The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 16, 1930 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 16, 1930
Page 8
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PAGE-MIGHT ang and Dictator of Spain Primo de Rivera of Spain Wants to Gel Out but Doesn't Dare'Drop fteins j By MII.TON KKONNEK NE* Service Writer LONDON—Just ns Ihc toy who: caught hold of (he crab didn't know ' how to lei KO. So General Primo de Rivera of Spain, having grabbed the pswcr sis years ago, does nol yet- know how to let BO of the dictatorship. If this situation were taking place In any other country of Europe, it would almcst be safe lo predict that botli dictatorship and monarchy would be discarded and that a republic would ensue. But nil predictions, (all In Spain. 'Oils Is partly because the mass of the t:ople are inert anil illiterate and, morn to. because the army always has the deciding Voice,' When the army was favorable to. Rivera six years ago, lie grab- ted > power and dismissed the Parliament. Now tlmt the army Is 'up the dictatorship, he announced he would call n National Assembly and place before that body a written constitution which he had had ; drafted by experts. • The National Assembly was largely hcmiwsed of his own men. There was an outcry about this nnd he then.offered to miike it more representative of ihc tuition by giving 49 sents to ex-Premiers, ex:Speakers of the former Senate and Chamber of Dcpu'lcs. delegates of the royal academies, imj- . verities, labor unions and other b:dlcs, Nan Badly Received Never was n dictator so shipixxl in the face. The former Premiers nnd Speakers held aloof. The College, of Lawyers of Madrid ndrled .insult tc injury by electing Cluer- ra, at Mint time still a prisoner, nnd (wo pDlltScnl exiles, one' of whom Is lurlmps Rivera's greatest political enemy. . The University of Vnllodlld took a mighty'whack at the dictator by i electing as its reurcscnlallvc (lie | celebratct} Professor. Miguel Una- muno. one of the greatest living Spanish writers, a bitlcr enemy of Rivera, who once was sent by him .to exile. He escaped anrl IKW lives. gradually being wcnncd away from him, he hus suddenly discovered that he is weary of power snd wants to step down and out. j No doubt the king would like to I get rid of Rivera, but he is watch- : Inc'his step, lest in bouncing the Dictator he' may also denl a dendly olowti the monarchy itself. Got Off to Good Start For .a timo many of the tilings that were written down in the bock of -Spain were lo nivem-'s credit. He gave Spain something like" real eovernmnrt. He liquidated she weary and costly war in Morocco by j:lnlng up with France and beating the RlfTs. He encouraged the modernization nnd Am-i ericarilzation of Madrid. He gnve ] an impetus to railway building in : Spain. He tried to push industry and Increase the wealth of the agriculturists. But lately there hnve been many things on the debit side. He expected, the great expositions nt Barcelona and Seville lo bring a stream ot money into the country. Instead, they will cost Spaiil big sums. He tried to stabilize .the peseta. Instead, the money of the country js al the lowest cl)b In Ihe international markets that it has been .since we went to war with Spain, freed Cuba, took. Porto Rico, and made a money payment for tile Philippines and Guam. Army Is Deserting Him To add to his troubles, the army has shown signs of breaking away from him. In Ciudad IVal Hie Presbyterian church January '22 under the auspices of t|« Blythc- ville Christian Endeavor : Union. A native of Texas, Dr.. Laridrltl! Is home In nny part of the United Stales, ^following 25 years ot supreme aclivity on the "platform and In Ihc va» of progressive movements, lie was formerly president of Ward-Bclmont college and in 19)0 was a candidate for the vice- presidency of the United, states For ihe past few years much ol ills time has been devoted to writings and addUreises In promlllon or the Christian Endeavor movement which he regards us the dlstlncl- Ive Christian youth movement lor all nations .an dbranches ol llie Christian church Dr. Laudriih was trained for tlio law, but In early manhood enlcrei! |Uic ministry. He has since been a I writer, an educator, an editor ana I n distinguished and capable Chrls- i llan statesman, known best In his I c-antpalgiu for civic rigtheousness I The public Is Invited to 'hear Dr : Landrlih. No doulit King Alfonso, left, want s to net rid of Primo dc nivcrn. right, but fears thai his throne may fall with (he dictatorship. uttlllcry regiment suddenly miide lltclt master of ihc' town nnd held It lor tome lime. Then In Valencia theie was (he plot to Involve (ho whole nijny in an advance on Madrid, lake the capital aiul cn- tmsl n Conversativc cx-Prcmler, Hanclicx Ouerra, tj form n eorern- mcnl until elections could be held. The plot was squelched and