The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 8, 1930 · Page 3
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 3

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 8, 1930
Page 3
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Tonight Wed.*Thiirs. UOYD in his hilarious talking fun riot e frodKed it] Harold Lhtja'Corporation You HEAR the laughs if Welcome Danger' {ZffumMtmatfylease A masterpiece of {Lloyd comedian adds words to Action! ThriHsi Love! fooling. The world-famous j his action—ana how! There's^he greatest talkom- edy entertainment ever. All the convulsing pantomime of "Safety Last" and "Speedy'—with Lloyd talking. "Welcome DangerJ"—it's a laugh-cure for anything. ALSO NO V-E; Matinee—10c and 25c., t T Y REEL :! Evening—15c and 135c. PICTURES '•.•AT WBR Two IPirtures. By Irfical Artist ,On Exhibit., • ~—' •'.'•'. ' i'- The "Pictures of • the'Week." in the local art exhibit at the library this week are from the brush of ,tlie local artist, Mrs. Bessie Bower Jenkins of North East street. There are < two or ; the pictures. The "'first "Peace •j and Contentment" is a copy, and ; ii5 exceptionally good, j The second, "Forgotten," a I scene at Riverwood, will be rec- I ognized .as a familiar scene : at Riverwood,. the popular sum| mer camp near Noblesville. -This j is an original sketch : by • • Mrs j Jenkins-of early spring at.River- ! wood. The view of White river, 1 the bright green of the trees just j leafing, the "care taker's cottage j are all portrayed the coloring bei ing line and the picture instantly j attracts one by its beauty. Mirsie CLUBS. JSo c i e t,y| M<-1lridr Circle.! :.i Tipton Club Will Be Represented I at. State Meeting. , Rural Xeedlecraft.i The | Rural Needlecraft' club will be entertained Thursday afternoon at the home'of Mrs. Al- I The members of McBride pircle No. 46, Ladies of the G. A. R., en; joyed a fine meeting; Monday i nisht at the G. Ai R- hall in the .'court house with a good attend- lance'of members. The circle was 1 honored in having as a special Mr .4. Charles Martz J of West Madison street will go to Indianapolis Wednesday to attend a two- day session of the Indiana Federation of Music clubs. She is a member of the state executive board of the state federation and Hopewell ! guest for the evening, Mrs. Laura j is also president of the local Tip- K. Critchfield, of Vincennes, de-l ton Musicale. partment president, of Indiana,! The Tipton Musicale has the hert Woolridge near at 2:0.0 o'clock. Mrs. Earl Van-- wh0 was pa s S i ng through'Tipton| Uo nor of being represented on the Bibber will assist Mrs. Woolridge 1 (m l!er way \o . Wabash; to Assist} program dlIril]g the convention Bibber will assist .Mrs. Woolridge ;st ., te officers in! the details of- the, Thursdav morning. Mrs." Horace in entertaining. Every member is !w8te convention to be held there. j Matth ews. Mrs.- John Burkhardt urged to be present. Member.; ^ IK . Critch gave the ladies a short! THB TIPTON - i K '-a^'' If fc--:IM„ 1BONE8 WERK -JWHD BROKER Robert liUttrell Recovering-Prom i. Hurts Received Satnrday. Robert Luttreli. residing on the Standerford fa rm southeast Tipton, is - recovering from ilnJrts •accident .at the I I' ,1 • . I— • v t -1 - • In i which his |eft this DAltt->.TRlBTWH of received inaan farm Saturday, tinkle was badly jwrencljjed alid left leg bruised and: lacerated!