Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on May 29, 1957 · Page 15
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 15

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 29, 1957
Page 15
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Dial PA 2-4600 for a WANT AD. Taker. 20-For ' FORMICA ron COUNTEU TOPI ' Try "Pennsy" • Rout* 40 NlrrWi Dill PA J-7300 ft** f•!) ParMnpl _,'EVBNINJG .TIMES, CUMBERLAND, -MP-, , WEDNESDAY, MAX 29, 1957 27-Femoie Help WonU4 WAITRESS Wanted al Hyburjcr Rf«- Uurint, Uoutn «, llx mtlti vest ot GAS rcfrl£eralorL lawn mower; 9x12 nig; foH 'club*: antique mantle clock, clber household article*. 411 Cumberland FA. ' BOAT with trailer. 25 hp EvJnr motor. S6QO. liojs Garage or phone PA 4-2545. NEW and Used Typewriter*. No money down, payments as low ai Phone lV«!«njport 26912. WWIam . Conn, 21$ Walnui St., Wesiernport BOXKK PUPPIES, THOROtJ PA 2-71(10 315 National Mich way. LaValc VACATIONERS, have the home town news follow you white you arc awa from home. You can have (he Cumbe. Und New* or Evening Times raal!o< any where in' the States for 6c per ropy; Sunday Times for )0e per copy, Before you taXe your trip Phone the Times-Sews Circulation Department; PA 2'iSOO to order jour paper. SPEcTALS^Allis ChaimcrsCtricTor u-/cultivator, A 1, $3«. Ma&sey Marria 22 tractor, w/Mtd. plow, A-l 1695. Spring Tooth Cultlva.ori for AB-50 and 60 traitor.. JU5. R. D, Spclcher, Me ye rid ate* Pa. EXPERIENCED SECRETARY Typing, Bookkeeping and Shorthand required. SAI.AHV ?65 PER WEBK Apply in person: ;OPITYPER, Inc. Mt. Savoge, Maryland 36-Watch, Clock Repair* AIRLINES KEEO joung woman. See our ad In Amusement Section, tral Institute. BUSINESS MACHINES Sales & Service — Typewriters — Adding Machines — Cash Registers BUY OR RENT Keyser Office Supply Co. Victor Adding Machine Agency CV'cyser. W. Va. Phone 28721 SALESMAN WANTED •- HOT ITEMS SEK'Mn. LltHTENSTEIN, 176 N. CENTRE ST. TYPIST Wrile Box 1323, City 2B—Male Help Wanted SERVICE men, experienced, (o rep*! fieneral line of household appliance* l.arce concern. Paid vacation, gro\i\ a i km, retirement ylan Writ* Hating qualification,, and ill ary expected. Box KG A, c/o Tlmei Xews. LGI.EAN' VETERANS to train lor A.I linci and Television. See our ad i Amusement Section. Central Inhtiluie MAN' uantlnc to' get Into busineis iilmielt. Kxcclteni opportunity. > h a ve phon* > nd car. Writ e: '872-A c/o rime«-.N'ew» YOUNG .MEN to train (or Alrlmei an TelfvisSon. See our ad in Amuaemen Section C<mr»] Iniclluie. 21-Wantcd to Buy SCRAP IRON & METAL f/PE-PLATE, STRUCTURAL Copper, Brisi, Batteries, Alum., eU. EROCK SCRAP I. SALVAGE CO. Between Klaf' £ cXfalt Old nil f ll'.