The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on April 30, 1959 · Page 6
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 6

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 30, 1959
Page 6
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sity, I'd political scl- when i get to the univer- and go into politics as a mother thinks this would , good field as I en oy work""with people and have done LANDERS in oratory and debates, father Is [fast it a n d info a n y respectable p e r- ton who goes into politics soon get! corrupted or tlse he g e t s Ms head knocked lOff/ He s a y s politics stink and he wants me to have no part Of it. My dad Is a smart and sue (Mjssfu! man and he's usually right But I'd hute to think he's right about this. You're a practica ptrson, Ann. and honest In your Opinions. Will you give me your views? I know it would bo hard for you to come righi out in the paper and say "politics stink", »o, if you agree with my dad, please answer in the confidential aection of the column. Just say: ''Bob, "your dad is right." Thank you.—BOB M. Dear Bob: My answer is not going to appear in the confidential section of the column, it's a lead letter. Your dad is not right. Politics is the science of government. If it "stinks" it's because people like your dad'don't want to have anything to do with it, so they leave the field wide open to opportunists and crooks. ; ijany able, honest, hard-working tltltens choose politics as a ca- freer. If you like people, have plenty of energy and a desire to servo your country and your fcl- lowman, I can't think of a more Interesting and rewarding field. (P.S; I'm saving your letter, and If you become president, I'll have • collector's item!) Dtar Ann: My husband is a Jolly type, until someone gets him mad — then look out. He's gotten Into a bad habit these past few months and I don't know what to do about it. He drinks about five or six cans of beer then falls asleep on the sofa. I've tried to wake him up and get him to go to the bedroom, but it's impossible. Once he's asleep, a fire engine could ro! over his head and he wouldn't budge. I've even tried to pull him pff the sofa and get him to the btd but he weighs 210 pounds. Lately he's been mad as a hor hat's nest when he gets up in thi morning and finds he's in lh< living room. He says his back kills him because the sofa i lumpy. Also his feet hurt becausi sometimes he falls asleep will hU shoes on. When I tell him Wed to get him to the bedroom Jit gays he doesn't believe it. Thi is a real problem. What can I do U. 100 POUND WIFE Dear 100: Try to get It acros to this "jolly type" that he isn "falling asleep 1 ' — he's passin wit; Suggest he cut down the in take of hops. Tell him you aren going to break your back tryin •Wm Into the bedroom, so HI cart forgot about that. You cduld, however, remove his shoes - and have the lumpy sofa rcupholstered. Dear Ann I/nnders: This letter s being written by a group oi unior high school girls. We are all 13 years old. Please understand we aren!,t criticizing anybody. We just want to help a girl in our class. Nobody wants to locker with this girl in gym or even sit next to her in class because she is so careless about personal habits. To be b'.unt, she doesn't use soap and water. Should we send her an unsigned letter or invite her to have a soda with us after school and tell her to her face?-WANT TO HELP Dear Girls: Don't send an un signed letter, and please spare her a meeting arranged for this purpose. Ask the gym teacher to have a talk with the girl. Some people need only to be told. Dear Ann Landers: I married a childhood sweetheart three years ago and we have a baby boy now. About six months ago she started to ask me some pdd questions such as "How many women under 30 work in my section" and "is there a brunette Kir! about 5 feet 2 anywhere ir. the office." Last night she said the reason f was half an hour late getting home from the office was not bc- ause I had to c.ean out the file abinet, but because I was ro- lancing with the brunette in the •ficc. I got mad and insisted she tell me where she was getting these razy ideas. She , admitted she as going to a fortune-teller, and lat she'd been tipped off. My wife is a nice person Annual Spring Tea For HDU's Friday New Franklin County home economics agent, Miss Rosemary Crist, will give her first public message Friday at the annual HDU Spring Tea in First Methodist Church. A highlight of the program will be a talk illustrated with slides [>y Marjorle Roeckcrs of