The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 7, 1930 · Page 7
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 7

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, April 7, 1930
Page 7
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I i •1 1 FAGS «i ,,L-T- TRIBUNE CLASSIFIED ADS FOB SALE OR TRADE REAL ESTATE' FOR SALE—Good *Oracre,farm; well improved. Roy Purvis, . tf FOR SALE—A. real buy;.120-acre farm, >well jimproved, $65 \ an acre; j$2,000 /will handle this deal. iRoy JpurviB. c-tf FOR SALE PERSONAL PROPERTY FOR RENT—Modern house, located; built-in features; gar 1 ! , Phone 1524. —— ; WANTED — Your paper hanging, well) Phone 1245. p-jl60 FOR RIENT-—Very desirable 3-; room\and bath apartment, two I blocks from town. 1 [Phone 140j or 4438. <" ' c-tf WANTED — -Washings. Phone 2161. ' C -J161 LOST AND FOUND! FOR SALE—2 cows and 1 horse. Phone 4441., c-159 FOR RENT!— Two!modern nished or -unfurnished i rooms, i y' Phone 4276. • !. FOR SALE—Big Type Poland China male' hoc., 3 years old. Theodore Funke. c-lal'. FOR SALE—Mastodon ever bearing, Premier and Dunlap strawberry plants. Maple Side FaVni, North of Windfall. '; p-'lG- FOR SALE)—Fries. John D.' Smith. Phone 18X2. . c-tf FOR SALE — White Wyandotte baby chicks. John D. Smith. Phone 18X2. c-160 FOR SALE —r Majestic .range, used? years. Mrs. Olin Evans, Phone 354C. ' c-161 -H?OR RENT—2 furnished rooms FOR SALE — Deled light plant, same as new. 122 West North street, Tipton. P-164 FOR SALE -i- Polled Shorthorn bull, one year old. Phone Atlanta. Omer Sloan. p-161 FOR SALE-j-Glass door cupboard and baby-bed. 35S- Oak street c-161 FOR SALE — Mammoth Pekin duck eggs, 50c setting. Edith ' Illges. 3 % miles south of Tipton. Phone Ekin. '"' p-160 FOR SALE — Two coming two- year-old heifers; five coming yearling heifers. Charles H. Michel, route 1, Tipton, p-159 FOR SALE:—Ford half ton delivery truck. Hillard Losey. i J c-159 FOR SALE —Badenoch's baby •. chick starter, f 4.10; Sunflower egg mash, $2.95; Reef brand oyster shell, $1.00- per cwt. Fear-Campbell Co. c-tf $10 per NEW PRICES — Barred, White and Buff Rocks; Reds; White. Wyan- dottes; Buff Orpingtons, 112 per 100; $57.50-per 500: $110 per 1.000.' White anil Brown Leghorn^ .100: $47.50 per 500: $90 per 1.000. Add lc per chick when -50 are shipped. 2c when i. 25. Heavy's, each Monday. Leghorns, .and Heavy's each Wednesday. Hooeicr Chicks are JameKway hatched. Egg- flocks culled head by head six successive . years. Each order carefuiljt sorted. First class chicks Tor first class price. Hoosler Hatchery. Michl- K&ntown, Ind. FOR-SALE—No. 6 Underwood; u real bargain at $35. The Tribune Press. -' V. • . tt FOR 8ALE — Houesnold furniture. Phone 3468. 471 Columbia avenue. - - c -159 FOR- SALE —16 fine feeding; . 1 shoats. James Plnmmer, Phone 107. Windfall. c-l6» 1 BID BABY CHICKS— IB** lava troabla with baby : - , - tif these; hatched la " Incubator, Mg, tasty*, that Irre afi «1 |iow 'iad1laW blood t^M^daSf, er #Mtoi/lMle%lwa' FOR RENT—Storage for furni-1 lure, pianos, stoves; clean and! dry. Phone 23. Kessler. c-163i LOST Saturday night, boy's Tipton high school senior rjing, initials,,, O. H. Report to Prof Stemen or call "3291, C --1G0 MISCELLANEOUS —, j PIANO TUNING—Home tuner, C-. fur-! E. Houtz. Phone 213.7, . pfl60 c-16.ll FOR RENT—Modern double on I West Jefferson street. , Call j 20X1. p-163 i FOR RENT—House, |5] rooms and! bath, 909 N. Main, i Phone 36 j or 4229. . ! i . c-tf i WALL- PAPER cleaned, satisfactorily; have canvas. L.j M Clark. Phone 2295. c|-lS2 RADIO SERVICE—We specialize on expert service work on all : makes of sets; full line tubes batteries, etc. McJunkin Radio Shop. Phone 20X7. j c-tf