The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 8, 1930 · Page 2
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 2

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 8, 1930
Page 2
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and here's THERE WAS SOMETHING of good fortune in t the discovery of Camel's i ' ' ! 1 i j inimitable blend. Nothing like it has ever been known. ... But in ! . • : • •"!,•'• •' l i ! 1 addition to die blend, another reason for Camel's superiority is the willingness of its manufacturers to put money into tobacco quality. Money to buy the choicest tobaccos grown, Turkish and Domestic—mild, mellow, fragrant, perfectly cured tobaccos that mingle their aromas in the Camel •'• : ' ' ! ' ' ' ! • • blend to make a truly wonderful smoke. • • ' • ' i .. ' ' ' i No better cigarette can be made than Camel. But the cost to you '81 ML -iii Pi no greater. Don H deny yourse< IS m 0 OlMfL ft. /. IITMUI Tafcam — • - - N. C ' SHAKPSVILLK. • Nora Mae Hutto, of Indianapolis, was the weeik end guest of her father r, N. L. -Hutto, and of Mr. and Mrs. Bob Hutlo. Other' Sunday guests were Mr. and Mrs- Oral vHtto and sou Ted, of Tipton. , _.-"', Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Peters, Mr. • and i Mrs, V. arjucr of 13. M. McCoy and .-'Lot j supper. Paul. Tyuor and family! attended the f3a. • E. oon- : >Aokotho. I lt-rence at Hartford City Friday, j O. II. Hughes, of Richmond, Mr. arid Mrs. Clarence Hoffiriuh j w as the week cud guest of home and daughter Nadine, near 'litis- folks. ; -. siavilie, \vere Saturday evenjingj ' Mr. and Mrs.' Hughey • Wai nor ; supper guests of .'Mr: (and Mrs.j ot Kokbmo spent Saturday 'villi Denna Hoffman j Mr. and Mrs. tertained -at 0: P- i Ti'-ner en- Saturday evening Eettwtfcil Tnnsporlali9B . fm'vmi Vta/we the flint year's depreciation asiisi.3 wm friends and relatives here. Mr. and Mrs. Rolland Foster and son. of F^. Wayne, spent!the jiveek end; with Mrs..Foster's siater {and family. Dr. and Mrs.' Homer ! bhoupe and children;i ••: • Mr.: and Mrs. Francis Romack i were - Sunday- dinner Mr6. Romack's parents, Mrs.*:Tom Meadows and and son uest.Bi .of. Mr.: and family, of Hemlock: : Mr. and Mfs.>Wright Beaman, of Hemlock' wcTO^^Bunday after-, iipon. gpe«ts of JUn and Mrs.,- Clyde Beaman 1 . J ( . j r Mr ahd Mrs Msko Westtall|nu»i •ouandjJJelm*„Mae .Wallace spent Mr. and Mrs..: Merle'Orr knd' chj 1 drcn, of Atlanta. J " : . j Mr! and | Mrs.' J. Xj B'atchelc Mrs. Frank Barlow aud Mrs! Let- Li" Batchelpr attcn'dod' cinfqrett at Hartford City Ed!Lloyd, of TRIBUNE Scudder. and( Mn. Park Snyder and <al, was the Wednesday dinner li ueat of lira. Harriet McGee and ifrellia Mr. daughter, of South ! Bend, were Sunday afternoon Iguests of Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey JDunlavey and 4ons. i' Mrl and Mrs. Charles' Lambert- ion"a id daughter Elizabeth were' ilnnday/dihnej giiests^l of Mrs : ..ambertson's mother, Mrs. Eliza- i >eth Baals, of Indian'apolf|g, : ' Jake Pmfe'r and daugh Mrs ters of near tinner guests rrandparants, nohd Carter. Mr. ind 1 1 * Goldsmith; were!the Thursday i of Iter and- Mrs. Ed .!• ! ' ' .H Mr. and Mrs. daughter entertained at Saturday Ralph Jarrett and evening supper in honor! of Mrs. iarrett's . i twentyj-tliird birthday inniyersary, Mr. and Mrs! Everett Shuck and children,! of Jonesboro, Mr. and Mrs,: George Jarrett ahd daughter Ruqi and| Mr: and Mrs. lack Lee and daughters, j of West Hopewell,; Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Dunlavey and son ansd Mrs. Melissa 'Hoffman, j Y '; ! Amos Brookbank spent Friday and Saturday at It dlanapolis. i | Mrs! Martha Foley spent a few (days Iwith Mr. 'and! Mrs. Frank Anderson, of ues.r 'Tipton. ' I • Mr. and Mrs. E wight/tliricli and I sons of near Rus siavilie, jwere the • ' • i- \ . \ ; Sunday afternoon guests, of Mr. !and Mrs.