Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 24, 1969 · Page 15
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 15

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Monday, February 24, 1969
Page 15
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Opportunity Knocks Every Day In Facts Classified Ads Shearer elected ehairman of conservative party LOmSVIU£. Ky. (UPI>-the 1968 presidential campugD Delegates irom X statesicffonner Alabama Gov. George concluded a twcniay coaventioa, C. Wallace, was is>orcd by Sunday by electing California; Wallace and bis vice pcesiden- publisfaer William K. Shearer permaoetit cbairman of a oe« national conservative party. A site for party headquarters; to was not decided upon, nor was an official name selected. Stale party dues were set at $23 a mooth. tial tuoning mate. Gen. Curtis E. LeHay. Both men ignored isvitaitiooc attend. So too did a delegation from Alabama. Of the five states carried by WaUace in the 1968 election, only Arkansas had a delegation Shearer told the convention, attending. "You are now the owners of a, Earlier this month, a rival Ktional political party in a real group met in Dallas, calling and genuine sense. We are now; itself the "Association of on the way to sa \Tng America.". George C. WaUace Voters.' Unofficially calling itsrif the\ That meeting boasted of delega- "American Independent Party," tions from 45 states and the com-enfion laid the ground-; received a message of greetings woric for its 19T2 presidential; from LeHay. campaign by resolving to woric The convention was attended toward repeal of the federal; fcy approximatdj'150 persons, income tax, repeal of the 1968; QJJ^P slates represented at federal open housing act and! American withdrawal from the the convention included: Indi- w«_M. ».i _.- .n— ^ - "jana. California, Illinois, Alaska, S^^" O^"^'- Colorado. Florida. N«r J««ey. TPrL, ^-^^ K Montana, Pennsylvania. South SMarer tabled a proposed ^vg^hin^on Wisconsin. Texas, Srtf «^r^r ?,^cri^ in Wn and New Yoric. auiy oease au aggression m Vietoam or the U.S. and South j Vietnam wouU wage aU-out war. Legd NoffiM wbatever weapons necessary." TION ro« PBOBATE or WILL A-VB Tbe conventiMi, a result of ro« LETTEBS TESTAJIEIITABT ; No. 38178 • In the Superior Court of the SUta of California, in and for the County of San Bernardino. In the natter of the btate of SANTINA BERTI. Oeceaaed. i Notice is hereby given that the ! petition of Mary Van Court for the ; Probate of Will of Santina Berti. the above named decedent, and for the ! L<Euance of Letters TesUmenlarjr 1 thereon to Marj- Van Court, peU- tioner. reference to which is here- sun (UPD—TVO gunmen heW b.v made for further tarUeuIar.. .... . IMfh. n..ioc*,».. mt »-UI •« S=*> o'clock «jn., up a Tlinfly Diugstore here it ^ March 7. ISSS. in the court room nearly $45,000 early todav. lof the Probate Department. Room ucarijf w,v«« , 308 of the above entiUed Court at ' the eourthouK in the City of San : Bernardino in the above deiifnated Koncs or nomn MU No. «4U On the Itth «r • at Much. UM. at IlM an., at I 'M Nortb tatnnot to the CoMty Caurt Hooac. altia- ated in the CUv'ot San Bamatdiaa. County of 8u •emardiao, SUtc of California. OOimmNTAL AUXILIARY COMPAMT. a CalifocBU Corperatioa. ai tnatas tmdcr Ond