The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 7, 1930 · Page 4
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 4

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, April 7, 1930
Page 4
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V 1 THE -.1 TIPTON DAiLY TSIBUNE fWE Off MS FAlfE WHKkEIS 4ND IT WAS i "Luanda, my love, I knew you would be true. Tis I /. . your own Jack Deiavere!" 1 "Jack," replied Lucinda blushing: prettily] "must I confess? I recognized you from the first That honey-smooth voice . .. those golden tones... that perfect throat-ease can belong only to a man who smokes OLD GOLDS. You wag.. . you thought confuse me, but nay! The mild and mellow queen-leaf tobacco sets its OLD GOLD mark upon you as sterling upon silver. There's not a bark in 1 a billion." GOLD FASTEST CROWING CIGARETTE IN HISTORY •. 1 ..NOTA COUGH IN A CARLOAD Listeria-; . .OLD GOLD-PAUL WHITEMArj HQUR J every Tuesday, ? P. M., Eastern Time 1-Ycliiij; Much IMU T. Fri'il -M. Hocolis. former trustee, who iia.< lict'ii having ;i round of neuralgia of the face, thought lo have started from a bad.tooth, is reeling much better. Part cf ill" time his right cheek was badly swollen and he had considerable pain. As soon 'as the soreness subsides he intends to visit a dentist and part with the tooth. HIT'AND BUN DRIVER Car A uller H:itl- Drivrn ISy Dallas ly l>ani;w<l i" .AWSidVnl. Polite Sunday night Mr. and"-Mrs. L. U. Stewart en- lei'iaiiit-d over the week ejid at their home on .South West street. Mi.-.. Mildred Hartley of" Indianapolis. Mr., and Mrs. Harvey War- ! Chevrolet. As unsuccessful search l"oi| two men in a Chevrolet car who sideswipe ed Ihe anlo of Dallas j fuller on Xorth Independence strset and caused it to crash into a large tree at the hnm%-(if Lefv.s Speck- haugh. The car was badly damage ed and the^driver bruib'eil but not badly hurt).- Ilotli cars were and in front home- Fuller ng i nortn of l he SJpeekbauKh started he got :i !round .the ner of Cold Water, Michigan and Mr. aiil Mrs. Hubert Waymire of KlwooiL - - Tribiune want ads pay. • P.UrtBmlCe. JAMAICA GINGER. | Has Aii Effect Like Dope. Ram; Washington, April |7.f4Dope and rum combined 1 —-that devastating effect of Jamaica gin phibi ger, Dr. James M. Doran, Pr[ tion , Commissioner, reveals to | Universal Service. The poisonous concDCtiojis | spread widely through several southern:stales by a gang of traffickers,': leaving in its trailj hun dreds of parilyzed victims, was i fact!a substitute for paregoric a well as liquor. ; j Paregoric, a tincture ;of is habit-forming. Years ago, I supposed to hold remedy numbered sands , Chemical and be a harmless' for all ills, ts ;addicts in analysis revealed Ja paregornf tlte'l thou maica ginger contained both creb sote and carbolic acid. Its suffered paralysis of their 'Drinking victims? legs. ithat stuff: was just i|olutioii 'It had combination narcbtid effect. Its! usep be­ like taking a[4 per cent of lysori," said Doran sting and a and alcoholib come both doped and drunk, and The wife poit worse, paralyzed from the] sons." ' -. | ] * : ' Federal chemists were puzzled why the stuff | found such i ready sale in the South. After exhaust tive examinations they believe they have learned the reason. .It was promoted chiefly as a substitute for* paregoric. Which since Government control. ha i been increasingly harder to. ob tain. The 'south always bads great user of paregoric. Tljere 1£ a classic example. a:nd daughter THIS INTERESTED US- SI AYBE IT: WILL YOU, TOO ;iade .an 'I- Cl'K KKKYIfK IX WALL PAPER IS I XKXiKI.l.Kl) SEX ALL DRUG STORE Wo S-ll Sim ToMi'iI I'aporKa posite it the Chevrolet swerved sharply in to his car and caused 1 im to lose control. After striking, the large t tree tiie car went on up into the yard of the . ..Speckbaiigh horn stopping within a few Wet of the post. The Chevrolet dr >V<? away •.rapidly but not" until the first three numbers of the