Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 23, 1954 · Page 8
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 8

Alton, Illinois
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Friday, April 23, 1954
Page 8
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EIGHT ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PuWidty Book of Wood Ri rrr Cttt& Rated Third in District FRIDAY, APRIL 23, 1954 WOOD RIVER. — Member* of . the Wood River Woman's Cluh attending the annual convention f>t, 'he 22nd District of Tllinoi Federation of Woman's Clubs at East "St. Louis, Tuesday, are frftJud of the report they were v abl* to bring hack,to members ( *• L tftro, Mr*. Wilbur Stevens, presi-, ; Itent. said today. , The local elub's art -vork by Catherine Retzer of Hartford, selected through a contest in the 51 Amateur Boxing Shew Postponed Grt A U Sam-. Junr To Vote on Tax Referendum In 315 Pints of Blood OiUcrlcd District No, 101 In 2-Day Drive at East Alton elementary schools, under direction of the art chairman, Mrs. .tohn Boswell, won first place lion WOOD RIVKR The amateur boxing bouts, originally scheduled for May 4 at the Memorial Field House, sponsored by the East End and West End Dad's in the district and will he enter- j Clubs, will he held early in June ed in tho state competition "whose Winner will he announced at tho State ronvenlion in Chicago in May. The W-ood Rfver Cluh won third place for ihcir press hook entry. The book was prepared by Mrs. "'avis Curfman, with Mrs! Mark liines as her assistant. instead, a spokesman announced today. The Amateur Alhleljr t'nion must sanction such bouts. I h r Hub members have learned, and sanction cannot be given in time for the May 4 date, it was staler!. An Knst Knd spokesman said the donations lor the shelter Special mention was m;irle of i bouse at 1he playground there the Hub's contribution of $100 to are coming in. and all materials " the building ' the Independence Hall project. ' The rluh was further honored by having its president, serve us chairman of the resolutions committee at the convention. She has also been named program chairman for the Madison County meetings for Included in the program Tuesday was music, by Ihe. Trail Rangers Chorus. A book review by Mrs. Romie Louis. R style show and two minute reports by the- various presidents, Attending from here were the president-elect, Mrs. L. L. Baker; Mrs. Stevens, Mrs. C. H. Decker and Mrs. K. F. Hut chin- son. Visiting Parents Here WOOD RIVER - Mr. and Mrs. Richard Landcs, Sacremento, Calif., are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Otis Bangert, 42<l Ferguson Ave. They will he here until Monday. Wood River >*ole» ' WOOD RIVER. — E. K. Mueller of Seattle, Wash., spent the Easter weekend with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. 11. G. Mueller, 148 Lorena Ave,, leaving Monday for Chicago where he will participate in the National Ceramics Convention convening this week at the Palmer House. Accompanying Mueller to the convention was David Stnhl of Summit, N.J., who is an officer teacher at Scott Air Force Bnse. Stahl, a student of Mueller's at Rutgers University, was a dinner guest at the Mueller home bo- fore they left; for Chicago. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Blair of Clarksburg, W.Va., spent Ihc past two weeks at the home of , Mrs. Blair's aunt, Mrs. Timothy Van Camp, 141 E. Lorena Ave. At (his time they are visiting fit the home of Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Herron at Corpus Christl, Tex. They were accompanied there by Miss Ola Van Camp, They plan to spend more time here for pledged. have Ciroundhreaking been ceremonies will he held Saturday morning. The Fast End has 70 members at. present, but the dub is seeking morn members. East Alton Man Hurt. In Auto Arriilrnl EAST ALTON- -Lloyd Wiser, 49, of HL'8 Colliding Ave., wns treated «t Wood River Township Hospital Thursday morning for injuries received when his CHI- hit a parked cur In the 10(1 block of S. Pence Ave. Police said Wiser's cur collided with one owned by Wiley Mas- Bey, 1!">8 Pence Ave. Wiser wns Irenled for oils on the chin and Injuries to the lell knee. Young I'iMiplc'N Sen Ice EAST ALTON A special Young People's service will be held al the Church of God in East Alton tonight nt 7::i(). The Rev. Edward Caraway is pastor, and Mrs. Luln MHO Cox Is youth leader. The Rev. II. II. Webster, pastor of the Highland Church of Cod in Christ will be the speaker and will provide special music;. Visitors are welcome. Mother • Dnugliter lln»i|iipt EAST ALTON — The annual mother mid daughter banquet of the First Methodist Church will be held nt 6 p.$n. Saturday instead of 6:30 as announced in the church bulletin. KAST Ai.rON" Re-idem* in ' h e \-.ff-\ Alton Elementary S'hiiol I>jMrii! 10) uill vote .Saturday on tlu- lii-l ot four srherl- ulcd tax refcjrndum elections. . Chailc* T. f;;iiidei-t. superin: I'-ndeni fif s<hno'v said the elee- ( lions \'. ill not mean an increase ir> law but fire hemg held to < rimply with stale regulations, .-which provide- Ihc tax ,-nle f -an lie raised only l!l cents al each I election. ! Tliux lour elections uill be necessary to lirln« the rale from Ihe •-talc minimum ol •!!) cents up lo the picsrnl limit ol SI 10 per SUM). In the liiM flection Salur- rlav, voters will he asked to raise Ihe rule from .«) eenis to HI ' cents, hale ol the .second elee. lion will lie ammum-ed by the school ho;ird in the near Iiiluie, Polls will he open from noon to 7 p.m. Polling place for Precinct I will he nt Hlnir School in Kasl Alton and residents of i Precinct '2 will \oie al the Com! miinily High Si-hix>l in Wood River. VF\V CniiMly (Intmril CM KlfTtnl EAST ALTON A tola! of ",ir. Order of Moose Initiates THO Cancer Crusade Residents of Roxnnn Protest Begins Tuesday Ban of Parking Vehicles on At Wood River In Hartford Area Propo8cdFonr*Lancttig1may \\'rrlnesday and Thui-s-rlay at the Anierican L.- L ;IOII (fall j n F:asl Alton. In spite nf continuous rain the jiccoiul collections were only .'!"i pmtv short of (lie ,'!.V) pint goal. The fair weather Wednesday saw 'JOfl donors show up In give blood, with 171 accepted. Thursday fell off with Klfi pints being received. General chairman for the Kast Alton community blood program , \VOOJJ niVKH |j»voi]o Har- .H* I)av ParlV HOXA.N'A -- Intci mediate Girl Sioiils of Trofifi fi" met at the fxittle House Wednesday evening and made preparations for their s Day party May 5, ass is led by (heir l"arh»rs. Mrs. Herley Shull and Mrs. Nelson Whitlleman. Announcement was made of a< rew member* during a mceling of the Inyal Order ' of Moose Thui s<lay night. Piesid- ine over (he initiation •.'.as the local degree team, captained by Otis I/)gan. ; The tegular Saimday night J9 p.m. I The Women of (lie .