- Ed Ulrichl :'• •; |. in Mr. and Mrs. fare spending a few weeks with i j family, of Atlanta D.|D. Hoffman | ernopn! at Tipton Mrs. Ed Weaver rlieuina'tisin, and n'ey.; She is able the time Wayne Beaman was the week-end Mr. HOME FROM VfMJOJXtDA. and Mrs. Ben Mrs. Vice Hurt -I • Mr. and Mrs.''Ben have, been wintering in. Florida, returned' from St/Petersburg Monday evening to their ho,me on South jMain 1 street. Mr. and Mrs. Vice have spent an.ost enjoyable w.interjj enjoying tlie, warm jcli- Vicc Arrlvq;. In FaU. Vice, who mate and the spon ts and enter- Vice met >with suffered- four. A.ndy Cottingim taiiimeht that are a part of'the • 11 - i J • '• ' season's program tjiere. As they ueared home, Mrs • ' • 1 . l an accident and broken ribs. ! They, were on t be road |two nights j: and the acc [dent.- happened the last night is they *ere nearing Cincinnati. Mrs. Vice ! had gone to the dressin room on! the .pullmau and was returning to! her •berth' ||when the swaying of! the train hack' and forth threw j her against one of the seats and then •between them hefpre she-, could regain' herj balance : \'i • j' ' • Although suffering.much from the hurts, they continued to!.Tip/ ton, where her. injuries wete dressed by her physician and ;t • i; l 1 1 was found;,! she broken on! the rigliL^ide. She its able to-he; up aild around.the homej'walking with difficulty bu is unable 'to lie down .with' ease, ii ! April 8th. Earl C. Bergman, Nickel Plate Witchman .entered the Methodist hospital at-.Ind'anapoiis for an operation ,for appendicitis. * • * Miss Luella . Blanche White died at the home of her parents 5fr., and Mrs. Rodis White near the house in Prairie township. .*' * * The small daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher -Kennett on the Urmston farm was sick with whooping, cough. •••'*-'*• The Board of registration was n session and John T. Hardy was the iirst man to register. : Dewey Porter. statraKT at Camp Shelby, was ill witffsgrieu- monia according to a message received in Tipton. theiiv son, .Willard j Cottingim and pa. . . ] | Ispent Sunday aft- JEFFERSON is i-niprovihg after a three weeks! siege! of sciatic ah infected kid- tp be up part of of -Lafayette, guest of his parents; Mr. and Mrs.! Clyde Beaman and daughter, Merna. j i* Mr. and Mrs. L. iJ. Shullat- teuded.! at ; Hartford City Sunday-. : . ! Mr. and Mrs. Park Snyder and {daughter, of South Bend, spent Saturday- night Mr. and Mrs. daughter Mary. Pauline Shull was the week |and Sunday, with Brook Snyder and i i I of ! Grentown, lend -guest of h'er parents, Mr. and Mrs. iL. L. Shull. Mr.-and Mrs. JNpel Shuck and daughter, of Terre Haute, were Sunday afternopnj guests of Mi-, and! Mrs. Alex Carter arid Mr. and Mrs. Ednioud; Cariter. \! Mr. and Mrsj. jRay ; Hutto and children entertained at Sunday dinner Mr. and .-Mrs.. Elmer Gal- I breath, of Winamac. (Continued on Page 2) t any DINNER. Wayne, whose book, "Jefferson and Hamilton" is regarded ap one of the important -political histpiry textsjof recent years. Mr." Bowers writes as.follows: • - ! ii l • This is- Monticello day in honor of the establishment of the beautiful j home of Thomas. Jeffpiskin as a national shrine,, sacred to the' memory of the thmgs>-he.wrought: As a'boy he looked up to l)ie hill top and had a dream-of dh.u when lie ! could! there 'biiild a home for 'his meditations; .To the II . i -i .i building of that home he bi]ought his own architectural geniiis, ^his perfect taste,' arid thus he I plan ne'd one of the choicest exalmples of Atoerican arckitecture. He put into jthat home mind' and heart took l ! his bride jthe riches at his! , and there he' and there! were. horn his children. Tlieiice he was drawn afar to (serve ; his 'jfellow menl 'in public station, aiul|.how­ ever i'far he wandered from its !