Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 22, 1954 · Page 36
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 36

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 22, 1954
Page 36
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PAGE ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH THURSDAY, APRIL 22, 1954 Bethalin PTA Jamboree. Scf Bethalto FHA To Wordnn " 11 'f"\D I 11.' *,T i\_..i:..i_i Friday Mpht At File Gym Hear Rep. Price Madison Comtnirtion BBfHALTO—A centennial thpmp | follow thr central mlo Asseetotiem jamboree Friday at S i " m hp thr ™»^ r - \ . In File gym. The prop-am! 1" ' hr< f°" rth art - Krn Sheary '• Center around the 'good old will pla> (he salesman in a rnerli- dAy$'and will have skits on early I rjnr , shmv nnr) , hp flflh ar , wj | t homes, churches, schools, j ntrnr j u ,. P M,- S . l-.-.-u-l Helmkamp a? PTA functions. j a prr <;ideni nf an early PTA In The first of thr six acts to he I the concluding sixth act, I .run Sprak a I F a I h r r , mi Fflf April 2 I presented will feature a farm family with Mrs. Era Weeks and Joseph Higgins as Ma and Pa and Pete Bivens as Jeb, thrir rldrsf son. RKTHAI.TO Trp \lrlvm Prjrr IVm.. K;isl Si l,n!ii« -.Mil wr-i\-r thr hriniirary ili;i[iirr l,inrif-r dr Ki'ff from Ihr R^ili:ili/i l-'iilui-r Farnir-ry of AIM rit-.-i ;ii ;i tin '•IIIIL' Ml F'.flhrillci Ci\ H- MI iiKiii.-il Ilifli rork and «on. .limmie of Val- i meyrr; Mr. and Mrs John John- \VOPJ iF-:\' - l)avli?.'ht Sa-. ins;',on of )fame| B nd Mr. and Mr*. Titno u ill lie nrisei\rd here acain ! ifr-rhTt Jobnvon of Pine Oak this \.-ar from Sunday April ITi \\-r-\f v,\\f^\-< Siindas at the home ST. LOt.'IS ft 1 —A $20").524 con- to Sept. :.'»;. O r \i| anr | M ,c. Kd-. 3rf j .John- trart for dredpnR the Chain -Of- missioners. announced the contract The Ivirias f'l;i'.<: of Ihe Bap-' son. j Rocks canal at the Granite City, auard Wednesday. lie said the t; I r-huich meet at the S Set. ami M,c Kenneth Itnn.'" 1 - ^""'""1 of the Bi - State work v ,,|| nrjrin immediately and the Madison Construction 1 Co. of Kdwardsville, HI. GptS Drfflging Contrart Maj. rien. .T L. Svcrdnip. chair- of the acencv's hoard of rom- --: r.rnin l.f sriA \1i- Maty 1. John* drri: Mi. and Mrs. |-;|. Inn ial', | Agency has boon " J will serve as auclinncr-r al | Schnol at 7 pin S.-ilurda%. a ho\ serial whrrp thp rnmancc he!ween .leh and the school tearh er hlossoms. Music duriMR the shnv, will lie The second act will be a school- j provided hy Mrs. Jackson Blais room scene with Mrs. Ralph Dortd dell. Other members of the cnsl a$ the teacher; the third act will I are Mr. and Mrs. Klmcr NEW! STATIC-FREE! CUSTOM TAILORED. Installed iy Cxpertt Beautify with Customized Seat Covers! Rtady-Made Plosticoated Fibre with Quilted Trim No Cpntrr Arm Plastic with Quilted Trim $ 13 95 $ 19 95 , Kvperlly DIAL 2-4561 CORNER 'BROADWAY AND HENRY ALTON '-pr-nkcr at thr annual |-;I||IIT ;IIK! Son h;mrjuil of Ilif I'.fllj.