\Ioo--e uill serve meals Saturday and Sun- Roxana HI A Unit Offici ! ROXANA. — At the village i hoard meeting Wednesday evening in the council room of the Community building, a petition natures was presented to the ! trustee* protesting 'he banning was John W. llowden who was ' Ihe swim session nest Monday i flay to 1hr ri °° K'" sK expected l«l Ihe YWCA in Alton and snacks by ^Natalie Ann a.s.sjslcrl by Ollfi F Rrn/ier. Sponsoring wgani/.a'lirms for Ihe blood- |wcre served mobile were Ihe American I-cgion i Gross. assisted by the Westerner Club VliH ()| f | t-v>lk« Hump nl Olin Industries, Inc. ROXANA - Inlci mediate Girl The IVesferner Club produced \ Scouts of Troop L'ti mM at the l.'!0 pints of blfHifl, and »> dnuors ' Little House and worked on credited (heir blood lo the Arncr-j Iheir "My Trrinp" b;idge with i Hermeling as hostess icnn Legion Post. The balance of | Iheir leaders, Mr*. Herbert Jiall '.n pints came from donors re-! and Mrs. Al Karban Wednesday entiled by the Legion's lo ! afternoon. for Ihe state bowling tournament being held here Pail ChleN To MM-| WOOD RIVKR — Past Chiefs Club of Ihe Pylhianv Sisters will meet Monday night at " .'!fl at Patricia Kllis the new highway is constructed. Prf*!»iflpllt Fnr Vrar I • v '° action was taken on the pe- i tition but a public meeting is hr- ROXANA. At a meeting Wed- ! ing called for Tuesday. April 27, ncsday of the Roxana High j at 7 p.m. in the Community School chapter of Future Home- building to riiscu« the matter, makers of Ame-ica. plans were Everyone interested is urged to number ol walk-ins. i girls made Master favors for Dr. Henry Hnlley, chairman nf I Ihe Old Folks Home in Krluarrts- , , ,, .. '" studying for the ministry, spoke ,v Ave. w,.h M,s. Maltlda „„ „,„ s , lhjM .,_ ,., A(f] ^ „. Holi\iaii Tin Hrir r»4r>?£.- T» t* I ^, . PARIS /r-Mrs. ,lo;,nne Connel. the liliHid Program, Mrs. Orville I ville., Friday afternoon they took le.v Sweeny and .laime Ortiz Palino t nr a ,,d Miss Jo Wis Henry, chairman of volunteer 'be favors to ihe Home and were married here Thursdat i u- i, ' <i.' ' '^ services of the Hcd CVo.s., ,,„, loured the bui.ding. j T[)f) R , )f)m „ R ^^ ,,, p ™*' "^ »"' *»* » Lcldord J. ,lc K;,y. vice chairman I .Tuesday evening some of lne|, Hlr , Simnn p. |lino ,,, )|jvian |jn ,,.„ A(|f>m| ^^ ^^ of the Alton-Wood Diver Chapter. | from the group attended were united in Ihcir cnlhiisiaslic ! ll)p Central School PTA meeting before returning home the latter purl of next week. Dr. and Mrs, .1. E. Mahoney of 714 Wood River Ave. returned home Tuesday after .spending the Easier weekend with their son and daughter-in-law, Mr. nnd Mrs, .fames Mahoney nnd family at Notre Dame, fnd., and visiting friends in Chicago. East Alton Mother, Daughter Injured in He ad-On Crash WOOD RIVER — Apparently not seriously injured after beitiR involved in a head-on collision Thursday night, an East Alton mother and her daughter returned to Township Hospital this morning for X-rays. Mrs. Ruth McKenney and her daughter, Marlene, 21, 108 Wood River Ave.. East Alton, had been given emergency treatment Thursday nic;h1, the mother for injuries to the mouth, face, a nd knees, and (he daughter for severe laceration on the top of Ihe head. They had been brought to the hospital by Roy Sidrions, 2li<l Haller Ave., Rosewood Heights. At the McKenny home today, it was stated the two were coming north on State Rt. 111, from St. Louis when a southbound car apparently ran over into the wrong lane, striking tho MoKen- A Bargain a Day Kecph the Wolf A wa y! Homemade BEEF BARBECUE 1 2T 59c 2 r 98c Watch for Our Bit 3rd ANNIVERSARY SALE! COMING SOON! J. A. W. MARKET South Roxana ncy car head-on at the first over- bead bridge north of RI. KG. The driver of the other car was from Oklahoma, the two women reported. It is believed he wns taken to an East St. I/ouis hospital for treatment of