|-i Mr, Luttreli had. been hauling manure to na field [using: .a, wagoni with : gravel: bed and on returning to the barn thojight he wo'uld < Sunday, - April 6 ottyer. mitestone in Pi- marked an- the life of'E Witham;'•:;-.better,; •:' known Jias; Ui'folk|! ( of. th community south of, Tipton. It wasj|ii ^J86th ;.'birthday,: and to h'eip.him 1 celebrate"ii, fiye [of --his ci; ! ht children were present, they be ng Mrs. J'- Clara Rogers 'and Mi s.' May Marshall;; jf" near Pen- dleton.Wm. Witham of near East brmg a hay rack »ith him The j v ^ David Wltllam of near ^ lane had several large rocks in itl ! and the wagon struck one ofjthjesei pausing/the: rack ; tq:[. knoakj him, from: the wagon. } His foot "caught in some niinner and he fed -head downward. | The team jstopiiedT at his commahd andiWi succeeded releasing h'is foot. about with! d'iffl- He : is getting, -.u\ty, but iso fa: ertained qb ,'bojics were hrol: as icojuld '|e nii 'tliday Party. as- en. I | Mrs. Alva Ballard entertained at a prettily appointed j birthday •children's ^ar-ty J3aturday evening 'at her home on North East street n honor of the £ifth;birthday anniversary '6f herj'littie son ! Billy [Ballard. The appointments: and jlecorations; for tjiie party were) in keeping with the Easter season :;lso please note place of meeting nouncement. in change from first of an- :1k. One Qui<>t Birthday. member^ Mrs. • Margaret S: alley, 'was' reported illL, IFolldw- inr Uie close of the circle there iTo happy social features and re- ;and Mrs. Herbert sing" a trioi- There I, W. P. Hinkle, of Goldsmith, or more familiarly known as "Uncle AVash" to his many friends in the community," passed his "S3rd birthday anniversary Monday", ijn account of a recent very serious illness from which he is recovering very slowly, no attempt was made to.observe the day with freshme'nts were.served. •Visit ing Hpr'e! -i | M_rs. Mollie, S^orris of Jamestown, Ohio, came Sunday and is visiting with her nephew, |Charles C. Brya-n- and family on North We.;t street. Mrs. Morris had been visiting "at Mhncie with Mr. Bryan 's sister. Mrs. Bertha Luddington and family for ii few weeks. |lr. and Mrs. Bryan and daughter Margaret visited at Muncie Sunday afternoon And Mrs. Morris appreciated many j Accompanied them home.- She will also visit another nephew, .Arthur Bryan-and wife on West Jef- i i : • . ferson street. any dinner or other celebration. A quirt birthday dinner was served, but without guests. Mr. Hinkle is exereniely weak and is slow In regninriig liis •strength. He cards and greetings sent to him. Idle Hour Club. Mrs. Clark TrittsChuh will -bn- tertain the Idle Hour Club Wednesday evening at her: home 33C Green street at .7:30 o'clock.. Every member please be present; Dr. E. E. Hieks Chiropractor Office Over Blue.Front Corner Jefferson and Main. : Phone «4. Tipton. Dinner With Mother. ^orris will will also be other members of the .Musical attending the convention. '' ! A very fine program has been announced for thp convention. Three Anniversaries. Dr. Charles G. Smith of Ft. Wayne, who has been attending the Methodist conference at Hart- fiord City arrived in Tipton Monday evening and joined his wife 4 'ho. has been here at the home -of C. V. I! her parents, MK. arid'Mrs. jCraft. Tuesday they ail drove to Goldsmith and had dinner with Mrs! Rebecca Smith- mother the Pt. Wavrie man. ! of \' otice to Sweet corn acreage contracts are available to a few fanners, since our not been Teached. OUR GUARANTEED PRICE FOR THE 1S30 CROP IS factory capacity has Mr. and Mra, Joseph Coleman entertained Sunday at their home on North East street, ! in cele- Ibration of three birthday anni^ versaries occurring among the relatives. . The big pitchin birthday 1 dinner served at the' noon hour was for Marion Cbappell.