-illo ^'^'A. Till 1 iniil'k'- lln lhn il ;r.' ;u i| I '• ifi\ f'H hy Id'- l-.aM SI 1,'iui'- run Krc'ssnum flinini; tl-' 1 p;isi fi\"'- months. In Drr'cnihrr lir rr-rfiMil a pl;if|iif from lhn .Irffrisim l'.;ir r.-u-ks National (VmrliT;. A'li'in ('otnmilt"p, hononni; him [or hr; sir. iifs lo \i'lir;iir. anil for hr, i Hulls lo cytalilisli |"'i mall' III In mi; s'l'ia'ls [or partir-i|i;ihon in iloi f, ,los'-ph Kfs.sli-r. Mrs. I. con 'In/in. Mr. ami Mr:; C.lrun Scliui'llp, Mrs. hniialrl Niv, Mr. KYn Shcary. llfli-n K\'iKi/''i. I'oh I'.H inia. T' 1 '! Norlh, Mr. ami Mrs IJiKini 1 U'oodson, I'.oh Mdralf. Connii 1 Micritia. Mrs. .Icwll Slut/, Mi^. liny llcarn ami Mrs. .lo'.rph llowaril Thi' pulilir adih("-s SNsli'in will In- iipi'ralcrl hy thr I'.clhallo Knr 1 I)rpartnirnl, and Mrs. It. <1, Klein will hi 1 in charcr 1 of puhlicily. Mrs. l)odd is in fluit'KP of Iho makeup, ami Kmily McKnildcn will ussist in I lie bafk-slaK' 1 arraniicmcnls. Thf cnliri' scrip! was written and will lie directed hy Mrs. J'Ynn- ces Castile. Irvinj; Knhei'K is Hie production ehairinan. nml Kermil Harden is the sla^e manager. Mrs. Nix will lie in charge of properties. and Mr.s. llelmltamp is Hie style show mamiKer. .'it N'.'il ifin.'il ^'emeleries. Muruitr January. I!ep. T'riee re- cii%ed the annual fivic Seiviee A-A aid of the F-;,-n,t Si Louis Aerie i man Nuinli"r V1."). Kraternal Order of; i • p, i . nii'i , > I I - . I \ ' . 11 i ' 'II t I' nt' . f. i at 7:30. | eikamp of Klein Air For-P P.a-e. i ^"^_"*"^."™_^:" is s.-heduled for completion in 90 I hy M's. K!a , are announ-inc: the birth mtmity Memorial Hospital at da>s. of a rlaufchtfr. MarKi" The hahy Staunton. The infant weiehed ' i of \\or- Aa , ; |, orn i,,, ,, f . f . k .,, , hp („,«.„ h( poimds anf] ff>nr r}{in( , r ^ '•T \\oorl- |,o--:pital an-l ueic-herl pounds nti'l f'r P num ee. Honerkamp i'- !h" former Mi<-s Alfrierl i F.pnel of M:mi<h. r;er- '•••.'•n .virs. .N'aglirk is Ihe former Miss Mrs. Deloros Kmrirh of Worden. anrl h '' r husband is form"' '>' of ^'orfj Mr. and Mr Hr |i Prir" h;is announced that In- will dismiss the application of atomic energy lo farm research in Ins lalk lo the Future Farmers. Ilif JOP bnlh k arf of son. f iaiy Jor, horn Saturday nt f'om- THEATRE Cottage Hills TONITE - FRI. <j IOn Murray, I "The Marshal's Daughter" Shown nl «:!« Itnlicrl Shniic Dnris Mrrrlck "The Neanderthal (Ape) Man" Shown Hi 7:10 2 CARTOONS STATi TONITE — "PUBUC" ENEMY" Shnun nt H:SB. KUWAKIl (i. KOUINSON "LITTlTE ' CAESAR" Shown sit 7:00 — 10:00 CARTOON FRIDAY AND HAT. _ AND — ! _ 1'MI.S — FINAL CHAPTER SERIAL 2 CARTOONS TONIGHT SAT, IbiitMl Artiili SHOWN AT 8:ifi P.M. SHOWN AT 7:00, TONITE t FRI. Alan LADD • I,ro fJKNN Susan .Slpphpn "PARATROOPER" Technicolor 9:00 (JpoiKP MONTrjOMKHY Tab UliNTKR Hplpp WI-:STCOTT "GUN BELT" Technicolor 7:32 Selected Shorts Martin fln.vcrnft, Manager TONITE —FRIDAY lir.NTER • MtrltAFJ, RENNIK "SAILOR OF THE KING" R:B7 Only. mm BAM, "FANCY PANTS" A Hint on IN TF,rilMf:OI.OR. 7:35 Only. — Plus — LITTLE RASCALS COMEDY