Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 24, 1969 · Page 14
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 14

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Monday, February 24, 1969
Page 14
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U -/Monday, Ftb. 24, 1969 Rwflands Doily Fodi Television Review •r RICK OU SHOW HOLLYWOOD fUPI) — Tte'oo Otasoa's wries. Aad.wfaa tfaiac I pcnonally prefer in Caney b not there, the series shov bnsiBess cnUrtaiuneiit— jat ooee becomes jost aootfaer Iviiettar movies, tdevision or • variety program, desfute Glea- the suge—is arnnsetnenL Paer-isoa 's undeaialde taknts. ile mestases by juveniles irlio Rowan and Martin and tlie have just discovered that the SmotJiers Brothers are, bowev- world is not perfect iiore me. I er, on every week, and hTrej sympathize with the prodacer shown that they can sustain H -bo tagfested that if be wanted itbemsdves so that audience a message, be wtmld send foriattractiOD remains at a high Western Union. i level And as for the messages. Comedy is my first love in; although my own favorite by KaleQMnn MONDAY FEBRUARY 24 •40811^ tif Nwi (Q (60) J<nr| OTHE HUNTLEY-BRINKLEY it REPORT—One Hotir each night this week. Special Reports on President Nixon's European Trip. g SQHuirtley-BrinMqr (Q (60) StcM Allm Show (C) (90) Jimj Nabors. Qiff Arquette. Jayne Mud- OKS and Kiy Starr tuejt. TVs| "Gomer Pyle" displays his vemi tility by singing 'You Don't Have: To Say You Love Me." I 06 O'CLOCK IMOVIE—(C)| MO ir Richard Widmarfc, Henry; Fonda-"Warlock"-Part I OSi O-Ckxk MwiK (O nVar- hdr Part I (nestem) 'SS-lliehard Widmark. Henry Fonda, Anthony! Quinn. Dorothy Malone. A tunflght- er is hired by the toon of Warlock to wipe out a gang terrorizing the town, and to do », ht hires a former member of the gang to join forces with him. The conclusion iini tomorrow night. § 1 S»r (Q (60) Muff Htw? (30) -Animal! Ward." John Rabbins makes tht| rounds with the veterinarian of the Washington, D.C Zoo. mMVMiSRAMr {fimmieOTto raJSMiati k MM •( Set (0 (60) QJReadi M (30) Vm t* Uroy Beavers and the peopi* who influenced and helped him fraoi i life of poverty to the positiofl of insurance agent manager for Equitable Life in Ontuv City. 7«§^^mB?llm'(Q (30) Walter Cnnkite. OKinClltwMniMCC) (60) OMM'tllrUM?<Q(30)WaHy| Bruner hosts. fDtaaMTd (0 (30) Carol Burnett and Ross Martin guest QDUMI Abiciti (60) "Aa Interracial Look at East Lot Angeles.'' Several memben of tl«e Youth Hu man Relatiorts Council join host Eduardo Moreno and • In* audience assembled at tho Laguna Park Recreation CeMei in East Los Angeles for a panel discussien of life in the barrio. The panti it comprised of students from several ethnic groups and the youngsters give their opinions on iducation, religion, the Mexican-American home and community. cnCmi 'i WorU (0 ffiXrrife er CeMtqMMes (Q 7J8e®(I )CuiitMke m (60) Tale Galicqr is loodoo. nCtidcnrCwiaMi t3IQSa)Harirt Ucy (C) (30) HarrisonXarter's former Army boss. Buoy Brock, now in "coanter-iniel' Sgence" work for the gevenwieBt seeks Harry's aid in finding a reliable stenographer to check out i possbte espionage suspect Jumping at the opportunity to do something for her country, Lucy volunteers for the job that leqnires a good memory. Victor Boooe guests. OSoMti ttoyage (C) (30) "A Heaven Called Holland." (30) Betty tells Stevin she will join him in ha fight for the Peyton money; Dr. Rcui tells off Fred; Rita gives Maggie tips on ••man- trapping"; Carolyn te!ls Lew of Jeffs tie to her lather. S Menr Griffin (C) (SO) Beat the Odds (C) (30) Johnny Gilbert hosts. «B IV Musical Ossart IMaybcrry RTD (C) (30) Mike, nt Bee and Millie join forces to talk Sam into letting his boy have a dog. The campaign begins whan Haney Smithars moves to Maybeny and opens a pet shop. Victoiy seems assured when Sam agrees to let Mike bring home a mongrel— and