« Site PA 2-GttO SCRAP IRON METALS STRUCTURAL STEEL Otitit xtltaUi Ball' NQ* Located la LaVale Rear Zimmerli Auto Shop FELDSTEIN'S ' Phone VA 2 512J. PA MM1 WANTED — 5 or 6 room low house, on Catholic School bus Suburbi. Write Bo* MS-A. price line c/o 5-MiicellotieeAi 47-R««1 Eitet* <«r Sol* R EXCAVATING OF ALL TVPES Chert fill (or Drlv*»»y»l R. JOHNSON, RT. 9, PA HI* I.OORS r- LAYING, SANDING, FINISHING. Krtc esllmitrs. Charles Burch, Mt. S»va«e. Phono CO 4-4601. LAWN MOWERS SIIARPENKD. HAND OR POWER. » OAK ST. 1'A Z-2361. NEW LOCATION-SHADE'S LANE HOUT CONSTRUCTION Shovels, Dozers, Trucks, Grader, Hollers, Stone- Spreaders, Kill dirt. tim'd PA 4-5575 or PA 2-6327 AST, EFFICIENT WATCH REPAIRS JOHN NEWCOMER. 15 Virtlala Are. PA t-55!« Call 37,-MeKil WflafhersMppfng Defionce Weotherstrip Co. •REDCRICK C. HAAS DIAL PA 4-D919 38-Moving, Storing GRAPES TRANSFER Dial PA 4-5622 MEDERS TRANSFER, LOCAL 1X)NQ DISTANCE AUENT NORTH AMERICAN VAN t-l.VKS PA t-MOt BENNETT TSS% £ Local—Long Distance PHONE PA 2-6770 Display Ciotsified Commercial Prospect seated 2 miles wosl ot Red Jouse on Tioute /C50. Restaurant and Texaco gas station. Fram'e JuiUing covered with asbestos hinglcs. First floor consists o( unch room, dance floor, 36' 38', kitchen, and living room. 2 restrooms. Second floor has 4 bedrooms. Basement with oil- fired furnace. Shower room and sleeping % room for truckers •"rontage, 300 feet on highway, all modern equipment included us (or full particulars and price. D. C. Goodfellow Agency Real Estate Storage Insurance 131 N. Centre St. Phone J>A 4-2893 BEAUTIFUL 5 acres, 5 room modern bungalow Ireshly painted. Garage attached, hard (op drive, [orel> fthtde' Iruit trees, 'ihrubbery. block oul-buUdln£ and walled itre. JS minutes Irom city limits. Price on Inspection. Phone PA 2-4769. cozy BMtilaw. Wile/ Ford. 3 roomi, modern bath. All city convenience* Newly decorated. Excellent condition intlde and oul. Imtnedlile possession Dial HP. S-8977. AGENT, MAVFLOWER TRANSIT LOCAL. LONG DISTANCE MOVING KLAS'UIIN TRANSFER PA 4-2770 BLOCK BUNC-ALOW-I bedroomi, llv- ln{ loom, kitchen, tollel. H,%w. Ople Annan, 58 N. Centre St.. PA J02M. JOHN APPEL TRANSFER LOCAL. LONG DISTANCE MOVING AGENT UREYVAN LINES PA i-l«X 39-PainHng, Poperhanging PAINTING—EXTERIOR, INTERIOR FHEE ESTIMATES. GET THE BEST1 J. L. IVILBEIiT PA 265S5 24~Furnoces, Heat, Stovei LENNOX Coal. C>i, OU FURNACES Cleicjnf It Repiliioi ICllojlei lleaUm Ki N. CenL-e PA «-JI» Plumbing & Renting E. Woodyard Phono PA 2-J950 HOLLAND FURNACE CO. CX — Co«l — O«« Ht,tl»v tttlll Sani-v*c cleanlnf seivtce, repairs «<3 N. Centr« St. PJiom PA { 5i COPITYPER 1XCORPORATED MT. SAVAGE, MD, Applications arc 1:010 bein received JOT job opanmgs as... — 'FOREMAN MACHINE SHOP Must be Tool & Die Maker Salary Open — FOREMAN ASSEMBLY ROOM Salary Open Openings also for cxperiencec .Machinists . •. . Must be qualifiec Journeymen. 