of Trust Med Kar ». WT. ax- ecuted *y LOWHg C. WRITK and GAIL A. WHITB. IniAaBd and wUe. and recGidid an Jua* U. U (7. ia Book (OS. I><ue M. of Oftieial Be- ords of Oaoatr a( Saa aacaaidiao, Callforeia. gtna to mem aa la- debtednea fa ta*ar af BASK or AKEBICA XATmrAI. TmUST AND SAVINCa AnOCIAnOR. a aatloa- al bankias aanciatiaa. by reaaea of the braadi of cartala obllaattwii secured thanby. natica of which was recorded an irevambtr U. un. in Book TUL Face 48*. of Official Bacords a( said Saa Baraaidiao. County, and men lhaa thrae moaths ha>-e elaaaad aince neh recordation. wiU'san at pubUc aucUon to Uie hichest bidder for cash, payable In Uwful money of the United States of America, at Kma of sale, without coveiunt or wananty. exprasi or implied, as to tltla. posicssioa or encumbrances, the Interest conveyed to and BOW held by the said Trustee under said Deed of Trust, in and to tha (oUowinf described property, situated la the County of San Bernardino. State of Callfoinia. lo-vit: Lot 32. Block 4. BRVRPBISES TRACT No. 1, as per pUt recorded in Book 14 s( Maps, page 2«. records of Saa Bernardino County. For the purposa of payiac obli(a- tlens secured by said Bitd of Trust. Indudinc fees, charses. aad ax- penses of the Trustee, advances. If any, trader the terms of said Otad of Trust and laletast lharaea. Sated February 1», MM. CONTININTAL AUXILIABy COMPANY, m Tmstaa By M. r. AARVIG. Assialaat Sccictary. i Hdi Wirted I4EDICAL Sacrdanr. Expariancad. for| doctors office. Plaase >and resume Minimum 2 Uaea. I aMraaa w MM iai» a ^tattew anSi JUiS 'T S 2 J» aS'SCRViee station attoidanL Full-tlma. 4 UnS " IM 2A SJR; experience necessary. Ov» ege 30. SuSS::; L S r» SJ O! etains Shell service, 3K W i uHw 1.62 4J2 7M: mont Ave- Beaumont 7Une» LM S.04 %2H Recepiionist - Bookkeeper I Unes ZJS lOM J Excellent typist, lipit beokkaepins, SIDE GUNCES f Unaa 10 Unai Mr MMtti by tha line CammeRiat WaMa aa 2.70 7io iuo tha lln* - MM Gunnmi rob drugstore of $45,000 Police said two men entered the store shortly after midni^ and bound the manager, Lewis Wright, 21. and his assistant, Doo^ Biecte, 23, before cleaning out the cash drawer. SELL IT TOMORROW With low - cost Classified Ads CLASSIFICATION INDEX lost and Found PaiMnals Special Noticaa Emdoymant Wanted Help wintad Schools-Insmietlons Nurseries-day Scheoi* Rooffl and Board Rest Homes For Rant Beach-Mountain Rentals K-antad to Rant Bargain Spot Musical Instruments Real Estate Lean* Money to Lean Money Wanted Moittaccs-Trust Deeds Business Opportunities Inocme Proper^ Beac^ - Mountain Sales Lndustrial Preperty Lois and Acraace Real Estate Ei^ngaa Groves and Ranches Real Estate Wanted Commercial Property Houses for Sale shorthand helpfuH Must be «• perienced. Yucaipa area. Writt, P.a BOX 1129. Yucaipa. jnSBSTOjrREGDlJUJ CASH bONUS, man over 40 in Redlands aiea. Short auto trips to contact cus-, tomers. Air mail a M. Dickerson, President. Southwestern Petroleum 1 Corp.. Ft Worth. Texas 78101. 