Rich MRS. MAX WILSON Sampson-Wi/son Wedding In Iowa Ardyce Arlccn Sampson, daugh- "p Promise Me," and ter of Mr. and Mrs. Earl D. ding Prayer." Medical Auxiliary Women's Auxiliary to Franklin County Medical Society served a potluck supper last evening at Sampson, Colesburg, Iowa, and Max Wilson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wilson, Richmond, were united in marriage Friday evening in Zion Methodist Church near Colesburg. Rev. David Brane and Rev. Howard L. Speigel officiated at the double ring ceremony. Bas kcls of white gladioli decorated Ihe altar. Vocal selections were and eally not as stupid as she sounds, ut she's extremely gullible. What o you recommend?—ROX Dear Box: Tell your wife you ot it straight from your private pitch • doctor that if she doesn't uit going to mumbo - jumbo akers, she's going to have real ouble. Be plenty firm — and et her know you're very disap- ointed in her .vote of no confi- ence. Confidential to DETERMINED DORIS: I have no advice for you — just a few words by T. S. Hot: "and the last temptation is the greatest treason, to do the Ight thing for the wrong reason." If the shoe fits, Doris, put it m.) Socio/effes Exemplar Chapter of B e t a Sigma Phi had installation Monday evening at Mrs. R. E. Rose berry's home. Mrs. Harold Bennett was introduced as a transfer member from Newton. Refreshments were served to the 11 pres ent. Second judging for Grange sewing contest will be Saturday in Miss Rose Shular's room in Ottawa 'High School. Mrs. J. G. Layette Shower A surprise layette shower was given Mrs. Lowell Gish last evening for her baby daughter, Diana Marie, at Mrs. Opal Howcll's iome. Hostesses were officers of Union Chapter No. 16, O.E.S. Mrs. Robert Pence and Mrs. Glen Gates were in charge of entertainment and refreshments. Included in refreshments were individual cakes iced with "Diana." Patricia and Glenda Gates assisted in serving. There were stork favors. Pink candles, spring flowers and a stork decorated the gift table. There were 16 invited guests. Lytle, Home Economics Chairman, asks that dresses be brought by 8:30 a.m. Homakor Club was entertained informally Tuesday afternoon by Mrs. Daisy Gunn. Mrs, E. G. Stucker assisted in serving refreshments. There were eight members present. Mr. ami Mrs. J. B. Mickey are spending this week in the Ozarks. They were accompanied by Mrs. Mickey's sister and husband, Mr. The bride was given in marriage by her father. She wore a floor length gown of embroidered silk organza with long tapered sleeves and a scalloped sabrina ncck'.ine. An apron overskirt topped a dust ruffle of matching silk embroidery which completely en circled the hemline, Her elbow length veil of silk illusion was held with a crown of lace appli qued flower petals dotted with seed pearls. The bride's bouquet was of white roses. Dorothy Sampson was maid of honor for her sister. Bridesmaids were Roseilcn Sampson and Shirley Klaus, cousins of the bride. They wore brocaded taffeta dresses with wide matching satin bows, and blue picture hats. Bouquets were of blue carnations. Henry Wilson acted as best man for his brother. Floyd Sampson and Winston Wilson, brothers of the couple, were groomsmen. Ush ers were Richard and Robert Sampson, cousins of the bride. Gwen Timmons, Mrs. Henry L. Wilson, Mrs. Albert Harthe and Doris Pfaltzgraff were in charge of the reception. For going away the bride wore a printed silk dress and lavender cluster. The couple went on a wed- mond, an l.F.Y.E. to Brazil for six months. Mrs. Raymond Wagner will preside. There will be group sing- ng led by Mrs. Fred Kissinger with Mrs. Lewis Buck at t h piano. Mrs. Leonard Humphrey and Mrs. Jack Beauchamp will give a piano duet. Mrs. Russell Wray, H o m Ecomonics Advisory Chairman, will give a recognition o charter members and will present Standard of Excellence awards Mrs. lone Dragoo will five the recognition for 100 per cent contributions to Co-Operative House. Women pouring tea will be Mrs. Fred Shoemaker, Mrs. Harold Wingerl, Mrs. Glenn Fitch and Mrs. E. D. Gillette. Others on the 'The Wed committee with Mrs. Wagner are VIrs. Dragoo and Mrs. John Sta- adl. Assisting committees will be: re Mrs. J. F. Barr's home. It was he final meeting until fall. Mrs. Layette Shower Mrs, Dot) A. Brown was lionor guest at a layette shiwer &st e ning given by Mrs. Kenneth Cook. Mrs. Bruce Fleming assisted. , A stork held in its beak the cords for inflated balloons which the honor guest opened at sounds from an alarm clock. Each held a cue for locating tf'gift and told its purpose In rhyme. Refreshments were served. There were 22 invited guests. •!