'A1NTJNG, Spouti/is, Roofrnfi- Com- piele repairing. Cement and block work. Guaranteed: Kuhn and Durr. 1'A 4««7, PA.2«17. GENERAL HF-PAIRS I 1 HOSE PA 2-5151 40-Personali Two adjolntng loti 35x113, Moot gomery Ave. •* Room ' mod*rn, ftxw! ater. 2 icrej ground, ii) mile., oui Hmjje 22, Small grocery doing nir* busineii Stock and fixtures- South End. Terms 6 rtoom frame, bath, heat, garag NIct !oi. Good condition. Oflmt SI J. S. MUTTON, lleaUor roon- URGENTLY ntetlcd i _. _ homes, fall Gcorg* Waingold Rea Kjiair, PA 2-2t52 cr PA 4-2383. 1 ROOM house with about 1 acr« land located < miles north of Roi,. n«y> W. Va. Close Roui« 18. Near ih« river. Haicmenl. outbuildings an cteetrLcltjr, JUDO Cash. Oil Komne; SJor write P. O- Bot 323. VACATIONERS, have the home town follow you while you ar« a«*>from hotrw. Von can hav* the Cumber- News or Ktcning Times mailed Wheru in ihe Suits lor 6c p«r op> ; Sunday Tiroej /or JOc per copy. ic you lake your trip Phone the ei-Newi Circulation Department: 2-4600 to order jour paper. BEAUTIFUL Level lot IE LaVale sul 1 able (or Ranch Type Home. 100 frontage near New School. Any rea >onab!f offer considered, PA 4-3330 41-Professionol Scrvicet Do you DMd • new DtiUci planlT Call PA *-:iH for [rr* iitlmatri, SUB Heitioi Co.. P O Boi 44T 25 : —Building Supplies OAK FLOORING SAVE-JA.VB-SAVE • NEW tonrn PRICES BIHECT FROM MANUKACTUREIl t5/13 t 2 l i" Orat RM ..... U'lC It J3X3J * J'i" Cl«jr M>.l!« .. Z2'ic II 23/31 s 2'»" Se)*cl Red' ...... 32c il 1">/31 x 3'i" Srlrct \\"h:te . . 20c (1 2V32 X 2 1 *" Com 1 R*d. Wh.t* Ire «- Ii/3I X I-*" KIOE03-.V ... SHc ft. a"i/33 x 2 v i" Con * Rlr Shorts l!c H- riocrtns — KlfRdrC«J. tud ma'.chfd. 43—Piono Tuning Machimsts per hour. Shop $2.62 Do no! apply unless thoroughly experienced Contact: Mr. Conrad DIAL CO FEELING !o»J la tfci pfrckflbook, lha . A wist ad can CPCE ihe door t< * sources cl Lacoise lor jou. U' NtUonxl AfsoclJtlcn Rulrs. ALLEGHKN"V HARDWOOD rLOOniNG tvtrelt. P*. rhone 2C3 Truscon Steel Sliding Clopet Doors With Quiet Njlop Rollers Save Space—5av« Money 3-ft. Wide Opening—$29 The Cumberland Cement and Supply Company Rear 419 N. Centre SL PA 4-2000 Ihlnc «U cotl U >n ad and youlj find Un HVNDMA.N —Easy commuting !o Cumberland. 6-Room frame on double lot. TEST HOME for m»Ie and lemal« lienls. n*arby . Cumberland. \Vrile Tri Slatt Employment, LaVjIe. TA 1-1S62. Piano Tuning & Repairing Laurence Gri//itfi PA-2-1633 ROBERT W. UORELANO. AiRT, Tools, Repairs School, CJ,a,t B . H om. Pianos. PA HCaH. Uaed Planx. 45-Rodio Service GUARANrrxo RAD:O SERVICE Sp«ciaUitnf bom* k tuu radios OOUAHS II N. G«r|< 6L PA «-5W 46-Teleyision Service CUMBERLAND ELECTRIC CO. rV serricei on all mates—UuararK»«d. Nite-Suniiay service available. PA ]~fil91 FIFTEEN • SIGNATURE • AUTOMOBILE • FURNITURE 1 LOANS $25 to $300 You'll like doing bVsl- n«t here. Our liberal aedit policy makes borrowing and repaying eaiy. Fast, friendly i«rv- . • . . Come In or phont