The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 7, 1930 · Page 8
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 8

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, April 7, 1930
Page 8
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NOW HAS PASSED Miss Cleva Decker, I principal df (lie West Elwood schools, was a Tipton business visitor; Saturday' 'afternoon and '-.vas a caller lat the 'Tribune office. She left the an•i Election Commissioners Will nouncement of the annual DATE IS SET. For Eighth Grade. Coriimencemont in Madison iTownship: Prepare List for Printing Ballots. com- eighth nship. '. Thisf-Will he held at the aiethodist ! night, • mencement exercises of the pupils of Madison ;t . : j church, in Hohhs Monda .! •' I May 12, at 8 o'clock. __„___„.„ ,TTT «ir«-»rvTTci i Dr. W. P. Deerinc, presjident of CONTESTS NUMEROUS! 0ak]and coHege> win del | i commencement address candidates any unusual Filing time for closed here without developments. Saturday evening, ialthough several last J minute ones ;got their hats into the ring. John oiW. Mott was the.lastjcandidate to Hie. He is asking the Democrat iver the PRISON SENTENCE T .THE. Twrpar 'pist7week;,;llreach^i| j here Saturda' eyenlng. Death - followed a secon .stroke of paralysis'Raftered; tw- weeks ago:; Two s ...^years' ago-h uffered his first attack but was recovering second one from come, Mrs. McEntee, G. W. Free-: man and Mrs. Conway Answer Call. south, part ents/being i Freeman, WELL KNOWN PERSONS his life was spent in this count Hi's wife died about three year.? ago, buf he] is daughter, j Mrs. Homa Straley |of the Little, New York! community i this when • i ; • i- 1 i The deceased was born in the o'f the state, his • par- Albertus. and but practically Nancy all of Ro survived* by one Death, claimed three well known residents of this community over the week-end, one.of the deaths being so sudden that the domination for assessor of" thei ' ' : county. Previous to hfe filing the I declaration of Roy C. Osier was j Man Faces Year j ^p,^" also filed, making four candidates! » ' „ .. • n for the Democratic \ nomination .j for J ^Pf"^ B ^ fle for this office. They are'Landy It. J - °* White Mule.'' L'ee, Francis M. Myerly, Roy C. j' .' •': "• ' '.' : Osier and John W.-Mptt. The Re-j ~~ • coroner was called to make investigation. This was in the case of Mrs. Olive Conway, residing northeast of Windfall at the extreme northeast corner of the. county. The Conway farm is situated on the.Howard-Tipton line the home being across the road iin HowarS county. Mrs. Conway, who was 55 years .of age, had not been in publican candidate for this office ifyr ^g £jj Qjjy OFFENDER U 00( * health for some time bnt is David M. Wheatley. | .' ! j ' j" jher condition was not such as.'to The only vacancy on the Demo- j , _^ i cause any alarm, Sunday morning n-at ticket when the filing period j • •? , . I her husband Fred Conway was closed was. a candidate for joint: Indiananolis > Aprjl 7 ._ Rica}i . j awakened by the heavy breath- gin Michigan's "life for a ipint"!" 1 " ot nH wire and speaking to law. Indiana justice is demanding'! her received no. response. He imprisonment for a term of, one;arose quickly and turned on' the to two years-of one of the state's; light and was horrified to Ifind citizens for; half a pint of white jher gasping her last breath, mule whisky. - j Coroner Clark . of Howard an {Monday morning representative of Howard and : Tipton counties. Last election Tipton county furnished the candidate, and this year Howard county was to furnish the candidate hut' none, appeared. • Other last minute | candidates filed Saturday were .'j Arthur F. . phares, Democrat candidate for the county