Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida on September 14, 1973 · Page 2
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Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida · Page 2

Panama City, Florida
Issue Date:
Friday, September 14, 1973
Page 2
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P «KP 2.\ NKWS-IIKKALI), I»iinania City, Fla., Friday, Spptomber 14,1973 The Lighter Side Old Age, Wisdom Go Hand In Hand? Continupd From Page One BRIEFS By United Pmss International WASHINGTON (UPI) —Capt. Dan, who usually watches rush hour traffic jams from above, got arrested for disorderly conduct in I he middle of one Wednesday morning. Daniel P. "Captain Dan" Rosenson, 40, a helicopter-borne traffic analyst for a Washington radio station, was accused of using "strong language" when he complained a police detour would make him late for takeoff. Capt. Dan, who said he told the arresting officer he's "not a mind reader," plans to continue the argument over the $10 ticket in court. LUTON, England (UPI) Round and round the pickets marched, keeping watch at the brewery where they work. It got a little warm, and they got a little thinsty. So they invaded a pub next door (seljing a competitors brand) and drank it dry. VANCOUVER, Wash. (UPI) —Twelve high school students who thought they set a world record by playing Monopoly for 127 hours, 34 minutes learned they were 600 hours short. The 1973 Guinness Book of World Records, they were advised by the makers of the game, was in error in listing the record at 127 hours, 30 minutes. "The actual record for continuous Monopoly play by an unlimited number of participants is 820 hours, set in Danville, Calif., in 1971," a spokesman for Parker Brothers Co. said Wednesday. Guinness editors have been advised and will correct the record, the spokesman said. SPOKANE, Wash. (UPI) Twenty-one of Spokane FnUs Community College's 22 starting football players ai'e from the State of Washington. The only exception is safety Carey Washington. He's from Omaha, Neb. MOSCOW, Idaho (UPI) -The Moscow High School cross country team threw some curves at a surprised Lewiston cross country team, and one of them helped the Bears win the dual meetWednesday. The curves came in the foi-m of coeds Cindy Partridge, 15, and Elain Vjorn, 15. The girls' participation in the meet marked the end of all male cross country competition in the Gem State. Cindy, pony tails flopping, placed 10th in the meet, ahead of all but three runners from the Lewiston team. Twenty-one students in all participated in the grueling si.x mile run. Elain finished last after a downhill surge by two of her longer-legged male teammates. The two girls were indifferent about their precedent-setting run. "Why should it be different to run against boys," Cindy asked. "They race, too. It's fun to run." By DICK WEST WASHINGTON (UPI) -My father, the sage, turned 90 this week and when I called to e.vtend Iclic-itations he sounded somewhat dispirited. I asked my father if anything was wrong and he said no, not really; it was just that he had been looking forward to being 90 for a long time, but now that he had finally reached that age it really wasn't all that great. He said that, frankly, he couldn't see that being 90 was much better than being 80. Or, for that matter, 75. I asked my father in what way being 90 failed to live up to his expectations. My father said the biggest letdown was that he had always heard that when you lived as long as he had that trutliseekers would come from far and near to sit at your feet and drink from the fount of wisdom that 90 years had filled to overflowing. My father said he had spent practically the entire day uttering verities, but the crowds that gathered to hang upon his every word were disappointingly small. I asked my father how many truth-seekers came to venerate him and he said probably not more than half a dozen, if you didn't count kinfolks. I told my father that my three minutes were almost up but it wasn't every day a person celebrated his 90th birthday so if he had some pearl of wisdom he wanted to fall from his lips he should go ahead and let fly. My father said that uttering verities all day had taken a lot out of him and he was too tired to articulate the distilled essence of life at such a late hour. But he said that since we were on night rates he would try to mustei' up one more verity in honor of the occasion. My father said he had been I 'eading in the papers where the government up there in Washington had financed a study by some of the nation's foremost tricycle engineers. He said the engineers were trying to determine why there were so many tricycle accidents, with tricycle-related injuries now running at the rate