for immediate service TODAYI NATIONAL LOAN CO. ttl S. George PA <-6622 David Sl£tl, Mft. UP TO *ieoo Cflih You l«.iv. $100.00 200.00 300.00 Caib 'Yew $ 508 .00 740.32 7032.00 20 «~uMy Poyra.Ali $ «,72 13.44 20. Id 21 Monlhfy Poyir.nri J25.00 36.00 50.00 Foyiw.rU obov. fnclvd. pr(>icfp«l end ch«u a .i rt r*. paid en • chtdul*. Charge* on loan* above J300 ol. mode under Ihi induillf.l Flnoeie low. PHONE TODAVI FAMILY FINANCt CORPORATION 40 N. Mechanic Sir eel Telephone; P Ark view 4-3600 Op« a Moxfay 9.-00 to >M Dliflay FOR SALE* If you desire a beautiful brick 'dwelling ol fjncsl'cen- striK'lIon In excellent condition, newly painted Inside and out, see tills first, 948 Bedford SI., 7 rooms, 2W ' ballis, modern kllchcn with disposal, breakfast nook; utility room; 26 \ 14' living room with open fireplace; hardwood floors; wall to wall carpeting; Venetian blinds; large sun room; full basement; gas hot air heal; double garage; pallo with beautifully terraced grounds, fully landscaped; awnings; storm windows, screens. For appointment to inspect call George Waingold Real Estate, Clark-Keating Bldg., PA 22152, evenings, !>A 4-234*3. CONCRETE SEPTIC TANKS Interior**! I POWER EXCAVATING TRENCHING STEEL STORAGE TANKS Basement, hot faraie ulth room above, paintint contracted. 15.100. J-.J, heal. DoubEe PILE BROTHERS ilc.Mulleo Uwy. More taforaallon Call: PA ^84 or Humbertson'a STRAND "TV Ssles k St. W LaVale PA 2-1220 B«rrie» Open 'Ul 9 UNITED TV «f r.palr «U WBcdiord St Bs4!o. T-V PA i-l«« TV 0. V AUTHORIZED sales 1 Service REI.VHAnT'S. PAJ-5SM. 9 ».». Jl p.ra 47—Real Estate For Sale AT FURNACE ACRES 1 rr.I!e» oil Roule 2S. Anolhfr A t A Home for sale. WU] be ronpletcd about Jun< Fh»r.< cut. Isu Tor price and lrjorro*l:or. A t A Builders, Foil Ashby L.XROE LOTS In ihe country. Ideil lor your present home "or to live on uhen joa retire. Terms SIM cash, bslance monthly. Ople Annan. Phone PA 1 0200 or GReenleaf *M«I. FLOYD P. GRACE 11EAU ESTATE W. Va. Phone RE 8-920! Quality Lumber and Building Supplies The South Cumberland Planing Mill Company SS QJKD SL PA J-MOO HAGERSTOVVN SLOCKS & MART1NSBURG BR!CK Ray M. Athey Dtol Pa 4-44 J 7 VERMONT FLAGSTONE • 8 Colon, Irregular SUPER CONCRETE CO. W5-11 Henderson Ph. PA 2-4260 Are you planning a PRE-FAB . on PRE-CUT HOME room houtf, city v» payment, balance u PITTSBURGH Plate Glass Co. WORKS NO. 7 CUMBERLAND, MD. Applications are noio being received far job openings mi- —. he Maintenance Department! 