Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on August 12, 1963 · Page 2
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 2

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 12, 1963
Page 2
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President Brings Children to Visit Jackie in Hospital deaths LeRoy Graham Tho President brought them by helicopter. . John Jr.. striding looked around with some wonder •mcnt at thr reporter^ and cameramen and thc airmen clustered OTIS AIR FORCK BASK, Mass. (AP) — President., < Kennedy today brought, his two children to the hospital! I .attain, alontt with the family doK, Charley, lo .sou Mrs. John | , F. Kennedy. ! I Caroline and little John Jr. were curry!UK chewing gum in their hands as (hey went inside for another cheer-up visit, with their mother. Oral t^Koy nioy) Graham, 76, Mrs. Kennedy is recovering afler the birth of a third 404 \. 7th. died Saturday eve- 'child who lived less than two days. ning in St. Catherine Hospital -- — following an illness of several thp first time Sunday, took a in""' 0 -''- manfullv «'»"< in ll( ' r sllite a "'> h(! « an ^ , 7* b " I, * ,' ''at solid food, including hambur- 188 J ,. at . . "£. ' .°'' a 43 years. He retired from farm- Thc youngsters, aside from the j nR n ycars aKO n e married at nltcnlion. reunion, were treated to a heli- vcrna Hamm July 2:>, 1908 in Sunday the President brought copter ride from lhel r Squas Is- Kansas City. them on separate visits, the first land summer home near Hyannis Mr. Graham was a member of they had made to their mother Port, Mass., to thi s air base, a ( u, 0 Dccrfiei,! Methodist Church since she was rushed U> the bos- \ 22-mile flight. land Civic Center and Old Tim- frita] last Wednesday. .... ers Club Mrs. Kennedv's press sccre. K 6 """/ • tarted . "is children s survivors inclu( | c thc widow;! tnry. Pamcl.-i Turnur,'. said the airlift _aflnr aUendmg Mas s at SI. t ( | nughu ,,. s , Mrs . Art Nally.j First Ladv had been cheered by ''.rancis Church in Ir/«n- , 005 N 62ml am , Mrs Georg|a ! their earlier visit, and did not ms Port. i Paddack, Denver, Colo.; one : seem to be a bit tired after they The pastor, Msgr. Leonard J.! sister, Mrs. Lilla Williams. Kan- : all went horn,- Sunday night, ; Daley, extended his sympathy | sa s City. Two sons preceded him! She continues to be making «n , and that of his congregation. i in death. ] "excellent recovery from the Cae- "i n O i lr sorrow for them, we i Funeral will be Tuesday at| sni-ean birth. know one consolation is that they 2:30 p.m. in the Garnand Fu- Sunday nlghf, John Jr. watched | lnvc K i ven ), a€ |< to God, their ! nral Hpme chapel. The Rev. photographers' flashing lights as Maker, a saint In heaven, pray-! Paul A. Hantla of the Methodist he visited his mother's hospital j n « for them In these troirblesome Cnurcl) will officiate. Burial will suite, times." lx! '" Valley View Cemetery. ; Looking out of thol r car with: K>nl)0(lv planncd to takc off an air of one who had made a fr()m m , • Aip Forcc B ,„ mif| . •tfreal discovery. Ihe i «,.ycar.old , aft( . rnoon fo hi rctllrn ,„ Wash . Fay Etta DaWSOH youngster declared: "1 bctcha :_„,„„ Page 2 4'iiv T Monday, August 12, 1963 FORTY-TWO former vocational agriculture students of J. D. Adams (second from right, back row) are shown during a reunion yesterday in Finnup Park. Kenneth Hen- thcv're taking our picture." "'^"'', •, ,< . • r , Fay Etta Dawson, 68, form. „• . . . t , ,„„,, 1ibn „„,_„ The President's tragic five-day i Garden Citian, died Saturday i ; 9 ne r dsJ wL heani-|\ bi^rt inio S J^/';^' whenlfr^ ' n^* w™* "^ " laughter. Kennedy was taken to the hospi- she came to Garden City from , .Hand-in-hand, the President taL Colorado in 1911 and moved to bad taken his two youngsters, , r|]p , )abv ' poun(] _ t;r ., n(1 Junct j OI1| c; 0 lo. in 1954. John