Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 22, 1954 · Page 38
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 38

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 22, 1954
Page 38
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PAGE TH1RTY.KIGHT ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH THURSDAY, APRIL 22, 195] BUSINESS SERVICE Proffitrtnf. hMtmt, funtrtn* promptly done. 3-3S38. ' rlMrlrtd: «1M> ttfM Muting Gu*r- «rr*M! work. Pick op »na deliver. Phon» 4-iMl. _ tAftWMI* fcoW* — Roofmt. tia~- int. Screens mmJe »nd initialled Free «tlrn»t*«. Pheivt J-SOOR after 4 p.m. _ ftAitwtM DtGOtNtJ — Griefini iTf ill Kind*; iOMIviston development. 9-7BB. Cta. Longfellow Co . Inc. _ PLUMBING REPAIRS fe. f. *«*•_ __ Dim 2-3787 GUTTERING Spouting, furnace, pipe replaced Free eitiitmtes jytme't Tin Shop, a-l424._ RENTALS HEAUBY Godfrey FISCHER 2-7710 WELL DRILLING All New Equipment. Experienced Operator MAKE APPOINTMENTS NOW WATSON DRILLING CO. Mo N Liberty Si. Phone :mw Jerseyvllle. Illinois CAWNMOWlRS SHARPENED and Repaired. A Stupperlch, 3106 Alby St. ~~ TRETSPECIALISf Trim Tops, Take Down & Haul Away Insured. Free Estimate* BP KRAUT. Ph.4-9343 WATCH CRYSTALS FITTED - Any m»k*. while you watt OTT'S, Stratford Hotel Bldg. 4S AfARTMF.NTS A H.ATS 3 ROOM APT - G»«. o-ntrr. light* furnished Private entrance A bath Prlee $50 monthly 71.1 Sprma St . nrjJ-SHIB. Avallablr attcr MJX inih S ONFURNtSHfrn ROOMS For rrnt 3128J»rown THREE LARGE ROOMS -Light c !/-an basement npt Autnmatnc hot natrr. lights furniMirrt ,V:r! prr mnnih t> H^Forsting. Hartford III 3 ROOMS A BATH fnriirnith'rt near Ola** Cn «4n mnnthl> phone 3-noTji j.i ROOM-" Unfurnished apt with bntli for rminle. imiitie» iiirm»hrrf Th 4-«ZTO._ .i UNFURNISHED ROOMS >, hnth A garage. »M mn Rn.l Wnort Rnrr Avr 4-7KIR. ALL MODERN- UpMairn apt 4 ronm« and hath. Ra* heat, hoi wntrr and electric furnacr A garden *pni if wanted. Walter Gui-ldener. Stair nt 'I 2 •j_Mld-W«y. Ph Brlhaltn 74(l"i .1 LARGE '""UNFWNfSHEfj ROOMS For rent Private bath A entrance .tO:ia^Loren«. Wood River s'jySoMj^DEW'Apf. i'-mit, 3 RbOM~UN"FURNiSHEb APT I'll vate bath, tile flonrn. nil heat wniri fnrnlihert. Wired for electric fir un« »love. Call 3-2233 until <l p.m. 3-.IO.I.'. FLAGSTONE Per walks, patios. Building (ton* for walki. Ciillenwater Dial 3-B30B RED 4 WHlffe SANltARY SERVICE Ccnpooli and Septic Tanks and Outside Vauts Cleaned Owner ALEXANDER BREWER 133 St. Louis Ave., Bait Alton, III. Phone 4-8062 or 4-348S _<» BUILDINO rONTRACTORB CONTRACTINO—Rooting repairs. All kinds of carpenter work. Call 2-8228 CARPENTER REPAIRS - Block lay-" Ing, eoncrcete work, sewer and plumbing, fret estimates. 4-801)1, CALL SANDERS — Home contractor for anything (ram adjusting the storm door to building your new home. Free estimate. Financing. ELMER SANDERS, 4-6737 or JEWEL MAXBY, 2-654^ REAL ESTATE SALE REAL ESTATE SALE REAL ESTATE SALE REAL ESTATE SALE REAL ESTATE SALE JFARM - LIVESTOCK! M1SC FOR SALE ID 7 ACRF.S milr* fj A!t"n f.ANDS tprnvM ground pavrd laftl CONTRACT—Block and cement work of all klndt. Herrln Brot., 3-1041. CONTRACT CEMBNT WORK — Of all klndl. Union work Free estimates. LYNN WOOD, 3603 Franor. Phone 3-9293 . 3-5181, JI4 DECOR ATINO INTERIOR — And exterior pnlnllng. Very reasonable. Free estimates, Call 4-B886. WALLS WASHED—Wallpaper clean" ed, windows washed. Interior paint- tng. Experienced. Phone 4-71)00. INTERIOR — Exterior decorating-' plastering, patch plastering, removing wallpaper. Fret estimate. 2-8664, 3-3106. FLOOR SANDING fc REFINISHINO— Interior painting;. Reasonable rates. For free estimates dial 3-6514 or 3--5230. M RADIO * T.V. REPAIRING WILCOX RADIO & TV •ervlc* ell make* TV and radio 3-744J 2612 State N. Alton RADIO AND TELEVISION SERVICE SQUARE DEAL SHOP 720 E. BROADWAY—3-9411 SEVEN MEN TO SERVK VOU TV SERVICE — Be a factory trained technician. We service nny make radio or TV set. Also Install UHK converters and antenna*. EBBLER ELECTRIC Ph. 3-7588 2512 State V) HEATING AND PLUMBING STOVE, FURNACE & BOILER REPAIR—Parts most all makes. Quick •ervlce. Try us. WISEMAN, 112B E. Broadway. Phone 2-11204 FOR YOUOLUMBiNCHRiT PAIRS—And remodeling your home or building a new home. Call Gilbert W. Smith, Plumbing & Heating for free estimate. My new location, 811 Maurice, Alton. 2-3279. ._ \PARTMeiOTI 2 FURNfSHKS ROOMS --Anrt sun porch; private entrance anrt bath. Venetian blinds, utilities furnished _?? fl _! Mln _ n _l!L A !L*' E * Bl Allnn TWO "5-ROO"M— Furnished apis (ia> heat, all utilities palrt. »100 and $12.1 per month.^ 3-8470 nr .l-flfliin 4"^R6OMS— BaihT i" porches, garngr. laundry. Adults. Dial J-nflno aMr-r __5:30. 2~RbOMS— Water 'anrlhi-at" furnished. Northslde. $40 month Call 2-II4S.1 or 3-322B. I'VROOM FTlRNiSME'ry APT: Prunlf entrance and hath I01R Wnlkrr Si Close to Glass Wrirks I'h 2 044.1 ni 2-3811. 2 ROOM*— Furnished apt. Private bulb and entrance. BIS E. 4lh si. TWO— Nice clean modern rooms with utilities, refrigerator, K«S stnvr (in ^Liberty. 3<', ROOMS— Par! ly furnlslirri I'h 4-55B3._ TJODERN—3 ' rnnms furnished. Gas heat, electric slnvr, nenr Gliiss works »50._;i-p2l)2. ONE n6OM'~FUR'NISilF.D' "ErT'fcl BN CY— Ulllllles A rp;il»cr»lr>r furnished. Suitable fnr onr nldrr woman, ^th A Rlrlge. Call :i 1)044. 2 RObMS--Fiirnl«iied. AM modern Apply_A32 East ,1th. 2" "ifbOMB^TRoxana." "Ai'Tius stop. PrT vale bath It entrance, hoi water, refrigerator, K»s heat. Ph 4.flH03. 2~LARGE"n66MS Furnl»hrrt npt,, private hnth, private entrance, mill- lies furnished. Klrsl floor. miulu only. 1002 Alhy. S'FlJRNiSliF.D ROOMS Private bath and entrance. Prefrr c'Otiplr ,'l-((2ti5 20fl Chnrry. NICE CLEAN- :J room furnished" ha'se- tnent apl. Private entrance, stool A • bower. Utllltlci furnished. No objection to one child. 4-arm:i 2 '"n'RNisiiEb ''kREPi' — Newly decorated. 4-06H.1. COUPLE— 2" rooms. "Kvcr.vthVn'g housekeeping excepl linens, A wsMh- Ing facilities. 4-II7II1. T~FURN I/iil ElV" H6bMS~"Flrsi~"iiTor7 Utllltlea furnished. 244 Lnrena, Wood Jttvrr. 3 ROOMS'— Private"" liaThT close In. Employed couple. Day worker* pre- _f«rred. 2-(i;tl4. 2 n66~M- -Furn isbed npi.~nrnr dow'h- Inwn. $10 weekly. I'h. 3-0073. "4 ROOM "'-~FurnYatied"~~ipi!""(iaraKe7 ullllllcs. SIIO mo. Prlvnlo entrance, flr>l floor. 2-B52D. 2 FURNISMED HboM^APfr-'TtV "iiurct home. Private bnth, utilities furnUh- _ed. 2-5277. 1130 Alby. 'a'FtJHN isilE'b' UbbMS~P 'i v lvaTe~Kai h and hot water. Adults. Itiiiulre 712 East 4lh. _ _ __ DELUXE— 3 room modern~apir~Jan- Itor service. Iminrdlntc occupancy. Apply SchwarU Appliance, EdwnrtU- vllle. 