Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on February 18, 1952 · Page 10
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 10

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, February 18, 1952
Page 10
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TEN EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., MONDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 1952 Phone 4600 for a WANT AD Taker Mary iiaworth*s Mail Editor's Note; Married to man she tried to jilt at eleventh hour, woman regreti situation, feeli the could have done belter. DEAR MARY HAWORTH; I am 32 and unhappily married. I tried to back out before the wedding, but Jim pleaded and raged. I turned in desperation to a relative, who was shocked at first, then laughed and said all brides feel that way before the ceremony. So I went through with it, 10 years ago; but I lost all respect for Jim, for having no pride, as he knew I had no love for him. It wasn't too bad at first. I was content with my little apartment, fixing it up, and I felt secure. When I started to feel helpless, trapped and unhappy again I had a child, which kept me busy. Then I had a nervous breakdown, and I kept crying and wanting to run away. Now I have two beautiful children (ages nine and five, adrnircd by everyone, and Jim and I are so proud of them; but still I have that feeling of wanting to get away. I know you'll despise me and think me conceited, but I have a Hour Cleaning Service at no extra charge Also Waterproofing, and Mothproofing Available South End Cleaners 219 Virginia Ave. Phono 3248 branch itora BRING YOUR FILM WORK to fa» developed •• RAND'S 24 HOUR SERVICE WE SELL FILM OF ALL KINDS RAND'S Cor. Baltimore and Centre 5fs. terrible feeling that I could have done'better than Jiin; and people sometimes wonder what I saw in him, which depresses me. I long for a husband whom I could love, respect, and be proud of, and this has become an obsession with me. Recently I begged Jim to let me go, and at first he listened kindly. Then he got furious, said I was crazy and told me to go—alone. But he knows I can't leave the children; | so again I have that terrible, trap- jped feeling. i Later I burst out crying to a relative and asked her help; and she said the only solution is to accept the situation and make the best of it. She told me to forget love as a lost cause, live for my children, pray, and go out more socially. I have tried this; but when an attractive man is attentive to me, 1 think of what might have been and get depressed again. My relative recommended reading, and religious books are helpful; but psychology books frighten me, as they warn of insanity from this trapped feeling—and advise separation from the person who causes it. j What do you think? I N. R. j Dependent Bias \ Is Her Handicap DEAR N. R.: I can't believe that any reputable psychology book speaks of a trapped feeling as a symptom of insanity, and advises the anxious patient to separate from the person who (supposedly) disturbs him. Either you are studying trash, published in the name of psychology, or you are reading your own ideas into the printed page, thus missing the literal sense of the text, as worried people often do. As I see the situation, Jim isn't the villain of the piece. Marriage to him isn't the basic cause of your frustration, and his insistence didn't coerce you into marriage. You drifted into his keeping and you stay with him resentfully because your circumstances haven't produced any alternative security- program—and you are a very dependent character. This is the nub of your- "trapped feeling"—and you are further ag- gravate'd by wanting the moon, figuratively speaking. Instead of mak- ing a realistic adjustment to the good that is within your, grasp. Actually Jim iias been a kind of godsend to you, a sort of anchor, or port in the storm, in the time you've known him-r-owing to his steadfast nature and loyal devotion to you. On your part you've been an unstable, unhappy, mixed-lip neurotic figure in his life—emotionally immature, self-centered and unloving. All of which is more your misfortune than your fault, I gather—the net result of a heartbreak childhood as an orphan, your story implies. But if you can't love or respect Jim, don't blame him. rather recognise that he is getting a poor m ^ Ho return on a great investment of | fhi<! „„„ ohmt , ,„„ ta * mor<: «,,,.„,,„ kindness to you. Needs To Promote Interest High In Meeting On Cattle Feeding The annual cattle feeding meeting Thursday in City Hall Auditorium is attracting more than usual interest this year according to Ralph P. McHenry, county farm agent. He said a shortage in various grain feeds has accelerated Interest in the session. McHenry said normally between 50 and 70 dairy and beef cattle raisers in the trl-state area attend Your Horoscope took Fresh For Spring! Let us expertly dry clean your Spring wardrobe , . . make colors mart "alive" . , . restore proper shapt to clothes and g/'ve you a well-groomed oppetronce/. BALLARD'S M Gn*ni Street Phong 4665 Far Service Who will pay for the damage done and the property lost when a burglar puts you on his calling list? Even if they catch him there