Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 25, 1969 · Page 2
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 2

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 25, 1969
Page 2
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B Mid AO ly M tOOK.FLO... I VMS CLEARMs a;r SOME 9RMVERS AND I MAflE ACROSS THESE OLPPHCrjOStWiBOF THERE<S ONE OF ES HELPINS WU CUT THE C««* liY.Sfoefcs NEW YittK (UPD-StodB tbdr dsih meccMhre Bw imprcnHre to hdptdlhwaieBsta HL in cu|]r seUvSly,; fcDm look fan csraand aflcrj ItE. RISHT. THAT* THE LMTTIMEHEeW^A^ AHANPWnH>Mm «l»/ Wffson praises Nixon pledge fpr consu/fofion cCootJmiBd fram P SCB 1) haodahate Mid • smile ts be entered the an -nmn palace put red coated giiaidHneB ia fur faurincc. ney cfaaltad amiably as (bey ivalked aloof deep Peniaa csrpeU. The queen, wearing a Monday eveninf from Bnissds. Ifae first atop of his six aatioa EEuropean tour. The President went directly from London airport with Wilson to his «»-year-(dd cooatiy home, Cheqwrs, Monday mfbt for roast aytedniy sleex-eless dress and t»t) rowsdudding and lingering over <A pearis. pointed out some ofi«ff« « ^ the^mons of dollars twrth oCl ««1 surrounded by centunes of, treasures liniae tbe historic "irtoiy. and the contiaied b^ that another prime rate Uke is in tbe effing IVadets were coneened the latest Ceaununist oflensirc in South VM MB wndd deal a acrion Haw to the Paris peace caraalcsand risfaig prioca in Jaanary atcd and gaaoliae 'I can'f sleep'... bedroom moving Woman's problem shared by many Baal hdl. iadiciior. LOS ANGELES (UPI)-Mrs.' Maria Beny has watched her faiage topple foto a canyon and oniinwis cracXi appear in ber backyard patio. •1 cant aleq> and I can't eat." she said. "Uy bedroom is just over there—and you hear it BoriDg." Mia. Beny was among the tfaeosaads of Southcra Califoniia midcBts plagntd today as the wettest wtaler siaee UM higffmd floodik BodsUdes and avalaoches. Aa estiauted tm bava been eraenated. Ibdr bones and property at the'marine helieopter crews . mercy of the elemeats. pared to airlift food aad water About one tfaiid of the> between 3 .000 and KsideaU of SaaU PanU taiPersons stranded in eanyott| Ventnra County — sorae 4 ,000 persons —> were evacuated from the eastern section of tbe dty Monday night and housed in high sdmd. Ihe last of tbe residenU fled the lew4|iag area three hours before the raia-swoDcB Santa Paula Greek spilled over its bank aad innadated streeU with a foot of water. To the sooth. Orange County, The city of Corona in Riverside County was complete-j a;ly surrounded 1^ a lake formed when two streams overflowed. About ISO peraons were evacuated because of floodhig and modslides. Three communities in ihe San Bernardino Moantams were isolated by snow drifts up to right feet high. Five teen-age explocer scouts and their adult leader have been missing in the Big Bear Lake area of tbe Bmaitains since they left on a ski trip Saturday. Tbe tatest ia the series of rainstorms begaa Snaday and, by early today had dropped more than sis mcbes of water! on snne areas. Tbe U.S. Weather Bureau said np to lO] more inches may hit moaatain sections before the storm eases Wednesday. During the last six weeks, it| has rabied 20.73 faiebaa la Los Angeles, breakbg a 1914 record of 17J8 hKbes daring January and February. The reconl for rainfall during two months was set in U84 — 2S .T3 inches daring February and March. Ventura County, hardest hit by two back-lotack tropical storms in late January, absorbed the brunt of the latest rain. An estimated COO persons were evacuated from oonununi- ties in the Ojai Valley where some streets reported two feet of water. Tbe Santa Fdlda Dam five miles north of Pirn was filled for the first time siaea it was boot ia 1953. The sheriffs office said none of the dams ia the county was ii danger, although water was faifading over qdlways. after •mriac early aciivily. a bit aaariiy to Motors traded bi r cent sales small raakin r ^ertad a t rise mid ^aimMry < from a year ago. OMM»>«ip warn irregnlar. O B Pont, op Ogiif lata fa the day, anaonnead price advaaeaa on aavant types of Nixon, in a motorcade escort- An anti-Nixon demonstration outside Claridge's botd, his residence in London, also : ed by motorejdes, made the ..j^T^ - brief drive from No. 10 Downing ^^^1,5?^'^ ^ • StnM* where he had more than .^SBJ^ • two hour^ of talks with Wilson was overtuned and and other British officials, to the palace. Along the route, _ _ were tbe largest crowds that ^ have bmied out ao far for his three<lay-aU Earppean visit Ihey wcR Sve deep in before the some demonstrators waved Viet oog flags. Ibe cozy evening by the fire with Wilson set the stafe for! today's detailed talks oa ways in fpont of Buckintftam Palace. summit meeting Wilson proposes to hold with the Generally they were "served.;""!™,™ rSK^"*"^- and ly caeenng. 'student beD-niisers found theirs Befota Nixon left Downing' Street, a London magistrate a lost cause as the Prendent ««.