Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on February 19, 1952 · Page 8
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 8

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 19, 1952
Page 8
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EIGHT EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD. TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 1952 Phone 4600 for a-WANT AD Taker First Division To Fight Sent Back To Japan From War Zone SEODl/, Korea—(fl 3 )—The gallant 24th Infantry Division, first to fight and first to lose a man in the Korean war, has been taken out of combat and sent to Japan. The division's last shot in the Korean war was in Comunlst territory north of the 38th Parallel, southwest of Kumsoag. MaJ. Gen. William F. Dean-nowj 18 ^vision captured the area in a Red prisoner-led the division into ° ctober ln its last b 'S fl 8 ht The gruelling battles came earlier. At 5 p. m. July 5, 1950, Pfc. Kenneth Shadricfc of Wyoming, W. Va., the war in early ;July, 1950. It was withdrawn from the central front almost 20 months later. Senators Hear Expert In 'Hot' Sweater Probe -*Ih that time "the old professionals" had earned a Distinguished "Unit citation, six Medals of Honor "and hundreds of other decorations. ; " Now on Japan's Honshu Island, 'Jhe 24th together with the battle reasoned U. 8. First Cavalry Divi- ^sion, is charged •with the defense of Japan. . was killed by a Korean Red machine gunner. He was first American killed In the war. Of all its "men, only two remained of those first handfuls of green soldiers who met the onrusning Reds in the dark dayd of July, 1950. The others were dead, wounded or home on rotation. Liberal Trade-in Allowance NO DEFROSTING... AnyTimtl All over town, people are saying it'§ only Westinghouse FROST-FREE that COUNTS! It counts door openings, because they let in warm air which forms frost. At every 60th door opening, FROST-FREE automatically defrost* itself, automatically evaporate* the frost water . . . does it all so fast, even ice cream stays HARD! Weatinghouse FROST-FREE is the only home-proved completely automatic refrigerator . . . the only one that defrosts «xoc#y when and only when defrosting is needed. See it and other Wwtinghous* Refrigerators today. •lAKT-fWIB PHifM OHKT •ONVINMNT MCTM KHPIK •OAiT-OIIP MIAT KHPM IXTRA-UMI HUMIDlAWiftS N« KHFIKS and Sh«lvM-Iu- Th»-Door TIlPLI-rLATtC SHHVH lASY-TO-Uff 3-way Door Handle • Your Wcttingrtouse Dealer 176 BALTIMORE STREET PHONE 678 Secret Charity Fund Disclosed In Boston automobile yesterday. He -died 35 minutes later in a LaPlata hospital. WASHINGTON — VP> — A Senate committee was told today that most synthetic fibers could be dangerously inflammable if they were manufactured in a certain way. The testimony was given by Henry Miller, assistant counsel of the Federal Trade Commission as the Senate Commerce Committee opened hearings on a bill by Senator Green (D-RI) which would require content labeling of textiles made from synthetic fibers. Chairman Edwin C. Johnson CD- Colo) said he had understood that one purpose" of the measure was to prevent a recurrence of "the tragedies or near-tragedies growing out of the combustible sweaters we heard so much about a short time ago." He added, however, that he was unable to find the bill dealt with that in any way. Miller agreed and, at Johnson's request, said he would try to draft an amendment that would do so. Miller said the "torch sweaters" were of the type in which the synthetic' fiber "is brushed ! out very finely to give it an extremely wooly appearance." The effect is to bring the tiny fibers up in such a way that, surrounded by oxygen, they become "very Inflammable," Miller said. ,The "torch sweater" affair began in December when reports popped up all over the country that brush rayon sweaters were bursting into flame at the touch of a match. Miller told the committee the PTC has instituted court action against some "torch sweaters" makers under the present laws against mislabeling. He said buyers were led to believe the sweaters were made of wool when they were synthetic, Harvey H. Hannah, chief of the FTC's Wool and Pur Labeling Division, testified that all the sweaters were sold by peddlers and hucksters outside of regular trade channels. He exhibited one packaged in a box with a picture of a camel on it. "They didn't say light up a camel, did they?" asked Johnson with a grin. "No, but plenty of them, lit up," Hannah replied. BOSTON — VP) — Existence of a unique $30,000,000 "humanitarian fund" out of the profits o).' a soap- making concern has been announced 30 years after it was set up. Word of the fund was given out for the first time by Dr. Samuel M. Best, who succeeded Philanthropist George Robert White, as president of the Cuticura Corp., of Maiden when the latter died in 1922. Dr. Best said White ordered the fund set up in a deathbed statement by which the company which he controlled would forever turn over $2 out of every $3 in net profits for charitable purposes. The money was quietly provided by the Cuticura Corp., makers of soaps, ointments and shaving creams, to aid struggling artists, needy medical patients, institutions and hospitals. Dr. Best said White had requested that word of the fund be kept secret for 30 years after his death, believing it would require that long before the fund would be in full operation. . . • • Dr. Best said the project is unprecedented in American business and added the arinouncement was made "with the hope that other business frms will adopt a similar polity." Beneficiaries of the fund so far include the Massachusetts General Hospital, the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, the Boston Museum of Pine Artsr the Massachusetts Medical Society, tfee Boston Health Department and the Boston Lying-in Hospital. In addition the fund has built the Boston Medical Library and purchased