is little the police can do to relieve the drain on your pocketbook. Better have us write the theft insurance you need and be sure of protection against financial loss from burglary, robbery or theft. Geare-Everstine Agency Liberty Trust Building Personal Growth For lack of a sustaining relationship with a good parent in early years, you sought consolation in day dreams of satisfying companionship Jater on, and built up phony ideas of bliss-to-cpme. Thus Jim as a suitor, and marriage to him, fell woefully short of your phantasy-notions; but you weren't self reliant enough to bypass him and compete for the heroes you had in mind. So you feel cheated in the relationship; and overwhelmed by the unremitting responsibilities of wifehood and this year about 100 farmers already have signified their intentions of attending. Of chief interest will be the talks by Stanley P. Stabler of the Agronomy Department of the University of Maryland. He will discuss "A Sound Pasture Program" and "Problems Involved in Liming and Fertilizing." These topics are expected to give farmers sound advice on ways to increase the yield of roughage on their farms. Although most of the farmers will come from Allegany County, Hampshire and Mineral Counties in West Virginia and Bedford County, Pa., also will be represented. About 30 veterans who " are taking on-the- farm training are expected to attend motherhood, that bear heavily upon \ me of the sessi(0ns> whlch will rup Your Children Can Go fo OLLECE If You Start a Savings Account Current Rale Of Earnings 2% Per •h / u Annum TODAY Your son or daughter CAN enjoy the advantages of a college education IF you start saving for it, now. Open an account here — watch the mounting balance bring college days closer and closer! First Federal Savings & Loan Assn. Open Monday Evenings from 7 'HI 9 your childish, aggrieved, dependent temperament. You need warm wise personal guidance, in developing a true yardstick of human values; and in working your way towards emotional maturity. And in the great city from which you write, the Family Service Agency offers first-hand psychological help along these lines. For good reading, try Agnes Sanford's "The Healing Light" (Macalaster Park Publications, St. Paul, Minn.). . M. H. Mary Haworth counsels through her column, not by mall or personal Interview. Write her in care of The Evening Times. (Copyright by The Washington Post, Distributed by King Features Syndicate) All Glian Club Names Directors Stockholders of Ali Ghan .Shrine Country Club named directors at a meeting following the regular session of Ali Ghan Temple Friday night. Dr. J. Russell Cook was re-elected to the board of governors for a three-year term. Also named to the board are C. Morris DeLauder of Hagerstown, Kenneth Malcolm of Barton and Clarence A, Eyre, this city. They succeed John C. Wolford and Edgar D. Vandegrift, this city, and A. Wayne Reed, Westernport. In recognition of his long years of service', the board of governors paid tribute to Wolford by making him a, lifetime, honorary member of the club's board of governors. from 10 a. m. until 3:30 p. m. Other speakers will include Dr. Joseph Pou, head of the University of Maryland Dairy Department, "A Three-Way Plan To More Profitable Dairying;" Joseph Vial of the Livestock Department, "Economical-Beef Cow Herd Management Dependent Upon Forage;" Theodore Bissell of the. Entomology Department, "A Program For Control of Cattle Grubs." Assistant County Agent Joseph M. Steger and Soil'-Conseration Aid Martin Gordon have taken over 20 colored pictures of Allegany County farm scenes which they will show at the conclusion of the meeting. Japanese Toys Popular On Australian Market SYDNEY, Australia — (IP)— Japanese toys have been selling so well that unless import restrictions ease this year, the supply will not meet the demand, an importing company official said recently. One company, believed to be the only one importing Japanese toys into Victoria, has already had to restrict allocations. One shop manager said he had to replenish one line three days after it appeared on the shelves. "When it comes to buying people forget international differences," he said. Safely Group To Meet The Western Maryland Safety Council will meet tomorrow at 7:30 p. m. in the Public Safety Building. 56 North Centre St. Phone 362 Cumberland's Only Complete tiutpoint m~~: K| . «.« nm — DEALER Leonard's 318 N. Centre St. (bit IJoursciJ THESE QUESTIONS IEFORE MAKING AMY LOAN Q. Can I get 1 ir today? A. Yes ... up to $300! Q. How much will it cost? A. 3.64 monthly repays a S50 Loan! Come in! MILLENSON CO. 106 S. Liberty St. Phone 847 Montreal No. 1 Target MONTREAL—WP)—If there is tit atomic "war Montreal is "Canadian target No. 1, and we cannot expec the enemy to by-pass us," said Brig J. Guy Gauvreau, Montreal civil defense head. "Bombers on their way from Murmansk to New York do noi have to detour to visit Montreal,' he noted. Returning to Cumberland February 25th and 26th Courteiy SUPEK 40 DRIVE-IN THEATRE TOPS in QUALITY Imperial 'ICE CREAM Loolc In the section in which your birth,ay comes and find what your outlook Is. wording to the stars, For Tuesday, Feb. 1», 1»BS MARCH 21 