111. _ __ __ 2 FUHNlSliED "ifOOMS— LiIm"S7~gas', hot water and bulb; refrigerator, jirlvate cnU;»nce._A|>i>ly_lllH E._4lli. 2 "FliRNTsiIED "ROOMS— Llghtii,~"gns, heat, hot wuter nnd batlr, rcfrlRcr- alor. Apply 204 lleiiry. Ph^l-7:i:il. ""RObM-'--Moderii~ f irr' m "iieii~ap"l" "Prl- _^5-'r_\ 1 ?i h _ alu !_* n i. r '" 11 '5- "2! E. 0th. 4 ROOM — Newly furn"lTiheir"«nd'~dee- orated apl. Heat and Water. Adults onjy.jt-twoitjiftcr « p.m. 2 NiCELY"FUirNlSlfEb" ROOMS-XTl utilities furnlnhcil Includlnii wailicr 405 Scrlng. 3-7571). 14-1 ATRF, J- M"tM 1*'. mil*»« from Alton fi mnrn *rrni rri'<r!ri n rv>u*r 2 gnorl ha i ns nrvi nl hrr oul htii Idinp" Plrnlv nf •.- alrr Prirr M't 7 f 'H Call TOM GIBSON. 2 4258 H.l V fJftKF.n AtsFNr-V 20 ACRES I 1 , mile* »outh nl finitht on. «S.V)0 Phone Brighton 41 W <• II AI'TF.N AfJF.NCY. REALTOR 13(1 At'PF.S llliniii« ftivrr hollom cither hmMtnfl* nil in *«'*! rrpair All ground in < nil r. Jitinn 2R acre* of \vhrflt hu-.rr uiil prl 2 'Mb*, hnl ancr ftf Rrniinrt npf-n fnr KprtrtR tinp« ', mile f,ff hnrrl rr.nd. 2,"> milr« Alton Prirrd at *:)2'. prr nrrr .I M'RES Coorl ground with 4 room modr-rn ti'.nrir with wllm-liTl f/flraK" Ovrr nnf S( re il I fl-A-hr-r riev Cub tini'tor plu« Htta. hrnrnt' PO-.-O nlon l-'iill pri'f- I A( IIF.S With •• " rit-. \vntrr .In*t thr- p llri-rnenl l.ovelv hnmr- tnnnilr kllfhoii lull nit nnt-MM rn* «/u r CENTRAL LOCATION (J room All modern brick home Cor- nrr lot, good rnnrlil mn .*» rninut* walk frnm Wf»dRp Rank Prire fnr rjuirk Kfiir> tn aMil# Mtflt*. tmmrrt- CALlTAUL GLASSBRENNER 3 3584. After 5 p.m. 2-4982 HEMPHILL AGENCY Ph 4 ROOM ALL Now vacant Villon Phonr MODF.rtN Large lot Collage Hill« Prire 4-27BII * 1 1 2W1 LARGE 4 ROOM MODERN FRAME - WOOD RIVER PPICED ONLY $7500 P'ln!*firri hn^firn»nt morn fnr r-xlrJ h**fli''//jin or drn f ;irpMtnll in thrr-o rrx-irn*.. NK My d**rornt^rt pln«lrr walH. f'urna»~»' rtril v 3 >'.ir**i olrt. RonfinR nnlv ^ v hi al «|2 .'in in Af'RES Wilh ilnndv llflll rvrr Rrrfti" ;HI'| maov rnilhiuklinci and I rferp y ftt nn'l n ri-J' water -.-. Mi-ni' flnl- I Allon on (gallon Road 10 ACRES I lo-.r- in ni lli*i ntrrrtern j romti hoi bni n i tuck en iion«.e^ ar olIliiilllflinKS. Hood fen* pench on hard heiM'-\ rifinie rtiilliio h Idrnl fo SellinR prlrp |n»t «M ranfie finaii'inR' linrne il olhfl lio<id ha«. Mirall nd Klilpe-. ilifilp sin l.nkp 10 ACHK.S WHh ! ni-rp InkP rmmrtPrt h.v ptPHl\ '»f '.'.'Onrls fillpil with blup dill riopplcs etc. plu" mortp-in np-io thp minute honip, IIIIKP living room wllh flrepl«rp, rarppluig. largp liprtionni-. A 1 kllrli ••n imrl rtinptip Full bascinrnl 'i K.lla«l•^ I «pll 't i-lilPrns. Picllll- r«i|.ir '.pniiiK spnl for rplllp l.f.riilprl nrnr HpfJlflll" "" roart I'rlrp *n,.Miti nifMl b.iirt for STORAGE — MOVING PRES BELCHER MOVERS LOCAL & LONG DISTANCE Barrels and cartons for packing 1018 ELLIOTT ST. Dial 3-7630 or 2-8240 H. A. NEVLIN MOVING STORAGE \ ACROSS THE STREET ACROSS THE CONTINENT LOCAL ond LONG DISTANCE 1628 Washington Ave. Dial 2-2(1115 RENTALS _«7_ IIP 11S K B_J-' O B 3 ROOM HOUSE—Alio'ii-'EciwiiTdivlllr _rond. acrosn from Silver Slur tavern 4',ii ROOM—Mndern "duplex wTlir lull hftkemrnt, i-nnvenlently Inciiled ir Wood River. Price $110 monthlv 4-:iUO.'i. 41 BLKF.I'ING ROOM8_ SOOM—For" Automatic one hot LARGE SLEEPING or two gentlemen. water. 2-7181. EAST ALTON — Clean~com"fort7ible" room for gentleman. Joining bntb. automatic hot water, near bus and restaurant. Phone privileges. Call 4-695B. "SLEEPING nooM-on first floor"; close to city bu« line. 2-47G2. 311 - Htdge St. _ "SLEEPING ROb*Pn<lt<riicn",~'prTva'ie entrance. Gentleman. Ph. 3-53U.V "WOOD RIVER—OnV~sieepin'K room and kitchen for 2 men. 4-A42U. ROOM — In private home. c'iose~to" transportation «nd_downtown. 4-B157 Very nice room, on bus line 52B East 7th. Ph. 3-11362. ^OXANA—Large comfortable Bleep in room; separate entrance. 21!) W Tydeman. 4-8705. ¥LEA S A NT nbbM~Pri v a Ie'Vn t r a her. \; block from bun line. 844 Danfoith. 3-9252. ROOM & HOARD II room fiirnlnhed »pl. wllh private _halh_ nnd enlrnnre. Cull :i-«305. 4 ROOM—Srmi-modcrn friime lioii , acre of land, 1 mile outside Godfrej on nt. 111. 1 mile off hliihway on __Strnubi! Lane. l>»\il Moran. a6"DKREY—Fnr leime. KlKhl" "rooir modern hounc, «a» hent. larsr lol refercm-t-n. Avallnble Mny l«l. Wrlli _Box 1100, rare Telegraph "WOOD"" RIVER~-For"»arr 'or reiiVl room brick. Steam heat, itiiltahle foi 2 fntnlliei. 1'lionp llpion . r i-3.1illi 4"~ROOM' 1IOVISE—Unfiirnished. Semi modern. Phone 2-111(14 after S. 'KKfp'UOY'ED "~L\DY—W'lmu""^ ".iVnVi 4 room nuijern funilnhed home couple or 2 Klrli. Nice locution, neu bus, In EaKl Alton. 4-3(172 iifler 4::i() 3 ROOM HOUSE—In rear." newly" p« nered. 4-774U. 2 UO'OM FUHN"lSHEU HOUSE""room iinfutnlslied III) mill mirth of new lit 117 in KockliridKe Write Mary llallcr, Kdwni duville HI. 1. 3 ROOM JIOUSF. With HIIS furmic <-ll.v H'«ler. Klin Drlmnr l!d. Phonr :i-H7H4 Von RENT"-- FOU. room m.uier house, In East Altmi S7II per miinlb Phone 4-:lU!l7 allcr .1 p m, SALE OH HENT il-riiniii luiiihe, [Mam view. 111. t'illl y-l»5»'H 4 » I I' It NIS11KII" 11011KI-: 8 a'ROOM FUHNISIIKD HOUSE n and wife only. 4-2:1411. WANTED—A small bo.r. nge 3 fo "e, to board while parents work. Phone 3-9381. 3523 Berkeley. ROOM & BOARD—Fo'r~eld"eFiF~pec7r pic on pension or social security. Dial 3-7428. 703 I.'I HOUSEKKBPINC BOOMK BURNISHED — Lighl hpusrkr'e room, lights, water, heal, adults Wiahlntlon. 2-1740. ONE LARC5E FURNIS"H"fb~HOOM — Equal to 2' a ; privale bulh and entrance, nice lot 2 working girli. 1611 State. ___ FURNISHED — ~Ho"u»ekeeping'.™aY'g"e, clean room, close to town. Western and city bus, $7 per week 2-7593 or 2-3239. >1L__*£A£J_*!£ N -I!L*_ fi M? _ "« ROOMS & BATH—815 Blair Ave. 2-493Q after 7:30 p.m. 3 ROOM—S"enii-blbe"nu;"m~apl Partly furnished^ J.'!2 JfJeurge. Eatl Allon. UNFURNISHED—2 r"oomi,""~and~"baihT UUlilieii paid. Phone 'J-7391. "3 ROOM APT. ^~p7l"vate"~e"iitrance Nict and c-Iean. second floor Middletown, wired for electric or gas >tove. AdulU only. Phone H-fJ3:iU. 8"iLA"H"GE"CLEAN"RbbM'S-'wrrTd"fn'r move. Privale baih and entrance Downstiiirs. 2 blocks off Slale Si _$35 per monlh. 3-702(1 COLORED——2 unfurnished roomb for rent. 708 Belle Phone 2-3U22 —!__ *Y* N JLE.? TO_KKNT WANTEIJ—Hom«riir7oui'itry."T'l040" "WANTED TO RENT s or u m> hon In Alton. Dial 2-11107. 4 or Ti HOOM HOUSE -2" iiedioon unfurniiihed preleneil Ni-ai hu line, 2 uniill children Cull 2-tiUlfi bLlN'EXECUTIVE THAINKE-2 chil dren. desires to rein a or .1 liedrooi house, lariie yard, no»d nrlKlihoi hood. Excellenl releieiu'cs llox 10.1 cure Telegraph. VOUNC; UOCTOlt Ai FAMILY l)e sires lo rent li or 7 room IUIUM. n good nclKhhurhcMi.l Wilhnu to paj $100 or up. Write llox lii-l(l, can Teleuraph. COUPLE"'DE.SIIiE.S--;i rm. ... laitci furnibhed apl. Private hnth \ ca trance. ;I-77;I3. Milion Uiilc r""ll aho have oilier 10 act e fai im AIIIKN AfiENfV. REALTOR ZIl.'S Slate - .I-B1J2 |-:VM,I-IK« pierce call TED PRICE . ... 