The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 8, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 8, 1936
Page 3
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TUESDAY, DECEMBER 8, 1936 BLYTHEVILI.E, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAQE THREE The Quintuplets Hear die Ageless Story of the Child of Bethlehem Marie points with eager finger at the picture of the Child .Icsus which is shown to her by devout Nurse Noel. The Dlonnc quins recognize the Child of long ngo, nnd [excitedly point out His picture to nurses or parents with, v lhe cry of "Jesu! Jcsu!" At, the feel of Nurse Noel, Cccllo and Enillle receive Instruction in the Christmas story Hint never grows old. Ccctlc's attention. child-like, has wnndorrtl for (lie moment, but Eml lie kisses I h^ picture of the Child Jesus which the nurse holds before her.' !? 1 ' cllll<1 is someone, to lo\e, Mmie has been lolil, anil heic slic manifests her love w/th nil Impulsive klis us -she holds (lie picture of the Chllcl Jesus,itb her lips. "FV>r of such," said the Child o: r.clhlchem grown 'older, "is the Kingdom 'of. Heaven." Holiday Preoarations '; Already in Swing in Ntii's- ery at Callander This is the second of a series Mnilc crows with hupnlncs.s tis she holds lightly to the ptcluro ol i the Chilli Jesus, which nil Ihe quintuplet:, lm\c been taught to ' iccognl/e nnd love lu aeumlnncc with the Dlonnc'i' Uoumn Civtli- olio fallh, religious hiiluictkm apropos of ClnMinns h under vmy, Is accomplished through who have shinned up a rescue the letter from a delivery parents ree to branch. HANG STOCKINGS, TOO ' French children hang up their Blockings Just <is do children in the United States. But they are perhaps more careful in selection of the stockings to be hung, and in printing their names to be attached to each stocking so that there may be no mistake about who gets what gift, when Peve Noel comes down the chimney, lust as Santa. Claus does south of the Great Lakes. Older people have their real Christmas season is a three-week affair m> here In French Caimda, the quintuplets arc not, at nil out of order If their Christmas festival starts a little early. Presents already are arriving for them. Though Hie snow is quite deep, iconic continue to come to see the children, and unless the weather Is esnectnllv severe or unpleasant we allow them to he seen nt play In the yard, just ns In the summer. v : Only the other day a woman from Alaska by arrangement met her sister from Missouri here nt the nursery. Each had made half of the long journey thnt separat- s'orj 1 of Christmas. TKIEST VISITS OFTEN Father McNully, -.- parish celebration at New Year. But :nj=d them, meeting in Callander. for their third holiday sea- 4 of five new stories by Dr. Allan Roy Dafoc, physician (o the Dionne quinfiinlcls, telling of preparations b|ingr. made for the ouirip' CHrishnasf," and of their 1 (mining and progress. This se- lics, under a renewed arrange.-." m n nl, is written exclusively for NEA Service and Courier News. BY ALLAN ROY DAFOE M. D., O. B. E. Cop.vriaht. 19315, NEA Service, inc. CALLANDER, Out.— Though Christmas is still some weeks away, the .Christmas spirit and atmosphere have already taken possession, of the nursery where the five little Dionne girls nre preparing con. So that you may see Christmas pictures of the children on Christmas Day. it Is necessary to take the pictures in advance. This makes Christmas-time really a season instead of just a day nt the .'nursery. So the wrapping of presents, the cutting of two 'fine Christmas trees. Hie appearance of the red Santa Clans uniform, together with Hie deep blanket of snow that has for some time covered, the countryside, all make up a rea holiday atmosphere. The children don't tire of it The only effect will be to lessei the chance of nervous disturbance when the big day conies. They'll be used to tlie festive amosphere, and "lake it in their slride." IT'S DAY FOR CHILDREN Christinas here among the French-Canadians is largely for the children. For older people. Christmas is chiefly, a religious holiday. With the older children, they nil turn out for a solemn midnight mass on Christmas Eve. Tlie old folks have