The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 7, 1930 · Page 1
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 1

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, April 7, 1930
Page 1
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I i %• W 1 COURT NEWS AND NOTES OF INTEREST Reports in Estates and Guardianships Submitted to Judge, Mount. RULING ON STOUT CASE Affidavit Against Mrs. Eva Cast Alleged by Attorney to Be Faulty. Lost Collar Billion * Chauffeur to' Vienna, April 7 Drives Seek Death —Male resentment of the collar blitton's proclivity for losing itself reached; a climax in Vienna a few days ago, when a chauffeur gave it as his reason for attempting suicide. Fritz Mimmler tr from the window df his third floor flat. A policem in who had noticed his preparations caught him by the waist and him hack into the room. Mimm­ ler told the officer that He had tried five times to fasten his collar. Finally the stud f e"il out and rolled out of; sight and he decided to depart for a better world where they were presumably neither collars nor collar buttons. ed to jutiip THE LIST OF Queen 6| Festival of States THE PRIMARY Tickets Will Be Made at the Election on Tuesday, . May 6th. Monday in Circuit court much of the time and attention of Judge Mount was taken up with matters pertaining to estates, and guard- ! ianships and reports-were filed in I several of these. .'! The estate of the late Jemimah Butler, wife of Robert M. Butler, also deceased, was reopened for the purpose of fixing the inheritance tax if any. This estate was closed some time ago. but a report on the tax had never beejn made to the state. A hearing will be held April 29th. The Farmers Loan & Trust Company as guardian of Walter! John Orr. filed a current report showing a balance; of S2fifl.Gr.ilne the ward. The same trust company as guardian of \ Mary L.; Miller and LOOK OVER THE FIELD Both Parties Have Selected Good Men as Standard Bearers. ; pirio Sharpsville, Goldsmith and Kempton Get New Methodist Ministers. J. C. WHITE RETURNS Lowell Miller^ filed a' current^ report showing a balanceo'T-S1R8. 03 due the wards. The .Peoples State Bank of Windfall as administrator of the estate of the late William T.> Clouser, filed a final report showing payment; of all debts and expenses; and'a balance of S117 .7S was turned o'ver to the widow. The same .bank as guardian Of -Mrs. Jane Couch filed a current report showing a balance .of $24.80 due the ward. In the case of Pedro vs. Pedro, an action for divorce a general denial" was filed by the defendant through ;his attorney George B. McCamraoh of Elwood. The plaintiff is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs.\ Floyd B. Cooper of Tipton In the divorce proceedings of Murrell Irwin against Norman Irwin, the court made an order requiring the husband to pay into the clerk of the court the sum of *110-per week during the penden­ cy of the action, for the support of the -wife and two minor' chil dren. First payment is to be made on the 14th of April and, continued until further order of the court. The defendant also was ordered to pay "into the clerk, the suntjbf $10 on the wife's attorney fees, on or before May 1st. • ! The court made a ruling on, the evidence given in the .case of Omer Mason, administrator of the estate of the late William Powers findirfg; for the defendants, Viola Stout and Everett Stout. The administrator had brought suit; for account claiming that part of the crop raised on lands of the decedent had not been - accounted to the estate by the defendants who were tenants on the Powers farm, •j A. A. Fletcher who is defending; Mrs. Eva Cast, charged with contributing to; the delinquency °t a minor, has fiied a motion n to quash the affidavit filed in the case: This case Is' set fori trial Thursday and the jury has been ortered in for that day. Frank JJ. RuaaeU has .been named as Special judge and will rate at once on the motion i to quash. • Three changes were made in Methodist ministers for Tipton county by the'Methodist conference which, closed at Hartford City Monday afternoon with 'the announcement of assignments. Goldsmith, Kempton