Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on February 18, 1952 · Page 14
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 14

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, February 18, 1952
Page 14
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•FOURTEEN EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD, MONDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 1952 Phone 4600 for a WANT AD Taker Aviation's Paradox -1 Millions Spent for Safety, Yet Tragic Air Accidents Continue Editor's Not*: Each succeeding" ofr tragedy leaves aviation baffled. "It Juit doesn't make sense," says a veteran Pilot who knows the pains taken on the yti/uni and aioft to make air travel as safe a» possible. NBA Staff Writer Wade Jones was < already at 'work, before the latest crash, on an exhaustive report on what the airlines "' and government agencies are doing "to cut the toll of air disasters. Here's ;^ the- first of Jour dispatches on avia- "^ tion's paradox. ;' By WADE JONES "- NBA Staff Correspondent •'~ NEW YORK — The'series of •tragic airplane crashes shocks no 'One more than a layman who makes Ja thorough investigation of air safety precautions. L In the words of a veteran pilot, "these tragedies don't "make sense." Safety precautions taken by the -scheduled air lines and government agencies are impressive. «And yet there are certain "soft Jpots" in the total air safety operation. Just how or why they affect the recent crashes is for the experts •to say after their hearings. •" It is shocking to learn, for ex- 'ample, that more than $5,000,000 worth of navigational aids is lying 'around more than 30 airports, unused. After travelling 3,000 miles in airplanes, talking with their pilots ;and with the mechanics as they -perform the all-important maintenance work, watching pilot training, and interviewing government air safety officials, you get a general feeling of assurance in the air safety job being done. Then comes another crash at Elizabeth, N. J. — the third in two months. Total dead 117, and the figure mounting. Newark Airport closed. "It just doesn't make sense," says a veteran airline pilot. "I read what the paper says here, but I can't believe it. It just doesn't make sense." And It doesn't make sense in terms of placing the blame for the crashes on Newark Airport, from which all three planes were either landing or taking off when they crashed. WHERE'S JOE i Too bad! Everybody is havinj; such a good lime eating, drinking what they v Bkc with never a worry. But not Joe. He stayed away because he knew be 'would have acid indigestion, heartburn, eas, if he ate and had a good time like the others. Why hasn't he ..discovered Turns, too? One or two . Turns eaten like candy, stops acid indigestion almost before it starts. Do • like millions of Americans—carry a roll o( Turns with you always. Sec how they help you enjoy life, On/x lOc, TUMS FOR THI TUMMT SPECIAL! Richard Hudnur GOLDEN RAIN SHAMPOO 5 ounce • Bottle ... 8 ounce Bottle .. 1.00 1.75 FORD'S DRUG STORE Cumberland . Frostburg DEATH IN ELIZABETH: This is the third crash In Elizabeth, N. J., In less than two months. The city, in the shadow of Newark Airport, was up In arms. Yet Newark Airport is one of the most modern in the world. Were these accidents just a coincidence? Area Certified Under Federal Jobs Program The Cumberland area is among those certified by the Labor Department as having a labor surplus making it eligible for consideration in jlaeing of government contracts. The Office of Defense Mobilization said contracts may be nego- ;iated in-such areas at reasonable prices, even though lower prices are obtainable elsewhere. Aim of the order is to relieve unemployment created by the cur- ailment of civilian production. The areas certified 'yesterday by Secretary of Labor Tobin are:' Major areas (areas with at 'least one central city with a population of 50,000 "or more)—New York; Detroit; Providence; Wilkes-Barre- Hazleton, Pa.; Grand Rapids and Flint, Mich.; Scranton, Pa.; Beaumont-Port Arthur, Texas; Pall River and Lawrence, Mass.; Altoona, Pa.; Brockton and. Lowell, Mass.; Atlantic City, N. J.; Asheville, N. C.; Manchester,. N. H.; Terre Haute, Ind.; and Laredo, Texas. . Smaller areas ^- Pottsville, Pa.; Herrin - Murphysboro - West prank- fort, ill. (formerly classified as'Crab Orchard, HI.); Uniontpwn-Connells- ville, Pa.; Cumberland, and Vincennes, Ind. Anthony Saeli, manager of the Cumberland Chamber of Commerce, said the Chamber will take immediate steps to learn details of the program and the impact it could make upon this area. On paper, and in the virtually unanimous opinion of the men who fly the planes, Newark is the best- equipped airport and one of the finest from every standpoint, in the country. . And there is nothing now to indicate that the airport's facilities were to blame in any of the crashes. Was it just coincidence? There is nothing now to indicate otherwise. , But the possibility of a "pattern" in the causes of the tragedies cannot yet be ruled out. And with that in mind let's take a look at some of the soft spots ,in the over-all safety picture. They are not believed to be critical danger spots, but they could become so. First is the matter of shortages— equipment and personnel — brought about by the military aviation drain on existing supplies of both. At one time last year traffic in and out of the big Ft. Worth, Tex., airport was heavily curtailed for two days because of a shortage of civilian air traffic controllers. * * * More recently, and for the same reason, traffic control services to planes was completely halted for a time at certain points on the: airways. Airline officials blame the situation