and Caroline S'-i* on sepa- wmc( , j^; j, ad trouble wlth ,,[,' Mrs . Dawson was born March rate visits Sunday to thei r moth- i brcnthing - [rom thc beginning. A 3, 1895 at Lchigh, Okla. She was cr specialist was called from the' married to Earl E. Dawson Aug. Caroline, with a bouquet of ]j os ton Children's Medical Center 15, 191(5 at Garden City. He died garden flowers she picked herself : an( j tnc oany was taken to the , Feb. 12, 1952. Mrs. Dawson was •ynd little John asking "Where's rj os ton center a few hour s after j a member of the Methodist .mommy?" all the way to her j \ y \ r (\ } ' Church. The baby died after only 39 Survivors include three sons, hours and 12 minutes of life. The Lawrence. 613 Evans, Ivan, Den- room, saw their mother for the first time since she was taken to thc hospital Wednesday for the •Wcmature birth of a third child, Patrick Bouvier Kennedy. The infant lived less than two days. Tho First Lady, 34. Is reported simple funeral services were held j yer Colo., and Leon, a Captain 1 ! _ 41. _ TT«!*.*-1 Oinlnn Ai« TTf.Hf.fl in Boston Saturday. in the United States Air Forcc stationed in South Carolina; her step-father, William McCam- mcnt, Palisade, Colo.; five sis- The automobile industry con continuing to make a splendid j Mimes 61.6 per cent of all the ' t crSi ' jjrs. Iva Taylor, Shelton, recovery. She got out of bed for' rubber used in the United States, wash., Mrs. Frances Corgan, Telegram Plioto RECEIVING a certificate of commendation from the National Safety Council for the work of his FFA chapter this past year is Kenneth Henderson, left, who was the chapter's adviser, from C. C. Eustace, state superintendent of vocational agriculture, Topeka. Hood's Leaving May End Career Glenns Ferry, Idaho, Mrs. Ethel j Enos, Olympia, Wash., Mrs. I Vallie Killion, Tucson, Ariz., and: Mrs. Thressa Wallace, Rcnton, Wash.; eight grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. i Funeral will be Wednesday at ADMISSIONS 10 a.m. in the Garnand Funeral At St. Catherine (Saturday) Mrs. Richard Elliott, Deerfield. today... Hospitals Mrs. C. W. Brecheisen, 1821 W. Home charwl. The Rev. John D. Fitzgerald Jr., of thc com- TUSCALOOSA, Aln. (AP)—The I That Hood accused university munity Congregational Church Kansas. ^ withdrawal of Negro student! officials of attempting to keep a • will officiate. Burial will be in| Mrs. Harold Smith, Lakm. Ja,me s A. Hood from thc Univcr- Ijicully member from 'giving him ; Valley View Cemetery. I 15ll l Earnest, Holcomb. in Gordon City to J. H. Keller, the east 105 feet derson, most recent teacher who retired last spring, is at right, back row. Garden City FFA Gets Certificate A certificate of commendation for outstanding accomplishments in the field of safety was presented to the Garden City High School Future Farmers of America chapter yesterday. It was presented during a reunion of former vocational agriculture students of J. D. Adams, who taught vo-ag here from 1924- to 1938. More than 200 former students and their families turned out for the event which featured a picnic dinner in Fimvup Park. Garden City is the third FFA chapter in Kansas to receive Others were Ellsworth and La- Cygnc. Prior to that, only Little River and Fort Scott had been so honored in the 46-year history of FFA in Kansas. Under the leadership of David Lightner, president, and Advisor Kenneth Henderson, the Garden City chapter became concerned about the farm and traffic accidents occurring in the community. In order to terminate this rash of accidents, teams of "hazard hunters' 1 were surprised to find they did not find the large number of hazards they today... in Garden City Courts Earl Lee Robinson, 108 E. Maple, no registration, $5. Mary Urban, Scott City, improper starting of a parked vehicle, $5. Casper William Preisser, 1002 N. 1st, failure to signal for a turn in time, $5. Thomas Watson Mulfcsy, Arkansas City, following too closely, $5. John James Rundell of Oakley, improper turn, $5. Archie Lee Sicklebower of Scott markets LOCAL PRODUCE Eggs Extra Large A's .33 Eggs A's Large .31 Eggs A's Medium -28 Eggs A's Small .20 Eggs C's .18 1st Grade Cream .50 Heavy Hens 13 Light Hen* .05 LOCAL WAGON PRICES Wheat SI .81 unchg Mllo $1.75 o.»c;»3 Ry« .83 unchg Barley .83 bu. unchg CO-OP PRICES Wheat $1.80 up 1 Mllo J1.75 ouctig. Rye .