license were obtained and an effort wifl be made to establish the-|itentity of the occupants. Fresh Bulk Garden Compton & Son Mrs. Marker. Kmir How <li«l the phrase "lo lie taboo" originate? Curious, the changes wrought in words and their meaning by the attrition of steady use. Consider, for example, the word "taboo." Today, we understohd "taboo" to indicate something forbidden—without any thought<,that originally it was a direct reference to things that were consecrated to a special religious use and, on that account, were forbidden for ordinary purposes. However, as is so often the case, words and phrases, by the peculiar' wear and* tear of daily currency, * become disassociated with the primary sense and convey unrelated ideas. Visit of Stork.' f. Mrs. T. Hard Coal tmr Plume 55. BURKHAKT & CO The funeral service C. Marker was condu Windfall --Christian *c day afternoon with a pany of people their last tribute' this splendid mother. |lljov. L. 11. Gray bad charge of the service and was assisted by Miivity of Nbblesville Among those from attending were: Mr! Harold Albright and sqn George ottDayton, O., Mr. and |M TS . Frank Riley, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hoffmeyer,- Dwight and Howard; Isgrig of Indianapolis, William Marker and sons of Fort Wayne and Mr. and Mrs. Tom Marker of ted -at Hie jiurch Sun- large com- ier,iiis to pay f mspeot to Rev. James ! I ! i ; •- . a distance Friends in Tipton and Hobbs have received announcement of the visit of the stork to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Bethel Sjmith of Elwood and the birth of a fine baby daughter, Friday night. Mr. and Mrs!'-Smith are former residents of Hobbs. The'baby is the third child in the home. Mother and baby are reported to ; be doing nicely.- The mother was formerlyj Miss Edith Deaver, daughter of Henry .Deaver. hear Hobbs. The- father is a son of iM r. and Mrs. Joseph Smith of Hobbs. prosperous Southern fai'meif paregoric addicts. He did known about - is at first J- when the profits of his Were Guests Here the delegates to the Other guests Su; ly home, with Mr. and MrsJ Lawrence Myer- ,i • : ' 1 I ' | - I ' ly of. Green street' had j as their guests during the annual .'state sunshine convention. Miss Ethel Blair! and Miss I Mary [Margaret Brown of Bluff ton, who were convention from Bluffton high school society. nday at the Myer- the young . ladies, Creary were! Mh and Strs. Forest Blair, parents of Misaf Blair .and ..Mrs-. Beeler Of Bluffton. The party returned to Bluffton Sunday, evening.; Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Henaley of North Independence street werej alw Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. M^erJy. : Mjss Elizabeth Caylor of Kokomo visited oyer, the week end. with! her aunt, Mrs. • Rosa Melon South East street. of werfe not Then farnji dwindled, life j learned | tlialt hi wjfe and daughter' were Spending large sums every month fpij palrej- goric. One day lie went to bis jorcbarjl and filled two burlap sack;; wit discarded paregoric bottles.. Hb brought them, to Washington, an(l for years they were kept p to th; Treasury Department. : \ •: This story, | told to. a; Congro sional Committee,-was lai!g ;ly rc sponsible for the legislatiob I - i which placed a tax on paregori; to restrict its sale. The supplies of par off. 1 ! The promptly fell I i turned to various substitutes regorfc addicts qf which the iamaica gingerj ioncocj tion is one ofj the latest, an^d inc dentally, chemists said, the nuvjt harmful of all. • : I ' " Dcatli of Infant. Clyde Aaron, small soil cil Musick of Arcadia, and Mrs. Ce died at; 5:'-;{( home on Muiii street;' The p. m.. Saturday The !, funeral was heldj " • ] l ,. i afternoon Rev. I. B. Mi home Mondajy o'clock^ witii chlfirge. Bu Dunkard eel cadia. rial took place metery, east :\bauiloiie(l Auto. Mado l'"iin; Kcvord. of M just moved mouths ago March 7 af^e^- they moyejl cadia and for tbe past few tio Arcadia The child wajs borki to Ar- weeks- i had been trolibled j with eczema, which was ihe cause o 'death. This was the only child in family. Th: mother formerly wa|s Miss Mildred Jenkins at tl^e fam Teiv at the at l:E of and Mrs. St. Louie MrE. Minnie Wayne, Mr. Dr. Mary Burns and- Mennewisch of ^Fort and. Mrs. Thos.