then the boy proves to be allergic to the dog. O 3 S) CB MC Mtnday Meria: f5 -Ik* Chest and Mr. Ckickti' (comedy-mystery) '66—Don Knetts. Joan Staley. Liam Redmond, Dick Sargent, Skip Homeier, Reta Shaw. Lurene Tuttle. the arts. Although many of the foremost comedians are difii- cutt and sometimes nenrotic in private life. I am enraptured by comedy is lowbrow. I try to remind myself of what George Benaid Shaw once said when asked how he wrote: He said he them onstage. In watching'tried to thkik of the utmost almost any television, stage or nightclub show, I am impatient until <he comedian comes on. The gift of laughter is incomparable: I think it is perfectly logKal and right that Neil Simon is probaUy richer thing to say, and then tried to say it with the utmost levity. Wdl. as I say, I try to remind myself. But in my heart, I would rather pass up almost anything on the stage except "Cyrano" in order to bear PhU Silvers, Joey Faye and Jack Alberison sing, "U you wanna ba the top banana, you've gotta start at (he bottom of the bundi." than Edward Albee and BarM Pinter. As an admirer of comedians, it has been interesting to note Qtt impact of Rowan and Martin, and the Smothers Brothers, in an area other than I Veteran televiewers must that of (heir racy and often have got a ^lecial kick Sunday controversial television humor.'night in watching Herscbel Forget their messages for a Bemardi perform numbers! moment. For what they have;from his Broadway musical' done for show business is to;success. "Zorba," on CBS-TVs help bring back one of the most; Ed Sullivan show, enjoyable types of acts the! As any faithful video viewer entertainment world can offer:; knows. Bemardi was the Solving the old economic problem By DICK WEST WASHINGTON (UPI)-Econ-. ed to adjust its pay. ^ omists have come up with a I can assure them, however, splendid new wtJtd to describe; that I wiU take the same the condition tiiey think would i sUtesmanlike attitude displayed SJ now be good for the country.! by the congressioDal leadersliip. Q They call it "dismflatioo." Should the West commissioa ol i^,i;n^ ic /rf mutrcp had recommend that I be given a 66 And deflatkm migfat worse. But disinflatiM sounds 3 I faiiiy harmless and may weU a< i be worth a try. The only remaining probli <f^o6>etP»CCtl»C0B00()0g00>0»00P>g00 0BJ ••I don't think it's fair to give parents too many headaches—they have enough problems trying to run the world!" is how to go about disinflating the economy. I perscmally favor the congressional approach. Recognizing tiiat rising wages tend UJ be inflationary, tte [lawgivers prudently refrained i from raising their own salaries. Instead they set up an outside cemmission to determme Bieir compensation. As a result, members of Congress returned last week! from their Lincoln Birthday' ffl inast that it be scaled down to 41 per coit In ttese times of economic overheating, it behooves all ol ns to exercise a little self- restraint. Hovercraft opens successfuly at Vancouver fanatical judge (Jeff Corey) and his Missouri freebooters, a ntor- ious band of night-riders who bum farms and sack towns in vengeance for property hist during the Civil War, meet stubborn resistance from acting deputy Festus Haggen when they hit Dodge City. Neman Alden, Bob Random and Robert Pine alsoj guest. 06BI DnM of iWMic (C) (30) "Biggest Star in Hollywood." Tony is sent to Hollywood on behalf of NASA to make appearances, but is warned to stay out of the spotlight to prevent any glamorization of astronauts. Unfortunately, he runs Into Princess Anitra, the most glamonus woman in Hollywood, who is none other than his Jeannie in disguise. Judy Came. Arte Johnson, Gary Owens and George Schlatter guest as themselves. 