Guoirn arrested. He was iilnced on trial recuully by u military tribunal anil pleaded guilty ot conspiracy. But he was neqnltlcd In spite cf the evidence anil hjs own confession. Rivera's troubles did not end there. When lie decided to give er. The University of Ovledo clcelcd Dim Alvnvcz, former leader of Ihc Hefoimisi party nml also a hitler enemy of lilvern. The Academy of Jurisprudence nnd the Laobr party refused (o send nny representatives. Slliulloii Is Muddled The oilier day b:th "El Debate" and "A. B. C.,"—two great newspapers which have supported the dictator—announced that In their opinion the Nntlonal Assembly uas useless and Hint it nne wished to reform She constitution It would be necessary to make nil- apixjnl to the Corlcs elected by universal suffrage. Klvcra wants to hand over the government to some.ministry which will be be n bridge between his dictatorship and » new constitutional regime. He has nbout come lo (he conclusion thai Spain will not stand for nny new constitution which is not rnllflcd. by a icg- ulnrly elected 1'urltrunent, but he does nol know clearly what- King Alfonso wind*. ni-nm 1ms something tip his sleeve; that much Is certain. He h'«s just I rejected a • suggestion made In a note from four cabinet ministers Unit he should enll a gtneinl 1 election or resign. Cardwell Debaters Divide With Holiomb 0. E. Speaker CArtDWELL, Mo.—OJi TuesU.iy iCvcnliiK ihe Cardwell High school I split a double debate with Holcomb I High school. The Cardwell affirma- |tlve learn composed of Frances Rlggs nnd Emma Lee Collins-'won lover Holcomb's negative at Hoi- comb. Cardwell's negative, Travis Ixjve ond Mary Jo Riggs, were defeated by Ihe Holcomb affirmative M Cardwell. EIGHTEENTH AMENDMENT On Jan. 18, 1920, the 18th amend- wit to the United States Constitution went into edcet. The amendment provided, In part that: "Th« manufacture, sale, or transportation of Intoxicating liquors within, the importation thereof into, .or the exportation thereof from the United Stales and terlr- tory subject lo ihc jurlsdlclion thereof for beverage purposes is hereby prohlblleU. The • Congress and the several states shall hare concurrent power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation." Today, also, Is the anniversary of ihe recognition, by France, of ihe Independence cf the United £;iiti-s. on Jan. 16, 1778. On Jan. 16, 1872. Congress passed a general amnesty law. And on Jan. 16, 1754, George WasUinston returned to Virginia after a trip lo Lnke Erie as rnvny for Governor Dlnwiddle. Dr. Ira Lnudrlth, citizenship superintendent ot the Internationa Society of Christian Endeavor, oni of the best known public speaker of America, will speak at the FIr.v BILIOUS COLOR AND BAD TASTE Black-Draught Proved .lust the Medicine Nmicd, Says North Carolina Ijidy. oni verlook The Important Fact That You SAVE'-Here NEW DRESS FASHIONS for Spring and they cost only Winston-Satan, N. 'C7— "I used to suffer from spells fo constipa tion when my system would get all out of order," says Mrs. C. U. Dunnagan. -422 Cleveland avenue. this city. "I would wake up in Ihe morning dull and achey and would not feel like doing my Vork "At times. I would have bilious headaches. My color would be as yeliow paper. I would have a bad taste in my mouth. i "There was a girl staying with'' me at thai time who kept alte: me to take Black-Draught. Finally. , she gave 'me some that she had j on hand. I found It lo be the very j thing for me. A few doses of the ! tea seemed to. have cleaned catj my system and made me feel fine, j "Since then, I have kept It In my house almost all the time. I've beeTl using Blacfc-Draught, whenever I need a laxative, for the last ten years, and I find that It answers the purpose. "I huve recommended Black- Draught to many of my friends for I know it to be a good medicine." Thedfortl'j 6 For Constipation- Indigcstion.Biliousncis Gty fliln colors tni Iprig/llly faints . . . charming styies for t divrriily of nctdtt Here they »rtl flew dresses . • . straight from New York . . . every one u jmjrt and different al • new <lr«j should be ... and all of thcrri priced with our «i!uJ mention to morr ity\t tnJ bitter quality tl a lou-er price. The imartat feature! of the new silhouette have been used in their styling . . . though hemlines are only rightly uneven, sVirtj are definitely longer and hiplincs moulded. The colon ire u fresh »nd alluring u i ipring oay .-.. with black to emphasize the high shidn. Be * ure .'° * c t ' 1 * in • • • '"d won. Size! for women, mind •nd jum'on. J.C. PENNEY CO. 220-222 West Main Street. Just Getting Kltrled OLD. GOLF CLUB MBMUER- Well, what did you do it in? NEW MEMBER: Seventy-six. •OLD GOLP CLUB MEMBER: Very good indeed. NEW MEMBER: Yes, and lo- morrow I'm going lo play the second hole.