apartment. Mrf. jFred Brunson, 210 Oak. ,Phone 4177. j ' • , ' I • ' c-159 i I - for use iinty: at theirj session let the !contract ' I i ' ! Haios Gravel Loader for loading gravel in the trucks to the Haiss Mahufactur- ing Company, j i The equipment which highway 575 is said to have a capacity loading a three yard truck every 6 minutes,! considered a great -labor when? the re'is much! ; load.; Heretofore; it was hand: Th« equipment; is shipped and placed fii usq as possible. I Ttie report in the John ditch' was filed with the sioners Monday and May the date for hearing on The commissioners costs FOR RENT — Furnished 2-room! HOOSIER MINERAL FEEDS—A mineral that is palatable! because it is perfectly balanced; will refer you to good, reliable feeders to to results. C. O. Mcd-1 bonds issued on the Thomas Rogers-and Fred Tolle ditch FOR RENT—Three Isemi -modern furnished roomb. ! 317 North East, Phone llSlU c-tf i McNew, Tipton. Gl MONEY TO LOAN for light housekeeping, over. I •. Boek- c-161 FOR RENT—Part or all of C. J. Kiger residence, [ semi-modern; large garden space; 315 N. Independence street. Phone o'clSck even- tf 43jt Elks Homei 7 ings. -~ FOE • RENT—Modern rooms i • hot water heat. Miller Hotel, Tribune BIdg., E. Jefferson.St. tf FOR" RENT — Fivejrpom house, semi-modern, North .Independence. John Richard, Phone 42X0. 1 • c-159 WANTED WANTED—Garden plowing, teaming and truckiiig; j we do it right.Phone 55 or 14249. p -164 WANTED—Work on farm; bov '18. Call. Bockover's Store or Phong 485, | c-160 WANTED—-To clean your wall . paper. Phone ICS. Claude Jolly. j.i l p-159 THOROUGHLY equipped saleslady in women's wearing apparel to operate a branch m her own home for a large credit organization; must bgjwell known in Tipton and surrounding sub. urbs and- have lived in Tipton many years; must j furnish A-l 'references, giving a. | full • detail l tn e Muncie district, * FEDERAL FARM LOANS atj 5% per cent; pre-pay meut privilege. D. S, Phares. I c-tf PLENTY OF MONEY AT 5% cent,- from 1 to |10 years, iwltl: pre-payment priviliges; loan: in the state. & Standerford. Standerford pet- best c-tf FARM LOANS — Best loans In stale, 5 to 20 years; interest annual or semi-annual with' full payment privilege. Fielding A Fielding. j c -tf The DaUy Wheeze soon as th ed. 1 Tlie bo|ard and the issue will be [prepared e amounts are desigriat- eratibn Monday! bids for and stone; hacPijnot the Tribukie day evening. for road - repairs jet any contracts when went to | prclss Mpn The me ner party Mr. Lulu street, the plimentary of Indianapolis, "He was killed' while menting -with electricity." "Trying to keep up with rent events. I suppose.' cxperi- No woman is ever half as handsome as; she thinks some man thinks she is. THREE CHANGES. (Continued From Page 1.) district superintendents. Rev. J. Thomas -Bean is superintendent of the Fort Wayne District, Rev. C. B. Croxall is superintendent oi the Goshen district, Rev. L. C. Bentlev of the Logansport district, Rev. F. K. Dougherty j of Rev. F. F. of yourself to\Boxi mo, Ind. i I 202, Koko-iThoruburg ff the-Richmond dis- p-15^ WANTED-—Your general black- sralthlng, , horsestioelng and -plow work; now at lyour service.:. R. F. Miller, south part of Atlanta. •' .- tf WANTED— Hay, any kind; . will •pay highest price. Call; Fred j Leach, Atlanta, Indl Reverse [telephone charge: |• - A p-l«8 i Two IMS Bsftx coaxes Asex conpe, It. 8.; & 7« svort . ; i»»f '16 Chrf*. tr; iu» trict and Rev. U. S. -A. Bridge of the Wabash, district. Rev. Dougherty goes to Muncfe in the place of Rev. W. T. Arnold - PUISDVK APPOIXTMENlJ Commissioners Award ScholNr- shlp to Wayne Dennis-, Windfall. At their meeting Monday. 