8 lost in ^ce (Q (60) @® ffl The Avengers (C) (60) "Stay Tuned." Steed is given :n injection that makes him want to kill a top official in his own jovemmenL QUmm % Meeie: llaMaM Urtidr (comedy) '62—Jack LM- mon. Fred Astaire. Kim Nevik. «| young State Department official rents a flat in London owned by| a mysterious and beautiful suspected of killing her h The young man sets out to piav»| her innocence. O Tnrtk « CaMa <aaMM m (30) Host Bob Barker welcomes Maureen Raagan, daughter of CaUfoniia's Governor Ronald Reagan, and fcad-'u^g enqr Award-winning actttst laiiel Wyman as they partidpatt in a song-identirication contest ~ - . (60) IOi«i«aleaeiFa|> aCMffe JesaeTt Here CaM tke Sim (0 (60) Wniie Mays, one of basebairs immortals, is the first sports figure to be honored on the show. Willie McCovey, Vin Scully. Jane Keen, Curtiss t Tragr, Lous liuinn, Stu Gilliam and Gene Baylos do the roasting, while musical highlights are provided by George Shearing, Billy Eckstein and Paula Stewart. 0 @(I )eDThe OntcaHs (Q (60) "Gideon." Gideon, a former slave and childhood playmate «l Earl Corey, shoots a bounty hunter who suspects he's a wanted man. A rebrded young man tells Jemal David that he saw Gideon commit the crime, but neither Eari nor the sheriff believes that the man is guil^. Roscoe Lee Biown^ Robert Wilke and Regis Philbin guest ffiltalerTewLile (C) (60) ffitlacklenMl (Q (60) tBlM Bnii HalCto BFaaily Affair (C) (30) WhHe Inde Bill frantically searches the Spanish countryside for the missing twins, they find refuge with a peasant couple on an isolated fann. Nacho Galindo and Rosa Turidi are featored in this, the third and final segment of the three-part aeries filmed in Spain. QNews (C) (30) Ted Meyers. ffiHensia Mnical lOHMOSCEICaral (Q (60) Soupy Sales and Bartiara McKair guest amiie «(C) (60) fS @CI )fflTlw Big Valiaf (Q (60) "Alias Nellie Handley." Victoria commits herself to a notorious prison in order to expose its comjpt and inhuman regime. She makes a pact with Sheriff Bannock to permit her to be imprisoned in the women's compound of Mateo Prison. There she ccnes in contect Kith a gallery of diarnders indud- ing afsistent warden Martin Gar- redi. a cruel and ambitkius man. Under the extreme conditions, Victoria revuls her real identity to the man. Susan Oliver, Richard Anderson and Richard O'Brien guest ~ Mankal DiOen (30) But Shoa (C) (30) "ChiMien's Trties." Rita Gam and Timmie Mason guest 03 Tke Cicat War (30) "Disappointment." The time is February I. 1917. to July 1.1917. Highlights of the films are the retreat to the Hindenberg Line; Nevelle's attack on the Western Wall fails; Frendi mutiny; and a German peace move is rejected. 10-JIOMMric: n itngiag fnm i Franck Mil ID a trackdrivir aid joi« ttt Laufh-la pris for «"Ml it to M* of the evelutkm of Pablo Pfcnao's sculpture, and a visit to his fii« major tetiospedwe tOm it the (C) , . (comedy) '64 - Monica Vitti. Curt Jergens. ffillea(C) (30) QJliMnliOM (30) -Time-Sharing." Dr. Richard Brenneman and guests discuss and demonstrate the value of the computer to the small businessman, made available through timtsharing plans. Starie Sii Hiatorii (Q Lin Ctab (0 Rod Sorting hosts. Mfiic: Imtkir (adventure) "£dv3nt G. Robinson, Lynn Bin. ©siacsffiMcwt (0 lUdiaPmideDrs Tow (Q (30) fiSqr (adeeniaie) 'S7-B«ny Sm- fivaii. Gene Baiiy. comlnicfaofl of the 50'tbot scalp* turt designed for CHcago's CariKi Plaza. Abo indudad is m anM12:XO«MK liai ki M Hack If '52-Bfsderidi Crawford. SMP (drama) '54- Brand. eMiM Tfenbr "Chinese Bunp- kw." T U E S D A n>YHiiE HOWES MjglJjBiMtjii Tiwf^(cwi»)i ''ttSlrt^*' 'A. &wi,GMiF«friL (*IM) -S*- the comedy team. Years ago, show business was flooded with great comedy teams: the Marx Brothers, Laurel and Haidy. the Kitz Brothers. Dean Bfartin and Jerry Uwis, Abbott and Costel lo. (George Bums and Grade Alien, and on and on. In recent years, though many minor teams appeared, very, very few top ones emerged to blockbuster status. Perhaps the single major exception in television was the partnership