on the fact that military aviation; is calling back to duty as reservists large numbers of civilian specialists' employed by the Civil Aeronautics Administration as traffic controllers. CAA admits the situation and says it badly needs Need a laxative AlmostEveryHiqht? Then rely on this! Take famous Dr. Edwards' Olive Tab- lots. They are all vcgetabk and so mild that many folks have taken them every night for years—no need to increaaa dosage. Olive Tablets establish rhythmic activity to assure complete, more natural" like bowel movements. They clean out •waste from the entire intestinal tract to help you/eel and look just fine! 3p£ GOfc PHONE 2765 for Finest FUNERAL FLOWERS HABEEB'S 26 N. Mechanic St. When Pennies Count MRS. FILBERT'S OLEO £* 29c MUSSELMAN'S ASST. PURE FRUIT JELLIES 2 1, 34c FRESH PORK LIVER 29c » tEAN PORK CHOPS 45c ib - • ..Count On The P. S. OUR LEADER COFFEE Lb 71 c Bag • IV SMALL SWEET PICKLES £ 49c GRANTSVIHE EGGS 47c<°< VEGETABLE or TOMATO SOUP lOc - : : 1-1 • n K H • money to train "replacements for the traffic controllers. Bight now the situation is not critical, but it could become so if CAA has to begin scraping the bottom of the barrel for its highly specialized and safety-vital traffic controllers. "There is no belying the seriousness of the situation," says Elmer Thompson, spokesman for the Air Transport Association, trade organization of the airlines. If the airlines are to maintain a reserve pool of trained manpower for use by the military In event of an all-out emergency, -Thompson says, there must be some assurance that this personnel not be drained away from the airlines by military recall until there is such an emergency. The same, Thompson believes, goes for the reserve pool of equipment maintained by the airlines for emergency use. * * * One piece of equipment the airlines would give their eye teeth to get is the radar responder beacon, which would enable a control tower to spot a given plane in the ah" : regardless of interference by cloud banks or other planes nearby. But industry is tied up with production of similar equipment for the Air Force, say the airlines. The military must have — and gets — the best of what it needs, but what remains is not always conducive to the best in airline safety. And while the government Is on the carpet, here's one that should strike home to us all: Right now, that $5,000,000 worth of navigational aid equipment at more than 30 airports isn't being used because the federal government doesn't have the money to operate it. It's already been bought and paid for by the CAA. But that agency simply doesn't have the money to put it into operation — to pay-for the necessary -personnel and electrical power. The equipment includes approach lights, instrumental landing systems fan markers and radio beacons, and radar and tower projects. * * * There's still another field of ground equipment -which is not nearly what it should be quantity- wise. That's visual aid. Such aids consist of lights and runway markings which help the pilot make the difficult transition, a few hundred feet from the ground, between electronic guidance and his own vision. Ironically, possibly the best system of visual aids in the entire country is at New Jersey's ill-fated Newark Airport. Many airports in the country don't even have white borders and white centerlines on the landing strips. Both are tremendous aids to the pilot in clarkness or bad weather. Fewer yet have lanes of approach lights guiding him into the end of the runway and indicating the altitude at which he should Roberts Enters Congress Race BOWIE, Md.— (I?)—A descendant of three former Maryland governors, "who has never before run for political office, announced today that he would seek the Democratic nomination to Maryland's Fifth District seat in Congress. Eugene Bowie Roberts said he entered the race on the urging of friends who desire to be represented by "a business man and farmer with *o previous commitments or obligations." Bowie joins a list of two dozen Democrats and Republicans "who have filed, announced, or been mentioned for the seat now held by Rep. Lansdale G. Sasscer. Five members of each party have already filed. • be a given distance from the runway's near end. Both the International Air Transport Association, an organization of the world's scheduled airlines, and the Airline Pilots Association have put their OK on Newark's visual aid system and have been urging its universal adoption for three years But the CAA has not yefc officially recommended its adoption. .Anc again there Is the item of money CAA would have to pay for all such installations off the runways themselves. And CAA can't pay to operate some of the equipment it already has. Next: Training and regulations designed for safety. 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Her mother " is now almost sick with" worry lor Marilyn is supposed to take a premarital examination. CASE C-373: Marilyn M., aged 20, is soon to be married. "But, Dr. Crane, I am worried iick." her mother informed me. "For when Marilyn was a little ;irl of eight she developed an infection which the doctor diagnosed as gonorrhea. "He treated her and pronounced ler cured. Meanwhile, we tried to race the source of her infection but we could never locate it. "Now Marilyn is engaged to be married. She is soon to take a blood test. Will this earlier infection show up?" Medical Facts As a rule, I omit strictly medical problems from this feature, out of courtesy to the medical columnists. But when the medical difficulties cause undue worry or fear, I may ;reat them briefly. ' Gonorrhea is one of the two major venereal diseases. The other is syphilis. A blood test usually