councilman, Norman L. Hutto and Charles S. Kelley, Republican candidates., for • state delegates, and Elmer Dawson, candidate for county councilman on the Republican ticket. One candidate whose ;declaration was filed March 27th, is Arthur Adler. Mr. Adler is one of the first to file as a candidate for the. Democrat nomination for trustee of Prairie township. He is opposed" for the nomination- by "Vernon Harlow and W. O. Hetnry. Contests developed in mo.sjf >of the townships for the nomination for trustee. In Cicero, R. L. Haskett and John C. Bozell are asking the Democrat nomination. Madison township has contests in both'parties. James \V. Swin- Because the Wright "hone! dry" |.County, ; who investigated the law gives the courts no discretion! death, stated it was due to a sud- in the measuring of justice,!: John! den - ) lea Jt attack. F. Grose,'2064 West Twenty-sixth i John 3 W. Frees and two sons Bett and Templetonl I j The wif.e of George man was Miss "Josephine Christy daughter of Andrew and Lucinda Christy j '6f this county: Funeral services wpre held at the.Christian church ihikem'pton I at |H o'clock and burial was in the | Kemptpij cemetery beside the wife. liberies in Michigan and Indiana Solved- in Arrest of Men.;' ARE SAFE BREAKERS Indianapolis, , Apri)| ber |r of Ififteen safes mo|e of stores and theft of abouti° ers are fll asked to be .present. fifty 'automobiles in northern; Indiana ;ahd Michigan |ownn is'; expected to be solved] rest 'of three Wabash Saturday night, Lieut. | Clia'rlesj Villagers living at the foot, of the j- i Bridges of the state nounced i yesterday. The men, all of prison records, were | arrested by j the mountain i and Lieut. Bridges, Harry; j F. Ridge -f j posthaste | to safe re! Dips Water From Sea at End of'March and Is Not Molested! POLICE ARE VIGILANT street, faces a term in the Indian state prison and a fine of ;$100 because half a pint of'con­ traband liciuor was found in his automobile- .about two years ago. Mrs; Conway was born, reared hatma Gandhi, Nationalist lead- Indiana's- Supreme court, in a decision handed down last iweek, affirming action of, Judge James A. Collins 1 in the Marion county | Criminal court, has; held that eovery of -liquor in Grose's auto mobile subjects- him to imprisonment, regardless of the fact a lower court held the char; whicli Gross was arrested groundless. , ; land lived all of her life; in the ; community in, which she died, i Her parents were Mr. .and Mrs. jFrank Simpson of the West Liberty, community. She was a splen- er of India and Hindu the! did Chj-istian woman; and a neighbor loved by all. For years she was a member of 'the West djs _;Liberty Christian church. Besides the husband Mrs.-Conway is survived by one son, Dr. Glen Con^ way of Indianapolis. She is'also e on ; survived by a sister, Miss parrie iof Greentown; four pher, waded r jinto this little village Cam bay at | 6 morning and| violated 'ithe the [Indian monopoly of-! mjent by dipp in earthen -jar I AiitnvArriflcnt. Macon, Ga., April Jesse of Greentown, brothers, j <i cn.-ic ML uiccuLvmi, John Of I Swayzee, Peter and David of Mai- several nephews and W. ford and Frank Ackles asking the Democrat nomination and S^im J.'Ballow of Atlanta, GaL, was killed Hindis and Perley B. Ressler ask-(and [six jpersons were injuted, ing the Republican nomination.' j among them Fred McDermott, rion and nieces. Funeral services will be held at the West Liberty Christian .cliurch. Tuesday morning at 10 .1 o'clock, 'Rev.. L.eroy "Swartz in charge and burial will be~in the Knox Chapel cemetery. Liberty leads in the contest for j professional golfer of. Slielbyjville,! office of trustee, the Republicans j in a head -on ' -collision of J auto- j having four candidates ^in theper.