2 *,™D|;.. r . o be filled in the early part) Potomac 'par*. "FA' tiiit oj this summer. Hourly rates <Er>ucEn~TO twx: o/ pay {or the Dept: — Elcctriclam . J2.62 per hour — Machinists—Shop }2 U per hour — Machinists—Plant .... $2.45 per hour — Pipe Fitters $2.45 per hour — MiUrigbtj per hour — Carpenter-Painter .... J2.29 per hour Applicants mtisf be qualified Journeymen in order to re ceive consideration. Bowling Green HOMES Beautifully landscaped -semi- bungalow with I'i baths on McMullen Boulevard, containing liv-! ing room, dining room, kitchen' and den on first floor; 2 large! bedrooms and bath on .second floor. Full concrete basemen; with laundry and shower. Garage in rear. This lovely home is in A-l condition and ready to occupy without repairs or remodeling Inspection at your convenience. Price $11,750.00 Attractive 2 story frame resi-. dence. fully landscaped and clean! as a pin. Large lot size 83 x 120 in beautiful lawn and shrubs. Living room, dining room and modern built-in kitchen on first floor; 3 large rooms and bath on second floor. Situated on Cresap! Drive at intersection of McMul-' len Boulevard, convenient to bus line and slores. A real buy at coiisiderably less than replacement cost, ail in exceJIent condi- The BLIND MAN Says: "Iqllt of Confidtnc. is not th. result of difficulty; th. diffi.ulry »m.s from lock ol confid.nter Storm Doors Storm Windows Jalousies Awnings JOHN E, SHARP & CO, Highway WHITACRE'S CtlMMr.RI.ANO HAfTftO sot.s 4 ;.r.k. BA 11 N. MKlWc Sl. r * ^ POTATOES Best U. S, No. 1 New White Potofoei Pcck MS IB,)-. Watermelons Giod Cutters 89c each B sire New White $ 1. 49 SO Ibs. Bag A few POTATOES for SEED still on hand 1.00 A Bag Delicious Beautifully Ripened BANANAS TOMATOES Good Supply Fresh Fruifs and Vegeteblej of Depe,nd- able quality with Low Prices HAGER'S SUPER FRUIT MARKET Narrows ot Lover's Leap "EXCAVATING OF ALL TYPES ir Chill Fill for Driv.j/ayil R. R- JOHNSON «f. 5, Cumberland, PA 4-3136 ^ ROOFING and SIDING Call PA 2-5100 for AJ« Typw ot Roofing and Siding Applied by Experts 1O YIA* WKITTIM OUAXANTU OM LAIO1 AND HA7UJAU Ask About Sean Own MODERNIZING CHIOfT PLAN M» Wour D.WH. Up to J4 HoMIn ho r*, StA«S x ROEBUCK AND CO. 179 Baltimor. Si. Cumb.ilonit, Md. FOR SALE Meat and Grocery Store lotolW ol 42 N. C«r>lr« il. [oim'eily eccupisd by the Chicago Marks*. Co. for pait 30 y«ovj. Groi* huiinats hr past I ycort avstages }150,000 yior. ' Contract William J. Gunter 7 ' KEDUCED — <16 MaryLnnri Ave., & room hn^k. IH bath*, ca* furtiJC*. j->ra£c. Venetian b'.ir.di. SH30C. Dial PA 4-3660. For further Information call PA 2-SoOO or write: Director ol Personnel. 29-Solesmen Wanted SALESMAN 33 to *i. married. • car. Neat. sy> per week plus per.ics lo jiarr. Write: Box S"!-.*. c/o*. tf*"tn£ -pbor.e num fcer. 31-Situations Wanted MARRIKD man wants worfe alter P m.. cterirat and clerXinE c.vper ience. PA t-un. PA 2-2MJ. LpAHN TO DRIVE — Dull Control*. Automatics. Strait Skills. 