The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 8, 1930 · Page 1
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 1

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 8, 1930
Page 1
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•K" 4 . Entered aa second class matter, .-I Oct VOLOIE XXXV, NO. IflO. TIPTOX, INDIANA, !TIIESDAV NICKEL PLATE GIVEN RIGHT TO IKE CUT Indiana Public Service' Commission Says itoad Can - Curtail Service. . WILL AFFECT TIFTON Local Trains to Go Through to Frankfort and Not . Change Up Here. Fibbed on Age and 'Fearing Discovery, Woman jkills Self Allentown. "Pa.-, April 8. —Fear that the' census, hureau would detect a three-year discrepancy in the age'sj. she gave in the last census is believed to have. impelled Ernia i Schwenk, •iS years old, to leap to her death' from the second floor of her home here. ; "I am afraid the j president will deport me," shejis alleged to have written in a ijote which was found in her home. ' At the last census J the woman, who was naturalized in this country twenty yeai-s ago, is said to have recorded lier age three years less tha.n it was. This year, ir is s,aid,' she intended to correct the jerror. The ring- of doorbells, ;neighbors said, sefit her Into hiding during the last two days. THREE-POWER PACT NEARLY FINISHES NOW Hawks 1895," VEVBXIN«(j^Alfli!lL' 8,' 1930. ... i-[ p.'! ;••" offipe atjljiptoh, Ind-j jiinjderjtne ict of March 5, 1879. From '. ) Japanese Shift to Submarine Only Point Opposed by i U. S. and Britain, j BRIANS HAS RETURNED John E. Frederick Will Be Speaker at Anniversary \ Banquet Here. MANY VISITORS The Indiana Public Service commission in a ^engtliy opinion in which all members concur, has granted the i^ickel Plate railroad company permission to annul! certain trains west of Frank- forl to the . Illionis State line. The opinion and action of the commission was ' received by County Cleric Miller Tuesday morning. The hearing '.on the petition which was filed in January was held" at Lafayette February 14 and a number of members of the Kiwani .5 Club and Claude C: Cochran representing the Busi-•. ness and Manufacturing interests of Tipton attended the meeting, and protested against the curtailment of the service. Prior to filing its petition with the Indiana Commission the Nickel Plate is said to have received the O. K. of the American '• met press Company and the United States mail' service to make the change. Local persons who attended the hearing! -which was conducted by Commissioner Matthews at Lafayette protested »on the grounds that Tipton \ w QU ld. evening ' starting) at 6: have only one direct express se rv-' TIle speaker will'be ice each way daily. In making their finding in which Mcintosh, West and Mc- April.13 marks the Few of Most Optimistic Still See Possible Five-Power Treaty. COMING anniversary ! of the birth of Thomas Jefferson, : our third president and one of the great men in the|l istory \ of this nation. In commenr oration ot jthis..anniversary, programs, ban- i quets and meetings will be held over the United Statea|. The day will be observed in Tipton county with a Jefferson Dinner which will be held" at the West street Christian church;- nex 30 o'clock. John E. Fredrick of Kokomojajnd Dr. W. F. Dunham of Kempton, cratic .chairman for Cardie concur with Matthews, District will bel'in' who conducted the examination.: dinner is being arranged by Monday. the commission states: "The Women's Democratic Demo- the Ninth cjharge. The tjhe of commission i* of the opinion, that 1 Tipton fcounty of which Mrs. Or- there is not a general demand for ;J "is Jackson of this city is presi- the convenience and necessity for'dent. Mrs. Jackson and' Claude 'it the operation of the trains as Louks are in charge jor the ticket now operated\reilizing. however, sale, that some few people will be in-; An attendance of jtwo hundred eonveiiieneed. but they will stilj; or"'more is expected.JThe Kokomo he given Uio opportunity to move'Democratic club has! been invited express and mail matters once j and several members Club from that it is there-j city are expected.; Misjs Kathryn vice-*cha5r- c organiza- each way daily, and » fore of the opinion that theJMaish