-i-mobiles near Barnesville yester^t sons of Albert N .l | Wooldridge,] day. ,' i Sunday morning at 3 o'clock F. S. Pagh, Mrs. Lula Cage and! Brought to"a Macon hospital^ the ideath of Mrs. Mary McEntee, Dr. Luther Roler. Ed L. McLeary j were McDermott, 25 years; old, [widow of Joseph McEntee, pion- is the Democrat candidate. ! ; lacerated scalp and face;! ; Mrs.feer blacksmith of - Tipton, ' took The , election' commissioners j McDermott, 23, severe j scalp j place at Kokomo and the rela-' prepare the list fcr piib-i wound, condition not regarded asjtj ves , n this county were notified, lication and get ready for print-! serious,, and their two': children,; TI 1€i Leatherman Undertaking Margaret, 2, and Doris,! 13 j firm went to Kokomo immediate- monthis old, slightly bruised. ; lv to p , epar e the body for burial. | •-" -• . ~ j Funeral services will be held Mrs. George Brpokbauk and son at~ the -St. Patrick's Catholic; Jack of Bloomington, are yiBi ^ing" church in kokomo ' Tuesday ^relatives in Tipton. Mrs. Brook- fuorning at 9 o'clock and burial - '• " 1 " I bank is a daughter of Mrs.! Cora i will be in the Catholic cemetery •* Dr. W. F. Dunham of Kemp- j Foster. |at Fairview, beside,the husband ton. Ninth District chairman of \ -— : i J whose death occurred several the Democrat party, was here | To Elwood: Tonight. j years ago. Saturday looking over the local | —. ,; : i I Mrs. McEntee was for many political situation. \ Members of the Girls CiTCle of I years a resident of Tipton the mjent by dipping up sfea to be lie manufacture jof; salt.' Thus he opened the! long await- Nationalist campaign of nonf violent resistance to the govern- i ' : i | • - : i i ment: with an overt a-ctj of dis- ibedience'r^hich j has; been the goal of his 200 -mile march from Alhiimdabad with his band of vol unteers. \ I j : .. THie consequents of' j this sim pie action, performed in a primitive setting of marsh j land, smal I villages and Vlong monotonous cohst line, will be held; through out the great peninsula of 300, 00,000 inhabitants, and ulti mately may jbe grave' for' British authorities. Although Gandhi himself wni unmolested, police swiftly acted {gainst .voluntekrs f attempting imiiar action elswbere, land there were a numberof arrests. ; ing the ballots for the primary whicli will be held May 6. Thursday is the last day for candidates i to withdraw- from the ticket to prevent their names going on the ballot. We sell new and used typewriters. Tribune Press. 4 A. Bridge Dentist Tipton, Indiana. ! the West Street Christian icburch i family home being at the corner 'went to Elwood Monday evening |pf Washington and Independence to meet with 'Mrs. Hubert i Way- ; streets and the house was recent- mire- There was : to be a ipitcbin ! ly moved to the rear of the lot dinner followed! by the meeting. ] and remodeled. She was a splen- Mrs- iWaymire was formerly Mwsldid woman and was ,a devout Esthfer Stewart of this;city. Read Tribune want Ads. I BEE yp- 7 fascial AnjAinipirtUptolSOO i Service That Never Sleeps trained and Ad' offer the iervices of a courteouo . personnel, long ettablbdied |in the. confidence of thia conunui iity^ located', i / Dmy aad taffat aervioe every d«y in the year! " i •j. m jj ^J ^^j^jg ^^S member of the St. John's Catholic church ot Tipton for many years. MT8. McEntee started to decline m-health about one year ago, being afflicted with heart compli cations which caused death. She is survived by a son Aloysius and a daughter Lorene,. they, residing together at 315. West - H&vens street in 'Kokomo,- where 'they re moved several years ago, Mrs. McEntee, who was 71 years of age, was born; in -Rusb county, the:only jdanghter iof Mir. and Mrs. John Lawless. The mother died many yjearj ago«ad ?thrf father for yeara nu^e hit rhoa' with the daoghler In thiif tjitfj HU death occamdLhereavnnn/ this, spJendid^l^iAn^reBiau W gret city. Dandi, India, April 7.