and Sharpsville get new pastors. .Re ir. J. _G. White returns ! to Tipton for his third year. Rev. D. M. Church*of Amboy comes to Goldsmith to. replace Rev. "C. E. Dunlap. Rev. Earle | Vanhoughton fis the pastor j sts- [ signed to the Kempton Methodist \ church to replace Rev. Arlington ' singer, and Rev. C. W. Montgomery of ; Russiaville - comes to in the place of Re) •Mr. and, Mrs. John Matthews and son Jimmie of Lafayette ris- J ted over the 4eek end guests of he former's piareaU, Mr. and •n Columbia ^ 'Hit Jt. 8. MaSk*wa on Columbia sip NfisnY* Sharpsville. B. Iw. Graham.. j The assignments of pastors, lijad not been fompleted when TJhe Tribune went to press and it was n^it possible to learn all the details of the changes. I Methodist ministers of • this community who are returned jto their charges,: in addition to Rev. White, are as; follows: Rev. Lowell Wilson to! Windfall; Rev. E. El Lutes to Arcadia, Rev. : L . F. Ulmer to Atlanta, Rev. E. G. Ma"- gpr to Cicero^ Rev. E. R. Garrison to Sheridan and Rev. M. O. Lester, to Nobtesvllle. Only one change was made in (Continued on Page 7.) I , When the ."filingj period closed I Saturday ,evening j two hundred and; six persons had filed then- declarations with the county clerk, and two hundred and thren of them "were men. Three women only' are asking places on the tickets to be voted for in May, they being Mrs. Lula Cage who is after -the Republican nomination for-trustee of Liberty. township; Mrs. Bertha Hayneii-Compton is a candidate for renominatipn on the Republican ticket for county council member and Mrs. Lelia Achenbach-Jacks'on a candidate for the Democratic nomination for member of the county council. Neither Mrs. Compton - nor Mrs. Jackson have ' opposition. Mrs. Cage is one of four asking for the nomination for trustee in her township on the Republican ticket. , ' .-- .The candidates for the various offices are as follows: JOINT SENATOR. F. M./Henderson, (Rep.), L. L. Shull (Rep.) Benjamin H. Rockey (Dem). JOINT REPRESENTATIVE. j Gordon C. Hadley (Rep.)' (Democrat candidate to be'cer­ tified latter from Howard Co.). ' JUDGE. Republican—A.. A. Fletcher, J. Frank Pyke, Samuel A. Culver. Democrat—Glen J. Gifford. J: M. Purvis. . = * . PROSECUTING. ATTORNEY.. Republican—Robert E. Roode, Troy N. Hutto. Democrat—A. W. Bolton, Lemuel S. Todd. FOR AUDITOR. t Republican—Willis A. Kendall. Democrat—Ed Trimble. FOR TREASURER. Republican—J. J. Batchelor, Thos. B. Bartholomew. i . 1 - . : Democrat—Chas. E. Riffe. FOR CLERK. Republican—Irvin Miller. Queen of the Festival of States, is the imposing title conferred upon Miss Helen Moser Hannigan (above), of Perryaburg, Ohio, at the Recent national competition held ait St. Petersburg. Other State beauties of Cuba took part in the contest The new queep will be the guest on a trip to "Havana. (International NtwtrHl) 1 LCOI THIRD PLACE Corporal Hugh Downing dot Perfect Score at Ciilveif Indoor Meet DANVILLE WON The! members!of ithe • :. i j guard company who were ver Saturday and Sunday tending the all state! shoot , i • - i ^ ] i • National Guardsmen and returned SundayJ afternoon. Tipton w{on tlhird place, j First pU ce lie Civilians lot a pos- of Ft. flSS cjut SHOOT lobal at Cjul- t- .or , i civilians Sylvester Hunt Said to Be Getting After Near Tijagedy. Along END PARLEY Preparing Pact- Which Willi Include England, Japan and the IT. S. BUT REMAINS OPEN i Thrilled by Fire Apparatus Woman Sent in Sc.vch falls Kansas City, KanJ, April 7. —The frequency of lire alarms in- Chanute, Kan., almost hau. ..driven the! fire chier; to~~a nervous breakdown, * Seven alarms in succession calling the firemen to the ame house had! so wree«-.>l the esprit de corps of the den. rt: ment that Douglas Grahatii, at state ; fire marshal, was callt 1. His investigation; disclosed that a woman had turned in the alarms, "because "it! was so thrilling to see the !fire wa;- 'ons." In three instances she had set fire to her home. r BEING ME FOBBED j Cpn^re-;smen Look at Prohi- , ! bition Poll for Some Information. CRY OF "GRUNDYISM , arley Marking Time .to Receive French Reply to Proposals. ASSEMBLE HERE Democrats Expect to Carry Fiffht on Tariff as Main Election Is3ue. I London, April.. 