| south of Tipton, Mr. Coleman and for little Billy Ballard, son'. : . of Mr., and Mrs. Alva Ballard and grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Coleman. The centerpiece for the -table a large angel food birth day cake. The dinner menu/in- eluded, a bountiful supply' of chicken and ail the good eats that go with it.- j ' Guests for the dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Colernan were Mr. and Mrs. Chappell, Mrs. •Chester Prilliman, Mrs. Adda' Leayitt, Mr. ar^d Mrs." Jesse Coleman, Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Coleman and son, Mr...and Mrs. Alva Ballard and sops, \ Doyle and Fred Coleman, Jim Ebert, Glen Chappelle and Miss Viola Fleetwood v of Tipton. Out of town guests were Mrs. Leo Lebo of Indianapolis, Mr. arjl Mrs. George Johnson of Windfall and Dow Chappell of Kokomof member of the state highway police department. Evening guests were Mr.- and Mrs. Tom Ballard and daughter of Kokbmo. tind with a color scheme of yellow (and ; white.:A larjge birthday cake with the five cajhdles was a feature of thej day. j i Billy's little guests were: John (Tucker, Charles JTucker and Junior TuckerL Bud Fisher, Williaml :' ' t' [ 1 • Dell, Donovan Qoleman and Bob by ^Ballard: After had enjoye'd.fhej refreshmerfts.' of were served. Tiny the children' i i i : i evening at play jelljo and j cake- Easter Schick ANOTHER: MltESTONE P. WltKam, South ot Tipton; Observes 86th • .-'--'ll---' "'"-''•' Birthday. lanta and Mrs. R Indianapolis,' who lwere B- Stewart of ••'I •' • .' '- ''••!:' • 1 present addition with their -families. | In thsre- yere nieces, 1 nephews and fri ends jiahd- Mri- Witham's one ire^. ,'With^ miining brother Dr; S. L 3 dinner 1 of ineaV Fortville, making \, 41 to enjoy.j jt^ie bountiful j^pread 'at) the nocjn hour. A main' teature Iwas a bir-Jhday ; ' • 1 1: •• , .. ? 1 • j . i- • i ca ce aldorned with S.6 candles, '•1: •' ! I ' • f : • i lir ;sented by the youngest" daughter. Mrs. R. B. Stewart. - : :. .!' j. : Mrs. iWitha'in'hasj'been -; ailing, with flu and other complications I " ' ',. 'I ;•:•!• during .the winter and being bed- fa it at this time; |hje dinner was pr spared^ by the 'f daughters daughters-in-law,: is custom of the cliilja^en to gather in the^home on-hyol different n OCJ- ca sipnsj: the birthdays of Mr. and Ms. Witham crorf [Sunday ne&x- es. thejjdatje. • v j i . | Duriijg the afternoon ice cream arid cake was served ( and the gilest.3 were entertained with mu- and is the usual |-.f .-^v -C-----ti ^W |w-' v - ^ of FrahktKane • and family. and,: Salem visitors at kl- '• Roscoe-- :Edwards Cook were hnsiness exandriai Saturday. .••-:•.}. w: Fred Horton andrife and E.! T. Wann < spent Sunday at Alexandria with Carl Hofer and family Frank Goodwin spent Sunday with his sister, Mrs. -Ed Wann: •• Misses Hettie and Hester- Shipley spent Thursday) with,.-Caleb Brown and. wife : Misses Bcrnme !*£>! Verla | Swmford aan, and- Berla -and Swinr ford, I visited- at Marion Wednes- aav evening with George Sheddy. , - Mrs. Hubert Simmons,.