of Jaclcie (Heason and Art Carney, who—for years now—have proved themselves to be one of the truly great comedy teams in the history of American show busmess. The problem, however, is that they are only together now and then sympathetic police officer on the old "Peter Gunn" series, and has done countless other things on the home tube. Saud, exiled king of Saudi Arabia, dies in Athens VANCOUVER, B.C. (UPD — vacaUon to find their paychecks;Passengers were skimmed fattened by 41 per cent. ' across the Straits of Georgia At first glance, a 41 per cent Sunday in a Hovercraft, an air ^ pay increase might appear a bit cushioned craft vessel its back^ inflationary. But bear in mind: crs hope will revolutionize trans- ilhe coiTunission originally rec-| portation methods in the nortli- :ommeDded a 66 per cent in-!em regions, i crease. , B>'ng Heeney, executive vice The figure was modified after; president of Pacific Hovercraft congressioal leaders advised, Ltd., said the 35-passenger ves> including even a dch'ghtful tuna fish commercial. AVhich is some kind of versatility, considermg the fact that he has also starred in "Fiddler (Jn the Roof." The stage version of "Zorba'" is kind of a Greek "Fiddler,'" and there was Bemardi Sunday night on the Sullivan show, singing, dancing and having a rousing good time, and offering viewers a sample of just how professional a real pro can be. What it proved again was that, despite all the fast successes of j the quick-buck kids, there is no substitute for style, or for character, which comes only with the experience of living. Pituitary controls iH ^st development •y 01. WAYNI O. BRANOCTAOT A mother writes thai) her dau^rter, 8, has had a very sore left nipple for several monUis. Twt> physicians say this is due to the chiU's normal development and is nothing to wcnry about The mother wonders if 8 isn't a bit young for this and wonders why only one breast is affected. Precocious devekipmeiA may occur at this age or even younger due to increased activity of the pituitary. Although the law now fotbkls adding! female hormone to the feed of dairy cattte, beef cattle feed may contain this hormone to help fatten (he animals. Eating such beef may cause a child's breasts to become engorged and sore. I can't say why oidy one side is affected. In the treatment of this coaditioa, wearing a tight brassiere and taking water pills usually gives relief. Q — When my dangler, 6, was 2 years old iier right breast was completdy removed because of a cystic tumor. The surgeon says her right breast will never grow. Aren't there Two burglary suspects arrested LOS ANGELES (UPI)-A phony call for assistance bom a man who sakl he was a sheriffs deputy recently resulted u the arrests of two burglary suspects. University Division police said several units responded to the anonymous call for help but what they arrived at the two story apartment building given as the address, there was no sign of ttie deputy nor his car. The officers began knocking on doors to the apartments, rtiiniritig the deputy miglit be in tnmUe insde. When a door on a first floor apartment was opened, police kodced beyond the man answered the knock and saw on a table three band grenades, « sawed off diotgun. masks and gloves. Albert Heisser, 25, and'George Armstrong, 25, both identified as members of the black natknal- ist organization US, were arrested. Police said the bwlding reported^ was owned by Son Karen- SB. foondcr flf VS. and tteoriied Hat tite phony all miglit havel bea tanid in by a rival srooii. any shots she could take to make it grow? A — No. When her left breast develops she bad better reconcile herself to wearing a falsy. Q — When my 18-month-old son goes to bed he sucks his Kankets. I wasn't worried about this untU I noUced that his teeth are coming in crooked. How can I break him of this habit A — As in (he case of