The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on April 3, 1985 · Page 12
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 12

Salina, Kansas
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Wednesday, April 3, 1985
Page 12
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On the Record The Salina Journal Wednesday, April 3, 1985 Page 13 Deaths & funerals Issue Lois Rains Lois E. Rains, 50, 720 Gypsum, died Monday, April 1, at St. John's Hospital. Mrs. Rains was born Aug. 26, 1934, in Elmo. She was the co-director and one of the founders of the Martin Luther King Child Care Center, and was active in the home child care food program. She was a member of the Grand Avenue United Methodist Church. She is survived by her husband, Charles, of the home; her mother, Ruby A. Heer of 609 Albert; a daughter, Linda Kay Dehn of Garland, Texas; a son, David A. of Great Bend; a brother, Loren G. Heer of Overland Park; and a grandmother, Mrs. Homer Weir, 342 Center. The funeral will be at 10 a.m. Wednesday at the Bigge-Moos Chapel Funeral Home, the Rev. Curtis Fulton officiating. Burial will be in the Roselawn Memorial Park. Memorials may be sent to the Martin Luther King Child Care Center or the church. Friends may call at the funeral home until the hour of service. Naomi Weber HERINGTON — Naomi E. Weber, 68, died Tuesday, April 2, at the Herington Municipal Hospital after a lengthy illness. Mrs. Weber was born May 18, 1916, in Leavenworth. She lived in Wichita before she moved to Herington in 1973. She worked for Paragon Products and was a member of the Our Redeemer Lutheran Church. She is survived by her husband, Clemens H. of the home, and a. sister, Blanche M. Watkins of Wichita. The funeral will be at 2:30 p.m. Friday at the Our Redeemer Lutheran Church, the Rev. G. G. Press officiating. Burial will be in the Sunset Hill Cemetery. There will be a prayer service at 6:30 p.m. Thursday at the Donahue Funeral Home. Memorials may be sent to the Our Redeemer or Immanuel Lutheran church. Visitation is from 2 to 9 p.m. Thursday at the funeral home. Grain CHICAGO (AP) — Futures trading Tuesday on the Chicago Board of Trade: Open High Low Last Chg. 5,000 bu minimum; dollars per bushel WHEAT ' May 3.51'/, 3.58% 3.51'/, 3.58 +.05'/, Jul 3.34V. 3.36% 3.34'/4 3.36 +.01 Sep 3.34% 3.36 3.34% 3.36 +.01 Dec 3.43V. 3.46% 3.43V. 3.46 +.00% Mar 3.51 3.51V. 3.51 3.51 1 /, +.00% May 3.48 CORN May 2,83V, 2.83V. 2.81% 2.82V. —,00V. Jul 2.82% 2.83% 2.82% 2.82V. —.00% Sep 2.73% 2.74% 273% 2.74 —.00% Dec 2.68% 2.69 2.67% 2.68V. —.00% Mar 2.76% 2.77% 2.76% 2.77 —.00% May 2.82% 2.83% 2.82% 2.83% —.00V, Jul 2.86 2.86 2.85 2.85V. —.00% OATS May 1.69 1 /, 1.69% 1.68 1.68% —.00% Jul 1.66 1.66 1.65 1.65% —.00% Sep 1.61% 1.61% 1.61% 1.61% Dec 1.65 1.65 1.65 1.65 + .00% SOYBEANS May 6.01 6.01 5.97 6.01 +.01% Jul 6.07 1 /, 6.09% 6.05 1 /, 6.10 +.02% Aug 6.07 1 /, 6.10 6.06 6.10 +.01% Sep 6.03 6.03% 6.00% 6.03% +.00% Nov 6.04 6.06 6.03 6.06 +.OOV. Jan 6.15 1 /, 6.17 6.14 6.17 +.00% Mar 6.25% 6.28% 6.25 6.28% +.01% May 6.36% +.01% Jul 6.42% +.01% CHICAGO (AP) — Wheat and soybeans futures prices were higher, but corn prices were fractionally lower Tuesday at the close on the Chicago Board of Trade, Volume was light. At the close, wheat was % cent to 5% cents higher with the contract for delivery In May at $3.58 a bushel: corn was % cent to % cent lower with May at $2.82V. a bushel: oats were % cent lower to V. cent higher with May at $1.68% a bushel; and soybeans were % cent to 2% cents higher with May at $6.01. KANSAS CITY (AP) —Wheat