injuries. McnnwhMe. two other accidents occurred in Ihe city of W o o cl | River Thursday. Police said al II :20 p.m. Thursday, a hit and run driver struck Ilic stopjvd car of Moris McCann, j Roxana. al Si.Mh and Edwardsville Rcl. She (old officers she was headed east on F.dwardsville ltd., when Ihc hit and run car collided \yilh her car, then left Ihc scone. Al 4:30 p.m. Thursday at the Main and W. Ferguson Avcs. intersection, the car of llerberl E. Miner, 618 Slate St., Wood River, wns damaged about the hood and left front fender, when Wayne Slatlcr. St. Loins, drivinc H truck leased lo Limlley Trucking Service Co., of C.ramte City, appar- jently hacked the truck into the Miner car. •Police said both vehicles were stopped at the intersection wail- i ing for a train, when Sutler decided to turn onto new Rt. H7, instead of waiting for the train. WOOD RIVKR Three mem-' hers of Ihe local VFW [iosl and ; i six from the Auxiliary were; j elected to ollice during the C'oun-) ly council mccling in Collinsvllle : Thursday night. j They are: lack Willis, junior vice commander; GiHicil Jayncs, (|imrierma.xter; O'Kelhc Sum- ! mers, two year trustee; Mrs. Arthur Citrlman, senior vice; presidenl; Mrs. Jar): Cnvkmore, guard; Mrs. Carl Henellel, Iru.s-i tee; Mrs. Kenneth Secresl, color henrer; Mrs, Omar Riechel, p»- Iriolle. inslrui-lor, and Mrs. Villn Frfilley, musician. Twenty - one delegates Irom Wood River attended. Joe Car- nellfi, Kdwardsville, state com- mnnder. and Mrs. Fralley were installing officers. I'othich Hiipper I'laiuieil \VOOH RIVKR- Final plans for the annual politick supper were made by Ihe Lincoln School Parent Teacher Association ejfei-ii- IK'e board during a meeting Thursday night. The supper will be In t h e i school gym May 12 beginning al j 6 p.m. Mrs. Martha Schmidt is f .hail-man, assisted by Mrs. John Klliolt. During a program fol- [ lowing the supper, slides of school activities during the past year will be shown by Miss Sel- nm Lemmermati. Nevy officers lo be installed that nljjht arc: Mrs. Michael Rll- ler, president; Hugh Worthen, vice president; Mrs. Leroy Km- erick, secretary, and Mrs. Donald Olson, treasurer. Father Die* In Vnmftillit WOOD RIVKR ... Mrs. Lewis Hudson ol .|-I5 N. Fifth SI., bus received word of the death ol her father, Claude Buchanan, al 'i p.m., Thursday at Vimdalia. The body is al Ihe Miller Funeral Home there. Funeral arrangements are incomplete pending Ihe arrival ol relatives. llrodirr In |.»\v Die* WOOD RIVKR Mrs. Oliver Gent, Mli Leslie A\e., has received word (lull her brother-in- law, Fred Merrill, died suddenly apparently of a heart alliick. at his home in Lmwx-her, Fla,, late Tuesday night, Merrill's wile is the former j Miss Marie Bernhofl ol Alton. I Crrjili\r An on l)is|»liiy At Kiisi Aim,, ITA KAST ALTON' - A display ol creative art will be featured al the parent teacher meeting al Ihe junior hir,h school Monday night at 7 :.'!<l. Mrs. Virginia Slants, art In-i strudor al the school, will he in ; rhai-Re of the display. Albert ' Small \\ill present a mo\ le on the Texas city disaster. Telegraph Want Ads CLICK praise of ihe outstanding way in u'hicli (he American Legion and Westerner Club recruited donors. and of the splendid response on Ihc ; "alkcr. ;irid presenter' thf. I-TA with dish towels. Snacks were served Hi Ihe meeting Wednesday bv Su-> magnnle. The bride rn.