- Sel- ' Jionday John Kalon, manager of ithe Service Electric Company, received a letter from the state management of. the Frigidaire equipment, stating they wished to •congratulate him on'his March report. During. 0 lhe' month of March,- Mr. Katon stood third in the list of dealers of tl^e state :!n point of sales. A dealer at*Rushville was first and one at Evansville second. Spent Sunday Here. as^E^^SfflBHS85ISESISi4ir.'' I lnrs, Mr. and Mrs. 7oo Plummer I of Kokomo, Mr. and Mrs. John ! Higbeo and' Mr. and Mrs. George j Boozier of ^Jlwood. Mrj. f ai\d Mrs. I R. P. Rice and Mr. and Mrs. ! Claude Massey of Tipton. k son, who busbeen, visitingvwith through 'ihe sou^tawest.v spending her aistert Mrs. Charles Campbell and - husband: on South West street during - tha-jiaatv-week^re-. tvrned }|ome-fluBd#y eTCniui ' Mr!."and Mrs."'Max Markley of Bluffton visited over t^e week end with Mrs: Markley's parents. Mr. and Mrs. William; M-cGraw on West Washington street. Mr. and several weeks sightseeing and enjoying the sunny south. '; .-K ike ib in ; tile Ar- Karly rislet's in j Hpbbs | Sunday morning dis covered a blup sedan it good looking car!,, parke'jd at the •Aa 'd west of the Nickel Plate de]>it. The car' wis still there Monday morning.! L .There were lio license plates,! name card '^'This caij was written 1 car. Sheriff Sunday morhtng. tjo identify it belongs to Clophers on a|| piece of and left in phe of the seats Devault was pape [of tin otifie.l Wall IFOR BOOM lOili GENERAL CM OEOROE PREEDY m '.' ! Copyright 1928 by Dodd Mead Tho Warner Broa. ft Vitaphone production i« based on this {novel, SYNOPSIS j General Cracif, »oldicr\ of fortune, has revolted against EmperoA Leo void, the instant alter fulfilling his obligation of seeing him cropnetl emperor. Now^ hp lays 1 waste the land, in revenge for Leopold having compromised Clack's girl-wife, the lovely l Princess Eleanora, ichom Crack • had to \leave for the | cam palgn, the instant after marrying her. - The Empire is dismembered and Leopold in flight. Craclc cap tures the Archduchess ilaria Luisa. Leopold's> sister, and informs her he must, have revenge by spending the night with her. CHAPTER VMonseigneu r," were to, tell- you you let me go! '1 XXII—Continued sbe said. |"if 1 one thing, would r „ .. too. ha've lost in lovejj/I. too. have found that!'love can'''*ting. .That) is your -xase. I think!" she added, simply, peering into bis Inscrutable face. "I believe that the. Princess Eleanora must be dead." j ''I bope," whispered Christian, "that she is dead." < M XXIII ARIA." LUISA! did meant, what it the day he had not answer that; at last she knew lie had all meant, from ridden out of Frank furt, a declared rebel:' through all her guarded pieties, her remote decorums, she had learnt what ts the one thing vofse, than death fnr a woman: and he|wished lhat ;Klpa .... i r & Co.. Inc.. . .starring John Barrymore has galled me, yet I learnt the habi of wearing it while in the Frenc: servlce.Jand maintain It, as a ma', ter of discipline—to-night I had for gotten It. but now feel the weight- will !you unlace me?" "If i did not'think your intentloi was I to humiliate, me-^"* "You recall, perhaps, how first w. met? A concert at the Hofbur- when 1 Brat came-Into you father; service, and you were not- sure f you [should notice'me—^you lookc away when 1 wai presented to yi> ^ and would not give meyour hand— ), "Do you' revenge that how?"_ "Madame, 1 have better weapoi:' than meagre 'discourtesies to' m hand. Even the Caesar's sister, mn relieve a tired man of his'armour "Without huniilltatlon," she r. plied, and crossed the room to hi» and| reaching up a little, tmlac- gorget tind cuirass, which was. blai. 