thumb- sucking, suddng a blanket is a habit that is usually outgrown before a diild is 6. If it is persisted m beyond that time I vrould su^t that the child has a fueling of insecurity. At this stage it is better to ignore the habit Some other cause for the crooked teeth is likely and for this you should consult a dentist without delay. Q — My children, ages 2 and 3, complam of being hungry all die time but fhey eat very little and are tinderwei^it V^at do you advise? A — Toddlers use up a bt of energy and are often too excited to eat. U they appear to be healthy otherwise I would not worry about tiiem. Try to make their mealtime a relaxed time, free of naggmg and see that they get plenty of sleep. Not eating very much is common in children between the ages of VA to 3 or 4 years, then their appetite returns with such vigor they can't seem to get enou^ Uean while, they won't starve. ATHENS (UPI)-Saud Ibn .\bdul Azziz, once the billionaire king of Saudi Arabia who gave Cadillacs for greeting cards, today fulfilled in death the simple wish fori>idden him in life. He is going home. Saud, deposed by his brother. King Faisal, in 1966, died of a heart attack Sunday at the age of 67. He lived as a rich recluse in exile at a suburban Athens hotel occupied exdusively by his entourage, often stating his desire to be received again in / his Moslem homdand. Faisal lata Sunday ordered a jet plane to fly to Athens for the body of his broker, the third son of 38 sons, the sire of 40, the inheritor of an oil-rich kingdom carved out of the desert by his father. Saud suffered the heart attack while strolling on an Aegean Sea beach. Members of the royal entourage carried him back to his luxury three-story hotel. There he died at 5:28 p.m. after saying a few words to 26 members of his family, including an official wife, two sons arid four favorite members of his considerable harem. Saud had beoi in poor health for years, suffering a variety of ailments of the kidneys, liver and heart, and had returned to Greece less than two months after undergouig medical treatment in Vienna. He often said he longed to return to Moslem soil. It was the only wish he coukl not buy. In December, 1966, Saud arrived in Cairo and asked Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser to help him regain the throne he lost to his younger brother Faisal. His hopes were dadied by the June, 1967, Middle East war vihen Nasser Fasdnatrng Items are fOr sale in the "Miscellaneous" column t today's Classified Section. Read it now! FORMER KING SAUD (UPI Tclcpholo) and Faisal buried their old feuds in the interest of Arablj ^^'J former President Johnson that senators and representatives probably wouldn't accept the full amount. Considered in that Ught, the 41 per cent increase actually was disinflationary. Yes. Being a believer in disinflation, I intend to propose that my own salary be fLxed in the same manner. The first step is deciding on the make-up of the commission. In the case of the congressi (Hial pay commission, members needed to understand the income requirements of the lawgivers and evaulate the services they perform. Using it as a model. I have concluded that my salary should sel made two return trips ba» t^veen here and Nanaimo, located 40 miles away on Van. couver Island. Supported by a four • foot cushion of air, the 10-ton, 48. foot Hovercraft is capable at speeds exceeding 60 miles an hour, \iiiether on land, snow or water. Sunday's runs were Canada's first scheduled Hovercraft pas* senger service. "It was just fantastic," Heeney said. "Mmd you ftere were a few erap^ seats on the first trip to Nanaimo but on the way back and on the oBier r»» turn trip we actually bad to turn passengers away." Heeney said public reaction has been "terrific" and added unity. From almost the day he was bom in Kuwait, the third of 38 sons of King Ibn Saud. until he left his