The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 8, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 8, 1936
Page 5
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TUESDAY, DECEMBER j 8, 1986 BLYTHEV1LLE, (ARK.) COUKIER NEWS 1 Mi LIME Moves Service Station • Across, Street lo Make More Room House Built in Winter Can Have Garden Ready in Spring The erection of new business structures mid residences and the Improvement of others are included in a building program which reaches from Marie, Ark., to Hayti. Mo. Plans already announced and others in the making show that this winter will see the largest building program in this section ever experienced through the mid-winter. In Blylhevlllc the largest project is hat of the Tom Little, Chevrolet Company, which is remodeling and enlarging its auto I sales building and will erect a I new service station . on the used car lot- across the street. This, is ( at Walnut and Railroad Streets. The new service station, which is to be of stucco and painted white, will be 16 by 30 feet with n 23 by 24 foot canopy on the front. All new equipment will be Installed in tlie new station. : It was decided to do away with the present station and to crcc^i ft new. one so as to make more room for the parts department. The rear of the large used car lot. will continue to be used for that purpose. When the work is completed the Chevrolet company's building will have large display windows all along , its Walnut street. front. The entire cast half of the building is being remodeled. Steel trusses will replace 1 wooden ones and other repairs are being made. ' • , | ; , The Blythcvillc hospital is he- One advantage or starting house building In the lalo Fall or early winter is (hat when the house Is ready for occupancy, the grounds are also ready to start work on. In most localities Spring planting of shrubs .can be done with safety and success, and flower planting, except, for the bulbs and one or two seeds, must be done in Spring or early Summer. order. The flower garden or borders will be a mass of bloom, and the shrubs will do their part, 'o lessen the newness of llic house. If.the bulldliiK Is done in Siun- iier, the house will be finished In the Pall; and-that means (lint/ vilh the exception of'the shrubs ind possibly the lawn, tho place \lll have to wall lu Us raw stntc through the Winter months, and "'• inrougn uie wimcr monins, ann With a little forethought, on Hie! If there are chtidrcii or dogs In part of the contractor and owner, some planting can be done before the building work is completed •o that when the furniture is moved In lo make llic Inside ol the house cozy and homelike the outside will not look raw. Grass Ihc family, mud will be tracked over Hie new floors to the consternation of the housewife, and the rctil enjoyment of the new home cannot begin until Spring rolls 'round again. Landscaping for a new home can be planted and will grow mny be included in the construe-'' »* e e sured Mortgage. System of the "'"' tlcrel °" to. dioH I Federal Housing Administration. Ing redecorated throughout interior and minor repairs the Housing Question Box Q. We are all ready lo lei a contract tho'build our new home, but some of our friends advise us lo wait until Spring. What do you think about it? A. There are not many reasons to wail and many to urge you to proceed. Building in winter oilers few'(insurmountable difficulties and is quite often cheaper than building during the usual building season. being made. This building, owned .by the city, was recently leased to : Michael Long as superintendent. In addition to completely re. Decorating the building he is adding new linoleum and physical equipment includes new x-ray equipment a_nd operating .rqorn supplies;. • -... • • * r ..... Vi-o Improvements are fnany^-.T<Zo3a '' Jarbbc.;is converting his -'residence',' 'nt 506 W. Walnut Street, into two • apartments by adding a second ballroom,. closing a . partition and adding u second front door. General repairs are-being , made'and • tlie .house will be redecorated in- aide and outside. Mrs. Jennia Craig is having a garage built and a room adtieti to tho first floor of her house, at SCO W- Main Street. A new roof and repapering is also included in the .. contract. ' The. Rodney L. Banister house, at 1116 W. Main Street, is being painted white and minor repairs made. The Paul L. Tipton residence, at 036 W. Walnut St., owned by H. L. Chambers, has been rcstuccoed