¥ Quick Dish Quick vegetable dish: frozen green peast add dfatiwd i canned small whlta onion* and reheat. Nice garnished with strips of canned pimlento. MIRRORS I Beveled and Plain Edge i For Any Room in Your Home SUFFRON Glass Co. 418 N. Main Ph. CH 2-2515, J. N. Carter, social chairman, was n charge. The Auxiliary has made a student loan to Cynthia Blakeman, who will enter nurses training at Stormont-Vail Hospital in fall. Guests were Mrs. Barr's mother Mrs, J. A. Inness, and Mrs. H K. Allebach, both of Kansas City freshments and serving, Roc Creek Unit, 1 ' decorations, RJR's; nursery, Harmony Homes; cleanup, Busy Corners; and programs, Modernettes. Household Shower Mcrry-Go-Round Club gave household shower yesterday after noon at the Ernest Johnson home 'or Mrs. John Sheeley. The Slice- ley home was recently destroyed by fire. The time was spent with opening gifts and games. Spring flowers and lace umbrellas decorated the table. Miniature, umbrellas were favors. Refreshments were served. ! ••* ••: * L C/ufc Forecast Friday THE SENIOR OLUB, Youth Center. ROYAL NEIGHBORS, noon luncheon. e Big 24" cut • Forward and reverse • Extra safe blade lockout • Instant height adjustment ASK US TO DEMONSTRATE OTTAWA TRACTOR & Imp!. Co., Inc. CONTINUES SECOND WEEK AREA WIDE Salvation - Healing Campaign with Evangelist Z. E. Miles at the Pomona Assembly of God Church Ending Z. E. MILES 119 E. 2nd GH 2-4400 Sunday, May 3rd * Services Every Night This Week Everyone Is Welcome! and Mrs. tica. D, G. Comstock of At PUMPS AND WATER SYSTEMS FROM 25' to 400' Deep > • PLASTIC PIPE 1/2" to 2" • ALL FITTINGS and CLAMPS NCAV members initiated Into Wyandolle • Johnson Salon No. 512, Eight and Forty Society'; were Mrs. The'.ma Rand ot Paola,-and Mrs. Mildred McGrew and Mrs. Olthea Mantcy. Mound C i t. j. Mrs. Beth Williams of Baldwin was in charge. Mrs. Wyota Adams of Overland Park gave a report of hrr visit to the National Jewish Hospital in Denver earlier in the month. She was one of 11 from Kansas who attended Con nie's Day at' the hospital. Woman's Republic Club, which has disbanded, will hold the closing luncheon Tuesday in -.O.O.F. hall. Rebekahs will icrve the meal. cling trip to Madison, \Visc. They will be at home at Princeton. The bride is a graduate of the University of Iowa. She has been home economist in Butler County tor the past 2'£ years. The groom attended Richmond schools. He \s a farmer. He served four years in the U. S. Navy. Attending the 1 wedding f r o 'm Richmond were Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wilson, Winston Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Wilson and Rex Wilson. CHEAPER Than Washing at Home .. . Plus SOFT WATER TOO! Try the . .. Maytag Coin-O-Matie Laundry 1600 S. Main Westinghouse Television CLOSE OUT SALE ' IT Portable 21" "*£•« Now 144.88 Now 128.88 "i I Reg. Value 189.95 No Down Payment with Trade 21" Console Reg. Value 349.95 Now 178.88 Phone CH 2-1628 GOOD/YEAR SERVICE STORE 2I5S. Main Every Week Is Baby Week at EDMISTON STORES, INC. But This Is ational Baby Week Here's you chance to stock up on Baby's Summer Wear . . . These are just a few of the many items we carry . . . Complete the Layette for the New Baby .. .Hurry! WELL SEALS CHECK VALVES PUMP JACKS PUMP LEATHERS SUMP PUMPS it's A Bargain If Budge Has It! Budge's Hardware 'aw ... h / 91V, and PLUMBING 117$, Main CH 2-2371 Kimono downy soft thrifty priced Delightful baby prints and checks to choose from—all in softest Hanesknit fabrics of pure combed cotton. Can't-chafe seams, easy- fitting raglan sleeves. Two ribbon bow snap fasteners. Cellophane wrapped. Snap-front shirt smooth fit, stays fastened Snaps are easy to fasten, laundry-proof. The tapes let-out for growing. Hanesknit, of pure combed cotton, wonderfully soft, thrifty priced. Can't-chafe seams, can't-bind short sleeves. No tide seams. Easy to wash, shrink-resistant, no ironing needed. Dry-shirt diaper tapes. Whiter-than-white, Cellophane wrapped. Sizes 3 mos, to 1 '/i yrs. .89 1.39 CRIB SHEETS-cotton knit, snug fit These soft cotton knit crib sheets need no ironing, slip easily over the mattress. With fitted corners, elastic ends, they stay smooth, hold their shape. White and pastels, shrink-resistant, wonderfully durable. Cellophane wrapped. Just Say P, S. Ask about Free Baby Spoons for Baby's Born in Franklin County. 2.49 "CHARGE IT" The Easy Edmiston Way

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