2-fWI.I JACK HIinCKWAV .... 2-llflO:i JOE SMITH 2-B44I1 "" LOTS FOR* RALE" """" dOli'NER""LOT 70 x 220. "near Br- Ihallo High School, ».1!W full price. 4-11004 .AfUJE CORNER LOT -l24"*~f:iS"iT.", reiiidenllal Altamonl nuhdlvlslon. 2-01)40 afler .1 p.m. EI.MOR DRIVE Only I lefi, reKlrlst- ed Tertiin. Alton Kclinol ayatem. ,OT.S Foil SALE "-•'• On Mnrrpielle Olive, rentrlcled nuhdlvlslon. Phone :ll, .Of FOH SALF.-IOO'x200' MHInprlnR •uhrilvlnlon, renlrlcled Termn. Ph 2-1140(1. ,OT FOh SAfl.E Near Stale street. IJIal_2-22nil. ~.m Von SAI.E -7» x"12(1. RodReri Addition, near new " NORTH 'ALTON r* level hiilldlnR lol 110x120, Located on Fram-ls St. lolf Kellar Hl.i CALL HARRY FiHfMPHILL AGENCY 3-3584 AFTER 6 CALL 3-7096 \IICE LOT FOR SALE -rillxlMI. wilhin" half hloek new school on North RodKers, $11115. Call 2-11022 until !S::it> tESTlilCTED "SilDI)lV(Sl5N —'North Allon. Most lols 110 x 120. Phone 2-H007 or 2-2447. i "North school. All IIOllHIiB roil 8AI.« >JEW HOUSES if6if SALE— IN PAT- T1SON HEIGHTS, GODFREY. ILL. STRICTLY MODERN. E. H. MEIST- En PHONE :i-v:inn._ _ "ELMWobb PAliK" "NATIONAL HOMES" FHA APPROVED i-hetlroom home. I|il20(l down, JDS per month Near schools, playground and liua line. Seo our I(iri4 display house al 20:1 So. 14th SI.. Wood Illver Open for Inspection every allernoon from 2.110 to 4:110 RALPH H. LADD Phone Wood River 4-H4B8 or Edwardsville 21(111 i ROOM—Mortnm brick Rxt-ellcnt location. Income properly. Terms Sd.'iOO D ROOMS—Gas henl Incoma properly Godfrey. $2000 down. Full price »ll,!ilio 4 ROOM BRICK—Calllnels, oil henl, paved slrecl. North Allon. Terms 3-CAIl UARACE—!t room apl Modern. Gas heal. Al»o unall hininr Terms . *«IOO RIEHL AGENCY 2-7722 3-5777 a IIKiK a-:i021) RODCERS PARK a-nunnooM anicK A- STONE— I'l-Un wtntloxvK, rrratnlr tile In kltfhrn t* hnt hrtit>m. naliu Hi en blurts, rnved (Tilings, In In of c lour t ft, full bn.srmpnt, '2 flrrpliu'rv Ir.vrl lol dOxlM.'i. l.tu-alrcl In itvstni'trd fiulutivlMoii. Sluuvn hy nppninl- mrnt Cull ;i-:^;t^ nr 4-1HH.1 or FOR SALE BY OWNER No Agent Need Apply 3 liedrooin In gone! Upper Alton location $15.500 A room hrlck lo Milton area $11.000 Income properly. 4 apU. $il!MI per mo. Income. All rented $13,500 2-12M ~SPUtTEVEL"2.yEDROOM ~ IIcdwood (HUIKI* — - InsulaU-d (hrniifih- tnit. Ahuniiuun windows, si or in and kcrccu, lifetime aluminum r o n t ca d hi nt oil hen I, Al niKhoiiK tile floorK, tilnl bnth. birch woodwork, fhiorrsrrnl Jtiihtln« flMnrcs nttlc fun, -.*> fl. nin i-h tnt'titl r;iUinn». Kidcwiilks, hiiNcnirnl, HiiriiHf Lol lift >; 127 Close to Inn and »rhooU, M'l,;iOO IMtfine 2-7;U)() MfL r "ON AREA' -- :t HOOM" HH'ICK GAS IIKAT. KIM.l, HASKMKNT, COMBINATION WINDOWS, CIAIt AC.K . $7350 ROSS DAKlt - 2-I.-HU HAHHY OIIKW AGENCY—a-12Hfl "t vrar-i old N li p r'r»rfhr«i Nr w fla r ,'tgf I,/if MrrJ fin f'pnning Avr only ! hr' r- htrn-k« frnm ^fho'iln, CLEM NOLL AGENCY HKAMOK OFFICK :i-Rfial F. vfni HR« Ptrnsi» OH f irrn/fbark 2-470B Dn-k fn.-'fiM ;!-H4.^4 6 ROOM MODERN HOUSE — Good location. Ph. 3-5029. ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS $2,000 DOWN KNOTTY PINE LIVING nOOM wllh rieaiiliful nlone fireplace. I.arfie kltfhen with YnunuMown rahlnetn and exhaust fan 2 nice hedronmn with InrRr tiliding rtanr rlfwrlK. full hath phi* Imlll In shower. t^nrKe iililltv rnoin with eahlnrls and pltimhiriK for aulnmnllr washer and dryer llotine fully ininlaled. auto- maiu oil henl Concrete, floored douhli" gnraxe. Ifoiur lull 2 vear« ; fild f'lri^e tfi new school. 7^i' x 2. r iO' • |r»t Piifed helrtw appraised value NI;W TIIHI.K HKunooM nnK.-Ks iiii'U'r < fiti'-iMiclInn Priced from »I-I.Vin I" $2I..Vm. Call for Inforina- T P- CRANE REALTY CO. IHAI. 'J. 21141, ANYTIMK (;OI)KnKY--EI)!hl mnrn'mnrlern house, KIIK furnace, garage, double lot, near Monllcello College., hy owner. Imme- dlale possession. Wrlla Box 800, care Tefegraph. FOfl S A1 .&-New "3~Toom~and" hat hT frame house, reasonable down payment Call 2-441.1. meol. B rooms, full basement $lfl,.100 Take a look MO flth slreel, Wood fliver. Call between 7 and S p.m. 4-M:m. • MILTON AREA • Large 4-Room—Only 1 yr. old. Level Corner Lot—Garage— GAS FURNACE. STKF.I, SUPPdlVIS, INSIII.ATKIJ. VENETIAN ni.lNDS, IIWK, NATUMAI. KINISIIF.n KITCII- KN CAH1NKTS, S CI.OSKTS. PIC- TUII1C WINDOW. PRICKD AT $12,400 • MILTON AREA • NICE 5-ROOM —Only 7 yrs. Corner Lot—Screened Porch, C:AS ruiiNACK. IIWK. CITY SEWER. FULLY INSULATED, SCREENS A STORM SASH, 4 CLOSETS. IU1ILT- IN CAIIINETS. WIRED K(«» .STOVE. IMMEDIATE POSSESSION. f'RICED RIGHT AT tlO.OSO "Exactly as Adverliied" CLEM NOLL AGENCY REALTOR OFFICF. PH. .l-dOZl PLEASE CALL 3-11414 .... D1CKMANN 3-47IIH , . . GUEN/.EBACK SOUTH rfOXANA"--.i" 'riioh'r modern hrlcU. Frull Irccs, $7000. Ph.J-IWin NORTH RODGERS ~ Have you heen looking foe a .1-herl- room home near school'. 1 If no. here II In. HIIN large living room, kilchcn, hulll-ln cabinets, bath, sinker, full hiisemenl, 32 gallon electric water healer, 4 cedar lined cln.ncls, slnlr- way In unfinished aide. Lol 75x150. Could you ask for more'.' Only $10,500 Wes Wright 3-6796 Glazebrook Agency 2-0055 ALTON- Nice ;i room home and hath. $11(10 down, balance $115 per monlh EAST ALTON Nice II room home, llath. Rlassed-in front porch, base- menl, oil Itinince, KiirnKe. work shop. Smnll down payment, balance <:on- Iract for deed. Call ELMER McPHERSON 2-3142 Hemphill Agency — n-:iM4 FIFTH STRRET—Hartford, 4 rooms, good condition, stucco finish, gas furnace, full bath, wired for stove, cabinets Venetian blinds, large lot. $1,500.00 down. Will take a good basement house on trade. Sale price only $6,200 Call Harold E. Austin 4-1914 Evenings 2-9029 Hemphill Agency HARTFORD \ mom niiuicrn home; huce corner lol vtilli *h;idc trees. lin'Ke Rnragc; owner will rcdecorale: quick pos- J.i;n,-,n, SIIIMI cu»h will m _""' *»•• *f»* **!