futures Tuesday on the Kansas City Board of Trade: Open High Low Settle Chg. WHEAT 5,000 bu minimum; dollars per bushel May 3.48% 3.51V. 3.48% 3.51% +.02% Jul 3.35% 3.37% 3.35% 3.37 +.01 Sep 3.37 3.38% 3.37 3.38% +.01'/, Dec 3.46V. 3.48% 3.46V.' 3.48% +.01% Mar 3.52 1 /, 3.52% 3.52% 3.52% —.00% KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) - Wheat 16 cars: % lowr to 2% higher; No. 2 hard 3.75%-3.81 %; No. 3 3.58%-3.98%n; No. 2 red wheat 3.60%-3.66%n; No. 3 3'.49%-3.65%n. Corn 16 cars: V. lower to 1 higher; No. 2 while 3.05-3.25n: No. 3 2.80-3.20n; No. 2 yellow 2.92%-3.06V.n: No. 3 2.72%-3.05V.n. .No. 2 milo4.69-4.78n. No. 1 soybeans 6.02-6.1 In. Bulk mids hoppers 57.00-58.00. Salina terminal, Tuesday Hard wheat—$3.46 unch Corn—$2.78 down )« Milo—$4.45 unch Soybeans—$5.94 up K Country elevator composite, Tuesday Hard wheat—$3.24 unch Corn—$2.68 down K Milo—$4.30 unch Soybeans—$5.84 up K Dorothy Schroeder MCPHERSON - Dorothy K. Schroeder, 76, died Tuesday, April 2, at the McPherson Memorial Hospital after a long illness. Mrs. Schroeder was born Feb. 14, 1909, in Tipton. She was a homemaker and had moved to McPherson from Tipton in 1974. She was a member of St. Boniface Catholic Church, Tipton. She is survived by her husband, Henry of the home; two sons, Eugene of McPherson and LaVerne of Wichita; two daughters, Natalie Moritz of Elgin, 111., and Lucille Becker of Tipton; three brothers, four sisters, 15 grandchildren, and 11 great grandchildren. The funeral will be at 11 a.m. Saturday at the St. Boniface Catholic Church, the Rev. James Hoover officiating. The burial will be in the church cemetery. There will be a parish rosary at 8 p.m. Friday. Memorials may be sent to the church. Steven Jon Eck McPHERSON - Steven Jon Eck, 26, Galva, died Sunday, March 31, in an accident four miles northeast of McPherson. A motorist found his burning car on a county road. He opened the driver's door, but the interior erupted in flames. Firefighters were called and, after extinguishing the fire, found Mr. Eck's body in the driver's seat. Mr. Eck was born March 20, 1959, in McPherson. He lived in McPherson until six years ago when he moved to Galva. He worked as an R and D technician with Kansas Jack Inc. He is survived by his wife, Tammy of Galva; his parents, Leonard and Gwen of McPherson; .two brothers, George of McPherson and E. Joe of Salina; and a grandmother, Minnie of Elyria. The funeral will be at 2 p.m. Thursday at the Ball and Son Funeral Home, McPherson, the Rev. Fred Gabler officiating. Memorials may be made to the McPherson Senior Center. Friends may call from 6 to 8 p.m. today at the funeral home. Livestock Metals NEW YORK (AP) — Selected world gold orr— London morning fixing $317.00, off $4.10: London afternoon fixing $318.75, off $2.35; Paris afternoon fixing $320.93, oil $4.41; Frankfurt flxlna $320.05, off $5.29; Zurich late afternoon bid $317.00, off $4.00; Domestic 8 — Handy S, Harmort $318.75, off $2 35 Engelhard $319.15, off '$2.35; Englehard fabricated $335.11. °» «•'£, NY Comex gold spot month Tuesday $322.00, up $3.60: Repubfic National Bank $321.75, up $3.75. NEW YORK (AP) - Handy S Harmon silver Tuesday $6.420, off 0.095; Engelhard silver $6 430 off 0.100; fabricated $6.880. off 0.107; the bullion price lor silver earlier in London wot $6 420 off 0.100; NY Comex silver spot month closed Monday at $6.438, off 0.249. CHICAGO (AP) — Futures trading Tuesday on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange: Open High Low Settle Chg. CATTLE 40,000 Ibs.; cents per Ib. Apr 64.80 65.22 