of about 100,000 a year, give or take a couple of skinned knees. My father said he had been giving this matter a lot of thought and he had concluded that most tricycle accidents occur because a tricycle only has three wheels. My father said that if the government could figure out a way to build a four-wheeled tricycle, or better yet, a five- wheeler, the safety factor would improve immeasurably. I thanked my father for sharing his gift of perspicacity and asked how I might acquire a similar grasp of life's true meaning. My father said that type of enlightenment only comes with age. iinpeac-h him, Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-lVlass., said Thursday. theni.selves, without any outside forces." the interference of WASIIINGTON-Tlip Agricullure Department released a report Thursday indicating that l)ecf supplies will be more plentiful foi- consumers in the weeks ahead. Despite claims that there would be enough beef on the market to keep prices from going sky high, there were indications Thui'sday that some beef prices have been rising since the ceiling was lifted. ST. LOUIS, Mo. (UPI) — Frances "Cissy" Farenthold, president of the National Women's Caucus, said Thursday the chances of the equal rights amendment becoming law are still good "because we have six years to get it ratified." Although only 30 of the necessary 37 states have ratified the caucus - backed amendment, Mrs. Farenthold predicted a reinforced public education program and an emphasis on local and state situations could bring seven more states into the fold. "As more and more women go into the marketplace we must show them it behooves them to be treated as human beings," the former Texas legislator said, "but we must also broaden the education to reach housewives, too." "I used to say Texas politics v/as going to kill me, now I say the caucus will," she said when asked about her plans for running for national office in 1976. "But I suppose I could change that." CHICAGO (UPI) - Cook County Slate's Attorney Bernard ,1. Carey ko[)t up his running fight wilh Mayor Richard J. Daley and I lie Chicago Police Department Thiu'sday, charging them with a do-nothing policy on gambling. Carey, a Republican, Tuesday acciLsed Police Superintendent James B, Conlisk Jr. of a "deliheralo coverup of police corruption." Thursday, he cited police department reports of a $100 million a year numbers racket in Chicago. "Every schoolboy knows that this kind of racket can thrive only through knowing connivance and direct participation of police department members," Carey .said in a speech before the Afro-Amei'ican Patrolmen's League. Bikini Busted? LEBANON, N.H. (UPI) — John J. O'Malley, 28, of Boston, was arrested by police Wednesday as he sat reading a flight manual in the cockpit of an Air New England twin-engine plane at the Lebanon Regional Airport. He was charged with trying to steal the airplane and jailed in lieu of $3,000. O'Malley told police he couldn't fly. m m NEW 1974 ^ ^?GIANT-SGREEN ALBUQUERQUE, N. M. (UPI) —Wendy Berlowitz, who gave plenty of advance notice she intended to auction off the top of a bikini she was wearing to test New Mexico's indecent exposure law, was arrested Wednesday for peddling bikini tops without a license. The 25-year-old former graduate school instructor said she hoped to get the state's indecent exposure law ruled unconstitutional. Instead police arrested her for selling without a license in a public park. "I'm disappointed they didn't charge me with indecent exposure hut I still think we succeeded in proving that anyone can walk around Albuquerque without a blouse on," said the^.35-24-35 Mrs. Berlowitz. "The police copped out," she said. "I did everything I could." Although a crowd of 500 spectators turned out to watch Wendy auction off her bikini top, none were willing to pay the $25 price she was asking. She finally decided to settle for donations and took off her •top as the crowd threw in pennies, nickels, dimes and a few dollars. ^ Brilliant color picture! -One-button color tuning! Over 90% solid-state chassis! GRAFFITI' Smartly styled Modern lowboy console. Genuine oil finished Walnut veneers top and ends. Front and legs of durable, richly- grained simulated wood material. Titan 101 Chassis. Solid-State Super Video Range Tuning System. AFC. Illuminated Channel Numbers. ^49995 THOMPSON APPLIANCE CO "HOMg OWNED AND OPERATED FOR THE LAST 45 YEARSI!" 