their fun later, on New Year's Day and on Jan. 6. which is called "La Fete des Rols." or the Feast of Kings. The Dionne quintuplets am still n bit young to lake part in one of Ihe Important pre-Christinas ceremonies common among the French. . . That is the custom of writing notes asking for presents, and attaching them lo the strings of kites on some windy day before Christmas. Tlie children believe thai their letters by this Informal r.i L mnil " cv en«i«Uy reach tlie Child Jesus. I suspect that many a time the FRIED CHICKEN"— I Every Man. & Thurs. on Plate Lunch Hot Blscuils Every Night DICK'S CAFE AcTOs^h^Strcct From Kress 1 Ihc meantime, children .have another duty during week between. They write long letters telling of their good deeds during he Jo'st ,year,. and-excusing their ad ones. These are phrccd under their alher's plate . at breakfast. After, he fnlhcr of the family has given he father's blessing ("In benedic- ion paternelle") with the sign' of lie cross, he reads the letters sol- •mnly aloud. The children greet .heir parents, usually witli the ittle verse: "Je vous ninic, "Je vous adore, ' "Que; yaulcz vous . "De plus, encore." REUNION' 1 ON-NEW YEAR'S New Year, when the older people exchange, gifts, is Ihe lime for 'amily reunions, rnlher than Christmas, which is especially for lie younger children. Tlie Feast if the Kings on arsely for the ,grown-up folks. FAMILY TO BE REUNITED Around a large Christmas tree in the dining room nf the nursery, we I lope lo have for the first time a .complete reunion of the whole Dionne family, including all.. 11 children. The 'quintuplets wil have presents not only for theii wenls. but for nil their older and younger brothers nnd sisters It will not "be necessary this year for surgical gowns lo be worn during. .Ihe Christmas fcs- 'ivitips in Ihc nursery, and there seems now little danger : of winter colds being carried into tlie nurs- rv by the ; other children. I no longer wear the stcrljlzei gown in entering Ihe nursery, except for a lime nflcr I have been away from Callander. 'eel sure Ihnt they will begin to Christina.*! tree, and with their nnvc some' understanding of the t Corbcil, makes 'more frequent visits/to, the nursery'.than forrrier- y. to keep'in. close touch .with' supervising" the religious training of Ihe children. Their clear underlandliig of Ihc simpler nursery rhyme stories makes It certain that the .outlines of the story of the Child Jesus, always appealing lo children, will begin lo be clear to them Ibis year. On several occasions icccntly, when I arrived: at the hospital; the little/ girls would come running to me. holding up books illustrated with the uva understanding of the beautiful story thai underlies • the Christmas season, ,we expect'that priest Dlonnevillc this yenr will have Ihe Merriest chrisimas of all. NKXT: How th e quins are (auphl to lake care t . of (!ves. How tlicir day Is spent ana whit Hicy c:il. • • ; ' , i •• : Manila Society -f Personal Miss Anna Upton left Monday t.n.i.uu, ; " l<! 'l- Mr - "'"I 'Mrs- Claiborne Christ- jTioton of Moneltc. Ark. She , will mas story, nnd crying out' "Jesu, return Thursday. Jesu!" with'shining eyes great animation. Christmas dinner for the children, however, won't be any dif- and- :'. lnc young; people of the Manila Baptist church recently formed a Y. w. A..organization. Officers are ns follows: 'president, Miss ferent from Hint of any other day.' Lucille Curtwrlg'ht; vice-president, Tiiose pictures you see of .the/lit- *""" "'"" "" • ' tie Dionhe girls luscious stuffed ' sitting 'turkeys '; beside mean thnt they eat .them. They're just expressions oflhc holiday atmosphere. • rmmlly Centel In Mis II W. Cowans, last Frldny evening, entertaining the Hi-League. She wns assisted by Miss Murllm Matthews director ol recreation of, the center. Albert While spent/ Monday In Tyrbnia on business. The Womaii's'-'Mlsslonnry society of the First Methodist church intl nt the church Friday evening with Mis H W. Cowans presldshl, In charge. Final reports of. (lie Holland Magazine campaign' colmnlt- lec were given. Short. Inlkg were made by Mrs L E Mobley, Mrs John Harrison. Mrs. Orlh Oreen, Mis Mjrtle I'eaison, Mit Mjrtle