<>5 unchg Barley $1.70 cwt unchfl ^orn $1.10 unchg. KANSAS CITY LIVESTOCK KANSAS CITY (AP)—Cattle 10.000; calves 400; steers and heifers strong to 25 higher; cows steady to 25 lower; choice steers 24.2525.00; good to choice 23.00-24.25; heifers 24.50; choice 23.75-24.25; good and choice 23.0050: cows 14.25-15.25; good and choice veal- ers 22.00-25.00. Hogs 4,500; barrows and gilts steady to weak; few 25 lower; sows steady; 1-3 195-260 Ib barrows and gilts 18.00-50; 180-190 Ib sow s 1G.75-17.75. Sheep 1,000; strong to 25 higher; choice to prime spring lambs 20.50-21.00; good and choic/e 19.0020.25; good and choice shorn lambs 19.50; ewes 4.50-6.00 this recognition in the past year, anticipated. Instead, they concluded that most accidents were caused by negligence and carelessness. The chapter then endeavored by displays, booths, demonstrations, radio talks, television programs, and newspaper articles to make the facts known about carelessness. A farm safety booth, displaying an overturned pick-up truck that had tangled with a tractor, was reeleeted at the Finney County Fair. Safety bulletin boards were displayed in various spots emphasizing carelessness as the the scene of an accident, $30. of lot 1, the east 105 feet of the | Russell Henry Mulligan> 312 W . north 5 feet of lot 2, block 1 of Fai] . disturDing ti ie peace, $15. Tcitelbaum's Addition. Doris L. HiGmbree, et vir, to Donald E. Hickey, et ux, lots 3 and 4 in block 4 of Inge and Vinzant's Addition. CUfford Ray Mulligan, 507 E. Cedar, disturbing the peace, $15. Gilbert L. Elliott, 418 Davis, parked left side to curb, $1. Raymond Ralph Hubbard, 1706 Lawrence O. Lee, et ux, to: \y. Kansas, drunk, $25. sity of Alabama could mean thc uu "A". e'nd of his brief career as a slu-! —That Hood accused a state of- dcnt at the school following his ficinl of cursing him in a dormi-'Mrs. Harvey Bailey stormy enrollment two months, lory, "ago. Mrs D way n e Vaughn, 14041 Dorothy Goss McCart, lots 4 and Ronald LeRoy Leighty, Gar i "A". Mrs. Nelle Higgins, 402 Wash-! Addition. 5 in block 3 of Arter and Youngs ; dendale, speeding, $10. John Morris Smith, 2109 N. ington. Hood's attorney announced thc A trustee who would not be iden-1 Mrs. Betty V. Bailey, 80, 1804 ' Paul E. Schneider, Eminence tilled said that in his opinion the \ N. "A", died Saturday at her; Rt. Corporation Deed — C & A | (ith, no registration, three charg- withdrawal and said the 20-year- j charges against Hood could be home. Mrs. Joe Moor, 321 ^ W. Emerold Gadsden, Ala., student" was j grounds for refusal of the univer- She was born May 19, 1883 in; son Construction Co. Inc., to Key Homes. Inc., lots 3 and 4 in block 1 of East Village First Addition. cs, S5, $10 and $25. James Roy Gatlin, Pueblo, Colo., running blinking red light, $10. killer. The chapter sponsored an all- school assembly to illustrate careless driving. This was followed by a car check covering brakes, lights, horns, and wind| shield wipers Forty seat belts were sold and installed, as well as 25 stickers reading "Drive Safely" on car bumpers. Safety signs reminding motorists that "Courtesy Saves Lives" were also placed along main highways. Lack of fire protection also was revealed by the survey. Demonstration of fire extinguishers, plus proper use, resulted in the sale of 216 approved extinguishers by the chapter, and 210 "no smoking" signs