6 E. 4TH ST. 4 WE FINANCE DOWNTOWN ^ WE SERVICE WHAT WE SELL 785-0234 WHAT WE SELL . M 90 DAYS SAME AS CASH THE ORIGINAL HOME OF TENDER TERMS Deaths MR. HOWARD LEON PAUL Graveside services for Mr. Howard Leon Paul, 77, of Route 1, Box 31.') who (lied Tuesday In a local hospital will be held today at 10:00 a.m. at Evergreen .Memorial Gardens Cemetery with the Rev. Don Davis officiating. There will be Masonic Rites by Acme Lodge No. 222 F & AM. World War I veterans will act as Honor Guard. All Masons are requested to meet at the lodge at 9:00 a.m. Pallbearers are Sam Heisler, E. D. (Jhri.stsen, John Tambur, Alfred Pinet, Rayford Barrett and Chester Thomas. Smith Funeral Home r)05 N. MacArthur Ave. 785-4<Hfi Charles A. Wilson, M.D., P. A. Announces the removal of his office to the Toliohossee Plastic Surgery Clinic, 1704 Riggins Road, Tallahassee, Fl. Phone 904-377-2126 Mrs. Berlowitz said she collected $77. She was arrested in Norman, Okla., last June when she auctioned off her top at the University of Oklahoma. An Oklahoma court later ruled the state's obscenity law was unconstitutional as it pertained to womens' breasts and Mrs. Berlowitz was released. NEW YORK (UPI) —North Korean Ambassador Kwon Minjun called Thursday for a "peaceful reunification of Korea" without interference from outside forces, including the United Nations. Kwon arrived Thursday from Paris to take up his post as permanent observer and plenipotentiary at the North Korean mission to the United Nations. Speaking to newsmen, the ambassador called on the U.N. General Assembly's forthcoming 28th session to "take appropriate measures to give genuine help to the realization of the independent, peaceful reunification of Korea. "The government of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea," he said, "is making consistent efforts to reunify the divided country independently and peacefully by the Korean people's TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (UPI) -Florida Attorney General Robert L. Shevin said Thursday Dr. Carl Coppolino, serving a life term for administering a fatal dose of drugs to his wife, still is a "depraved" murderer and should not be paroled until he has served about 25 years. Coppolino, described as a model prisoner during his 6 '/j years at the DeSoto State Prison at Arcadia, is up for annual parole consideration. He recently was given a 12 hour furlough from the prison, and there were news reports early this month saying he was being considered for parole. Coppolino, 42, was convicted in 1967 of killing his wife, Carmela, in 1%^ in Sarasota, although he denied administering a lethal dose of succynal choline chloride to her. Tapes Supreme Court by Oct. 1, received written and oral arguments this week. It said Thursday that a Nixon-Cox agreement could be arranged without subverting the principle of executive privilege, which the White House has invoked in refusing to turn over the Watergaterelated tapes of Nixon's conversations with former White House and campaign aides. The appellate judges said they would rule on any disagreement if, after "the most diligent efforts" of Nixon and Cox in reviewing the tapes, "there appear to be matters the President deems privileged and the special prosecutor believes necessary and not privileged." FURNISHED MODELS OPEN HorizonSouth V^CONDOMIMII IM CONDOMINIUM The most impressive development on the beach DREAM HOME or mnON HOME PRECONSTRUCTION PRICES FROM $16,950 (limited time only) Your peace of mind is assured liy 'round the c/oc* security controlled entrances on U.S. Highway OB mil State Highway 30 (Back Beach Roadl. Choose from lovely ... ONE STORY VILLAS TWO STORY TOWNHOUSES HORIZON SOUTH is directly on the fabulous Miracle Strip on 30 acres of beautiful park­ like grounds overlooking the saphire blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico. • Deluxe electric kitchens > Frost-free refrigerator • Dishwasher • Range and oven • Disposal • Garbage compactor FABULOUS RECREATION Central Heat and Air cond. • Wall to wall carpet (vinyl in bath and kitchen) • Private sundecks • Carport • Heated swimming pools • Sauna Baths • Card room • Billiard room • Ballroom • Arts and crafts • Table tennis • Health club • Snack bar • Pool cabana • Shuffleboard HORIZON SOUTH CONOOf\/IINIUM has been moticulousiy planned to feature wide, paved, landscaped boulevards , . . limited access entrances with security guards . . . Central water and sewer . . . and walk-to shopping oHering everything you need for daily leisure living. YOU ARE CLOSE TO EVERYTHING YOU'LL EVER NEED WHEN YOU CHOOSE HORIZON SOUTH! DIRECny ON THE MIRACLE STRIP! , „ , , Look for the big Horizon South Signs on Back Beach Road (SR 30) and Highway 98. f fot p<iinl Hon/on .Soulh f 0 DrnWBi U180 l'iin,ima Cpiy (luiKh, riiitirlii :)21()1 I'liorio: 19001 234 0633 f'iMSO S.MKi „„.. y,„„ U,„Onm ,'|M (I I "II '"l'""i„l,on llo„/o„ Soiilli C„„ (lorniiiiutiii, I N.tllM! Atldfij',*, Cil'/ Hom.oH souiH ,s A.or,„n mna or UOI.M U.IVI.SA, ,„UO.

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