-ule lier New Vork dcbul in 1918 and subsequently was odist Church will attend a skating married to Robert .1. Sweeny, party at the Granite. City roller American - born London attorney, rink Friday. Cars will leave the HAHTFOrtn — Thr Hiflirman of , the local Cancer drive. Mrs. Alfred \[e\ers h^s announced the drive will E' 1 ' underway Tuesday evening. Workers m the drive are 'o roriiari her for their supplies if they have not rescued therrt. Since the drive will coincide with a school program at \Voridrmv Wilson, canvassers will work between the hours of .") and T p. m. The money is to be turned in to Ihe chairman at the school immediately following the drive. Student* Present Program HARTFORD A group of 2(1' mafle for a mother-daughter ban-! attend. students from McKendree College, j Huet May 7. j A nsoha{m WB , pasecd pm . Lebanon, was in charge of the I New officers elerled were; Pa- j vidinf? for Daylight Saving Time program al the .Methodist Church j tricia Kllis, president: Donna Is- beginning April 25. Mayor Roy Armes proclaimed the week beginning May 1 as a Week of Prayer. The appointment of Jesse picket son of Rohm Place as a member of Ihe Volunteer Fire Department was approved, The Building Committee was aufhori/ed to have 1 Ihe roof of the Community building inspected and advertise for bids on making Ihe necessary repairs. Permission was granted to the V£\V and American Legion to sell poppies in Roxana on Poppy Days. . t president: Donna Is- Wednesday when Krnesl Francis, j ted. vice president: Helen Wiley, secretary: Sandra Sawyer, treasurer; Carolyn Steelman. historian: Pat Biepcinann. pailiamen- Mrs. Sam Tot I en and Miss Marlene Simnis were piano accompan- I larian; Gail Kllis. public rela- ists for Ihe vocal solo by Lee : lions chairman, and Donna Xum- .In; wait. and the trio number presented by Miss Woods. Miss Joyce Proc- IIAHTFORD — Members of tho "Kum Join ir.s" class of (lie Melh- ROXANA '"""• ;v " Jis They are senior ollicen (Mirt of KaM Allonians who up- ! pcarcd us donors. j A total of 1.172 pints of lilood have been collected ill the greater Alton-Wood River area this year. lhf> ltn * !l "« The ((iiola since January i.s 1,100 pints. The next bloodinuhile visit will be May 1!) and 'JO al Cut St., Alton, .sponsored by Ihe Slecl- worKcrs and Pa pet-workers. This group sponsored (he Januiiry bloiidmiihlle visit which exceeded the nsiiiil !!JI) ((iiola by -111 pints. ('Ins* MeelliiK J-:AST ALTON The inier- merjliile CJ.'iss of Friendship General Baptist Church will not meet Friday evening at the home of Hilly llerl as planned. Dale for Ihe meeting i.s to he announced later. Young I'enplm Servlen KAST ALTON- A special service for yoiint; people will be held hers. To Atlrnil NliHlrnl roimrllMPMi"!" 1 1°™°* BHIlsh " m "" >Mr ^ : ^"rch at 7:1:, p. m. "«IH» II ,?ll I I. t flllttrtlnttln lln ,,/r.M nn 11 ,»,. rt »< ,,.,* f nil. 1 Miss Willene Coll- LanKreder and Miss Laura Mc.Bridc. seniors at. Scliool, will go to Chicago this weekend lo attend a .Student Council con- „. . vention at (lie Morrison Hotel, j accoinpanied by their sponsor :on. He won an uneonfeslerf. The class members will be ac- divorce from her last November com pa tiled by their sponsors, on a charge she had committed adultery with Porfino Rubirosa, Ihe .much-married Dominican Republic diplomat. f'ln«i«t Party HARTFORD — Members of the Golden Link class of the Methodist Rnnrt In Contest Saturday ROXANA. -The 100-piece 'Roxana Grade School Band will compete in a district contest at 7:3. r > p.m. Saturday at Gillespie. Transportation will be provid- fd by I wo school buses and will be driven by G. Underwood and V. J. Farthing. Itofnr.v Cluh .Meets HOXANA.