7;.— Henry L. 7 I'.- :• i 4imson,. secretary, of state, and Nicely ACCIDENTS ON (Continued oh PagS 2). World WarHasCost Us$51,400ft00jW0; '• Interest on Debt Will Run for 20 Years i Washington, : April 7 .-r -^The World War and its aftermath cost the' United. . States approximately the ' gross sum of $51, !Q0,000^000, ^according to figures 'compiled by the Treasury Department, on |the 1 thirteenth' anniver -afy of the declaration of war by this con'ntry, April e, 1917.. !• The country is paying about $1,162,000,000 this year as a re suit of the war. Included In this expenditure is Interest on the public debt and provision for Its retirement, upkeep of the Veterans Bureau, war risk insurance and compensation and the settle' ment of the claims.: of German aliens and other former enemy tor seised property. : ;. War coeti-and the annual bill for national defense make up about < 6 per> cent of all government expendltnrts. FotMhe fiscal year ending Jnne these expenditure*, 'imonnted to" ft,. t«l ,«0M«»."* Indications' hare S&etk;, wonM iii Si splendid showing; and; some real marksmen are being developed it. Notwithstanding the fact that Buffering a little from Department and the Navy. including the! present "value of the war debts due to the United States.from foreign powers $7,470.000,000, so called war assets amount to $9,004,887,000. Sales of war materials, other items and war assets brought the net cost of the war;to the United States to $37,673,960,000 tip to Jnne 30, 1929. .; Of the costs of war which will continue for years to come interest on the war debt will cause the greatest ^outlay. -Up to June 30 last;; the interest payment had been $6,748,088,000. This will decrease as the public)debt is retired but it jrill be an Important Item of expenditure for at least twenty years. Clare 'bt the veterans of the World 1f«r cost the government IS .Mf;M »,9e0 *p last June. Mtl^ZMft: W:rH?MiM'antf iui Mn^Om'^JiUM%mh '' Mr win-tMBS |a i were reporfed| Probably the :in the! shoot was'jwon jbyj i)anvi| Rifle Club, composed iof] with a score of 989 out _ sible 1,00|0. Company; K Wayne was second with of a pbssib'le^l.OOO. | { Company E's first team with! score of i'976 out of jaj possible 1,000 tookj third j position, which is considered a great honor as tjie best shots in the state sembled at this BhqoM Tipton s;cpnd team j from Com i pany w'lich had neverj before competed in a state shoot made ossibje they were stage frighjt the-team made score of 949 out ;of a 1,000. | I In the flist team shooting Corporal Hugl Dawning, made bn|e of the;| three perfect scores made during] the] matchj He j >goi ; 20ffl' straight bulleyes. H. C.fwatpbp had 96, Dewey E. Watson, 19 Graydon N.j Harrison, Captain J: E. Mcintosh The second team shoot; as follows:! Norman oting SUNDAY down and rait ceived several Sunday seemed to be a day of automobile; adcidents and several in this community. w;orst was one at Kempton Sunday afternoon, when Sylvester ! Hur t,|j a boy of 9 was knocked (down ; by 'a machine dt l j*en by Loyze. Sharp who 'was visiting relatives in this county.; Tjie autombbijej knocked the lad over him. He re- hrui'ses and for a time it was ttio ( ught he was fit-; ally hurt. Dr. W^.F. Dunham.was called and revived.the youngster wiho while baclly .hurt is reported to! be getting along nicely. Mr. Sharpe who' resides at Swayzee made a report of tlie accident tp authorities, in Tipton. Sunday morning about 9:30' o'clock a'car driven by Charles Perfect of Newcastle and one' driven by William Hobbs, son of; Carl Hobbs south-' Icollided at the cor- Mill streets, east on North was going Perfect suf- Mr. and Mrs. east of Tipton ner of,North knd Hobbs was going street and Perfect north; on ^Mill fered a badly and it was at member was head of the United' States dele- g|ition, began assembling his material for a naval conference treaty this afternoon,;-thus,- .signalizing the approaching end of fie parley. 