chough to give up the ghost.' Hank Grcnbcrg's wrist Is the big matter' of conjecture in Detroit. The large first ' sackcr's absence from the lineup probably cost the Tigers another pennant this year although the Bengals felt the loss of Manager Mickey Cochranc behind the bat for a big share o! the season, and missed Alvin Crowder after arthritis and other ail mcnts forced him out in mldsea son. * . * - * Grcfenbcrg Pampers Wrist Hank will be back at his rcgu lar spot next spring. He has care fully (ended his wrist, strengthen Ing it every day by squeezing, rubber ball, and 'swinging a ba with caution every chance he goi If care e«.! pampering can cur the wrist 'originally broken in th 1935 world series, and further ag gravalcd last season, he'll be okel Buddy Myer Is the big questio In Washington. Buddy led th AmcrtTa.n League in batting I TAKE HOME A SIX-BOTTLE BAG 1935, was voted the most valuabl player In the loop, and then pl.iye in fewer than one-third of the Sen ators' games last season. Injuries and illness forced th peppery little second packer out o the lineup. Without him, Wasl Ington's showing was all the moi -surprising. If he comes back im Jeason, Manager Bucky. Harris fig itrcs he'll give every team Is tl league a run for its money. MADE WITH ARKANSAS RICE Distributed by MIDWEST DISTRIBUTING CO,, Blytheyille, Ark, . . Phone 63 Cold Weather Coming! Don't lake chances, let us nil j-oiir radiator with PRESTONE OR PUROL ANTr-FREEZE We also slock Alcohol and other Anil-Freeze. Russell K. Man- pure Oil Sen-ice Station Phono 301 • He Always Wants NICE SHIRTS —and he knows these Wilson Bros, and Arrow Shirts are nice...he bnys them alwnys. Striking new pattern I'iiects. • $2 .$2.50 '. for solid comfort Flannel ROBES — bv Parkway tailored, from pure wool', flannels^ hr solid colors with polka \ dot satin lapels; long fringed sashes. to $S>.75 Gay plaids and stripes WOOL SCARFS —including the famous Jacquard hand knotted wooly ones in Scotch plaids, colorful: stripes and checks. 31.25 Up lie A Iways Wants GOOD GLOVES Hansen Gloves have that reputation everywhere . . . Pigskin, bapeskin, Mocha and Fabrics. n'ir lined, and unlined. . •$1.25 lo 13.95 he craves the luxury of SILK PAJAMAS —in dark -blue, "maize,' vine and white, coat stsleb with lapeli piped 'in contrasting colors Made by Faultless. |5 to $8.50 for His Vanity Linen HANKIES Large colorful borders, self border and narrow and wide hemstitched borders... made from fine quality linen. 35c to $1 In Utility Containers HICKOK BELTS A wide selection of leathers in black or brown... buckles with one or three initials... attractively packaged. $2' for the Outdoors Man Leather Jackets Soft and pliable leathers, to fit pc rrectly '" llned lo k tailored eE> hlm warm I He A Iways Wai i ts SMART TIES What's sinnr.tcr than an imported Grenadine knit or imported silk in the most unusual patterns you ever .saw? : 65c to $2.50 lie's eligible for a SILK ROBE -and :you'll"be:', siteeptablo too to these rldivbrocaded' silk 'robes witii their satin: lapels and sashes. $6.75 $9.75 Never loo many of these SMART HOSE Select his hose from this showing by Interwoven and Wilson Bros....all silk or silk and wool, plain or patterned. 35c 50c $7.95 to $13.75

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