64.35 64.47 —.40 Jun 66.25 66.70 66.17 66.22 —.15 Aug 65.50 65.80 65.45 65.65 +.08 Oct 63.75 63.95 63.60 63.82 +.05 Dec 64.57 64.80 64.42 64.65 Feb 65.30 65.60 65.10 65.20 —.10 Apr 66.60 +.10 FEEDER CATTLE 44,000 Ibs.; cents per Ib. Apr 68.30 68.55 67.97 68.35 May 68.85 69.12 68.60 68.67 —.15 Aug 70.15 70.40 69.80 70.20 —.10 Sep 69.80 69.85 69.30 69.80 Oct 69.50 69.65 69.10 69.35 —.15 Nov 70.10 70.25 69.80 70.00 —.25 HOGS 30,000 Ibs.; cents per Ib. Apr 43.70 43.75 42.70 42.87 —1.08 Jun 48.55 48.85 47.92 48.25 —.77 Jul 50.60 50.75 49.85 50.07 —.68 Aug 50.90 50.92 49.85 50.32 —.65 Oct 47.20 47.25 46.30 46.85 —.55 Dec 48.25 48.25 47.65 48.15 —.42 Feb 49.05 49.30 48.75 49.10 —.35 Apr 46.90 46.90 46.25 46.80 —.20 Jun 48.40 48.50 48.20 48.40 —.50 PORK BELLIES 38,000 Ibs.; cents per Ib. May 69.30 69.60 67.90 67.95 —1.95 Jul 70.00 70.47 68.70 68.70 —2.00 Aug 69.00 69.40 67.55 67.57 —1.98 Feb 74.80 74.80 73.30 73.30 —2.00 Mar 74.50 74.50 73.30 73.30 —2.00 May 73.60 73.60 73.60 73.60 —1.65 Jul 73.50 —1.60 OMAHA, Neb. (AP) — Omaha Livestock Market quotations Tuesday: Cattle and Calves: 2300; steers and heifers moderately active, demand fairly good; both classes steady to 25 lower, many sales steady: light supply cows sold steady; steers choice 1100-1350 Ibs 60.00-61.25; mixed good and choice 1000-1150 Ibs 59.00-60.00; heifers two loads choice, some prime 1050-1100 Ibs 61.00; choice 975-1150 Ibs 59.50-60.75; mixed good and choice 900-1050 Ibs 57.50-59.50; cows cutter and boning utility 39.50-43.00; Conner and low cutter 36.50-39.50, low dressing to 34.00. Hogs: 2200; barrows and gilts fairly active, steady to 50 lower; U.S. l-3s 215-250 Ibs 42.50-42.75, 200-215 Ibs including uneven weights 41.00-42.50; sows weights under 500 Ibs steady to 25 lower, over 500 Ibs 1.00 off, 350-650 Ibs 37.00-45.00. KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — Quotations for Tuesday: Cattle 200: Slaughter cows steady to 2.00 higher on limited receipts. Slaughter cows, breaking utility and commercial 40.00-43.50, high cutter and boning utility 40.50-43.60. Hogs 800: Trading slow. Barrows and gilts 1.00 lower: 1-3 210-260 Ib 41.50-42.00; 2-3 260-280 Ib 40.50-41.25. Sows under 500 Ib 1.00-1.25 lower, over 500 Ib 25-50 lower; 1-2 300-500 Ib 37.00-37.25; 1-3 over 500 Ib 44.7545.00. DODGE CITY (AP) — Trade moderate. Slaughter steers not well established, few soles steady to 50 higher; slaughter heifers steady to 50 higher. Inquiry and demand fairly good. Sales confirmed on 1,300 slaughter steers and 5,500 slaughter heifers Monday. For the week to date Including late Friday and the weekend 8,700 head confirmed. Slaughter steers: Few choice 2-3, few 4 1025-1150 Ib 63.00-63.50; few choice with end good 1100 Ib 62.50. Slaughter heifers: Choice 2-3, .few 4 9501025 Ib 61.00-61.50, few 61.75; choice with end good 950-1000 Ib 60.00-60.75; few choice with end commercial and good heifers and heiferettes 57.00-59.50. Sales FOB feedlot net weights after 4 percent shrink. ST. JOSEPH, Mo. (AP) — Quotations for Monday: Cattle-slaughter 300, feeders 50: Slaughter steers and hellers 50-1.00 higher than a week ago. Feeder buyers active on fleshy two-way kind of cattle with steers weighing up to 1100 Ib. Slaughter steers, choice 11251275 Ib 58.90-60.30. Slaughter heifers, choice 935-1150 Ib 56.20-58.50. Feeder steers, medium frame 1. fleshy 900-1100 Ib 57.00-61.00. Feeder heifers, medium frame 1, fleshy 923 Ib 56.30. Hogs 1,800: Barrows and gilts'steady: 1-2 210-250 Ib 42.75-43.00; 1-3 230-260 Ib 42.5042.75; 2-3 250-270 Ib 42.00-42:50; 1-2 198-210 Ib 