of FranMort prayer of the petitioner should be: man of the Democrat: granted, arid it will be - so .or-, tion of this city, will be here and dered." • i other guests from! Frankfort and The opinion further states that (nearby cities, are expected, the change in schedule shall not; , T'>e T effersoh d'hner is for t^e become effective until" ten day*; p „ u ij C and everyone has a cor- after the expiration of the order ;( j ia i invitation ltd attend- . ot the commission granting it and! Tlie significance ofl April 13th after the same has been published :!s en ,pi, as i ze d by I Claude Bowers in the news papers of Tipton and of New Y ork, formerly of Fort • -i .-| .'!- -Lafayette. •f What the commission did wafej to grant the road permission tb •• ^un, trains 21 and 22 between: Frankfort and Peoria west and- Frankfort and Fostoria Bast.; Heretofore a change up of passenger crewg has been made in Tipton, but with the new order in /effect the change will naturally be 4 at Frankfort. This will mean-thai '.. several families will necessarily "'. be compelled to leave Tipton., if. -'--I jThe ' Indiana" Commission pf bourse has only power to make its finding to the Illinois line and from that point on the matter) la tin the hands of the Illinois com. mission." it ia understood the hearing- in that state will be aeld ]on the ^S 2nd of "the present monVb:.' Mm" to (Continued From Page 1.) London, JApril 8-r-^Complate agreement w;as reached this afternoon by Henry. L. Stimson, secretary of state; Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald,. and Reijiro Wakatsuki,. heads of ,the United States,' British and Japanese nav T al conference delegations, respectively, on all points of a' three- power pact except the 'important Japanese point regarding the transfer of 20,000 tons from the destroyer to the submarine cate- V* i'i ' This problem will, be-discussed at another • meeting tomorrow. The three statesmen agreed on jan earlier replacement program for light cruisers and destroyers, j While these conversations were going on Aristide Briand, foreign^ minister of France, arrived j in England, and later in the day lie met MacDonald' at the- house ' of commons. Briand presumably brought the French reply to .the British suggestions regarding the security pact which France demands. On that reply depends whether the negotiations for a five-power agreement shall continue. Conference circles generally, however, expressed the opinion that both the French security problem a^id the Francos -Italian parity impasse would be handed - on for (consideration by other negotiators. % France, and Italy will have opportunity to sign later even it -adhesion to. an agreement can ;not be achieved at this moment: It was understood that Stimson, | iMacDonald and Waka|suki were working on an "open end" treaty, that is,'a treaty so framed as to permit France and Italy to parti-'j cipate if they solve their diffi- j culttes. j 1 The Americans have - consider- | able material which they wish Included in the treaty and it jwas assumed this was among the matters being' discussed today. 6 j UFT 1 FREE; Store in : Bombay .Close in Sympathy lor -Leader's'-'-'. Arrested Aides.1 -' LAW VIOLATED AGAIN Ghandi! Salt landed IB bis glider after being Continues .-to'" Make But His Followers Get Sentences,-: ;. While 1 ; hundreds, of cheering spectators stood at the outskirts' ol Municipal Airport, Los Angeles], Cat, watching aviation history in the makin|. Captain Frank M. jfor^intenutioiu^fe known flyer, towed by airplane from San Diego Gypsies In Rumania Possess. ' Gold Vessels rnntuilcs OM Porambacul d<! JosJ iRuma- nia.Apr; 8. —A strange tribe' oC gypsies has moved in among the thousands .of that rac^ who "have, been;' pitching, thetr tents on the banks^of the riveriAlt for centuries. i ! ' -Such . event.t. arc ..'ommon Enough; the iribes corpe and go. The'latest arrivali however, v/ere marked by the fact they brought with. ;th,nm" a tribarnreasure in the.sliape nf golden bowls and tankards, hammered from the pure metal and each marked by the-smith who made it. ! . Experts ~who have been r.l- lowed to see the- vessels declare that. |hey are at least fri-ir centuries- old. It it thought hat