-* 4 ROOM Ho'uSf f5ft sA'i.ii; i land. On fn^ram lane. Godfrey 2.2070 .10 ACRE FARM Ha« S room hoiiVe. modern except bathliih Full haie men!, furnnce hot 'Aa'er. wlso out blillrllr,K« in gnr,,t repair Exri-llenl for retirement Ixirnled near Staun- tfin Lake where good f^hinj and hunting i^ the right *pot Prire. $fl r *V) I ROOM HOl.'SF. In Lmrnln Addition A pnor man « parrtrJi-"- Ha* good garden Hprit. good grnund R^ foot frontage Near a grnrerv «te, r e Teim»i Prire *!RfKi 4 ROOM -SF.MI MODRR.V On Rhwne St m North Roxana Ga* hent. full si/e lol. Immediate pfuseHMon Price . . . . »47.10 LARGF, COUNTRY HOME 10 room house, nice basement, atoker heat Very rich ground, has 5 acres All level and productive n»rn, chicken house, brooder house Nice yrning orchard, berries, large front yard nn school tins line Price *fi.V)f) HARRY JANSF.N 4 2:t47 LOGAN RF.AI. ESTATE 4 42HO WOOD RfVF.R JNVF.stMENTS Rusmess building nn Ferguson Ave Lot :>0 x 12.V Modern .1 room apt BY OWNF.R —North Alton. Kohler St 4 rooms A dinette, glassed-in. 5.rrern- ed in front poreh In«u)ated. stoker storm windows, Venetian hhnds Dial 2-2510 MlLfOlM AREA HERBERT ST In r^trirlM ar^a ', room mr>rt*»rn hn* k with tnra%r »t tarhrrt Wall tn wall rarprtmR m living room flrTl dining rnf)rri rnorl- prn hitrhrn. halh. full hR«*-mrnt. flii- WK.STP.RN Avr/"— Clorr tn new • r-hoold N^w .^ ronrn modern ? rwd- rooms. \nr%* Hvinff I'onm. HWF. modern Vttrhen. 'ilf h*th. mum inn >n windows, full hanrmrnl. oil hrat Prtrr $12.f>00 CALL JIM GREER 2 1755 Afler « P M . 2 «72R LOW PRICE PROPERTY NEAR ALTON New 3 bedroom, cabinets, electricity, well water, bottle gas, 11th street, Forest Homes $3500 _ MILTON AREA BOAT* A ACCtSSOfcTtt HORN ST Clo«f mo'lfm in Jfrx>d wall*, HWF. 2 V»jifr-rn vpnf iian 4-room nrtttiun Plft'itr'-crt h?drnom» modern blind*, fujl b»^p- m»*ni CALL KENN Pr ft :TH GREER 2 17.-,5 Altrr « Pm 2-9884 NORTH Al.tON NF.AR ST AM BROSE :! YEAR! OLD 4 ROOM FRAME, STAIRWAY TO tJNFLV j'l.L BASEMENT. ___. -- roar-»e**-e.|<l COCKERELS now Bib> anrt siarted ehiclti available All started ehlcltt curry • one Week guarantee Open Sundays Call Igl collect lo place an order _ Ha id*_/J«'ch«ry. C«rrollton FOR SALE—Fryers."Tf~<fach~~Phorie Bethalto 4201 or 4204 SAM DALE APT SIZE ISHED ATTIC. T AUTOMATIC OIL HEAT. ELECTRIC i i ^sYr=^r== —F"F. EtT,"~E tc". WANTED "TO'BUY'- A~'mil* hog. white or spotted Poland. Ph. 4-2338. HOT WATER HEATER. WIRED FOR ELECTRIC STOVE. FULLY IN- MISC. FOR SALE" Sl.'I.ATED. SCREfNS AND STORM 71 WINDOWS. CALL 2-B033 ro» MM! W WANTEP-ltl Al EgTATK APARTMEN1 DWlLLER De«tres four or five-room home In M.son to $12,000 price range in North Allon. Uppflr Alton or Milton TVcRANE hEALTY CO. DIAL 2-2H4B ANYTIME 4 room rnndcrn house fifirage F.;iM front on 7th street Head > Addition Ftral buv . . SOHOO 3 room rnorlrrn house, garage. Moker heat, wired for rlr-rtrir or Ra-i stnvr HWF, storm window" and door« ffiWKI 4 room rnodrrn house and garage pull basement, on Ferguson Ave tfurjO 3 room modern brick Storm win- down, Venetian blinds, gas Ro*ana »7 orxj LOTK SHOO X, up For appointment dial 4-fl!>tM P. A SWAN 3A Wesl Ferguson riF.THAWo --nasement for sa'le."UaTge lot 70x140. Tile floor, cemenled wall«, hulll-ln cabinets, kitchen <V halh, Mak** a wonderful recrratlon room whrn lop in complrtrrt Call 4 2117. ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS N'-w flvf-rnom morlrrn hrlrk. Flrp- plwf r, l/irgr mnrlri n kllrhrn, ((an hmt. allnchrrj finrafip Clngp to nrw vhont. Pm r . $11 flfK) EAST ALTON Fnur-rnom ninrlrrn Large morns, tmsrnirnl. Runfl location. Conti orl fnr rlrrr) Price S5.RDO EAST ALTON Four-room modern. I.Ike new. mnllc hral and waler healer. RaraRe Prli-e $11,500 RUSSELL H. HALE AGENCY :iH7ll Herkelrv Ave., 2-2246 _4-BJ7:i_ or 2-B270_ BY~O\WNKli- 4 room "moder"n.""'Hart-" ford. Two Rla»»ed-ln porches, full haiirmrnl, aiilomnllr oil henl. fully InHiilntr-d. Pouhlc flaraRe, conrrele fltior. Ph. 4 M.'lfi. "ACTON AVENUE 3 rnnrn nil modrrn. finrflgr, RJIH fur- nnre, hfirhrcmi pil; hnnsr nn rrar nf Int. Cf<tl EMIL KELLERHOUSE Ell CJi-prr ARi-ncy — 2-B755 Auto- arage. SANFORD AVE. Exlremely nice 4 room home. Knotty pine kitchen. Large living room, full basement. Reduced to ....... $01)00 Please Call Bob Wuthenow 3-:i5»4. F.venlngs; 2-8.'U5 __ _ HEMPHILL SOME REAL BARGAINS IN LARGER HOMES AND INCOME PROPERTY 117 Knsl Kim SI $11.110(1 li/7 KaM. Mb SI SI2.HOO «0» Knst lllh SI .1112.1100 115 Hurlon Street $I2.HOO ,,,, $12.1100 ,.,, $KI.»On .... SiR.nofi .... $ 16,50(1 CLEM NOLL AGENCY REALTOR OFFICE 3-U621 EvcniiiRs Please Call (Jren/ebnck 2-47RR Oli'kmnnn_ 2 -"l 54 FOR SALE—House lo ho~riizcd of moved from premises. 5 room, 2- story frame house, ;i rooms down, 2 up. Located ', mile west of North Alton on Choulcau Ave. Price $2100. Also 2 sheds and :i,1 fence posts. For further Information dial 2-601)2, Imndlc. H. K 'I-n Insprrt Din I CI.KNN I. SMITH t-'UIOtl Kvrnln«s HKSSKNFl.OW, ui Uivcr AVP • MODERN HOUSE —Attached on large hillside lot near Mas furnace, full biisemeni. E«>t Alton. :UH Tower. Pb ATE SALE 5-ROOM 8'iniKe. ftchdnls IIWK 4-^107 NIl'K 4-IIOOM IIOUSK — Kit) E. Koic.-l SI, lliirllnrd. Insillwlrd. m-ri'i-ns. -ilnki-j' Lul .in ^ 12.1, $7500 Call •-'1074 iillci S p.m. WOOD RIVER New 4 room buck, modern iHliaKi- .ilhiclicil In new MihiliviMtiii, i i-striclt'd lo hrick hnme» 4 4 Kill EXTRA NICE 5 AND 6 ROOM HOMES IN PREFERRED LOCATIONS Tlu-M' hMtm"- .nc nl the hiKtifst qual il> .nut wurkniiiMship. l»i it-es rdnce In vj.voiio. Cimtacl our iitlditiomil intiirnuilmn •i-;mn:t N K W "1 i HlY'K TlTe f liioV," ut i fl I y~ H ml •1 ntoniN. KJIS furnace, escrllptil loca- lion, new addition, Collage Hills. .' $11117.1 .1 ROOM MODERN -Landfall- Acres, oil turnacc, lilr floors, KftniKP. 51150(1 •jn ACRES Wesl of ItrlKhtfin. 5 room housr, well wilier . . S'tn.'ifl Johnson 3-8284 Wcsf 2-7301 2-6232 ALTON REALTY CO. 613 E. Broadway UPPER ALTON ~" One of Alton's Better Homes Red Brick with Green Tile Roof Flint Floor Living room 1 .!H\lii: screened porch ^llxl'l cenlnil hall, (liniiit: room, kitcln-ii. po\\'der KMHII. hack porch, Sccuiul Fluor :l bed inomn. tiled hnlli. master bed loom :'U\M. junple closets. dlMip- nearliiK «lnlrway to attic for ad- ditioniil htoni^e. llnsemenl ll'vnled Inln I nnim-. ' .• haih. one room ail\H. ideal fm |ila> room or lAlliKkeller, c.iv heal, 1 i.l kliriihhriy .-iiui floiver--. iiveihl/ed ilnulile Rilraue 1MUSK .v:-.'i .-.on II. II IIKSSEM-'LOW, REALTOR agt-m In S7_ I A1IMS i I.AMlis GO "ACRE "FAHM"-"":IS 'at-r t -» tihai>ii- Fair lour room IIOUHC, t-lcclnrn\, and chicken house A wointfi lul |;I'M- «ile. One half mile' nil K<»nu lit north ol tiodlrey. A liiirKain .it Sili.MHi B8 ACIii: FAHM - ^:. acu-s lillalilt- Five loom hotihi-. lull hiiM-mcnl. lui nacf. eleclru'ilv , liaru. vat.ige. chicken IIMIIM-. hrondcr iioi^c ,uul nl corn cr fH'V ib Tin f-e norlli of SHKIOll 5 ROOM MbbERN""APT"~PiivVie"iiaih and entrance 1(1x14 looms. Adults only. 24CO Seminary. 2-36SO 3 ROOM— Unfurnished apt? First floor PrivaU entrance, lull bath. Tile rooms, gas furnace, electric Move, refrigerator, hot water. Adults East Alton, $60. 4-6988. 