Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 22, 1954 · Page 35
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 35

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 22, 1954
Page 35
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THURSDAY, APRIL 22, 1954 Major Lraguc Stars Rv Thp AHwrlntfd Prrw Pitching—Boh Porter-field. Uash- 1 i-Tcton Senator*, checked the Phlla- ri<-iphla Athletic.* on three hits for hl^ fust Virtory l.'M Hitting — Larry IVihv Cleveland Indians, hit a ninth "ining home i UP with Al Rnsen on base to beat Baltimore 2-1. • ' Fight Hewit POLLEN TIME IS HERE AGAIN! ALTON E\-ENING TELEGRAPH in College — PAGE MITCHELL ROOM AIR CONDITIONER With a Mitchpll you get (wice Micro-filterod, pollen-free air Even the smallest particles of dust and pollen (hat normally escape through ordinary filters are trapped and eliminated by the Mitchell special large viscous coated filter Like thousands of other satisfied MiU-hell users you will eniov x^, IL ,, a u d T' 0 * thp VMr >round - Remember, too Mitchell has all the other comfort features that make it your best buy. It Cools for maximum summer comfort • Nite-Cools on just moderately warm days (and nights) Heats on chilly days • Dehumidifies • Ventilates • Circulates • and Exhfliwks. Therp's a Mitchell that's just right for air conditioning your room. TOO HOG Prices* lew at ^' ' Ub!) PHONE 3-3131 just ngi 229 ! WELLS TIRE COMPANY 83S K. Broadway — Alton — Phoim 3-3181 ;• Wells-Schmidt Tire Sales I 301 E. ForKUfson, Wood River, phono 4-8828 | NK\V YOKK sports, especially football, are to maintain their proper place in the educational scheme, it's up to the coaches to educate thcmselvejt and the public to a now standard ot sportsmanship. That message \\ns delivered \\ednesday night to thr American dutv to lead thr vvnv to thr highest level of spoil stnan^l up "F'nrthcr. wo must odurale not I.AS VKi'.AS \cv ?_The $V> - and pta.xing I'humpions cets underway today. i<nly those fi nil ball. Imt newspaper, rndio television men. who have such a ' IS other name . iireiit infhienrr. to eduente the pub »' the $10.000 top pri/r. «s to what is rislu «nd wluit ! t ~~ inera of A major open tournament was runner-up I m the pa« yrftr. th* MR money Snenrf was insrtalled n 7-2 betting There were two other em favorite. Tht.i stem* from his vie- for the event Ben Hiwan «nrf t, ; ry in the recent Masters in a! Worsham. Ho OT n **?«* Ilst'lnTl Playoff with Ren Slogan, one on his curtailed toorwin Besselink. of course, is hack, schedule. PGA officials said Worshart ij& afked hy his home dtrt> at Oakmont, of t Tsrrlson. DOUR Ford. Karl .. . . ihr f.nored Sam Snead and Strwnrt . Ir . Tw , Kroll . Bob Toskii ' (porky) Ollvpr king Gpn(1 ,,„„„ The ,i'.hol«> event. Inaugurated Douglas. Fred Wampler. Art Wall' - am " tmir commitments. A! Foot, rode the wfrmertl ft hy ,»,„ j (Jeni-ge Munser. president of the t» American Football Conches As sociatlon. Munger. who retired as University of Pennsylvania football coach after the 1953 season, chosr "Ethics for Coaches" as his topic In a round table discussion. The AFCA code of p I h I c «. adopted In 19M, and the expanded "football rode" which precedes the official rules, are steps in the right direction. Monger snid. The rode of ethics u/is n lively topic during the AFCA meeting last January when coaches and fans still were debating the propriety of Notre Dame's "fainting Irish" ruse to stop the clock during n game. At that time, the conches j^reer) it was impossible to make the rules so they couldn't be beaten, I but asked the rules committee lo BALTIMORE /T—The belief that! reached out and slapped It. There in ?J uc1c M KwA injuries and "suck- another Boh Keller is on lh<? base-1 was another pitch right where I pr " sllifls " x ""^sl'-able practices, ball scene in Bob Turley of the 1 wanted it." Baltimore Orioles sprcud consider-, Turley guessed Ihat he "didn't ably Wednesday night. throw a do/en pitches" that Turley stood the Cleveland Intli- ; weren't plain ffist balls. "That mis on their heads for eight and tost one WHS just sailing and sail- one innings. Ho did it the way", ing," he snid. L*?