10 Morning box boy. must be able to FED MART FulMima groceiy clerk. Must praduca expenence. have ERRORS Where an error Is made on the part al the Redlands Daily Facts, and the Facts is notified by I a.m. day fo^ lowing first insertion, correction will be made and the ad will be run properly one additional day. _ The hedlands Dally Facts wiU nol be responsible for more than one incorrect insertion. ABBREVIATIONS Readable and understandable ads promote greater results. The use p« any except standard abbreviations in Classified Advertisements is false economy, therefore only Standard Abbreviations are authorised. CANCELLATION Cancellations of. private par^r a« may be made until 9 a.m. the day of SfS«:^.l'K''Aad'i'%r« "^".S Xlsc^t must be PUbUshedi Bot ie time or there will be a typo set- 37 E. Ung cost of $1.00. county and state. Dated February 20. J969. V. DENNIS WAROLE, Oerk. By BdiUi Houghton. Deputy detk. PAUL B. WII;SON, GUAY P. WILSON. 306 E. State Street Redlands. California. Attorneys for PeUtloner. iFint publication Feb. 24, isem CARNIVAL By Dick Turner NOTICE TO CBCDITOBS No. 3*031 Superior Coort of tbe State of aU- f omla. for the County of San Bernardino. &ute d LAUBBNCB K WSXIAMS, JB. LAinWNCE B. wnXJAlU, JR., my Pop doetnt MItv* we decended from monktyt. Ho thinks wo sUrted out M birds and boesi" Central America J—ofDariea S Jose. SCosU 12 Amazon cetacean officer 14 Presently 15 Huff ]6FoRsttod (Greek) ITFartieulir aSCodtae UatWid 36 Poker stake STOfttiatman 38&npIor 39 Stencil 40Waknr 42Inbdialfo( 43 Central Ameiican 'K-aterway 49Chair 51 Think 52 Grafted (her.) 53 Ji 54 Presage 55 Paradise 56 Speck 57 Pause DOWN- IS Ci^tal of Hooduns 21E3derIy 22FiUfIoweT 25 Invest ZiEatthcnwatc aORalertnier l^^"^ David (Bib.) S°*^ _, SlPlatfwm 2Unioornfi5« 32BritiAtaVtm 3EaropeaafiA 31C«Ml9ikB 34Aita*tin) SPatalable eAmalekite king (Bib.) . 7 Nursery word 8 Grates. rougUy • Person caicd forinho^ital 10 Dove's call 11 Social insect 19 Diminutive noun suffix 20Liuter 23 Muse of poetry 24Moreimtisual 25 Westent state » Nostril 27 Scatter 28 Month 29 Where (Latin) 32 Dance step 38 Fumigator' 38Footedvasc 39 Ontral points (var.) ^ 410nsimied 42 Stick bundle 44 Tart 45 Movement (mu^) 46 Title 47 Philippine DEADLINES Private party ad5-«:30 p .m. day preceding ouoiication. ^ _ Commercial Ads — 3 o.m. day pra- ceding publication. NOTKI TO BIPPtBS . NOTICE IS Hsaray CIVXN that the Board of BducatioB of the Redlands Unified School Siitrlet af^San Bernardino County. CaUfOtaia. hereby calls for waled bids to be de- Uvered to the Assistant Superintendent of the said Board at the Administrative Offices, 33 West Lo- fonia Avenue, Bedlandi. California. untU the 3rd day of March. USg. at 230 p.m.. at which time and place said bids wUl be opened for: ELECTRIC TYPEWRITERS Each bid than bomade out en a form to be obtained at the office of the Assistant Superintendent of Schools. Each bid over $7,000 ahaU be accompanied by a certified or cashier's check payable to the owner or a satisfactory bid l>ond in favor of the owner, executed by the bidder at principal and company satisfactory to the Board of Bdneatiaa as surety in an amount not less than of the bid: said check or bond shall be given at a guarantee that the I ft'-^aJSiuS'^Snr """"^ "jMany people find that The governing Board of said' Sdiool District reserves the right to reject any or aU bids or waive any informality in a bid. No bidder may withdraw his bid for a period of thirty I30> days after the date set for the opening thereof. By order of the Governing Board of Redlands Unified School District of San Bernardino County. Dated at Redlands. California, this! I7th day of Februanr. UW.