8-room efficiency, unfunushed. Pullman kitchen, fclove and refrigera- toi heal and water lurm»hed. Nice playground lor children One o( Alton's nicest apti>. 11K1 Washington. Apt. ^15 £;_tall 2-Baiiy. 2 BOOM APT. "— >artlF"/urnishecf best and water furmthed. Adults private entrance. 3-6808. FOB BENT — Two 3-room~ii"pts~" 4 room bwmejfil apLjCall 2-4415^ 9 BOOM MODERN—Autoinatic""heat7 garage. AdulU. Z-iias. UMFUBNJSHED-3 room" ipT~Very nicf for couple. Utilitiet furnished. Wood River. 4-3235, 4 BOOM APT.-Privat* b»th, »uto". --•"-I j^i , 0 4 hot water, from and «tr»tice Couple only, no pet< ' Seventh. »p«rtment (or rent/ i 10 ACHE KAIIM !l aci<-» l-Our room modern house full hnsc mcnl. ^arayc. chit-Ken house ;«ml barn. Kocutcd on (iiulton li.iKi V1J,Mil) HARRIS AGENCY Or 1. W Hani- 2361 Stote St. Office Phone 2-5962 HOME 3-5609' REAL ESTATE INSURAM'K til ACRES--14 acres cm high ground, lann bis.ecied by Apple Creek, 4 room house, clcclricib bain and 2 cribb. Ideal for fi^hin^ club l.ocjtcd on all-weallu-r road Near Kldred lll_. S4100. Call 4-UlKi.j 10 ACRES Uudirey Modern S- roam house, full bascincnt, new nicker lircd furnace land all tillable, parllv It-need. Immediale poi- •eklion A^kliiK only WM H. NOniUS. 24296 Drew Agency '^-12!ili SIXTY ACRES"•- six "room modern house, close to cily limiu Posses- noil. Price $15 son RUSSELL H. HALE AOENCY 2-2246 or 2-8270 CLEM NOLL AGENCY IIK ALT! Ill OKKll'K ;t(ili-JI I- \ i-nuu-x IMi'ilsc Cull i;n-M.-ciiiick :• -iviiii il.EI.AN POE I'OIMMNUEU. lU'Al.TOI ;i-(mri CLIFTON TERRACE Wjuit to livi- in the country" If so, lu'i'c IN H i,ii*t* home. ; * rooms with sun porch und hfjuiliful \ tr\v. lias (vill baticnicnl. sloker. fily water ant! flpflririty. Only 10 iniiuitr-s dn 412 West 4lb SI. . . 10117 Kdwards Street CollcKe Ave. .. 4:17 Illuff SI. . . 2208 Marquette Drive NK\V liliU'K SUlUHVIMiiN I block oil Stale SlrciM Ni-« i riiuin hi irk >'i-nccr and sltine i luimc .1 biMlimnii!. moilci n m i-vcrv | icMpccI I'rict- ^Hiliilil Dial 4-10-js i A NKW 41-, ROt)M!t Jli HA I'll Cnnv I plclel> nuulero luimt- Kits funiaoe insuliilrd oak fliKM In Alton near fcctuuilk und transportation Priced IN-'Mi CLYUF I1K1I.SMIT1I. Post Office iiox 71. Allon 1'lioue Portage Del Sioux Mo »:m MODERN ":i' roiim house for salt- HJ'J Quiiu-N 1 Cuui I Small down'pit> iiu-iil. cuiitiucl lor deed. Can ht) st-cn U a m to ti p m daily ; NORTH new Viath and RODGERS Located at LH*t>() N. Hudgcih. across t)\e hit eel (win VMe M'hool. Hits 4 nice t.i/c rooiub, and full l)as>i' i in-ill with yai» inatu 1 heat. Only 7 yeurs old just redecorated on ihv iiihule tot with DUX- fchi ubboo . liifcul ktoi'in wintlowtt a ml screens "• ALLEN Ac NIMMONS CO George Peterie, 2-9249,2,9185 FOR SALE—By owner. 5 room!., bath and garage, all modern. Lnug.javiiig loum with fireplace 800 ' block Acton Ave Price $11.000 Call Wood River, 4-3U08. Wes Wrisjht 3-6796 Glazebrook Agency 2-0055 KOH SALE UN o w nrr. 4 rooms, nil modern, HWK. ji.ti. lu-al. newly dec- oralcd. almost new Milton Area Hiihin SI Call '.MI-'TB alter S pm EAST ALTON — 4 room oil modern home, glassed-in front porch, garage. A-l condition. For quick sale, only $6850 HAROLD AUSTIN 4-1914, Evenings 2-9029 Hemphill Agency »UKKI DOWN--EAST" ALTON- BIS I:AYNK ST. NICE 4" ROOM MOD- KHN HOME. FULL BASEMENT. AUTOMATIC OIL HEAT & HOT WATKH HEATER. ALUMINUM STORM WIN DO\VS & SCREENS. GARAGE. Kl'l.l. PRICE s.7,-,00 HALE REALTY CO.. REALTORS EAST ALTON, ILL. PHONE 4-5113 - 4-liSa'S I AFTER 5 CALL WALTER HALE JH | 4-IS^W LEO STREET "— Milion "»rea Lovely I large 4 room home, complclrly modern Lou of cibineu. poli»hed HWF. cuit heal and hoi \valcr. Separule bafccmciH garage. Priced lo it-II at Frank '/erwax. ~~STATE~StREET I room Imme In Ideal location. Extra large rooms. Landscaped yard wllh garage. Neod* Home repair. Sale price $11-100 Please Call Bob Wuthenow 3-3,1114. Evening!,; 2-U335 HEMPHILL _ EXfRA" LARGE 4 ROOM STAIRWAY TO ATTIC FOR ADDITIONAL BEDROOM • Nice location In Upper Alton. • Only 2 yrs. old. A-i condition. • Gas furnace. Steel supports. • Corner l.ol. Basement gar.igc. • Hardwood floors. Insulated. • Screens and storm windows. • Ruill-tn Cabinets. Nice closets. • Close lo bus and schools • Priced lo sell at $13.1100. CLEM NOLL AGENCY REALTOR OFFICE ;i-Wii!l F.veninBs Please Call Grrim-hnrk :M7IIH Dlckmanu 2-IMM li, ACHES "'GROUND 2 roonr"nouse with basement, wired for elccth stove. Phone, on school bus and mail route, Ingram Lane. :t miles north of Godfrey. $700 down, balance contract for deed. "NOR"tH~ALTbN—p7arTrc7TlTv~new~! bedrooms, fireplace, Venetian blinds, IIWF throughout, upstairs with dormers floored and heated. Large basemenl, gas heat. Can prnbabb arrange G I. financing. Price $1^.1100 Call CARL or VIOLA TUETKEN 3-MI3 llai-£y_ Drew Agency -- 2-l21lli " "X C I LOANS~ 10',. DOWN UP TO 25 YEAR TERMS $1520 DOWN Only 2 yenri old and vrry beautiful, tins ;i lai'Ke roonu down, living anr rtininn fully carpeted. rxtra spa- I'ious kiti-hon with built-in fenturcs plus full hath and two nico si/.c bedrnnniK up. Full bfi.siMiienl will K;IS luMit, kilrhen iind bath are botl inlaid tile. Storm windows, screens insulated nnd « perfect location ir Upper Alton, one blut-k from bui line nnd convenient to bhoppin] district and scbools 4-BEDROOM BRICK 1 ocitled In the Milton Area. Perfect for a large family. Has Urge living room, carpeted wall-to-wall spaciouii kitchen wllh nice built-in fcnlurck. 2 bedroomi and full bath down, plus a bedrooms up. Ful basemenl with basement garage gas heal, glastted-in sun porch Plastered walls, hardwood floors insulated, sturm windows anc screens. $lt!BO down, and con scrvativc monthly payments. Ful price is $16.800 4-BEDROOM BRICK Located at 510 Oak Drive, East Allon. All one floor plan. Uood st.'e living room with fireplace, big kitchen with lovely built-ins, four bedrooms each with nice closet space. Attached garage and utility room with ga« radiant heat Pla-.tered walls and ii In perfect nwrtlflnn throughout. JIKWl down. Full price $IB.900 2 BEDROOMS Located at :104 N Central. Wood River Practically new. Living room Is M\I7, kitchen is l^xlti with bcau- lifiil biiili-in features, lull bath and 2 bedrooms, both nice M/e. Full basement with rathskeller and one completely finished room for additional bedroom If desired Oil heal, insulated. plastered walls. HWF lias attached garuge. $1190 down, and tmall monihlv p.,\. mrnls Price $11 900 ALLEN & NIMMONS REALTORS GEORGE PETERIE 2-9249 - 2-9185 MIDDLETOWN lovely 4 room home and practlc- bottle gas. garden and fruit trees. West Drive, Forest Homes $3300 4 Rooms, lights and water, large lot, off North Rodgers. Immediate possession . . . $3150 5 Room modern, Milton, near Super Market, large lot $6250 Johnson 3-8284 West 2-7301 ALTON REALTY CO. 613 East Broadway 2-6232 ELI M. GREER, REALTOR ALTON PROPERTY COLLEGE CKF.'ST—4'i room modern, like new Lnrge floor pliin. HWF modern kitchen wllh tile, storm sosh, Insulated, full bnsemenl, striker heal, Knr«8e Price • SlU.Sun INCOME PROPERTY—Just off Stnle, street, close lo schools «nd hus. 0 room home wllh .1 npnrlmenls; esch npnrtmenl h«s hnth, some furniture, gnmge. Income $190 monlh. Price $13,200 WORTH ALTON—Large 4 room modern ranch slyle with garage altnch- ed. Large living room wilh fireplace, modern kllchen. 