installed. Each member of the chapter wrote a safety speech and presented it to an audience. , , dropping out bo-cause of his phys- ] sity to admit him for the fall ; Waballnsce County am ical and mental condition. term, which begins Sept. 20. ! to Garden City in 1933 Mrs. Joe Goodwin, Gardendale.! Quitclaim D«ed — Imogene i Joe David Arnold, Sublette, At St. Catherine (Sunday) The university confirmed Hood's withdrawal Sunday and announced that a meeting of the board of trustees called to consider charges resulting from a speech Hood i-onei'rnirig and came from Turon Mrs. Sotero Marez, Deerfield, i 23 block 23, Jones Addition. The trustee said that Hood still: She was married to Harvey) Mrs. Wallace Kuhlman, Lakin., would be subject to a hearing be- Bailey at Pratt in 1910. i Mrs - Arthur Schmale, 701 N.; fore any decision would be made Mrs. Bailey wa s a member of i 4th; the Seventh Day Adventist I ''' Bittiker to Gladys Bittiker, lot \ speeding and improper driving, $25. made in Gadsden July been canceled. 16 had Hood's attorney, Arthur Shores ol Birmingham, said the Negro 1 .stwk'iit has been advised to avoid Churrh. Fined — Alfred M. Brungardt, ! (>13 N. 1st, improper U-turn and j no driver's license, $10. Charles J. Gardiner, 1016 N. \ COUNTY , Clifford Ray Mulligan, 507 E. i 6th. i ' nto Court — Flora Mae Am-1 Cedar, permitting a dog to run One (laughter preceded her in : Albert J. Roggenbuck, 606 N. | old, Holcomb. sentenced to 30' at large, $5. death. 12th. University officials had .sent a routine duties and activity until | Survivors include the widower; It-iter to Hood notifying him of Hie charges against him and asking his condition is improved "in order to avoid a complete mental him to be present before the dean and physical breakdown." of men at 2 p.m. today. The letter stipulated •charges: The two Negro students were these enrolled in summer school two months ago dcspitp efforts by —That Hood accusi'd the univer- '!ov. George Wallace to stop them sity of a conspiracy in soiling up by standing in the doorway at the a news conference for him in an admissions building, attempt to violate a rule against Wallace permitted tlio enroll .student news conferences. The inent when federalized National rule was imposed wlw-n he was Guard troops oscorte.d the Negro admitted lo the university with students to the building. lie was another Negro student, Vivian J. ! unavailable for comment on M alone. 20. Hood' s withdrawal. and a sister, Mamie Steele of David Horning, 312 N. 13th. George C. Jones, Deerfield. Oklahoma; seven grandchildren, 6 " 1 and 19 great-grandchildren. Funeral arrangements will be' announced hy Garnand Funeral, DISMISSALS Mrs Louise Billiard, 1021 N. 6th | whiskey, fined $10'J and $0.75. days for $12.5(5 no account check. I Rcynaldo Garza Rowland, 508 Sentence suspended on paymnct W. Maple, using profane 'langu- of check and $6.75 costs. ! age, $5. Charge of disturbing the Paul Farr, Rt. 1, illegal sale of! peace wa.s dismissed. Orval Lee Mills, 2002 "A". Da 'e Redburn, City. Home. Canada Ups Loan Rate OTTAWA (AP)-The Bank of Canada has raised its lending rate to 4 per cent, effective im- , mediately. The rate had 3 l .a per cent since May 6. At St. Chatherine (Saturday) Thomas Karle, Holcomb. Edward Whittaker, Syracuse. Clarence K. Wheeler, 311 10th. Mrs. Beverly Nichols, Holcomb Tennessen, 513 Prairie National Park WouldAttractThousands TOPF.KA (AP) — Establish- $r>0,000 annually from property tax j quired for roads and development Jfient of a Prairie National Park rolls in Poitawatotnie County, $0.5 of the park. It would be spread -in Kansas would attract thousands million would be spent in the area over a period of years. tocrists annually and lx> a each vear with sales tax revenue I Development of the park would Mrs, Joseph Stoeckly. Mrs. Sylvester Smith, HilO