Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on November 22, 1977 · Page 19
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 19

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 22, 1977
Page 19
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1! \ (riii'ilcn <'.ii> 'IVIo^rain Tiif'Nilii*, INox'iiihrr 22. I ( J77 'CosellMust Go' — Delicatessen Owner Wages War By HUGH A. MULLIGAN AP Special Correspondent RIDGEFIELD, Conn. (AP) — For delicatessen owner Irving Gold, the World Series was the straw that broke the camel's back or, to circumscribe the metaphor, the blow that broke the bagel. "That's when I decided after eight years of suffering through Monday night football that Howard had to go," said Gold, a little man against a mighty network, standing staunch in his white apron ROTC Professor Joins Juco Staff Capt. William T. Henry has been assigned as the full-time professor of Garden City Community College's ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Corps) program, according to Dr. Thomas Saffell, president. Capt. Henry has been the military science instructor at the college on a part-time basis since August. He also served Panhandle State University at Goodwell, Okla., on a part-time basis, Dr. Saffell said. Recent budget decisions by Congress placed the Panhandle State University ROTC program under Oklahoma State University and gained for Garden City Community College the status of an ROTC Extension Center from Wichita State University, he said. "Garden City Community College students will benefit from a full-time army representative on campus to direct the ROTC program. The Wichita State University affiliation is also a plus since it has a more extensive program with greater funds for outside activities," Capt. Henry said. Capt. Henry has been on active duty for 11 years with tours of duty in Oklahoma, Washington, Vietnam, and recently he returned from four years of duty in Europe. He is ia native of the state of Washington, however his mother was born near Salina and he has relatives in that area. He attended college in his native state and graduated with a BA in mathematics from Cameron State University in Lawton, Okla. He, his wife Betty Ann, and their three children, ages 11, 7 and 3, will move to Garden City in late November. The Garden City Community College ROTC program was first offered four years ago with 10 students enrolled during the spring semester. This fall, 60 freshman and sophomore students are enrolled in the program. Henry. . . fulltlme now next to the pastrami slicer here in the national headquarters of the "Cosell Must Go" movement. From the refrigerated showcase displaying the chicken livers, roll mops and smoked salmon hung dozens of letters affirming support for the month-old campaign against "Old Motor Mouth," as several of the respondents called the sportscaster in question. The backroom of Gold's Ridgefield delicatessen, normally given over to jars of kosher pickles, tins of paprika and tubs of potato salad, bulged with cartons of "Cosell Must Go" kits, consisting of a large green and white button and a like-colored bumper sticker, and stacks of letters, more than 1,000, each accompanied by a $3 check from fresh recruits to the cause. Gold, a Monday night football TV addict who "just couldn't take Cosell's verbosity and extraneous statistics any longer" began it all by placing newspaper ads in Denver, Des Moines and Atlanta calling on ABC to recall the glib announcer whom he regards as "a throwback to the radio days of Ted Husing and Bill Stern when all that verbiage was needed." The New York Daily News refused to run the ad, but Gold began getting letters from all over the country from sports fans like himself who turned off the sound when Howard was trying to tell it like it was in his familiar adenoidal stacatto. at," cried out the petitioners calling for Howard's head, or at least his thorax. "Rid us of that air pollutant called Cosell." "Make him ambassador to some obscure country." "Unload this monotonous, nasal, verbose idiot." THE HOUR IS NEAR THE TIME IS HERE FREE ONE DRESS SHIRT AND ONE NECKTIE WITH THE PURCHASE OF A NEW FASHION SUIT OFFERED THRU NOV. 30th. OPEN THURSDAY NIGHTS AND SUNDAY AFTERNOONS ear Some of the campaign converts were doctors, lawyers and CPAs, according to Gold, and a surprising number were women, including one with 10 kids who could only afford to send a dollar for the kit and another who said that Monday night football on TV was sacred because it was the only lime she ever got to spend with her husband. "I'm not a demographer and I haven't figured out the statistics from the mail, but the number of people turning off the sound when Howard is on is incredible," said Gold, stroking his Solzhenitsyn beard dissidently. "At $200,000 a minute, it doesn't make sense. The sponsors must be losing millions with him." Generously built like one of his bologna sandwiches, Gold once "played a little football" and has a keen knowledge of the game, but he can't say the same for