41.50-42.50. Sows 1.00 higher; 1-2 300-450 Ib 37.00-37.50; 450-500 Ib 39.50-40.00; 1-3 500650 Ib 45.50. Joseph H. Lawson SYLVAN GROVE - Joseph H. "Joe" Lawson, 79, Sylvan Grove, died Monday, April 1, at the Lincoln County Hospital. Mr. Lawson was born Feb. 20, 1906, in Lincoln County, southwest of Sylvan Grove, and lived most of his life in Sylvan Grove. He worked as a Skelly jobber for Skelly Oil. He was a charter member of the Sylvan Grove Lions Club and a member of the United Presbyterian Church, where he was a trustee and elder. He was a member of Masonic Lodge AF&AM 359 and Eula Chapter 345, Order of the Eastern Star. He served on the board of directors for the Sylvan State Bank and was a former mayor and councilman of Sylvan Grove. Survivors include his wife, Lillian of the home; a son, Robert H. of Idabel, Okla.; a daughter, Dulcie J. Kulich of Sylvan Grove; a brother, Robert of Sun City Ariz.; three sisters, Mrs. Helen Raffety and Marie Lawson, both of Wichita, and Mrs. Evelyn Nelson of Sylvan Grove; and four grandchildren. The funeral will be at 2:30 p.m. Thursday at the United Presbyterian Church, the Rev. Tom Hemstock officiating. Burial will be in the Sylvan Grove Cemetery. Memorials may be made to the United Presbyterian Church. Friends may call from noon to 9 p.m. today at the Rodrick-Minear Funeral Home. Lizzie Kickhaefer WOODBINE -The funeral for Lizzie Kickhaefer, 81, Woodbine, will be at 2 p.m. today at St. Paul American Lutheran Church, Herington, the Rev. Robert Graff officiating. Burial will be in the St. Paul Lutheran Cemetery, Shady Brook. Mrs. Kickhaefer died" Sunday, March 31, at Herington Municipal Hospital. Friends may call at the Puryear- Brockmeier Funeral Home, Herington, until noon today. An obituary in Tuesday's Journal did not identify the funeral home. Lester A. McCrary Lester A. "Bud" McCrary, 78, 512 E. Bond, died Tuesdsay, April 2, at Asbury Hospital. Mr. Bell was born Dec. 23, 1906, in Salina and lived here his entire life. He was a construction superintendent and bricklayer. He was a member of the First Methodist Church. His wife, Loretta C., died in 1981. He is survived by a niece, June Fichtel of Boca Raton, Fla. The funeral will be at 2 p.m. Thursday at the Ryan Mortuary, the Rev. David Randall officiating.. Burial will be in the Roselawn Memorial Park. School notes Christopher Yerger, Ooltewah High School, Chattanooga, Tenn., has been appointed to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. Yerger for-| merly attended Meadowlark Yerger Ridge Elementary School and Roosevelt-Lincoln Junior High School in Salina. His father, Mickey, was the first director of the Bicentennial Center, and now is director of the University of Tennessee Arena. (Continued from Page 1) structural engineers. Tuesday's bond issue was the fifth one to face district voters in the past few years. Voters in Graham County gave their support to the hospital, which was seeking an increased mill levy. The vote was 770-338. "We felt very good about the vote," said hospital administrator Dale Martin. "We felt it was a vote of confidence for the hospital," Board chairman Dan Paxon, Penokee, agreed. "It just confirms the people here want to keep a quality health care facility," he said. With Tuesday's positive vote, the Graham County Hospital will be eligible for a maximum tax levy of 5 mills ($5 for each $1,000 of assessed valuation) to help operate the facility. In Sherman County, voters appeared in a less generous mood. Late Tuesday, a $1.5 million bond issue for the Northwest Kansas Regional