and geernl repairs, including painting, made. - Plans have been completed for a new six-room t; ! ck veneered residence to be bulk by C. S. Btandcfcr, nt his home near Marie, 30 miles south of here. Tlie country house, which is to lie very modern with a hot water heating system, bathroom and lights, has its own water and sewerage system. HardwffSd floors, plastered walls and built in fc?,ures in the kitchen are included in the plans. Wendell M. Phillips is tile architect. Work is being completed this week on a modem four-roon ' house erected ai Hayti by A. B Tribblc, Frisco railroad man. Th( reck veneered house, with il connecting garage, is of the rtis tic type. Features of this lious include instillation in the wall and roof, plastered walls, tile ball nnrt built In kitchen cabinets Wendell M. Phillips was the arcni tcct. Plans are being drawn by Mi Phillips for a four-room fram ".an"°e. to be erected by Dr. Joh P. Rowland, of Hot Springs, or Q. How can I keep the moisture from coming through tire brick walls of my house and ruining the plaster? A. The fault is mostly in the brick joints. Have, the joints raked out and rejointcd with a rich cement-|imc' mortar, if this does not cure the trouble, you may have to havc'the walls treated with some waterproofing compound. Q. There is a difference of opinion in our family about: how the insulation shoiild bS:puI'ln the attic. Some say it should be put .over the second-floor ceiling and .others that it .should be put under •the roof, can .you settle "this 'for us? goes on, the .other outlets on the same circuit go down momentarily. If there are lights on the circuit, the blinking is annoying. Q. Does it hurt stone und concrete garden scats and other, furnishings to stay out all Winter? A. It is apt to. If there are any little cracks in them or if they arf to cause disintegration. It would of porous material, frost Is likely be safer to put them under cover. Q. How big a coal bin should I build to hold ten tons? A. Ten tons of coal will occupy 400 cubic feet of space. Determine how high you can pile the coa! fabout 12 Indies telow the coa> chute or window is about rlghU and figure from that. For example, if that distance is 5 feet, a bin 8 feet x 10 feet wotild be necessary. Flat Metal Wire Is Not Conspicuous If more base plugs arc desired and it Ls found UiatMhey cannot i be .provided without ''an unw'ar'- Rigid Sleel Tics Facilitate Cutting ok Air Ducts — — ., , tho construction of ne houses or In the modernization 'within New Radiators Are Concealed But Adequate Recently 11 new typo of radlulor has been developed which lias tho iidvaniagc of being concealed In « wull and yet providing radiant heal. Radiant heat Is Hint kind of hi'iit given off by tho sun or by an open lire. Tills new radiator (Iocs n complete Job, healing the air rule- Opponents' Trump Power - Fails to Set Slam Contract 1 By WM.' E. Blc-KBNNKY Secretary, American Bridge Leu,-.. . Rare indeed nro the hands i\t t'io' contract (able, Yrtiei'o ono pi tho, defending vilayets'holds five trumps' to Ihc 10, 0 ami 8, and (ho partner | i i'inc juu, nniung me air rule- ',' ,'j'~ ,'," " "'"' "'. .""." r'" '"".""' ew quatcly nnd causing It to circulate s lll ° luecn, that Iho declarer on 'within the room white nf tho' cnn B<sl out with Hie loss pi a sin' >,uu,ji3 vi ui iui; jiiiAwi *jij.ui;uji wiuiin [ne room • \vhlto in ' (tin t>^ v unv «tti of houses already.erected in which same time producing tho pleasant glu l ™ mi ' U ' I01< air conditioning or warm air heat- sensation of warmth lo be found' " 0 *' ewi '> ltl "' Ing "equipment. Is to be Installed, with radiant \*i\ which'6am Nith was tho situation 6am Nalmau faced In it vc ''. > v a, an it A there Is always Iho serious prob-! Heretofore, whm : rndlntors were J c ','i rublx>r Same at, the lem of maintaining Hie structural concealed In n wall Ihcv worn _ agc cl " b ' "' Ney York Olty. slreiujth of walls-and'partitions called conveclors, because onlv I ' after the cutting of" structural (he ah- within the room was hc"u **««.. members required .lor'Iho passage fcl by passing over the surfaces of of he ducts through, walls ami. the radiator; but no'radiant heat partitions. Entirely too ' often |«'as given off In (ho room. Now Important a radiator may be more limn u — ..*..? vvv ^ wll( .