to APRIL 20 (Aries)—Wish- ul thinking and emotional action do not promote progress or real happiness. The oundly cooperative, sensibly busy individual will get at! to a good start. Mix•d aspects; guard speech. APRIL 21 1 - to MAY 20 (Tauru5)~May have to do some convincing of those with whom you deal in business or any transactions. A wise reasoning attitude, pro< cessing each item carefully, will put you .hrougb. wisely. MAY 21 to JUNE 21 (Gemini)—Main >bjectives today may be money or property matters. Stars suggest you go easy, get all data possible before acting. Clear- cut knowledge, without biased Judgment, needed throughout. JUNE 22 to JDLY 23 (Cancer)— Hidden advantages for you to find. Have the desire, will and energy, and you will achieve. But caution is needed in handling savings, others' affairs or earnings. Don't judge hastily. JOLY 24 to AUGUST 22 (Leo)—May be unavoidable problems. Handle them In stride. Be your keen self, with rational pace and view. Configurations Improve, after 3 p. m., for well planned -propositions. " AUGUST 23 to SEPTEMBER 23 (Virgo) —In contact with inauy psople, large concerns, labor In general? Stress calm manner and tolerance. To exaggerate reacts unfavorably. You are equal to. grand day's job. SEPTEMBER 24 to OCTOBER 23 (Libra) —No day for post-mortems. Get to facts quickly; study well real business of the day. Wise reservations .necessary. Nature manifests itself as a wonderful guide for your outlook. : OCTOBER 24 io NOVEMBER 22 (Scorpio)—Some contrary viewpoints to bridge, especially likely In money matters in early hours. Accept no "fancy" theories; study, differentiate carefully. Use your common sense. NOVEMBER 23 to DECEMBER 22 (Sagittarius)—Prime for a -big, benefic day and you will be building It up. Regular business, personal affairs highly favored. Avoid inconsistencies, be alert, direct and you can reap rewards. DECEMBER 23 to JANUARY 21 (Capricorn)—Day's yield will depend on how hard And smartly, you handle both problems 'ind advantages. Pursuit of Important i.-.sues, devoting time energetically in right way. brings results. JANUARY 22 to FEBRUARY 20 (AqUal- iusl—May think at first things look diffi- cult. Under the surface is plenty of opportunity. Use it and your talents wvll: it will require work, thinking, but will pay big dividends. FEBRUARY 21 to MARCH 20 (PiscesI~ Excellent outlook for most business matters, laborer and employer will reap well In harmonious attitude. Heart interests, family and social affairs lavored with new advantages. YOU BORN TODAY: Are not generally I demonstrative. Usually unassuming, How-i ever ian be set in ways, sometimes hard to convince. Naturally of Rood temper: go about things after proper consideration. Usually free o! prejudice. Guard against being led astray throush Dlay on yogr sympathetic nature. Religion, higher education of great assistance, strive for them j always. Likely fond of travel, sports, mui- ; ic, good fun. Can do well in managerial ; position, science, \critmg. research. Keep i the Golden Rule, heed loved ones, remain , brightly hopeful. Birthdate of: Nicoliius Copernlciu, famed astronomer; Adclinu Paul, great singt-r: David GarrieK, rc- uownsd actor; Merle Oberon, actress. (Copyright. 1552, King Frnturi's Syndicate. Inc.I Gold end silver had no monetary worth in the eyes of the pre-Conquest Peruvians. However, the two metals were highly regarded for ih'eir beauty and were used as inner The first Elks club was founded in! wall covennns in temples and also New York in 1866. !»s material for statuary. RALPH FRANTZ Super Market SELF-SERVE RIDGELEY, W. VA. Phones 879-4690 SPRY 3 189o Ib. can RINSO, SURF or LUX FLAKES 2 Ig. pkgs. 57c SILVER DUST Ig. pkg. 30c — giant pkg. 59c LIFEBUOY OR LUX TOILET SOAP— Reg. Size 2 cakes 17c Bath Size 2 cakes 23c SWAN SOAP—med. size 2 for 17c—Ig. size 2 for 27c DOMINO GRANULATED SUGAR 5 Ib. bag 47c — 10 Ib. bag 93c — 25 Ib. bag $2.29 7:30 COFFEE 1 Ib. bag 74c YEUOW QUARTERS— BLUE BONNET OLEO Ib. 26c SELECTED COUNTRY EGGS !g. size 49c doz. HOME MADE CUB HICKORY SMOKED- BOLOGNA Ib. 85c HICKORY SMOKED BACON SQUARES— "Fine for Seasoning" Ib. 23c FRESH PORK LIVER lb 29c WISCONSIN LONGHORN CHEESE Ib. 53c U. S. NO. 1 GRANTSVILLE POTATOES ... pk. 75c JUICY FLORIDA ORANGES 8 Ib. bag 43c VISIT OUR WORTH TOOL BAR FINE TOOLS FOR HOME OR SHOP HEADQUARTERS FOR MIRRORS and Furniture Tops PITTSBURGH PLATE GLASS CO. 317 Henderson Avenue Phone 3757 Prescriptions We Deliver Free Up to 3 Miles By Auto and Bicycle We Mail Your Prescription or Send by Bus Within 50 Mile Radius Just.Call 3646 or 943 Walsh-McCagh Pharmacy MARYLAND'S LEADING PRESCRIPTION STORE 101 N. "Centre St. Free Delivery Stops Laxatives regains youthful regularity "For thirty years, I took so many kinds of pills and laxatives to relieve constipation. Since I started eating ALL-BRAN every day, those troubles are over," says busy Bethany, Mo., woman. If you.-too, suffer from irregularity due to lack of dietary bulk, try toasty ALL-BRAN. It's helped thousands to regain youthful regularity. Rich in iron, high in cereal protein, provides essential B and D vita-' mins. Not habit-forming. 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