9 to 9. Howard T<riKr, 154 Bedford. PA a-7313 H so. we know thai you will very pleased whcn-you hear our "Home Planning Program." U has been our experience that frequently we can save you many 3 2 -1 n$ f ruction• dollars and a great deal of hardship by supplying out of our yard rather than from a prefab factory. The advantage of dealing with a home-town lumber yard are many! You can he sure of Quality and know thai we will be here to make any adjustments on material shortages. Our future rlepcndi upon your salis- 35-Mijcellaneou» , faction and our prices are as low or lower in many cases than those of our "prc-fab" competitors. If you will give us the opportunity to quote on the same u malerial lists and specifications-p'u, houir, limits. :XCELLENT Location. e nye. J- BH roo cr.s. Modrm od condition. Inralated. ifj. PA 4-iSJT. • INK MILES from the city — 9 room prf-Civil \V*r brick, [Ireplice, lh«e baths, sic am heal, boxv,ood hcd^f. Beauiifui country home. Will finance. Opi« Annar., TA (-0200 or GH « 4M1. Price $13,500,00 M. D. REiNHART AGENCY PArkview 2-2111 LIBERTY TRUST BLDG. 48-Roofm9, Spouting .*. Sldln«." New RoofiDi. Piicanjj, Gutter* MeUl Work, «11 lyp«*. Eitlmatej fr* 9l 30 yr«. Erp Alc» J Scftjta PA 1 wot Atlcntion KOUJO Trailer Owners I'cur monUily rrnt wilt pay (or a Lot. 120 down and Jli per month Including ciCv srater and electricity Mr»".c«*. l-wer lip. paved itrcrL Siie o! lot. «y x -1M'. Localcdi nor McMnlfen Blvd.. 2 miles ftom Cumberland. HaWARD BUCHANAN'. INC. Office 5*9 N. Cent.™- PA 2 C-553. ETvenins*, dial PA 4-31*3. LAKGE OTTir^iitj. beautiful tre*». area, Jt» ft. frontage, 1500, or terms. PA 203*7. V.LDIXG 8 x S. 8 feet hith. 2 win- dow.c, bfM fixtures, desk. Exc«]l*nl Tor Used Car I^it. Catl 733 Frojtburg. Good price for quick sale. fnU. BUILD 2-Bedroom Ratablei IS475. 3-Bednxini J9JSO, Split tj I10JW. ^taufc ConstrucUoB, PA 4-UM Te bav« c*ib fcuyen lot ro<x!«m aiti. Guiirtnletrd ResnLu or DO coil you. YOUJ luqulrtei welcomitl M. D Re.nh*rt AECOCJ-PA l-ailL 34-Lost and Found LOST: 3 BLACK t WHITE CALVES Joseph Stetle. 1-onncoranK - SF,PTIC TANKS CLEANED S25. Morfe *qu]p"t. Bi-Stale Disposal S«T-\'.c Write or Phone Lonsc^nltie HO 3-** thai .yon would be receiving with your prc-fab. we arc confident thai we can save you many dollars. BUCHANAN Lumber Co. 549 N. Centra Sf. PHONE PA 2-0650 WELL, OR ILL ING yrs. Kxp. Modem *lecl equlpmcnl Tip In *f A Ha (iocs, Cah aniicd Cas;nc SHOVELS — DOZERS Mobil* Cranes. Racfc noes, ItlRh Ufd. •omr^e•^^«T^, P*vir\a BreaVcrs. I>rt,li, 'r*clfir-Tra.ler* 1 I^iw Bed Tra.lrr*. file Trailer?, Truck* of all Xir.di. Fill TTt Tiate T-!6r( f?.4n 100 Tfcce» fl/ BAUGHMAN CONTRACTING Rt. 40 West. Dial PA 2-45SS 26-Help Wonfcd HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE STUDENTS for special outside promotion. Pleasant working conditions and opportunity 10 oam op to 5100 or more per week. \Ve fclll train you. Come and talk this over belwtcn 8 and 10 t.m. Xeyjtftne Hrrme furnishing Co, lit N. Mectinlc St. Septic Tanks Cleaned S20 LEHOY KF.NXELL H>7idman lll-R-S: Cumberland PA7-42I1 Excavating Asphalt Orfcei Fill din Bulldozing — parJHnff E Top REAL ESTATE SERVICE Let us list your property We Get Results'. Tie KAFIOLD R. FLETCHER CO. fl N. LIBERTY ST. DIAL PJA (-6414 UME1S Korac Improvement Co , r*l contractlnj in reofing. J W~«« Ifljelbrlc sSdinjz. Also Alumlnom SL* ? -lS94, PA B ?.3HJ'.