Box Office Open 6:30 * Show Begins of Dusk it Midwest's Finest Feotoreft* Self-Servkt Snack Bar Always Color Cartoon ON A I.I, TECHNICOLOR SHOW + urn 84-rr. PANORAMIC SCREEN * TONIGHT BETTY HUTTON ond HOWARD KEEL "ANNIE GET YOUR GUN" ANT) BURT LANCASTER and JOANNE DRU "VENGEANCE VALLEY' 1 * FRIDAY CARI/fOV HESTO.V JOHNfTf WDSSMULUR VAUfYOF , HFADHUNTfRS •A CWG1M[ UMSOK M tUWlltM I<MM C»»l-: f* * SMML MMI • taM •• M WMI Mlfk * OWL SNOWS START SATURDAY RINCESS^ MIDNITE SHOW SATURDAY 11:30-: OPEN FRIDAY Till 9 P.M. STONE BROS. CREDIT JEWELERS STOHK ''« SKttVK VIH/ Expert Worch-jcwclry Repairing GREATEST SILVERWARE BUYING OPPORTUNITY IN YEARS HURRY! HURRY! OFFER EXPIRES MAY 8TH ,. rr , r «r)*«* 60-PIECE CELEBRATION SET SERVICE FOR 8 in COMMUNITY MONSTER FROM A LOST AGE! RAGIN WITH TODAY I, AST TIMES 1 William Ginger HOLDEN ROGERS U FOREVER FEMALE" Paul Pat DOUGLAS CROWLEY s 7 SHOWN :2S 6:25 :2« 9:25 unforgettable as the immortal GLENN MILLER adorable as the girl he swept off her feet STORT All the rhythm ...the romance... the songs and the laughter [of America's Dancing Years! CREATURE LAGOON Hear these memorable GlennMillerHits: MOONUGHT SERENADE U1TLE BRO\\TM JUO fN THE MOOD TENNSYLVAN1A 6-4000 STRING OF PEARLS TUXEDO JUNCTION CHATTANOOGA CHOO-CHOO ond many, many mortt PRESENTED AT 1:40 4:10 6:40 9:10 ond these Musical "Greofj"oj Guest Starsl FRANCES LANGFORD LOUIS ARMSTRONG GENE KRUPA BEN POLLACK THE MODERNAIRES EXTRA! BUCK Bunny Cartoon "BUGS & THUGS" LATEST NEWS CHARLES DRAKE • GEORGE TOBIAS • HENRY MORGAN HifM»™w» j! Tickets Xiiw On > < At Uov Office. STARTS FRIDAY Prires Thin Special Showing;: Adult* 70o Till 6 I'.M., Then 85e PAY WEEKLY OR MONTHLY Choice of 5 Lovely Patterns • Tre«* M*rt» •* O»»4« l>4 GET 8 COMPLETE PLACE SETTINGS FOR THE PRICE OF 6 YMI lhn gorgeous jet givej you TWO extra 7-piece teftingj in Conimuniiy . . the linetl iilverplatel 60-pi»c« »el include* \ 6 teaspoons, 8 knives, 8 forks, 8 joup spoons, 8 solad forks, 8 butlei spiraders, 2 serving spoons, 1 butt»r knife ond 1 lugai spoon in beouty keeping, anti-tornish chest. Act now ond th« woithwlule Celebiulion savingsl Offei ends May 8. Your 2 Friendly Jewelers 118 W, 3rd St., Alton, III,, Dill AND IN WOOD KIM:K Corner o< F«rgu$on and Wood Rivir AVI, Dial 4-1522 STOUK HOI IUS *Uf*i P»BT I to » p.w— woo* •ilk tltlM 0»t» NO INTEREST OR CARRYING CHARGES! • TONITE LAST TIMES • Arlcne D.MIl. • l-Vriinnili) L.X.MAS • (;illicrl J{OU-\M) "THE DIAMOND QUEEN" Cleo Moore "ONE GIRL'S CONFESSION" ,^^ Ol'KN B:80 FRIDAY & SAT, SHE'S GOT THE FLEET AT HER FEET! \ eCNE NUSON UUtiVENE CJORGf GIY01 ua i UONUD A SOCK STORY OF THE BOXING GAME! CHAMP FOR A DAY Shown—7:30 ^CARTOON Shown 3:30 0:00 MIRTHQUAKES" H-.SO HAVCN for renegade, murderer... and outcast FRIDAY ft SAT. * i color! Techru V JOEL McCREA • YVONNE DE CARLO COLORED CARTOON t Shown 2:05 4:40 7:15 9:50 JOHNNY WEISSMULLER .. JUHGif JIM YAUIYQF HIM HUH1EM Shown 1:00 8:SO 6:08 1:40

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