*. E *- x "" . - v - • * "*•« HI«UH\Ufiit-u L/UUKIHR, r rpn wmnpipr, Mn vvnt *n Assoemtion for Health. Physio*] " «™R ~ «"«« " «"M.1 fontlxul ),,st ,ve»r and won by „ Intent. Jr.. Shellev Mayfield. Walter Bur-1 four *teepl P eh«* C "«takHl rmtm. mr£,!™v m |o U™*1™ ~~ *h? «ns»,,,ismanllKr." Al Uesselink. i* restricted to win-1kemo and Chandler Harper, who! the 1953 Belmont Park meSK GIANTS' BIG MAX—Johnny AntonclH, thp Giants' big hope in thoSr comeback campaign, shmv* his sotith- natv form at Phornix, Arl/,., training camp.— NEA. Bob Tiirlcv Stirring Talk » ~ Of Being 'Another Feller' Shop Monday tut Friday Nlfhli TIN 9 P.M.! ALLSTATE COMPOUNDED MOTOR OIL Costs Less in Larger Quantities Munger declared Wednesday: "The coach can set the moral tone not only for his players hut also the fans. It Is the coach's Keller used to for Cleveland, hy whamming (lie hall past bailers. It had struck out Doliy twice before the homer. In the fourth, StengelNamed Maroons Top Wood River's Net Team, 4-1 WOOD nrVKR _ Belleville Township High's tennis team racked up a 4-1 victory over the Wood River Oilers here Wednesday afternoon, losing only the No. t singles match. Marshall Muggins of Wood River gained the Oilers' lone wiii by outballling Don Wiehl, 9-7, 9-7. Iii the other singles, Roger Wilbur put up a lengthy struggle before bowing lo Boh Cruikshank, 8-6, 3-6, 6-4, but Belevlllc's Bob Cravvley disposed of Mike Mitchell deftly, 6-2, 6-3, in the third singles match. • ~ •*— — .....OVV..T annij^ni pcnnani win the game." -, M d World Series triumph lust SCR- . Bf>l ' PVlilp s ''°''frf •'« -weep of He had no excuses. son was announced today by Will i hc doul)les ns Dil -'l< Cunning- At the start of the ninth, he said Harridge league president m nnrl A1 S( '»roeder he decided that "if I'm going to Wal'ter Alston 'successor to' <lack IlB " and Eu K°» c K °l)l- losr, It's going to be with my stuff: Charley Dressen of the Brooklyn' nilllor - r '' 7 ' ^' M < Bncl ">c Dlt.'k and my best is a fast ball. I Dodgers, was chosen weeks aco to! J; ;vans - c;oo W Bmvmnn com* nilr«li I^r-iK** \i\t ,.,***. _ itiii- ! j;. ....... ** hinnfinn li-\n»-\n/4 '1*^.^-* The 23-year-old tall and broad ! Turlr - v slu '\vcd his complete con righthander blew down 14 batters ri(lr "^ in It. The bases were on strikes and all of them without ll " lrft>(1 . two out and the count was a hit up. to the last two outs. It •'••' "« Ooorge Strickland. "So I was for nilught as when Al Rosen J ust ''fared back and lei her go." singled and Larry Doby homered Two strikes wr'iit by Strickland, for a 'J-1 victory. But the future loomed larKo for the nalivo ot Troy, ill. The 14 strikeouts wore only four less than Feller's American' Aimtlr TTficksl League record set eight years ago • r "- tA Old 1 Jil «tl on Oct. 2 against Detroit. II gives I CHICAGO JP—Casey Stengel of Turloy 2:>, strikeouts in 18 innings, i the New York Yankees will trv ihc other nine coming last Thurs- ; for his first managerlnl triumph day m a ::-! victory over Chicago, i In five straight All-Slar games in Turley probably \yas less con- baseball's 21st mid-summer das- rerned about being deprived of a .sic at Cleveland July 13 no-hitler than any of the 43.M3 Stengel's a c c e pt an c e of the wild fans. Afterward in pajamas American team's All-Star reins at home, he said "I wasn't worry- automatically t o 1 1 o w i njf his mg about the no-hit, I just wanted: Yankees' fifth straight pennant , lld World Series triumph last ' '" ' -' *--"'«f,i. * .T, »>nrt v;iiUM'M \VC*t" 1 K.S flEO (O i i_ • T he pitch Doby hit was a little ! direct the National Leacue All blnntlon lo PI' ed T °"1 Gaboon higher than I wanted, it was!Stars. " almost over his head, but I'd been | Against the combined talent o pitching up high all the game to the National League, Stengel him. "Rosen hit another high fast one, ajiltle way from him. He managed American League All Stars have been beaten fou straight years. CLARK K t w the Most powerful gasoli in Alton CLARK'wlls^ust one grade-of gasotfne-*- high test Ethyl- Every drop of CLARK SUPER'lOO [5 fortified-mth the power boosting additive TTP! You'onnot buy a finer quaUty, better performing * e,— at any price! NARK Super 100 wtthr5> CUrk