*a5'*-D; rid ion* St!** ^^1^ "onie Improve me nt C». Bmldiai Conu-jiclor. Johns-ManTUU Kr p? * S -SS 5 ' Roon "* 1 aioek ur Alcoa Alumfnum Siding Bj the Squar. o Complel. Job Dottn P.raent s sVj io Pa, OimberiatnJ Horn. Improvement W.. loan,. PAI-KXH. Bedford Rl OOr Deriilr. I, fitw R(>o ; t . sbio.], S!at« Built Up. Hoi Aicbajt Co«Uoss E. W Abell. PA J-MIL OOriXG. SIDING. Painting. Spo.k taf. Gcccril npaln. Call Dumb. «-«»J. Hmiman 1J7-R-J. Frt. mates. BlttlDicr-Bnrkctt. W ITH TRUSCON Aluminum Awning Windows Enjoy outdoor comfort — indoor privacy with pt-w TRUSCON Aluminum Awning Windows! Till-out ventilators swing open to jusi the right angle for controlled fresh-air flow. New vinyl Tveatheritripping reduces fuel billt Stop in . . . ic* them today! The CUMBERLAND CEMENT and SUPPLY COMPANY Rear 419 N. Centre St. PA 4-2000 THE ADVANTAGES OF FOLDING...™ DURAB11ITY OF STEEL New e door rhal pnrrWn fvB o««i ro ony cloel, (upboo/d <x wordrob., »i!hovt locriflorp vakjabl* Rco* spats. DurobU sr»*l, soywitf.od.ned.opartittt vnoolhly or nyfon prvorL AvoIU oWewUDidard o'8" and S'O" Vir.g-sli., In 3'0", 4'0" anrf 3'0" wMrhv Hod. Vy TH1 AMUICAN WIIDINO ANB MAXUfACIURINo CO. The South Cumberland Planing Mill Company Air Conditioning By Buy Carrier^ Call your dealer or AIRGON EnginMifng £ Supply PA 2-7269 NEW CASE loader-BackhoB $5925 ROOFING, ridra.g, AU maicj. Roc* repitr*, M D-.O?. io pjj Ml!t . BttUaser, Ma. Ph_ CH i-2$0l 50-Upholstcring M -A YB CRY- POLAND REALTY RE-^L ESTATE BROKERS PHONE PIEDMONT 6011 I'PHOLSTERiNC Tnjck Scats fc CO.. Tops. Drapery 1. St.p Cover Fabric. Window scrtrnj made to oMer. Alum- screcn.nx fc mflldiTiK avatli SI Ctlan*j« Stiecrbrccjc. 40-- e off.SOc yd. EQ- BRAGG. LaVak. Md. PA 4-4611 ^ODER\ 2 bcuroom home — lotchcn. riinrttc. jpaclous li'vinit room, jrood location In l.aVilc. Ph*nc PA 4 3232. . Cti:. acent. ^,o<,<;^ on Braddock Road, by appo.nlmcr... onij". t>.i. PA 2-3»93. 5% Down To Veterans TfJJ HILLTOP T>rire. « room brteV hunjralow. 3 bfdroomj, KirAie. l« Phone PA 1-J332. COTTAOK oa private road, 400' w« front. Ixn; lca*e on ground). Dial PA M«6 after £ p. m. KOO.M conrrelr Mock- bath, full b»s*mrm. 7P7 Picdmon. Ave. Inspected hy appoinlmerLi. €-9:JO p. m. PA <2J13. ROOMS, hath. buncato«. GVT.~~cily walcr. Larfce Int. a small buVldincs. Itrant Hoart. Crcsuptown. BUNT.A1.OW. siont and IraiT.V7"sTVarBC nxims. (argu porc^e5. brick car ace. 1 acre lot. Poultry house. DcMra.b.4 Br»drJorV Farms section, tiV Tor Ififiirntalion call PA 2-«>i3, POSSELT'S Coitom U^liolsterlDt. ruralrur* Repairs. Awoims * Tarpaulint ,, 31 Frederic* St O!dt(t. mod reUaW.1! llal PA3.