— Ma- ^hiloso- sea" neaij on the Gulf of io'clock! Sunday salt govern water iii heated foi ing to dispatches received here [way, chief of Wabash | police, and Sheriff Malott at Wabash. They are,Jesse McMillican, 271 -Louie-Pickering bt Indianap'o- !yea^s oldtoG^pfge Coon, 22, and lis aild . Mab i e Hoover, of Buffalo, Herbert King.^O. 7.— Rob a score or At the)regular m Qiieen Esther Circle Methodist! church tci night at; the church o'clock, :the remainder. ;eeting of the of the Kemp be-held to-at 7:30 of. the mit©; boxes are to be opened and a prize will be/given the one having the ! largest offering. • The president jof the Cirke, Mrs. Lottie Legg also announces a. little [surprise for the evening. Mem- with the ar -7 jKoar Eruntion. me en latei Puerto Montt, Sh says the popular song, j 'are here agkin." Yea, that is true. Spring; is the gitsat season of happiness. Bnt genuine, lasting happiness is impossible where there is financial worry. Make your happiness a permanent condition by opening- a savings account in this bank. Your, business, large or small, is cordially invited, j ; , '-' jr Ii, April 7.— ! police an-; volcano Osorno, opjposite. Cliiloe ; .' I j island, have become aiarmed ( at have!"signs of sudden a^t'ivity within are fleeing igions, accord- whom JNew York-, w.hb is Employed with A kit of burglar tools used for| the p enns y lv ^ nia rai iroad, - -Mrs. cracking" safes'was!; found in 1 '' Miljican's automobile, . Bridges' Minnie Hpovgr and !said. •:;!.'! |' : . Among the safes the men are alleged to have robbed are those of the grain elevator! at Wabash] ;a general store. at Matthews and onej at Niles, Mich. Scores in Wa -j South Bend also were bashj Fort Wayne, and! Lansing, Mich., robbed. Bridges >=aid Sufficient' evidence 1 the Sunday dinner family were, kuests of .'Mr.': and Mrs. Earl.Achenbach east of Tipton. ;' BKXTER IfBICES Sales Made at. 810.70 to $10.90 on _. Monday—Cattle Slow. Indianapolis,! Ind uncovered to link the men had been j Receipts bn nitely with the: 'job" at Niles. deH-|| 500; calves, safe 1 cracking! j Hog priced early WALES IX NILE ., „ . . . ,• derweights' were steady at $l0i25 Prince Enters Sudd, for; down « nd sowg ^ TC 3tron!r at Khartum, Anglo-Egyptian. Su dan! Wales has entered the ared of marsh" land Wbieh extend.s; chicag< j ( IU J Apr i 7 —Receipts " — ^ - - Nile> it was 1 0II hogs,' 25,000; held over. 1,00.0 on both sides of the announced yesterday. here exppct that nothing will be! with the |top $10.60 heard of the royal party* r.ealrly a week. Thn ! prince pecjted to! g.b into^tlie bush search of! elephant shooting. WOMEN TO RULE TOWN. All Corn liiqiior Bar- City of Mexico, April jr .-7-Probj- iition of manutiicture of alcohol Erom corn will be] recommended: tjo he government bjy the national tnti-alcohol committee, a smel- afficial organization presided oy^r by the secretary lof thej interior.; The committee will suggest that py this means the! necessity of lnt- porting corn! can ! be i avoided and will point out that sufficient alcohol to satisfy thei country's nee<ls can be jnade from materials now going to waste ih the sugar rals- ng-industry. j I Elephant Shooting. MARSH. April' 7'. — i 3,0.00; cattle,! hogs, 400; sheep, 100. local liveSstdck market' were••15c; I to 25c higher; 1 , later ; weaker; weights of j pounds', sojld atj $10. llieavier kinds at $101 April. 