1the Board of Commissioners awarded the /Purdue scholarship i allowed Jhta. coanty. to Wayne JDennls, bon of llr. and Irrs. W. 'k. ibanniij residing Just east of^WJeldfall. . r The yonng man r %.V itfdeni in the Windtall high school and is a smber;* tbeioasketball sqh.d had uhden consid- capacity and) [ayel done t0 I: as soon F. Lfc; comtnis- set as ordered V AND SAFETY . : We Are 44 Tears Old — We Have Lived Throagh tbas -Country's Financial Depressions as>d Panlce Dwrias; '. yj' 44 Tears and Have Never Paid Leais Thasi 6% am Smw GET THE FCIiL BIGBOFICANCE OF THAT 8TATBa «>*T Assets; Mlarch 31,1930 $641,18810 Undivided Profits, March 31,1930 11,22234 / TIPTON BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION ' - THE OLDEST SAVINGS INSTITUTION IN TIPTOIf ! Talk It Over With Owr Secretary, f. A. Lewis | SIRS. JOHN WRIGHT; DEAD. I Former Tipton Resident Will Be Buried at Lafayette Tuesday. Stepped on Nail. of ivenirig, when all the members o! the 1 Clay Corner Independent Telephone Company, together" with i heir families'and plenty of 1 good eats,j walked >-in upon them as :hey. were prepar -J ing their evenirg meal. Tlie parr ty was planned as a celebration 'of is the 16th weddlrig anniversary 'of Mr. arid, Mrs. Riebeling. j;Thi?.t>: marriag.e took place April 4|; 191't sayer; f! Mr. Riebeling is the 'spn.|o|f Id^.. to j and; Mrs. John Rhsbejing, whp for" byl many years have resided weist of be Clay school, daughter of M Boyd, of Tiptoiji covering from she' received abj the same.! an(t broke! her Mr. and; Mrs. i'there can not bej proj6ct «i t ! 10u f htful and gi-aKrel but the s only" way, good neighbors is their motto. Those who > splendid suppef riciidship Club.' libers of the Fr {ieudship Sunday at the home! ciiib or "the-dandelion ga:ig,"|!£|nd their;! families and other guests enjoyed tile annual dande ion din' of Hardyl on South Wjest dinner! being given .com to Mrs. Hattie Stolz, mehibjer, jy ho had been visiting here during! (.he week] The centerpiece for the hie was thu big dish of 'jd|inde^ipn saladi" bit there was an' abrind-jevening, was s'pejnt in games, music ance of other things for those |w deughterMary did. not like "greens' served at both dinner The aft|ernooni was! -»-|— lri jolly !way in thei usual cloib feat ures. The attendance of ithe mefm- iat were d supper spent ta- and Kathcrine, SjTrs. Riebeliiig; is a and Mrs. C. C. She is jiist re- jin . injury j which put ten weeksjigo, when she fell from a step "ladder jright leg. j ! Riebeling feel that a neighborhood as considerate | as the one in which tlkey live. After all they say, is !bave [is to be one.-which ame to enjoy tlfe, and! the evening interest Tipton, friends have learned of | the death of Mrs. Adelia Frances I Wright, wife-of John D. Wright! penefl Thursday of last week Mrs. John Rickard, ' residing north of Tipton, w suffering [|rani an injury sustained by stepping on ft nail which was protruding front a board. The accident hap- or Vitamins and Health" the Official Slogan. Nationjal Poultry" Council has aga n issued, its annual .proclamation setting asideMay 1st to! 7th|!inclU£ive, 1S3Q, as "Na- tionalEgg Wee!.'.' For the "fifth consecutive jear this'' great - national jegg celebration wjill.'tiike place the first wetftc in' May. State Committees have been organized inj every stats in .the Union . and throughout ;he countryj:—state, county ^; md h >cal programs are being developed to make.khis eel eb'ration natipn-wide and! of real and I the foot has been badly swduen ! and very painful. ' Notice to N'on-Kesidents. and benefit to the great consuming population of Amer- The'j pfficiajl slogan wliich has for 193.0 ik "Eggs de- peculiar eggs m been adopted /or Vitamins and Health pictingj as it does the arid disiinctii e value of the human diet. with Mr. and Mrs. Riebeling and Katheriiie and son .John Christoper, i were Mr. j and Mrs. Henry Roile, Mr. and ]Mrs Clarke Redmoij and , dauehters Mrs. 