they came from India. .'Only a few families comprise tli? treasure-owning tribe. * UNITY PLEA ! THE SENATE o^ajii's Attack oh Mellon ; Brinofs Response From i I'' SenatorFess. WOUI3 P.TOT QUARREL Ohio Senator Says Prohibition Is Now Facinff a Crucial Test. ^ombay, India','April 8. —Most j of the Hindoo and Parsee nhdps ] in jBomliay suspended ' husiiiess | this afternoon in response/ to.the en the am leg of his proposed prosa-country gliding trip. City Asked to Assist in Entertaining National Commander. ; hartal (jStrite call) .of thte"Boin- | bayj congress committee, jof the India national congress. The liar-] til is in|protest at arrest of K. F. i : ' • j ' - ' i- ' - ' i Nariman and Jamartlal Naja-j for GBAVEL ARE! LET! ! their activities in behalf hatW Gandhi of Ma- violators! ' i ' ^arini-in, who'is. a prominent swdrapist I Hindoo Nationalist h was' 'sentenced to , one inonthV J. 1 ' 1 ' Commissioners Also Pur-' ; chass-Troo New Trucks for Replacement. Washington. April 8. —A plea that dry members of th6 congress unite j: for the "testing hour" of prohibition is the outgrowth ot the senate's latest discussion '-f the anti-liquor laws, a debate v.-hich! >;aw Andrew \V. : Mellon, secretary of the treasury, accused of conducting a campaign against the Eighteenth amendment. Thtj author of this accusation w.«'<* .Senator Smith W. Brook- Rep.. Ia.), in ardent cham- fif prohibition. It was replied Senator Simeon D. Fess O.l. who defended the ?-:-t (ftep. Legion Notice Given That Hearing! • >. .. . I. ; • •: •. . .... i — ! on Appropriations Will Be HeldjApril 18. HUNDREDS OF VISITORS SOME FUNDS DEPLETED The biggest Legion; ev ent ev staged in Tipton is scheduled fbr June 12th When the national com mander: of the Legion, L. b. Bo[d- enhamer cjomes for the! Ninth gion meeting, j Plans tnnd wi) i be'made to are now bjiing made for this dky ; ftepiirtmeiits : if-or- tb? by theilocil postjiahdlto, niakCj it n f { he yean jj i J)ejn y simp^jmpnsoiiment' frnvJinfrin K -^ ER E A Q Am TUESDAY'' rahinet officer and railed on the ! ingj An (salt, laws,: Most of-theMo-i : - . .; . ' rtrvs ',>, atop their hickerin!!a OT „ r cal .shops closed but a number•e-^ I • ;• : ; i » p.; jWith plenty of cash "in the-gen -f eriil fund and almost: S3,00 ( 0 the j gasoline tax fund j Moslem j shopfl remaihedj open:: JTw^i thousand schoolboys threw j Th g ron „' tv commissioner, j down their .books and joined the - .,.'...,.•. . i who did not finish their business . | hartal. ? t : '-i : ' Dmpite widespread-rumprsthat]^ Ion(ia y ^ veve here'again; Tuesday his : arrest, imminent, tarandhi | wrestling with a. large stack of today was permitted for the third j-ciaims and attending ' to other Those .in city finds itself short in'several fundsj Appropriations from the general operate the i enforcement and unite -for the rriir-injl period which hp believes is just ahead. "This law iri at its testing point." he asserted. "We dare not no to| sleep.. We must not he di- videdj" f'rookhart said Serretiry Mellon is not in sympathy with the dry laws and has been conducting a campaign" against them through W. W. Atterbury. the Republican national committeeman from Pennsylvania and the Union climated : aslte d j that S6.305 will be necessary to! "f• . . ,. , Itjis .thejiiitentl5ii -j tl . ansl . el . . ! | •' .j f j (Notionalist to decorate the downtown!'stre|ts! | ^,,^,,,5 a n leetil i g oi | L f . B }? n j finance committee of i the council , jn . SIgl i s ". i with the .state i accountants (who i „ f This WJI U impress; upon jCbmrnan-j ^ been ^ ' ' ' • oE a big success, the city to co-operate. decorate tl in national colons, flags, emblems and welcome' der Bodenhamer and : the . dreds of visiting Legion jand iliary members" that ! Tipton happy to entertain. All oilier tails of the day's [program are ing worked out on a.jscale wh: should, make the! meeting one the best ever held in the statp The program jproper | starts the late afternoon with (the gath- : books. City Gle j was instructed [taxpayers of citv I time since Sunday to manufacture.i col]n[y l)llslnnM- TMSe , villl - are salt in (defiance- of. the I British;.. i : • ••.