• i i - . . i i hearth his heart was - always yearning ifor its beauty an|d serl Mrs. Rebecca^ Carter speut'"Sun-j on'lty. : day with Mr. ajnd Mrs. Clifford ] Suits arid children, at Indianapo- ! Ii=.' In the evening Mr. and Mrs. Suits accompanied Mrs; Carter! to •here home j enitig. ! Taylor Millejr ibull, of Kokon: jday to Sunday and the Fridavj evening supper of his brother land cwite Mr, Mrs. LewiBl Lloyds: • \ ' ll i Mr: and Mrs;. Charles' Lambertson and Nellie Scudder 1 »jent F 1- day evenin'g with!,Otto ^anDor in arid faniilyfof near Windfall; H|M hva Tolle Ispent Thursdt y at .V«rT|o^!Wi^»in|;:*-^»|> j! hp •.Mrs. ^esbo^rfiepiaji-.api ut Tais- day with jior niokerj Sin JMce enterlalnedr::Tu*aday> on dlBg.ll}! and spent the ev- jand -Fred Liim- spent from Fri- Livirig8ton, Ky There in of i ^ . planned the public there he | organized that a nil man. he he. fought fpr the rights of the a! There in criticaP m gathered about him danger he safety; and the - JiaCtles denildcracy. | visiting Mr. Miller's mother, Mrs. Mary Parker. Virgil Certet ispent Sunday! at Indianapolis visiting.- friends, and relatives. Hazel Cage, tlie week end cuts, Mr. 'aiill of Huntington, was guest of her par- Mrs. Ben Cage. ! Other • Sunday | afternoon . guests were Mr. and; Mrs. James Henderson and Mr. and Mrs. John Hig- Jens'and daughter, of Shelbyville, Mrs. Joe Caget.o|f East Hopewell and Mrs. Florence Creason, of Kokomo 1 . Dr. and Mrs. Luther Roller and i i- i Sunday: afternoon children- spent with Mr. and iind cliildren; Mrs. Floyd Roller near Center, !,Mr. and .Mrs. [Will Jarrett were Sunday diner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Mont Hiwkins and-daughters of East! Uojpewell- j Mrs], Harvey Tyncr Olcen . entertained and Mrs, t -i'• '• • Mr. and ; Mrs. •of Peru, Mr. and J.. Mr. and and daughter] ai dinner Sunday Mr. Charles Bcnu|et| Have Fish back, j M^s. Sash Tyicr* of Prairie Center, Merna^Bjeaman, Robert and Wanda JeanfBarr. Mrs.. Roma Cage and daughters and Mrs. Mont Hawkins and. daughters attended, the Sunshine convention at! Tipton Friday i.|j |F. S. Keel {and dauglUor Ruth entertained Sunday afternoon; (Dr. and Mrs. O. L. I McKay und! Jesse Hplman. of Kokomo, fefejt n 4! M& -Clark; Huitioj,|aBd children enWrt lined at Sunday eveoing jiupper 1 «r} : *n 'a .Mw. ! =Gi*rk Hawkingeiid Mr. and.Mrs.^Bm- of his .! neigh- Ivera. iments l some 06 the jch'oice spirits of his t^m'e to devise ways arid means ofj meeting jthe enemies of the things, he thought essential to the prosperity of the people and tlie rial stability of the' state There jhe' retired at timejsfro.m the turmoil' of the battle gairi liis! strength and invigorate his faith; in the warmth' of the loyeVof his children bors and his servants, TJhence went forth the letters on public policy that have .he-come a rich-heritage to all peoples striving : fory self-govern merit: There, liis official servic: .over; he retired to watch from-the'nilI top joverjthe security of "tills fruits' of the victories lie had 'w-in'r arid to receiye for-a (livarter of a ceji- tury thejhoniage' of. the loVjely and the'great of this and pthcjr lands, who 'ijiade thdir senUmeii|tal pil- griihages to the shrine of phis genius- j ':,']' '•.-''';• ''"|'.'.' ^ind there, poor in -purse 'because of'his lifaspitality, but Tieh For Your Kitchen, Bath or Woodwork— and it's CHI-NAMEL BlueFrMt Drug Store TIPTON, IND. "A. Good Place to Trade" Heury Holmes, wasi ill -with pneumonia. seriously Smith Fish was at Middletowh paying a'visit to his mother Mrs. M^ A. .Fish: ' Corporal;- LerOy Plake and privates Ra!;>Ii Ray and Lloyd Erae- hiser Camp Shelby after-viiiitiri'g'with relatives here. ;At I ho Bit'/..