-A round table discussion was conducted at the Wednesday evening meeting of Ihe Rotary Club in the First Presbyterian Church. Visiting Rotarians were William Neuna- her and the Rev. Krwiti Kolb of Brlballo, Ernest Trovovvsky, Jr., Church will be feted by members j anrt K- Trovowski, Sr., of' Ed- I c of Ihe j and his wile Mr. and Mrs. Her;>- ivill be j eri Thompson. I of the Win-One class Saturday at i Ihe church social room. Spring Concert Set Tuesday Night at Woodrow Wilson HARTFORD — A spring-concert for adults and lo cents for children. The money will be used lo will he conducted at Woodrow Wilson School Tuesday at 7:.'iO p. m. under Ihe baton of Wilbur llilte, band director of District 104. The advanced band members will prnscnl fivo selections and Ihe beginners' band will play two num- al Ihc Church of God, 212 Pence Ave., tonight at 7:30 with Rev. II. H. Webster of Highland as t'.uest speaker. Wood River Tol, 2, Injured In Fall From Bed EAST ALTON - William Roy Lamblc, 2, was treated at Wood River Township Hospital Thursday alter be lell from the bed al home, lie fractured his collar bone in the fall, X-ray revealed. The boy is Hie son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward O. Lamble of 12,"; Wbilclaw Ave. Another 2-year-old receiving treatment in tho emergency room Thursday was Michael O. Pressley of •l()7 Render St. He received u small laceration over Ihc Iclt eye in n fall at home. Both youngsters were dismissed lollowing treatment. Tickets are on sale for 25 cents purchase individual awards for the band members. After the concert, the Girls' Ensemble will render vocal selections and the junior high pupils will participate in a rhythmic demonstration. Wood River Hospital Women Launch Annual Member Drive WOOD RIVER — The annual membership drive of Wood River Township Hospital Auxiliary was launched at Ihe April meeting of Ihe group at the hospital Thursday evening with 32 members in attendance. A bit of zest is being Introduced info Ihe campaign by the division of teams into two teams for a contest. Team captains are Mrs, C. L. Hunt and Mrs. Frank La- Mnnsko. The competition will close at Ihe. June meeting with cussion of "Administrator-Auxiliary Relations." The auxiliary marie plans for the local observance of National Hospital Week May 9-15. Posters are lo be placed in various windows of the township and a window display set up in downtown Wood 'River. The display com- j mittee includes Mrs. Jesse Dickerson, Mrs. Corvvin Sively, Mrs. Stanley Edsall and Mrs! Louis Arnold. The baby alumni is also The honored class were winners j | lr > s dav Harvey warrisville. For their meeting nest Wed- in a recent attendance contest. The parly will hej;in at 7:30 p. m. during which time games will he played and a musical program presented. Home rroui Hospital HARTFORD — Arthur Wint.ien of East Elm St., returned home Wednesday from Wood River Township Hospital whore he has been a patient for two weeks due to blood poisoning in his right leg. His condition is improving but it is not known when he will be able to return to his work as a barber in Wood River. Rice, program District Shuns Power There's a large area in County Longford. Eire, in which people still prefer candlesticks and paraffin lamps to electricity. Long- lord reports. Not an electric light switch can be found in the district.. Here there are three churches, two post offices, six national schools, a vocation school and the college of Moyne which has sent young priests all over the world. Suggestions chairman, will present Donald Harvick, who will speak on the "American Way of Business." Han-irk