'John i . Mrs. Louis Tfielma and Murtha, Riebeling, Mr. an^d Wahdt and da ughters " Florence arid Esther, Mk Gaiser, Mr .and beling and daughters Mariory and Mrs. William Mrs. William! Rie- Mr.! and 1 Mrs George Gaiser and Donald Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Walterj Jordan and daughters Rosemary j and • Ruth and son David] the Misses Anita and Augusta Kbde and Miss liin kle, George anjl Fredj Bower, William Scharf ai|d h'ric Rode, j The ho in 1 a mers was 100 per cent for time nn several years. | Among {he guests were the fir of Mrs.~NFrank Reese Mrs. StoIz|and MrsJ E: L. i.y, of Indianapolis, Mrs Hardy and Miss Elizabeth! CavhSr,- !Mr. laind Muncie, McC ir- Adda st of Kokomo Springfield! Mason, Mr J. E Mrs. A.. H Young,i Mi Mrs. Dora [Lindsay, Mrs. |Rose Mc-! Crcary, Mrs. Elizaheth> Mrs. Delia! Roode, Mrs Bert and lOavid ahd Pauline U 'Xr- dy. S. P. ! Hardy, j of O., Mr. and Mrs. Ji. T> and Mrs. N.jR. Lelio, Low^r and Hillard! Lindsay Surface; s. Bessie Mrs! Irene Byersdorffer J : Devaiilt, FJoreiJee I Mojrod to FlndUy .1 "I Mr. and Mrs. John ^ Durr for merly of F^indlay,- Ohio, who have been visiting fori the I past t)jco weeks i wit .h! Mrs: Durr's I brother Omer Emehlser and I«m(ly and; daughter of Frank Vawter of La- Ralph Weakley and family; U ft Monday morning | for I Fudlay 1 to makethel^jhome! Mr. b^rr hhs a position jwitll an oil Icpmpany therej' ;:^.j : '»nJl.1 pk|r" hafo been ^pe^dtn* i ;«a ^reml frii)jo|itlip ; Putnam. Tuts, w ^th tnetrfteaKi- u. ter .Wrs. ^Bk 'mWr. ioldfJii. fit tor M«<! arid conversation 'until "a i late hour, when all! departed wishing the host and hostess; many more happy and prosperous years of wedded life. Visited Here Sunday. ,11 • . Harold Vawtlers of Indianapolis and his niece, Miss Alice Vawter of LaPortejj who us a (student .at Indiana University at • Bloom ington visited I Sunday with 1 the former's mother, Mrs.- Elizabeth Vawter on South Independence street: • . i I • ' • : I ; Miss Vawter is the newly elected president of Tlieta Chapter of Delta Gamma Sorority at Indiana She,will also ||be the chapter's delegate-to the; national convention of Delta Gamma to be held i in June at-Ashoville, North Caro- I Una: Miss Vawter who Is a iVio- j linist, has been! with!the uniVer i Hity orchentra it the Jordan River Revue, which has been making a tour of the>«:ate during Ithe spring vacation]. r . . . r Miss, Vawter the grind- daughter, of Mijs.j Vawter, is r, a Porte. ; '! :'\ i SUgftti tmprovement. There Is a slight-improvement ht in the c'oBdltlon of 10^mr-oid Visiting iii County. reside visiting Walter re; Aide west of Mr. Jordan! Tipton. Charles, Since near Middle this is'their and [Greenville, Dec. 23rd, 1854, and was the daughter oE Dr. Eli ;:nd Sarah Jane Boyer of Vinceunes. S^he is survived,by the husband, the daughter Mn;. Nellie Wright 'Kassens of Chicago, ancl a -son John D. Wright Jr., • two'grand­ sons and one great grandson. Mr. and Mrs.