««^ nr.. of Ihe 17 neisns *** appoint- *^^f^.TJ^. -iLvT^Hnent to anotber. He apparently arrested at Monday nights anh-,^ not even see the relaiively small and not very angry crowd of demonstrators near Claridge's Hotel as be returned two hours Nixon demonstratiott to six months in jail for tripping a policeman. Another was seu' estate 40 miks from London. to kill poSm on duly outside Nixon's hold. Tbe demonstratioa today was sucb a fizzle that a cpAc^.t) for the "Hot Reeeplian" committee complained, "there must: have been a slip-up in the orgamzation. No doubt SMne other people will turn up latcTi o« for the marches." Instead, a*let when he retnned P(Hice arrested about seven of the demonstrators who over- tureed a car, set fire to a trash baird and waved Viet Cong flags before Nixon returned to Claridge's. Of the 1,000 or so who demonstrated, only Stadair *NMd nOd strength after apurtiag 7 on Monday wlita a siihaldiary anawinrad an oil discovery hi Indonesia. Natomu. whicbyhad an hilerest in the venture, was in Uie mhnis cehima. It added 9 tai tbej pretious session. UPl MariHt ln«catar Today's dosfaig act price change of aH NYSE stocks trad-, ed, computed by Quotron Serv-! ice, was off 0.95 fram Monday's dose. Using April 1, 19K prices as a 100 base, the indicator closed today at 125.68. Advances Oediaea Unchanged Daw Janas Slack Averaaes High Law ClasaChnt Ind 914.41 M.32 09 .90 o» 4.17 Rrs 280J02SSJ32S7.07ofr3.5« UU I3S.10132.67 133.00 off 0.63 Stks 330.16 324.02 325.31 off 2.58 Sales today were 12.32 million shares compared with 12.73 mil- lioo shares Monday. ts MMI Aciln atackf (Dnr-Jrat* Strrlc*. CwUtl LMl*r. KTMW * C*.> ' t* ClM* Ck«a(* 14 -SU UNITED STATES NATIONAL BANK'S new and unique SAVINSURANCE PLAN 2.400.000 8,720,000 1,200,000 13.320,000 . MU -SU ' uvm occM. r««. «<t -I ISMM Awr. T. AT.-SIK -I tn.«t BMlat «* -»« IIMN SL on .NJ +\%k IS(.IM WMU S. Vt.-. S»* - « sl.tM tMk Crat. n^k mck. I M <trMM «lm tt<i -lUi • Or. N». PM .— eew TtJM -CalM P«e. »f-. »W - W NttMBM M -tH <*,SM Brauwkk lift - U •.4M CkrrdOT «(« - U CMM ATMt toe. »«!» - 14 "Nixon small handful chanted out. .. Nixon out" Tlie (Queen's hmdieon given 1 palace wifli about a dozenlof guests, all of them U.S. ai^ British (^cials. It was a rather simple meal—poached fresh to the hotel. • Tlie President, getting to bed! mVltatlOn was,after midnight, riiowed no signs |»««| | A in the 1814 rtwm of the, of weariness on this second stop| (J llttiB lOTB his five-nation, eight-day, tcur. Bright and early. Cooser-I WAUSAU Wis. (UPI)-Mrs. \<aUve party leaders—the oppo-i Ursula Schubach beard from —r -w , siUon-began arriving at tbe I President Nixon Bfonday. salmon, veal cuUeU aad logan- hotel for conferences with Nixon I Nixon invited her to Washing- berry ice cream, prior to a three-hour formal'Ion for his inauguration—last There were no speeches. meeting with Wilson and his Jan. 20. The invitation was NUon's meeting with Wilson jUbor govemmtsit aides at No. ""stmarited Washington. Feb. was the second since he arrivedi 10 Downing Street II. Order g^s engines £Dr water-pumping before ^pril 30 andg^an albwance tfaatll make a used car salesman UUSfaa Fmikly, we want to booit the gu load Tbaf « good bunness for ut. So w<zelieI{iiiigy«Mt|;eC iriMppitig allowances oti gas-powered punq>- ing e<]uipoient from your pump or engine dealer. Giood bnstness for you. Once your equipments at work, the sovinp go oa'Gaa .costs up to 50% less tban deetric- t^. No standby fees. No diutdgwns due to power failures. And gas engines give you eact control of water pressure and volmne With reserve power when you need it. Contact your Gas Compaiy reptesen* tative bafoge Apcil 3a INTEREST ON SAVINGS! NO MINIMUM DEPOSIT REQUIRED! ...and It's backed up with LOW COST LIFE INSURANCE* that guarantees your savings goal! 1 2 3 4 5 it pays you a big 5% interest on savings compounded dally there Is no minimum deposit required (some banks demand $1,000 or $500 Initial deposit)... not UNITED STATES NATIONAL BANK you have Immediate use of your funds Your SAVINSURANCE PLAN costs approximately 25% less than comparable cash value insurance plans issued solely by life insurance companies. premium payments are automatically paid from your savings account Check it out today—call or send in this coupon for more information. Redlands (714) 793-2951 Make sure you have enough cash for all the traveling you plan to do when you retire... or for that second honeymoon ... or the kids' college edu- catkMi. Or enough to provide them for your family if you're not around. Today—set up a savings plan that pays you a big 5 %-with Interest compounded daily -and backed by life insurance that guarantees your savings goal! United States National Bank 1M { Savinsurance Plan Dept | P.O.BOXM166 I Lee Angeles, Califomla 10054 | Yes, I would like mere inlomntien-with no ebligalion to M-M | United Sttte* Nationel Bank's Savinsurenee Plan. Name. Address. CHiL .SUU .Zip Code. Telephone Numbtc I UNITED Tim FuHSwvk* Bank that makas it allamth aaalar STATES with82omeaamthafhmnmJareountiaaafSouthamCammia J^^^JJOJ^^^Jj BANK •Life and Disability Protection under this plan is provided exclusively by special arrangement with Westgate Life Insurance Company and Its licensed agents. i I

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