-'••'•- 1 anxious for a place on the board monopoly. - - ; kbou't -eighty others] already | can get an insight into the lire have been arrested in' the cam- if a commissioner by attending paign of civil disobediejace by: a' .few. of the meetings. They are which the leader hopes to.- bring all farmers, anxious to be at their Leasee Club, of New York, aniout independence for India. _ .spring work, "nut instead ,are tie, ,., Today's violation .was j on ' the; votinjg J.he;r time to the county's - ' beach at Aat. where yesterday pn-•affairs' for- the princely. salary of clashed with ;• saljagniliis;: 53 on pur year. Zora A; Watson, volunteers,:) .and: t'he-iipw' member who »;«oi: his. office .la.nnnry 1st ' was • presen t ?d with his first i-Iihrk : Tuesday morning, it beiiis for for the first quarter. It is do'iiht- Craig ful if'ic will pay his expenses and : zona. time lost since being a member of the board. '.. the jrunning the! cjity's k Irene Finley give notice that! tjhe Evils tend to cure themselves, and as cars get lower and trucks get bigger, it's onlj> a question of time until we can scoot under. Cut ten Runs Down Eight of Nine Men Who Robbed, and Locked Him in Vault i • ; 'i ! ' ' ' •• .';••'•' -j-.Hi v " : I .• : '':'.R.: : .- : Chicago, April 8.— Relentlessly, year after year, Arthur Cutton ha*rtiunted down] eight of the nine members of a band of. robbers who, on March 27, 1922, lin- vaded his -Downers Grove mansion, robbed him- and locked him in a b'sjsement va,ult to die. \haa seen the rob- prosecuted 1 and Onelby one he beA ckptured, sent to prison. Simon Rosenberg,! lBider ^or the bsin^, -jwas sraested ••mdmsSmu** "The money and jewelry [were nothing," Mr. Cutten said. "What made me determined to get them if it |ook a lifetime was the fact that they: tied up Mrs. Cuttoni- tied up my brother jand tied up tbe servants, and then locked me to be in the basement;. vault Hmotberedtb Jleath. "That was^an annecessary; fur tile and fleudlsh nbm cruelty. It,fllled rae l ^lth i raf**Bd 1 vqwad then that ^^spind ^rerr< dollar at ay cotjiiasi.lit Jstissary;^ ering of visitorB at the • ! - " I -ii '' Then follows the big; banquet the Armory. It is believed neople will attend this Armojry. at 800 banquet After the I banquet comes: the pa- matter- would jcanie up atthelnext ,.! regular meeting of the counci],"'on chi • . • 1 I • 1 I 1'• Friday evening Aprjl'IS,,at which of! time any taxjiayjer can appear; ( j will be heard inj ^he matter. Appropriations of • ?250 j for. the office 1 ojf clerk and urer-.are included inl the ! : '• :' I I ' 1 • 'i • 1 estimated to be needed; An item • :: .' '• . 1 •• ! : :i IM. of $1,025 is also estimated: to be needed for the police! department. i/iTd / \ jeach treas- funds rade Tlie famous Legion bind!* 1 - 100 for t" e «re department, of Logansport will be I here and!* 350 tor. the street (department; drum I -corps from over! the hte -I^O for: the health; and charity trict, including'the Tipton corps. | fund ' «100 for j the Memorial, U&y The big event! pf course will| be 1 celebration, ?5^»0 for band ; con- the address of Commander Bod- 1 =3 >ts during)the summer season, enhamer- 1 This I will i be an open |-*6,00 for salaries, not otherwise meeting for the public and it iiuj provided for* ,^500 for alley im probably be held at the Kitz (he-i provements, land ?1„000- fpr| mo- atre After then address, the|LeTltors bruised: the harids oj. some who • refusedj to give up their sal'u but. pursuance of Gandhi's jdoctrihe ' .nonviolence, would not fight: Maraw.^ri ' Jamnalal |- Bajaj,, wealtlry Bombay. , folio\yei.- .<if Gandhi! was ^sentenced today to' OOXKY *'P .AIG T>ft%I>. 'o'rnifr Resident of County Died in Arizona. ! tw-6 years' imprisonment: f6r in- . _, ; . i » i 1 The commsisioners citing the suburban residents .of: ',•»-.'•- j- •; •. * ••• . [•• ,ch.asad two new Monday friends in thLs city re- S"f> the pny .reived word that Charles "Doxey" had died at Phoenix.' Ari- where he had been for the past five years with a daughter, •Mrs. Blanche. McCarty. have pur- j The deceased was a brother ot three-ton Inter-'.John I.Craig. formerly of Tipton. in Indian- Bombay to break the salt.ilnws. '•..•; ,' -, •*„,;•„'.,• ; , " •' , . . ,.!:.. j , , , 1. i'l. . . liatibnal-trucks of Hull Brothers.! whose death occurred He had been selected specially to • , - ^ ,', T • - : ',. 