- J. C. Jordan, wjho in Middle - Inlet, Wis., are a few'days withj his son, [Jordan and -fami.l cm the -White'-fariii will he reiriembered by many of the. older, people--; of Tipton j county. He lived in the Hpbbs viicinity before moving. He hid the|misfpr£'urie'to'Ioss life son also bis -,-'' wjho soiitb- wife. death, since leaving this county. going back to his farm {inlet 'he. married and N(i Mr. a; taiiied rth Gonde first visit to Birthday /Dinner. pd.lllrs. Oral Barr enter- Sunday at their home ;6ri street at a pretily ap- diana. po;interl| |birthday dinner party in honor of the l;3th anniversary of their Spa, Merele Barr.:'- A la'rge anjgel fc od iirthday cake,. with thirteen candles, formed the centerpiece for the prettily decdrated alnd Mrs 1 •. [ Mr.. arid table. Guests with Mr. . | ; I [ •'- • ' -' Barr and family were Sr., of Lafayette, which took place. Saturday, morning at Chicago-at the home of her daugh-' ter, Mrs. Walter B. Kessens audj family.. Funeral services wiU be conducted Tuesday afternoon at state of Indiana, the'Sdler'funeral parlors in La- Tipton County, fayette at 2:00 o'clock. i Farmers Loan ic Trust Co.; vs. Mr. and Mrs.-Wright and fam-i ,tal P h x - Ripberger, et al, In ilv formerlV resided in Tinton ' tlle Ti " t011 Circuit Court. jFeb- liy formerir resided in Upton.. rll!ar y Term> 1930 . complaint Mr. Wright being a veteran en-| j;6. 1404. I gineer-on thtf L. E. .& W. He Is! Niiw comes plaintn*. by Otorge now retired ' H. fjifford. attorney, and fileis its Mrs. Wright had gone from La-! «°"'P'aint herein toother Avith ' .-. •. an affidavit that Ralph X. Ripijer- fayette to .Chicago ' Jo visit herj cer . und Nina Florence Ripberger daughter and family when taken .are {not residents of the state of ill. Following her death the body; Indiana. was removed to Lafayette Sunday i X ! !ti ; l: therefore herb? ; giv- •• '. . . _ • , i en Kiid defendants, that unless and will he m state-until Tuesday,^. ^ anJ ap[)oa .. jn the T , pton at 2:00 o'clock. I Circuit Court on th«* 4rh day of Mrs. Wright whose maiden! .lun»|. 1930, the same beintr! the name was Bbyer, was born in 27tlt micial day of the May term, l'.i:to..~of the Tipton^ifenlt Court, beginning on the'lst Monday, of. May. 193". at the court house in Tipton, in said county ami state, and answer or demur to said complaint, the samcjwill' be heard and determined in their r.lisf-ni-e. - : Iii witness whereof, I hereunto pet niy hand and affix the seal of saidj court, at Tipfon.- Indiana, this [3rd day of Ajiril. 1930. 159 - Mrs. Flora A. Oglebay spent; (Ke;ll) the week end at Indianapolis with her son ..Garland J. Oslehay and family. • ' "J ' - fifi-T 1- IitSJIN MILLER. Clerk. Tribune, classified ads pay. Mrs. Gilford Thompson, pf.:Lawrence, Miss lllarriett Stittj. of Atlanta aiid Mrs. Nora Carmne and daughter Esther, of Tipton. • I . Moves i to Count ry Mr. and Mrs. James Constant, wh'o have been residing on North Conde street in property owned by- Ben Vice, have removed -to- the Cox:farm near the New Hope church, i This' place was - recently vacated! by Mr. and Mrs.,1 Charles ; i • i * . , ......, who removed hack! to Tipton. Mr. Constant, who has been in the employ of the Nickel Plate can department; has been ["on furlough for some time. •1 Mr: and Mrs. Forest^Coxen and son, Dick . of i : Indianapolis and Mrs. : Lottie Legg of North Main street,' - ylslted L over Sunday.- with their parents,]. Mr. - and Mrs.' James. {Longfellow and family thwest Of Kempton in Clinton eoolnty ? nchei Hutta. of Fort WarV«i ieacher in the/rort Wayne has ] bee^ sjtwndlng ' her .' , Sweet corn acreage contracts are available to . .• a few farmers,; since our factory capacity has not been reached. , j OUR GUARANTEED PRICE F0~ THE 1930 CROP IS $14 per ton Arid in View of the Uncertainty of Prices on Other Farm Products; We Believe This Offers Farm' ers a Profitable and Assured Return. Stokely Bros. Co Tipton, Indiana. Phone 185: I EcoioBical TrMlsportillHi Ton mpre thu Mve the ftrn year'i deprectotitf One 1939 Ohlvn ^t tUndurd Coupe. V Ohe 1929 Durant Oonpe with ramble M One 1929 ToW Model A, Standard Omfpt On*l»gJ One*: Coupe 1

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