Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on May 31, 1957 · Page 6
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 6

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, May 31, 1957
Page 6
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SIX EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., FRIDAY, MAY St, 1957 Dial PA 2-1COO for a WANT AD Taker WCTU Comity Convention Held At EUB Church Here The WomaTTs Christian Temperance Union of Allegany coan ey held its annual convention if the First Evangelical United Brethren Church here. Mrs. Frank Dayton, Western porl. presided and offered pray- rr. Mrs. Bessie Grim led lh« Mrs. Dayton was iuslallod as president: Mi's. Clara l,c\vis. . ic e pre>i den i: M is* \V o rkm a u iwriviary: MUs Sue K**ltf r, Mrs. Dick son, W.Carl White Wed Yesterday The marriage of Mrs. Sarah M. Dickson. of Goldsboro. N. C.. 2nd ami Mis. Cook, cor- Washington, to \V. Carl While, 18 rejpond)U>> sevrvlary. Allcpany Street, son ot the salute to the three flags. Greetings were given by Mrs K. K. .Miller of the hostess] church, and Mrs. William Westernport. responded. Mrs. Frank Beachley gave devotions using the 12th chapterj n! Romans. Miss Maidia Topson -j^» . i sans Does Jesus Care'" ac-\lJlSCUSSe(l Mrs. Kverell Culp. A bo\ supper was served A'latr Mr. and .Mrs. Warren C dramatization of the life of Krau-;wiuit>. took place yesterday in Minter And win son Past Presidents Club Plans Activities At VFW Win Tourney The John Mobcrly champion shin game of the Potomac Valle;, . , Bridgo Club, played Tuesdaj miUc-c, Mrs. Emily Miller, chair- nielli at the Civic Club house,!™™, reporting on activities be- ' Mrs. Barnard Entertains Club ward [Udcv, Mrs. Frances Crab- lice, Mrs. John Rider, Mrs. Richard Reid, and Mrs. Barnard. Mrs. John Rider and Mrs. Crab- Mrs. Catherine Barnard, 403 |,- cc W crc guesls. ... , , ... , Bcall Street, was hostess to the >j'|, e | 1C xt meeting will be at members o[ the Past Presidents will be hostesses al the next Jus( ,,„,. ,, m) c|ob at hcr ,, omc ([13 homc of Mrs Kennc , h Club ^of Henry Hart Auxiliary| mcC |j n g. j|rs. Karns extended an| a ,. cccn t evening. Illcnsel. .'•IK li.." 1 .?...,!! »«!f .,,°*.,* ^," 1 , e ! invilatio " to lne ctub lo nlcet at; Cards were played and prizes j~-—~^^^^^^^^=— ,'licr home soon. Iwon by Mrs. John Rider liigh,"^"^^"^"^^^^^^^^^^* Others attending were Mrs.i score, and Mrs. Harry Nines! I VIC t_,lllr) 11QUSC il '"* 1 * * L H UI |!1J 5 u " »v 11 viii^s ut- v««i*.« n u*.viivnn & .. -. •», ,.,._-1 Russ Winter and';'"? arranged for the next several Grace Bosenberg. Mrs. Mary.^ond high. 'I ho hostess served c« K. WillanJ. a 1'oi.vsofl. and the d by MUs'8elh<*ds. otional by The ivrcmmiy was WHS WO/1 bv S. ivua^i mimci «*nu ,"'o — - - T-..Q-.— .-. . — - u » vn-1- uvit.1 ,.,**, fy, .-.. -. ...—-,, i John R. Wilkinson with a score of months. ! Moore. Mrs. Isabella Hymes,i r<; » cs - lmcms Mrs. Elizabeth Nave, prcsided.