2 large bedrooms, large closet spare, full basement, gas heal. Large lol. Price . . $13,250 :MP:STWOOD DIIIVE — just oui of Nnrlh Allon off fiodfrey highway. .V t room modern ranch style, 2 years old In A-l condition. Large living mom and dlnelle and picture window. IIWK, modern kitchen with Younjistown cnbinels. drapes, aluminum Mnrm windows, screened-ln renr porch, full hasemenl, gas hent. guragc. Price JIB.BOO ROYAL ST.. Middlelown — 7 room modern 3 rooms on flrsl floor. HWF, cablncls and Inlalds In kitchen and halh. Venelian blinds; 2 rooms on second floor, full basemenl, stoker heal. tPPEFt ALTON. Burton St.—1 acre of level ground wllh lols of frull and large garden space. Wilh n room modern, 4 rooms and first floor and 2 Inrge rooms on second lloor. Full basement, slokcr heal, garage. Price $11,1)00 MILTON AREA CORONADO DRIVE—4 room modern In good condition. HWF, modern kitchen, full tanscmcnl. furnace heal; also 3 room home on rear of lol in good conrilllon for rental. Price $7DOo e OSCAfl ST. — Close lo new school. New 4'; room modern ranch style with liirge living room and fireplace. HWF, modern kitchen and hath with tile, full basemenl, oil heal. Price $14.000 WOOD RIVER PROPERTY :ENTRAL AVE.—4 room modern In A-l condition. Lar^e floor plan, HWF, vrnrlinn blinds, modern kitchen with tile, full basement, stoker hent, garage. Price $10,500 3RANP AVE —Lincoln addition. .1- rooin home in A-l condition. Modern kitrhcn. full hnsemont, shower and rslnol, large workshop nnd Rai - nge. Price $4200 ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS PROPERTY nOSEDALF. DRIVE—Close lo new school, new 4 room modern home, Inrge living room with fireplace, picture windoww. 2 InrRft bedrooms and closet »piice. JI.W.K, Modern kitchen, automatic heat, large Jot, garage. Price ;.. $11,600 EAST ALTON Washington Ave. New 4 room modern brick. Large floor plan, modern kitchen. Venetian blinds, full hasp- men t, xas furnace, insulated. Large lot. Price $i;i,500 BETHALTO S her id a n* Si. 4 room modern, like new, HWK, modern kitchen. Venetian blinds, full basement, oil furnace, garage. Price $8(150 4 rooms in good condition. Full base- menl, furnace heat. Large Int. Price $5850 COTTAGE HILLS Williams si. One of Ihe heller Inca- lions in Collage Hills. 7 room mod- c'rn brick, like new. Plastered Avails. 4 rooms on firsl floor, HWF, full halh, larije modern kilchcn, Youngs- lown cabinels; II rooms wilh balh on second floor, full basement, nil furnace, Sacrifice price -... $14,930 ELI M. CREER, REALTOR OPEN KVEN1NGS UNTIL, O P. M. We Have 2 Offices to Give You Better Real Eslale Service 4 nr 3 ROOM HOI chanpd without df substantial monthl WANTED - 1 RI township. Phone WANTED-4 room banpmpnt Locatef fjl.'S ROBERTS JsTf-c M 1. Wickenrauscr Agency FOR A gtJick SAL Cdl ELI M. ORE: OFFICE t 3-8 Houses an he pur- wn payment with f payments. 4-30BO e lot in Godfrey -7253 nodern house with Bethaltn. Phone 4-R407 '. of your property AGENCY 3-9755 Van ted! Milton and North, Alton especially! FOR SPOT CASH or terms With 1-2 baths: all price range* 2-4 bedroom homi's In demand What Realtor Al hundreds of prr can do for you." Call f'lyde today for ten has done perty owners for he free appraisal! C. H. AUTEN AGENCY REAliTOR 241.1 Stnlr F.vmmRt btrni* 1 call |ACK BROCKWAY 2-9903 TED PRICE 2-0815 |OE SMITH 2-8440 AUCTIONS IMC AUCTIONS Oil, FURNACE — 78.000 BtU. Duo: Therm with blower, controls »nd thermostat. Dial 2-S21J day«. 5-5109 evenings. AfR - ClTNBTfrONER-U~S~Alr~cS" 7'a-ton. Evaporator condensor attached, tiled 4 iummer« S12SO 3-^733 LIKE NEW~—n«»vy "tarpauionT W x 22 4-2927. _^ POWER MOWKR^Reeriype, )8~2 years old. Dial J-821J days, 2-3109 I ejvenings. FOR SALl~o7"TnADE^For^outboard motor for small garden tractor, » nut and gum vending machines. Call after_4.30 p.m. 4-4778. K EN M6Rfe^faetu*e waslie"r"and~draln turn and Welreh baby buggy. 11-7827 STOVE "cOMBtNATfON""— l!oal and gas Excellent apeparance and condition. Best offer. Donald Savage, Meadfiw brook. LAWN~MOWER—ij-ton ~chaTn~hoist", sewing machine, good condition. _4-2056. NYiJo"N"R'iJFFlS"CUSfAIr«=2~miira". brown, black. Call 4-372J before n p.m. _goodjeonjjtlqn._|2S_. Dial 2-5250. OAK' EXTENSION TABLE^ChaTrsT dresser, chesl of drawers, glass cupboard. 2-1D32. YOUNCStOWTn(iTdHlN5" Vlsil our new stofe. See the first completely new Diana Ensemble Kitchen. We will plan vour kitchen without obligation. No down payment required. 38 months lo pay. Wedge plan Alron Home Improvement 47 E. Bdwy. Dial 2-fl;i2U—2-2RRB ARGE SAWMfLT^--PluR"ton~graTn ruck and caltle racks. Tom Filzgib- bons, Delhi, III. , NEW f, f'SF.D BOATS & MOTORS-^ All makes and sizes KLUMP BOAT and MOTOR CO . 1.119 Milton Retd. " CHRlS^CltAFT AND U-MAK-IT-BOAT KITS All «i?es. 8 ft to 2;i-ft. Inboard and outboard, cruisers and runabout* Sav« money by assembling your own boat See your authorized dealer for Information end prices. 18 and 21 ft Express cruisers on display REXROAT MOTORS, Inc. 2825 E_ Broadway Dial 3-777*. JUST ^ARRIVED—ftie~new Cadillar" boats. Both moulded plywood and aluminum. Come in and See "Th» Best Boat Afloat ; also the new Trailcar boat trailed" DEL, CHERRY BOATS A MOTORS Open till fl p m. 218 E. Park St Phone 171 Edwardsville. Ill Real Estate Auction Saturday April 24, 1954, Be 1,0 Illinois. Beginning a rated ri'a mile: .10 acre t id other ,% room house 22 nrrr tract Imijrrnvrd wtlh hnusr. 7H acre t .nnd in cultlvntloi Icne DrcRch pstn on day of snlr 1:30 P. M. north of Marine, acl. Improved with buildings 4 room •act. 76 acres level The heirs of Dar- Terms 2(1'/ cash Finlfince of rash on delivery of deed .ind abslrarl. Walter Holford. Amltinnrcr. Phone Edwardsville 224.'). 59 i. nOSF.WOOD HEIGHTS -- BENDER AVE — NICE In ROOM MODERN HOME. ALL ON: ONE FLOOR. CAN BEDROOMS. NEW ~E EXTRA LARGE TILE ON WALL. ON FLOOR. FULL BASEMENT. G^S HEAT. TILE RAfrl. 