<?li. Qrtr JS Tears to alj I UPHOLSTERING loha Troiell. 23a Oanoson PA 1-309H 51 —Vacuum Cleaners CUSTOM MADE FURNITURE RecOTfrtnr «od Sprlne' Repllr C. E. Brod« &u Greene PA 2-15 UPHOLSTERING ^T". 1 " AUTO CONVERTIBLE TOPS THDCJt SEATS TARPAULLVS HASTLSGS ALUMINUM AWNLNGS Ceo, a. Warner U01 Va. A«, PA • 077* Swift's Premium , and Wilson Ib. Morrell's Canned 5 Ibs. 54.89 3 Ib. $3.19 11-13 Ibs VACUUM GLEANERS'! VACUUM STORES PA «-«l« PICK UP k DELIVERY S»5» DOWN! s-rxim home. <i»lh. he> f3S Bcdtorrt St. Owner left ttwn. NTILLKNSOS Real F.stale. PA 4 M NEW FURMMIEn CAMP on \ht South Br«rrc!). PA 4-OJM. J3300. Opl« Annan. 6 ROOM HOUSE. BATH. COAt, FURNACF.. IDEM. FOR FAMILY IltAI. RE SOU SINKER vacuum el«*twr. Rfjsissesstd. M*y IK purcha««i3 for halincft due. Singer Co.. 64 Haltlmort St. Orrie Scnsabaugh PA 4-5953 COMPLETELY furnished cotlaice local cd at Haielhurst. Deep CrccX LaVe. Also boat arid (Jock. C*n be sceo weekends. Wrile \v. o. McConncl!. 63S^ Addison St.. Washington. Pa. Block Laying, Cement Work PA 2-2689 (BEDFORD Koa<t section — new brick 1 bungalow, birch kitchen. IUc balh, liol water baseboard heat. PA V06J.9. HOOVER VACUUM CLEANER SERVICE PA 2-5070 1302VA. AVE Display Classified AUTO a CUMBERIANB ! GLASS 3 P flll *T « CUSS ----- , --- ---- ------- , ._ [Wiring And General Repair Work! | Thone PA 2-3082 I ROOM^ house, furnace. >»rd. In city. s,1.2W- *7M down. 550 ptr ir.OP.lh. Ix>w isxes. Write Box 66T-A, c/o Times-News. * Open All Day Memorial Day * Phone Ortferi Deleted Within 1 - Hour. Slight Charge. GERANIUMS r±X° ¥ " •.... 59<£ FliiaiQ GRADE "A" $1 f|A •• VWW LARGE .... 3 Doz. JL • VW HAMS HAMS CHICKEN CHICKEN TURKEYS WEINERS CHARCOAL BEER * /CE COLD WATER MELONS ......... $1.39 * McDADK'S i>lAHKi;iS H«r« It a powcrlol !n- cftfffna) cMit — .ngf- neer.d and buill «n- lull/ by J, t Coi« —lo c uf your trenclifng. loo d- Ing and backfilling costs. H.avr-^ur conilrutlioa Ihrovghout—*i>H laScutn engine, power-steering, ptin lornowi C^i; shullfe Ircnsmiistan. dri <n lor detailj Morgan Brothers Industrial Sales Rt. 40 West- City Limits PKone Frostburg 1080 Legs and Swift's Premium Cooked Tender Young 10-12 Ib. Avg SKINLESS ALL MEAT 10 Ib. — 95c S Ib. bog lb.79* Breasts Ib. 65$ 4lb.can?l 17 2 Ibs. 550 Give Your Budget a lift with a THRIFT PLAN LOAN • 7-rfay tervfrw • No co-«j'gn»n • Tffmt to Kit! yoo *2O to $1500 |Case of 24s r BAVARIAN ; •awoyi $2.98 Reg. Bottlci 2.59 m*df unde I r.n»nce r THR/FrPUN| I FINWCt CORPO«»T10»I ' I OF CUMBERLAND Open 7 11 N. FRONT ST. Day. A Week — & A. M. to Midnight DIAL PA 2-2030 Open Monrfoy fre/imgi 'fit 5:30 T»escJuy thru Friday 9-5 LOANS MACE TO RESinENTS OF StRROi:M>IXG TOWNS •A- «ot«'! H. turns, M}/. ;18 N. Libert; SU FA 4-03U

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