1 . .« ,' ... -,!,'. t t .. •, local representatives of the Inter-. apolifj last August, take charge of the civil disobedi-'. .',,.,.,' ii f •. • 1 • : national to- he delivered at once, ence campaign m the Bombay re- • . • * • ! These were Exchanged for two j i -old trucks t'te county; has been Surat, India," April' R.^-Ranu-I "siri'g and nl'lch it decided to dis- Dip Gandhi, son of Mahatma! P° se ^ ™e county pays SI,"22 Gandhi;, who was arrested . atJ^ifferonce for each car• [in the ex-' with' volunteer Sundavl change.: for breaking the salt laws.i was' The gravel contract was let to sentenced to six months' irigorous; the Western Indiana Gravel Corn- imprisonment today. Four icom-pany for a scaling price of *L-t7!ial i . — — • - 31.88 per yard depending at IOCLMIU' (Continued F^om Aga 1.) t^aterl time ; " Th ter s panions tences.l receiyed similar - i -sen- I •II- pot tbeni whanHtar gion meeting will be; held and \n the Masonic temple,' the Auxiliary district meeting: takes place; After] ihese sessions, ja; dance will be held at the; ArmoryJ , A unlofrm system of decAratlona: will be offered' , the merchants: |-These||- - will be purchased and sold to I 'DWiiess houses a' cost.; It | is estimated that lithe cost will > be: arojand Mi' HostHaJ. mm- Mrs ills |rfeljjmfc-:';ii irth. r-UMadl-to !,. |ne i The appropriations made . -at the regular-'appropriation I period last September, by the: outgroing administration! have bee: exhausted in these funds and there remains-nine more months of the;, year., for- which they were: |made,< so was] necessary to | 'call for "the present appropriation. \< j The 'meejting Prldayf 1 night April 18, will {be thje timcj ^for considering. jthe.ronulests^Includea (rt the notice I of appropriations ^hich will be found on,; another page of-iVuIl..le:otthi : Tribune: Hn^WtlllamL Hem4>wont/ who teaitmontoGive Away 500,000 Cameras io Children of 12 in 50th Year of Patent Do-tey Craig was reared ia the Windfall community but went to d in the gas boom days, he resided in Tipton for a |and was connected in busi- |»-ith his brother. message from the dangh- .ited the body would be broucjh: back to Elwood for hnr- ;.de tin. wife, whose death .d several years ago. I "Cbxey" '.'laig was a man who •ha>'. many friends on account of his-genial disposition. He was a member of the Eagles and Moose lodges of Tipton and these two irderis will have a part in the : f'ineral services, announcement f j: Rochester, N. Y., - April [ 8 .• "Tbe> world's biggest i birthday pjirfy," celebrated by the gift; of half a million cameras to children 2 year«r old) will commemorate f , ••: .' T- ztlmpnth .the flftiethj aniiiyer- ry o^ the fiKsJ. photographic! patent; awarded to George lEastman ^hdsej work did so much to ttans- form'-, amateur,- photography jfrbm ail cumbersome process- to thel sim- jlicWthat jnarlfe ItTtoday j ^|?Tha ^eamera8 ,':-each :.::«jccomrwn-| iidjby^a roll ot nlm, ( wilj be given away^y.'-the ^astmank Kodak: Qomptby.of which Mti^astm" #e>nWof the botrdl ot dlrec- -A further number wilt: be dis-! of which will be made later. tributed to-children in Canada. I.-,' The'cameras are of,: -the hox! . type, finished-In a golden tan in] recosnition of the gorden anni-|Mfss versary. Each bears a.gilt medal-' linii, with the inscription. "Fiftl- ! eth Anniversary of Koilak, 18S0-J Mlfes 1D30 HAXT) BADIJT err. Xclli<-*Perriv»I lajbnrtl at Onkes Factory MosNtay| I Nellie Perclval. reaHine; >The cameraa~ii take pic-'on Oanlels street, suffered a'bad tures 2% by 3% Inches in size, icut <}« the back qfiher left hand Two- jreasons are igiven for i Monday while employed nMklng-th* anniversary gift. The!Oakrts factory when; th« at the wheife If. ratjalnsi; ta cioaa the wo«a4l. mkUk- bficw'of a locals first is *'aaatoke,n ' r of| apprecia -i »trudk against the sharp eda* of tion to the grandparents and par-| c vMf of tin. 1 : . ' : ents who- ftrf -mj^fi ^MB*-.- -i*v»| •? Tfo ?oung lady was played so Haportant apart In th«l tce deTeIopms«fclftt ? amate^r» ppfcture- takWg -^r 'AnMrlea:^ expected to caase aay i .' i-.'-

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