„ | A. R. SCHin.TZ, JR.. Clerk of said Governing Board. work'10 a.m.'-'3 P-m., MondJX^ri- day. Apply in parson to Mr. Fisher. I AM LOOKING FOR A PARTICULAR TYPE OF WOMAN want a woman who is not satisTicd with just a job. but one who will take a personal interest and help to build it This woman will be past 35, have prestige appearao<», and the ability to instill confidence. If you can fill my requirements. S14.00a to $15,000 possible the first year. For appointment only, call San Bernardino, UZ -3376, between 2- 4 p.m. 10 For Rent A-APARTMENTS 1 BEDROOM, furnished. 1 bachelor, utiliUes paid. 79M905. 793-2206. S70, FUHNTSHED , upstairs, 42S W. Olive. 792-2368. ^ fuRNlSHED APARTMENTS. Mtrntt^ Redlands-Doily Focb Monday. Ftb. 24. 1969 - 13 155 'HoBesiySile BY OWNEA j $23U)00. " bedroom, near saga'^ inflation. invesniTttiii lovei» 3 bedroom, 2 bath hoetw, "i oofr ner lot and.receive mcome from smaller guest house '>M\ itt tm» private drive and fencedyard. Man» extras. By owner, t",**" ^-aaar^ TOWN SQUARE ! DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION Real Estate Sales MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE I Unusual Yet Traditional I home. French viallpaiier In entry < sets mood. Large living room with bay window and iin- place. Step down thru shuttered doorways to formal dinhig room with alcove for family dining and relaxing around comer flroplac^ "Doris, make Mary. Lou stop waiting for me to come down with somethingl" rates. ISO and up, atiliWes Children welcome. 792-7S8S. 1122 West Palm. Apt X 15 Bargain Spot E —MISCELLANEOUS HbwArtD ROT (JtlLLtt, 2D iHM APARTMENTS Unfurnished 2 bedroom, new carpeting, $115. Pool, air conditioning, | 796-7024 llLh^'^uw"*S;m'S ggg -k .iS HEAD SKIS - Now on sale. Uli eH. and A S ? 792?35M. Brookside^ Pratt Bros.. 651 E. Citnis Ave. Bob Parker, Real Estate Olive Ave. 793-2914 PHONE 793-3221 Daily 8:00 a.m. to 5 p.m. t:00 •.m. to 12 Noon Saturday DURRELL APTS.' Fumished. attractive, 1 bedroom unit in spacious court Attached garage, pool, laundry. (95. 793-5785 -SlNGfill. COMPANY Repossessed 1968 Singer Sewing machine. Zig zags, blind hems, monograms, overcasts and appliques. Payments iS month. Call .Mr. Hammit for free home inspection. 793-290L 0—PETS-ANIMALS 55 Houses for Sale RedlaiKb BV'DWNeft-J bedroom, den. 2 baths, l6MeS-LGTb-MltAa SCHNAUZER puppies, miniature, champion sired, females. 792-9269. LOVABLE ball of fur. female, apricot miniature poodle puppy. AKC registered. 793.1046. 1714 Orange. UNIVERSITY MANOR Garden Apts. 1200 Square Ft. — 2 Bedrooms 133 University St. 792-8559 ! L^MOTORCYCLES ~19«4 YAMAHA 80 tMIL, it is not lost if they remember in time to insert an inex pensive "Lost Ad" in classified. I ^^ul ^y^^^^ NEW YORK ST. APTS. 25 New York St. Mgr. Apt 8 792-0756 Completely redecorated. 2 and 3 Bedroom Apartments 793-157S 26 Musical Instruneuts REALLY fine upright pitno. By appointment 792'0276. 47 Income Property 1 I MODERN 4 bedroom home, near Reo- lands Country Club. 2 baths, carpeted, drapes, air conditioned. BY OWNER — Rialto, 8 units with pool and extras. Income SICMO a year. J15.000 down. Trade for balance. 874-1547. room. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths in one wing. Spacious Ijednipiti; sitting room with 3rd lireplaca and deluxe bath in other wing. 42x18 heated pool $75,000 I West State Street Day or Nite 793-2841 Lois Lauer S2"}2S' Bonnie Rook SJ -UM Helen Johnson 792-6846 Pat Newnham Mary Poole ZS"SS Les Plate 792-9100 DO YOU HAVE... In-Laws? Teen-Agers? College Students?.. ri6MeS-LOTb TRADrriONAL SERVICE FOWLER'S 2ie W. Citrus REALTORS 7M«» KiMBERLYTM50RE , By owner, 4 bedrooms, family nxirn, 2 baths, built-ins, fully carpeted, answer to your housing i^.^"''^^"^utria;.''jg- ip^'''?'^- I '-'-i- BY OWNER — 3 bedroom, I-u Dams, covered paUo, carpet forced air heating and cooling. Fenced. 2 car garage. $16,200. FHA. .J600 down. Near Clement • Lugonia , schools. 792-3671. NOnCZ IS BERZBr OIVBT to the etcdltacs of the above sained decedent that all persons having claims against tbe said decedent are requited to flla them, with the men- iny vouchers. In the etflce ot the clerk of the above entitled court, or to present tb«n. with the Bfcossnr vouchers, to the iindersigBedat tha office of Bex W. Cranmer. 30« East SUte Street, •adlands, CaUlomia. which la the place of business ot the uBderslgnsd In aU mattan ff talning to the esute of aaid da- Administrator of tlie « Ute of tha above named decedent HEX W. CRANMEB, Attorney at Law. 30< East SUte Street. Redlands. Callfemia. Telephone: 792-3444. Attorney for Administrator- _ (Pint publication Feb. IT. uax Lost and Found ; ^-.r,-, n :,id &v owner. 7927122: ^ain. near post AVAILABLE-Marchl - .^^J??? i LIGHT industry _or co 49 Industrial Property LOST — 7 keys on ^..^ OHice. Friday. Reward. 7924921^ . JUNO — Siamese cat liTvicini^^ old Stater Bros. 792-7348. FOUND — Voung hmale German Shepherd. Black and tan. Vicinity of Sage 's. 79>6675. ^ SST — Black, 3 months, Labrador pup, shortened talL Holiday Hills KUNb—Voung, Iriendly, black male Collie type puppy. Summit area. If not claimed in 3 days, free to good home. 793-4460. LOST — Sunday imm W. All Bellevue. Cat part Persian, gray with black markings (altered male). Reward. Call 792-1377. and family room with fireplace. Carpets, drapes and fenced tear yard. $150. 792-7786. -•^ P AIME LOCAY I ON Undseaped comer lot freshly painted inside and out 2 bedroom and den, 1V4 baths, carpets and drap<». fireplace and air conditioning. $195 per month lease. Lease-Option considered. 792-3621. 13 Wanted to Rent-Lease 3 OR 4 BEDROOM older home. Southeast Redlands. 793-1731. LOST — Reward ?or return of greSf Schwinn Colligient bicycle from Cope Jr. High after school Wed. No^uestlOTS a5lug.^^ll^_^:^ ing to recovery of Ford Model T Roadster body and pickup box. Taken from garage on Stillman Ave. Your name will be kept eonfiden- tiaL Call 79^23^. 15 Barqain Snot A-AUTOMOTIVE l«i OLDS a. . passengar wagon, i»,Yrl>»n^792-«610. C ATE "K^VW ISOO-S. 66 h.p.. middle : book. $1.040^2i049j!ler_5:» i'O BUICtrSpecial. 4 door sedan, air, _ , „ property. New 1200 sq. ft building. Lot 72x150. All fenced, blaektopped, near freeway on and off ramp. Ideal for machine-shop or building contractor. Phone days Show Me If you can. a bietter buy than this cozy three bedroom, 1V4 bath home. There's built-ins in the kitchen including the dishwasher. A sunny patio for dad to show off his outdoor cooking skill and a private fenced yard for the children and pets. Only 516J50. We Agree It's hard to believe! (ftra is a charming three bedroom home with beamed ceilings, nice carpet and spacious enclosed yard. • Won't last long at this low price of JlLOOa Bob Parker, Realtor 50 Lots and Acreage 1/2 ACRE near Sage's. Ready for building. 