N. 6th. Mrs. C. N. Hendershot, 210 Wesley. Mrs. Elmer Snyder, 1911 "A". At St. Catherine (Sunday) Ysabel Orosco, 207 S. 4th, ille- j Charged with harboring dogs, gal sale of whiskey, fined' $100! Charge reduced to permitting and $8.75 costs. Released on $250 j a dog to run at large. Fined $2. appeal bond. Mrs. Elmer J. Gross, 109 Gilbert Merz, Dosrfield sen- Jones, driving on suspended li- fenced to 60 days on two war-! cense. Parole revoked. Sentenced rants on insufficient fund checks ; to 30 days in jail. Committed, totaling $-14.69 Sentence suspend-1 Bonds Forfeited—Mrs. Charles ed on payment and $13.50 costs, i »»«. Mary Urban, Earl Lee Bound Over — Timothy Clay- j Robinson, Casper William Preis- ton Vetter, Garden City, charg- ! - ser ed with burglary, bound over to j _, mj, m District Court and committed on j | PCITY 1C $500 bond. Homer Lester Owens, Kansas -»oost to tlie stale's c.-onomy in L"-j times tin- property lax loss. 3he opinion of nuist i'X|»'rls \\lio Some I'stimates have been made thai the park could add $10 million a year to the stale's income. Tho Park Service lias cited a Wyoming t nivtTsity study of the economic effect of Grand Teton National Park. It showed the re- •have studied the park plan ». The' park, pru|x)siHl lo cover 'fbom 57.000 acres in Poltawatom- if County, is now under sillily by S congressional sub-committee. Traffic flow on federal highways near lh(> proposed site is tail sales index of that county ris now alxnit 2.2. r > million vehicles si'ssrnent value of real and per include roads and hiking trails, provisions for camping, picnicking, facilities and programs for iiitjerpreting the prairie scene and facilities for park operations. There probably uould be two major campgrounds and several small primitive-type campsites. There would be numerous overlooks along the park road sys- Mrs. Sadie French, Scott City, city, Mo., charged with forgery - Dwight Bowyer 1208 Jones. Dane Mover, Sublette. Accidents — Friday at 11:50 a.m. in 1400 block of Jones Ave. M,-C lim f'lsaiin.; •'ni <; Ti\ "' c-r.' fn "",'"'," „',"•' -"-"'-- Car driven by Casper William Mis. Jim tasados, .01 S. Ia 5 - on a 55,55, ch{lck W;uml pre . prci ^ N '^ (minQr „, • limmary bearing and was bound ! ,u m nnp) anri truck driven hv Andrew Hummer, 2308 Tomo over to district court Committed rf g ' ,,f . i, „ ? A ..... ,'. !' l luuu ' »-ommiiu-a i Thomas Watson Mulkey of Ar- Au " "' '""' nf *' '™ h ' ln(t 'kansas City (extensive damage). Friday at 12:25 p.m. in 100 N. Dak., ac- block of E. Laurel. Car driven in lieu of $1,000 bond. Allowed to Abate — Kenneth Krueger, \tr« rhiru-i inn* -iu Fd Kl " v * v *> ' *">'"'». ^- ""h., ac- block of E . Laurel. Car driven Ms. Charks Long, 314 Ld- m ,nt closed check, $225 and $10 by Mary Urban o{ ^a city wards. Mrs. David Lipscomb, Beaumont, Tex. annually and is expcctt-il to reach more than 4.5 million 1>\ 1970. The National Park Service estimate* tliat purhaps onu-lourih ol these vohicli's ri'presi'iit tourist an<i oilu-r through U'afl'ic. "This is an iinpri-ssivi" figure,' ' says tho park service, "but even more so uhcn convened to pas National parks generally are considered major tourist magnets. The mere fact a national park is . in ' nianv tourists tu that area. :imal propel", from $1.7 to $8.2 ' UMII. The road network would be M 20 to 30 miles long. I Once established the park would be fenced. Wildlife, once native to ,- i the area, would be reintroduced. Some opponents have ridiculed Mrs. Loren Doll, Ingalls. Mrs.Virgil Craig, 5ixi Stoeckly. Mrs. Ester Lope/, 712 \. 5th. Albert H. Heed, 212 \. 