-i, mkijuiuiui. a ittuuuur may uc more lliaiv a framing members arc cut without convcclor and still be concealed regard, to the'stability of .the. wllhin a wall «>ncc«icu house, with the result that floor- tagging and widespread plaster- ri v ,,' pi . / cracking will occur. The usual ur yng tlOSet tor medics hflK It^PlV : (n rnpmlnn/it f • • has been; to reconnect cut members, after tho ducts nro In place, with lightweight • strap Iron, which at best "Is a very poor •Makeshift nnd docs little to. replace tlie structural strength destroyed by Ihe culling. Of course, It Li possible to frame around duels with other wooden members cnllcd headers, or to 'jiilld up walls of extra thickness ! 'n order to allow the passage of •lijoU; wlthbi the walls without sitting of Ihe main structural •nembcrs. But, due to Ihc expense it these two methods, .they are •sually avoided. " For these reasons the carpenlcr ind the lien ling contractor will 10 doubt welcome with open arms x new development consisting of •specially designed rigid-sleel lies vhich may be attached to struc- ural.members In such a : way that lucts may pass through tlie drdl- ary 4 Inch wall ..and yet its struc- lou , ,, •iiral strength'-niiiy be maintained. claUoll Chese tics: arc'.of such a nature hat they will accommodate-. .varl- Feminine Lingerie No man enjoys having all Iho towel burs in his bathroom draped with drying stockings nnd oilier Intimate femiiitne apparel. But unless sonic other place Is wooden l )rovicle<1 'ii.ost InuibniHis must grin nr tr) laml bear it, A small closet with a hcatlnrr iinil in it, Just off the bathroom, .will provide a placo for such drying, that will mnko any excuse for the lingerie exhibit, rnlhor Hal. . , ' . V10D3S4 4107 .VKJ732 * J1U32 Rubber—All vul. Wert 1 Nbrih Eul Puss 'i A Pass 34 Pass 3 4 3N.T, Pnss 6» Pass Pass Opening lead—V Q. South, Pass 2N.T, Pass Pass Pass Pass Today'g Contract Problem Suutliils clortmw nt flnci; no |i limp. Kn( held Urn llisUluU Jlll'k V,|t|| lliu Jiid, „[„(--,,.. tinned u club. ,Shou|<| Soiim now take llic itlmnoiut llnejjo.' • •• *JC4 VQJtfO » A 10 7 3 * (Blind) (D|i|)d) A A 10 r. » A' 10 o'?' * Q J fT + A 1C 3 None vul. Opclioi — +S, bolullon In next issue, Traffic EKOU« Itwi-CUd .,', ALAMEDA, C»l. (UP)—To^esJ' capo a (raffle violation charge/ Ray Wndqulst produced the "nee-, <*snry evidence In court to «how Hint ho, had really'been raoljij With the Btork. It w*» a medical certificate to show thit he'urhv^ Cd at llio hotptlal with his wife at 5;35 P. M. and the b»by WM bom at fl.30 P. M. t-,. t'HA Insures Nalnian wii$ .the declarer mid Ills partner's \yholly nnwarraiitcd „.. Jump liart placed on him llic task The Federal Housing Admlnls- of fulfilling a 'contract which ap- tratlon lends no money. It insures pciircd . .Impossible. Strangely loans made by private financial enough, il. would' have required institutions operating under provl- almost double dummy defense that sions of the National Housing Aol. Is, a sight of all the cards, to Imve •— — --.. Silence, fulled Not Golden' tract. : , permitted East to defeat the con- too 'A. If the'attic is high enough to I routed amourtt of tearing out and be.used, the best thins to do would ' cutting, flat metal wi™ conduits ;e or or window frames conspicuous. F.H.A. financing for reinud- and rcymirri is easily and quickly available to those who can -qualify. i. 11 LIIU ULIIC is ni^n cnougn 10 *nnn;u tiutuunt. 01 tearing out .used, the best thing to <io would ' cutting, flat metal wire con to carry the insulation up along n:ay be run along the tas he- underside of the rafters and 'er the ceiling of the aWic and rovide ventilation in the space 'cr the ceiling by installing'lou- !rs at all gable ends. If the attic too low to be used, il. would he jtter to put .the .insulation over is second-floor ceiling. Tn either ase it, is essential to ventilate the pace over ffie insulation. .' Q. There is a double electric plug i iny kitclien'and the refrigerator connected with one side; and if use the other for a toaster or ron, it blows out the fuse. Would t be safe'to put in a heavier fuse? A. It might be, but il would be nadvisablc to take a chance. A efrigerator should be on a. sepa- ate circuit not only for .safety's ake, but because when the current nrciind door without being Read Courier; News Want Ads . .sizes and .spacines of the tructural inenibcrs and arc'veri nsy to install, : due to prepunch- es, which provides for na11irig' i to TOOden members and for the at- achment of latli and ; moldings.' Tills, type of 'work nmy-fbc'flri- inccd uncjer Ihe Insured Mort- •oge System of the.Federal Hous- ug Administration for. iicw homes Modernization -,- „- , • ,. ,, Ass°" strength by passing and then ru' L^ r"n -'? m - e , s wuleil-wllli two-no-trump over ',™^" C< L?""