Cosell. "I've nothing personal against him; I never met the man. He's probably what my mother would call 'an honorable decent human being who works hard every day.' I don't want to deny him an opportunity to make a living. Just get him off Monday night football. Let him do radio, talk shows, interviews, anything. But spare us that constant chatter and unnecessary information about games going back to the Civil War. "I just took up tennis and now Howard is doing tennis, which I don't need, thank you, as another aggravation to my sanity." Besides the newspaper ads, the bumper stickers, the Cosell-must-go buttons all supported by the $3 contributions, Gold is drawing up a roster of names on a nationwide recall petition. He sees himself at the head of "Irving's Army," little people beyond the call of the ratings pollsters crying out to be heard against the debilitating effects of one man's logorrhea. "I have to admit one in eyery 200 letter writers says he likes Cosell and wants to stick it in my ear, but to the rest I'm a knight in shining armor, a folk hero," said Gold, aborting an aw-shucks shrug to take a phone order for 14 corned beef sandwiches and assorted party snacks. "No charge for the Russian dressing," said the man of the people, who now feels he has "a national constituency out there." "I can't stop now," avowed the Don Quixote of the dill pickles, "I've got a respon- sibility to my public." Every now and then some big bruiser shoulders his way into Gold's delicatessen claiming to be Cosell's little brother. Irving has no fears of meeting the big man himself. As the self-styled architect of the "world's largest sandwiches," Gold thinks he has one sure way of stuffing that famous mouth. Conservatives To Battle OSHA WASHINGTON (AP) — The American Conservative Union is raising money for a court fight against a federal job safety agency by canvassing businessmen that were cited and fined by the agency's inspectors. The organization has raised some $200,000 to take a case involving the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's authority to inspect job sites to the Supreme Court. The organization went to the agency in July 1976 and requested the names of companies that had been inspected, cited for violations and fined. Under the federal Freedom of Information Act, the agency had to comply with the request. Gary Jarmin, head of legislative affairs for the organization, said letters were then sent to about 180,000 businessmen who had been fined by the agency. The appeal was made over the signature of Rep. George V. Hansen, R-Idaho, the chairman of the organization's "Stop OSHA" project. The first line in the letter was "Now you can stop OSHA inspectors at the door." The contributions are earmarked for financing the Supreme Court case brought by one of Hansen's consitutents, F.G. Barlow, a Pocatello plumbing and electrical contractor. Barlow contends that the agency's inspectors should not be allowed into the work place • without a warrant. A federal appeals court has agreed with him. Agency spokesmen say spontaneous inspections are critical to enforcing safety regulations. The ultimate point, Jarmin said, is to force Congress to rewrite the inspection section of the safety law. Jarmin said the ACU and other organizations have tried unsuccessfully for years to L SELECTION SHOP EARLY HAVE YOUR FAVORITE SMOKING ITEMS AND GAMES, WAITING TO 60 UNDER YOUR GARDEN CITY ANDTOBACCO 6TH AND PINE Across From Post Office have the House and Senate labor committees hold hearings on revising the law, and "we were stone-walled." »mim^x«!&s«^£«£«im!m»K£«fi«smeflKS«^ I Here Is A Gift ^-^ )!»•»Ch* 1 * 0 . P(0fl' am ^L^L^Lmli^i^i^im ^^^^^^« 1 *RvUSJ^ W'*^. 8 !^"^^^p^^^^r—• j^s«ii.t^i!*S ^pfe Ha\te^s.^fl vl 2 ^^ %.W&r ^^§ ^j*5& ^£?ii'^«»»H!**nLc«*' BO !S- {S-ztJ&z *&&£• •s&sZ* iwoW* 8 ?-^ =?Jg-_: \*=.t-=r£:3.-£=rrfc-r^= •?!;. i &??&• - SsS&s They'll Enjoy Long! "A TRADITIONAL MEMS' CLOTHING STORE" 304 N. MAIN CROSS" SINCE 1B4B Pm or Pend , Sit. .•7.50 •15.00 "Your Diamond and Watch Center" Palmer Jewelry Ray Palmer Don Linenberger 404 N. Main 276-2770 Garden City, Ks. Make your Christinas shopping easier by sending the one gift that will be appreciated by the "entire family all year long. The rate by mail in Southwest Kansas is '27.81 (includes tax) for one year. Six months is '14.94 (includes tax). Area towns where carrier service is available is '27 per year (includes tax). Rate in Garden City is '33 per year (includes tax) and '16.50 for six months (includes tax. The Telegram will send an attractive card to the recipient of your gift. Use the handy coupon below to facilitate ordering your gift. Please send a gift subscription to The Garden City Telegram To: For months Enclosed is Given as a gift by Name ............ . ............ Address ........................ City ............ State ...... Zip.. . (Card to be signed ..................... ............ ) The Garden City Telegram P.O. Box 958 Garden Qty, Kansas 67846 I

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