—Tit-Bits. A pile of one thousand million ollars would reach a liel^hl of 48 miles. iOITRE NOT A DISEASE •lilwaukee Doctor Makeri Remarkable Discovery' Milwaukee. Wl's.—II has".'been rought to light by scientific re- earcli that gollre is not a disease nd is not to be treated as!such. Ur. A, A. Rock, Department F12. Box 737. Milwaukee Wis. a proin- ncnt goitre specialist for ove r 24 ears, hns perfected a different nethod of treatment for his pa- lenls that has proved' remarkably uccessful This same method Is tow being used for a home trent- nent of goitre cases nil over the ountry with astonishing restills The Doctor; states that goitre' Is a condition'i-lilch grows worse'with •leglect.and recommends immediate ittenllo'n no matter how smafl the jrowth may appear. -He srftngly ipposes needless operations "Dr Rock is the author of a book that ens in a simple way about .trrat- •"- gotire at home. He haJ pub-ed this book at his own ex- iwise and will send a copy free o anyone inlerested — day.? ..- RITZ THEATER Wednesday and Thursday All Talking! See! Hear! GEORGE 3&NCROFV "The Mighty' .ft, ftoramount Cfictun All Talking Comedy und -'Bernies Orchestra. Admission,'Matinee lO-SOc-. Ji, ;Night, 1 q-<10c FOR 10 CENTS Corn, Callous, Roots and All 'Come Out—I'ain Cone Instantly. SHOES DONT HURT RESULTS GUARANTEED Many a man nnd woman lias exclaimed O-Joy when [hey found their corns and callouses gone- pain gone—and slices hurting no more. Pay a dime for an envelope of six O-Joy Coin Wafers. Press a wafer, llijn as paper, on the corn, Uip on shces, pain is gone. Later peel off wafer and out comes corn, callous, roots and all. Absolutely guaranteed. No bulky doughnut puds or burning acids. Just' a wafer, thin as paper, Avoid higher priced substitutes. O-Joys (ire newst, best remedy yet. Six for dime at druggists. . Adv.—3. HOME THEATRE Wednesday and Thursday "SILENT" RUTH TAYLOR —with— William Collier Jr. Jobyna Rolston With Comedy and Fox Nsws Admission, Matinee and Night 10-25c A .Comprehensive Showing of NEW SPRING FROCKS Specially Priced at New Prints Flat Crepes Elizabeth Crepes Fish Net There's something entrancing about these new Silhouette modes with their uneven hemlines and their newly designed collar effects... Included in this low priced group are frocks for afternoon or street welar. Shown in new colors of: Dahlia Tangerine Sercsc Tan Rose Blue Green Black Prints A Complete" Range nf Sizes We invite your early inspection PHONE NEW SPRING YARD GOODS All colors are guaranteed fast Printed Cottons — SOISKTTES shown in four, colored prints in new and different patterns, pei' yard "TALK-a-HOUT" Prints, very pretty and different designs PLYMOUTH NOVELTIES, a fabric . that is new—in colors that will please per yard PRINTED PIQUE, bright cheerful patterns, a fine <iua)ity, per yard PRINTED LINENES, pretty new patterns, extra.nice quality, per yard PRINTED CAMBRIC, Floral design, geometries, checks, squares, polka dots and stripes, yard PRINTED PERCALES—a variety of colors and designs. that will exceed * E" ** your expectations at the price. Per yd. X 9 C New Silks— TUB SILK— Good assortment of at- 'tractive prints in nil the leatling colors, per yard ........................................ HONAN SILKS— A fine quality in solid colors of blue, white, pink 'and orchid, per yard ..... ............................ PONGEE — A good quality shown in the new shades of pink and blue, also white and natural, per yard ................ PRINTED CREPES and Geor- gettes, a large assortment -of attractive new prjtits, per yard...... CREPE DE CHINE— An extra fine and heavy quality in a wide variety of new .solid colors, yard Awning Stripes — AWNING J3TRIPKS in combinations of rsd and white, green and white. orange and black, guaranteed fast colors, per yard .... ........ : ..................... Seat Coverings — AUTO SEAT COVERINGS in neatly striped patterns of brown, tan and grey, good quality, per yard ........... Tickings — FLORENCE Straw Ticking, very good quality, pretty stripes, per yard ........ FEATHER TICKING, 8-ounce weight hickory stripe, per yard ...................... FEATHER TICKING, vsvy finest quality, blue stripes, per yard .......... _ Sheeting — BANNER LL Domestic, brown, yard wide, per yard ............................................ GLENWOOD Sea Island Brown Domestic,-'!0 inches wide, per yard .......... MASCOT fine sheetings, brown, 40 inches wide, per yard ......................... 9-4 (81-incht brown sheeting, heavy quality, per yard ................ - .................. GREEN STAR yard wide bleached sheeting, per yard .............................. NO. 60 Bleached Sheeting:, yard wide, nice quality, per yard .......................... SHEETING, regular 9-4 (81-inch) bleached, per yard ............................ _.. SERVICE COURTESY - - - ECONOMY GRAND LEADER PHONE 22O DOMINANT STORE OF BLYTHEVILLE ',

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