7. —The Prince Sudd, a vast ! $9.25 down.; j j Cattle trading w prices about steadyi ot isteady at j$13.00 down, and sheep ' and lmabs werb qudtabljr- steady Officials [ prices were-10c to i 1 .1 ! „.;41, ,W<, Inn 9in R for | 13,000 cattle and I Local rroficoe! ex "| (Moore & in ! Bntter __! ! — Feminine Ticket Elected in Arkansas Without Opposition. : . Tellville, Ark., April 7. — The citjj feovejrnment of YJejllville, small mountain town of-north Arkanj- sas will j pass into feminine hands the coming year. An all-woman ticket has opposition. been * elected without Well Is Controlled :'-'; THK BANK IOF THB PBOTLB A Voluntary Member of the Federal Reserve System Only Bank to Tlp«o« Conty Vmder Both OSVTIOGS. i today at the.' sales were r 160 1 to 250! [70 to S10.9T); : down; un-l THE New Hoosier Kitchen Cabinet in colors, * at $32.00; the tan and green enameled porcelain lined Gas Range at $47.50; Ithe new Dexter Porcelain Tub Washer, with balloon roll wringer, at $11.00; on display at Suite & Barrrnn ;as slow with calves were 25c higher, there were 1.000 sheep. . . Market. Moore) __35c! 22c] Market. 1.00 April 6. Oklahoma City, Okla., . —the Mary Sudik; po.'l gusher was shut in at 7:15; o'clock last nigjht for the third; time in -the eleven days which the well has ripped and snorted I defiance , to control.! Twice before since the well came in on March 26 control ka|es had'-been attached only to eaten : a]way by the great pres- e of oil and gas,! abetted by a i Eggs _J_ | Local Oram (Hobbs Grain Co.) ]No. 2 Soft Wheat ' ! Oats . j—i-iJ-- ! New .Corn,' No. 4 ycjllow . per 106- lbs: . : Indianapolis Produce Market. Eggs—Indianapolis - Jabbers of fer; country shippers for strictly fresh stock delivered at Indianaj poliB, loss off, 22c a! Poultry|--Jobber8 fowls, 4% lbs. up, horns, 19-2ic; roasters, less than' 4% Ibs.,|i20r21c; jLeghorns,. 14{- 17c; sick, I cull -and; humpback poultry not bought;! roosters, 12r 16c; ducks, 10-12c; geese, full ', 9c; guineas, young, $$• old, $4; squabs, 11 lbs. $4.50; old pig 'eons, 75c dozen, paying 23r34c; Hoover; iBeturns. be su; tremendous sand- blast in the geyser's stream. Washington, [April I 7. — Refreshed from blB weekrend trips to the mountain* President Hoover returned | late! y«pteijday to! the' white house.' Thfousbont the ItfoJ imlle;;. ; ftiitomWi|di'^.rfp';' -the -ipMij dentlal. party. fM«d • driving- ra[in j|totrm^-;Mri;.Hc OVAI ]'* jcatch fiht 's-i jj_r*a; IS feathered a dozen; to dozen a dozen. Butter-—jobbers' [selllng^prlces for creamery bntter. fresh firsts. No. 1, 44-45o a pound. Bntter; Fat — Indianapolis buyers are paying 39c a pound delivered at IndlanapoUf. . i ! Treasury Bills. Wasbington, April 7.—The treasury bills to finance fhe government! was announced yesterday byi Secretary Mellon, who called for : bids for $50,000,000, be opened April 111; The Issue to raise funds for the usual spring financing of WHATHKR—Fair tonight and TJeiday; sliglitly ciuter in south west, tonight'with the treasury; possibly light See Vs Before Toi Buy Tom- Tires and Accessories H; J. COHRADER A CO. 141 E. 'JleCenoB. Phone 2B7 GROWTH ghtepowth, of this Sank It is no mere accident that the growth of Tipton and Tipton county commercial and industrial institutions runs parallel to the growth of the Citizens Xotlonal Bank. There is an essential relation between the two, based on (he bank's varied; capacity for rendering financial counsel and go id- ance, and summed up in the word [SERVICE ! Citizens National Bank The Only National Bank in Tipton County Equitable Life of H. Y. 181 W! North Phowao 4SM TBORandKAST Armstrong's LUoteun Ten Patterns' |for Your Selection— Aceolac Finish. | Congeknni Rjogs All Siies and Patterns. Brenlui WtadewStafcs Plain Stripes fiqvm CorUii, Nets aji 'Beauty Ragins Where the Li|it.' -4

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