'and}-' gold inlaid and lined wit leopard skin; shs saw the flarm on the hearth reflected in the bur; ish [of tjiis dark steel and curious: lingered with the weight of H heavy pieces in her hands; -a delo tation for Eleanora overwhelmed ;• other passions in" her throbbi' heart: | these tight false wonie; whqhi men must love. . . . Ciiristian gave a movement ot i lief] the diamonds still swung' i his jfdle fingers. "VIMl you not'take supper wi: me'now ?" he asked. ^I have w 'entertained i a- woman of' since 1 was in Paris, and-have r.. got .the ievii-ea that .please-but dc, icatb gentlewoman..-are. mil so nil. I find, as I did consider litem, thei-. fore perhaps you caii etidiire in rusty n .tuners." |. "Motiieigiieur.'f- replied, jfni. l.uisa. Ifiiowing thi= liittcr refereii' Ladies' "Fine Feather Silk Hose Silk and Rayon, all col- 1 ors, service heel, service weight, ce*. pair "DC Sub-Standards, all colors, pure thread silk, service fiilW* weight . OVC First Quality Silk Hose, " all colors, in service - weight with d»| AA •French heel ^ 1,UU , Full Fashioned, pure silk, all colors, service weight and heel .......... Seiri : Service, all colors, pure* silk, extra long ...... ./TV. . Chiffon, all colors, with French heel Chiffon, all colors, 48-gauge, very sheer $1.19 $1.50 $1.65 $1.95 The Boston Store THE HOME OWNED STORE FOR 74 YEARS At the Diana. The water 'Three son;; numbers comprising the sensational wafer carni- • val number, of "Sunny Side Up." 'Fox Movietone - musical comedy :coiiipi'[scs tlire«' j which is a solo "I'm a Divamt'i'. a love duct. "If Picture, of.-You.' I'iirniv.'il iiurnb'T snll^S. **rii' of by .Miss flayn-ir. Aren't We All." I Had a Talking suns - by Mi s -i Gaynor and <; co-featured . t! yi:nr and Farre • Heat." a number Sllll^ Her confession, surprised him. Li-. - ! nora was dead, lie who had paid such a high price for her . . ! . and Leopold had covered her'. . |. and had taken her. behind this man's back; foul, foul 'dishonor, thought Maria Luisa, giddy with the shock discovery, and no :y.|\vere in the Inure, of pestilent sweet ... ... this Eleanora tha: such a downfall liad been possible 'You are mfaody," he said, "stn len, perhaps; I will these chan yo'ur humor?" He put his [hand into his Inner pocket, and brought out a lustre of of this fell marvel that th what manner creature was fire that caught op bf the flames on the green tangled the brilliancy hearth. - "Nothing so costly," added Christian, "but witt, cbst can be bough —do these Induce your smiles?' He tossed two'gems to her ;liat tell In the, lap [of her stained habit:' she saw two diamonds, one of exultant beauty, and recoiled. I'They were hers," she istam mered.. | ! [ ''And ehall be yours—a fair price even for Caesar's!sister, eh?" "All women cannot'be bought:" she Bhobk the ,sto[nes to the floor. •'No?" Christian picked up the .diamonds and| held them dangling before th* Violent, leaping fire. "Come, wear the Jewels: somehow we 'll strike tbe bargain equal yet —perhaps be took them from her bosom— I'll- set them In yours." Maria Luisa [did not stir: she was hardly conscious of any Insult or outrage in .what be said. Surely he had] forgotten her In that deep reverie evoked. by the cold fires Of [the Mitau diamond, now she might jcreep away: she rose awkwardly, [ as If her limbs were cramped, and reached, out a shaking hand , for her ! tumbled fallen coat; but on this movemenf Christian turned [at once. "Not so easily. I must command roar company/' | "Wnat," abe replied, "can prevent mrtrom iMTlnglyonT" IMadami, ml looked.door." rMarla Luisa [stood with her hand on the I back of the yellow wte. | 1 [ "Ton would mot be so Ignoble ai to detain me> MonaelgnenrTI' , : Cbrlatlanigralleld aid said: ' IDntaaUn ••t.myl gorgef—I would not call a^ckey In." 