- of Tipton, -spent Friday ihere -with.Jier- brother, William Weismiller' and family. Roma; Lewelley n! EIwood r : were the andT family of Sunday guests of Godfrey Weismiller and, fanijily. Misses. • Ruth ..and Ruby P.eirry; and Hilda Kane were '.the Thursday night-guests of: Miss! Ma'xjri'e Hall. " • j ^ •'-;: : •;:-';•;•; .'' -A. ": Sunday guests of; Claude' Goodwin and jwife were' -William Weis- ens were given as favors. , Billy received a ^number of pretty, gifts Mrs. Ballard iserving by;-Miss Was j assisted in' Viola [Fleetwood •'! Pire Merle Def6rd irabved to Klwood from-Tiptojn' a Friday Satu Diniinge. and family, who niillerl |a.nd 'familjj,- Hubert Sim and wjijle,-of Tipton, MrsJ Marcia Recpbs ind daughter Harriet,; of Fairmoupt, and Mancil .Goodwin and wife, of Elwopd. I ; Godfrey Weismiller and daughters Juahita and Winona are ^on- fined to their home with flu. j Court |Rogers, is in a'very seri- out condition at his home vHth organic heart disease..' His death is expected. ' •••:'""(••''[' Roberta Parr, who' has .-been Iiedfast the past week with prieu monia, is no better. | ; Robert Parr had the-misfortune while at school Thursday at play (•.Witham many jmore ' happHio fall and dislocate his.arm.; At rthda 'lrs 'and hoped to erij <iyi firs t It yras thought to be broken lem with him) departing to theijr;. bu t '"« j .Was.'rushgd tn ; the New- trereijt hornet' neijtr Indianapoj- j comer surgery at^Elwood, where Fortville, Pendleton and Easti u was found." to dislocated; nn j " | j ' ' Mrs. Henry.Hofer is conhned to .. ' :—•»• i her bed witn neuritis. I sic, after which every one wished few montljs 'ago, suffered a |fir(^ day; the roof of or the house fetroyed before ].• Mr. and Mrs! a bad fire i|in thjeir' own hohiel bej- heiijg partially kief being jdiscoveredl r , i- 1 Deford suffered I'inton. and their damaged. Atlthe Standerford Class. Mrs. Paul Lyons will entertain the Standerford class of the West Street Christian . Sunday - school, Thursday night at her home ion South East street, at a "kid" party,. Members are all urged to make note of change in class night and all be present. A prize will; l^e given for the "best dressed kid ' lore: they jleft house was badly time Mrs. Deford was carried firom the,, home ,| with few-days old. her, baby but a "K0NJ0LA REAL MASTER JMEDICINE SAYS itHIS LADY Ten Bottles of New! Medicine Relieves Pain|- Yearsi Complete!^ iul Ailments Standing. of Tonsils Removed; 4 »w mi in Viewof ,the Uncertainty of Priow oa (HUr John Schroth, senior in the Alexandria high school,-was; here- on Monday accompanied by his family physician,- and j: underwent a itonsii operation at 1 the office of a local physician;- He returned to his home.,Monday afternoon, -hay-. Ing come through the, ordeal in a fine manner.' J& y. <•UlTI.SVII .iLK, ARCAPTA. Sunday school tlttendance, 6# colllection $3.C7. Rev. H. McCunej Anderson, spent Sunday with Paul! Mich..' was the guest of Mr.' land! jalker and wife Ray 'Bowman, of tlie Saturday dinner '' guest : of Nfall Brown and family.. j ; Miss • Verla Swii fprd spent; the w£ek end at Anderson with Wes- lepr' Sheedy and wif^. - . Mack Thomal anil wife dnd family, of- Jlrs. Dorsey Walton of Detroit ] ! •Mrs. Clarke Burton Wednesday Bremen,, wasi evening; were Mrs.; Earl Tyner .Sunday guests of Walter Thomas atld family, of ..Elwood'. Herman Brownin srjent Sunday at Caarles Martin anld and , family, Windfall ' with; wife. I.: |J spent Thiirs- y with Noah Brown and family. James Henderson- and wife, «f Kpkonip, spent thej week end heie th Noah Brown and wife. \\\ | Frank Warner and [family spent nday[| near, Elwood ivith I Fore: MjcDaniel and- family; Sunday dinner guests of Clyde Kinder and family! Meyers| and familyj, d<r. ' Garr Bowman all of Muncie Methodist Orchestra. All^ memberiTCof -Ihe Kemp' Methodi.t church >rch«ttr.,; «ry> MRS. "I suffered fot- years:with| atom achand liver trlaubles,!' said Mrs! Paul • Sipe, .Route' No.