1 The secretary- was understood i be preparing ideas for a tjiree- ppwer pact, involving the United States, Great Britain and Japan, wjhieh will be so constructed that France and Italy can join Jater if hey' overcome, the difficulties wjcich thus far have blocked the progress of the conference. | Stimson came to. London from Stanmore, his temporary, country Pastors' and Teachers' Conference of Northwest Indiana Circuit. MEET APRIL 22 TO 24 home, bit to conjult his delegation, expected to return Ihere. .to crintinue work on the Intricacies Washington. April 7.—-Last week marked the opening of campaign hostilities over the tariff question, which has been fonght out bitterly for more than a ypar in Congress. With the tariff hill in conference, leaders of both po- litfcal parties will have* more timo to devote to the political as- iier-ts of the question . which fa i Jilain to be an i .*.«tue in the .•rfheominK Congressional cam.. The pastors! ind teacher^, con-. paitrn. ference of the Northwest Indiana , publicity bureaus of both Na- Clrcuit of the- Evangelical T .:ith-. tional. Ci >mmUtee<< are organized eran Missouri Synod will < on- tho'roiighly and prepared to ke*»p vene in Tipton from April 22 to up a steady fire against each oih- 24 and more than one hundred er. The mil ; -it D»mocratie Pub- visitors are expected 'for. thf lj.-i!|y Bureau :ad the field to 't- ?neetfng which.will he-Held Vat the new Lutheran school. This circuit P( j j- n self for several months and shelt- ••*>. - i • - —- Republicans with such !s !has-Couth Bend and Rochester as ,i PV!tsIating effe , t ., laf c % p of a naval pact One of his task^ Ita eastern boundary and Arcadi. . lea ,^ rs , lo , murPr co „, d affor „ ,„ was to analyze the Washington on the Soiuh (1922) treatjf'again and to study it'in relation. - to the propos.ed new agreement. ! |No one aniong the various delegations has yet: been willing to admit officially -that five-power treaty is not still possible, and is continuing. . not work to that end • _, remain silpnt in th«> face of the The .conference opens Tuesday; a , tarkH 'April. 22 in the afternon with a:' T , „. . ... senator .lamps K. Watson. In- session m the evening. Wednes-. ,,.„u. r, . ,. . diaitit. Republican Senate leader. day meetings will be held morn- Ling, afternoon and evening and it closes .Thursday at noon, following election of officers. Rev. A. E. Cook of Gary is the Uhoffcially, however, there are-ex-jenai^n and Prof. W. E. Uffel- pressions th'at there .is: little like-! man or South Bend is the secre- llh'ood of trie French and Italian[tary. Rev." Theo. Schwan of this problems being settled'at this con-j city is the chariman of the essay ference. Icommittee. .'•'.. JThe conference in the main "is. All meals for the visitors will marking time at the moment! be served in the parish house ex- anjaiting the French reply' tojcep't breakfasts.- Great Britain's suggestions re-- • 1 ' garding France's demand fo,r a se-; curity pact. This reply will be the| next big. event for the'confeVence, In Hospital. Mrs. Lyndall Foster, of Indi- Innnched the Republican assault last! week with- a statement di ; recting attention "to the fact that Democratic Senators voted 1.0X0 times either for increased tariff rates or aeainst' reductions. He strei-sp T the fact that seven Dem• • -.-V'.s -otpd for the tariff bill oh i |:nal roll call, his purpose be- ina., of course, to remind voters : :U: tli? OemocraUs contributed -•i the passage of a tariff bill which they are trying to discrt;71- it as a "Grundvizeii" measure. i Sifnu -.- Walter F. George. -.>V Gioi'' on- ••{ the most vigorous siiicq., on France's, reply will -aie a patient at the Meth- onpii, nts of the Republican tar- pend whether there is -any, ; .use!odist hospital, sniTering i with a continuing negot'irtttons for. a' five-1 type of fever and is rei »'-rted to be power pact or whether the con- 1 quite' ill. Her husband is the s„n ference shall adjourn' with .--aiof Mr... arid Mrs. T. D. Foster, of three-powe'r agreement. iWest Jefferson street. Miss Marion'Scott of Center j Mi-, and Mrs. Georg.-! Brook- Grove, who "visited during the j bank and family of Bloomingl *n Suijshine convention and ' over; returned home Monday! after a with Miss Frfeda'short.'