2 LARGE LOTS. ONE BEING A CORNER LOT DOUBLE GARAGE. IMMEDIATE POSSESSION. I ... $12.1)00 'HALE REALTY 1 co., REALTORS BE USED AS CARPETING. NI KITCHEN WITH RUBBER TILE .TON, ILL. EAST A PHONE 4-:.. AFTBR 5 CALL WALTER HALE JR. 4-B20!) PUBLIC SALE HARRY RUYLJE FEED STORE, Trucking farm and Also other itjems too numerous to ite-nize. Saturday, April 24, 1994. Sale starts at 10 a. m. Hou Dorches jsiness, House, farm equipment. ;e sold at 2 p.m. cr, Illinois Auctioneer: Rjy Weller Clerk: Kelly Heyen Administrator Ladies' Aid o Edna Frizzo ; Dorchester will For a Quick Sale of Your Property Call MILTON ROAD OFFICE 2-1)755 UPPER ALTON OFFICE 3-7504 After 6:00 P. M. Cull Jim Greer 2-6728 Richard Beuttel 3-8130 Emil Kellerhouse 3-5649 Kenneth Greer 2-9884 Tom G'bson 2-4258 Irene Clork 3-5649 WOOD RIVER Here Is a lovely all new 4 room umder n home with '2 bedrooms, large living room, large kitchen, metul built-in eahinelK, full basement, gas heat, large lot. needs lanci- srapmg. Just the thing for the spring hridc. Prire Stt. Wes Wri s ht 3-6796 Glazebrook Agency 2-0055 Plea»e call BOB WUTHENOW 2-&J3S or 3-3584 Harry F. Hemphill, Agency ally new. All rooms nice sue and recently redecorated. Spaciout liv- liiK room, kitchen is extra targe with beautiful built-in features and full bath is between both bedrooms Kull basement, i, partitioned Into knotty pine den and the other ^ Into a workshop and utility room Has side porch 7 \ n au extra large garage 12x16. HWF. insulated, storm windows and screens. Newly painted last year »U,700 ALLEN & NIMMONS CO. REALTORS GEORGE PETERIE 2-9249 2-918$ UPPER ALTON The most livable home you could find. Spacious living room l;l.\2li with fireplace, dining room 14x14, bin kitchen & breakfast nook. Two bedrooms down and one big finished room up Full basement, stoker heat and purtiuily finished for rathskel- ler. lias hardwood floors, insulated Curiu-r lot with plenty of shade and hiirbci'iie pit in the back yard A real buy ................. J15.200 THREE BEDROOMS Located m I'pper Alton. Living room is 11 ' a by 15. kitchen is ll'j by Hi with nice built-in features and has three bedrooms plus a den Has full lialli wim-h is tiled. Full basement. stoker heat, aluminum storm windows anil screens and doors. Only H years old and in excellent condition .......................... $12,MOO TWO BEDROOMS Located m Middlelown. A lovely 4 room home. Living room is nice si/.e. kitchen and dinette combined with especially nice built-in features; 2 bedrooms, each with closet »pace and full bath. Full basement with gas heat and l; j U divided into a knotty plno rathskeller.' Has extra large garage and nice lot. An exceptionally nice home ...... $11,700 TWO BEDROOMS Located in Milton »rea. Five nice kite rooms, living, dining, kitchen with buill-lnt: 2 bedrooms and full bath. Full basement, hot »ir furnace. Immediate possession. $8850 serve lunch. Not responsible for_accidents COMMUNlTY^AtiCflON — Tuesday Saturday nights Route lllls. We Buy and Friday and 140. Coltnse Sell. 4-D2GO. FARM - LIVESTOCK nr< BARGAIN—Boxe fawn with blac RABBTfS—Tsfew ifornla pedigrc young bucks & Bethalto. Phon PA Ht~"RISH~£ DOOS-«;ATS—PETS * pups, females. AKC marks. Ph. 4-2002. Zealand white, Cal bucks, bred does does. 429 Sheridan _4402. ETTER—Female. To be given to goo I home. 419 Bluff St BEAGLE Istered, 3-655B. PUPS--For $20. 1905 trievcrs. 5 wee males $25. 4-a< Chesapeake Bay re s old. Males $30, fe 34. AKC REGISTERED BOXER service. Call puppies, $15, 4_-H248. ____ BOSTbN~TERR registered. Alton. Wcl PARAKEETS—5 colors. Parakee RABBifs~PerTi" whites. 148 Vic 4-6(126. SILK'S" KENNE vatlons call 2- F ARM NEW HOLLAN1 delivered to yi down, interest beat deal see Alton D4 CA f.~and" Cable Loader, chlncry Co.. Auburn, III, ADOLPH R 1000 T LOCUi diameter, 40c, Phone 2-8095 sale. AKC reg Buena Vista. Stud er 4 p.m. 2-4409. r snow white Spit? traight run. Phone ER PUPPIES —AKC marked. 3501 Ohio to 7 weeks old. Farm. 4-157:1. reed New Zealand ory Drive, East Alton ,S—JACKSON LANE Phone 2-9374 of Godfrey . We board dogs females in sea and runs. Heat YOi tJNCT P A~R A T ilETS^training' all breeds; alsc Individual stall id kennel. age Alsu nice female 613 Lampert guaranleed slm canaries 2-1631 rAH"R"ETTT<lNTErs -• Boar'd you dogs or cals; a sb females In season Holidays weel< dividual houset ends, vacations. In and runs. For reser 1074. •lOUII'MF.NT — 66-77-80 baler ur farm. 10 per cen free to June 1st. Fo tanka Garage, Nort TRACKSON — Pron $1750. Narmont Ma GRAVELY TRACTORS Sales & Service C II JUiJGK 3-6611 301 E. B'oadwa.v Allon 1UNGK - 2874-R6 Jerseyville T~~P6STS^5~ SOc; and flrewooi KKTIU'/.KR REMOTE THRdfTLE CONTROL—For Mark 15 * Mark 20 Mercury motors. $5 New A used boats, motors »nrl trailers. Paint ft marine supplies. RAY KRUSE BOATS & MOTORS Glendale Gardens 4-8236 M grn.DINO MATERIAL 5 SQUARES" — "Green fmiul IldlngT Cheap. Phone 2-8262. ADD TTTfOOM --"Repaint, remodel? new rooflnn and siding, new g»r- agf. No rlown psyment P«yment« as low an $!> per month. Call u« for free estimates. HARTFORD LUMBER CO. ^"i!? 2 ? COMBrNATION""sf6RM"lnd SCREEN WINDOWS 24" x 39'i" $ 7.7S 28" X 55'," $10.8,1 COMBINATION STORM and SCREEN DOORS 32" x 80" $15 OS Call Us—We Deliver HARTFORD LUMBER CO. 4-.1622 1947 PONtlAC STREAMLINER—Radio, heater, spotlight. Good running condition $295. 3-6865 or 3301 Sherman. USED' LUMBER—She"eTlng 1x6, IxTC 2x12. 2x8; doors and windows. 2454 Seminary. 2-3630. TILT ARBOR TABLE SAW — »« h.p. motor. Part air compressor spray gun, 18" jigsaw, 75 amp. electric areh welder, trailer bed, Thor washer. 2-2070. WA"NT"""A"~~GOOD SuTv^n-lic-; "oak dining room suite. Ph. 4-17SO. OH "SALE~—""Stpei ITaTfe7~hedrooiri suite, gas range. 2-8341. 116 West 4th. HOT ""WATETT~T'ANK—'For~7urriace7 Phone 4-747fl. f REIT " Ab.fUSTABTJK LOUNGE CHAIR—New Klip covers. 1407 Rodgers. ^ AIR BANKS - M ORSE^Electt ; U r "waTcf hpHters.- 40-gal., $120.95. 10 year guarantee. !i2-gal., $144.1)5, 10 year guarantee. Free electrical inslallw- lion where 220 is available. No down payment, easy terms. WISEMAN, Ine. 128 East Broadway. 2-92B4 -ARGE SIZE—Baby bed and maitFess and 43" sink, cheap. 1115 E. Seventh after C. G. ~F.r iRbNERT^Za^¥~formals. size 12 _: ^ 7 each. Phone 3-3075. ' iF.LL—Bassinet, one small crib and mattress, one play pen, one stroller, good condition. 350 S, Prairie St.._Bothaltp. Phone 5322. NEW~fc"uSED"—4~ft. hoop nets for" sale. E. J. Lane, 206 Illinois Ave., East_Allon._4-8917. A""LObM~NbW'"IN~USE—Warped wiTh white warp; has spool rack and thread counter. Will fold up when not in use. Prince $50. 