Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on February 19, 1952 · Page 11
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 11

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 19, 1952
Page 11
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Phone 4600 for a WANT AD Taker EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD. TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 1952 ELEVEN Bay Bridge Opening Set ANNAPOLIS- yp) -Expert* directing the building of Maryland's blg : .bridge acrosa Chesapeake Bay «aid today they still hope to complete it by July i. Steelworkers now are on a ten- hour'day. seven-day week to speed the super-structure. Bad weather delayed the bridge orlt for a week in January. There as. more trouble late In December when a squall brushed aside barges *s they were easing a We span into place and blew them aground on the. Eastern Shore. Laying of the concrete roadway and painting of the bridge cannot be started until warmer weather *nd the construction supervisors •hope that will be sometime next month. Mary Hatt?orth v s Mali Editor's Note: Wife prefers husband's conversation to anyone else's; RtsenU friends' attempts split couples at dinner DEAR MARY HAWORTH: My husband and I have been married for eight years, have three children and are very happy. We have a large circle of friends, and it is our custom to get together in small groups and go out, to dinner, two or three times a month. One member of the circle is a woman who has been married three times. She is a "chaser" and seems to have a special fondness for my husband. I know without question that he is not interested in her, so that isn't really a problem. However, when we go out to dinner in groups as I mentioned, and this couple is along, Mrs. X invariably insists that husbands and With iliclj who like good grooming, our shirt service is a "must." Enjoy the satisfaction of shirts that are clean, crisp and wrinkle- free. Telephone 936 today. THE CRYSTAL LAUNDRY CO. Choose, from Cumberland's Outstanding Collection of ... ARMSTRONG'S QUAKER RUGS 9'xI2' Sire Special at q.95 Biggest variety in our'history includes styles'and colors for every room. Pull range of sizes in all patterns. Everything from 6x9 up to 12x15 feet in the k-99 finish which makes Quaker Rugs easier to clean and increase wear 40 per cent. See our selection today. * SHONTER Furniture 128-130 N. Centre Street Phone 1753 wives be separated as widely as possible; and U she can wangle a seat next to Bob, she looks like the cat that ate the canary. Mrs. X claims that it is not proper etiquette to sit next to one's husband. I suppose this is true of a private dinner party, but is it a hard-and-fast rule at a public restaurant, when you are among old friends? I enjoy dining out with my husband; I still find his conversation more stimulating than that of anyone I know. Most of the couples we know feel the same about their spouses; and etiquette or no etiquette, we don't make a fetish of "splitting up". I would appreciate your slant on this problem. E. S. Recalls Proverb About The Devil DEAR E. S.: In citing "proper etiquette" to justify her flirtatious pursuit of other women's men, Mrs. X reminds one of the proverb about the Devil's quoting Scriptures to suit his purpose. If she is tHe stickler for form that she claims to be, she ought to refrain from directing the seating at table when she is merely one of those present, and not the party giver. Distributing guests at the table is the prerogative of the hostess (or host), if any—at either a restaurant or a home dinner. And in such case, if the company is large, married couples are reshuffled to permit conversational variety. But the proposition you present is entirely different. As I get the picture, your group of young-marri«ds dines out occasionally on a dutch-treat basis, with the husbands sharing the cost. In essence, this is a continuance of the dating arrangement of courtship days. ' Husband and wife are "on the SWITCHES TO CALVERT AFTER 60-SECOND TEST town" for an evening of fun to-! gether—in company with likemlnd- ed friends, presumably. Which means that Mrs. X's insistence on "splitting up" is contrary to the spirit of the occasion. When girls go out with their best beaux, or men take out their best girls, the idea isn't to sack them for somebody else, as seems to be Mrs. X's