Medical Center at Goodland appeared headed for defeat. With 9 of 18 precincts reporting, the vote was 1,427-779. "I'm not surprised they (probably) voted it down, but it's still disappointing," said Allen Quenzer, hospital board chairman. "We have to go forward with a positive attitude. If you don't first succeed, you must try again." The hospital, which has been A $1,000 Stuart Pharmaceuticals Scholarship has been awarded to Lisa Stouffer, a sophomore majoring in nursing at Marymount College, by the National Student Nurses Association. Stouffer is the daughter of Mr. and- Mrs. David Stouffer, Assaria. She graduated from Southeast of Saline High School in 1983, and is specializing in operating room nursing. Correction Because of a Journal error, it was incorrectly reported in Tuesday's edition that District Judge David Knudson had ruled the jury in the murder trial of Lonnie McKibben could deliberate only on whether the shooting death of Sheleen McLain was premeditated and not in the commission of a felony under the felony murder rule. Saline County Attorney Mickey Mosier actually made the decision to proceed only with the premeditation theory. The decision was announced in the judge's chambers after testimony in the case concluded Monday. bathed in controversy over its operation in recent months, wanted the bond issue to finance construction of a 20,000-square-foot outpatient services wing. The general election in other counties of central and northwest Kansas also were sparked by special questions. Here's a rundown: Cheyenne County • St. Francis voted to eliminate the intangibles tax, 214-184. Dickinson County • Voters defeated a .5 of a mill levy for recreation in USD435, Abilene. The vote 1,056-610. • A two percent increased in the franchise tax Greeley Gas Co. pays to the city was rejected, 427-370. Ellsworth County • A one-cent sales tax at Kanopolis was approved, 180-83. Gove County • At Grinnell, voters refused a special levy for the town's new library. The vote was 73-£6. Graham County • A one-cent sales tax in Hill City was approved, 367-332. Jewell County • A move to legalize packaged liquor in the city of Jewell was soundly defeated by voters. The vote was 170-79. Marion County • General obligation bonds for $378,000 to finance construction of Lenexa man dies as result of car-accident injuries ELLSWORTH - A Lenexa man died Tuesday as a result of injuries suffered in a two-vehicle accident at 5:40 p.m. Saturday four miles east of Junction K-156 on Interstate 70. Horace M. Kreeger, 68, Lenexa, died at Wesley Medical Center, Wichita, where he was transferred Saturday from St. John's Hospital, , the Kansas Highway Patrol reported. Kreeger was injured when the van he was riding in, driven by Robert L. Tomlinson Jr., 45, Kansas City, Kan., collided with a motor home driven by John A. Robu, 44, Nethi, Utah, the patrol said. According to the spokesman, Tomlinson was eastbound on 1-70 >vhen he topped a hill and noticed cars ahead of him were stopping, the patrol said. Tomlinson applied his breaks and began to slide. The visibility was poor and the road slippery, the spokesman said. an underground water storage facility were defeated, 156-139. • A one-mill levy for recreation in USD398, Marion, was approved, 192164. McPherson County • Voters in USD418 approved continuation of a four-mill capital outlay levy. The vote was 1,459-1,045. Phillips County • Voters in the city of Logan voted, 185-89, to eliminate the intangibles tax. In other action, they approved $200,000 in general obligation bonds to