countless works-of art for the Boston Museum of Pine Arts. The "humanitarian fund" is separate from the George Robert White fund of $5,500,000 given the City of Boston just before his death. Doctor Denies A-Bpmb Effect TOKYO— (JP) —A Japanese doctor who made a six-year study of atom bomb effects on human beings was quoted today as saying descendants of bomb victims will not inherit bad effects. A' Kyodo News Agency dispatch rom Hiroshima quoted Dr. Shurei Ueda, a^geneticist and genecologist, as reporting his conclusions before a meeting of the Hiroshima Medical Association. He said the bomb's evil effects upon genes were evident only'until about 1948. The A-bomb was drop- jed on Hiroshima Aug. 6, 1945. Kyodo said Dr. Ueda denied the opinion held in some medical circles that the effects of radioactive rays of the A-bomb are lasting, and that a child born immediately after the bomb exploded and one born ten or 20 years later would suffer from the same evil effects on genes. In a single year, aphids, better known as plant lice, may produce 30 generations of offspring. Prescriptions We Deliver Free Up to 3 Miles By Auto and Bicycle We Mail Your Prescription or Send by Bus Within • 50 Mile Radius Just Call 3646 or 943 Walsh-McCagh Pharmacy MARYLAND'S LEADING PRESCRIPTION SfOfif 101 N. Centre St. Free Delivery Cutter Nears (Continued from Page i) operation carried out in the face of a screaming northwest storm off perilous Chatham Bar. "A moment'after the rescue, that section of the split tanker was smashed against Chatham Bar by breakers 25 or 30 feet high. The two tankers—the Pendleton and the Port Mercer—apparently broke up at almost the same time yesterday in the Winter's worst storm off this little fishing port. Five, and possibly six, men perished early today when they leaped from the tossing bow of the Fort Mercer and missed the bouncing life rafts put out by the Coast Guard Cutter Yakatat. One man was lost while heroic coast guardsmen were taking the 32 seamen from the stern of the P.endleton. Still another, although clad in a lifejacket, was swallowed up by the angry seas when he leaped from the Pendleton's bow in an attempt to reach a 'nearby Coast Guard motor lifeboat. Positive identification of the lost men could not be determined immediately. The Pendleton's bow, with possibly eight men aboard, was last reported about a mile due west of the Pollock Rip lightship in Nantucket Sound. Catholic Bishop Dies HONG KONG — (fl>) — Roman Catholic Bishop Alessandro Carlo, 71, of Henon, Prance, died in January at Kweiyang, China, while en- route to Hong Kong, Catholic headquarters here learned today. The world contains 1100 kinds of animals and insects, with thousands of varieties of each. sc SH 10P-UP THESE )E BARGAINS! TERRIFIC VALUES IN LADIES FOOTWEAR GIRLS' BALLERINAS 1.95 SIZES 4 to 9 They're here . . . brand new, black suede ballerinas for young girls. Four, smart styles from which to choose. All with long wearing soles and heels. LADIES' CASUAL SANDALS Shetland ponies, because they are so small, often are used to pull ore cars through tunnels of European mines. Reds Increase, McCarthy Says BAKERSFIELD, Calif.—OT—Sen. McCarthy " (R-Wis) said last night that 100 million persons a year are ;oing over to Communism through- jut the world because of "men of little minds and less faith, the kind that discharged Gen. Douglas VTacArthur." McCarthy spoke to 320 Republicans .who paid' $100 a plate at a dinner honoring 'him. McCarthy recalled that President Truman sent Maj. Gen. Frank E. B to Korea after the discharge of MacArthur. for the purpose of making an investigation and .on Jan. 13, 1951, "Gen. Lowe reported to congress that Gen. MacArthur was right in Korea, and if he had been left alone he would have won the war in Korea." Allied Pilots (Continued from Page i) wording for the political conference recommendation, right down to tb,e "Etc." Joy Acquiesces Vice Adm. C. Turner Joy, head of the TJ. N. delegation objected at first. He said "There J_ nothing for the staff officers to do." Later, however, he agreed. But, a U. N. communique said, Joy stipulated "the staff officers would not be empowered to make any substantive change or addition to the draft recommendation." North Korean Gen. Nam II said the meeting of staff officers was necessary to write a preamble and "for proper wording and insertion in the armistice agreement." Aulo Kills Child INDIAN HEAD. Md.—W)—Four- year-old Joe Shelton darted into the street, and was struck by an BUY NOW! SALE You've seen these wonderful sheets advertised at much higher prices . , . Now you may enjoy their luxury at a low, low cost! Type 128—means long- lasting durability, soft texture, best quality. Nationally advertised! 72x99-inches.. $2.19 81 x108-inches... 52.49 Pillow Cases...... 49c Real "Connon" 4 FOR Turkish Towels $1.00 15x24-lneh, Hand Sir.. Reg. 51.98 "Shir-Tier" Marquisette Curtain 1.79 White and Colon; 90c Pon.l. pair FREE Parc«l Dilivtry In City US to Ml Baltimore St. Cumberland, Md. I Sturdy, Well-Constructed MIRACLE CAN OPENER 25c Value For Only • A handy gadget that opens can* smoothly and quickly. Also rernoyen the caps from bottles. Get yours now at this great savings! New for Spring . , . ladies' comfortable casual sandals. Choose from medium, wedgie4ieels in four black styles. Mostly open back, open to strap styles. A must for 'round the house wear. KWIK-WAY Electric HEATING PADS Provides soothingr. comforting- heat. Full 12 by 15-Inch Size. Has automatic thermostat.ic control. Low, medium and high switch. Penetrating heat, instantly at your service. Invitingly soft,, padded, durable cover. Attractive Ions; flexible service cord. $4.79 J VALUE... \EOPiSm SERVICE X STORES! INC CitRate Shoe Stores • CUMBERLAND • FROSTBURG »r KEYSER • CRIP WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY ONLY! 74 BALTIMORE STREET

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