i.s a Junior High School instructor in Roxana. C'lms Meeting at Kaptist Church ROXAN-; — The Mid-adult Class ot the First Baptist Church met. Tuesday evening at Ihe church. Richard Palmer, president, conducted the hrief business meeting. Refreshments iwere served by Mrs. Earl Milligan, Sirs. Herman Smith and Mrs. Angus. Entertain Ohio Visitors ROXANA — Mr. and Mrs. John Johnson and two daughters of Dayton. Ohio, visited Tuesday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Roy O. Williams of K. Tydeman Ave. Mrs. Johnson is Ihe former Miss Nova lee. Tallyn of Alton, and taught: the fourth grade here several years ago. that rural electrification be extended to that area have me with no local enthusiasm. Too costly, many of the people say. Members of 6 A A Fries Mothers at Roxana ROXANA. — The Girls' Athletic; Association of the Roxana High School sponsored a mother- daughter banquet Tuesday evening at the high school. Miss Sharon Haller. retiring president, gave the invocation and welcomed Ihe mothers. The new officers formed Ihe committee for arrangements. They are Miss Janet MeFarland. president; Miss Donna Xumvvall, vice "resident; Miss Charlotte Von Rrrhen, treasurer, and Miss Grade Lasterie, secretary. The program consisted of community singing, led by Miss Bobbie Jones; clarinet, solos, hv Miss Mary Virginia Chandler rind Miss Von Brehen. and a clarinet quartet composed of Miss Pat Lofler, Miss Valeria Rodebaugh, Miss Von Brehen, and Miss Chandler. They were accompanied by Boh Diveley. Miss Elizabeth Corbin, sponsor, announced the GAA award winners. The present rate of increase in the number of human beings never has been equalled in the history of man says the UN Food and Agriculture Organization. Ihe losing team scheduled to en-j planning a special activity Dial week, under direction of the chairman, Mrs. Frank I^oveli. Mrs. Lovell reported that the alumni had mad" the purchase lertain the winners. Mrs. Richard Hesketl, vice president, presided nl Ihe business meeting introducing the hospital administrator, M a r t i n Langehaug, who presented a dis- East Alton Club Women Hear Martha Moore,, Travel Expert EAST ALTON — Wrinkle-free t The Mav in session is to be Iravel was discussed by Miss Marlh'i Moore, travel advisor lor Ihe Frisco Railroad, before members aiH guests of the American Home Section of Kasl Alton Woman's Cluh al Ihe home of Mrs. Mori Hamilton Wednesday afternoon. During Ihe business meeting conducted by the chairman, Mrs. F. K'duard Todd, members decided lo meet at 1 p.m. the third Wednesday of each month rather than 1:.'!!) o'clock as in Kldon Orr the past. At a previous meet- i Summers. iug K was voted (o have des-' - -- -- serl preceding the program and business meeting. a hruuch at 111 a.m. at the home of Mrs v Otto I'ra/ier with Mrs. Lowell Fulkerson as program chairman. Presiding al ihe dessert table Wednesday were Mrs. Lowell Fulkerson and Mrs. Charles Tovvey, presidents-elect of the .senior and junior clubs, respectively, Hostesses were Mrs. Marian Orr, and Mrs. Robert Borman and Mrs. Alfred Springer. Guests in allendance were Mrs. and Mrs. Charles of a camera for (he hospital nursery and formal presentation will be marie at a later date. New- baby alumni members are Donna Diane Allred, George Henry Htisso Jr., Robert Glenn Miller, Stephen Dean Reaves, Sally Ann Vollentine, Penny Sue Forsting and Dunne Rand Hall. The auxiliary members reported by Die membership chairman, Mrs. Hunt, arc Mrs. 1 Ray Morgan, Mrs. Hob Crause. Mrs, Leon Bodnar/. Mrs. Earl Sivn- hurgcr, Mrs. David