homeland in 1964, life was stormy, violent and luxurious for Saud. He gave Cadillacs as greeting cards to visitors. He once tipped a ser\'ant $400 for a single cup of tea. Saud's income was once estimated at nearly half a billimi dollars a year from some of the worlds most productive oil wells. It had dropped in exile to a reported one million dollars allowance by Faisal. On it, Saud maintamed entourage which sometimes reached 100, including a dozen sons and daughters, an undisclosed number of wives — he allowed four at a time be determined by a coinmission |u ,ere has been no adveree com- composed of my brother, my sister, my father and my wife. I feel certain their recommendations would he as reasonable and as erjuitable as those of the congressional commission. There may be some reluc on the part of my employers to accept this plan, as some taxpayers objected to the method Congress invent- by his religion — and several concubmes. He reportedly fathered a total of 40 sons and 75 daughters. Thieves moke big haul in Canoga Park C.4N0GA PARK (UPI) Jewels worth $100,000 were stolen from the Broadway Department store in Topanga Plaza Shoppmg Center, it was discovered early today. Police said Broadway stores in Reno and Phoenix had heea robbed in recent weeks. Thieves broke mto the s t o re, through an underground garage' and entered the store through a passageway, cutting a hole through a roll type door to the jeweUy department, and carting a safe down the escalator to a lower level. ment to date "although we are expecting some." He did not elaborate. "It's great." said Paul Muye, one of the passoigers on Sunday's first run. "I do a lot of busmess in Na> naimo and the Hovercraft wUI save me about two hours a day," Muye said. Legal NoHee .NOTICE TO CREDrrORS No. 37996 Superior Court of the State of Call- rornia. for the County of San Bernardino. EsUte of CHARIXS S. HUNT. Deceased. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to the creditors of the above named decedent that all persons having claims against the said decedent are required to fUe them, with the necessary vouchers, in the office of the clerk of the above enUUed court, or to present them, with the necessary vouchers, to the undersigned at the office of Henton S. Brenan. 306 E. State St. Redlands, Calif. 92373. which is file place of business of the undersigned in aU matters pertaining to the estate of said decedent, within four months after the first publicaUon of this noUce. Dated Jan. 30. 1969. ALEXANDER C. ANDERSON and MARGARET E. ANDERSOW. Executors of the Win of the above named decedent. HENTON S. BRENAN, 306 E. SUta St, Redlands, Calif., 793-4753. Attorney for Executors. IFirst pubUcation Feb. 3, 1969) Bandit four nof pursued beyond door GARDENA, Calif. (UPI)Four bandits ordered customers m a cocktail lounge eariy Sunday: "Strip down." The 17 men and women eomidied at gunpoint Ibey luled flidr dothes in a heap on the floor and lay down. Tbe gunmen escaped with $3,568 from w^ts, purses and cash registers. Nobody immediateiy tried to foUow (he hoUiq) men out the door. MOSCOW (UPI) - Premier Alexei N. Kosygm turned 63 recently, but there were no public ceremonies Soviet leaders make special events only out of SOtb. 60th. 70th and TSth bkthdiys. • 7»>4331 Daly 1 fwmp. Stow 7:U llVhMrof3AcadaqrArad>!| ^^J.^*' CHRISTIE There it is...that's what we're after It happens many times a day in Redlands . . . someone finds what it is they have been seeking by reading the Pacts Classified Ads. It might be a home, a car or any one of thousands of different items ... all articles their owners have chosen to advertise the easy, lew cost way through Facts Classified Ads. If there is one item you are seeking, make reading the wants ads a rag« ular habit and you're sure to find what you seek. s Dial 793.3221

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