Brown, nnd Mis Clafence Ashn- biannei Plum ncie mode for a rummage sale next Saturday The annual Clulstmas pn|ly will be ghen;nt the home of jMrs 1 H M Flcerhnn im.'Frlilay before : Clirlst- mns. Hoberl Kllllnn, who!.wns 'o'pcr- aleii on for appendlcllb; Su'ndfl) morning Is rciiorled to be In seii- ous condition. Rev John Hnnhon of the Methodist chinch wild has been confined In his home the past week, is icportccl lo be Impioyliw O. C. Barnes of noselnnd con- dueler.! evening'.services last'sun- Iny lii his absence.' A famllj iciinlon was licld nt :hc home of Hcv ami Mrs I'nu* BLlew of noelij lust Sunday. Throe from Manila who nttcnded nre Mi nnd Mis accrue ShCild, Mr ami Mis Allicit While, Mi and Mii I D Bheilcl, nn<l dill (Iron. The T) Y I' U of the chinch picspnlcd a nasloi s pio- gmiu Sunday night nt 1 o'clock Those who took piit nic Jean Fouler, Mrs O D Kclley, loi- Itne Alston, Cllffoid While Mrs J I' Hornci, Lucille Cmtwlight, and Virginia MayflcHI. 'Ihe laigest brass cannon c\e' ' citst In the \\orld was made In India In 1548, nnd weighed HJ' ions llav, It was transported Hi Iliofc dajs still Ls a mystery FREE 6 QT. ALUMINUM COOKING POT WITH COVER checks COLDS nnd' FEVER 1 first day Umild 'lable'a, Headuch«\ Salve, Nose Drop 1 ; minutes 'I'ry "Kub-IVIy-'l'lsm"— World's Liniment Miss Clara Grace . Fox;, secretary, ' , Miss Jean Fowler; ' counselor, Mrs. ' ' B, .Kelly;' asslsia'nt-cbimsclor, ' . J. P. Hprin>r.';They.;plari to ' meat . each Monday' evening. • They '- " Will '-meet next "Mondiy: evening :jt Women's ' Missionary sorletv will be .special -guests. . A party wns given at "trie Con)There will be plenty of lime for all these things later. I don't . Tills . season, for , the first time, Chrhtmas should begin to mean orralhing more than just a joyful • OPTOMETRISTS Over Joe . Isaacs' Store WE MAKE : ''ESI SEE" .;. : . Phone 540 ... Htlle. . grealcr gaiely than ever witli ; the opportunity for Nurse Noel hns been stressing the o the children, and family reunited around a giant wmmvr^-- >w>,W',r^.T" ^,..-=^=-4-7 •: • i :'\ i .'ril^?: < : ,1 &T4^^yy YOU ARrAY MEN SURE THE TROUBLE WITH WHAT KIND DO 1 SMOKE WHAT ,50 ifS "CRIMP CUT.' LIES DOWN IN THE PAPER JUST RIGHT. BLOW EVERy-WHICH-WAY. HERE -READ THIS ARTICLE ABOUT .IRVING- PA. WITHOUT RISK f' KNOW THE SECRET OF ROLLING- 'MAKfN'S' WUUS£?I NEVER YOU, BOX, IS THAT YOU DONt USE OUR ^F ••^•i * ? t ^. y to Protect Cars • Against Enemy No. 1 ** t . _ ,>. -*j e.M^koiitlera mflio^*' SMOKE-PRINCE ALBERT. CIGARETTES. LOOK AT KIND OF 'MAKIN'ST IT'S GRAND-TASTING; AND THE EASIEST- THE MESS I'M MAKING- OF rAINE QUICK ANPEASX KOU.ING- TOBACCO » *> " 1 "' 11 " YOU EVER SAW IT'S BETTER TO BE ONE WEEK EARLY THAN ONE DAY LATE Wanted To Sell §100,000 Furniture Half Down - Balance Next Fall - Buy Now Hubbard Furniture Co. Ocp-rnc^t. I93*> K. .NOW IM-A PRINCE BEKr/FAM FOR GOOD. WHATAGTMNRiYHLD TOBACCO IT IS TOR ROILING' GET ON THE JOX ROAD NOW! MAKE RA. YOUR "MAKIN'S* TOO. PRINCE ALBERT HAS WHAT IT TAKES TO MAKE BETTER ROLL- YOUR-OWN CIGARETTES. AND IT'S PACKED SENSIBLY... IN TIN! THE TOBACCO THATS REALLY DIFFERENT tacit THE NATIOMAMC LBERT THE NATIONAL JOY SMOK€I 7-POINT PROTECTION FOR WINTER DRIVING 1 CRANKCASEi Dr»m dirtj summer oil and refill willi correci vinltr graJe of Mobiloil lo assure quicker Mailing and in»!<mt lubrication lo all parts of ihe motor during coldest weaihcr. 2 TRANSMISSION: Dn!n heavy summer lnhrican! and refill wil!i correct winter grule of Mobil Gear Oil so that fcais will shifl easily. 3 DIFFERENTIAL! Drain dirif suraraer lu- bricsnt and refill willi correct winter grade of Mobil Gear Oil. ^ CHASSIS! MoMuhricalc llmrmiglil) MiiK winter Mobilireases according lo Chek-Chnt r«om- mendationa; submit detailed in^peclion repoil. 5 GASOLINE: Fill fuel lank wth quick Urt ing winlcr MoWlgas.. g RADIATOR: radiator vuh Mobil R«di alor Flush to remove grease, rust and sedimcnl. Pul in Mobil Frc«one if neces e ar> 7 BATTERY: Check laltcrj-; fill i.ith d. tilled . water; remove corrosion and grease lerminaU. Buy at the Sign of the Flying Red Horse! B-WP-17 C 19JO, M&caol!& Petroleum Co. AMERICA'S FAVORITE "CAROLINE ANU MOTOR Oil,

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