2-4188. YOUNGSTOWN Aluminum Storm and Screen Windows and Doors FHA TERMS—HG Mo to Pay Windows $23.95 Doors $39.50 Alton Home Improvement 647 E. Broadway Dial 2-8320 After 5 p. m. 2-2668 7DA DO IT tOURSEl.F A SOMEONE— To tnkc over payments on n repossessed air-conditioner; pick up payments of $13.12 per month. . EBBLER ELECTRIC 2M2_Stale ___ Phone 3-7SBB BUY~TH"EM~NOW AND"SAVE" 20" 2-Way Window Fans, $49.85 val- I5.B5 Metal Lawn Chairs . ....... $3.98 U1.9S Aluminum Folding Chairs $7.69 Child's Gym Sets, $39.50 vnlue $19.95 S37.50 Crib and Mattress ...... $27.95 $1911 3-Pc. Bedroom Suite . . . .$149.95 12 Ft. Wide Linoleum, sq. ft ..... 69c All New Merchandise NATE ARSHT'S FURNITURE STORE One Store — One Location— Foot of Milton Hill, Alton. 2-OH21. Open Friday nights till 9 p. m. Convenient front-door parking. BUILD A FAN Wt» carry parts for window fans, exhaust fnns. pedestal fans and other fans. All si/.en of fan blades, fan guards, shutters, electric motors, mo- to;- frames and brackets. Cords «nd switches, pillow blocks, shafts and pulleys. Biggest stock In lown. Your fan headquarters is WISEMAN, Inc., 1128 East Broadway. 2-92H4. VACUUM CLEANER PARTS Belts, brushes, bags, attachment hoses, disposal paper Oust bail. FOR ALL MAKES 828 E. 7th St Dial 2-4423 F. MIDDLECOFF FOR DORMANT SPRAYING — Us« SCALE-CIDE. For Borers In fruit or shade trees. Use PARA-SCALE- CIDE. JOE BRANDT HARDWARE 712 E. Broadway Plain Concrete blocks , , 17c nock Taccd Blocks . . , 23o Colored Concrete Patio Blocks 20c Sq. Ft. PAVISH CONCRETE WORKS 549 W. St. Louis, E. Alton. 4-6.1,14 ALUMINUM TRIPLE TRACK—Storm windows, most sizes. $21.95. No money down. 4-3917. NEW~AND USED—Hand and power mowers. Guaranteed. Will trade, rent. Goodall and Swisher Dealer. Free demonstration. Newby's Lawnmower Service. KUI South 14th Street, Wood River. 4-9. r !68. FANS We have a complete stock of fans, priced from $16.95 up. $5 will hold your fan till hot weather. Beat the heat. Order your fan now. Free 19- piece glass set with every fan ordered this month. ALTON SKELGAS i HEATING 1654 Washington jAvo. 2-276.1 ~"~ Youngslown sinks and cabinets. Frig- idaire Water Heaters 54" Youngbtown Sink ..... $99.85 66" Youngstown Sink . . .V $134.95 ALTON REFRIGERATION 550 E. Broadway _ Ph. 3-7722 WHITE BIBLE'S— $1 and up. The perfect Raster or Confirmation gift. Visit our newly enlarged store and browse You'll be glad you did. Alton Bible and Book Store, 208 Laclede St. 2-9001. RENT A TRAILER Move yourself. As little as $1 50 Local or long distance hauling. Hour, day, week; license, tights, hitch fur- "CEPCO TRAILER RENTALS 33HO E. Broadway Ph. 2-5812 Open 7:30 a.m -8 p.m. Sundays—8 a.m -4 p.m. lRViNG~MiEL"EH" bEALER~FOR SOUTHERN HOMES Dial 2-1503 for estimates & literature. Call or see "Bob" Burknrd, LnSslle Drive 2-0772 F. W. Plvoda Sr., Slanka Lane 2-5659 73 .... WATER PROOFING—And roof coat- Ing. $1.75 per gallon. Guaranteed for 10 years. Available in colon. 4-4876 TOOLS SALES — RENTALS Atlas tools. Goodall Mowers, McCuI- loch Chain Sawss, We rent Sanders, snws, drills, pipe tools, ladders, lawn perforators, mixers, steamers, etc. THE WORK SHOP . God f rcy_2-1456 Waterproof your casement with ARMOR COTE the superior masonry voating While and pastel colors. Joe Brandt Hardware, 712 East Broadway Phone 3-5213. ASPHALT TILE — Plastic wall tile, linoleum tile and plastic tile, by the block or we install. Aluminum and Canvas Awnings RUSSELL VENETIAN BLIND MFC CO. __911 MILTON ROAD ALTON ELECT'STdTWATER HEATER — Free electrical installation where 220 volts are In the house. No money down Payments as low as $5 per month. EBBLEK ELECTRIC 2512 State St. Phone 3-7588 UOATS & ACCESSORIES 1954 11 Ft. SPEEDLINER— 10 h. p. Mercury Hurricane and trailer. standard and quicksilver lower unit, 4_props, all_pcrfect. Dial 2-9877,, __ 14 F™ ~~ CONVERT—Your hot water tank to an automatic electric water heater . . . $19.95 WAYMIHE ELECTRIC 4-5981) INSTALL YOUR OWN U.H.F. ANTENNA COMPLETE $14.95 SQUARE DEAL SHOP 720 E. Broadway Dial 3-9411 COAL COAL—COKE—WOOD GENERAL HAULING—Plowing, yard leveling, reasonable. 2-015S. KINDLINCT"— Fireplace wood, light hauling. 2-0811 or 3-8587. COAL, HOCK, SAND"& DIRT—General hauling. R. A. CroM, 4-4011. CINDERS—Large loads for drlveway«. streets, or cushion under concrete. 4-9448. BASEMENT DIGGING—And leveling off. Free estimates. Dirt for yards. Also top soil, fill land. John H. Wolf, 3-0208 or 2-7111. T5A GENERAL HAULING ._-_ _ __ M tf ST~S ELL^S.'f "h '. ~p Evinrude, 6 h p Mercury, good condition. _Donald Savage, Meadowbrook. _ NEW~i«r"ftr flaf~boa"r~io7~sa)e; also boats made to order. 2-4623. S P Efc uTc R AFT~Boa t»7 S terli n g Boat Trailers. Scott-Atwater Motors. Complete Repair Service on All Makes. Clark's Boats & Motors, BOB E. Bdwy., Alton. 3-6955. WATER—Limestone and livestock hauling. Call John Stutz. 2-7048. REASONABLE RATES — Driveway rock, sand, and general hauling. J L. GATES, 4-2332. _ GENERAL HAULING—Water, rot'lf; sand, dirt, cinders. 2-9528. MISC. FOR SALE 76 CLOTHING VELLOW STRAPLESS FORMAL Worn once. Size 12. 4-8546. ALLEN & NIMMONS George 2-9249-2-9185 m^n i ixi\ww Special rate plication. D REQUE The Board of trict No. 101, receive bids 01 painting of th Specifications secured from Office in the Ji bids must be i Office not later day, May 3. serves the rig all bids W. N Board V. J. 1 Board "ANHYDRC 82- , Li< Immedio ALTON BC Godfrey Ro 67 rCEU! FOR DeKALB CHICKS— Pho Fotterburg Re 6* LI 2 COWS— Soon baled alfalfa FOR SALE— 10 Delhi, 111. At FOR SALE— 5 calves by aid lered bull. Di "SADDLE HORI ing, saddle, b. for children. wood Heights or contacl To wood Heights SADDLE HOR •d. C«U 4-1IKH j n i»i 1*1 v i * i r\ > for per-plant ap- on Golike. 2-7032 ST FOR BIOS Education, School Dis- Easl Allon, III, will the redecorating and Junior High School. or this work may be the Superintendent's ninr High School. The i the Superintendent's lhan 7:0fl P. M.. Mon- !I54 The Board re- it to reject any and BELANC.EE. President of Education. iRAZIER. Secretary of Education. US" AMMONIA" uid Nitrogen. e Application. TTLED CAS CO. ad. Phone 2-9751 AND SEEDS HYBRID CORN "AND i« 3-7048. John Stutz. V'ESTOCK have second calf. Also lay. Phone K-l03a. shoals. George Lamm, ross_from church. Hereford cow«~wlth : 3 heifers and regis- ul V-5t>01 E— 7 yearir"biy~ge'i<r- idle and all, $125. Not »•)."> E. Halter in Rose- between 4 and 6 p.m. n Boy Store in Ros«- 4jJ866 SE—GeldingrT«gi»t«r- BUSINESS SERVICE BUSINESS SERVICE JOHNS-MANVII.LI BLOWN ROCK WOOL INSULATION C T • AllM'l Omly I STORM WINDOWS • AWNINGS Free Estimates — No Down Payment 36 Month Plan Gersman & Co. 200 E. Broodwqy, Mton, Ph. 3 6711, Eve. 3-3425 AUTOMOTIVE AUTOMOTIVE 1951 FORD CLUB COUPE KttUio, heater »un vUor, etc. Beautiful blue CinUb. A real honey. Only TROTTER BUICK CO, Ph. 4-3811 WOOD RIVER, ILL TIU. 9 P. M. ph.

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