finance a new water well and pump house. The vote was 198-78. Republic County • For the second time in recent months, voters rejected a mill levy for senior citizens. Tuesday's vote was 1,300-651. Rooks County • Plainville voters decided to eliminate the intangibles tax, 414209. • The Sandyland Therapeutic Horsemanship Program at Stockton didn't receive the half-mill levy it had requested. The vote was 1,330441. Russell County • Gorham voters decided not to reinstate the intangibles tax, 91-38. Sherman County • USD352, Goodland, received its capital outlay levy of four mills. The vote was 1,236-779. Thomas County » Voters in Rexford and Brewster agreed to eliminate the intangibles tax. The Rexford vote was 67-28 and the Brewster total was 71-56. Wallace County • Voters in Sharon Springs defeated a building to house city equipment. The vote 238-93. Washington County • Deciding to eliminate the intangibles tax were Barnes, 64-37, and Mahaska, 28-22. Deciding to keep the intangibles tax were voters in the city of Washington, 315-299, and Haddarn, 58-34. For your information Hospital admissions Asbury — Laurie E. Bowser, 1116 Park; Tammy L. Croslin, 708 Carriage Court; Lloyd Davis Jr., 2055 Mission Road; Norman C. Hendrix, 1319 Pawnee; Richard L. Holcom, Rt. 3; Karen Jo Larsen, Rt. 2; June Lowe, 1016 Funston; Celia M. Rivera, 800 Custer; Carol L. Ross, 2275 Quincy; Alice M. Stack, Windsor Estates; Harley Webb, 860 Sherman; Sonja D. Welch, 112 Millview Road; Finley H. Dahl, Lincoln; Frank A. Harmon, Great Bend; Everett W. McAlavey, Lincoln; and Loretta R. Swisher, Lincoln. St. John's - William R. Jolliff, 1209 Prospect; Christina R. Lewis, 421 S. Connecticut; Amy Diane Morris, 1217 Gypsum; Brandon K. Toll, 519 Jupiter; Michael J. Riley, 2313 Mayfair; Josephine R. Gay, Beloit; Paul Kelly Donley, Clay Center; Jodi S. Holbert, Abilene; Bertha M. Vinson, Abilene; Maude E. Kopsa, Belleville; and Wendell E. Christiansen, Canton. Hospital dismissals Asbury — Stephanie M. Bohrer, 1121 E. Ash; Lisa A. Cook and baby girl, 2130 E. Crawford; Theresa L. Henson and baby boy, 1416 S. llth; Michele Kay Merricks, 721 S. Fifth; Mildred F. Morton, 610 Garden; Harvey R. Schlatter, 2235 Edgehill; Kharmin R. Stafford, 224 S. Clark; Christopher R. White, 668 Highland; V. Ruth Daily, Abilene; Agnes L. Hamel, Concordia; Oscar G. Heller, Almena; Ruby L. Loveland, Concordia; Richard G. Smith, Lindsborg; and Lawrence G. White, Wetmore. St. John's — Christine M. Burpee, 831 Weather Seneca; Rebecca J. Gossett, 741 Guernsey; Tina Leon, Rt. 1; Doris E. Roe, 226 S. Clark; and Frances L. Williams, 1116 State. Births Boys: Russell E. and Marjorie A. Riffel, Rt. 1, 9 Ibs. 212 ozs., born April 1. Gary L. and Sonja D. Welch, 112 Millview, 7 Ibs. 12 ozs., born April 1. Tammy L. Croslin, 708 Carriage, 7 Ibs 712 ozs., born April 2. District Court Charged — Athen D. Phifer, 28, 604 N. Seventh, charge of indecent liberties with a child for allegedly engaging in sexual intercourse with a 15-year-old Salina girl on the evening of Feb. 23. Rafe Edwin Wilmoth, 21, Salina, charges of burglary and felony theft for allegedly breaking into the apartment of Barbara Wilmoth, 730 Fairdale, and stealing a microwave, television, stereo equipment, telephone, 35mm camera, guitar and numerous record albums. Bound over for trial — Albert Plunkett, 26,1131 N. Santa Fe, charges of rape and aggravated burglary for allegedly entering the home of a 27-year-old Salina woman between 5 and 5:30 a.m. March 3 and raping her. Found guilty — Donald Hanson Jr., 24, 809 State, felony