Dively. Mrs. Corwin Sively. Mrs. Arlene Wharry. Mrs. Harold Oldham, Mrs. August Tulllc, Mrs. Charles Lipek, Mrs. Doris Lawrence, Mrs. Mary Sellier, Mrs. John Skundrich, Mrs. Robert Seaman, Mrs. Ted lande and Mrs. Pat Wells. coat alkyd ty pe Pittsburgh WAUHIDE NX Rat Will feint OAUON The new »lkyd type Flu Till finish wife cfa» chirm of toh colon, with greater tndur»oc«. On* COM teH-*e*liog finish e»iy to tpply with brush or roller, and no "painty" odor VPtih Pittsburgh Wtllhide Fiat Vail Paint ovti .nd over—it never lo»e« iu ittib look. H lo>cly »od Reg. 79.95 Value! ..•.i.i i ** Pud-Pot i 'COMBINATION | STORM-SCREEN DOOR „ ' •»»•** "iH •"*»;• • • -jifosjjiufciBW" > J i<**'*Q9$ L-**. FISCHER LUMBER CO. fAST ALTON DIAL 4-4371 -iNf *n UUST PDMIEJ Eaiily Installed by Anyone I FISCHER LUMBER COMPANY 400 W. Sr. Louii Av«., EaiiUlton Dial 4-4371 .MENU — Dinners — Chicken & Noodles T-Bone Steaks Fried Chicken Baked Chicken Hot Rolls Homemade Pie Coffee Children'* County Child Care Committee PlansMeetMonday at Roxana WOOD RIVKR — A tentative draft of a questionnaire for the survey to be takon by (ho County Child Care Committee on abandoned, foster, delinquent and neglected children in Ihe county, will be ready for a general membership meeting of Ihe committee in Ihe Ho.\nna Junior High School library Monday night al 8 p.m. Members- of Ihe faculty of Washington I'niversity's Brown School of Social Studies are completing Ihe tentative questionnaire, it was staled. Mrs. John lleninalti. committee chairman: Mrs. R. K. Mar- haugh, secretary; Mrs. Herbert Ball and Mrs. Beaumont Parks, representing the local chapter ol AAIHV; Dr. J. B. Rouse, representing Ihe CiAAC, and Russell Bell, executive secretary of the Township Chamber of Commerce, met at Washington U. Thursday night with Miss Helen Haydon, Dr. William Burke and William Gorden for further discussion on Ihe questionnaire,. At Monday night meeting, representatives of all interested county societies have been asked to attend. The Catholic charities, and , Youth Coordinated Services, both Granite City or- gani/ations, have indicated representatives will be present. A general resume of the commit lee work, a progress report, and future plans will be given at the 1 open meeting, to which everyone, js invited. Slide Projectors • ALL SIZE SCREENS View your Easter Pictures on a radiant screen. Photo-Art SHOP WOOD • Stretch Your Dollars • Air Conditioned rio»cil .-\|| Day Sulurilay Al\vay» I''i-i-sli jJaki-ry (iood» in Our Hnkrry 41 WOOD RIVER BAKERY nd OAFE Pi»j 4-1 jj| They'll grow bigger in a Savings Account WHERE SAVINGS EARN • • /*i imm CURRENT DIVIDEND $10,000 FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN INSURANCE AT CITIZENS BUILDING m4 LO*N ASSOCIATION S*ft Smith Avenue, Kait Alton FrM Front D«or Parking C. WtfktAtaww, fin- lot Nolan, 5«cy.-Tr»«. The Officers and Directors of the WOOD RIVER SAVINGS and LOAN ASSOCIATION formerly Standard Savings and Loan Association new located In our own building NUMBER ONE EAST FERGUSON AVE. invite you (o visit our new office in (he remodeled bank building. We are Holding Opin Houtt Friday Evtnlni from 6 to 9:30 P, M. Bring your iricndt along, a favfcr if provided lor you and candy for th« youngittri. YOUR ACCOUNT IS INSURED TO $10,000, WE PAY 3V 2 % ON FULLY PAID UP STOCK W. A. GROVE, President W. I. JOLLEY, Vice-Prtiidtnt 8. M. HARROD, Secrftpry-Treosurer MRS. IRENE SCHWALBE, Assiftant Secretory Dirtctort LEONARD SCHMIDT GEORGE G. GUKER BEAUMONT PARKS EDWIN LUTZ

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