^ 3t : Greenfield. "I bloated and belched [after meals and often had - a -t pal jif tt I heartburns: I w as - frequently- bit} ipus and sufferel :often f trom; hiad- achesVlfdldinot uleep well atinlgh and •nijVnerves -became affected The Ipalms jot-n y^hands and (the. solesof tmyi feel iweretende> kniS burned badly^at times.u My baci^ and HmbB I 'were often.- sore And ached-^r«iir>.^' T fRT - 4 A^frierid off riinp had beeJ so^ h elp£a' by 'Koidrla' thafl w^J hi« duced to try it I hav« Uk«n ten bottler In all ani mnaft ia> that It is a raal water ^edldae I' BTH no traca of taf form as aflHnaoh . and ll««r ajlaiauk toaay, lliaat Ha*-AMat were J.: W. Miss Iva Kin^ arid family, Oth.e|r visitors dur- inlg the. day were' Dave "Wiggins at^d wife, Charles Kinder.and wife d jMrsJ Leora Kinder, of Tip- ten, George Kinde'rj and ; cliildrenj of SummitviMe, Clarence Kinder,' ol Sheridan,, and Oris Kinder hnd wife of Noblesville.: : i Miss: Bernice Dean and • Berla S rinfoTd spent t the: week end at A nderspn with Lewis Dunn and wife [ I I | [j J. Oi Hall and Wife spent Fri-: diiy near Tipton with Mrs. Sarah Hill, i! : : ,|[ " • - ! ii M Lester Millan and wife, of Dun-: . .., . „ • •. •,, \ ,, i , • . , dee, spent Sundayt with Ed Parr, ai.d.wife. .,-'., i, • .\ v i j • Dale Lyst and wife, 1 Of Elwood, F ted Eder,, Mrs. Kate Smith and Mrs. Rena Hlcheyj were Sunday; e\ ening: guests of M. C. Marshall ai|d family. | , [ Roscoe Edwards ind wife were the • Sunday guests- of Ross Tim mpns and wife* -of. Elwood. ' -:•• : Columbus . iRiley! and wife. : and O is Riley and -wife j of - Indianapolis , spent Sunday: here with Casper R ley and xife, , _ .; ^aulii Jones -andii^amHy, of - An-') * rson ^ii ! were^'iSuilday, • evening gt ests •pf^llllam Jopes and wife. ( Ed Kane and faiiHy, of^Alex-' ak drla.^Bjilne Dunlap and wife ai d Frankjpunlapf^nd fariiilr ^of EI robdijwere^e Sunday guestjijot dejrspn, I •pent -.jrne «da>, with HanV| i) Hofer and,fan\llr Earl draa£ andj. ^unlly of K-' wood +B&\&hv»i*r cuaata "a%; On Go)*** ana fiailly of «r Dr. and -Mrs! Lee Sowers was at Frankfortj Wednesday evening and atterided the district meeting of the Shel^ Gasoline Company. Mrs. Ed Bardonner .rind Mrs John Heisser are spending -ajfew days inji Martinsville as the guest of'their daughter land son |Mr arid Mrs. Roy Bardonner. • ' Mrs. [Ed Bond | has returned- hom.e from Chicago where* | filie had been visitiug for several days 3 with' her'sister Mrs.. Eii'gene [Sul livan, j: i- ••'•[': Mr. and Mrs. Bob Waltz* of iA'nf derspnlwere supper guests - Wed nesday :;evening of Bert Bryant. Wayne Mosbaugh of Ft. .Wiyhe spent last week here with his parents Mr. and Mrs. George ' jlosj baugh. Miss Victoria Mosbaugh who is confined -t< her bed with heart trouble, is butter as her fej- ver has left: her! put she is. [still unable to be up. - '!. • I.Miss: Clara Coiilev of Tipton spent Thursday with Mrs. Frank Conley west of town. • •; . i Mrs. Charles iBootho . • ,and daughter Marita visited in:Noj- blesvflle Thursday! with-Mrs., Ed Mosbaugh. ^ I Marklm Rodenbeck, a student at Indiana University, at Blooml ington : is spending his springi-ya-r- cation with his parents Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rodenbeck. -i | Mrs. i Clarke Burton and Mia?j Evelyn< Smith visited in Sheridan Thursday evening with Mrs. Ethj-.j el King! j , Mrs. | Gerald HaiJnah, son Jerry and daughter Engelyn, visited in Noblesville Friday | wi th -. her parr ents Mr. and Mrs; Charles-Wheell er. , The members of Club-were entertained at home of Mrs:.: Martha [Wednesday evening and, the usual [club - game furnishfed the ' entertainment for the levenins. Mra i 11G-118 South Main Street, Tipton. | New Spring Coats >-Vt; ! :••"• "': 'If" ' ••'-•.' I • ' :' Interpret the New Silhouette $9.90 .75 The separate-spring coat vs the dominant keynote of the new" spring wardrobe! With 'ga.y little silk frocks, or with dresses that harmonize, you ^ may form your own erisem-f ^ <^ ble and make it just as grace- —' ful and feminine as the new mode demands! Fashion .makes smart use of scarfs, capes, bows., and small details. Colors are-new and becoming. . For 'women, misses and juniors. 31 4* Mrs. Jake Shafer was hostess to the members of the Royal Neighbor' Lodge Friday afternoon}- The , -regular business meeting! was held' after which the afternoon was spent socially. The h'ostess: served delicious, refreshments to Mrs,' Charles Hensel, Mrs. Vint [ Calvin,.Mrs. Lew Groves, MrsJ Cora Hefliir and Mrs. Anna Rei;s-| ' - • i Mrs. Glen- Drumm had as her' guests Wednesday Mrs.' Clarence j Ryan, Miss GJadys^ Cov. Mrs. Bess: Thornburg, Mrs. Elsie M,cCarty. ] Mrs. Alpha Spotts and Mrs^.Twila! Lengel' all of Indianapolis^ and I Mre-./"John Button. A delicious! pitchfn dinner was served at..thfl; noon hour after which the l.-.idies! enjoyed several games of bridge, j Mr. and Mrs; Herman Reynolds who'purchased the James Martz [ property on West Main street,) moved into their new home Fri-| day. JWr. and Mrs. Reynolds have j been' living in the Harvey ^Jesterj property' on West South street j for several years. ! '. Leslie Davis has returned to I Northwestern University at Chi-] cago after-spending his va cation j here with his wife and daighter! at "the home of Mr. and Mrs. Alva! Davis. - . Rev.- R. B. Givens was at, Indianapolis Monday' and attended a meeting of. Ministers from over Indiana. • ' 1 ..Mrs. Lawrence- Whisler and Mrs. D. P. Whisler returnedhome Friday from Fort Wayne where they had been the guesbs of the latter's sister. • \ Mr.- and Mrs.- John Laudig of Tipton were guests Wednesday of Mr. and Mrs. Willis Garrigus. •Charles. Newby living east of town who suffered a stroke of paralysis several weeks ago,: wa& taken to where he the Highland Sanitarium. His- wife and son Glen Newby accompanied him to the sanitarium. It is Martinsville Wednesday: will tike vapor baths at: Someoie's Birthday Today We have jus added several numbers to our al•• ! '" ready large selec- i tioh of graetin?; cards. Jewelry'and Optical Co. -TWO |the Forty-T : the buncaii Ate T«a Ready to PaySZMN?! Cora. Heftln,'a was .a Jguest' ot th evening. Mr.->'nd Mrs. Fred iffember club: far |the son, Clarence Joe ,<ind Anderson, "daughter Betty'Lou-of ^Blodmington^c ime tas; the guests, of Mr. and Mrs W«3a«SSik^* "* f * U 5 4T - 1 t l l kta^gM waaiadkaaa Mt ar a traoa. Tfce faaUJy af • aiaa waa waa UU W al ear A fcay of U StnitsoDrS R«fBgli Dry Hon .-4ues ........ 10c lb. Wed.-Thurs.-Frt Minimum 75c Mon.-TMt. .... Be lb. Minimum 75c Wad.-tban.-Fil .. .4elb. 1 jaTJaimnm 50c. lf+m Wiih Monl-TnM. .\7eaav y afjahmnni 75c - as I Hi' m

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