theft for stealing about $525 worth of equipment from a shed belonging to Lester and Edith Koeman, Salina, sometime between Jan. 27 and Feb. 27; charge of burglary dismissed. Civil judgment — Lamone Candy & To- bacco Company vs. Weeks, Inc., Lamone awarded about $22,500 for money owed. Divorces Filed — Mary Lou Eilrich vs. Jerry Alan Eilrich; Carol Jeane Stout vs. Gary Wayne Stout; Joann L. Hocker vs. Loren Dean Hocker; Gene Bihlmaier vs. Betty Bihlmaier. Granted — Lori Ann Cobb and Jeffrey Dale Cobb; Donald J. Rohrig and Joann M. Rohrig; Connie F. Sherman and Michael C. Sherman; Dana Glee Belcher and Norman Guy Brown; Connie Sue Prim and Bob Lee Prim; Ava M. Thompson and Hal T. Thompson Jr.; Pamela Sue Smith and Kent David Smith; BUI B. Bergeson and Ann L. Bergeson; Carol L. Lewis and Elmer R. Lewis. Dismissed — Jacqualin L. Schafer vs. Mark Thaine Schafer; Robby Dale Radford vs. Zola Dene Radford; Cynthia Lee Lambert vs. Gary Austin Lambert. Police blotter Theft — 3023 Canterbury, computer and computer components from Central Kansas Cooperative in Education, Sunflower Building; a $3,590 loss. 358 N. Columbia, tractor belonging to James VanDuyne, 827 E. Republic; a $2,000 loss. Damage to property — 1210 Pershing, two tires slashed on car belonging to Richard Ott, 637 E. Wilson; a $140 loss. Municipal Court Traffic— Michael W. Gray, 25, 1222 Prospect, a charge of driving on a suspended license; a $100 fine. EXTENDED OUTLOOK Friday through Sunday Cooling Friday with wanner temperatures Saturday and Sunday. Lows should be in the 30s to low 40s Friday, warming into the upper 30s and 40s by Sunday. Highs should be in the 50s Friday, warming into the mid-60s to mid-70s by Sunday. ZONE FORECASTS Zones 1, 2, 4, 5 and 7 — Mostly sunny and mild today with highs in the low to mid-70s and west to northwest winds 10 to 20 mph. Partly cloudy tonight and Thursday with lows tonight 35 to 40 and highs Thursday around 60. Zones 8, 10 and 11 — Mostly sunny and mild today with highs in the low to mid-70s, and south to southwest winds 10 to 20 mph. Partly cloudy tonight and Thursday with lows tonight in the mid-40s and highs Thursday in the low to mid-70s. ZONE 1—Cheyenne, Rawlins, Sherman, Thomas. ZONE 2—Wallace, Logan, Greeley. Wichita, Scott. ZONE 4—Decatur, Norton, Sheridan, Graham. ZONE S—Gave, Trego. Lane, Ness. ZONE 7—Phillips. Smith. Rooks, Osborne. ZONE 8—Ellis, Russell, Rush. Barton. ZONE 10—Jewell. Republic, Washington. Mitchell, Cloud. Clay. ZONE 11—Lincoln. Ottawa, Ellsworth, Saline, Dickinson, Rice, Marion, McPherson. ELSEWHERE IN KANSAS Tuesday highs-lows to 6 p.m. Belleville 78-33, Beloit 78-35, Chanute 73-31, Coffeyville 75-34, Concordia 74-39, Dodge City 77-40, Emporia 75-34, Garden City 78-38, Goodland 78-38, Hill City 78-33, The forecast/ for 7 p.m. EST. Wed., April 5oJ 4O 80, High Temperatures 70 '<Hk <££>££& . vSCaS 'T'So o-jjo Showers Rain Flurries Snow Occluded FRONTS: - Stationary ' National Vvpaltvi Sow* i- NOAA US r>.|.i "I Ocnm Hutchinscn 77-38, Pittsburg 71-33, Russell 77-35, Topeka 75-32, Wichita 76-33. SALINA WEATHER At City Airport, 9 p.m. Tuesday: Temperature 58F; Barometer 29.84 in.; Wind SW 8 mph; Relative Humidity 62%; 24-hour Precipitation to 7 p.m. none. Tuesday's High 77; Record is 93 in 1928. Tuesday's Low to 9 p.m. 35; Record is 15 in 1936. Today's Sunset 6:55; Tomorrow's Sunrise 6:11. • Broadcasting of local, state and regional weather conditions continues 24 hours a day on NOAA Weather Radio WXK-92 on a frequency of 162.400 MHzFM.

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