Dtalf r - Alton Clinton Smith 1125 Idle St. ALTON, ILLINOIS. OAJQUftf IH Ml At/ODU Witt, Hnd John Curtis, C-0, 6-1. The Oiler neilers are scheduled to meet East St. Louis this afternoon at 3:30 in a match that was rained out last week but more rain today made piny doubtful. Granite City is scheduled to visit Wood River Friday. T V 9 Turner Make Jones Life Easier PHILADELPHIA ^-Television and Gil Turner are making life much easier for Bobby Jones, Ills four kids and his expectant wife. Jones arrived in Philadelphia early last month for a 10-round bout with Turner. The 29-year-old California)!, unranked and a 3-1 underdog, won a Kp'lit decision. An accident, said Turner and his following. It couldn't happen again. It didn't. Instead of a split decision, the methodical Jones won a I0th round technical knockout here Wednesday night in the return bout. Ho was only a 2-1 underdog this time. So Jones leaves with his pockets lined with green stuff lo take care of tho little Jones kids and momma, and prospects of a big outdoor fight in June, Jones, who weighed Ifxlli, ended :he light at 1:12 of the final round. He caught the onrushlng Phlladel-, phia Negro with a right hand to he chin and drove a solid left to he body. Turner sagged, fell Into: he ropes as Jones smashed him with both hands. Blood streamed ') om a cut above Tumor's left eyo. , He lurched across tho ring and al- j most fell through the ropes as ref-; eree Zack ' Clayton stopped the fight. Jones was ahead on all the of- icial cards and the Associated Press score sheet when the end came. The 23-year-old Turner, weighing l52'/» pounds, suffered his sixth de- teat against 42 victories and it was only the second time he has been stopped. Kid Gavilan did it in a welterweight title bout two years •go. For Jones it wa* win number 37 against IB defeats and 8 draws Jones said he hopes to draw Joey Glardello. high ranking Philadelphia middleweight in his next ight. Albany, Calif. Team Takes Over 8th Spot SEATTLE #~Mary and Joe's Department Store squad from Albany, Calif., took over eighlh place n American Bowling Congress often learn competition Wednesday with a 2948 seriei. It was the first change in any of the standings since Saturday. American Association Charleston 8, Minneapolis 7 (U Columbus 7, St. Paul 4 Kansas City 6. Toledo I (My ALLSTATE COMPOUNDED OIL AND OIL FILTER To Fit Your Cai DOTH FOR 968 10 Qt. Can Motor Oil Laboratory tcits prove that Allstate Compou motor oil is unexcelled by any other passenger oil! Cleans... protects... lubricates! Allstate I refill is uniformly packed for quality! AllstaU 6-Qt, Kit Compounded Oil Easy to 1 98 Carry JL 8-Qt, Can Allstati Riiular > Motor Oil did cor ilttr Regular Motor Oil in Bui Spark Plugs 49c, n FUl (a (Ul |ap, tretter iiurklni nrr«. .Anurti FII- turn! Allstate "Breezies" lOc (limp tin T»nl H'hitlawr , . , rll- rrt-t nlr In flnur, krrp inn rnln. Hrn iv nlHillo In fltx cnlfirt. qt. 15c Wire Curb Feelers 49c Olv«» wirnlnr If you «»l Ion «IA»« la rurht PrnUMn • pptnrunc* * n d lift of lire,. Glare Shields 59c III- rmnnpaff nl 1 plinth' tlllrltl \trn (Urn of tun roxl. «k.v. Killlr Indtlloit «njr fur. r "THE TO SHIK" Chrome Polish 39c All>l>l«. Kfpp« par rhrnmft brlRhl • n <t •hlnj'. R«. movei ruil unrt roid dim mlly «n« qvlnkly. Slliconized Car Cloth 29c Very »nft rl(»lh, I.f • v film of •Il anil w»« In If < t nirf«4f. Cleaner and Glaze Cleans and Glazes at Once Allntnfn pro- "tl«M-h«rd" flotth tram WASH MITT 98c fllllronr. Othtlt »hra«lv« remoTM rtlrl with Illlle rltnrl. Uquldi r ««§7 Sears low price gives You extra economy! Trade In Your Old Tires Now For Sears Special CRUSADERS only Purchase} Totaling $20 Or More Can Be Made On Priet, 4 Tires lus Tax 17,95 6,50il6 70iT5 STQUEHQUKSt ftten. ft m 4 t* * Qtlter B»» i fo AND OLD TIRE • These ore brand new tires O Good tire performance, modest price O 12-month A11$fate service guarantee againsrj all types of road hazards Sears lowest priced, first qiwlity tires! Crusa'ders give jjood mileage for normal car use. Especial y wise buy if you are planning to trade in for a new car this Trade in today for Sears Crusader tire;>. Sava

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