792«2» after 6 p.m. BUSINESS LOT ^SaSlng^3iindJ '^lvdr|[« sacrifice for quick sole. 792486g. 53 Real Estate Waated 3 Special NoHces SKI SALE—Jackets, ski pants. All on sale. PRATT BROS.. 651 E. Citrus.. i CEMeT^RY lots. >!alue ,M00, for J500. Best location. 797-3551. NOnCE TO BTODEBS NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Beard of Edueatlon of the Redlands Unified SdunI District of San Bemardloo County. California, hereby calls for sealed Wds to b^de- Uvered to the Assistant Superior lendent of the said Board at tha Administrative Offices. 33 West Ut- gonU Avenue, Redlands. CaUfornla, Sntil the lOtli day of Itoi*. l»a». at 3:3* P-m^ at whlek time and place saldlt>lds_win be opened for ;iW ;BMr ~Tax ReTums prepared^ I registered Ux consultant 797 -54M. OT'colTars made. 7^-7140. ELBMBITABV IJiBOBAlOBIES ^ Ead> Ud Shan be made oat ea a term «• be oMalnad at the office ot the Aaalataat goparlateadent of "E S ^W * evar tTjOIS ahan be ae- csmpuiad bgr a oeftUled or caahiers dieck payable to th. owner or a satisfactory bid bond la favor of the owner, executed by the bidder as principal and eempanr satisfactory to the Beard of Education as surety in an amount not less than Sft ot the bid: aaid check or bond ahaU be given as a guarantc* that the bidder will execute tha contract if It be awarded to bin. . ,^ rt» amnlat .Board of nld School Ustrict Rserres the right to reject any or all Mds or waive any laMnaaUtir la a Md. ^_ No bidder may withdraw his bM for a period of thirty ISO) days after the dale set for the opening thveoL By order of the Governing Board of Bcdlaads UaUled School Matrlct ot San BenardlDO County. Dated at Badlands. California, this 24th day of Februarr. !£•-_ A. B. SCKULTZ. JB- , aerk of said Covetnlng Board. , single owner. 792-8337. i'So TORD Pick-up. Excellent conai- ' tion. overdrive. 792-1763. •a ""TRIUMP(rGT 6. Excellent condl- i tion. radio, heater. 792-6722. IIKO VW. Sunroof, good transportation. $395. 793-1576. •B^PCYMSaTH Fury, radio, neater, power steering. Excellent condibon. S1250. 792-1285. CASH FOR EQUITY • We pay cash for tha equity hi yetir home. Bob Parker Real Estate 37 E. Olive Ave. _raKSU CASH IN A FLASH NET CASH—ALL CASH We need your house — now. We pay all costs, delinquent payments made current immediately. Contracts accepted. PARTHENON BUILDERS, Inc. 9439 Sierra Ave. FonUna 8234276 or 875-3140 collect 793-»14 37 E. Olive Open till 7:30 OPEN SUNDAYS TU 6-5101 4 bedroom, 2 bath home PLUS a cozy 2 room and bath guest housa with complete privacy. Sm ley-Cppd School District FHA Financing. $25,500. Now You Can Buy On FHA or VA Terms This lovely custom built home in a most desirable southside location. 3 bedrooms, two baths, plus den with used brick fireplace. range, oven, dishwasher and refrigerator. Quality.wall to wall carp^- ing over beautiful hardwood flopre. loU of fruit »nd shade treei;Low down. Only $25,750 or NO DOWN to qualified veteran. ^ VIRGIL J. SIMS IS W.Citr^^ anVsund Fayrene Burton*"" ^Wan^ Giiffitha 792-3982 7S2-469S Martha Foueh Roy Buehog 792-3013 79^5^70 Elsie Webber 792«00 792-6184. Bros, sporting Goods. 