2nd. Mrs. Earl Tipton, 1721 Morris. ' BIRTHS At St. Catherine A son to Mr. ami Mrs. Joe Goodwin, Gardendale, August 10, cosls - (minor damage) and pickup Walter M. Nation, Scott City, truck driven by Max C. Engler, , insufficient fund check $15 and j r , o f Holcomb (moderate dam- 'Jti 75 costs. age) Paul Irsik, Hulcoinb. insuffici- ^Friday at 9:10 p.m. at Main ! cut fund check. $1, and $ii.75 ami Fulton. Cai's driven by costs. Dwayne Kaye Vaughn, 1404 Fined — Clyd,? Beck. Modesto, --A""( minor damage) and Archie ; Calif., drunk on highway, $20 and Lee Sicklebower of Scott City $> co.-'ts, committed. (moderate damage). \_1LJI-'tl II lit . V«M*\l»-«»VtMH_, 1* H.^ ll^fc^U, 11T»« • f , \1' I «-• at 11:43 p.m., 6 pounds, 7 ounces. Jesse \\. Morrison, fort Worth. , Friday at 9:10 p.m. in 100 A daughter to Mr. and Mrs. 1 . ox - drunk on jiighway, $20 and : block of E. Fulton. Truck driven <••'--s ami i 1 million ami revenues from O..U niiiluni to >i.i.i i.ii'ii.:i. But from tlu 1 Park Service view, th fl prime reason lor -j prairie' park is to preserve a section of 'prairie intact for future generations "Tune is running out and grasslands. iXhers oppose the plan remaining opportunities are few! because <f Us effect on Potawa- imiet-d." the Park Service says. ! to ^' e c ' aunt >' ««-•«"«»»'• Sotero Marez, Deerfield, August 11 at 8:2(5 a.m., 7 pounds. A, daughter to Mr. and Mrs. costs, committed. by John James Rudell, Sr., of Jack D. Moore. Fort Worth, Oakley (no damage) and car 'ex., driving while intoxicated j driven by Terry Lee Billinger, Harold Smith, Lakin. August 11 atul no drivers license, $110 andiiiO.Vu E. Maple (extensive (lam- al 11:30 a.m., 7 pounds. 7 ounces. »•> costs . committed. A daughter to Mr. and Mrs. the idea that any tourist would ; Dale Ralburn. August U at 7:30 drive out of his way to look at; p.m., 4 pounds, 6 ounces. Sfudi e s over Some opponents say that lo al- ponion s of . low tiie area to reurn lo all Legate age). Ison, Sabctha. drunk, $20 Saturday at 5:16 p.m.. 700 and S5 costs, committed. ! block \. Main, cars driven by POLICE Mrs. Jack M. Just, 1016 X. 1st Bonds Posted — Robert Dean and Mrs. John W. Sailer, 1222 Womack, Wichita, no ivgistra-; Parkwood. i minor to both ve- tion, $5. ' hides). Warranty D»«di — B. E. Norton, et ux. to B. E. Norton, et ux, the prairie from North Dakota to ; t'rass would create gi\i-n location will draw Texas indicate that Potauatomie j prairie fire hazard. County hud been one of the best But one supporter had this lo Dr. E Raymond Hall, a mem- areas. 1 ber ol the National Park Advisory : Estimated cost, ef acquiring land Board, has predicted that while j is estimated at $5 million. Addi'. |).s creation would remov e about! tiuual expenditures would be re- say on fire: "Certainly, there would be no more hazard than you have in the .onal fonests. 1 ' a major ; a tract of land in the northwest corner of the S l a of the SE'< of li-24-33. Ina Huckstadt, to Howard B. Smiili, the N^ of Uie SWU of ilie NWU of 8-24-32. Delia Mason Gardner, el \U', LIHLE LINKS Miniature Golf Course in Finnup Park Now open nightly «t 6:30 p.m. Open it 2 p.m. on Sat. & Sun. Oily 2Sc for 19 NOW SHOWING CURTAIN TIME Show Starts 7:4J Feature 8:00 Matinee Tues. 2:00 Admission Child 50c—Adults $1.00 STARTS THURSDAY A riot of fun and laughter . ., H16ERIB BROCCOU Bob nope Anita EKberg COIN NOW SHOWING! Giant academy award program ., .the. Miracle worker A FLASH OF INTENSELY PERSONAL DRAMA! STARRING ANNE BANCROFT AND INTRODUCING PATTY DUKE CO-HIT— BURT MASTER BIRO MAN OF ALCATRAZ Illllllil ttrl IHI1ED AI1ISIS STARTS WEDNESDAY SEVEN ARTS PRISENIS m ASSOCIATES AND ALDRICH PRODUCTION Belfe Davis ao? Joan Crawford 1VIN MIDIo WARNER BROS. CO-HIT— MOUSEJMOMEN Kuuruir WARNER BROS, iti By Popular Request . . . REPEATING OUR MONEY SALE At Intermission Time . . . We will trade with you . . . $10.00 — $5.00 1.50 — 1.25 — 1.10 and $1.00 for 95c YOU CAN'T LOSE Limited Number Sold 1st Come 1st Serve WEDNESDAY ONLY! EMPLOYEE'S WEEK Boxoffice Opens 7:15 Show Starts 8:05 Tibptew M Hff2

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