- Gales of laughter' swept the Ritz Theat!re Tuesday afternoon when Harold Lloyd's latest feature comedy opened there for -i three days run. It'is. tin; same sure-fire Harold Lloyd of•''•'Safety Last," "Grandma's Boy," "Speedy" and others, but with.a completely amazing new array of thrill-material and laugh-provoking. "ga:;s." This picture is . one of .tln> greatest exatriples,of why Harold Lloyd, is the most popular active cqmOdhin in the. world today.. II | clearly evidences a genius for I bringing plot, action, comedy and J romance to the screen in such a j manner as to tickle the funny- j bones and ease the hearts of tlie i miltions of men, women and-chil-! dren. all over tlie globe.. j New Majestic. Model 90, Complete Willi. Tubes, SH1U-50. LeeS. Leatherman •Flf.VEUAL DIBEtrrOIt. Drake Beauty Parlor Gradurite of Rainbow Arndem) Calll 15 for Appointment Second Flour, Masonic ISIdg. ; M. & N. SHOE S TO R E Nothing Over $4.98 COURTESY OUR MOTTO KiiiKffs Maslied. Mrs! Li'i.ndiV. Hewitt of Xortli West street received a lett"i- •Tuesday froii' Mrs. Kay .Dawson near JVinchesvt '.T telling <if in- jtr'ries received by' her sou. Jolm Kritsi'li in 'having the fingers of his right hiiud - liadly mashed. . .Mr. Dawson was yetting ready to -tal.-r- the ehildren ti>'schonj. when tlie diuir of the auto was shut-on the-boy's fingers, riiash- ing them sn badly it-was feared that ampitUition may be neci's- sary,'although the . physkiari is doing everything possible, to save them. John is.!:ibout 11 years old. Insurance of Ail Kinds Life j— Auto — Accident Protection for tVhatcrer Youir Personnl or Hii^inesM ! Xcrd.s May Bo. LEE F. GRJ1TTH INSURANCE AGENCY 1 I Flume 57. W. A. Pumphrey, D. C. | CHIROPRACTOR ; Ollii'e l>ver Toster Jewelry I Store. Phone 254 Tipton, I"d. Tribune want ads nay'. in spirit tfbii, he and in the Iqve df a inar ^passed, tohis ; rewa'rd. Monticelio is the. mausoleum of the heart of Thomas Jeffersop, and. there his body-is buried. CONTRACTS.! I'.:'/ "nftri'.' ••<•>• (continued on Page Z). theV point in jtlio county wliere delivered. : I •!.-.. :' A contract i for crushed stone iras let,|o the; FrancQ -Stone Com- na^y of.fLofanapprt, Urn price! bc : (ton delivered at' Tipton. jWindfan-, BbarpeviUe and KBmpton ..t ' Political Annoiincciiiciits. The-'.Tribune, from now-until the date of the primary •electiori. will.carry political announcements in this column: payment for the same riiust bo made in advance.. LOANS iUj to 9300 —Your Own Seiiir ity—-Quick and Peoples Loan & Credit Co. Rni. -1, Masonic Bldg. X. Muin- Vor*. | As a candidate for the Uep-.ibli-i can nomination for juilsfe of the; Tipton circuit (pUrt, I herein r. specffullv- solicit - your support. • S. A.. CULVER. See— YOUNG & MASON j Suits and Furnishing 6 East Jefferson St. ! For i'Diinty Treusuivr. : i?airi.a candidate for the nomination, of' tmisrin.-r . of Tipton county, subject, to'the Rfcpulilicuuj primary,; May C. lit:!!•.- I; shall ap-,- pi'eciate iany assistance given r in riiy campaign.' j THOS. B. • BARTHOLOM E\V. , !•' For Counjty Clerk. I hereby announce myself as.a candidate- for the nomination for i -lprk- of the Tinton cUrcUit court, subject to the ; decision pi the 'Democratic voters at the primary election i to be held May l>. 19J<J i PARKER DUNHAM. I have announced as a Democratic candidato for the; ;iomina-| Hon for! clerk of the Tipton circuit court, subject to the primary election May 6; 1930. Any sup- pert given mo itvill be (sincerely appreciated, JOHN F. HEATH. Kor.Trfatec. .; • I hereby announce myself as a candidate for the nomination tar trustee of Cicero township, snb? JeclJtq the:dei!l«lon of tjio: DenVo- orai>o(eA at the primary elcc- * Ltdlfce held',Tuesday May J, RADIO SERVICE Wo hi" Anywhere — Aerial Work— I'uil Line Acceasorie* Mc Junkin Radio Shop Phone 20X7. Our X«'\v Spring W«ok>n.<i Are Arrivlns—rt 'omo and! See Them CHARLES FOUCH Tailor and Men's Shop 10M North HaiB Street. We 'trade for Yoar'OMXlrep • t- ! ! LINEBACKB j ^eet Jefftnon St. •v

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