651 E..CibTjs. TOUft S European countries this Summer, coniisnlal mup. experienced guMe, ECONOMY t Evenings. 797-657£ torn interior, low mileage. lent condition. 792-1972. 55 Houses for Sale 4 faiploymewt Wanted PAINTING, electrical, pUimbing, ear- guf^^w" after 6 •63 OLDSMOBILE Super 8S 2-Ooor Hardtop 394 cu. in. V-8 with automatic power steering, brakes and windows, factory air. Mechanically sound but needs new rubber. Low BlueBook is $700 . . . THATS THE PRICEI - •• ' p.m. Redlandf •ftUYiNG - S E LU NS - *tktit,i VIRGIL J. SIMS, REALTOR 18 W. Citrus - 7^*^ areman-t bedroom, i baths, nin comer, fenced, sprinklers. All work done! $22 .90a 79afl731 eftar 6 p.m. 6V OWNER - 4 bedroom, %USOli. Drive by 330 Center St and call —mRsrm Dave Toftee, 792-4706 or 792^337. M0WIN6 lawns, cleaning yams. Call Lou at 792-0515. BEDROOM duplex. icome. te or 792*7598. moi^l| income, terms available. BJ »*EHT CARKNTftV call Bill at 792-0375 . i,-,-i,.v.« „ „ "^gSSS^^^tT^gJ^'-! RENf ; REFRIGERATOR M—-s—RANGE OR WASHER HARLOWTS LOMA LINDA UMIH VfEOGEwOOD Rang, with Idbn fly'gft _ a'bedroom and family Top freezer, works good. 792-2328 Who Does It... Where YiwIMTlMffl... QUKK RSBIBKE. MREaORY TO BUSINESS Household and Professional Services » Air CdndMOBlm -HggHin BURGESON'S • Lennox • Day * Night •Fagdera Sales and Service. Call 793-3685 ELL'S 792-1849 aE. - Payne - Worthinglon Since 1949 —^irviCT —A H Makes •«rH«rsts ROTHENBERGER ARABIANS Stud sendee — pastures. 792-33M ANDERSON'S ARABIANS 793-2S36 If no • Jdwtlry Mft.-Rg»gir ALDEN JEWELRY-Mfg. A Repair, M MERCURY ANSWERING SERVICE 47 E. Vir» 793-2901 •k AiMiuM KREPS CARRIAGE. BARN Cut Glass • China • Furniture Orange. 10 e.m.-4 p.m. TgMOTg. Every brand under tha- tun. Jolly Jug. 910 W. Celton Ave. 6 Help Wanted JEWELRY Comi we BUV and SELL good used fumi Near school. Riv. 783-1753. Lane. frontage; I jc Atlto Blectric iSIs ^SSnt,?' CiSb I Tun^up, Air.CondJUonln 792-7209 <e-up. Air CendltkmlnbBral REDLANDS AUTO ELECTWC OWNER selling 4 bedroom home wllh pool, family room, refrigerated air, built-ins, carpeting, drapn. etc, $42,750. Southeast Redltnds.| 792-1548. 624 Texas • Autotttmr Brakes 792-4778 ^ Moving MM StvFA ||9 REDLANDS VAN A STOUGC 1955 Industrial ParK it tMHm ALSO exhausts-tail pipes. 792 -«97iI Guaranteed for life of your car. i Royal Muffler, 601 N. Eureka.. stylist and distributors. ling. 792-1837. nufsd,~Hve-ln or weex- ends. References. 792 2693. CADV to llv»Hn, some dBvingjnght All Chrysler, Willys, Fiat Care Ganrev Motors, 415 Orange._793ia23 SERR'S OF REDLANDS MAJOR or minor, irs Bob Pillov^s 208 E. State —' ture^ Value CeotBr_FurnJto»a, 315 BY OWNER —_Lo!«!y .SP «?J2^2 ; '^u'tomtive SetvitMi "430 JTexas. 'C *l ^ Painting 7a>393» Rwllands Blvd. 79Mi;i. *E sectional, $2SrSnfee tables, chains, rockers, small drevwv etc. Nice cabinet TV. $35._792j4g. (TOSD maple bedroom set — siiigfe room, den, on Elizabeth Crest Newly redecorated. Magiifteent^ Owner transferred. $34.70ft 792-8189. B?~BWfIEft- 3.bedroom, ITath*. van Dorin Motor Co- Chrysler and built-ins. carpeted, drapea, fan«» Dodie. 1617 w. Redlands Bhid. 792-52ta Free pick-up and delivery. » At» Sit A Strvkd GEORGE MOEHLE $30 a week. Own transportation.! 