^Mrs. Sadie' Smith. Mrs. Chloc! Attending were Mrs. jierfurmcdi Second was 12G. Mrs. A. JMrs. E\erett Cu!t>. featured the Ln the home of Mrs. Jack Baxterjfreisus and Mrs. Joseph Knepp: Z'lnstallati daughter of the bride, with Bev. J. », Brown of ihe Bethcsda third with 124 were Mrs. Emmetl Jones and Mrs. Mary Deal; Mrs. Rosalie Kversline, chaplainjlieynolds. Mrs. Grace Cross andJNincs, .Mrs. reported on cards and flowers Mrs- Ooldie Speis. sent during the month, and thati— • jMrs. James Kenneth Hcnscl. Wilson. Mrs. Kd- Mrs. Helene Bujac, a member, was recuperating at her home Fresbyteriin Church cfticiatina. fourtli. with 121, Miss Katnryn »us recuiieraung ai m lhe av.frxUnts were Mrs. RrKllLauglilin. Mrs. Madalene Mew- a.'ler being hospitalized. Nereey. AuU-twvt Mass. anoth-ishaw. ] A social followed the meeting, er iLuwMer « Mrs. Whito. andj The Cumberland Duplicatc! Hefrcshmcllts wcre U- ByarJ Smith. Bjltiuwro. son-; Krulje Club had five and one half| Mrs - Vlolel Karns am served by id Mrs. Hes- The table was fom Smith. Mrs. Charles Wagner. '•Navy Mothers Club at its recent AUesany Sir\v!. ;«l«'r June J.V ibaugli with 57; third, Mrs. Louis past meeting at which a ivtenural Mrs. Smith .ir-.i \V;«r«n White. ^Vaiugolri. Mrs. J. D. Paddleford, Mrs. Bujac and Mrs. Kversline president of Maryland W.C.t.L'.'scrvice was held with Mrs. B«r-VS.N. JiCksonuHe. Via . rf.nish-\\ith 52 plus; fourth, Mrs. George P//-I 1 addressed the group on "FApect Ilia Pills in charge. ter jno sen ef Mr, WhUe. attccd- liouurf and Mrs. Keigus with 52. *- ItH Great Things." i The session was opened by <J !he v.e^i;^ I T |, e j amc s Long championship •- — Mrs. Rcba Buser. Stanley Mr*. \VrJ-.e i-is b«ji .\s^vi.i!ed -p3 ..,, e ^\\\ b e played this evening re. Navy father, was soloist, with the J«<ph S, H.wris n-.e Western Maryland Bridge nging "Beyond The Sunset" and >.n \\'ash:rvsv.'!i. Mr. While is s,iie*|Association at the Cumberland Sunrise." Mrs. Helen Griffith director ior the xj=^-et: City Br*w-!c«mtry Club as accompanist. Mrs. Josephine try. ) A D ; ,, M( . OX requests all mem . TYPING FOR TEENAGERS A Skill For A Lifetime! Morning Classes Monday through Friday You'll earn f'A's" for: . . BOOK REPORTS TERM PAPERS JOURNALISM CORRESPONDENCE NOTEBOOKS HOMEWORK individual Attention Age 12years and up REGISTRATION: MONDAY, JUNE 10 Write or Phone CATHERMAN'S Business School Phone PA 4-0966 Cumberland, Md. .-.- . . hanski placed the flag on the liar and Mrs. Blanch Lueck ailed the roll of deceased mem- '""* !h ^ ^"er eis, sons and fathers, and the action in Ko:ei. owcrs were placed on the al- Dr. Kober: Sh:i- M erved in the Ar.v.y s: ^>hi^.-h hue the U;ier »is *ilU\l ia :ra-ked the association every effort to attend the fifth annual sectional tournament 'opening tomorrow at 2 p. in. at -, ;* bVCllIS by Mrs. Martha Dunlap and comnuitees resr«;i:s:W* :or Irs. Mary Kdminston. Mrs. reunfon. Gifts wire r:<f--er.: t -c 'ranees lir'iner and Mrs. Leslie Dr. Shrout to Geor;e 'r-c^.s. McDermott were the readers. [who travelled tfc* j-e.