reveals whether or not you have syphilis, but a blood* test is not used for detecting ^gonorrhea. Besides, 1 since Marilyn "was cured, she is cured! When you get over mumps or scarlet fever, you are. also over the infection and cured. But many victims of venereal disease, if they contract it because of their own illicit behavior, have a guilty conscious long afterwards. Even if they, are pronounced medically cured, they may still disbelieve the physician. Year after year they may thus demand new blood tests. Marilyn may have contracted gonorrhea from, a contaminated toilet seat, for occasionally that is the case. Since Marilyn was never informed about the nature "of her ailment, she is innocent of any worry or guilty conscience. What's Your Question? Here are answers to other medical questions which thousands of you readers ask me every year. If you want to consult a specialist and don't know who is an expert in your special field, just call the superintendent of any local hospital and ask him to recommend the names of reputable local physicians. A proctologist specializes hi ailments of the rectum, including hemorrhoids and cancer. A gynecologist is an expert in disorders of the female pelvis, including the uterus. He performs a hysterectomy (removal of the uterus)., as for fibr9ids, etc. An obstetrician delivers babies. A pediatrician specializes in children's diseases. And ophthalomologist is an eye surgeon. He's the man "to consult for removal of cataracts. A psychiatrist is an M. D. who concentrates on diseases of the nervous system, including neuroses and psychoses. Hypochondriacs Some people constantly worry over their "innards." We call them hypochondriacs. They need to get a good medical check-up once ^ year; then forget themselves till the next annual medical examination. Many people also suffer from phobias, or persistent abnorma fears. Acrophobia is fear of high places. Claustrophibia is a fear of closed spaces. Agoraphobia is terror of open spaces. If you wives undergo a hysterectomy (removal of uterus) that does not make any significant reduction in your physical charm as a wife. The uterus, is not primarily a sex organ as regards marital relations And if it ceases functioning at 45 PHTUttM NOT ONLY RELIEVES BUT 'LOOSENS UP' CAUSED BY COLDS Thousands of doctors prescribe this famous modern cough medicine. PERTOssfw increases natural secretions and acts at once to relieve such coughing. It loosens that sticky phlegm and makes it easier to raise. FERTUSSMJ is safe and mighty effective for both old and young. And it tastes so good! Any drugstore. Downey Price Wins As TV Show Downey Price, 12-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Price, Klcsta> man's Addition, I^aVale, lalt night was announced as the winner in an amateur hour contest carried a week earlier over a Pittsburgh television station. Young Price, a sixth grader at La Vale School, won a $50 award for his singing of "The Chicken Song." He was adjudged the winner by virtue of telephone votes from tele- viewers in the Pittsburgh area and postcard votes from others at more distant points. In three weeks he will compete with other weekly winners for a grand prize of $1,500. Miss Olive Thomas, a 34-year-old Eckhart woman, appeared on the amateur hour from Pittsburgh last night. She sang "Old Man Mose.' The outcome of her effort will not be known until next Sunday.- CUMBERLAND FOLKS GET S50 CASH IN A JIFFY AT NEW AETNA OFFICE The nev/ and larger office o Aetna Finance Company Is now open at 48 North Centre Street, in downtown Cumberland. During the Grand opening of Its new location, the company is featuring a "Get-Acquainted" offer o: $50 cash for 20 days, on name only at a cost of $1.00.- Worthy persons may get the money in a, few minutes. Larger amounts up to $300 are also available to pSy bills, iiiukc Hew purchases, home or car repairs, or other needs. Th$ new, larger Aetna office is the result of the tremendous growth and popularity of Aetna's famous fast money-service, according to Robert L. Heiser, manager. Persons wishing to avail themselves of Aetna's money-service are invited to visit the new Aetna office, 48 North Centre street, —Adv Stratoliner I Magician Hunt HOLLYWOOD — (INS) — Paramount lias embarked on a worldwide talent hunt for a professional magician to portray the late Harry Houdmi in a screen biography of Ms life. Producer George Pal wants a man young enough to play Houdinl in his twenties. Pal wants a magician for the role because he feels that only members of that profession have the suavity and stage presence he's seeking. you can still remain thrilling anc thrillable into a ripe old age. (Copyftght by the Hopkins Syndicate Inc.) A Three Days' Cough Is Your Danger Signal Creomulsion relieves promptly because it goes.right to the seat of the trouble to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm, and aid nature to -soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial membranes. Guaranteed to please you or money refunded. Creoraulsion hai stood the test of millions of users. CREOMULSION Klitvu Cewfhi, ChBt Col*, Acute Irtmthittl Give yon speed cooking at its best! Cumberland lectrirtor ve. Phone 619 NEED CASH? GH IT HERE QUICKIY I F u r n i t ure and signature loans. AUTO LOANS IN 5 MINUTES FREE CUSTOMER PARKING IOTI NEXT DOOR TO OFFICE! National Loan Co. 201 S. GEORGE STREET David Sigel, Mar. Phone 2017 Rev. T. J. Kerfoot Healid from ft Living Death Healing Campaign ISAIAH 53:5 MATTHEW 8:16-17 Now Preaches and Prays For SICK and AFFLICTED IN SOUL AND BODY x-~ NIGHTLY at 7:30 P. M. Services will continue through Sunday, Feb. 24, excepting Mon. Rev. 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