79J«S0. 793-4689. 6 Help Wanted 6 Help Wanted 48 Kastins period SOTennlntl* w NOTICE or BEABIXO NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that en appUcalkn has been filed wiui San Bcnar- Dlvisioa I. Ckapltr 3. 1 dtaa Oantr CMe._aaid Ir rcsldcneet laac: and/or aack. other soolng daaslflcatioB and as the ~ • Tliat'Bta d S m Mm a( • stS ^SeTl SH *S;as. WS BIW. SBItAW Oaei at SB ear ad See Sos! iTM' M- w imn' to 1 tf S4' M" W M«US': 8 C 3( ar* B ISM L TT to C/I < oak ad C/I. MW- ai^ to W B «"l [Ktia«/iu 79^3698. I rVEDROOM. 3 bath, custom home, ' 2350 sq. It Outstanding view, Vt i acre landscaped lot Dining room, I tamfly room, large living room. ' $49.750. W2-«t5 ^PBlME'CSCATlON Full, part-time positions available en all shifts. Araa and shift differentuiv PARTICULAR NEED FOR MIC STAFF NURSES. WELL ORGANIZED TRAINING PROGRAM OFFERS OPPORTUNITY FOR PROFICIENCY IN THIS SPECIALTY AREAT ORIENTATION. AND TRAINING BASED ON INDIVIDUALS NEEDS PROVIDED BY PROFESSIONAL IN-SERVICE TRAINING STAFF. LVNs SaleetkM of sMfti bi soma anas. ORDERLIES Opmlngi avatlibto oo wwiliig and night thms. Apply Of Cad for Bppoinbncnb RIVBSK COMMUNTY HOSPITAL 4445 MagiolB Avt. RhMridt. Cdtf. M3-7230 Elf. 201 SPECIAL occasion cakes made to order. Goodies baked daily. Goodie Shoo. 24 E. State. 792381L it Car WMhin« - Waxina REDLANDS 3 MINUTE CAR WASH tu W. Redlands Blvd. 792-7551 Painting and Decorating 792-5m FREE Estimates and Guarantee No Job too Urge or too Small 15 yeare area experience Call evenings only for appointment 792-9361 • Paint and Wallpaper Northside Paint — 1605 Orange Highest quality. and Freslily painted 2 badroom den. iv;> baths, eompleto with drapes .and carpeting, flraplaee and air conditioning, doi*U; ea^ port, brick wall patia ^Xjm with down. ^ 792-3621. it PJumbins SANITARY PLUMBING 7a^941g carpMs-noers-Windows 792-2594 1,4a wabSn Ave.. Redlands. 794-2131 i<:Uginr«, ShirTLiuwiry Dutch Girl Cleaners •ftwief "wTiT 'flnaikfc 3« W. Colton 792-3830 • Uhi^ Dry Cleanina-Laui^ it Roofing IB For Rent A —APAKTMEWT8 REROOFING, ROCKS OR SHINGLES Su^gerior ^Roofing Cdi. Est TK-aWl NELL'S CLEAN SHOP 1594 N. Orang YOil *o8*IT or WE DO It • Cglsr Tiliiffiairfarvtcg 792-Zm Pine Crest Manor Apts. 1001 PINE ST. Mgr. Apt 22-7IMM NOWRBOIHG Just n«wly eemplctad • Bachelors, I, 2, 3 Bedrooms. • $IOOfe$l90p«r month. "CLARKS COLOR TV SERVICE 1425 W. Park Ave. 792-8051 NEW lawn, sprinkler systems, yard daan-ups and shrubs trimmed, trash GuUng. odd iob* inonthhr maintenance. Call Ken, 7*9-2217 or 794-2283. Free estimates. • Spwlias CcdST it ewwiufcigl Prin»in« Utt^raas — LETTERPRESS - OFFSET.,^ AUTHUR CDMBBieiarpREg 112 N. rrfth St • Qgtofwiai : BICYCLES—Bicycle repairs. Schwinn. Pratt Bros.. 651 E. Citrus »it«ticnery>iWt«-C«r* 79X883 BROOKSIOC PCTSVILLE Ave. . 7»-7ng ^VM^Drta P^^Stare. 316 Orange. MeeloldBa Florist 2g Sa 8th * nMNACES-t^jL^E^ nyomHiNG, m QLMS.' IMPERIAL HARDWARE in V emm nysa . srars OF REOLANM^ By Cooper & Armstrong. Curtom :?_^fcsag^7^a2g^' ZMth headquarti Terrier TV. SOS Orange. RESTYIE. Repair, Refinish, Free estimalag. Eannar Co, m CWIoid FatraT 7 N. 5th St 7M-3878 ARTHUR COMMERCIAL PROS... !m w. FHth at Twm ' Chaa. E. Motso \Mi «ng WMta 701 «r. Stuart AM TSMHi

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