^visit ih Tipton with Mrs. P 'Banion onj South West' street; I Brpokbank's mother, Mrs. Cora returned honie'Sunday evening. . '-Foster bf North Main street. Mrs, wrenched shoulder first feared; the ljroken. ' Her neck was also badly'[wrenched, but a doctor reported no bones bToken. Hobbs who was;^ alone escaped with a few bruises and Mr. Perfect with, slight cuts and bruises. Both cars were' badly damaged. Raymond Kjnger of Carmel and: his son were both injured In an; automobile crash near; Sand Island Sunday afternoon 1 when the [father who iwas driving lost control of the I car. The machine turned over.twice with both men Inside; but they Jescaped with severe bruises. M^r; Klnger stated the accident!happened by-striking . , Prlilimap 190, Charles Hornbeck J19J2! K ^eii- neth Percival 195, {Lkwrenci Easterwood ! l'80 and Hugh H; Ogle 182. .]' ' y [' |. I .j j Three hundred or more Sharp shootent competed in the matchei 1 for teams attd\ in the indlyldua matches, Frank E.-j Watson am; Bdrite f arks of this county, be ing entered In the \ latter. Improving nicely. Thoaas EJ:; Foster, who «S^»-/«F J»P«»tlon|«or heWla'aS the trip la the •a. & Jndi Touc ,tka rM* to 1 •/ bad| jspot In 1 .he road; the ma chlnV swening" and WM In th< 'dit«h In Vn 11ni tint..;- as he. ^ai .tirmnfr-tastk ^Hpl ^^neesWn lltorXIreeklWii &kdftU on to Carael. \ . . ' , 1 *7 Women Held Menially Equal to Men in Cornell Measurements of Noted Brains Ithaca, N. Y., April 7.— Worii -r size .'possibly, are due to greater) en are rated jas equals of men in development of the fiber system; 1 a comparisonjof brains, made pub-! by heavier, physical, work," he\,Cornell University." ; The!said. • -j-. - - • conclusion was not theoretical.] ''This corresponds to 'the generally larger ; physical but Iwas baseil upon actual mean-1 urements of jthe-; brains of num- ! erouis individuals' in the. famous Cornell collection of the brains.of notable persons. It was made by Dr. Uames wl Papei, .assistant Professor of Neurology. ••• - "There Is njothing In the .outer organisation of the. female- brain which: would make it much different or Inferior, to that of the male 1 ," he sahl "Given the same opportunities and incentives, the Inteliectual attainments of worn need not be Inferior to those oJ|«.n», , I j - , 1 A striking fact Is that the feml ntaaj'brnlaa! are ;not exactly llkje thoWiofi«ien.{ Therejare HeAaltB dlKilaflesk: ;> wnlch. howeve>, seem to couurtalalim one anotKer/ ment of the'male. Men! usually have a stronger circulation than ' if" bill thrucgiiout the long da=_ bait;; in the Senate, countered the following day with a statement that, the bulk of the votes referred lo by Senator Watson were- ast in fpvor .of increases on .the tariff on agricultural products, which was the primary reason ~ir the Calling of the special session last spring to revise the tariff. I? lis becoming increasingly apparent that the astonishing reaction : against prohibition laws ; throughout the country, as reflected in the poll taken by the Li terkry Digest and j other reputable agencies, is diatntfeing serf' ousiy tlfeiginds of SeVtors and. TtKpr :seaWj|iss who;arsn|o seek ye ^r .|5#S^ Many veteran^* ers believe that the deTelop . : issue will cut more {igaro" forth 'oming Congreslili tions than all other issneai women and this may influence the bined S There is abundant Even New-born ,or thls rlew ' partlcnlarftr hi brains i slightly, certain debatable size or the brain, boy babies have < heavier, and; tending to be slightly i cpunt|r^ v where largef." - jagai But the brain areas i devoted 1 moreipr j Thk ..ini ( I against The. Women also show jsup n(se in the lower parietal Jj§ section just, above the' ea ^ "It Is in this area that < re think] of «ke> reaction chiefly to vision appear to be better developed In women. 1 •- r: • the.functions, of sensation in;,the hands 'ae controlled," Dr. Panes said. ' I The one region- wherei"differ* seein^ences can -be seen - most Jo( ten Is nearth* back, of the «oi- of| the S^|a»;:areac:.inj -wi gresaBar have. I hlbll dounttnl mustfl •hip #M oat

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