-^s: Club 733. Diuulalk, is sponsor-;laiKe from 1'ainck Air K, ng a trip to Atlantic City, July'Base. Florida, A glt't of s^ni 23-28, with headquarters at the lion was presented to Mrs. iclmont Ilolel. Arrangements (Macintosh) Koser o.-. lhe K->,.ili ^^^^ nay be made with Mrs. Lueck.^of all the coni:r.:ii«s. il^-i!t ^.^_, ^A 4-1450 or Mrs. Deloris Sper-|Dyer and John Ps-jpe receives! -.^.' r ".i. e ing. 7253 llolabird Avenue. Dun-'awards. V.'.~?i^. dalk, 22. I Committees were Dr. R^-cer'. The installation o( officers will Shrout and Joseph McClesry. Cl> ~:30 at the chairman; Miss Shirley Sar.ds- Kuri Bedford Inn. Bedford. S i-; Kincsley v.:ll hold a ur.e 4. Cer.ire Street Church! Glass be held June 14 at *..>u <u n^ cnairman; >uss iniriey ^ar.os- , *,.-,., x."-^er will be home of Fort Cumberland Post, bury, secretary, and Henry Roc- ^^'^"""j to 7 p m at ^| a j seague Holds Dinner Dance The Pittsburgh Plate Glass Bowling League ended the seasoi a bnffcl dinner dance ai Minke's Cottage Inn, a rccen evening. Ray Joiner served ai naster of ceremonies, and Claj jigram gave a brief history o the league. Carl Cochran presented award io the followingi Clay Ingram high average; Harvey Artma high single; Carl Cochran, hit set; Vivian Collins, high average Mary Clark, high single: an Mary Jeanne Knicriem. high sc Awards were given to the wi; ning team, captained by Ingran Other members of the team were c . r ..prt]Vivian Collins. Esther Hise -Maxine Keating, Mary Jcann for home // Puritron' office removes Smoke & Odors relieves Sinus & Asthma helps relieve Hoy Fever. ELECTRICALLY Removes Odors and Smoke Electrically . . your office, kitchen, nursery . . . any room with imited ventilation . . . can hove a constant supply of clean, fresh smelling air. Aids Allergy and Hay Fever Sufferers . pulls in oil the air in an average size room, 5 times on hour . . . washes air with ultra-violet rays. Puritron's Fiberglas filter removes pollen; relieves allergy sufferers. Stops Kitchen Odors and Smoke . . . from spreading through the house or apartment No expensive installation necessary. Eliminates Exhaust Fans . and their costly installation. Just plug into on 1 110-volt AC outlet. Only 7'/2 inches high, 9/2 wid and 7 inches deep. Routine reports were given by ; mani Mi5s chase; Mrs. Jacque- ---"••- ,— -..-- -"-i -i*rvirp will lllt """^'j's matches. i Mrs. Sally tingle and Mrs. LuccU^" Kc 'ji7 r "smith, "gifts." 6?her ^/V^Tov 'vcK^nlev Chapter II, 1 . T , he . Peck . -\ Iills uor cl'cstia fur-: The club voted to purchase letler-| commUtee memb ers were Miss QES \cai-h- a; the Masonic Tem-' nlshcd music for the dance. j head stationery. Mrs. Pitts re-; Mae jiowdyshcll. Mrs. Florine p 'e ' " i Mrs Cleo F Martens lO'O Ella ported gel-well cards were sent |Cover Tayloi ._ Kavmolld Smyth. The Centre Street School PTA; Avenue, returned from'Memorial to Mrs. Lolia Rilter. Mrs. Editli;j an)CS 5. Hjnkle. Eugene Martin. w m en iertai:i with a dinner forncspital Emcrick and Mrs. Helene Bujac;ij ohn Boone, Louis lloyle. and !he faculty June 6 al Moon's din- and sympathy cards to .Mrs. Hil-:wjl!iam Linn. ina room'at 6;M p. m. Reserva- da Ryan, and Mrs. Joscplunei (; ue5IS W ere Mr. and Mrs. Vic- tions are to be made with Mrs. llubcrs, state commander. Glen; lor D. Heisey. Mr. and Mrs. CarLfjathryn Kilroy (PA 4-20961. 