theory. Don't Be Pushed Around By Pirate Mrs. X is an aggressive person, to judge by her forceful manipulation of group behavior, and greedy in taking what she wants that she can get. regardless of social prohibitions, I should imagine. No doubt the driving quality of her performance accounts in large part for her multiple-marriage record at a youngish age. And my advice is—respect your intuition, and don't try to deny your concern about her predatory antics. If she is stalking your Bob, there's no sense giving her all the breaks, when you are wholly opposed' to her objectives. Next time she tries to scramble the seating to serve her schemes, don't yield to her insistence. Manifest a determined will of your own. And If possible, tactfully plan a combined resistance operation with the other defensive wives beforehand. Yet if this isn't feasible for any reason, take care of yourself lone- handed—in cheerfully sustaining an adamant preference to dine at your husband's elbow, during these dating expeditions. If he isn't interested in Mrs. X, and you are frankly fascinated by him, he won't mind your blocking her game, I'm sure. M. H. First bank in the U. 8. wu the Pennsylvania Bank, organized in 1781, according to the Encyclopedia Britajaiica. Mar; Haworth counsels through her column, not by mall or personal Interview. Write her tn care of The Evening Times, (Copyright, The Washington Post} (Distributed by King Features Syndicate) Best watchdogs are said to be those with upright ears, which seem ready to pick up the slightest sound. Returning to Cumberland February 25th and 26th Caurttiy SUPER 40 DRIVE-IN THEATRE . The Bank* of North Carolina still are roamed by * few hundred wild ponies, which are rounded up each year. TWO HITS TfCHHICOlOR 9* ton* tf M ANOTHER TWO BIG HIT SHOW THAT YOU WON'T WANT TO MISS! STARTS SATURDAY HTHUR KENNEDY PEGGY DOW HARTFORD, Conn.—Edward C. Slesinski, milk route foreman, found out for himself why Calvert Challenges Comparison with any whiskey on the market. "I made my own 60-second taste test between Calvert Reserve and my old brand," he reports. "I was surprised how much better Calvert tasted. That's why I switched." OALVEBT RESERVE Blended Whiskey -86.8 Proof-65% Grain Neutral Spirits. Calvert Distillers Corp., New York City AN OLO-TIMf INSTITUTION WITH NEW-TIME WAYS S' •>» A.SMITH [ J» USCUtlV til „_ ..ews <?e+s &/&£//)</fersf-/ AND r/jfyfif/CAecA. IS GOOD NEWS TO THOSE WHO MAY STILL BE PAYING- BILLS WITH CASH OR MONEY ORDER. Tftr/MGbecA IS INEXPENSIVE AND AT YOUR SERVICE 24- HOUR5 A DAY. ADVANTAGES Your name printed on all checks without extra cost; delivered at once. Start your account with any amount. No fixed balance ever required. No charge for deposits; no monthly charges. Bank by mail if you prefer. Your cancelled check is always a valid receipt. WE'RE PROUD to show you this TVfestinghouse CLOTHES DRYER with Tumfa/* Ac(/'on Just plug it in any wall outlet where adequate voltage can be maintained—like you do your iron or toaster. Clothes are gently tumbled in warm, SUN BREEZE air- come out fluffy, soft, sweet-smelling. Dryer holds a full washer load. you CAN BE SURE..IF ITS \\estinghouse ...of court*. OF CUMBERLAND STERLING ELECTRIC 100 N. Centre St. PHONE 697 M-G-M pre*enU The tinging romance of the year ! TURNER i PmzA ' ~^ mmm r IMPBRIUM" CONTE-AUDREY TOTTEX •clWW • Of WFE • HtrttJW LAST DAY, &AN WITH A CLOAK LAST DAY STAGECOACH DRIVER STARTS TOMORROW THE BIG TWIN-THRILL AND . . . . . ACTION PROGRAM . . . AT — 12:27 - 2:14 - 4:10 - 6:03 - 7:53 - 9:45 IT SIZZLES WITH ACTION! """GABLE .'"GARDNER MMI " a CRAWFORD STARTS FRIDAY RAYMOND BURR TOM CONWAY BIG ACTION CO-FEATURE DOMTHYMALOHI ION CHANEYMYRHA DELL I — ADDED — COLOR CARTOON ~ NEWS ^^ A Sck.^i^iieai^ STRAND ENDS TODAY — ENDS TODAY "PHONE CALL FROM A STRANGER" SHELLY WINTERS JL. MICHAEL RENNIE GARY MERRILL * BETTE DAVIS •P* A iSc/UKf^bf&tlC STRAND JAMES STEWART ARTHUR KENNEDY JUIIA ADAMS ROCK HUDSON 8 °J»d on th« thrilling novo/ END OF THE RlVER THE BARLOW TRAIl I WHINS! Law comes to \t;t Nort'west.. witfi » rope as judge znd jory 1 THE SHOSHDNE IMBUSH! The nitfit of terror !>«! sfl rtlaze » savaje TH! 6REAT COIUMBI* POSTAGE! Through 8 iwntlet of junSn with 1,000 lives at THE PORTLAND 6010 BOOM! Wien the last fror.ti« rw! pad }f, i witf impede ef pttil

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