™.: 11 !! H'C opcnln,; bid of two. .Ha had of tlirco no Icuinp ovoi thicc sp.uicb wiould not have Sftou any encouragement Honker, nothing' succeeds like success. The oiwnlng lead of the n.ucoii of hctuls wns v,on with the ace nnd the six of hearts was relurn- cd. East played the eight, nnd Nut- mnn played tho Jack, West falling to follow. Two loimdb of spades \\cre Ind and, when cast dropped iho Jack, dummy led a small bpade upon which Bust discarded ^10 nine ol diamonds. Declarer nltlert v,llh lh<j thrco of hcarti. A dtumoml wai kd, and East (hopped the queen Now tho queen of spiufcs wa sr led, Enul dtend- liiK a club and declarer a itlnmoml. Dummy's lust "spade.'was loil Mitl East (hopped,anoltici' club. Soulh lot go a diamond, The ace and king of clubs wen cashed and, golden" come fo get off ho s he insisted, repressions on children. ° V too many , hta heart suit when Stepladdcr 24 Feel IHjh OREGON CITY. Ore. (UP)—! Residents hero believe a specially 1 built slcpladder constructed for Oregon City high school Is the laroes ever built In':file West. It Is 24 feet high, built qf spruce and ELECTRIC & ACETYLENE WELDING AT BEST PRICES PROMPT SERVICE Barksdalft Mfg. Co, led, East, who now - held ttia, id," ) and 6 ol trumps, rurled with Ihe nine, and Souta discarded his, last diamond. ? Eait then . was , forced to lead Into South's trump teiucc, and t&e liitnd was made, , East's best de- (enso would have been' to dlirard clubs, and nol dlamon<ts, on tho spades , , • - WEATHER STRIP •Your Windows a n ; d Doors. H will add greatly to the comfort of, your home ' and reduce the heating cosl. Just Phone 400 \ And the Man from-the Lumber Yard 'will fig-, "re tho cost for you. E. C. Robinson Lumber Co. THE COMPLETE ELECTRICAL STORE Featuring electrical fixtures from ail Wcstinghousc appliances, kinds of lamps, inexpensive , bridge prizes and a line of bette grade (ojs. Walpole Electric Shop 208 W. Main Phone 314 is farm at Half Moon. A ball\' com and Delco ligliting system Mil be included in the house vhich is lo be occupied by Mr. aid Mrs. Orval Mitchell, soii-ln- aw and daughter of Dr. Row-' and. ' i A modern six room stucco house las just been completed by J. N. .Vcliborn on liis farm six miles ouli of noselaiid. on the Flood- vny roaci. The interior is insulal- tl and liglils, a bath room and •icdern kitchen features arc in-' :hided. Open All Night ROAD AND WRECKER SERVICE Phone 633 Tom Little Chevrolet Co LOW 3G INTERES1 Monlhs -1 ay Just I'lione 100 E.C.Robinson Lumber Co. Clirislmas CeiUei:s Around Ihc HOME livery family «" arifs a | u ,' needs ils own homp, especially at Christmas lime. The happiest holidays of all are spcnl al your own fireside. Home ownership j s llow w ij|,. in Ihc means of many families who still pay rent, u is possible, wilh a FHA loan, to build and pay tor your homo w U h monthly pay. mculs..'.]u»rlike „,,,(_ I'LAN A HOME NOW FOR NEXT YEAH - WE'LL IIEL!' NEGOTIATE A LOAN THE ARKMO LOMBER CO. -'Phone E FARMERS ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS ($100,000) WORTH OF FURNITURE FOR SALE ON EXCEPTIONALLY GOOD TERMS HALF DOWN Balance Next Fall This Is Our Goal - - Help Us Reach It! We are making- special prices, special purchases and working hard. Help us by helping yourself to any oJ: our bargains. Remember there is no red tape—no reference necessary—you don't have to get anyone to ' stand for you ... just come in and buy what you want and let us do the' rest. Think of it - you can buy your Xmas presents something useful"for years to come and only pay one-half now and the balance next fall.' Tliis Is Good On Philco Rmlws,'Ucaidyre8t Mattresses, Ranges, Rugs, and in Fact Everyihinu We Have. Come on Let's Do Business' HUBBARD FURNITURE CO. The Only Hctjuiremcnts Necessary, Your Purchase'Must Amount ; 'I'o At Least $.10 and You lie Settled For live Next Year. The IDEAL GIFT for the Family ANOTHER EXCLUSIVE ADVANCEMENT -OF THE NEW 193] Ths LONG DISTANCE RADIO adjusts? only radio lhs{ ac for perfect tone in room. Soun'ds just as home as in our store. Always! gives,you that "be»t-seat-in4 £ the-house" eff«ct. > COME IN! TRY IT YOURiSELFJ See How It; Adjusts ttaTo AHEAD Liberal Trade-In Allowance Hrrdaway Appliance Co, ^ ~~ •, m m • - ^ ."

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