3urnie. The priza donated hy|]ij| C |,j Ci \i[ ss Kathleen CumbceJ St. Mary's junior-Senior prom Mrs. Edminston was won by: an[ j M r . ant ) .\ lrSi Simeon Wilson.Iwill be 'held tonight at the Mrs. McDermott. Thirty mem- pproximatcly 125 attended. Knights o( Columbus Hall. hers attended. " MEDICAL ARTS PHARMACY 33 North Liberty Street Phone PA 4-3730 — We Deliver Will Not Stain, Dampen or Discolor , 51-50- White Knitted Stoles Boleros Jackets 3 98 to 5 98 Lazarus—Main Floor We Have What They Need For SUMMER! A Complete Selection of Summer Ores? and Play Wear . , . and Priced to Fit Your Budget FortmiHish Class Of 1947 'las Reunion A dinner dance marked th enth reunion of the 1947 Clas f Fort Hill High School at th Clary Club. Music for dancin vas furnished by the Townsmen The National Anthem was sun >y Harry Diehl, accompanied Mrs. Asnes \Votring Stemple, \vh also led the group singing th 'Alma Mater" at the close o[ tl dinner. The invocation was gi en by Carl Ritchie, financial a visor for the 1947 class. Bri remarks were given by Mi Kathleen Cumhee. the scni class advisor and Victor D. Heisey, school principal. They were introduced by William (Jackl Baker, senior clnss president, who acted a.s toastniaster. Miss Dolores Chase read an original poem giving the history of the class. James S. Hinkle gave a memorial lalk in honor of Robert P. Doman the only deceased member of the class. The history book of the class was dedicated in Mr. Doman's memory. Mr. Hinkle anrl the late Mr. Doman BERMUDA and REGULAR SHORTS PLAIDS - STRIPES - SOLIDS Reg. 2.98 Valur Sixes 10 to 18 FLOWER-FRESH SOI from most evcrv FAMOUS MAKE Sleeveless Blouses SOLIDS - CHECKS - STRIPES •Reg. 2.98 Value! Sizes 9 to 15 — 10 to 16 LAZARUS — MAIN FLOOR BRAND NAMES - BRAND NEW IS N. Cenlr* PA 5.1850 FRIENDSHIP WEEK . . . this week only! HOSIERY SALE! Kleer-Sheer Nylon Hosiery BETTER BUY BUNNY BREAD On Sole At Your Local Independent Grocer A Product of Mtlnryrn Bak»ry No-Seam, Nude Heel, Full Length or Net- Hi, or Full-Ungln Rc-enlorccd Hell ond Toe 15 Ddnicr, 60 Gouge Plain or Dark Scorn, 30 Denier, 5t Gauge, flegufar 51.35 $109 B 3 nair 3 pairs $3.15 T-in-Lilti 66 Gauge Full FoiHioned and No-Seom Bartbcl, 474 Needle Regular SI.65 3 pairs $3.45 import a Bit - Jonathan Logan c Martha Manning if Henry Rosenfeld if Betty Barclay if Jerry Gilden if Forever Young if Kay Windsor famous maker! if Caroie King if Nelly Don if Hope Reed if McKettrick if Annetta if Westover if R&K 15 Denier, Nct-Hi or Full Regular SMS 99 3 prs. $2.90 10 Oin'iei. 75 Gouge Regular 51.95 $133 I 3 DOll 3 pairs $3.85 LAZARUS - MAIN FLOOR Juniors... 5 to 15 Misses... 10 to 20 Half Sizes.. 14 1 / 2 to

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