'Hti.lntantion^wM' tbeff, cold aid - 'i«r. - • ••-• ami was? to Lhese mocks; I know the main b!Lv you: ha chance not | ha leave?" "Vou marked] in you ve had f that sets ,'e done "Had| 1 bad said in each missed gneur. gantly. Eleanora. "you m;jy stir j in which ' Janet i Charles Farrcll ar <ire filmed in color. "Sunny Sid-.' j-Up" is the. at.truction at the Piana Sharon I.ynii and j theatre' Tt:t'.-:day Wednesday and •[Thursdav. I .- ' , • | This color process was tts-'d in - tile-"Pearl of OJd Japan" number of "Fox Movietone Follies" and ; aroused much comment because ! : of its reproduction in natural col- jo rs without distortion or over- la ppiif:'tis is common in many •color processes. . . Hid "Turn On •ctactilar jaz/: nd 'danced by an ciisi-niMv of tin ifu titifiil. chorus sirls. DcSylva. Hrnwn and Mender- •sOn, a'lthoi's of a dozen stage SIIITJ<5'-< and hundreds of popular soiu-s. wrote "Sunny Side L'p." incliiclili!: tli.' story and and A music. 'Ilavid iiutler directed and Seymour Felix. Broadway's famous dance direitor staged the ensembles and song numbers^ have a Christiaii nd tlfe- iiiMiistrin me here-' will yo and suffer me i royiil spirit." r. "Had- you bcr' brother's place you migl have hqld your thther's thron I been in your wife's plan |set you. bn a throne." SI: the samp tone.. "We ha'v ' something,'. Monje: | 1. more than replied sioti—"brid you?.' "Everything." !and sin! 1 can measure." ! ! of her air of pn- 1 she smiled- |ce the lir=t an- I bankrupt as I am. 1 cannot entc. j tain yo[ui Monselgneuf, now once, had you asked It, I miji' most richly have* endowed you-' l "You can still give me what , most value above riches, revengt ;• he smiled, staring her- down, b me [again on the jCaesnr's. level, el —one woman for another—and rc- • bap's my account a little overp:r < '. . ! She has an Emperor for he !. lover, while his sister will have oni j General. Crack." • i "A lover?" she repeated. I "j put it delicately . . . plaint ! since you questiop the terms, y.i r shall te my bedfellow tontijlit- i ] think s te was no more than that \ .: him|, and these lewels. a foul wait I. pald in his presence for a vile pin • pose, shall go hack with you to hn —your price now! too." Marlti Luisa did not blench: re; was no v., as far from her/as hope. "Vou frustrate [yourself,", she.saii "I khovr you as ytjiii do not knowm You 1 CE nnot do ; It—and commen! yout-seif tomorro v." "How many men would stay the hand?" be derranded lusoie'ntl. "Arid yni please ine wellenough ! fi a brief dfstractio i even though yo; were not the Cafsa'r ; s- sister." "And you pleaSe me-well 'eno'u-g for me to stay tonight, ay. and mail nights if—it would help you." siv answered. "You talk down you own 1 heart; see. Monseigneur, 1, to speak plainly, wl at-is there now t] binder me?" . [ |* Christian. 1 regarding her with tiS tense scrutiny \ under' frownin brows, asked: • ' ,"You would stay Willingly?" U "If 1 could help -you . ... but have, more than my body to givi . . ,1' perhaps she had. Mouselgneur we do not know.' . '. T j • Christian turned bis bead away abruptly.: -| -! '''If yon ever come to issues- with- •her.i remember fbat. . . . maybe there was more: than gross- WaDtonness . . : as for me, If you lovtd me, or even desired me."—she •IgbedJ atraullaf^wlth a fainting bnatb -r ^'I would not endeavour to * [ '?Wh|t do I matter? I am so un ,nt in a world of ruin, and tl («' M f«n Milly. I would bf yo« kplttress, bafOra.aii irtt :woald avaU yoij (Wy "~'BOtblw',ti| rou Last Showing Tonight Shows at 7:00 and 8:45 Admission: 10c and 25c. NORMA SHEARER in "Their Own Desire" Just, Ask Any of Your Neighbors About This Picture Also Lai '.rel & Eardy Comedy, "Blotto," and News • TOMORROW, WEDNESDAY! and THURSDAY - Three Big Days—Wednesdey Matinee at 2:15 4 ha-aald, JANET CHARVIS Tbe septatie succeiSat popt feet -musical; tut stars of "7thH«*\ I Angel'! in th»ir lint. 1 001 Also a [Goqd Taikii

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